Documenting Hate: Charlottesville

Documenting Hate: Charlottesville

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April 12, 2017. Ranting a chilling cry of "Jews will not replace us" in unison, white nationalists storm through the town square in Charlottesville, Virginia to oppose the proposed removal of a Confederate statue. They are met with fervor from those who protest their public displays and hatred and discrimination. By the end of this day, dozens of innocents will be injured and one will be killed. For many, this incident offered a sobering reminder that white supremacy is alive, well and out in the open in America. In Documenting Hate: Charlottesville, the award-winning PBS series Frontline investigates the events that have emboldened a resurgence for hate groups across the country.

The filmmakers were imbedded on the ground during every horrific beat of this distressing event. The police remained on high alert in the lead up to the planned protest, and were caught overwhelmed when the violence erupted. The entire city was on edge. The vehicular homicide of 32-year old Heather Heyer was the shameful culmination of these brewing tensions.

Charlottesville citizens and officials speak to the rising profile of these once marginalized hate groups, and the failures of law enforcement and other government entities in properly dealing with them. The filmmakers also investigate the key members of these groups, their method of networking and recruitment, and the platforms they use to spread their hateful rhetoric. Many of the individual members are elusive, but their activities can be tracked through training videos, anti-Semitic and racist hate-mongering, and other online propaganda. The signs of their existence are also on display through graffiti art across the city.

The incident at Charlottesville has only furthered the reach and sphere of influence of these groups. A significant portion of the documentary explores why these groups have largely escaped the scrutiny of the law, and how so few of the instigating offenders were charged in the wake of the attacks at Charlottesville.

Documenting Hate: Charlottesville is a valuable portrait of America as it exists today, a sad reminder of the strides we have yet to make as an inclusive society, and a rallying cry for continued vigilance against hatred.

Directed by: Richard Rowley

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5 months ago

I applaud the work of the journalirt to expose the cowards involved with the hate crimes seen in this video. As you can see its more than juqt poor whites blaming others for their problems.the european caucasian has ajways been hateful and extremlx violent.

3 years ago

The focus must be with antifa punks to find the one funding would be a start.

3 years ago

They ain't tearing down our statues, our heritage, our heroes, now.

3 years ago

Exposes hate and racism which still exists today in certain parts

3 years ago

Must watch

Nevada Smith
3 years ago

Charlottesville happened because the left made it happen. Can't have the alt-right shown as clean cut young men carry Tiki torches. The violence that took place in Charlottesville happened when David Duke, a leftist plant. showed up with his thugs . The violence happened when the police refused to enforce Virginia's anti mask laws and allowed Antifa to roam at will. The violence happen because the police allowed Antifa to use the city park as a staging area for their attack.

“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” ― Lenin

That was David Duke job, to lead the opposition to the left.

peter ogden
3 years ago

the hate is the fascist antifa useful idiots being manipulated by subversive anti-american subversives like china and russia. these fools better hope they lose because if not they will lose a wonderful country FOREVER! Just look at what's happening in Hong Kong and Chinese Muslim interment camps: is that what you want for America?

3 years ago

this is such a brainwashing documentary. I hope people aren't actually believing these lies.

3 years ago

Outstanding work catching the badies in our world. In this day in age with our modern technology everyone can help flush criminals down the drain. We need more journalist like this man now! Keep up the good work and stay vigilant.

3 years ago

There should be more focus on two aspects of these jerks. First, the source of their finances. Second, their international affiliations.

Blair Woolverton
3 years ago

AMAZING but true, unfortunately. Your voice is perfect for the narration. I have a family member who was deeply involved in the Charlottesville explosion. She STAYS in the C'ville cops like a tight sweater. Attends most public meetings now. She wrote for a C'ville weekly until she was let go by the holding company for being too radical for their advertisers. She was telling too much truth.