Bloodlust: Tournament of Death

Bloodlust: Tournament of Death

2016, Sports  -   12 Comments
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In the seemingly benign state of Delaware lies a brutally violent underworld. It's led by professional wrestlers with a penchant for bloodshed, including their own. Freed from the restrictions imposed by mainstream wrestling, their theatrics aren't confined to their fists and limbs. Armed with metal chairs, prickly coils of barbed wire, razor blades, fluorescent light tubes, baseball bats and nail-riddled planks, they engage in a form of combat usually reserved for the grisliest of battlefields. Produced by the always provocative VICE News, Bloodlust: Tournament of Death captures these savage beasts in action, and attempts to gain insight into what makes them tick.

Delaware is one of the few states in the country that permit the practice of this extreme form of wrestling known as Deathmatch. Produced by Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW), their events lack the pomp and circumstance of sibling organizations such as World Wrestling Entertainment and Mixed Martial Arts. In fact, it isn't uncommon for a CZW event to take place in a competitor's own back yard. This brand of homegrown humility engenders a strong, personal connection with fans.

Perhaps this dynamic helps to explain how Deathmatch wrestling has managed to garner a huge international following in spite of its condemned status in many segments of the United States. The filmmakers follow DJ Hyde, the current owner of CZW, and place us in the center of this fan fervor during a particularly ferocious series of matches. In the throes of broken bones, rampant bruising and sliced faces caked in blood, each competitor relishes their opportunity to bask in the glow of audience adulation.

But there's a darker side to this physical derring-do. A wrestler's wife expresses deep concern for her husband's safety, and holds back tears after one especially punishing showdown. For their part, the wrestlers view themselves as athletes of the highest order who possess an unflappable mental and physical stamina. They're driven by more than just glory, though. For many, Deathmatch wrestling is the only means they have of satisfying growing debts and financial obligations.

A no-holds barred look at a fascinating subculture, Bloodlust: Tournament of Death contains scenes of unrelentingly graphic violence, and it's definitely not intended for younger viewers or the faint of heart.

Directed by: Shawney Cohen

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Hengist Podd
3 years ago

mullets and steroids

Gregory Hays
4 years ago

Any person who thinks that man was created by god and not evolved from animals is a friggin' idiot and this just proves it. As much as the intellectual liberal side of me says 'this is so wrong, why is this allowed'? The animal side of me finds it curiously fascinating and kind of cool to watch. Tell me we're all not really just predatory animals deep down (albeit some of us with larger brains). You can't say that evolution made us a kinder species that's for sure.

Shawn Fahrer
4 years ago

Does anyone on here remember THE ORIGINAL EXTREME CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING (ECW) -- the one that was on some UHF stations (before TV went digital) before winding up on SPIKE TV (selling out to "the network") and its most infamous happenings (like the barbed wire match between Terry Funk -- THE ORIGINAL TERRY FUNK that is-- and Sabu, in which Sabu's manager, Bill Alfonso, had to literally cut the barbed wire off of Terry Funk --which was wrapped around his body-- so that they could actually continue the match)? This CZW owes a great debt of gratitude to Paul Heyman (who is now ironically enough, the advocate for "the reigning, defending, undisputed Universal Champion [of WWE], BROCK LESNAR") who ran the original ECW out of South Philadelphia's most infamous Bingo Hall..... Three cheers for taking it to the EXTREME: EC-dub! EC-dub! EC-dub!

Ch Zain
5 years ago

Really amazing

6 years ago

I thought it was crazy at first. Suddenly at some point in the film, I gained a respect and appreciation for the Men that care enough about the experience of their fans that they would go to such lengths to insure that they will stay die-hard fans! Much respect to DJ the Boss of CZW. His leadership and commitment in spite of the naysayers is amazing. I have learned allot about life and business as a result of this viewing! WOW!

6 years ago

They forgot the lions, 2000 years later Rome death fights are back.

6 years ago

Tfc is actually considered the most violent sport going right now.
Coincidently enough it comes out of Russia.
10 men square off 5 vs 5 and it's so violent 5 referees are needed.
You shouldn't throw stones in a glass house.

6 years ago

Well it is the US > the sickest nation on the planet! Sooner Putin turns it to glass the better!

6 years ago

I liked it, of course, I like brutal stuff. It's like watching the gladiators fight, blood and guts, more guts than sense. It's primitive, but hey, as intellectual as I am, I still love a good fight. Perhaps it's my Irish ancestry. LOL

Mad dog Grunge
6 years ago

Loved it !

mike m
6 years ago

how stupid!