Drugs, Inc. - Heroin
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Drugs, Inc. - Heroin

2010, Drugs  -   152 Comments
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Drugs, Inc. - HeroinDrugs: A multibillion-dollar industry that fuels crime and violence like no other substance on the planet.

Turning cartel leaders into billionaires, the illegal drug industry also provides vital income to hundreds of thousands of poor workers across the globe.

While some users sacrifice their lives to an addiction they can’t escape, others find drugs to be their only saving grace from physical or emotional pain almost impossible to overcome. Where should the lines be drawn in this lucrative industry?

Heroin is a deadly opium derivative causing addition and often death. This episode will take viewers to a remote Afghan heroin lab that processes the raw materials and then on to Chicago, where a dealer demonstrates its final preparation for street sale and later to and witness a police raid on a heroin distribution network in New Jersey.

The insidiousness of addition is revealed through interviews with users who illuminate the paths to addiction.

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152 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Yea Swiss free heroin and needles ,wow ,the problem is junkies will always find a way to get more dope and game the system ...... I mean liberal policies always start with good intentions ,I think and know from experience that incarceration is the only way users (opiate) can detox long enough to have that moment of clarity to decide on sobriety and this is usually 4-20 times in lock up ....just saying ,sorry for truth .

  2. Drug addicts are weak pathetic dirty people with no will power or self control.And NO I am not ignorant.I took B&W for years and I was a pathetic unwashed loser junkie parasite for 16 years. Will power and total abstinence is the only answer.AND that includes abstinence from Methadone, it’s just another addiction. I am clean 5 years and I hated myself and all other junkies and I still do.

    1. You are showing some ignorance actually. Many drug addicts, especially alcoholics, lead pretty functional and even successful lives a lot of the time. I have had an alcohol problem in the past, and sometimes used other drugs with alcohol. I still maintained a decent job, still went to school, never suffered a bunch of negative consequences or impairment to my life. I did get one DUI. Not justifying the behavior by any means, not everyone is the stereotypical addict that you are picturing. They can be everyday average people.

  3. What's Greg's full name on the hereon icn episode? Want to reach out and donate. When I was in Afghanistan I could as far as I could see it was pot then poppy. Now my thoughts on weed are mine but hard drugs I have a negative view. It felt not like the war on "terror" but war on drugs.

    Check this there were more (now facts are right names might be off) DEA special agents in hard core drugs 6? Than in the country of Afghanistan when I was there 1-2.

    Looking for Greg's name to donate or help, I be lucky if he is on the west coast.

    Richard G

  4. this made me so sad cuz my friend who is only 15 yes 15! overdosed on a bad batch aka contaminated heroin on monday and is no longer alive because of it

    1. Sorry about your friend.

  5. Try putting myeboga providers in google search. There seem to be some in Australia, not melbourne though

  6. I really enjoyed this. I was very uplifted to finally hear the Newark Police Chief say "We can beat this problem." First LEO I ever heard say that! God bless this guy and those who work with him to give it their best shot!

  7. @ ProudinUS... LMAO that is WHY you misspelled "there own words" instead of "their own words" and btw, "pureposly" is correctly spelled "purposely."
    Further, "street slang" is correctly referred to as "STREET VERNACULAR." I suggest you speak of what you watch rather than try to articulate or extrapolate what you think you MIGHT be saying... jus' sayin' LMAO!!!!

    1. "Extrapolate'...... that's a nice college word. -) I'm sure you use that one every day in normal conversation. LOL Why Dear God oh Why, on every thread does there have to be a human spell check that has to bring people down by pointing out spelling. I could see if the person was attacking you. My friend....before you chew my head off also....isn't it true that "No candle loses any light by lighting another candle." We are civilized people, still, no? btw.....many, many spelling errors,especially with me is because of a cheap keyboard or me not looking at what I should be when typing. But people automatically think its spelling. It "ain't." I do have to admit that when I am on a racially charged thread, and the person attacking me has got a 4th grade spelling ability, and every other word is "MF", that makes me wish we threw 1/2 the kids who waste tax payer dollars out of school. So I'm with yuh there,Lee. -) Be cool. Happy Halloween. -)

  8. switzerland by all means has the right approach to this disease, It will bring even the ugliest of herion addiction to a place where help can start, that one person can then have a life of some kind of normalcy w/o having the demoralizing effects of herion use keep him i n hiding until death. I understand the usa cant do this but we had bettere do something cuz all those kids who r doing opiate pills r our future herion addicts and to say the least there are thousands of them. doctors today "pain mangment" r the worst drug dealers this country has ever seen. pharacutical companies have found there way into main stream drug addiction and they are not going away any time soon because of the people who believe that a prescription from a dr is not anything like doing street drugs. its all drugs weather you get if from your street corner dealer or the wallgreens on every corner. Ur next generation of herion addicts is already here , they r still stealing the pills from there mom and dad.

  9. We will never win against drugs there is to much money involved form the feds to the banks, if the cartel's pulled their money out of banks they would collapse.

  10. All of the conflict begins with customers...These customers ruin their life..The key is not supply..The key is on the demand side...Why do people ever start drugs in the first place? Find a replacement that is not addictive and illegal

    1. You have to understand that at one point in time, all drugs were not only legal, they were prescribed as cures for everything from tooth-aches to the common cold. Heroin was perfectly legal for decades along with Opium, Cocaine, Marijuana and a host of other things we in today's world would call "illicit narcotics".

      People start using drugs for a host of reasons.
      Some use them as a means to deepen their understanding of themselves and of their own psyches while others use them as a means to escape what they see as a harsh reality.
      The key isn't to find a replacement, the key is to remove the root of the cause that makes people use HARMFUL drugs in the first place. Heroin is obviously harmful but the high that comes from its use is simply too great a "good feeling" for people to pass up.

      Our brains are wired to seek pleasure and minimize pain as often as possible.

    2. When these drugs were legal were the issues the same? Did we have those same pockets of nightmare activity and crime to support expensive habits? Maybe the real issue is Big Brother who in his attempt to help, actually harms?

    3. and to which planet with ficticious inhabitants does your comment apply? teletubbies?fraggles?
      you seem to have not made a lot of negative experiences in your life!cherrish that & gaze at life with less ignorance.

  11. heroin........the best drug in the world!!!!!it should be available pure & cheap for everyone who desires it.......governed & taxed of course,as every drug should be !like in the good ol' days with a pinch of jazz,mmmh!

    1. Im 50 and never tried it. But I wish i did, instead of getting drunk on booze in my younger days and driving recklessly and endangering other people. Im not associated with any law enforcement agency and love cops, but you dont hear about someone doing a line of coke and crashing his car and killing people. Booze you do! If they legalize heroin, the taxes we,d get would put every child in America thru any college they wanted. Society would improve ......in the long run. Why not try it for 18 months and then either scale it up or down after results are calculated by Federal agencies. We better do it soon while we still have a choice. Party, anyone? =)

    2. ..i am now 40 years old and first picked up heroin at 20..i am a parent , a son , and a brother..in australia heroin had a real boom time in the 90's and has continued to be a presence despite the best efforts of law inforcement..it is only now , after all these years of 'on again off again' use that i have come to garner some insight into why i ever embraced H..i have worked to overcome addiction and dependence , and hope/expect that i shall overcome the trials of substance use..however , if our social policy was one of a health issue policy and not of a legal problem i may have more readily understood that neurotic engine that drives my obsession..i would have had my mental health issues attended to and diagnosed sooner..i would have avoided hepatitis C , poverty , periodic homelessness , and the aquired self loathing that so often goes hand in hand with covert and furtive drug use..it is not as if we have had no model for the intractable problems created by a prohibitionist stance..and seems that an entrenched and shallow pretence of 'morality' still drives the position many adopt in their attitudes to drug use..misinformation and prejudice still rule the day and send many toward a life of slavery more dire than any addiction can do...

    3. Did you hear about ibogaine?

    4. i have heard about it but can find little information regarding access to it in melbourne or surrounds

  12. National Geographic is just like a National Propaganda station lol, even tho we have a "free" press it seems just as controlled as those state controlled outlets you see from overseas reporting on the wrongdoings of the west.

  13. Ibogaine will stop withdrawal symptoms of Heroin and other drugs.
    Ayahuasca helps treat the psychological causes of addiction.
    Why are these drugs illegal and why is it not left up to doctors to decide how to treat addiction?

    Poor people use dope more than anyone. Dope keeps poor people from being empowered. It keeps them poor and dependent and not a problem for politicians.

    Organized crime thrives on illegality. If they could get cigarettes to be illegal they'd make even more money. 300 billion from Heroin alone. Think about what part of the economy that isn't affected by organized crime? How many legit companies become corrupted. How many honest business people who are offered deals they can't refuse? One of the Italian mobs is into waste management. One of their genius schemes was to sink a ship of nuclear waste at sea. Think of the housing bubble scam and you can imagine what's in store if we let them win. Think of who they can get to with bribes or threat or both. Who do they own? The war on drugs is a joke. Look at the prisons. Law enforcement hasn't even made a dent. Addiction is a medical issue and should not be made a criminal one. Legalize drugs and that's 300 billion less for them to invest and corrupt legit business.

  14. The government is running the heroin out of Afghanistan folks, how do you think it got there? If you control the opium you control the Asians, every imperialist knows this. the USA is the belly of the beast of imperialism

    1. So what your secretly telling me to do is put some clothes in my back pack and catch the red eye to Washington and pick up Hillary for a business trip to a camel breed farm in Afganistan.... pick up the travelers guide to ' US heroin in the Afgan Mountains'..... then pick up a 10lb sack of 100% pure US imperialist Afgani heroin....speed dial the AsianNow crisis Hotline Center for assistance in English and head back home.....roger that,,69er69er. On my way!

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    1. I like to make you laugh, you seemed a little down for a while there.
      You wanted big names new product=$$$$$$$$$$$
      It's a choice.

    2. That's al set interest commedy rite ing
      40 prrrrr p

    3. after comedy, you're gonna pull poetry?
      Remember that's against the rules here. lol

    4. ...........................I know :-(

      BUT! in my defense, this is where my inbred-hillbilly-US mentality becomes a useful tool for my logical and reasonable case. Now, under the " Global Rules for Self Serving Comment Interpretations" (G.R.S.S.C.I,) there are 2 laws that should state my case.( note: there's no need to look this up....as you can clearly see...I did!)

      1.) A man/women ( usually a man) has the right to at first, distrust and make fun of a topic at hand , and THEN,...well, continue if yur having fun..

      2.) That same man/women ( usually by this time it's the women he's withs imbedded interpretation of a topic speaking through him) has the right to have a total FLIP-AROUND-BACK-UP-n-DOWN outlook on a topic using personal expression/ aka: POETRY=in my case it's called "S.T.O.P."= SH*T-TALKING-ONLY-POETICALLY.

      I would also like to mention that the G.R.S.S.C.I. has a set of by-laws that I have researched and have been granted permission to release if nessesary.

      Pat "the Welder" :-) lol

    5. I can only imagine a debate between you and Zatarra and if that's not enough have Robert jump in it with his corrections.

    6. Would it be like a couple of beer guzzelers giving a lecture on inbred literature and US mythology in a college english class?

      Come on now! You gotta love Robbert's ability to spice up the board. ' How to start sh*t and rip your opponents a$$ using only a noun-adverb-verb and puctuation mark'...You gotta admire an educational bad a$$!!!

    7. I respect his knowledge of the words, i have rarely been in the writing presence of someone who can utilize such a prodigious sophisticated vocabulary, many of us here learn about the english language, thanks to him. Achems was one to make me realize that.

    8. Oh absolutly, that's what I was trying to say. You see, since I like Robert's aggressive style, I'm gonna probably look at most of his comments. I pick on correct usages and spellings of words from them most of the time. But, we all have to realize that everyone wants to have there own way of coming across to people. Like I pureposly add a hillbilly slang to my words such as "gonna" "ain't" "Ya,Yep,----in', "seeya" because to me it just sounds down to earth and realistic. I know I have much to learn in.....well, pretty much everything. But along the way we should be expressing exactly what we feel on the topic at hand with some creativity and personal style (and yes, ignorant insults included. Because in real life, we all display attitudes!)........After all, that's what writing is all about? And since we look at the comments, we obviously love to read!

    9. u betcha ~*

    10. How about a little name in old levi'S and a percentage of the offering plate

    11. There are all kinds of new products coming out advertised with cute girls with big boobs on grow magazines...it is a choice!


  16. It is long past time to stop Nixon's antiquated War on Drugs, the government has lost and we throw good money after bad. Addiction is a medical condition and opiate dependence can now be treated much more easily with Suboxone. If someone has a drug problem they should see a doctor, not a policeman.

    1. Suboxone is only a opient blocker with the same addictive affects. What's with the policemen and doctor? The only way to help an addict is through the eyes of another addict implanted into their world. You Don't believe it?

  17. Samuel says: "You have a cunning sense of humour, really reminds me of Bill Hicks, and every one of your posts here made me laugh. - "I am assembling a team of 5 to do specialized night opiate burns. Since the Krisfalusci foundation is split into 5 sections you would need a majority stock holder decision. and have already received their approvals.....done" HAHAHAHA! You are slaying me, man. Keep 'em coming!"

    It's an honor to be compared to Bill Hicks, i too can see resemblance . I though i'd recopy part of it...to bring it close to you at least in order of comments.

  18. All right then, this is a subject that is close at heart. I don't f--kin appreciate either one of YOU runnin' the board when I was helping the best way I know how! If you have something to say to me say it! You f*ckin' took a beautiful post that was sent to me by Samuel and tore it away from me with your clouded posts. I don't get those very often in my life!

  19. If one of your children was on something....anything and the only option was to let them run their course.....who would you want to sell them the dope (if you had the choice of course)
    A) a real dope hopper
    b) a licensed counsolar
    c) under cover
    d) a ex dope user who's changed his life!

    Let's run through the options:
    A) Dope hopper?.....Well, his/her main motive for selling them the dope is to make a profit off of users addiction.....so probably not.
    B) counsilar?.....Ah..wow, I don't know? More then likly the counsiler has never had any kind of substance abuse, and your kid would be able to easially manipulate them........probably not.

    c) under cover?........ah, no! ........fckn flaming idiot...boo
    D) recovering adict? Let's look at him, ok?...He would be able to relate to your kid. when your kid does odd acts..the rec addict will be able to spot and adress the issue..the kid begins to over take..the ex addict will be able to slow it down the way he did...ex addict can prevent outside influence and keep it a one on one......I'd choose him anyday of the year.

    1. How about a Dad who steers them away from dope? Didn't see that in your choices.

    2. It's that simple, huh? I pay child support for two grown sons who don't talk to me anymore because of these F**king drugs! I lost a 200,000 + inheritence for my alcoholism! I was kicked away from my whole way of life when I got divorced and saw my babies pack their f--king pajamas and cry all the way out the door knowing my ability to love went with them!

      Be a f--kin dad??? steeeer them! I love em' so much that I stay away from them!

  20. Yes, it's better to recognize the problem and deal with it rather than go all SWAT Team. I would rather we have clinics that dispense heroin. The users are going to get it anyway regardless of how "tough" you are on drugs.

  21. Pain free is the name of the game.None of us are very comfortable in our own bodies. We all have some amount of physical or mental discomfort, even if we aren't sick. I thought I was pain free until I required a shot of a narcotic once,before a medical procedure.I got up, got dressed and proceeded to leave the hospital. When asked 'what are you doing?' my response was 'I'm not going to waste this, I'm going out to party'.
    I never had the urge to have another go, but I remember how free of pain I had suddenly become - pain I had been previously unaware of.
    Narcotics derived from opium bind to opioid receptors in our nervous and digestive system, - almost analogically to how dogs genetically evolved to serve the needs of a human master.
    I will never 'try' heroin, nor fortunately have the urge to, because I would sure as hell become it's slave.
    It ruins lives, except for those who can control it or afford it.

    1. Is it pain that humans are using drugs to avoid? That seems to be the conventional wisdom but then conventional wisdom is not always true.

      By the way, dogs didn't genetically evolve. Humans did the genetic manipulation from wolves based on what we as humans thought was desirable. Perhaps mankind's greatest achievement.

    2. @lakhotason
      Sorry but genetic manipulation of animals requires many many generations for such traits as docility around humans (for example) to evolve. The evolution came about from breeding like traits with like traits. Can't escape the word evolution, whether helped along by nature alone or by human hand. x
      NB: I meant physical or emotional (mental) pain. Most often we aren't aware of some discomfort/pain until it is no longer there.
      Narcotics wash it all away ever so well, but unfortunately our bodies latch onto it a little too greedily. That's only my opinion, my mind is open to anything else.

    3. No still say it isn't evolution no more than developing a new strain of tomato is evolution. It's selective breeding.

    4. actually i dont think the domestication of dogs was intentional. i think it was a symbiotic relationship. wolves scavenging behind nomadic humans, and eventually docile but brave wolves would move in while humans were still around. then the humans would use the wolves as protection around the camp at night from other predators.

      thus we have symbiotic evolution take over.

  22. I don't know about BC but here we have a terrible problem with heroin and meth. Needles are everywhere. We have a dedicated patrol just to police them up. We also have a needle exchange. Tends to draw users here from all over the West.

    1. Don't know much about that...not in my crowd. I am aware of coke and ecstacy as for the rest it's present, i hear of it. There is a lot of help for young people here (who are the ones most involved in this). For such a small town there are all kind of resources such as warm time drop in, medical help, ANKORS services, housing, women's center, food bank, free couselling, advocacy center, planned parenthood clinic, 8 secondhand stores and the likes.
      And a lot of tolerance and compassion.

  23. A funny thing about the 12 allowed plants is that it includes plants of any size meaning your clones too. So basically what they are saying is that you have to get your clones somewhere else??? doesn't make much sense.

    1. Most weed is clone up to seven generations after which the clones are non-productive. Most growers I know allow one or two plants to go to seed after the fourth or fifth generation.

    2. Not in my opinion...
      You keep mothers....and clone as you wish for a lot longer than that. Or you clone when you get rid of bottom branches just before you flip.
      I happen to know a thing or two about the stuff.

    3. It appears that you do know a thing or two. Perhaps more than me.

  24. WTF Iran's the dopeyist country in the world? No wonder they have the guts to blow themselves.

  25. none of you have got a clue about heroin addiction.ive been an addict for 19yrs.sure it was good at first like most drugs are,you start with friends etc.they move or die.you loose just about everything,children,friends,etc.one of the worst drugs in the world for addiction.still cant get of it.youve got to have been there seen it done it to understand heroin addiction

  26. From the preamble above:
    "Drugs: A multibillion-dollar industry that fuels crime and violence like no other substance on the planet."

    No, that would be oil.

  27. John's comments are so frustrating, which makes me wonder is it meant only to egg us on. Either way I feel the need to spew.

    Drugs have their place - both the legal and illegal sorts. In both groups many have some great benefits but we also can not deny the problems that can arise.

    For example, I had surgery about 7 months ago and would never have been able to bear the pain of having my stomach ripped open without heavy doses of morphine (I was awake for the procedure). So let's score one good drug for the pharma industry.

    In terms of street drugs - let's move away from the objective view that includes LSD, pot, etc in terms of enlightening and let's use pot as a pain reliever for an example. I know some people who get great pain relief thanks to old Mary Jane - to treat fibromyalgia in one instance. Their life would not have the same level of quality as it does now if not for marijuana.

    But there are the downsides to all drugs. Addiction and abuse being the biggest one for all types of drugs whether you're a junkie shooting up on the street, a depressed housewife addicted to some prescribed mood altering concoction or an alcoholic legally drinking away at the bar.

    We cannot disregard the benefits that so many drugs have in peoples' lives because of the risks of negative affects. If we ban all drugs, ok how would that work. Who will tell the junkies they can't have their hit? I'm sure there are a lot of people who would gladly do that.

    But who tells a suffering child's parent their kid can't have pain killers because they are drugs and therefore bad. Who tells the diabetic they can't have insulin? Who tells those who need life saving surgery that they have to choose between death or lying awake and suffering through their body being ripped open?

    If you want to volunteer for that position, John, then you are a bigger problem to society than the druglords (both cartel and legal) are themselves.

    1. Very good post. And as for my troll, John, he's getting the reaction he wants. We don't want to totally legalize my weed because eventually it would become a fed issue. Let's say my state legalizes chronic and allows me to posses up to 5grm. on my person ok. Now I get bored one day and skip on over to the Indian Reservation and go to their casino. I reach in my pocket to grab some cash and out pops my stash. I think nothing of it because I have a pres. from the state for it.....so I thought. Since I brought my weed on Indian land the laws no longer are under state law....their under federal law which would make that a felony. That's the way it is.

      Morphine is a nasty mother f*cker to bounce off of. Horrible.

    2. frackin' state vs fed laws...what a farce that is when it comes to drug policing. How weird it is that your state can give you the go ahead for the pot but the feds can still bust ya anyways. lol thankfully I am a canuck :-P

    3. Canuck, huh? It's funny you mention that because I've been working on a little sche.......Ah I better quit, John will come popping out with his troll peeper. I wonder if I parked right in front of one of his posts and just kept on typing in RX prescriptions for him..over and over and over again would pull him out?....f*ck it, I'm gonna do it! wish me luck guys!

    4. Yes, we DO want you totally legalise cannabis, so that it becomes a fed issue. The rest of the world is waiting for your federal government to repeal that 1930's legislation, which would also finally take the boots off the necks of all the other governments around the world.

    5. No, we REALLY do not want the US gov involved in the weed pipes. The taxes they would put into play would drive dealers and smokers right back into illegal sales. I'm tellin' ya they'd put a tax on every single plant...sale..type..50% tax on top of the sellers cost. Gov controlled plant farms..potency regulations!..along with a tax. Na, the rest of world can go ahead and smoke that sh*t. We need to hold out for the boggling chronic:))

  28. All drugs should be illegal. Except the ones I use.

  29. I've done heroin. I liked it:)

  30. You'll never get rid of drugs, but that's a nice naive fantasy John!

  31. If America produced the best drugs, there would be NO war on drugs.

  32. The world needs more people like greg and his exchange programme these are the people who make a difference unlike the government or the cops or the dealers who dont give a rats arse.Its unbiased people like greg and his team who are on the frontline saving other human beings lives and lets face it at the end of the day whether you are an addict or not we are all human right.

  33. The war on drugs has been raging for so long now, but there doesn't seem to be a change in tactics. Isn't the definition of madness, doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

  34. heroin is an awful drug...for both those who get hooked on it and for those who have to watch loved ones go down hill. a sibbling of mine has struggled with the drug since they were 17 and is 34 now. they are still back and for the drug, methadone the drug etc but id put money on if they had a choice of a heroin addiction over a meth addiction, theyd keep the heroin.

    meth is the most devastating, addictive ruthless drug ive ever come accross in my life! youd be a fool to ever try it!

    1. heroin....wicked pleasure, boy.

    2. The real problem with heroin is that it's a lovely drug.

    3. I have what the doctor calls a "paradoxical reaction" to psychotropic drugs (i.e. pain medication). I can't even take OTC cold medication. But I can take morphine (and only morphine) and I can tell you I know why people become addicted.

    4. Your stuck somewhere between a blessing and a curse, I almost envy you! What do you do for a headache?

    5. I can take aspirin since it's not psychotropic but not not being able to take anything else is a curse. Of course weed is acceptable and I'm fully qualified to receive a medical marijuana card.

    6. Have you got your card, how do they serve it up?

    7. You can order from a menu and they do deliver. I have a dispensary right down the street. But I refuse to pay $175 for a card.

    8. You have to pay for the card? It's a bit of plastic! Sure there are better ways to spend that eh Lak ;)

    9. The only advantage to a card is you are allowed to grow your own. Up to seven plants at once I believe, or you are allowed to have someone grow it for you. I have a friend who is in the business of growing for card holders. Of course he keeps half for "distribution" to non-cardholders.

    10. Here it is 12 indoor plants or 3 outdoors but it can depend on the medical case apparently. A card can get you out of trouble when you are transporting it in small quantity. Having the licence to grow is additional paper work, it is a different card, and it leaves you open for them to search your property, which they don't normally do because there are so many licences and a certain amount of people working for them, but it's a risk.

    11. But as here, we both know in BC it is a risk worth taking. The card is a means to "track" production. I certainly have no problem securing Canadian weed here in Oregon. Some of the finest I might add. I've often wondered if the authorities in both of our countries see the card as a way of turning a blind eye to what is really going on.

    12. I hope it's not for Glaucoma, losing eye sight is not a pretty situation for a photographer. I even hate having to wear reading glasses.

    13. It's because I can't take pain medication. Any excuse will do in Oregon but I don't have a card. After all I am in Oregon. Who needs a card.

  35. If you as an individual are too lazy or dense to research and learn about alcohol prohibition, and cannot correlate the similarities between ANY substance and the link to addiction and prohibition, then you should probably not be commenting here. People spouting rhetoric about making it all Illegal are brainless turds, devoid of coherent thought, very akin to attempting to douse a wildfire with a pail of water... Get a clue... Prohibition will never work, it only makes the issue worse.

  36. Drugs: A multibillion-dollar industry that fuels crime and violence like no other substance on the planet.

    This line could not be more wrong!
    PROHIBITION fuels these things, Prohibition is what makes users criminals. Prohibition is what forces users to the fringe of society.
    Prohibition is what makes Heroin impossible to escape.
    Remove prohibition, tax drugs, and use that tax money to fund rehabilitation programmes that don't involve god (and as a result actually work) and not only do you cripple the cartels that make Billions from it, but you also erase the need for people to do the crimes they fund their habits with!

    This seems like propaganda and i haven't even pressed play yet!

    1. look at the last five minutes or so

    2. Couldn't be said any better!!! Perfect!!

  37. There should be more people like him, helping !

  38. It seems like those Afghans take heroin drugs to Europe n the US by their camel caravans?!?!?! Don't show us victims, talk about top beneficiaries...
    Why after launching military operations in Afghanistan the heroin growth was doubled, n it's still increasing..... Why? 2/5

    1. Because people need money to live, and that is all we import from them.

      Regards, Sam.

  39. Sorry, no drugs WHATSOEVER, not even morphine. its just sickening to think about. drugs like heroin, marijuana, alcohol, and cigarettes should be banned forever. it serves no purpose in america or anywhere else. thats a fact.

    1. Ah come on! My old lady lost both legs.. an arm... 1 and 3/8ths of her earlobes...... has lopped sided t!ts...and has recently been diagnosed with a rare cock eyed disorder! She needs at least her morphine so she'll have a way to pay me in exchange for my staying! .....you heartless mother f***ers!

    2. Care to reply to my reply to you? No? why not? - I challenge that you are unable and/or unwilling to refute my arguments, so let me help you by rephrasing them as questions and I'll add a few;

      Marijuana and heroin are banned nearly everywhere, what good does this do?

      Does banning something remove it from society or even simply prevent people from obtaining/using/abusing it?

      Considering you are likely to need dentistry and or surgery at least once during your lifetime, would you refuse anaesthetics?

      Considering there is roughly a 1/3 chance you will get cancer during your lifetime, which will cause you excrutiating pain followed by death, would refuse painkillers?

      Finally, do you regularly ingest or have you ever ingested one or more of the following :-

      1) Sugar?
      2) Tea?
      3) Coffee?
      4) Chocolate?
      5) Risen bread?

      I end the list there for the sake of time and simplicity. Please be aware that what you stated as a 'fact' is sadly devoid of truth.

      Regards, Sam.

    3. Well Samuel, it's lucky for you that I can give you an educated response to your little survey here.

      1.)Marijuna and heroin banned nearly every where, what good does that do?
      ans: it increases my sales.

      2)Does banning something remove it from society or even simply prevent people from obtaining/using/abusing it?
      ans: absolutely not!...as a matter of fact it gives me the luxury of putting cut in my 'product' and doubling my profits.

      3) Considering you are likely to need a dentist and or surg. at least once, would you refuse anaesthetics?
      ans: absolutely!....I would buy some cocaine from my son to numb the pain of my tooth loss ,which all started after my cousin began trading me his meth for my morphine.

      4) Considering ther is roughly a 1/3 chance of getting cancer which will cause pain and death, would you refuse painkillers.
      ans: Yes, because then I would increase my 'tar' sales and allow me to smoke a percentage of the weed. Which would then allow me to sell my pain killers to people at work.

      1.sugar....scared to death of it because I dam near got a felony trying to sell it off as dope to a fed!
      2. I deal in 'cloud' tea.
      3.coffee: aquired a habbit for it in jail.
      4.chocolate: I got severly addicted to it in rehab.

      Listen guys, I've been a recovering addict for 3yr now and notone of you sound like you've even takin' an asprin. I know my answers were all in fun..but what I wrote is the mentality of a street wise addict.

    4. Aha, a reasoned reply from someone with real experience, thank you kindly ProudinUS. Maybe you would like to chat with John, about his distorted view of reality? he really could use some of that experience you have.

      I have had my own experiences with every drug I could ever find, but I was lucky enough to be properly informed by caring parents who lived through the 60s to avoid any serious problems. I got an amphetamine habit as a teenager for about 18 months which was probably my worst, and an alcoholic ex girlfriend taught me real good about that particular poison. Oh yeah, and I guess tobacco has a good chance of killing me because I keep bloomin' starting again, having given up countless times for anything between 3 weeks to 18 months, derrp. Never give up giving up sorta thing.

      Absolutely the only drug that doesn't come attached with any personal guilt or negative feelings for me is cannabis, though I do tend to hermit a bit if I keep myself topped up, but then I don't. It's occasional, with large gaps in between long sessions. I do know a few folks who really need to avoid it, though.

      Me I go with Bill Hicks, 'Not all drugs are good. Some are GREAT!' I've had some great times, personally, but I've seen people go through hell, too. I've even lost a couple.

      Regards, Sam

    5. I hear ya man. I was a drunk with a job for 28 yrs. 2 5ths a day and 5 dui's. A rational cat would've thought ...say around the 2nd dui that maybe something ain't right here!...that never happened. I got into 'fast' on and off to trim down on the booze only to find out I created a whole new set of problems. Then to get off the dope you find yourself a pain doc and go with the pain meds.....PAIN MEDS are by far the hardest physical thing to stop. Your whole body literally shuts down when you run out.

      Yea addiction is a mother f*cker. I've been to 3 rehabs and only wound up loosing 15000 grand. The problem with rehabs are most of the counsilours are book junkies and not recovering addicts them'selves. Now you tell me what the hell they can help me with?...they can't. They don't know the addicts withdrawels first hand. They can't call you on your BS because they've done sh!t like that in their gunnin days. Only a ex junkie can help a junkie. That's a fact! I managed to have a job but thats it. If you don't think what I'm sayin is the truth....ask another addict,junkie, alcoholic, Pain patient,loser,piece of sh!t..what ever those snoby pr*cks label em'.

      Take care bro, and it's good to share once in a while.

    6. You speak unashamed truth ProudinUS, it is very refreshing to read. In my town the local drugs councilor is a middle aged lady (and family friend) who had an H habit for 20 years, lost her kids etc. got HepC (only HepC, lucky girl.) and didn't tolerate the treatment well, but she struggled and made it good in the end. She has helped so many folks here in ways that you quite rightly say are completely impossible for people without the experience, not to mention helping me in my own education about the subject. Still sadly there are and always will be others for whom even her experience and compassion cannot help. Such is life. I try to remind people that ultimately they need to want to help themselves, in order for external help no matter how compassionate and understanding to work. Also that people who manage to free themselves of these illnesses, that even though they may not have done so without the help and support of others, ultimately the real achievement is theirs alone, and they should be proud of it. Like your tag, ProudinUS. I compliment you on your own struggle, brother, keep fighting the good fight. Do what is right, because it is right.

      Do you ever consider taking up that line of employment? you obviously have the qualifications, and your unashamed attitude implies you would certainly be good at it. I guess it might not be up your street, though. Maybe healthier to be a little bit selfish, like me :)

      Yes, John is a typical troll, I am kicking myself for not realising after the first couple of posts! I am slightly flattered he feels the need to keep sparring with me though, I guess he is a bit lonely. Fortunately it is easy for me to step back, for the sake of peace on the internet, I do not aspire to be a warrior here and my points stand. He could really use a big fat peace pipe packed with grade A chronic I think. On the other hand, judging by his limited rhetoric, I would not discount the risk he would suffer psychoses and go on a rampage, entertaining as that might be. Hmmm, then again his current state of mind could be a form of psychosis, I hadn't thought of that...

      When a politician says "We are losing the war against drugs." You know what that implies? There's a war being fought, and the people on drugs are winning it. (Bill Hicks my hero!)

      You take good care of yourself too, good sir. This world needs people like you.

      Kind regards, Sam.

    7. Your post dam near brought me to tears Samuel. I have never been so honored with words like that before. I have struggled with booze and 'fast's my entire life and wouldn't wish it upon anyone. Sometimes you got to go back to a addictive persona to relate to the ones that think their in this sh*t alone. Well I'm here to reasure them with a little humor..a little attitude..a little seriousness....and a little street wisdom that...ok... I've done that kind of sh*t before.

      I still struggle from time to time with my addictions and is getting harder and harder to keep forgiving those self inflictions especially walking straight into to it fully aware of its echoed results.

      I am a very irrational thinker at times and let my anger get the better of me before I post. I don't know why some of the anti Us post boil me so much. I don't know wkyI lash out first..and research later. But one thing I will always do, is find a way to connect with a person that is in a seeminly helpless rut of some injected poison their hooked on.

      You sound like a very educated and compassionate man. You went out of your way to give a long handle barred mustache... tattooed up welder a reason to smile and share with other folks the reality of all these drugs.

      respects of highest honor to you sir. And once again for your uplifting words.

      much repects, Patrick Wade

    8. Hi Patrick,

      Your words do me honor far beyond my worth. I am simply very lucky, to have had the experiences I have had, and I never forget it. What brings tears to my eyes, is that so so many do not have the chances and information that were made available to me. You could've been me, and I could've been you, and I will not suffer the arrogance to assume I could have handled the hand you were dealt. Your struggle may never end, but with strength of that potency, you cannot lose. The shame that is shoe-horned into addiction is direct product of illegality, and is probably the most damaging aspect of the whole mess. Why should folks be ashamed for getting sick?

      Regarding anger, and anti-US sentiment, I agree it is incredibly annoying to be generalised for your nationality which is a totally arbitrary line normally drawn by some diabolic gloating victor over the corpses of hundreds of thousands of young men, and above all about which you never had a choice. America put men on the moon and brought them back safely, definitively proving that the moon is not made of green cheese *SHOCKER* amongst other things, so much fantastic music (that's my big passion, guitars and good ol' rock 'n roll) there is much to be proud of, not forgetting the bad stuff but.. I can't help wondering why it is that some folks are unable or unwilling to come to terms with the fact that people are people, the world over. We all need the same things, and our similarities are by far more numerous than our differences, no matter what lies our organised media, religions and governments do their worst to manipulate us with. We are all cousins, in a quite literal sense, along with every other cellular life form on this rock, and we are much greater than they. If your anger does no harm to you or anyone else, better out than in I say.

      You have a cunning sense of humour, really reminds me of Bill Hicks, and every one of your posts here made me laugh. - "I am assembling a team of 5 to do specialized night opiate burns. Since the Krisfalusci foundation is split into 5 sections you would need a majority stock holder decision. and have already received their approvals.....done" HAHAHAHA! You are slaying me, man. Keep 'em coming!

      Thank you for your reply it really brought a cheer to my heart, and thank you for sharing your good humor and experience with everyone here, I think you do more help for people struggling with these problems than I ever could, and I think you may not be aware just exactly how much. And it looks like you were able to stop our young troll cousin drugsrbadmk (man why do we have to be related to him?) in his tracks for the time being, which is comparable to a minor miracle, I would say. Well done sir.

      Kind regards, respects, and all the best.

    9. Nope sorry, I don't drink coffee therefore no caffeine, therefore ALL drugs must be wiped from this planet. No drugs, no alcohol, no cigarettes, no tylenol pm or whatever you can think of. By banishing it from existence will only solve our problems. Every crime and mishaps are directly related to drugs, alcohol, or any form of a substance that can affect us. Sorry but it is the truth. No sugar either sorry!

    10. what a wonderful world that would be...../sarcasm

      i really hope for your sake you dont ever require surgery.

    11. John, how do you propose to banish all drugs from existence?

      Still waiting for your answers to the others, by the way.

      Regards, Sam.

    12. Very simple, we go to the next step and eliminate all the illegal drugs and alcohol and marijuana and cigarettes forever. it's not that difficult to imagine. impose harsher restrictions, and let the atf, dea, fbi, or whoever to continue to burn and destroy these awful unwants forever. america has been doing it meagerly for the past 15 years, we can just support it more it will continue and nothing can stop it. very simple! have a nice day! ^_^

    13. You didn't answer, John. Your government IS burning and destroying all it can find, and it is not making a dent. Look at ProudinUS post, to see exactly what your attitude does to this situation. The only way what you propose could be possible, would be to eradicate demand, eradicating the supply does not work, there will always be more.

      So why do you think people want these things, and what could be done about that?

      Anyway, it is apparent from your refusal to answer questions that you do not want to discuss, only to keep blurting out impossible and illogical fantasies, and I have had enough.

      Good day.

    14. No you're wrong! Although the Government IS burning and destroying all it can, they are still not doing enough. that is why there is no dent. Remember that phrase, "What you don't know can't hurt you?" well, if we can eradicate these poisonous drugs and alcohol forever, then the people of the future will never know. therefore, one less thing to worry about. How beautiful is that? Silly people who argue about these kind of petty logic are the lower class addicts and blue collar ignorants. Please don't be one of them, you're already sounding like them, be smart and don't do drugs k? ^_^

    15. Pffft. OK one last reply to show no hard feelings, you are entitled to your opinion, and I have done my best to show you the errors in your logic, if you won't address them it is to your detriment, not mine.

      If people demand drugs, other people intent on making a living/profit will supply them. You can criminalise them and tell them drugsRbad mmmK, but you cannot stop them. If you put them in prison, the guards will supply them. If you put the guards in prison, there will be no guards and they will all escape. They will hide from you and find new ways of making new drugs you are not even aware of. Whatever draconian system you put in effect will by its existence teach people how to get around it. The more oppressive it becomes, the more dangerous and sophisticated the criminals will be. This is the principle of supply and demand.

      You cannot eradicate demand, because the demand is integral to human nature, like greed, like war, like love, like joy, hell even like breathing in and out. It is written into our genes. As long as there are humans there will be a demand for pleasurable experiences, some of which can be readily achieved through the use of chemicals, organic or otherwise, which temporarily affect our brain chemistry. How do you think alcohol was discovered? by accident. LSD? accident. How would you stop similar accidents occurring in your utopia? especially since in this fantasy no one would even be aware of the possibilities you somehow managed to erase all knowledge of, so in their minds there would be nothing to avoid.

      Your utopia would also be a very painful place without anaesthetics, and devoid of all surgery and other medical practice that requires them, not to mention full of corpses. You stated there is no reason for any drugs, well you have been given (by myself and others) plenty. Just because you conveniently avoid addressing them does not make them go away. Deal with it or don't that's your business, but ignorance will come back to bite you, mark my words. The more I read again through your posts the more I think possibly you are a child, or a young person or adolescant, or possibly you are simply annoyed by my replies as you have refused to answer any of the harder questions put to you. Cherry picking etc. Maybe both? Anyway, that was not my intent, and I apologise if that is the case.

      I need sleep now so I will finish on your paraphrase 'What you don't know can't hurt you.' This is such a foolish modern phrase. Go tell that to a kid who played with a landmine, or an addict who didn't know his gear was cut with floor cleaner. What you don't know could very possibly kill or maim not only you, but others as well. Seriously think about that before you have an accident. The ancient phrase that this is a reversal of translates as 'Look before you leap.'

      Peace, Sam.

    16. This isn't a draconian system. Don't you know if you get rid of something in existence, it will never be brought back, i.e dodo birds went instinct, there's nothing we can do. We have the tools now to eradicate anything forever and there will be no demand see? It really isn't that hard to understand. Supply and demand in this case won't even apply because it is completely wiped out. Until then, continue to put away these criminals because they are dangerous killers waiting to murder anyone just for more drugs.
      On another note, stop smoking marijuana, you are denying the fact that you have a problem until years down the line. Trust me, all you're doing is making yourself a mindless zombie. Please don't let your mind and body go to waste... that itself is sad to think about. These weed smokers always deny they are not addicted, until mood swings take the better of them. ^_^

    17. John,
      You are being naive ... not only does opium has legitimate uses in medicine it also provides grease to the international banking cartels. That's where black ops come in ... it's well known that the CIA AND MI6 control the international drug trade.

    18. All right dude,You sound like one of them goofy brass type tjhat come out on a thread and post ignorant ideology and just let evryone spill the beans on their drug use..am I close?

    19. @John Krisfalusci
      you are a proponent of outlawing all drugs? there are many that save lives, give comfort and allow people to better function. are they abused yes, over prescribed yes, in the hands of kids yes, provide money for criminal organizations and used to fund wars yes. but thinking they can or should all disappear is naive dangerous and downright cruel. if they are not all eradicated everywhere they will just come back or do you propose forcing your decision on every country on earth? and good luck getting medical care or surgery. also are you going to ban the raw ingredients that might have other non drug uses? and we might as well stop all chemistry training because many of these substances can be cooked up by someone with even limited knowledge. look i drink and been known to twist one up on occasion but believe it or not my objections to your proposal are not self serving. the war on drugs doesn't work. maybe by design or it is logistically impossible doesn't matter. lets legalize it remove criminals from the financial side of it ,make an honest effort to keep it as safe as possible and tax the crap out of it. lastly your comparison to the dodo bird made me think. are you seriously proposing wiping out entire species of plants and animals? do you have any idea what that could do to an ecosystem? do you care?

    20. I smoke cannabis daily and I lead a very fulfilled life which in no way is going to waste.

      i have smoked daily for about 13 years now, achieved A Bsc in psychology from one of the top universities in the world and am currently obtaining another degree in anthropology.

      please, stop talking out of your rear-end, you are embarrassing yourself.

    21. Having a fufilled life is not an excuse to continue to smoke marijuana, it is just a self-imposed denial that makes it 'ok' to yourself. Trust me, I bet the moment you have a little left over you tell yourself you will never smoke again, yet once it's all gone you tell yourself you can stop 'anytime'. Then the vicious cycle starts over.
      This is the same with heroin, coccaine, caffeine, the list goes on.

      You can say over and over it's not hurting anyone, yet you are really hurting yourself. The only thing that is embarrassing here is that you are proud that you have smoked for 13 years. The sad truth here is that now you will have a harder time to admit you can quit. Please get help or assistance because one day you will realize it. ^_^

      And to these other people, we don't need 'red meat', and 'open heart surgery', and all these non-sense justifications to circumvent the idea that we need drugs, or require them for human consumption. The last id**t who said we need 'oxygen' because we're addicts, you are totally missing the point. Please don't confuse others like this. You are mixing what humans biologically need from what humans can benefit from and that is completely irrelevent. Sigh...

    22. i have stopped numerous times for many different reasons with no withdrawal at all. the closest i could remember to withdrawal was missing the taste of a joint as opposed to a cigarette.

      now having been addicted to coke, crack, and meth and still addicted to cigarettes i know very well what addiction is.

      we dont NEED open heart surgery but it is an advancement that has made life more pleasurable.

      you are constantly displaying ignorance on the subject, for the whole world to see. you ought to stop. like i said im feeling embarrassed for you.

      and no im not hurting myself. when i smoke it that is damaging to my throat and lungs however i can eat it and vaporize it. i can also smoke concentrates of it like oil which require MUCH MUCH less smoke to be inhaled for the same effects.

      ignorance is bliss, however in this case ignorance mirrors stupidity.

    23. John! you little sh!t! G*D D*MMIT, I always miss you by a few minutes!
      Do you know what it's like to have to wait on someone??? I need a few 'substances' I've thrown together ..well..kind of randomly, analized! I don't know about the chemicals I put in it. And really don't care! I ain't gonna be the one injecting the sh*t! I'm just trying like hell to 'market' it to my "customers" before you ban all those other drugs. Now I gave some to my old lady and she said it got her high, but she's feeling numbness through her arms. I think she's fine...I hope,Haha haha. I'm gonna sell what ever this sh*t is and hope for the best. Like I said before, I ain't smokin the sh*t!

      give me a go ahead!

    24. From your past ridiculous posts and crazy writing, I can already tell that you're on something, so I won't even bother with you.... k? ^_^

    25. Listen Bro,I've tried to get ahold of you 6 or 7 times now! You got me lookin in the pharmacy book, house hold chemical safety manual, bug repelant guide, you name it. I've managed to throw 3 new compounds together in the last 2 hr that will get my 'customers' high, but I'm worried about one of them that has the battery acid. I don't know if it will ruin the texture of the sudafed I deluded with some weird toilet time release capsole..or.. Nevermind, I'll worry about it later because these junkies are buyin' it.
      Come on John,were on a time schedule! There's always ways to keep THOSE junkies high...BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY I"M LOSING MONEY! I'm just gonna throw what ever I find together and market the sh*t! Your destruction of all the earths tested ones is making me a nervous wreck inventing new ways to get high! But I'm making my money at any cost...You can believe that!

    26. What is your point? Are you trying to say that self-private use is okay because you have either "grown" it yourself or man-made it chemically? Why would you sell these stuff to junkies anyway? It is illegal, so please stop what you're doing because you are not proving anything and I do not even know why I am wasting my time with you. "Inventing new ways to get high" already shows your shallow thinking and you are just digging a deeper hole for yourself so please... get help k? ^_^

    27. Well John, the reality is there's 3,000,000 more ProudinUS's through out the world that need to make a living!.......and sense you've made your descission to ban all the tested drugs, illegal drugs and even my coffee. I have to still make a living....don't I? You can ban all the sh*t you want, but an addict is my true bread and butter and I could care less what I sell them!

      Sick and f*cked up, huh John? People using others hardships and pain to make a buck and caring less about the poisons getting there "junkies" high or comforting their loved ones who needed the pain meds after their grandmother fell and broke her back fixing YOUR dinner.......sad

    28. I almost forgot bro, one of my "customers' ( well more like 15 yr old kid) just dropped off a whole f--kin' plastic Wal-mart bag of syringes. I don't know if there used or not. Never mind I'm experienced in this sh*t. I'll just be kind and hand em' out to my 'customers'.

      On another note, my Aunt Dana has a progressed stage of MS and can't move without her daily meds of oxycodone. Should I just leave her there and sweat out the withdrawels with excruciating pain from the weakened muscles? Oh well, she can't talk anyway, I'll just shove her in the far back bedroom and close the door. I mean who is she going to tell right? haha ha hahaha ha..huh,John?

    29. Plant food and chrome polish are doing it for the kids here, you should just sell it online!

    30. I was pondering over that...but thanks to Johny, my carrier people..THCDONTCUMFREE baggies n hire co. has all of a sudden found me a high risk distributor!.....This is not good for business, JOHNY!

    31. I hope for your sake, you are just a troll. Your comments seep with ignorance to a level I have never before seen on this site.

    32. No, man, You are the one who's totally missing the point here...are you into Mormontology or what? No offence to Mormons, just to M*rons of your kind

    33. Haha ha haha..Ok John , your obviously trolling. What gives? Because Back in the day, the dealer would of been fed fat off of people like you......"Oh Uncle John is so anti drug,I bet he's never even smoked weed. Have you sis? I thought so, I just didn't.....KNOW...I can get a bag of good red haired chronic. But the dude get's 60 an 1/8..and he says the town is pretty dry from the "war on drugs" bullsh*t going on."
      They both pay it!
      The cat they got it from in all actuality has 5 lbs of dirt weed as well. But since he's a buisnessman and an oppurtunist, he puts a catchy little name to some red haired home grown that he purchased for the same price and sells it for double the price. He is manipulating the price based on peoples fear and ignorance. He's playing it right.

      Ok.. let's say a dealer picks and chooses based on recent drug busts that were on the news. He immediatly puts on a nervous face and starts his run. He says He can get them a bag of 'fast' but instead of 25 a 1/4 they want 40 because everyones dry and scared. It's acctually his sh!t their sellin' em, but peronomia makes cash!

      Does this make any sense to ya? Or do you already know this...troll!

    34. Have I sold you a bag of cat nip before????

    35. I am assembling a team of 5 to do specialized night opiate burns. Since the Krisfalusci foundation is slit into 5 sections you would need a magority stock holder desission. and have already recieved their approvals.....done

    36. Alright I've managed to put my next propossal on the table and think it would abide within The Krisfalusci Drug Act of9hrs. I am petitioning the board for clearance entrance on the dea's drug burn and destroy missions. I reserve the right to collect all burn debris for further testing. submitted March 22 code no. 420 @ Proud in Residue testing labratories

    37. Ok..Ok..OK g*d d*m it John I sure as f*ck hope you aprove of my next scheme to make a buck! NOW,sense my new concoction hasn't been mixed yet I( according to the Krisfalusci Clause article 9 hrsAGO) can legally purchase a can of whipping cream with the intention of sucking out its nitros and putting it into an inhaler ( which by the way I have found a clause in the document you would have no juristriction over) nitris is still a free market. and by definition would NOT be considered a substance...At this time I would like to submit a copyright form for "Whipped out inhalers) which would give me sole rights to its distribution on a global scale.

    38. John, sincerely, are you really so naive that you honestly think all addictive substances that exist can be effectively and for all times banned from the face of the planet??? Ok, a beutiful dream, but totally out of reach... try ban hamburgers, sugar, cheese, oxygen...yes your body is addicted to oxygen, it cannot survive without it for more than a few minutes and it is a poison, it kills you slowly making you burn slowly till you die...Alcohol?? Your own body produces it and cannot function without it either...so perhaps the best way is to leave this earthly live all together and beam yourself into the 5th dimension or wherever where no material and addictive substances exist at all...wake up man, you are kidding yourelf...

    39. Congratulations, you just earned the Id**t of the year award, due to logical deduction, forum users have clearly identified your IQ to be roughly equal to a shoe. Awesome, now go away while the adults use logic to discuss ideas.

    40. Ok John..how about..ah.. just one Tylenol PM crushed up with a 1mg xanex and sprinkled on top of some high protien cat nip..... that will be smoked upon approval?. That doesn't sound druggish....does it?

    41. Sounds like you need a world without brains. You'd be more comfortable there.

    42. Ok..Ok..John I've got one you surely wouldn't deny me of ....would ya?
      Now, would it be ok if I developed a way to 'cook' a handfull of orange flavored tums and extract it's calcium in liquid forrm and inpregnate it in a half chewed on viagra pill? I need your opinion quick bud, I've got customers!

    43. I hope tomorrow that you are forced to endure opeN heart surgery.... WITHOUT 'DRUGS'.
      The arrogance of your statements are filled with the ignorance of history.
      You can have your own opinion but you cannot have your own facts.

  40. what happenned to when the Taliban was in charge before 2003, heroin production/supply was reduced.. (fundamentalist Muslisms, no drugs doh) and the US gov needs it to keep flowing .. that wasn't that mentioned ?? maybey they forgot

  41. drugs have no use on earth whatsoever. we should ban heroin, marijuana, alcohol, and cigarettes. the world would be a happier, simpler, and easier existence. ^_^

    1. Marijuana and heroin are banned almost everywhere, for all the good it doesn't do. The USA government banned alcohol once, do you know what happened? drugs are integral to human experience and have been since before homo sapiens even evolved. 99% of the problems we have today are directly related to their illegality.

      Decriminalisation is the only way forward, stop making users criminals and give them treatment for their medical problem. Take the industry out of the hands of criminals.

      Regards, Sam.

    2. @Samuel Morrissey
      Perhaps decriminalization will also remove the 'underground peer glam' attractiveness often associated with illegal drug use.x

    3. Hi Norlavine,

      It would go some way to that end I think. Smoking tobacco is certainly not viewed as 'cool' or 'attractive' by the kids here in UK at least, though this is mainly the result of a clever media campaign during my lifetime.

      Kind regards, Sam.

    4. @Samuel Morrissey
      I was talking about illegal drug use, weren't you? When was tobacco ever illegal in the UK?

    5. Hi Norlavine,

      Sorry :) yes, but before the diminishing of the 'coolness' could take effect the drug would have to be made legal, like tobacco, and it would have to be supported in general by the media, which is the real reason illegal drugs seem glamorous to impressionable types - for example films like Pulp Fiction, Trainspotting, Scarface etc. all of which are fantastic films, but then consider The Untouchables does not have the same effect regarding alcohol, when Ness says at the end 'I'm gonna have a drink' because it is socially accepted and legal since the events described. The whole deal is more complex than just legalise it and our problems will go away. My point is media in all forms has to take some responsibility as well.

      We have huge problems with alcohol here, along with most of Europe I believe, and kids still think it is cool primarily because of mainstream TV advertising from 6pm every night, using all the insidious tricks that marketeers use, drinking makes you sexy etc.. It is only since tobacco advertising was banned and pushes made to emphasise the bad side of it through media and education from the health institutions that the kids started to wise up. Education is at least as crucial as media support, but the drugsRbad brigade has consistently managed to keep information out of our schools on the crumbling grounds that it could appear to be encouragement. Decriminalisation is an important but small step forward compared to social/cultural issues. Kids will always want what they are not allowed, but this includes alcohol and tobacco which are necessarily restricted more or less, unlike illegal drugs, which are not.

      I should make it clear I am not advocating legalisation, rather decriminalisation. I believe that all chronic drug abusers should be diagnosed as having a medical condition and offered treatment rather than being punished essentially for being ill. Decriminalising or indeed legalising would not stop people using, abusing, becoming addicted or dying as a result of drugs in the short term, though there would be a general decrease in the long term through better healthcare, regulation, quality control, and people having the information to make better choices but these problems would certainly still exist. The point is illegality solves non and evidently adds to these problems, as well as directly creating a truckload more.

      Regards, Sam.

    6. so no headache tablets no morphine no aids medicine list goes on and on ....yay good idea lets ban all drugs especially the ones you think is not good since you obviously know your stuff

    7. All that other stuff...ok, but if you take away my long cut coppenhagan......We'll have a drunk heroin addict come to your pad and sell you some weed with a lit ciggarette!!! :-)

    8. Wrong. And doctors know you are wrong.

  42. America, f*ck yeah.

    1. Yeah, lets make it legal, then the normal, non drug user, sober person, can use the junkies as target practice at the weekends, makes more sense than shooting innocent animals, and non moving targets.