Deep Water
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Deep Water

2006, Sports  -   12 Comments
Ratings: 7.88/10 from 17 users.

Deep WaterDeep Water is the stunning true story of the first solo, non-stop, round-the-world boat race, and the psychological toll it took on its competitors.

Sponsored by the Sunday Times of London, the much-ballyhooed event attracted a field of nine, including amateur sailor Donald Crowhurst, who set out to circumnavigate the globe in late 1968.

Battling treacherous seas and his own demons, Crowhurst almost immediately comes apart as he faces the isolation of nine months on the high seas.

Part adventure yarn and part metaphysical mystery, Deep Water is an unforgettable journey into one mans heart of darkness. From the director of Touching the Void.

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12 Comments / User Reviews

  1. His Forever

    I hate deep water --- too scary; nearly drown at age 6 or so. Can't stand pressure. Don't like stress. Sounds to traumatic to watch.

  2. Les Ferguson

    A sad and moving film
    Highlights the pressures we put ourselves and our loved ones under when we feel that we have behaved in an unworthy fashion.

  3. Brandon Beaith

    Thanks alot laurence....still an interesting doc, although a bit sad

  4. bbga

    I've been anticipating this. It's a great documentary. Like others, I was shocked at this story. It's heartbreaking.

  5. Mahendra Tipale

    interesting documentary. I think, focus or hero of the documentory should have been actual winner OR ultimatum French guy Bernard who said 1.5 round the world.
    What a smart crook he was!!! You have calculate risk before taking, not without facing the result of the risk! Just roaming in sea and pretending to be around the earth! goosshh. shame.

  6. Laurence Vanhelsuwe

    Amazing story. Silly guy to end his own life to evade a reality of his own creation. But in those days honor had a different meaning than today.

    1. KooKookaChoo

      spoiler alert! :)

  7. Valts D?rznieks

    Interesting and tragic story, must see.

  8. PavolvsBitch

    Extraordinary story. A tale of short investment in an unworthy vessal and the consequences. What would the man have achieved, otherwise?

  9. Keith Wilson

    What a beautiful poignant film. Best doc I've seen in a long time as far as excellent and moving storytelling goes.

  10. Earthwinger

    I've also seen this one before, but I'll be watching it again.

    Highly recommended!

  11. ZarathustraSpeaks

    Saw this a year or two ago. Was not what I expected but well worth watching as it gets into the psychological aspects of the man and how the competition affects him. Excellent doc.