Escobar's Hitman

Escobar's Hitman

2017, Crime  -   7 Comments
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John Jairo Velasquez is a celebrity of sorts in his native Colombia. Legions of fans approach him with open arms, and smile from ear to ear as they snap their selfies while standing by his side. The motives behind their excitement and admiration are dubious at best, because Velasquez is one of the most notorious professional killers in the country's history. Escobar's Hitman explores the trail of destruction he left in his wake, and the perplexing realities of his life today.

In the 1980s, as crime swept through and decimated the Colombian landscape, drug kingpin Pablo Escobar reigned supreme. Velasquez, or "Popeye" as he was more widely known in criminal circles, was one of the kingpin's top-ranking thugs during this time. He claims to have murdered over 250 people and arranged the demise of thousands of others as a trusted member of the Escobar regime.

Velasquez recounts the extent of these crimes, including the indiscriminate shooting of policemen and the bombing of assorted politicians and government authorities. "I feel like my soul is dead," he admits. Indeed, his recollections are tinged with a disturbing sense of wistful nostalgia. He seems completely unrepentant. Yet, he also knows that he's been given a second chance. After serving a 23 year stint in prison, he is now a free man.

He's determined to make the most of his infamy, and seize the legitimate opportunities that have awaited him since his release. He's authored two books on his time spent working alongside Escobar, become a vocal critic of the political scene, and even dabbled in motion picture production. People of influence are anxious to rub shoulders with him, and to share his unique life experiences with others in the form of entertainment.

He might enjoy a morbid and adoring fan base throughout his homeland, but he also has his fair share of detractors. The film shines an equal spotlight on them - his victims - as they discuss the unimaginable horrors they endured under his savagery.

Escobar's Hitman is a curious and fascinating portrait of a paradoxical figure, and it forces you to question the morality of those who seem to covet his brand of notoriety.

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3 years ago

I cant even watch this after 15 minutes. It is a glorification of one of the world's most prolific mass murdering scum. **** him. He doesn't deserve the attention, nor his freedom. But hey let's let him boast about how fearless and awesome he is and publish his books and make money off his evil.

Jonathan Bolen
6 years ago

This guy is just trying to make money of his evil past. I realy think all these colombians who worship him as a saint are stupid. This guy doesn't deserve to live like a rockstar after all the evil things that he has done. In the beginning of the documentary he made me feel that he has changed. But seriously people. His true self shows in the end, he feels threatened by the man who is investigating him and you can tell he realy would like to 'get rid of him'. And in the end he even admits to be willing to pick up arms again and kill. What a complete idiot. Please stop supporting this man and stop placing him on a pedestal!!

Tom Miller
6 years ago

This guy is an insult for the religion he believes in, he is not alone though. He would walk away from aggressively​ speaking people but does exactly this to calmly speaking ones.

drew cunningham
6 years ago

This guy is pure evil. If I lived in Columbia I would do his victims families a favor and park a 45 caliber in his brain pan - "POPEYE" your days are one kills 250 people and walks away scot free my friend. Twenty years in prison in nothing for your horrendous crimes, for the lives you stole! There is a thing called Karma and you have yours coming you piece of shit murderer...

Mack Niccolo
6 years ago

this guy is a phoney