Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West

Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West

2007, Politics  -   102 Comments
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Obsession - Radical Islam’s War Against the WestIn the wake of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Islamic fundamentalism has, in the minds of many, taken the place once held by communism as the leading threat to the safety and security of the industrialized West. Filmmakers Wayne Kopping and Raphael Shore explore what they regard as the most dangerous force since the rise of Nazism in this documentary.

Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West features footage from Arab television outlets with interviews which are compared with newsreel images of terrorist actions staged by the PLO and other groups in an effort to show parallels between hate-based groups of the past and the current mood among Islamic extremists. Obsession also includes interviews with guerilla fighters, former Hitler Youth members, and terrorist operatives as they discuss the role and function of extremist political and religious groups.

Obsession is a film about the threat of Radical Islam to Western civilization. Using unique footage from Arab television, it reveals an 'insider's view' of the hatred the Radicals are teaching, their incitement of global jihad, and their goal of world domination. The film also traces the parallels between the Nazi movement of World War II, the Radicals of today, and the Western world's response to both threats. Featuring interviews with Daniel Pipes, Steve Emerson, Alan Dershowitz, a former PLO terrorist, and a former Hitler Youth Commander.

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  1. All people in comments cant see over religions. Hahahahah. CANT YOU PEOPLE SEE THAT EVERYTHING IS A RICH MAN'S TRICK TO GET PROFITS.

  2. The best way to conduct an independent investigation of the actual origin, doctrine and goal of any religion is to study its founder and his believes and deeds. Mohammed fought or planned over sixty battles in ten years which led him to capture the Arab peninsula and proximal parts. Were these all defensive and evangelical wars? Are the stories of his slaughter of enemies and advice to kill the kafars (unbelievers) authentic. Are the practices of current jihadists obtained from his teachings? This is the best way to know if Islam is peaceful-not by arguing that billion muslims are peaceful. Majority of Germans detested war, but Hitler still did massacre with his loyal Nazis army. May the True God Yaweh and our Lord Yahua help us persevere in these end time days!

  3. If "Peaceful Islam," has a goal of converting others to Islam, having lots of children and trying to become a majority in Democratic Countries, then is that really peaceful? When they become the Majority," (Remember in a Democracy, the majority rules) then they will simply take over by elections. Once they do take over, they will force "Sharia Law," on all of us and take away our rights and freedoms in a peaceful and democratic way.

    While we worry about the Islamic extremists and terrorists we will be sleeping to the "Peaceful Muslims" sneaky and so called peaceful way of taking over all democratic western countries. That's like "Pretending" to be our friends until they can sneak up behind us and kill us "Softly," and "Peacefully."

    What I really don't understand is, why doesn't their God, Allah, simply destroy all non-muslims and prevent any muslims from dying horrific deaths and from torturing, raping and killing innocent non-muslims.

    I would like to interview Allah and ask Him these questions. But He will not answer my calls.

  4. Interesting video. One thing's for sure- it's easy to understand the Palestinians' hatred for Israel and the superpower that supports it. The links between Nazi Germany and Palestine are also revealing, but the whole comparison of radical Islam to Nazi Germany was far too simplistic imo.
    Two questions: Where is the geographic center of Modern Islam? Where are it's millions of soldiers, its factories, and its armed forces? How is it to take over the world unless through conversion? Does anyone see a pan-Islamic state rising and engaging the rest of the world in battle? Possible but unlikely.
    It is most certainly fair to look at what effects imperialism and domination have had upon these states, and therefore their people, and therefore the revolt and backlash. It is simple political cause and effect the likes of which we have seen many times. There are parallels here with Germany: one might say that WWII began with the Treaty of Versailles.
    The most troubling thing is not hateful dogma, brainwashing, and propaganda that comes and goes with the turn of each century, but rather war itself which our species cannot seem to get under control. Until we can do that we will live in hate and will continue to bomb our own children. If any one person believes that there is dignity and value in being human, he or she will fight the persistence of war in all its forms.

  5. We must join hands together to fight against terrorism in this world, cos YHWH so much values His creation.

  6. This is madness of islam and muhammad

  7. they forgot to mention radical christians trying to convert all jesus worship.. oh and that zion jews did the attacks. not muslims.the accents are israel jews. they are the 9/11 terrorists

    1. You are a Moslem troglodyte apologist. Your kind is vermin.

    2. You worship allah (the pedophile) umar.

  8. My God ,this is the worst simplistic populistic and most stupid propaganda film i've ever seen : disgusting .

  9. Moderator :

    Why were my comments here removed ?

    yes, i did check the newest comments and i did not find mine there .

    Talking about the so-called freedom of speech ...pfff...


  10. radical islam -- there is no such thing. it is merely islam -- submission -- practiced as it was intended to be practiced, in the qur'an and in the hadith. muslims who do not "speak out" are either too afraid -- apostates may be, or shall be, killed -- or too acquiescent. in other words, they either fear or agree. don't go blaming america or any other country or group of people. this is islam, pure and simple. all religions are bad, but among them islam is really really BAD.

  11. hahaha! this is so stupid

  12. I'm not going to watch this since it seems like crap to me.
    One thing: looks like they forgot that "Radical Islam" is in itself a response to western power mongering, unconditional support of Israel and the support of dictatorships who wouldn't have survived so long without that support.

    1. You simply have no clue.

    2. Have no clue. Pretty well rounded argument you offer. Why waste the space?

  13. War is just a small Jihad. The Real Great Jihad is to resist the temptation and lead a good life.

  14. oh and I strongly believe (with more witnesses, evidence and scientists to count) that 911 was an inside job... don't be fooled... the American government IS that evil and hungry for war, power, oil and control of more and more of the world and every aspect of it that they can... including keeping its own people supporting them through ignorance and fear.

    Why? well... for the comfy living and all the usual percs that only a very few in this world of billions seem to have.

    Its a real pity but your government is looking more and more like a dictatorship that you fear too greatly to do anything about.

    This is a direct result of illegal wars and unjustified occupations.
    Hundreds of thousands of innocent people are getting killed and everyone that dies has a whole family that begins to want retribution.

    1. Conspiracy theories for 9/11 really annoy me. The 9/11 attacks were one of the main reasons for the economic collapse of the US and half of the Western world. So, the US decided to plunge their country into financial ruin and partake in a war in two countries which has cost and continues to cost them billions of dollars, making them weaker and weaker for oil that they haven't been able to access anyway. Sounds like a great and well thought out plan, in which the cost and benefit analysis was completely in favor of the benefits! WOW give me a break.
      I also think it's funny that when the conspiracies about the twin towers being 'demolished' were proven wrong by scientists the conspiracy theorists said "ok, well then the US organised for the planes to be flown into the buildings"

    2. People who swallow the whole pill prescribed by the 9/11 Commission and the media really annoy me.There's a much bigger story here that covers much more than just the radius of ground zero. If you bother to do some research on your own, you may find that out.

  15. America needs to stop making enemies... Because basically everyone in the world wants to live in peace... ooooooh theres no money and power in peace... sorry, I forgot... carry on

    1. Should we all start kissing their a$$e$ now, or later.

  16. America has much to be proud of but a lot to answer for also. Just look at the obesity problem that’s spreading thru western countries, American food companies are not much different to tobacco companies is certain respects.

  17. Radical Islam is nothing new. It surfaces from time to time, and therein lies the challenge to the West (and to China). This is because of the ideological message of the Koran: the order to wage war on "infidels", which includes most of the world. The Koran is a declaration of endless war against everyone who does not submit to Islam.

    Irrespective of how peaceful most Muslims living in the West is today, there is no guarantee this will be the case fifty years from now. All Muslims are and will forever be potential jihadists.

    1. War is just a small Jihad. The Real Great Jihad is to resist the temptation and lead a good life.

    2. Certainly forget who started the crusades??

    3. I'm sure you can figure out that the Muslims started the Crusades with their invasions.

    4. Many "Christian" territories were quite welcoming to the Muslims. They after all were going through a renaissance of science and technology while westerners were still living like pigs in squalor. Arabs bathed. Arabs were educated in science, math and the arts. And some Christians and Jews favored their beliefs (in the same god) because it wasn't as morally invasive or oppressively close minded as the Christian religion at the time. Go figure.

    5. A deranged Islamic ruler, that's who. He decided to have the church burnt down; destroyed. Which was not the consensus of the population at the time. But, yes, as a result their woman and children were murdered and raped by the Crusaders and their babies were thrown into fires or hacked up in the name of God. Oh, P.S. and by the way, the Christian, Jew hating Muslims also helped to rebuild it. So, I guess it's only okay when others go on a frenzied murderous rampage in the name of their gods, but, not the Muslims. You're invited to spend your whole life living next to an oil well- that every imperialist nation is fighting over and pillaging your countryside for. If the CIA came in and destabilized my country, (for F@#King oil) you can believe I'd be hating their guts as well. I was born Jewish and adopted into a Lutheran family. You're all a bunch of fearful, hate mongering hypocrites living in the past and close minded to the future. It's people like you who are bound and determined to see the Apocalypse fulfilled, instead of taking it as a warning and getting your heads out of your asses. Read some more history instead of getting your information through mass media sound bites and other ignorant people.

    6. How many people have the Christians slaughtered in the name of their Holy ideals?

    7. Erics J.Wickes Well said
      People still holding on grudges over knowledge that's why they get used by the rich and think tanks without even realizing.

  18. Do unto others as Prophet Muhammed did, or as he would have done!!!

  19. muslims are not peaceful people. they never were peaceful people. they hate non muslims and i as a non muslim, hate them.

    1. Certainly forget who started the crusades??

  20. so the turks were both ends of this history ....amazing

  21. I think we need a clear list of semetic tribes to get to the bottom of this all.arminians are semetic...but there genocide was not considered antisemetic.

  22. can anyone explain to me,why critisim of kharzite jews is called anti semetic when they are semetic by race and the palastian people are semetic by race and related to the semitic real jews..../please some one explain this backward hypocracy.

  23. Obviously Jew propoganda. The Jews whine constantly about what a dangerous place they live in yet they are the richest, most armed, nuclear power in the region and they also have the US military on call 24/7. I must give the Jews credit though, they are expert at carrying out the lessons the learned from Hitler on the Palestinians and every other nation in the region. This one sided jew propoganda makes me want to vomit....how can anyone not hate jews...

  24. 4:48 part 4/10 omg lady get over yourself

  25. randyandyknickers, you are right and they normally do it on behalf of powerful people to help them maintain there wealth and power.

  26. Religion kills.

    1. yer your right cos atheists never killed anyone.... hitler, stalin and pol pot? people kill people

  27. Joseph

    Your post is so cute, like a dog wearing a hat or an infant pretending to read a book.

    Keep 'em coming buddy.

  28. One-sided propaganda much?

  29. This is the type of propaganda that steps right up to the edge of advocating violence against Muslims. This ideological current in the public discourse is fueling far-right Christian nationalism in the US and Europe, which recently culminated in the Oslo bombing and shooting. The filmmakers are clearly seeking to profit from the current environment of media-manufactured fear and provide baseless intellectual ammunition for anti-Muslim groups.

    1. All docs can be seen as propaganda (and most probably are) it just depends whether or not the doc agrees with your point of view, if it doesnt then you are more likely to say it is propaganda. But this one doesnt advocate violence against all Muslims in fact they make a point of saying the vast majority of Muslims are good decent people and it is the extremists that are the problem. The bad people get on the news and in the papers, I am sure you have heard the old newsroom saying "if it bleeds, it leads".

      I am tired as hell and the few brain cells I have left are starting to fail me so I will end by saying this. There are to many Muslim extremists out there bent on completely taking over the world and lets call a spade a spade, they are freaking psychopaths that need to be stopped at pretty much any cost. And if you think my at any costs statement is harsh just remember what these extremist pricks said in the doc about getting rid of anyone (Muslim or not) who doesnt follow their twisted belief system down to the last letter and how they would get rid of us (I am guessing it wouldnt be a quick and painless death). So it is time for everyone to stand up against these people and put a stop to them, I am sure Joseph v would agree to my last point.

    2. You misunderstand me.

      I absolutely don't deny the existence of Muslim extremists. I think that if you better understood their origins and outlook, however, you'd agree this film is pandering to the ideologically entrenched moron-market.

      Learn your history!

      I suggest "Good Muslim, Bad Muslim: America, the Cold War, and the Roots of Terror" by Mahmood Mamdani, "The Modern Middle East: A Political History since the First World War" by Mehran Kamrava, or anything by James L. Gelvin.


  30. Absolute propaganda... Those scary "Reel Bad Arabs" just keep on rearing their ugly (albeit towel covered) heads, don't they? What? Big-ole bad America can't just blow-up all those slingshots? How convenient. Of course not! (There's more oil and resources to steal!...Sshhhh!)

    1. Why do Americans have to get such a bed rep.???. For the same reason muslims get a bad rep. because of the extremist groups. I know that most muslims are "good" people. And most Americans are " good" people too. It's always those few damned "bad apples," that ruins it for the entire. We all just need to get along, stop the fighting over nonsense!

    2. True, most people are good. America has much to be proud of but a lot to answer for also. Just look at the obesity problem that’s spreading thru western countries, American food companies are not much different to tobacco companies is certain respects.

    3. I pay almost over $3 to $4 dollars a gallon for gas in my car.. Wow everyone is so quick to judge, no wonder nobody gets along. Yes Im American.. Big ole bad thief

    4. "Kill disbelievers where ever you find them. If they attack you then kill them. Such is the reward of non-believers!" 2:191-2

      "Allah says that you must keep fighting until there is no more persecution and everyone on Earth is a Muslim...then you can stop killling people."

      Wow, those came out of your quran. In all actuality these radicals are only doing what their book tells them. I've got a lot more of your evil verses if you want? Don't go around saying every Muslim doesn't believe this because there's many verses that says its OK to lie to non Muslims. So there ain't no stereotyping mentality being thrown at the Muslim world........your religion is more then a threat to the world.

  31. No doubt this documentary presents a biased perspective where only those who agree with their POV are the ones allowed to present their information. This documentary could have improved its credibility by providing the other POV also. In spite of the documentary's one-sided argument, I DO think it has a point. And certainly, there IS an issue of hatred in the muslim/arab world. The MEast is hardly the only country and culture that has, historically, been victimized by the west. But the MEast is the only area in the world where their people are so accepting of hate that they kill indiscriminately. Their's is a tribal culture where they not only hate foreigners, but they also hate each other, and they don't even like people of different villages, and within their own village, they don't like people of other families (which explains all the forced cousin-marriages). They shun EVERYONE, except "their own". I don't understand this mentality, and I'm not sure ANYONE does.

    Sure, foreigners all over the world grumble about the west a lot but the vast majority of them generally like americans, or at least tolerate americans. MEast is the only area where adult hatred for the west is so strong that they would sacrifice their own kids in the name of jihad. What parent wants to hear their child declare their willingness to kill themselves as a suicide bomber? I would have thought these parents didn't exist if not for the videos.

  32. Christian jihad! we will call it "rolling up our sleeves for Jesus"!

    pick a camp folks! the war drums are beating!

  33. yet the bombs keep falling fueling the fires! this is what i like to call one sided! not one mention about the situation that is allowing jihad fighters to even exist in first place! 100 bucks says this was made by fox news! fair and balanced!

    pick a camp folks! once again no one wins but a very small amount of people!

  34. I think every American should see this documentary, very informative of what these radicals truly believe!

  35. PURE PROPAGANDA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and i am from israel ... the real terrorists are the American government the kill and kill and kill some more in the name of defense.

  36. I agree with Charles Batten and Religionisntallbad. I think that the West has done much in history to create the circumstances which have led to the spread of this awful radicalism in Islam. This doc does nothing to illustrate this fact, but it does show the real results of it. Europe put Germany in similar circumstances in the aftermath of WWI. This, however, did not make Nazism any less dangerous to contemporaries. The fact is that radical Islam is dangerous, whether its danger comes from the actual distorted religious doctrine or if religion is just a mechanism for delivering the message. And the West cannot simply be complacent or write it off.

    Here in America, people get scared about the silliest things concerning our own society. The right-wingers are scared of change, diversity, and basic progress, and the left-wingers are scared of looking like right-wingers. Perhaps more than any Western country I know of, we get wrapped up in economic and social issues which only serve to divide us. Yet, when a crisis threatening our very existence emerges, we somehow manage to step up to the plate and actually unite. This has happened a handful of times in our history, so I have faith that it will happen again. But how much longer will this be, and what has to happen to the world before that happens? And what will be the means, and the end?

    The doc is DEFINITELY one-sided, but the side it shows does seem painfully relevant to me. I am enthusiastic about learning more of the bigger picture.

  37. I think it presents a well considered but determined view, that the West is not seeing the true dimensions of the danger that extreme Islam poses. I disagree, I believe that there has been (to put it generously), an overreaction by the West to 'terrorism', just as it did to communism. Both seeking world domination and both fighting asymmetrical warfare to achieve there aims of a communist or Islamic world.

    The west has failed to see the true complexity of what is an Islamic renaissance which includes, radicalism as a by product. In turn this radicalism has ignited fierce debate within Islam about the nature of Islam in a contemporary world. The West needs to understand this debate and its geographical, political and socio economic nuances. Only by understanding it's complexity can we effect it by measured and not necessarily military response. Lets give the poppy growers of Afghanistan, a reasonable income from the alternative crops we have supported them in growing - don't just leave them to market forces that leave them struggling to feed their families! No wonder, they are joining the Taliban to supplement their incomes.

  38. Let's see you have Jihad and Mein Kampf. Both mean the same thing. Both preach thier own propaganda. Both indoctrinate their innocent youth teaching them nothing but hate. Neither one is about peace, tolerance, or the respect and love of life. This documentary is a scary reality about radical Islam, and moderates fear for their lives if they are to speak out. Sad truth regarding such a pieceful religion, which we believe the vast majority to be. Radical Islam is a political agenda to transform the world, and it stretches to every corner of the globe. If the women keep producing children like rabbits, it just might happen. However, I am willing to give my life in an effort to protect the freedom and liberty I hold so dear, and their are hundreds of millions just like me. May God continue to bless us all.

  39. Spanish Eyes: I don't know your motives but I can see that you are an ignorant bigot. I do however believe one thing that you state, "Wake up America."

  40. muslim countries are all backward countries, thanks to islam. The problem is not the west, Jew, or anyone else but their false religion started by a warlord, pedophile, sodomist, pot-smoking lyer. They will blame their wows on anyone but themselves, since they are indoctrinated from childhood, to believe the lies propogated by the hate-spewing, genocide-inciting koran. It is the only religion that promotes and provokes murder, including civilian children and women. IT SEEMS SELF-EVIDENT, JUST LOOK AT WHAT HAPPENS IN THESE MUSLIM COUNTRIES, NO MORE EVIDENCE IS NEEDED, THAN WHAT IS PLAINLY SEEN.


  41. As I read through some of the comments, I was sadly dissapointed. It seems as though, no matter how logically, calmly, and factually you present an argument, those who appose it (for whatever reason), not only lack an open mind but resort to ignorant, ridiculous, infantile fallacies such as e.g "The Jews run the world/media", "this is zionist propaganda", "this is anti-muslim" etc... Anyone who was any understanding of history(of cultures/religions/politics) will immidiately dismiss these idiotic comments, as what they truely are: pathetic attempts to divert attention from the problem at hand, and an excuse to blame the jews/zionists for the world's problemes. Bonus points for originality!

  42. @Ed Singleton,
    your points are well stated; couldn't have put it better myself.

  43. This is just nonsense "fear-ridden" propaganada. I looked at the first pompous 6 miniutes of this film (I won't call it a documentary- it sullies the the word). With it's over-use of dramatic music and repetitive footage of minor flag-burners, and are told by numerous "pro-semetic" contributors that we are at war. I think military commanders of any generation would say the conflict that all religions exhibit today, doesn't amount to a "hill of beans" in both conflict, organisation or casualties. So to pass it off as war is massively disengenious. You can substitute islamic fundamentalist propaganda in this film with any other religious bias, whether that be fundamentalist christianity, Zionism or any other you care to list, and you will get the same type of lunatics on all sides. All zealots have t
    to be watched but not Islamists more than others...

    A technically awful film, containing a warped sense of research and contribution from those who were interviewed. Utterly unbalanced and it reminded me of the utterances of the Bush "Neo-cons" on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, spewing out fear-ridden nonsense and the obvious cliches of one religion that is unashamedly biased. Not clever, not subtle. Anyone with a midicom of intelligence saw right through this film in the first five minutes. Is this the standard of American documentaries today? Looks like AIPAC and Fox News have funded this piece of nonsense. Thank god we're more questioning in the UK about everything. Talk about agenda-driven.

  44. Wow is all I have to say.. Anyone with half a brain should figure out how disgusting and misinformed this documentary is. Also, conspiracy theorists, whether for or against the west, please give it a rest. The world is not out to get you!! Two thumbs down for this Islamophobic doc..

  45. I can't even watch this for 6mins. Caroline Glick ruined all credibility when she stated that all conflicts involving Islamic militants was part of a global conspiracy. People don't believe the hype. Most of these conflicts are geopolitical and are influenced by historical grievances. Although there is international financing for such movements and different movements praise one another, there is no global terrorist network pulling all the strings. Even Al-Qudea is motivated by geopolitical issues surrounding the stationing of US troops in Saudi Arabia (that's why Osama hates the US and not because of its freedoms). Just because these groups in-vision a world under Islam, doesn't make establishing an Islamic Empire their goal. They believe that this will be achieved by the return of Jesus Christ. Sounds familiar doesn't it.

  46. pLEASE PLEASE anyone who is watching this realize how full of propaganda and lies it is.

    There are bad people in every culture. this documentary depicted only the bad arabs. I can do a similar documentary about jews and christians against arabs.

    ARABS ARE NOT A THREAT. they do not want to destory christinaity . All they want is for the west to leave them alone and stop doing injustice to them
    educate yourself before you believe any media out there!

  47. So, let me get this right. Everyone is lying. All footage is fabricated. Everyone's 'peaceful' religions are being high-jacked by psychos who cower under the protection of legitimacy offered by unsuspecting moderates. Everyone's slimy agendas are just a cover to grab oil money (actually, that one does sound kinda true). It's really not about religion at all, but geopolitical boonswaggling. Anyone who criticizes any of the above is racist. Anyone who doesn't criticize it is complicit. There's no real hope for peace because any temporary cease-fire is simply a tactic to regroup. On and on and on...

    I'm sick of all of this. I'm sick of being afraid, and I'm getting more terrified every day. But not of the terrorists. I'm terrified that we as humans, with all our potential, are satisfied to live in a world with all this pathetic hatred and violence. We should all hang our heads in shame. We imagine that we're so clever, but how clever are we really to accept these intolerable circumstances? I'm not anti-anything. I'm pro-american, pro-israeli, pro-muslim, buddhist, hindu, whatever. If people insist on deluding themselves it's not up to me to disabuse them of their illusions. And yet that is exactly what I would like to do.

  48. @ researcher thank you very much, your info is much appreciated, since it does often go unnoticed

  49. Yeah, yeah, yeah...And Fundamentalist Christians(60 million strong in the US.) want to Christianize the world.

    I'm more afraid of what will happen here in the US if they ever gain control of the government. Talk about the Taliban - we'll have own Taliban, and nay God help anyone who does't go along - even other Christians!

    I really do believe the Gov. wants to Democratize the Middle East, but not the sake of the innocent Muslims who are living under tyrannical governments. It's because it would be easier to get/keep control the oil. (One day yet to come our young men and women (other then those already doing it in Iraq) will give their lives so we can continue driving our SUV's.

  50. `So what are we supposed to do? kill all the jihad warriors?
    Or perhaps the USA and Israel could give the people of Palestine a viable state to live in? I'm sure this action on it's own would go a long way to getting some of the fundamentalist to see sense?

    Let's not forget the conduct of American and it's foreign policy, has contributed in no small way to the incitement of such hatred. Just wait until America invades Iran then the s**t is really going to hit the fan!

  51. I would really request everyone to get the facts straight, give an unbiased opinion (which I'm sure is the THE most difficult thing to do, if I do understand human psychology) before they jumping to any conclusions.

    I myself am yet to find the truth, but here are somethings I stumbled upon about the people interviewed in the documentary:

    Nonie Darwish: Presented as a Muslim here (to convince the audience she knows the 'inside' stuff and plays on audience's psychology to accept her word of mouth) but converted to Christianity. She is a strong supporter of Israel and is the founder of a group called "Arabs for Israel' which consists of pro-Israel Arabs. A very strong critic of Qur'an and Islam.

    Khaled Abu Toameh: An Arab Citizen of Israel(studied at Hebrew University) who is also the Palestinian affairs producer for NBC News. Judging by the distorted information on NBC about Palestine, I only wonder his credibility. A strong supporter of Israel and part of "Hasbara Fellowships" and organiztaion training students to be "effective pro-Israel activists on their campuses".

    Walid Shoebat: Again, presented as a Muslim(to enforce the psychology as above) but converted to Christianity. Founder of the "Wali Shoebat Foundation" to "work to fight for Israel in the media". A strong supporter of Israel and critic of Islam.

    Also, interestingly he is presented as a PLO militant, I read in an article that his credibility of this claim is doubted everywhere to be fake. Again, including a "PLO Militant" in your doc against Islam would give you enormous street credit.

    Caroline Glick: Immigrant to Israel, joined the Israeli Defense Forces. Tied up with Major News network around US and Israel. Member of "Israel on Campus Coalition(ICC)" to promote "pro-active pro-israel agenda on campus". Oh n BTW ICC had tie ups with major Jew/Israel Lobbies/Orgs in US namely AIPAC,AICE, AJS, Zionist Organization of America(ZOA).

    Itamar Marcus: An Israeli who lives in West Bank Settlement of Efrat. I wonder how does he have the heart to point fingers at others when he himself lives on someone else's land after snatching it away, demolishing their home?

    and the list goes on and on..... I dunno if hot-linking is allowed or not so I did not post any links here. But just use Google 'wisely' and you will probably find out more.

    I'm not pointing/hinting towards anything whether this might be a propaganda documentary or truth but there seems to be a thread connecting these people namely - pro-Israel or Palestine or Occupied Territory or Anti-Islam(Islamophobia?). Truth Digging has just started.

    I Urge EVERYONE to please find out the truth, be unbiased and not post an overheated biased comment just mid-way watching ANY documentary (which you never know, may be far from the truth).

    If you cannot find out or don't know then don't write. It's as simple as that.

    Whatever we write here will be read by people all over the world, and IT DOES matter what you write. In some form or the other it plays a role on people's minds.

    I urge you to think about it.

  52. the first guy is the king... Wesley you are the king :)
    King of he stupidity of course. hahahaha I can belive about what he talkin...

    I must ask parents of Wesley that take him TV for few months.
    Thanks mum, thanks dad :)


  53. what the fek! why are we letting this happen on our own front door step? why is our goverment put up with these satanics! uk4ever

  54. This is a powerful documentary, and I have absolute confidence in what is shown here. No, videos with ALL of the evidence here cannot be "faked," so please don't insult us with that claim. The fact of the matter is that, while Muslims put on their "public face" calmly professing that Islam is a "religion of peace," their own Quran says exactly the opposite and their leaders, behind closed doors, cry out for JIHAD against America!! How DARE these people come to America and be welcomed on public streets (and even on the White House LAWN for crying out loud -- ugh) praying to their false god about a takeover of America for Islam. Praise the one TRUE God that only a few thousand of them turned out, NOT the 50,000 they were calling for. We who are Christian people should be praying diligently against this ungodly force of evil. They are a demonic force and it is impossible for them to represent true peace when deny the God of the Bible and His virgin-born, resurrected son, Jesus!

  55. Correction!

    Out busts, should be out bursts.

  56. I agree with "chrisrakers"

    We are like children learning how to walk. We are a type "0" civilization, that is like a spoiled child,unable to control its self-destructive temper tantrums and out busts. Our immature history is still haunted by the brutal, sectarian, fundamentalist, nationalist, and racial hatreds of the past Millennium! Our type "0" civilization is still split along deep fracture lines created thousands of years in the past. We have just discovered "Element 92" that has the power to annihilate our Planet!

    By the time we reach a type "1" civilization we should have achieved Political stability!

    By the time we reach a type "2" civilization it will become Immortal. Nothing known in nature can physically destroy a type "2" civilization. It will have the ability to fend off astronomical or ecological disaster by advanced technology.

    By the time we achieve a type "3" civilization we will have mastered interstellar travel and shoot for the Stars!

  57. Not all of Islamic people are involved in radical hate groups who want to take away freedom and kill people from the west, The killing of innocent people that America has committed is far far worse then what any radical Islamic group has ever done, I mean we are talking over 1 million people dead in Iraq. I agree with Dorani's post this film is pure propaganda.

  58. chrisrakers and bubba gump
    I share your views. Human beings definitely have a toxic arrogance about them.

  59. This documentary is so false its makes me sick. True, there are suicide bombers out there but those people have nothing left to live for because the US/Zionist corporate scumbags have destroyed their lives and countries. This documentary is pure PROPAGANDA…
    How can people believe this crap?

    What do u expect from ppl when their entire family get killed, & their land confiscated then what else left to hope for?
    This Documentry is nothing but peace of scum.

    Who ever are in concern, then go to the Middle East & witness the reality for yourself & see what these American & Zionist jew (SCUM) have done to muslim countries, & then judge it as, if it was your country what would you do?

  60. When are people going to stop talking so much,This is no imaginary man sitting on a cloud with nothing better to do than to make sure his sheep are in line.I'm not an athiest.I just don't believe in that stupid story that has been shoved down are throat for so long.Scientists are discovering new things everyday.I don't know what's on the other side,and i'm willing to keep an open mind,anythings possible.Did the dinosaurs get to go to heaven.There's no one to speak for the fish so I guess there screwed.We are the most arrogant species that evolution could come up with.We automatically think all divines are in human form.what a joke!PEACE!!!!!!!!

  61. The whole idea of connecting the Nazis to Islam is ludicrous. The story of the Mufti of Jerusalem's visit with Hitler is taken out of context. At the time the Palestinians had no allay in the rest of Europe. The British were occupying their land. The other powerful western countries were busy subjugating their colonies (this was no righteous time for anyone to claim). And the Zionists in Palestine were growing in power. It was a political move to find an allay against Zionism not against jewish faith. Later, the Zionist (a left leaning secular movement) found they have much to gain in turning the conflict into Islam against the Jews. And they succeeded for the most part. The fact is the Nazis got far more help from western industrialist in their crime against the European Jews.
    I don't agree with those crazy fanatics, Muslim or otherwise... But who is killing who? For every Jew killed by a suicide bomber ten or more Muslims are killed... They even mentioned Chechnya, where the Russians slaughtered muslims en-mass!... and to use aging Nazi to make a point!

  62. This is a great documentary, it tells the other side of the story that liberal media likes to tell. All of you who think, and say that this documentary is a joke, a piece ****, you too are stating your opinion. The fact is that these people who are full of hate, pride, and despise are just like the Nazi's. You are forcing others to live in the name of Islam, when others don't want to. Tell me how this is right, how is this fair, why should we live under dictatorship and be forced to live under extreme Islam.

  63. This documentary is so false its makes me sick. True, there are suicide bombers out there but those people have nothing left to live for because the US/Zionist corporate scumbags have destroyed their lives and countries. This documentary is pure PROPAGANDA...
    How can people believe this crap?

  64. Its a propaganda video which only covers one side of the picture. I disagree with that British Man who has no hands, he said that Jews and Christians should be killed if you find them in your country, that is totally wrong, Allah has the supreme power to give and take life of human. That ignorant man does not speaks for the religion of Islam those are his own radical views, who knows if he is an agent of some other religion trying to portray Islam in wrong way and to spread hatred between Islam and other religions. I think in this documentary the director is biased, he shows 9/11 videos and Madrid bombing etc he don't show the blood of innocent Muslims who were killed in U.S missile attack in Sudan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and Kashmir. Before speaking against terrorism , we must find the cause what are the things which enforce these peoples to become terrorists. Without knowing the causes of terrorism we cannot eradicate terrorism.
    Peace and Love.

  65. Classic Mossad propaganda! hegelian dialectic. Produced by lying Jews(Kopping,Shore, Glazer, Itai Newman, Charles Tudor, Rael Wienburg, Nevo ben Canaan, Misha Spektor, Shuky Zuta). They show 911 and everyone knows Mossad did that. Their time will come. Maybe they could make a film on the Talmud?

  66. Taliesin Hoyle, you say you are a militant athiest. Well you are good company, so was Stalin. I can only hope your friend doesn't share your militant pride.

    Vitaloverdose, the editing can't be any worse than the "Green Helmet" guy's editor. Win some, lose some,I'd say Obsession is far more "authentic" than the Green helmet guy.

  67. This doc is factually incorrect. And some of the points others have made in the comments are very disturbing to say the least. It shows an extremism of another kind, Extreme Ignorance.

    The supporting details are incomplete. The researchers fail to follow the big money trail with regard to the "Obsession" and do so at our own peril. It is propaganda such as this that destroys the inalienable rights of all peoples.

    I am very disappointed to see that some do not know the differences between right and wrong. When people produce content such as this, it is not only upsetting, it is sorrowful. The right approach is to take all know facts and draw a conclusion. The wrong approach is to take all unknowns as use it as fact, to deceive and form adverse public opinion toward any group.

    Joseph Gorbels would be proud of these film makers.

  68. like this site for different points of view.

    10-4 to bubba gump. found the doc disturbing, and most of the comments as well.

    yet, valuable.

  69. This is obsurd. We can also make the same ridiculous documentary by replacing muslims with fundamentalist jews, christians, and hindus. I think anybody who has to go to such great lengths to make something like this has to be a EXTREME racist. You have to be nuts not to be able to see the humanitarian side of humans anywhere in the world.

    This is propaganda at it's worst, and to see it coming from europeans instead of Americans should make one shudder. European gov'ts have failed its muslim immigrants by ostrasizing them from day one. They did the same to the jews 100 years ago.

    The west needs to take a look in the mirror and ask themselves how fundamenalists in the east have grown stronger. It has more to do with the constant state of war that the western gov'ts have placed on the mid-east nations since WWI all for some stupid black gold called oil. If the US were under a constant threat of war inside it's border for 100 years you can certainly believe that white supremacist organizations would be far larger in size and much stronger than they are today. the rest of the world would be making a stupid documentary wondering WTF happened to the US and why.

  70. This video is a glimpse of what is going on in the islamic world. It's a known fact that it is every muslim's holy duty to convert as many people to islam as possible and to spread islam as far as possible. It's only a matter of time before Europe is islamised. Islam was dormant after the first wafe which they refer to as "the golden age". There is a second wave on it's way.

    The cyber jihadis making their comments above need to look at their history. Their ancestors were also converted by the sword.

    There is another good documentary called 'Islam: what the west needs to know'

  71. This movie is a big f****** joke. I have seen a lot of b******* movies but this one just made me laugh.

    The author is European and thinks!

    p.a Don't buy in to propaganda.

  72. Sorry im not believing this video. I think the Palestinians have more than enough to deal with for them to be mounting attacks on the west. This video is Jewish propaganda trying to make use hate the Palestinians so they can go on killing them and stealing their land. The Jews run the news media so finding random bits of video of Palestinians being shown in a bad light is very easy.
    - more evidence of bad editing at 20:35

  73. hmmm check out the vid at 17:00 you have a guy supposedly stood in front of a raging crowd of people ...except you cant see another single person while he is in view. Then they show the raging crowd and you cant see him at all. I would suggest that it is fake. Though im not suggesting the guy who made the documentary faked it.

  74. I went to school with Wayne Kopping. I stumbled on this site while getting video footage of Shackleton, and gravitated to this film. I am a militant atheist, and have started to get interested in the threat of fundamentalism to the freedoms I enjoy. I saw his name in the credits, and got a frisson of joy from realising I know the film-maker. What a surprise.

  75. Rodney,
    It is true that Islam was spread thou the sword at its beginning but so did Christianaty. At some periods such as in Spain Islam was very peaceful. To understand the violence we have to look why the US supports the Middle East regimes and go back to colonial rule in the middle east. It is tempting to use religion to understand the violence but at the end religion is just the tool for it, not the cause.
    This video is good for people who have already some set ideas about Islam and its people but it does little to go to the root cause of the problem.

  76. UATK,

    You couldn't be more wrong!!!
    You mention that Islam has existed for more than 1400 years - and I'm so glad you did! And withing the first couple of hundred years of this religion starting, it swept across the Middle East and into Europe.

    Pray tell, how did Islam spread across the globe?
    Did they have massive lecture halls where they espoused the superior tenants of the nascent religion? No.
    It was spread through the sword. AKA Jihad. Get it? Period.
    And don't try lie to us and tell us jihad means self-struggle blah, blah, blah!!!
    The Quran, and the hadiths speak about the jihad as conquest - and that's what this jihad is today - and that's what Obsession shows ALL TOO WELL.
    The radicals are using the Quarn as the basis for their jihad.
    So, complain to them, not to us.
    And stop being an apologist for the murderous regimes that are the Islamists.


  77. This film, shows the reality but fails to acknowledge the root cause of this Radicalism.... its not the west who is living in this terror at the moment its is the Muslim world living in this terror. Islam has existed for more than 1400 yrs, but this extremism seemed to have appeared in last 2 decays.... reality of the matter is this radicalization is the result of American policies, especially in Palestine, supporting the Crupt leaders in the Muslim world, Middle East is the 2nd biggest lender of money to America and rate of poverty is much greater in Middle east . For past 60 yrs Palestinians have lost their loved ones, families, land, houses, farms and what not, that gave birth to radicalism....Google Palestine and look into the images, you get an idea what i m talking about. 60 yrs of blood shed kids who witnessed the death of their families in front of their eyes, what does the world expect them to become. In west ever TV program of film is required to mention if the program is non violent enough for the younger age group, but in the Middle East Kids see blood shed every day on the streets, any sane person would be able to understand the cause of the radicalization.

  78. this film is the best of its kind out there.

    I TOTALLY disagree with TavishHill above - when you have Sir Martin Gilbert, Steve Emerson, and [former] Muslims blowing the whistle, so to speak, you get it straight from the horses mouth!!!!


  79. This film is lacking in its scholarship...severely. The argument that religion is the driving force in motivating international terrorism isn't taken seriously in ANY real realm of terrorism expertise and for good reason. The extremist version of Islam these ppl are peddling is used as a tool to attract young ppl and to gain public support for their views. Their motivations are geopolitical and sociological. The world of internatinoal terrorism is so pathetically beyond the scope of what these film makers are pushing in this film it is shameful.

    The CIA did a long study of the core al Qaeda group who flew planes into buildings 7 yrs ago and found that they weren't particularly religious at all. They had no issues with sexual frustration either. They had no qualms with American liberties or freedoms either as is often peddled by the ignorant. Their issues are geopolitical and historical. Social and economic. They don't appreciate the US meddling in Persian/MidEast affairs and redistributing the oil money to dictators only to invade their various nations a few yrs later and leave behind a trail of dead civillians as collateral damage.

    will, don't believe the hype. Go do a search on youtube to hear what the real world experts have to say. Look for Marc Sageman, Peter Bergen, Michael Scheuer, and Lawrence Wright to start with. These 4 guys know as much about the detailed motivations of al Qaeda as anyone on the planet. If you are serious about learning about this very serious issue, start with the experts.

    And no, I'm not a muslim or a muslim sympathizer or an anti-American of some sort. I'm an atheist who doesn't appreciate irrationality creeping into foreign policy, especially given the threat these worthless ideologues are spreading as propaganda. If you really care about the fate of America and her citizens, look at what the facts say and what the experts are saying and study up on some history. I assure you such efforts won't lend themselves well to the conclusions of this film.

  80. Digust, you should watch this video before you determine that this video is bashing muslims. and I think you are the only person in the world who would ever say that the middle east is or was stable. In this video they say, many times, that most muslims are peaceful people, there is a very strong enphisis on this point. It clearly states that though the number or Jihad members are not known, it is estimated between 10-15 percent, but many more are anti-american. watch before you claim an opinion, but this was a very good, and powerful documentary.