How Bruce Lee Changed the World

How Bruce Lee Changed the World

2009, Biography  -   23 Comments
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How Bruce Lee Changed the WorldThe History Channel's How Bruce Lee Changed the World explores the amazing multitude of ways that Bruce Lee - the first international Asian superstar--has influenced pop culture. Calling Lee the biggest movie star in history is a bit of a stretch (though every shot of this hypnotically charismatic performer argues that he might have been, had he not died abruptly before the release of his fourth and most successful movie, Enter the Dragon).

A wealth of interviewees, ranging from filmmakers like Jackie Chan (who was a stunt man on Lee's movies in his early career), John Woo, and Brett Ratner, comedians like Eddie Griffin and Margaret Cho, musicians like LL Cool J, RZA, and Damon Albarn, athletes like boxer Sugar Ray Leonard and bodybuilder Flex Wheeler, and more, testify to the enormous impression Lee had on them.

The documentary overreaches at some points, but there's no denying that Lee brought martial arts movies to the West and redefined the image of Asian men in the public consciousness (before him, Asian men were fiends like Fu Manchu, servants, or buffoons).

Lee's life history is efficiently told and some of the details are delightful--who would have guessed Lee was a champion cha-cha dancer in Hong Kong? His audition for The Green Hornet reveals a movie star just waiting to be discovered. The man himself--lithe and muscular, capable of astonishing speed and grace, radiating both intelligence and passion--makes all commentary unnecessary.

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  1. JKD Student

    A good documentary. Shame that it appears they deliberately left out Dan Inosanto. I suspect due to issues Linda has with Dan. They cover Bruce's friends and students, even speaking with a number of them - but his number one student and the only person Bruce Lee certified to teach JKD - they ignore him.

  2. Chris

    People Bruce Lee's intentions were to convince people that knowledge, fitness, and skill were the most important attributes in mankind to improve yourself to the maximum and not waste anytime. All time is considered sacred so spend it wisely pratice martial arts, play guitar, doesnt matter what you spend it on as long as your not procrastinating everyone can change the world for the better.

    Shoot even i want to help people by taking biochemistry and improve everyones bodies durability, and mind power. But probably impossible right now but i have to try people matter and everyone needs to help each other sometimes.

    1. Steve Pagan

      Your right on man seems to me that Londa could be controlled by JKD people in the foundation that exclude him maybe $$$$$ issues which Lee himself was afraid of why suddenly people coming out of the woodwork being too nice to him when success kicked in!!!man your right again you just define the meaning of Gung Fu!!!

  3. 9875

    just unbelievable. it makes one wonder what he would have accomplished had he lived! A hero to all people.
    This philosophy of water he learned from someone and developed himself..
    Many of such ideas are tied to teachings found in the Tao Te Ching (Lao Tzu) -and other works and later worked into styles of martial artists and their philosophical approached. These pay homage the power found in nature, the animal world and human mind.



  5. wheelnut53

    No one has or will ever come close

  6. sonofshaft

    Finally a Bruce Lee documentary from a different angle. Explains what Bruce Lee fans have known for over 40 years ... That he helped influenced the modern world.

  7. Elderkin

    I kind of wish they would had covered a bit more on Brandon lee. Like the sister doesnt even mention his name. I know the doc is about bruce but Ithought they might say somthing. And why didnt they interview Chuck!! That would have been awesome to hear from Chuck!

  8. lt


  9. lt

    he was supposed to star in the kung fu series on t.v but they chose DAVID CARRIDINE , they say BRUCE LEE looked to CHINESE..YET KUNG FU was BRUCE LEE's idea don;t you just hate racism?

  10. Agustin

    Goddamn it... they show footage of Korea when talking about China in the 1950s...

  11. Jason Davis

    Well,in my opinion this was a 2010 style documentary.(lol):it really showed Bruce's impact worldwide as a actor.Now martial arts wise it covered the basic foundation of JKD.It would take cover how Lee developed JKD. Myself as a JKD practitioner look at Lee as a mystical force with a purpose from (above)etc..All of his accomplishment's had a purpose in humanity and society..He is the possibility of what anyone can be if they dedicate themself's and really find what they are inside and out! : Man the living creature,the creating individual is always more importiant than any established style or system: :Bruce Lee:

  12. Charles B.

    I loved Bruce Lee movies!

    Oh, I work with "Bruce Lee" here in Korea, by the way! LOL I'm totally serious. The first few times I said his name aloud I snickered, but now I don't even bat an eyelid when I ask "Where's Bruce Lee? Is he coming to the teacher's meeting today?" :-)

    Ok. Ok. Yeah, I know . . . . 5 billion and one "Lee's" in Korea, so one of them has got to be named "Bruce" in English, I suppose, so what's your point?

    Oh! And my wife's facebook friend is "Kim Jong Il"! Truth. I sware! He's a pastor, nonetheless! :-)

  13. roland gopel

    bruce has certainly had a lasting effect on our culture....
    .... and whatever else he might have been, he was certainly an entertainer.

  14. Steve

    I was three when he died, but I still remember watching his films even back then. Great inspiration in my life.

  15. john doe

    JDK looks good filming movies speeded up ect,try boxing mna. look at any semina about m/arts the the guy at the recieving end of the blackbelt has gave up before a finger is lifted and they always smile, how can you smile if your in a headlock armlock, load of c**p fake.

  16. Achems Razor

    Bruce Lee was my hero, back in my Bruce Lee days.

  17. ben

    bruce lee is a great person but from the first 2 parts i watched this documentary (not bruce lee) is c@#$!!

    the guy who made the rush hour movie says bruce was his inspriration etc... in the filming of the first rush hour he couldnt even film a fight scene right and jackie chan got into a big argument and had to take over. director walked out of the pool room fight scene. director + martial art fan who cant shoot a decent fight scene = fail

    and also when interviewing the monk, they actually believed that "sifu" was part of his name?? come on!! some will argue that its a tittle which it is, but ive never seen someone add the tittle sifu in a doco before.

    and also from the first 2 parts i watched, theres nothing new here or that hasnt been covered in other docos before.

    my point is, if u wanna make a tribute to someone, do it properly!!

  18. cess

    the tao of jkd is a great book. really gives some insight into his way of thinking.

  19. Unknown

    "The man himself–lithe and muscular, capable of astonishing speed and grace, radiating both intelligence and passion–makes all commentary unnecessary."
    I would say love you, but better keep my mouth shut. :P

  20. ez2b12

    This is a good documentary. I really did not think it would be, but it is. I never really got into martial arts or Bruce Lee, though i did take some martial arts when I was a kid. This documentary goes into much more than just his martial arts, it explains his philosophy and personality, his carreer as an actor and director, how he inspired people, how he inspired the practitioners of mixed martial arts, and his reputation in his home land. Very thorough and interesting, I recommend it even if you are not into the whole martial arts thing.

  21. Mad

    Bruce Lee was an extremely inspirational figure, not too over-hyped he was truly inspirational

  22. Be like water my friends.

    A great martial artist, philosopher and all round inspiration. He didn't see martial arts as just beating the opponent, but saw it as a mental as well as a physical discipline. Bruce will no doubt live on for many generations to come