Drugs, Inc. - Cocaine

Drugs, Inc. - Cocaine

2010, Drugs  -   17 Comments
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Drugs, Inc. - CocaineA comprehensive view of the $300 billion dollar global illicit drug industry from multiple perspectives; producers, traffickers, dealers, users, doctors, and law enforcement officials.

The supply chain of cocaine is international, and produces fast wealth for a very few, and delivering misery to millions.

This episode will follow its trail from the perspective of the peasant farmers who grow cocaine, a trafficker tied to Mexican cartels and a 28-year-old crack dealer in Miami’s poorest neighborhood.

Additionally the devastation of cocaine addiction will be revealed via revolutionary brain photography in a leading laboratory in Brookhaven, New York.

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2 years ago

Skaty powder, sh*t deals wanna buy? Or just sandpaper ya nostrils and throw ya money away because that first line Charlie gave u for free will begin and end your dreams about snorting sh*t off a prostitute in the back of a farrari I mean give it ten minutes and the pleasure is gone and has been replaced by a Vietnam flashback a blocked nose an then u get confused about what people are saying and you punch ya best mate in face and jump out the window.

5 years ago

Coke is all over Las Vegas you can't escape the drug is crazy how popular it has become and after watching this shows how much violence is involved

10 years ago

A 2 bit dealer in intro and crack is smoked mainly by the poor? BS 1 minute in and will not watch this biased bigot gov influenced show. Silly-as that is the essence of the war on drugs! While we have to question who runs the cartels? those dirty dangerous mexicans or ice cream eating oracle of omaha. He was caught with his hands in the cookie jar 328 billion through his banks and his day in court cost 120 million. Now is that a fee or a fine? A fee in my guestimation. Note if your not aware google: warren buffett cartels and anything sounding racist is assumed words of other, not my own.

11 years ago

its not a war on drugs (or they would develop terrific long term rehab centers)...it the business of JAILS. the more you bust...the more jails you need...the more jails you need ..then more private jail owners reap great rewards from your tax dollars. You dont actually think all jails are govt owned do you? whether on this doc site or others ..."the business of jails " has been put in doc form more than once.Educate and enlighten yourself to the real truth here. Watch the Bill Clinton doc which most clearly implicates him in cocaine smuggling while Governor. Even pardoned a fellow cocaine dealer buddy ONE DAY after he was released...and on and on and on

11 years ago

"they use it to escape the reality"
Must be a crappy life in the USA, if so many people use it.

11 years ago

Did anybody catch that at end right before they roll the credits at the bottom of the screen it said "Made in Cooperation with the Department of Homeland Security" aka this whole video was a US government propaganda piece administered thru National Geographic Channel (a Zionist controlled Mouthpiece). I miss when they did nature documentaries without all the politics, but I even question some of that stuff probably after seeing this blatant brainwash.

11 years ago

Warning to anybody who is or was addicted to this drug at any point: Watching this video could make you relapse, because of imagery of people using cocaine triggers dopamine in former users. Don't get any bad ideas people!

11 years ago

lol the whole narrative is so stereotypical and familiar for some reason

11 years ago

Ahhhh cocaine. What a horrible drug. The farther away you get from the country of origin the worse the 'blow'. The stuff gets stepped on so many times you never know whats going up the old beak. It gets cut with coffee creamer, crushed aspirin, basically any cheap powder that is usually harmless but whats the point. If you do get good stuff its expensive and theres usually no point in doing more than 1 line. You won't increase the effects. If you do continue to indulge in the nose candy beyond the 1 line in a night theory, and trust almost everyone does, you'll be grinding your teeth, saying dumb **** and looking either pale or green as the hours pass. If you're lucky enough to get a female by the end of the night, she's probably on the stuff too, this is where another drawback lies. The dreaded COKE DINK. Good luck getting it up. After the two of you realize that the rubber won't fit on a flaccid little pecker, she probably calls a cab and leaves you alone in a room with no booze left while the sunrise is slowly creeping up and into your smoke filled bedroom. Now you lay down and the nightmare of trying to sleep begins. Your pupils are wide as saucers and natural rest eludes you. Your heart races and palpitates as it compensates for the booze and drugs and you wonder what the f--k is going on. Thats how it goes when you go skiing all night. Or so I'm told.

11 years ago

Oh, liked coke, but I didn't like the Ahole it turned me into. Watching now.

11 years ago

C O C A I N E !!!!!!.....I tried some of that stuff years ago....it made my ears itch!

11 years ago

4 docs on drugs out of the last 12... we are being served a plate full of powder.