Beyond the Bermuda Triangle: The Devil's Sea
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Beyond the Bermuda Triangle: The Devil's Sea

2009, Mystery  -   36 Comments
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The Bermuda Triangle is one of the deadliest stretches of ocean on earth. But what if there were an even deadlier one? In the Pacific there may be. Why massive state-of-the-art ship was suddenly lost with all hands? What happened to the aircraft that vanished without a clue? What deadly forces sent sailors to their doom? It's really a terrifying experience for those that were on board. The world's most powerful navy knows the dangers well. The moment you stop respecting it and fearing it is when things go wrong.

Join the search to fathom the Pacific Ocean's deadliest enigma, a quest that takes us over, on, and deep into the depths of the deep blue graveyard called The Devil's Sea.

On September 8, 1980, carrying 150,000 tons of iron ore, the boat carrier Derbyshire was 230 miles off the east coast of Okinawa. The Derbyshire was a gigantic ship, longer than three football fields, twice the size of the Titanic, only four years old. From stem to stern, her design was state of the art. Anyone should have felt perfectly safe sailing aboard her. But some, like able seaman Peter Lambert, didn't.

Reluctantly, Peter signed on for one more voyage to earn enough money to get married. He was 19 years old. But his wedding would never take place. On September 9, the Derbyshire and her entire crew disappeared. It was the largest British ship ever lost at sea, and no one could explain why. How could this giant ship, crewed by experienced mariners, simply vanish, without a distress call, and without leaving any trace? Could she be another victim of one of the Pacific Ocean's most enduring and frightening enigmas?

To the south of Japan lies a vast expanse of empty ocean. Since the 1940s, scores of gigantic ships have mysteriously vanished in these cruel seas. Many of them were lost without even sending an SOS, leaving no clue as to their fate. But these waters have been claiming victims for centuries. Long ago, Japanese sailors gave this region a chilling name, Mano Umi, The Devil's Sea. Japanese legends tell of unknown forces that overpowered the strongest of ships, and great sea monsters that dragged sailors to their death.

Today, the legend of sea monsters may have faded, but Japanese fishermen still fear The Devil's Sea, even as its rich bounty draws them to risk their lives. The Devil's Sea is also an abundant sea. Fish always cluster here. These seas are very different from other places. Waves change quickly and unpredictably. So if you're relaxed on a boat in these places, you will get into trouble. Intrigued by persistent reports of mysterious disappearances, some have searched for patterns that might solve the enigma of The Devil's Sea.

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36 Comments / User Reviews

  1. FishCalledWanda

    Reminds me of a "too big to fail" bank. Or the saying, "the bigger they are the harder they fall."

    Sadly such documentaries lie. Despite their claims of "we now know". It is just a postulated hypothesis of what they THINK may have happened. For all we know the center of a super typhoon could have passed directly over the ship dropping it 60 feet or more all at once, instantly blasting out any opening not heavily bolted with thick metal cover, quickly filling and sinking the ship.

    Then again, an airborne iceberg from Eskimoana may have landed on it.

    However, @Gary Fraser describes a most interesting first person experience in the area. To say there are forces in this world that we do not understand is an understatement.

    Unfortunately more and more of those are man made technology kept from the rank and file and the public.

    What can HAARP really do? Can it create earthquakes as its authorization documents suggest? And why are they planting smaller upgraded versions of them in so many places. For instance in the middle of the ocean?

  2. Arinda Asaph

    am from uganda
    but as i have seen bermuda act as an under waters tonado because it collect all air and any thing on the atmosphere to the sea base but with unknown powers

  3. Gary Fraser

    I am a US Navy veteran. I served onboard the USS Ajax AR 6 hull designation. We traveled through the Devil' Sea and went through an otherworldly storm. It was unlike anything I had seen before or have seen since. Everything became tinted green. We were inside this storm for about twenty minutes. After we came out of the storm the atmosphere returned to normal. A short time later the Captain got on the ship's public address and told everyone on the ship to reset all of the ship's clocks and all of our watches backwards twenty two minutes. There are not any time zone changes in the world that are twenty two minutes. For those of you that are having a difficult time understanding what I have said let me put it in different words for you. We were inside this otherworldly storm for twenty two minutes but we came out of the storm at the exact same time as we went into it. For twenty two minutes we were somewhere else.
    Carl Sagan once said " not only is this world stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we CAN imagine." I know that the naysayers will question what I have said. Let them. I don't care what they have to say. I know what I experienced. The Navy is aware of these areas and they have standing orders for a ship's Captain to follow. That is why they are briefed at the Pentagon before taking command of a US Naval warship. This information is passed on by word of mouth. Nothing is written down. This is to prevent any freedom of information requests from bearing fruit. They will never tell you anything. After all, if you want to act like a mushroom you should be treated like a mushroom.

  4. Anti-Jesuit

    The earth is flat, just as the Bible states plainly. The antarctic region is an Ice wall. There is much to corroborate this and these mysteries are not mysteries to those who know the true map, such navigation errors do not befall them.

  5. Timmy

    This is an extraordinary research

  6. flybow

    Oh dear!!
    Might as well be about dragons and unicorns, pixies and elves.

  7. Torpedo Letsholo

    Bermuda Triangle..... thats where the Devil Fell from Heaven.

    1. Jimmy James

      I agree , people talk about the Bermuda triangle and saying so much , it's time they study the word of almighty God it's all there

  8. Avina Wurd

    A more infantile presentation of a serious subject is hard to imagine. To whom is this poor excuse of a documentary directed?

  9. Pr Malvin Shey of Hemenian Republic, formerly British Cameroon, which UN connived with Britain, Cameroun, & Nigeria, to wipe it out of Africa & World maps.

    why must the so-called powerful mysterious devils sea interested in swallowing only ships from far and near propelled over, instead of opening it mouth wider enough to swallow the whole earth as waters in Noah's day did?

  10. theo

    i always wnt to know mysteries but i can't solve this one

  11. pawan

    I think that the Bermuda Triangle has displaced from the Atlantic ocean to the pacific or Indian ocean. but how did the Malaysian Boeing 777 is missing !!!!!!!!!??????????????

  12. terencegalland

    A pity that with some foresight of known weather patterns these vessels might have been saved and lives not lost...wonder what happened to the aircraft?

  13. steve dexel

    It is quite simple actually.
    Find the center of the Bermuda Triangle and the center of the Dragon's triangle off of Japan. Measure the distance between the centers and you will find they are exactly 180 degrees out. They are also on the same latitudinal plane. It has been said that in the past the earth changed pole position and it just might be that these points represent a previous pole position. For some unknown reason these points become magnetically active.

  14. Harry Testoni

    why do we have to listen to loud music. when we are trying to listen to what the commentater is saying. all they do is stuff up a good documentry. am i asking to much if its possible to leave the music out and we can listen to what is been said.

    1. Daniel Jesse James Griffin

      sure, but i bet you'd quickly discover that it's a pretty boring experience.

    2. rbnvndrn

      boring or not, that's your opinion (objective). A documentary should be neutral (subjective) not some cheap a** horror with eerie music

    3. Ofentse Letsholo

      music evokes images… but i do get what u are saying though :-)

  15. Deborah Macaoidh Selim

    My psychotic occultist ex-husband was obsessed with this thing. He called it the Dragon's Triangle.

  16. sspatil

    Please discover what is the mystery of Bermuda triangle

  17. Emanuel Faisca

    Don't trow your time on this one! Propaganda Lots of bull...

  18. Grant Butler

    I was taught no more ships sink there than any other place, in fact most reports sunk outside of the triangle but the currents pull the ships wrecks there.

  19. Paul Gloor

    Last I heard, a large methane release from the sea bed could theoretically sink a tanker and down an aircraft without warning. Bubbling the water under the ship obliterates its buoyancy. While in the air, methane is lighter and aircraft unfortunate enough to be in the area, will experience a sudden loss of altitude in less dense air and/or starve the engines of oxygen.

  20. tomregit

    The dramatic presentation and eerie music have me convinced that there is a rip in the time/space continuum. The devil's triangle and devil's sea are merely small indicators of the approaching apocalypse. I am very afraid.

    I used to blame my girlfriend for leaving tissue in her pockets which would disintegrate in the clothes dryer and make a mess. Now that we are no longer together the tissue problem persists. Explain that! Every week an ever growing number of socks disappear from that same dryer. All around us, the very fabric of space is being torn apart.

    1. DigiWongaDude inter-dimensional one legged sock thieves, no less.

    2. portia stewart


    3. portia stewart

      this is so funny and cute...I laughed so hard the cat flew out the window.

  21. brixmo

    I was start warching this documentary , and stop after 5 min .... MV"Derbishiyre" was not Bulk carrier , it was OBO carrier (OilBulkOre)...He wasnt disepeer , he was sunk with full cargo load in less than 10 min , because of the structure damage caused by heavy seas - no survivors...Reason of his sunk is well known in maritime industry ....I heard enough "lies and gueses" in first 5 min of this documentary , so I stop watching....

    1. Jack1952

      In the end they gave the same reasons you did. Unfortunately, you have to sit through a lot of foolishness to get to that point. My advice is to skip ahead to about the thirty minute mark and start watching from there.

    2. DigiWongaDude

      Thanks for the extra 30 mins of my Sunday

    3. mark farley

      i bet you get your news from CNN

    4. Jack1952

      That's a comment I don't get. Are you saying that there is some kind of inter-dimensional portal that gobbled up the Derbyshire? I suppose the fact they did find the wreck deep in the ocean is just a lie to cover up...something. I'll bet you get your news from those rags at the supermarket checkout.

  22. Jack1952

    A fascinating and tragic topic, presented in a childish manner. The early suggestion of paranormal possibilities is a theatrical, melodramatic technique to try and attract the viewers who may not be interested in a more scholarly approach. Spent too much time on the superficial, pretending they had no idea what happened to the Derbyshire, when they knew all along why it sunk. Wish this had been presented in an adult manner.

    1. Eric Meyer

      I concur