The Female Orgasm Explained

The Female Orgasm Explained

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The Female Orgasm ExplainedThe sexual revolution of the '70s has allowed women to claim their right to pleasure and to better know their body. However, 30 years later, the female orgasm remains mysterious to a lot of people - both men and women.

Most of us can recall that scene in the movie "When Harry Met Sally" and Meg Ryan is moaning and groaning having an alleged orgasm. In the movie she is obviously faking it. The movie endeavors to show that women have the ability to confuse or mislead their men into believing that they are actually having and orgasm.

Unfortunately for men, no matter how much they scream or moan, they cannot fake an orgasm - as well, let's face it, a masculine orgasm is rather messy.

During the 1970's the sexual revolution enabled women the ability to lay claim to a right of pleasure in the bedroom; for the first time in public society, women were able to better understand their own bodies and discover what it actually is that enables/causes the orgasm. However, we are now 40 years since that revolution and for many men the onset and occurrence of feminine orgasm remains a total mystery.

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  1. The orgasm issue still remains a myth especially the female orgasm...

  2. name a hot sexy woman i will show you european heritage or latino at least and amazing bodies m, american women have the most ugly flat bodies ever like sharon stone, helen hunt etc

    why do you think all the victoria secret models are imported mainly from BRAZIL

    kate upton - german, irish heritage
    beyonce - european heritage
    sofia vergara - latino heritage
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    name one hot american woman who is hot and sexual and is 100% yank




    1. Beyonce is of African/ Indian/ Creole (French) heritage, but you are most definitely right


    Also as a european i noticed the french and other european women being interviewed really are the most sensual women

    i cant imagine carrie bradshaw in sex in the city trying to fake having an orgasm - the whole cast of sex and the city were ironically anything but sexy

  4. If the women I have been with have been faking it honestly I don't care. They are only letting themselves down by not communicating it. I am not a lazy person in the bedroom and am always willing to listen to the needs of a women and would not be offended if something was not working. If they do fake it so be it just a shame women feel the need to.

  5. i've had sex with multiple partners, both male and female, orgies, 3- and 4-somes, mostly men but sometimes women ... and i've never ever had an orgasm. my body doesn't enjoy sex, even though i've tried and tried. perhaps it's because i have Asperger's and don't enjoy being touched -- i would guess so. Asperger's is bad for orgasm, but it has its other benefits, and i guess i'll have to live with them. tant pis!

    1. Well I don't know if having a form of autism affects one's sex life that way

    2. No It doesn't I've got autisme 2.

    3. Autism do not affect orgams. I've got Autisme 2.

      Maybe you have troubles with relaxing. That can really efect your orgasms. When I'm having stress its more difficult to get a orgasm. When I was depressed I couldn't even have 1.

    4. I've tried so many thing to get an orgasm but no luck!!!! have you found anything that works?

    5. I am a female with Asperger's and I enjoy sex. A lot of it, too. That said I've read that individuals ASP (perhaps only Asperger females) either like or dislike it. No middle ground of "it's okay".

      For me physical touch from people I love feels great and I often feel that I need to express my emotions/affection (my [20 something] younger brother hates that I want to hug him when he's nice <3 so cute, makes me want to do it more, muhahah ;) )

      You mentioned that you don't like sex or physical contact? It's obvious that you are currently in the latter category.

      BUT listen: I don't like to be touched by strangers at all. Especially when men, who are not family or very close friends, touch me. I feel my body physically revolting. Which is why although I adore sex - most of the time, at any hour - I was celibate for years (!!) until I found the right partner - Someone you fully trust.

      When my body kept revolting with my ex-bf I had to break up. I have a hard time reading myself emotionally, but my body never lies. It rejected him, because I didn't feel at ease with him anymore: he lost my "complete" trust.

      How to chose a man then? All women have met men they are drawn to (even if they are't our types) , you should investigate further: If you find that 1. he has the opposite temper than you (If I am wild fire, then my boyfriend is the calming wind. PLUS: opposite tempers attract!) 2 he has the same core beliefs and many interests as you.
      If 1 and 2 are good you need to make sure he is a person you can trust. If you don't know if he is, then think to yourself "what do people I trust have that makes me trust them?" And write it down. Try him out if he has the most important points (to YOU) on that list.

  6. Generally, yes, the women who DO fake orgasms tend to do it because they're afraid of hurting the guy's feelings... but there are two sides to that which you need to understand.

    Sometimes women fake orgasms because they don't know HOW to communicate effectively with their partner, or because their partner just isn't very good at reading their signals. They don't want to go through the heartache of telling him that he's got bad technique (usually because they really do like the guy and want him to be happy) and so they pretend that they've reached an orgasm anyway. It's not about "mind games". It's almost always about love and compassion for their partner. Honestly, for a lot of women, an orgasm isn't the be-all and end-all of sex anyway.

  7. more open and hey girls more Major O.s to have sex with a stranger what a turn on yes please yum yum,and to have a change of sex friend or buddy does not make you a slut,far from it who is enjoying life more you or her,love to slap your bum

  8. yeah it might have been mind-blowing - it might well last a lifetime but ALL things that begin MUST end - and there must be a planet in the universe somewhere where the Big O.s last for millenia - but that is not the highest heaven where God as God is the greatest eternal pleasure - and there is HIV and AIDS if you get to thinking that the BIG O is God - you might get careless as to who you achieve it with - if that is your ultimate aim in life - but the ultimate aim is to be able to escape this world where you are born only to die - to a place where they don't marry don't consummate marriage and don't need to reproduce (the main reason why Allah made sex pleasurable in the first place - if it did not feel good why would you want to do it for any reason, huh?) bcause they live forever there - those who can escape from Earth to that highest heaven, amen?

    1. ...and there was me finding it a celebration of life's short-lived pleasures. Doh! I never realised orgasms were THAT deep! Mind you, if Allah has given us fleeting orgasms, whilst pig's orgasms last 30 minutes, then he must REALLY want our porcine pals procreating like rabbits!

  9. i think its fantastic to have discrete sex with a lover,,i am a male in his early 50s,,asian,,living in asia,,but i studied in the USA for my undergrad,,i can relate to the large spectrum of female orgasms,,clit,,vagi,,g,,and i agree that the female is far more sexxy and has much more erogenous zones for arousal than us males,,and yess,,i love the moans and screams of the female during orgasm,,its such a lovely turn on,,and i know she aint faking,,infact those who have been with chinese/japanes girls know that they make ALOT of noise,,with each thrust!!,,ONE OBSERVATION: why they never spoke of the throbbing in the clit nd vagina and perhaps the whole body,,thats what give away the orgasm for the female,,i think we men cant get fooled by the vocals as we measure with the throbbing accompanying the sounds!!,,all in all,,educational,,frank,,natural,,and covers a complex topic with such ease,,WELL DONE GUYS!!!,,,VIVEK

    1. This is foolishness. Some women have vaginal and clitoral contractions during orgasm, some do not. ( they have uterine contractions only. )

  10. know the real fact......thanks

  11. great education

  12. Seriously...Cecil is r*tarded.

  13. this was a fantastic documentary imo and i can't help but feel lucky after reading these comments that ive experienced an orgasm while some ladies out there never have. I truly think that it's about knowing your body and being comfortable with it. And the fine lady in the black tee with the ponytail is gorgeousssssss

  14. I'd like to know who produced this documentary and if it is possible to get in touch with them? Thanks

  15. Hi
    I found my orgasm, l lost it many many years ago, wow what a feeling, oh my god, everybody on this earth should be orgasmic all the time, imagine less crap on the plannet.

    1. Yeah, you mentioned that earlier in the thread LOL!

  16. Hi
    Having found my orgasm two decades later, all I can is wow. Oh my god what a feeling, I wish I could have orgasm's all day and night, everybody should be the same, what a great place earth would be.

  17. I think men seriously never understand a woman desire....i respect woman and i know they too have feeling and pleassure inside which they really want to full fill...because its a men's world woman never get alowed to express there desire openly to their men...i have been in a relation for long and from her i realised how a woman have a wild side hiden inside her...female do get orgasm..but yes its not so easy as men gets..they need to be aroused, not just physically but also emotionaly...because woman just dont crave for sex...they need a mixture of love, emotion, passion and have to make her feel ease so that she can slowly and gradulay open her self in front of you...the more you alow her to open herself in front of you the more she feel comfertable in acheiving yes woman need orgasm to feel better but most importantly to respect and admire her men who made her satisfy her inner feelings.,

    1. hianoop15-- I am a 67 yo male and it took me almost 45 years to understand and get what you said in your paragraph. You are absolutely right on. Your line "they need a mixture of love, emotion, passion and desire...YOU HAVE TO MAKE HER FEEL AT EASE SO SHE CAN SLOWLY OPEN HERSELF TO YOU -AND i WOULD SAY PHYSICALLY AND EMOTIONALLY--SHE MUST BE ABLE TO FEEL COMFORTABLE. For years sitting around with my buddies and sex would come up it would be all about how "I" got off and "she was hot" and that was what my thinking was as well. When I was lucky enough to be with a woman who showed me to take the time, I learned to make her not only pleased and happy, but it increased my pleasure 10 fold-and it was not just about sex--it was respect, caring and love and it affected our whole life and relationship. this may sound corny to men but I would say from the men I have known 90% don't have a clue about this. I think it is because we are in a culture getting, winning, competing and what can it get for me--and I have been as guilty of it as anyone.

    2. The only problem is that by the time a man makes her feel at ease and he is her best friend, well, it's too late, she already got 5 lovers in the US because she went on sexsearch site for discrete sex and did not meet men normally like in a store, or at a car wash, and those men are coocs because they solicited her for sex. So she was already avoiding sex with her friends because she wants a low profile. So now her sex is totally disfunctional and with people she does not love. So you spent all your time making a total slut who is a big mess to love you while the rest of her vagina is used by many other men who don't even care about her and want to just get sex and not be sweet to her. This is what you will get in the US and is why we shrink now (except for latino and asian immigrants). Of course, these same sluts focus on family and whenever they are not with their lovers (who have no relationships) they are with their family playing like a saint who never has any sex and has no boyfriend(s). Those are F-buddies and not really boyfriends. She has her own new vocabulary on the IPad and the other smart phones. She has 2 or 3 numbers so she can change the number when she gets rid of each lover. Her body is just for rent. She has joined as one with many men like a legion of pigs.

    3. youre crazy. i like the part about americans shrinking, except for the asian and latino immigrants. laughed my ass off thx

    4. Wow, Joni, I'd like to disagree with you about American women, but sadly I know too many like you describe--including my ex and many of her friends.

    5. Thank you so much for your post. I wish more men knew what you know. Spread the word :)

  18. hmm.. i was suprised at how lame and uneducational this doco was for me... didnt seem to teach me anything beyond what even a 14 year old knows. It just seem to be a few women talking about what they like in bed. Big deal. I thought most of this was common knowledge, like the women pondering whether the female Gspot was a myth. Seriously? Is this the middle ages? But on a better note that short haired chick in the black singlet was HAAWWTT!!! and her voice..hmm.. yum yum

    1. These were women from all over the world. They are more interested in having pleasure and giving it to a partner. They are not trying to learn as much knowledge as possible like this is for college or something or a certificate for your next promotion. These were european women who are one step away from child bearing or working in the kitchen. The are more interested in what a man does in bed than how he is talking right to avoid offending her feminist values. These are european women who suffered a world war. These women are not spoiled by getting everything they demand and complained about to a lawyer, priest or a divorce psychologist. These woman are not interested in the horse power of their mustang to prove it to a man who can burn out faster. These european women will probably enjoy a romp in the back seat rather than racing with the man at the red light to get ahead of him. They bring back the youth perhaps you never had when you admired a boy and did not try to cut him off or make him embarrassed or spit on him.

    2. Probably that HAWT brunette you like would sex with you but she would not stay long because she is not a Hater of males and she would try to council you to get rid of your bad attitude towards males. She is not a hypocryt and her genetics speaks of being the "glory of man" to please him and being BI is fun and nice and does not mean you hate to give love to a man also. She is not a Hater. Thus, she could not change your heart and she would pitty you so much.

  19. Wow, I'm sad to see so many jerks posting on here... had to stop reading. I found this film very helpful and these women really put themselves out there and they deserve respect. Your opinions can be posted elsewhere.

    Only thing I would say someone else mentioned...these women are lucky. As a woman who has never achieved orgasm, yes it was helpful, but would love to hear from some more women from my perspective. I am a very open, confident and sexual young woman and the female orgasm is still a mystery to me... and this film made me feel a bit alone, when I'm pretty darn sure I'm not...

    1. Yes, there is always the implication that if you're sexually open and confident and know your body well, orgasms should come easy, but this is not so!

  20. ...

  21. Let me just say that female sexuality and orgasm are NOT mysteries. They are simply just what they are. Female orgasm is JUST an orgasm, like all others, achieved by pleasure and stimulation. You people need to stop hyping women up to be these super complex creatures, they're not. They're different, but not more complex. Neither is female sexuality. Also ,the longest an average womans orgasm can last is about 5 mins, to the person who said a woman had a 30 min non-stop org. is probably lying. That isn't possible with human beings, or it is extremely rare.

    "During the 1970?s the sexual revolution enabled women the ability to lay claim to a right of pleasure in the bedroom;"
    You think they couldn't before? They probably could, but not even men did back then. In those times people only had sex to have children. So even men didn't have the 'right of pleasure'.

    I notice how you people also try to put down the male orgasm while you bring up and over-exaggerate the female one. There is MUCH more to the male orgasm and pleasure than you think. Men just achieve their faster, but that is an evolutionary need, idiots.

    1. Male Orgasm is a myth especially when compared to the real female orgasm. I took part in a ten-year gender study. The average male orgasm in lab tests lasted 3 seconds. So, even a just a 5 minute female orgasm is something that would blow the male mind, not to mention it would kill him.
      Reality is impartial If the female orgasm by its very nature "puts down" male ejaculation, that's just how the cookie crumbles.
      I am a Gay male, by the way.

  22. That chick was all like 'if I don't cum - YOU can GO! BRUTAL!!!

    1. Yeah that comment was borderline skitso.

  23. I have not seen the film, but being a guy and reading some of these comments I think we all have different orgasms with different people and positions. I have found women to be emotional. Meaning they prefer an emotional connection to their partner, if they have this along with trust through some communication about sex a whole world can be opened up for them. My girlfriend an I have the best sex life either of us has ever had. Sometimes she screams, sometimes she tries to crawl away, sometimes she holds her breath. Depending on what part of her vagina I stimulate can determine her orgasm. But the key i feel was an openness through communication that allowed each of us to be 100% comfortable with each other. My 2 cents :)

    1. Yes its true that women expect men to buy them things. But they link closer to a man or girl who had emotional connections. Then probably you catch her ******* your buddies wife or the milk man because he always asked her how was your day the right way. Forget about the guy who cares the most for her. She doesn't want to give all of herself to one person? She can't orgasm and love at the same time? So that's makes us all bastards then since who was the father?

  24. one of the best documentaries i have ever seen. in fact most important documentary especially for the one who dont cares or dont thinks of their female partners oganism. by this we can learn that its the basic responsability of man to make women get her organsm and make them aned give them happiness just as men get from them.

  25. Most women even educated & professionals are ignorant about their genital anatomy, physiology and sexuality. Women can not even look at their genital unless they squat on a mirror (or see the light of the day). Many nurses even with 10 years experience in medical field are unable to catheterize a female patient. For woman the orgasm is a total experience, requires a complete aura and experience and behavior can vary greatly from a woman to woman. As for man it's only penile exercise, same for everybody (wham bam thank you mam, desire & act ending with ejaculation) . Man ends with orgasm as woman is just beginning with orgasm. Woman's sexual & orgasmic potential is enormous but she can not achieve or even imagine it, by herself or get full satisfaction by masturbation. Woman needs to be worked on achieve intense multiple orgasms and even squirting every time by right partner ( by right digital & oral stimulation of G spot, continued digital stimulation can achieve multiple orgasms which is not possible by penile penetration). Once they are able to achieve intense multiple G spot orgasms especially on full bladder every thing else(like Clitoral) is pale. Then they crave for that state of ecstasy again and again. Woman's sexuality is like a sleeping tiger rarely awakened or experienced by most of them.

    1. "As for man it's only penile exercise, same for everybody"
      Sorry, but it is so much more than exercise you imbecile. You obviously don't know much about male orgasms from what I see.

      "Woman's sexual & orgasmic potential is enormous"
      Every human beings is enormous, moron.

    2. Ah yes, the multiple till exhaustion!

  26. boobs size doesnt matter.. matters if they look cute, are shapely and proportionate. Second thing.. woman self confidence about her boobs depends on wisdom and love of her partner. If woman is unlucky to be with fellow who likes only big breasts (which finally with the time will fall on the ground bcos of the gravity laws and their weight :) ) she should imidiately! change the guy not her boobs...

  27. Having an orgasm for me has never really been an issue, and I guess now I know how lucky I am. The only thing I used to be very self concious and nervous of is that fact that I gush/squirt when I have a g-spot orgasm, I was always worried guys would have thought I'd peed or something.


  28. This was the BEST documentary I've ever seen on female orgasms. I was surprised at the honesty and forthright communication between the women.

  29. This is very interesting. I am amazed that still there is so little research done, when it comes to female sexuality. There could have been much more information though, alongside the personal stories and such. 1+

  30. Im sorry i just don't find this film really enlightening about the full spectrum of female orgasm. First of there is a large % of woman that will never orgasm... and it's not because their not "in the mood" or other stereotypical explanations like that. Its clinically impossible. Second the majority of woman will not have a non-clitoral orgasm, period. I was really disturbed that the last woman could only have an orgasm by divorcing her husband and finding another. So this means if you don't have one to keep sleeping around till you do? That the person you and love and marry just isn't good enough- or god forbid your just broken. BS.

    PLEASE post a documentary that talks about ALLL aspects of female orgasm- not just about the small % of woman that are lucky. Oh and last thing- the screaming is SOO from brainwashing by the movies. A female orgasm makes you want to hold your breath and curl into a ball... not scream... that fake or done out of expectation.

    1. You make a similar to a point raised way back in the comments on this documentary . There was a claim that there are 11 ways in which a woman can orgasm. I honestly (as you do) asked for a clarification of what the 10 ways are. Needless to say there was no answer forthcoming!

      There is a documentary on here that uses a MRI machine to measure the areas of the brain that are stimulated during sexual activity but again that doesn't really get to the crux of the issue.

      Maybe it is just unrealistic to imagine that there is a 'how to…' manual for the female orgasm.

    2. please - do explain how/why it is "clinically impossible" for some women to be unable to orgasm.
      Please site your sources. I am also very sorry if your orgasms make you want to hold your breath and curl into a ball - I guess I am blessed because mine are actually not as dramatic but more like Cecile's.

    3. You misunderstand the documentary. Nowhere in the film was it said that she divorced her husband because he couldn't give her orgasms. The reason why they divorced was NOT stated. But they did divorce, most likely for a valid reason, not the silly ones your mind conjures up. After the divorce, she found a man who was able to give her orgasms. That's it.

      I agree with Kristan here. You need to cite the source that told you that it's "clinically impossible" for many women to experience orgasms, because all studies on female sexuality say that seemingly inorgasmic women can have orgasms if they get to know their body better and discover what feels good for them sexually.

      "Second the majority of woman will not have a non-clitoral orgasm, period," is a silly statement. The film is challenging the notion that there is a difference between clitoral and vaginal orgasms, and they defended their point well with well-researched facts. You, on the other hand, disagree with that part just because you want to, not because you have some solid proof that they are wrong. It's like you saying, "The majority of women will not have a non-clitoral orgasm because I say so."

      Last point: you hold your experience of an orgasm as if it's true for all women. It's NOT. I personally have strong, screaming orgasms, one after the other. Besides, the people who made the film were NOT trying to imitate Hollywood. They were presenting to us sexual experiences of real women. Hello? Did you even notice that this film is a DOCUMENTARY? Do you know what the word "documentary" means?

    4. As someone who studied this subject matter as part of my degree, I'm just going to go ahead and point out that there are several reasons why a female might be not be able to climax. Medications, a straddle injury, trauma from child birth, hysterectomy, etc. That list could go on for days. Not to mention the HUGE number of women who are subject to genital mutilation as part of their culture.

    5. I dont think u can speak for everyone because when I am having an orgasm, Im screaming like crazy. Who curls up in a ball? That sounds ridiculous. The pleasure is so great i have to scream.

  31. i love the ladies story at the end the most :) so touching :)

    1. lets make our own ;)

  32. I thought I was bleeding to death when I had a G-spot orgasm for the first time. It was a new break in sexuality for me. Unreal. I thought only a fantasy. Amazing film.

  33. I don't think a man could fake ejaculation. Semen runs out of the vagina and on to the sheets or your thighs.

    1. Men can fake an orgasm. I've done it. You just go through the motions, acting like you cummed. When the girl notices that things are slightly different than normal, like no semen, you just insist you had a "great" orgasm, you cummed and you love her, etc. I sometimes do it because it takes me a long time to cum and, like after an hour and a half or two hours, if I get tired I'll just pretend to cum. Women tend to believe anything people tell them. What are they going to do? Ask their friends about it? If they tell their friends that their boyfriend takes a long time to cum, their friends will be all over their boyfriend. So what's a girl to do?

  34. Since I have been a nurse for twenty five years, I think this film is good. Just for women to speak of orgasm is a freedom most are afraid to take. I was 32 after having three children until in nursing school, I discover urine didn't just flow out of the vagina. I was never told to take a good look at a woman's anatomy, being my own. Any sexual education of women is good in my thoughts. Thank you for the wonderful film. Educational.

  35. That was so poorly made but I still liked watching it.

  36. lolz at beginning: "Cecile just had an orgasm"
    Scared the hell out of me :D

  37. This movie was excellent. I'm pretty inexperienced and new, and curious to these things, so I just try and educate myself. This was very entertaining and insightful. I thought the ending was nice but sad. Nice that the beautiful old lady got to experience pleasure, but sad that she's still alone. I was hoping they stayed together had a happy ending...but I guess that's life.

    1. However sad, the lady still had an orgasm and could have them again if she tried to masturbate, but maybe she is afraid to do that, it did not say.

  38. Do you all get off on arguing, or what?
    It is what it is.
    Take it or leave it.
    Textual convos are really inconsequential so go
    have a cuppa and chat face to face.


  39. @ProudinUS

    Oh Man oh My you my friend are something special LOL

  40. @Danica - Well I did get the leg you pulled on Djamal and it was really well pulled :) next time rip it girl rip it good LOL... thank you.

    @Djamal - My man sometimes it is important to put your professional title away... I will sometimes (uncover my professional title) myself - nonetheless, it doesn't mean that I'll be automatically right because I tell the world my professional title. But frankly following you title I didn't match what you were trying to say with the subject treated on this video.

    The document wasn't a sociological picture... it was an informal document about woman's sexuality (orgasm if you will). And it doesn't matter if they go in a small village in the North Pole interviewing with Inuits woman (now that would be interesting - LOL) if the woman are willing to answer voluntary about their sexuality. Thus, informing other woman and man about female's orgasm. What do you need a 10000 people's survey on sexual orgasm, it wasn't a research about a woman having orgasm or whatnot it was a opinion sketch.

    I really did appreciate the video... first because I didn't have to read those subtitles LOL and that the very last lady charmed me by her message and honesty. And yeah Djamal... Frenchmen/woman just so you know are very good socially speaking... they produced few of the great contemporary philosophers, thinkers and social scientists... does Baron de Montesquieu, Emile Durkheim, Des Cartes rings some bells to you... if you want to do a research there is always La Sorbonne that you can refer too.

    Forget the technic... review the video again and don't tell me that you haven't learn something new... don't lie Djamal. Mom is watching is watching you... cheers!

    @Charles B. that wasn't Porn... if you want porn I'll give you a link that would pop your eyes out LOL... But it's clearly against your principles so I understand if you pass LOL.

    1. You really have alot to express under various films :P Was it just me or in the beginning were you wondering if the woman was faking. I was looking at her thinking.. is she going to start laughing all of a sudden. From a mans perspective did you find her vocals erotic? From a womans perspective she sounded a bit annoying when she started screaming lol..

  41. How could the last guy be sooo mean, what a jackass!

  42. LOL ProudinUS, you're a trip!!
    In response to deKay, I could use some batteries about now : )

  43. sorry about my sentance structure.

    1. Forget apologizing about your sentence structure. You should be profoundly sorry for your hateful attitude, unless you are joking. And if that is the case, then you should be sorry for your sick sense of humor.

  44. @Decay

    If that's true,I'll go invest all my money in G*d d^m money in Eveready!

  45. A recent survey has uncovered the fact that women are now having sex with their husbands more often. Doctors are puzzled by this but speculate that the reason for this is the economy.......they can't afford the batteries any more!

  46. Hey, Mr. ProudinUS, some lucky girl you got there??!! Your comment wins "BEST MESSED RESPONSE"... to date ughhhhhh

  47. Well I've been married a while and the fact is:
    -I don't care.The last thing I want to see is my wife's
    fat a$$ squirming around like a pot bellied pig having
    some kind of an epoletic like orgasm.
    -I don't want to hear her f%cking moaning either.She sounds like one of them turkey gobbles.It just doesn't sound right.She's my wife for god's sake.
    -All love making at home is done after dark with lights off
    Mother nature is started to zap some wrinkles in places I will not be able to take if seen in light.
    -My main goal is to be pleased in the quickest way possible
    before she starts slobbering on my neck and does that annoying hip grinding sh$t.Gives me the f*cking Willies.

    I pump, you groan a little.Say a couple I love yous and then I need the two foot rule space(actually more because at some point in time we're gonna wind up talking about something stupid and stay there and want more,

    She's been moaning for years.Wander if shes actually aroused or not?T hat's one of the advantages of being me.
    I don't give a sh*t if that lady is satisfied. As a matter of fact I was thinking of early retirement from sexual incounters with the wife.

    Maybe I'll buy her one of them sex toys, like some harry a$$ beads or something of that nature.Don't care as long as her old a$$ ain't slobbering and copping a feel on me.Gives me the creeps espesially when you see them bird flaps shes accuired recently under her arms reaching for you.F^cking
    nasty.I've done my tour of duty.It's time modern technology
    take over and pleasure the women I love.

    Didn,t care then and why the hell would I do it now.Must find some sort of deversoin to get the h%ll away

    1. wow your an ass. Any man who truly loved their wife would want to give her as much pleasure as he was feeling as often as their combined sex drive allowed them no mater of her age or weight. i really wouldnt be a shock if she left your sorry ass for a real man who cared about how she felt too and you ended up alone for the rest of your life. i have heard of people in their 80's who have been married for 50 years and still have passionate sex on a weekly basses. so in the end of things your still going to be a lonely old bitch and shes going to be allot happier with a real man. you need to see a therapist to get over you self. your a pig.

    2. Women gaining weight here in the US is because of two reasons they either don't feel loved or it's just from all the high fructose corn sweetener in just about everything we have to eat and buy at the grocery. It's not any deeper than this. And, men like a hot shaped body. It's just that simple. Love lasts for many years. But a dog needs to have his bone. There are many hot women in the world and it's about 90% female populated around the globe so that guy can go to find one anywhere and import a new wife, so what. We are short on women here in the US. The latinos bring in their females, the pakistani do it. The asians do it and they are making big families now. But whites and blacks we have to take all this grief and your complaints. If you want sex just do it and if you want it then get thin and tell your congressman to cut out the corn to feed the cattle grass and wheat instead like the rest of the world and you won't be fat women in the US then. We already loved our fat US women and didn't divorce them. And, now we have to be happy too. Any more orders for us? Oh yes, give us 50% of our earnings, from our skills.

  48. Btw Thanks Vlatko, I realy enjoyed this video :-)

  49. hahaha.. This was porno and some documentary in it. But still I loved it! :-)

    And they way this girls talked, just loved it :-) loved it :-)

  50. Viva la Di-France or Viva la difference!!!


  51. Little mistake in the discription of the Movie:
    ejaculation and orgasm are two seperate things for a man. can indeed fake an orgasm. the sad thing is that even most men don't know that, but of course women are sexually opressed and ill informed about their body...right, because men are simplistic and easy to satisfy..omg.

  52. the last woman who talked is the most beautiful woman ive ever seen

  53. Women can't orgasm, lol.

  54. why do they move so quickly in the silent videos? is that supposed to be sexy?

  55. and BTW u guys, can't you discuss why the hell booz makes women more beautiful than they are actually??

  56. @ mona:
    "Women are so beautiful :) found my g spot and got a multiple orgasm masturbating while watching this :)"
    No doubt Mona, women are so beautiful (like your name, no harm meant PLEASE, I simply like your name which most probably abstract fron the the Moon)..., Disregard of all the other things to be discussed and said, being a mature and quite "EXPERIENCED" male, I simply 100% agree with you, women are the most beautiful creation (at least for human males) created by the Al-Mighty at the face of the Earth. UNDOUBTEDLY... and their G-Spott ??? is surely the most beautiful, sweet, cool (equally hot), comfortable and the cosiest spot of the most beatiful creation so far found in the Universe (isn't it, you already enjoyed it so much)...

    1. They are the most beautiful part of life, period, in every respect. And, in general, are superior to us. Why do you think so many religions traditionally belittled women? One reason is, they were considered serious competition for God in the hearts and minds of men, and for good reason.

    2. I'm all for female orgasms but what you said is just plain silly

    3. Preoccupation/contemplation with/of women can divert from contemplation of the divine.
      It's not my idea...It's theirs, and it's a fact that women were subjugated partly out of fear that they fostered that kind of distraction.

      As far as the first part of my post is concerned, that is a core belief of my "religion," and is not open for debate, or concern over labels.

  57. This is so not true, I am male and have fakes a few orgasms. when it was enough already and i just wanted it over ;)

  58. HAhahhahahah Saying something about men who are convinced that it is a myth.

    P.s, french women are sexy. geez

  59. Women are so beautiful :) found my g spot and got a multiple orgasm masturbating while watching this :) but the squirting thing I can't seem to manage or understand...

    no need for cock though, when we have magical female hands ;)

    1. ...

  60. Or completely zonked out and wide eyed (how did you do that?) after multiple orgasms.

  61. I like to hear," Oh baby , do you want something from in there? A beer?

  62. @Epi_Log

    HAHA! Or whiskey if you me. LOL

  63. The best way to tell if a woman has had an orgasm is if she makes you a cup of tea afterwards (where are my sunglasses):))

  64. @Annie

    'I celebrate the fact that we can have orgasms in so many ways (11 physical'

    OMG. i need urgent lessons in the other 10 ways! for purely educational reasons of course:)) What are they? Screw the universe and dark matter, this is a much more interesting mystery/.-'

  65. i learned alot from this. must watch with partner.

  66. hey, haven't been here for a while, always happy to hear controversy... eireannach666, you're kind kinda man * ) You go boy, make that girl in your life happy!

  67. OMG! LOL!

  68. @Allritten

    You'll know once she starts convulsing and you'd swear she was having a seizure , but know better because of the erotic panting and moaning. Just remember they like it when you make them do it more than once before you go. Alot of women also have a tell when they cum. Like moving their hair out of their face and stopping for a second (As I see on a daily.) or maybe saying something odd out of the blue. If you've been with someone for a long time you will even notice the slightest tell. Like changing pace on you or positioning a certain way to let you know she is done and to go ahead and finish. I like that one the bes , ha! But everyone is different . Thats just what Ive noticed in my bedfoom. Im sure sombody elses experience will be a 180 .

  69. The beautiful thing about the female orgasm is that their sex drive increases afterward and allows them to have multiple orgasms. One definite way of telling a woman has had an orgasm is some woman squirt secretions, some may argue that it is urine, but urine has a very distinct smell and it is easy to tell the different, urine doesnt gush out like that either.

  70. @lily

    Yup.The clitoris.My little friend in the boat.

    I think I might go sailing tonight.She'll like that.

  71. Really loving this...

    I don't know what people in this world have against pleasure? Especially religious folk...

    For me, the clitoris is where it's all at... Seems to be that way for 80% of women... So take note!

    Masturbation should ALWAYS be encouraged :)

  72. I love to orgasm. Sex was never discussed in my family and I wonder if my mother ever had an orgasm. I discovered on my own like so many girls and grew up to have a very happy satisfying sex life with a partner and without. I read everything I can on female orgasms and try out everything new with a smile. I celebrate the fact that we can have orgasms in so many ways (11 physical not to include the contracting of the muscles as mental like the first featured girl--discovered THAT in calculus class one day! lol).

    Orgasms remind us of life's creation as we were all conceived in the pursuit of pleasure. They celebrate life and life is to love and that includes one's self.

  73. Why are there so few videos about this and so much about religion and atheist out there?

  74. @Pacha

    LOL. Thats funny because , do to this conversation, I took it upon myself to do a little action and found some videos with just that. The chick in the video was thrusting and touching her crouch , talking about how it works well with a partner but better flying solo.

    Not for me but Id be down to meet some girls who are all into

  75. @eireannach666

    All I remember, it was a naked couple saying a lot of very cringeworthy stuff to each other and doing pelvic thrusts and stuff.
    Tantric's all about all releasing your deepest feelings so for a tantric sex vid, use your imagination to fill in the rest. :)

  76. eireannach666 said
    not being sarcastic , but what exactly goes on in a tantric workshop?
    Inquiring minds would like to know.

    Sorry for the delay. I'm doing too many things at once here.
    Its actually very simple but really, really good. Much better than you would imagine. I've only done about 4 hours of introductory workshops and would have happily commited to a longer course if I'd had the money.
    From what I understood it's all about connecting (or reconnecting) with yourself and others. That may sound a bit lame but its actually incredibly intense. It's definitely not all about shagging the other people there but you can develop some very close relationships with the others which can obviously lead to physical stuff.

  77. Man , I always get moderated , even when trying not to. I didn't think I was being to o horrible. Oh well.

    I cant remember the details but if you imagine the corniest new age thing possible you’re almost there.

    Come on , dude details. Break bread like jesux said.

  78. Pasha said 'I started practising, what I thought was tantric, when Sting started talking about it in the 80’s.' I always thought that tantric was just not releasing sperm? i charge 5k a shot nowadays you know inflation an' all.

  79. @IEpicurean_Logic

    LOL. No , havent seen it yet. Im actually suprised you didnt get some hits. You know alot of the are butt pirates?

    I do always see the moron I mean mormon advertisement , though , and have thought about goin and giving them shyte.

  80. Epicurean_Logic said

    please tell more. only the juicy stuff though.

    I cant remember the details but if you imagine the corniest new age thing possible you're almost there.

  81. @Pacha

    Not being sarcastic , but what exactly goes on in a tantric workshop?

    Inquiring minds would like to know.

  82. Lol at Eire

    Did you see the Muslim dating banner here on TDF? I put in Male seeking male Aged 79-80 and guess what? couldn't find a match.

  83. Lol. I know what you mean.
    I started practising, what I thought was tantric, when Sting started talking about it in the 80's.
    You're quite right though. It's easy to control bits of your brain. My trouble, if anything is that I go on for so long sometimes that its almost impossible to come. And it can get a bit painful all round. But if you manage to control yourself to that level the orgasm becomes less important anyway.
    Smoking bud can really help with delaying orgasm too and can also make for a very spiritual experience.
    But thats a different doc. :)

  84. All hail Pahsa the Buddha stud.

    'I have had some very good experiences with tantra in workshops but the stuff on the video was just too funny.'

    please tell more. only the juicy stuff though.

  85. @Epicurean_Logic
    Here is one.

    "The place to meet brains and get some tail!"

  86. @Epicurean_Logic

    HA!bloody hard .Nice one.Tantra works. I do math in my head sometimes , never fails. After a while sex gets to be second nature and you really dont need that part of your brain at the time anyways.Especially if you know the girls likes really.

    Or you can always try "staying up " for a couple days ,if you catch my drift, and then gettin down. Sometimes you will never reach " nirvana" , even after all the hydration and energy is drained from you and she is just wondering why your still there after five hours. Good times.

    But hey , sometimes as men we just dont care and we just got to get one off before we crash. Just cant make it a habit or we will be "rubbing it out" instead.

  87. I downloaded a tantric sex video a couple of years ago for my partner at the time who I thought would benefit from it.
    I tell you what though. It'd take a better man than me to go through all that with someone.
    I have had some very good experiences with tantra in workshops but the stuff on the video was just too funny. :)

  88. haha @ pahsa

    maybe Vlatko should extend TDF to have a dating section for intelligent people. what do you think? i have a possible slogan.

    ' meet intelligent people to date have fun with and watch doco's with' or ' Watch the entire Carl Sagan 12 hour extraveganza while having tantric sex'

    yeah i know its a pretty lame slogan. Anyone got any better ideas?

  89. If you're finding tantric frustrating, you're probably doing it wrong.

  90. I mean dont get me wrong i have delivered many a lousy f*ck in my life (well maybe only just a few )but when you have the right mindset for it and a lot of time on your hands it can really work and be fun.

  91. Lol. What do you think? I was just trying to divert the attention away from Danika and the horrible comments i made about her misunderstood and unfunny joke.

    Dude try tantric if you can. Its bloody hard, no pun intented and takes a lot of practice and a willing partner but i'm sure that you can struggle through it! In simple Dude talk when you reach the critical moment slow down, pull out do whatever is necessary. Its frustrating for the girl too for many reasons that you may discover. But what the hell. Sensation and new experience are what its all about.

  92. Epicurean_Logic said
    "meh, the male orgasm is a MYTH. I faked it."

    You know I dont really know if you are joking or not. Superisingly enough , I have been to the point with a girl that was super fine but was a lousy F$#@ and I never wated to do anything with her unless I was drinking and didnt care. Like I said before , some girls dont know what to do either.

  93. meh, the male orgasm is a MYTH. I faked it.

  94. Hahaha! Nobody got it yet. You silly boys. My post was a mockery of the one preceding it. Take a closer look and read carefully! I was just poking fun ;)

  95. @Danica

    You need to find that chemistry .Slow your roll a bit.Getcha some toys or something until you find what you need.Dont be afraid to get you a younger dude w/less experience than most and train him.That is if he doesnt train you.

    Wouldnt that be ironic?

    Also to add to my previous comment, You know, alot of girls suck at fu***** too.It goes both ways.Good luck with that,though, and be safe.

  96. @Epicurean_Logic
    Ha! I liked that observation. " If both statements are completely true it is either a slight on you for not being able to get off in any of your multiple encounters, or your incessant Nymphomania has desensitized you to the pleasures of a good f*ck. In either case thats your problem.furthermore if that is the attitude you display in the bedroom i am not surprised that men just want to use you and then get the hell out ASAP."

    I still say it takes some chemistry W/O that I couldn't have stayed with / or even kept my old lady for 11 yrs.Good sex can heal most wounds but without it , one small thing could destroy an otherwise " good " relationship .(Some things nothing can fix might I add.)

    However, that being said , there are alot of women out there who are like that. For those women,I say too bad and it sux to be you.

  97. Oh Danika, Danika, Danika i am going to be really horrible to you now. Be warned. You said

    'I am a nympho' followed by

    'it did not fall short of conveying just how incompetent men are at f*cking.'

    If both statements are completely true it is either a slight on you for not being able to get off in any of your multiple encounters, or your incessant Nymphomania has desensitized you to the pleasures of a good f*ck. In either case thats your problem.

    furthermore if that is the attitude you display in the bedroom i am not surprised that men just want to use you and then get the hell out ASAP.

    good night and god bless.

  98. @Danica; making a documentary about few women from one culture, Infering from it and then extrapolating it to the whole world. Do you think this is a right thing to do?

  99. @Danica " Another county heard from.""I believe there has to be great chemistry between a man and a woman in order for the woman to have great sex.And I believe it’s important for women to educate men on what pleasures them, how eles are they to know? Women’s physiology is complex… I mean just look at the myraid of ways in which women can achieve an orgasm." INDEED!

    1. Honestly, women can't achieve orgasms in that many ways. Anyway, men can achieve orgasm in a lot of the same ways women can. Ex. Genital stimulation, nipples, anus, etc. It's in every human being you moron. Women are different but not complex, they just try and act like it.

    2. I like your comment. Its interesting and possibly some truth to this. Everybody wants to be complicated. bla bla bla

  100. I think you guys just enjoy getting a rise out of us oh so fragile females ; )LOL

  101. Or woman, it would appear.

  102. LA- just kidding around, man.

  103. Way harsh don't ya think Danica. I forgive your transgession Djamal.
    I've had great sex with men, but I'm no nympho LOL. I believe there has to be great chemistry between a man and a woman in order for the woman to have great sex.
    And I believe it's important for women to educate men on what pleasures them, how eles are they to know? Women's physiology is complex... I mean just look at the myraid of ways in which women can achieve an orgasm. That's my two cents.

  104. You know it Jesse.

    First of all it is not a documentary about the female orgasm. It is about how retard males fail in bed. I am a nympho and I have extensive research and experience. First of all the sampling is not quite done right. It was done on the French population but everyone knows that men who suck in bed only get laid in Germany on coupon day. There was no control whatsoever and although the topic was continuous, it did not fall short of conveying just how incompetent men are at f*cking.

    This is a clear example of how the truth f*cks with male ego.

  105. the female orgasm isnt a myth i have had many and this documentry isnt about whores its about teaching people and sexual liberation ... and also showing women we can achieve orgasm with out men

  106. Ok I sincerely apologize for using such strong words. Trust me I didn't mean any offence...I am really very sorry for my behaviour and my approach.

  107. He's just trolling.

    even if he is serious, he's still a troll IRL, because if you met someone like that and listened to him talk after about 30 seconds you'd automatically ROFL

  108. Djamal, I challenge you to ask 10 - 20 women (who are sexually experienced) about what turns them on in terms of achieving an orgasm and I can bet they will echo what these "whores", as you so delicately put it, communicated in this doc.
    FYI, you come across as a misogynist racist bastard.

  109. I agree!

    Ain't no way to treat a lady!

  110. You're a real ladies man arent you Djamal

  111. First of all it is not a documentary about the female orgasm... It is about how some whores have it.
    I am an Endocrinologist and have extensive research experience.This documentary violates many principles of biostatistics. First of all the sampling is not done quite right. It was done on French population and only those women who responded, so it didn't even represent French women as a whole. There was no control whatsoever and the topic though continuous, was treated as discrete.
    This was a clear example how media f*cks with the reason.

  112. First of all, over 90% of women who work in the sex trade industry have been sexually abused as children. Fact. They come to identify their value in accordance with their sex. period.
    And kudos Danika, you make some valid points. Check out the film, "Cotton Candy". Business and Japanese school girls... underwear that girls sell to adult stores, their urine and spittle in bottles is big business...busines men in Japan pay for this shit and the school girls get the latest swag in exchange. Why is this getting so political... this film is about women talking about the female orgasm. period.

  113. Bobby D
    you seious..."Bobby, Psshh, don’t be silly, the female orgasm is a myth?!!" Where have you been dude. And um, further ref. porn...this is no porno. crazy guys.

  114. @HM,

    'I was amazed when it said then half of females have never masturbated!'

    I think that it would be more accurate to say that half of women would never admit to masturbating. The fairer sex have way more inhibitions when it comes to having a 'Tommy tank'.

    i also think that it is interesting that only one of the girls have posted on this topic. kudos to morlann.

    please put me in my place ladies.

  115. In contrast to some displayed opinions; I don't see how this could in any way be conceived to be porn. (as a man) There is nothing more beautiful than the look on a woman's face as she gets there. Or to feel the electicity of that moment (its quite hard to adequately put into words) And knowing that you were a part of that, is PRICELESS.

    Sadly, there are so many conflicting points of input from social factors (relgion and the media being the mainstay here) that I can see where many women have no idea of what really makes themselves tick. Or, could even feel guilty at the thought of discovering themselves in this respect. Much less creating an open dialogue on the topic. (I in no way want to seem condescending or patronizing in saying the previous - I have no idea what women think - I can only postulate)

    Not to mention the utter lack of knowledge that men as a collective seem to share in respect to the female anatomy and mindset. I would hope someone lacking in that dept would be glad to have the insite. The old poke and hope is a horrible way to expect to please your partner on an emotional or sexual wavelength. Communication is key in order for any venture (involving more people than just you) to life, period.

    This doc is an excellent portrayal of women venting their feelings and experience. The people who say the 'professionals' were quacks don't seem to grasp the power of the placebo affect that can be induced through simple suggestion. Hell, isn't that what religion is? The mind itself is the key to many doorways. I don't care if they were doctors or janitors. Their advice may have helped someone get over a mental mole hill with out irreparable harm. Let the people who try such things be the lithmus test to the viability of the process. I hope it opened a door to a paradigm shift for those in need of one.

    Sex is one of the most awesome experiences two people can share. And if looking at (vague and shrouded) pictures of the act that got you here makes you a little queasy, maybe you need to do a little introspection yourself.......Thanks for posting this! I LOVE THIS SITE!!!!!!

  116. in my experience (as a woman) there is nothing, but nothing better than an orgasm while MAKING LOVE to my man, I have also found there are two types of orgasm - I call them a dry one that goes from head to toes and then culminates in the central point (i.e. the hole of my body haha) and the wet one that involves all of me in one huge gush of involvement, no seperate bits involved (all together now lol) both of which I can do for myself , very nicely thank you, all because I know which buttons to push, my man now knows all those buttons and takes great delight in teasing me to the brink and then doing it again and again, this is the pleasure of two people that communicate all their wishes and LISTEN, TAKE IN AND USES THAT INFO. for the others pleasure. All this talk of orgasm is irrelevent unless experienced by both partners in a relationship, all you men out there see if you can develope your knowledge of your partner, that well and find out if it doesn`t improve your own experience of an orgasm and you ladies open up and talk to your man by telling him what you like when he does it. and all of you, don`t take it all too seriously, have FUN trying.....

  117. Well Danica, being the peaceful kinda guy that I am, I find places like the USA and the UK very violent. I guess others see it differently.

  118. Psshh, don't be silly, the female orgasm is a myth.

  119. Pacha,

    Relatively speaking in regards to time and location, yes. Why the incredulity?

  120. Nice

    Good for the girls I say, there is no shame with sex at all. It's a natural and beautiful thing. Don't let repressed frustrated people degrade it. Don't give them that power.

  121. 'does that mean that violence is prevalent within our society?'

    Is that a serious question?

  122. Hollywood =/= reality. There's lots of violence in Hollywood films too, does that mean that violence is prevalent within our society?

    Amongst the industrial countries America is quite the prude, comparatively. Contrast the media and censorship of say Europe or Japan against America. Even common discourse regarding sexuality is approached in a less open manner if you go there in person. It's noticeable.

  123. @Pacha34: So true...

  124. @Danica 'It is clear based on the above remarks that American sexuality is repressed and therefore less informed.'

    Watch almost any american movie and it becomes very clear how they are brainwashed to believe. Violence in all it's forms is ok. Sex on the other hand is shameful. The woman always keeps the covers pulled up around her neck and the man always keeps his pants on. God knows how they achieve penetration like that but hey.
    Who I am to question the wisdom of hollywood?

  125. Danica se mlogo pravi važna;mora da je neka pismena kao i usmena.
    Pušti Dano ?o´eka na miru;bolje se okolo svoga postaraj te ga osloba?aj i seksipilno prosvetljavaj. More!

  126. Luke my man!

    A. By "sexually ignorant" I was referring to knowledge about the female orgasm, hence the topic of the documentary and the entire page of comments. It is clear based on the above remarks that American sexuality is repressed and therefore less informed. Ei, Hardy's story. Ei Deatthghost's account.

    B. Ok I think you're taking the word 'enlightenment' out of context.

    Dictionary: en·light·en (?n-l?t'n)

    To give spiritual or intellectual insight to: "Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppression of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day" (Thomas Jefferson).
    To give information to; inform or instruct.

    Oh, I guess you're right. The people interviewed giving their first hand accounts weren't informing, they were just uselessly flailing about and eating flowerpots.

  127. To be honest People have been having sex since man first walked this planet otherwise none of us would be here. So how you can say the world is sexually ignorant is beyond me given the thousands of years people have been doing it...

  128. @Danica: I didnt say its main aim is to get men - u r misquoting me and twisting what I meant, to clarify I meant it would be watched mostly by men and I implied that was the demographic for which the largest viewing figures were meant to come from... It would be interesting to see the figures of who watched this documentary since it has been made. Men V women viewing numbers. I would bet my bottom dollar more men than women have seen this. But hey since its virtually impossible to know lets just agree to disagree.

    Ok fair enough with the point of getting the women who experience orgasms (experts) to talk about it. But cmon those so-called proffesionals didnt look proffessional whatsoever, infact some ppl here have commented that some of them looked like frauds... to quote you 'they’re bridging the gap between sexual ignorance and enlightenment' erhmm oooook??? I didnt A. know the world is sexually ignorant and how you could arrive at such a conclusion B. I didnt know they knew the path to enlightenment... But hey since I am a guy and you are a girl, this is your area of expertise so i shall concede.

  129. Hole Luke, you overkilled the comments on here, haha.

    Are you for serial when you put forth your comment suggesting this documentary is only to get men off, and implicitly stating that the women who participated are some kind of undercover porn stars who "sold themselves out."


    Okk. Think about it from a filmakers perspective. How would you portray the female orgasm to the general audience? How would you make the concept engaging and appealing to a regular person who has no interest in sex beyond that of their own sphere? What, interview men? Show statistics? Show MRI scans? Comme on. What better way to put something like this into perspective than to talk to those who directly experience it. You think they're going to make a film about the Nicaraguan genocide and interview US foreign policy makers about it? Who would watch that?

    Those women aren't selling themselves out, they're bridging the gap between sexual ignorance and enlightenment; and ftw those oldschool sex scenes in between were marvelous.

  130. Porn? No! unless you liked the vintage stuff and classed that as porn.
    No hard core stuff in here at all.

    It seems @ Charles B: ain't scared of porn to much, I wonder though how you would feel about Hustler magazine, inc. verses Falwell. 1988.

    About funny parody of a drunk Falwell having an incestuous encounter with his mother in an outhouse. (religion et al:) Sex is a driving force in life, most Men think of sex every 12 sec. And I bet that women do to!

    Women have there own way way of sizing up men, they can do it in a quick glance, whereas men will almost undress a woman with their eyes.

  131. excuse the typo. I didnt mean to write people condone it in public. I meant to say people distance and disassociate themselves from it in public.

  132. Correct me if I am wrong, take a female pornstar. She starts out at like 18. By the time she is like 25 she has been in countless movies doing all sorts of stuff. When you see this movies, she seems happy, into it and all that. But is she really happy and into it?? Isnt she basically being pimped out by her handlers?? Why wouldnt such a person leave the industry when she has enough money? I am sure they earn aot of money... why would they still continue to do it... I dont get it. Sure its nice for the intended audience who legitimise it by saying, bahh she is paid for it and its a free country thus no one forced her into it but is it that simple... Did no one really force her into it against her own will???

    People condone the porn industry in public. But in private its awhole different case.... Maybe thats why its getting bigger and bigger.. Maybe its as simple as saying 'sometimes the unfortunate few have to lower there standards inorder to make ends meet.'

  133. Haha @Joe_NYC. Is it ok if you pay for it? Haha. Interesting question. One thing that I would like to know is. Does any woman out there voluntarily offer herself for sex with anyone who has the money to pay her for it eg a prostitute, pornstar or stripper without any form of manipulation or persuasion regardless of how subtle it may be. Do they do this because they like it or because they have to? With a prostitute and stripper its usually because they have to either because they are poor or need to fund a drug habit or being forced to by gangs and stuff. What about a pornstar? What kind of conditioning do they have to go through to sell themselves in such away and be ok with it??

    Its also quite interesting to see how quiet most governments are on the subject of pornography (adult pornography) unlike prostitution.. why is that?

  134. you guys should check out this doc, "Love At The Twighlight Motel" when it's available. It covers just about everything communicated in the last few threads...hookers, meth, married couples, sex, taboos...

  135. @Luke
    I agree with you up to a point. Although most of the things they admitted to are pretty common it doesn't make you look so good when you're saying it all on TV.

  136. P.S. I stopped talking about the gay hooker and the meth, and porn in general and I started talking about what happened AFTER the doc . . . just in case you were confused. :-)

  137. I forgot.

    Even in the Bible men frequently prostituted their women.

  138. Joe: Well, I was thinking how embarassing it was for Ted Haggard having to explain the gay hooker and the meth. Porn is a bit more common, and to be honest, yes . . . . . if you must know! ;-) Mr. B. was happy at least. I think if we really wanted to make Mrs. B. just as happy, we'd need a nanny (so she can focus), but we tried.

  139. Luke, then is it okay if I pay for it? You do know that the prostitution is the oldest profession in the world.

  140. The human female could possibly be the most oppressed gender of any species extinct or not in the whole history of creation.

  141. At the end of the day, why did they do this?? Was it to express there freedom of expressin and reclaim female sexuality back to females as it has always been men who have shaped and moulded the image of female sexuality - I dont think it was just for educational purposes, might have been sold that way but that is not what it was.... Who was this documentary aimed at?? Men or women?? My personal view is that of CHARLES B. This was made for the enjoyment of men and thus why I think they sold themselves out but I suppose they already had way earlier in there lives by letting themselves be dictated upon by society on something as valuable as there own sexuality which lets be honest about, is pretty much the most valuable thing most girls have going for them - atleast thats the impression everyone is given...

    I know I am wrong. I just dont see where or how. I need someone to point out where I am going wrong..... :D

  142. Wow, those french girls were quite open about there sexuality. Am all down for free expression of sexuality but cmon there is something like being abit toooo liberal. 1stly my own personal view of sex is that people should not just be sleeping with anyone and everyone just for fun and for the sake of it - oh yah lets go get drunk and sleep with strangers kind of thing.... I think it devalues sex itself and Love if one ever encounters it. Just my opinion. So as good as it was to watch these girls talk about there sexuality and try and explain there own views, I still feel like they have sold themselves out. I dont know why but thats just how I feel... Maybe I just havent been liberalised enough yet.

    Anyways, onwards and forwards with the sexual revolution...

  143. kkkk
    Charles, she caught me more than quiet a few times. LOL. Yeah, but she is no religee and tries to understand me. You see, the difference between your wife and my wife is that my wife won't judge me by a superstitious book. Let's be honest, Charles, all that French groaning and moaning got your little pecker excited. ;)

  144. I wouldn't show it to kids (lets say age 14 and under), but as a part of sex-ed people should learn to talk about their sexuality, and that's exactly what the women did in this movie. But as I recall, sex-ed was a big no-no in USA, right?

    The best story I had heard was from my English Teacher. She has a (very fundamentalist) christian cousin in the states who got married at age 25. On their wedding night, husband and bride lay in bed and didn't know what to do! So they called their mom and asked her how to have sex.

    And yes, they never had sex-ed because their parents thought it was the devil.

    It seems the sexual revolution hasn't stuck with the USA as much as it has with Europe... :-)

  145. Hardy: If you didn't think that was porn, you've been watching too much of it! ;-) I'm just glad the kids were asleep.

    Joe: Well, Christians shouldn't watch porn if they can keep from it. There are at least a few porn-free Christians that actually walk the talk, ya know, but granted, sometimes you're surprised by who's been smokin' crack with a gay hooker in a sleazy motel room. Now THAT would be embarrassing to have broadcast on international television, wouldn't it? How would you explain that to the mrs.? Better not done, I would suggest. :-)

  146. interesting doc. ithink it made a good point that you have to know your self so that you can help your partner to make sure that they can help you. i guess i was lucky to have a girl that was very open to talk and tell me what made her feel good, not alot of women are liek that in my experience. so speak up women and help your man understand what you like and how you like it. closed mouths dont get fed and men you need to try to make them comfortable about opening that dialogue with you. it might not help with your relationship but it will definately open up your sexual relationship

  147. Haha in what way was that pornography? :-D

  148. So, Christians don't watch porn? Oh wait, I forgot. You guys prefer meth and gay hooker in a sleazy

  149. 90% porn, 9% documentary, 1% advice! I was hoping for more advice, actually.

  150. @HaTe_MaChInE

    Check out the hentai section for kicks. It's like sailor moon on 8 hits of ecstasy and rum.

  151. @Danica - Redtube rocks my socks. I spend 3-4 minutes 2-3 times a week there.

  152. Meh, I didn't really learn much new. This made me reminisce to the sweet days of Sexual Secrets on Bravo. All the same type of info. The only new thing was that COME tool, how neat is that? It's like the kegal accessory, and hey if it isn't too pricy I'd look into purchasing it. Anyways if you're just looking for something light and a potential foreplay film before heading to redtube check it out ;)

  153. Remember, it wasn't too long ago that women were told that "nice girls" don't enjoy sex. We are the evolving sex, although it's taken a few centuries.

  154. It's not harder for women to orgasm lol. There's just many more ways for women to achieve orgasms.

  155. Ooooooook, that was interesting...

  156. it was very interesting,learned a lot i guess...but still i think its not fair that its harder for women to achieve orgasm than men...

  157. I concur with hmm and hardy. The clitoral injection (although not really clitoral, ouch!!!)not necessary, but indeed "well done and must-see for men and women a like".

  158. Awesome doc, well done and a must-see for men and women alike!

  159. whadda,, I'm shocked to see this clitoris injection.. that's just so wrong.. and the 600 kilo wight lifting was pretty amazing..

    I did feel sorry for the old woman at the end though... that was touching..

  160. Oh yeah, women can orgasm from clitoral stimulation. We too can achieve what is commonly referred to as a "hard on". Get a vibrator. One does not require penetration but that's always nice too * ) FYI, I'm in my early forties and it took until I was in my mid 30's to discover this... This is what our mother's and traditional sex education neglected tell us!!! Watch this video and learn.

    1. Thanks for learning. If you learn that a lot of women cannot climax because their clitoris is too high to get stimulated, you will have learned a great lesson. If you want a woman to orgasm, get her to do dog style with you and rub herself at the same time. Another way, is if she can get on top and rub herself on your mon pubis (that hump of a bone above your privates) enough to stimulate her clitoris.

  161. Some of them do J Ray. Others are as exciting as a damp squid.

    Not true about women only being able to orgasm with clitoral stimulation by the way.

    1. "Not women only"? Well, I'm a bloke and let me tell you this... I have NEVER had a clitoral orgasm. FACT.
      P.s. I have, however, contributed to a few...

  162. Need cold shower...French women ROCK!!!

  163. Knew some of this,Learned a lil',Took notes...Confident and ready to be quizzed...

  164. Watching further, the old doctor guy seems 100% fraud.

  165. The G-sport "therapist" looks and sounds like a fraud.

  166. Damnit, you said size doesnt matter... You cant change your mind now. JK JK

    I always feel a little emasculated after watching a doc like this. Not sure why.

    I do think it is healthy to hear females speak up about a subject that in my opinion is a very important part of life. I think people need to be more open and honest about there bodies. I was amazed when it said then half of females have never masturbated! Not sure if that is a female thing of if it is a social thing. If it is a social thing we need to change it.

    1. Thank you, girls need to know their parts too and what they can do for them.

  167. this is a wierd but interesting doc......the way they start the doc is funny :) and kinda random