Fall of the Republic: The Presidency of Barack Obama

Fall of the Republic: The Presidency of Barack Obama

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Fall Of The Republic: The Presidency Of Barack ObamaFall Of The Republic documents how an offshore corporate cartel is bankrupting the US economy by design. Leaders are now declaring that world government has arrived and that the dollar will be replaced by a new global currency.

President Obama has brazenly violated Article 1 Section 9 of the US Constitution by seating himself at the head of United Nations' Security Council, thus becoming the first US president to chair the world body.

A scientific dictatorship is in its final stages of completion, and laws protecting basic human rights are being abolished worldwide; an iron curtain of high-tech tyranny is now descending over the planet.

A worldwide regime controlled by an unelected corporate elite is implementing a planetary carbon tax system that will dominate all human activity and establish a system of neo-feudal slavery.

The image makers have carefully packaged Obama as the world's savior; he is the Trojan Horse manufactured to pacify the people just long enough for the globalists to complete their master plan.

This film reveals the architecture of the New World Order and what the power elite have in store for humanity. More importantly it communicates how We The People can retake control of our government, turn the criminal tide and bring the tyrants to justice.

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  1. You really have to be incredibly dumb to believe most of the stuff in this documentary. Just pathetic stuff. Got a wore forehea from all the face palms.

  2. I'm really giving all benefit of any doubt to people who follow Alex Jones thoughts and follow non factual information. What has not been explained is --
    Who are the elite specifically?
    What makes anyone think that ALL current governments will agree to NWO?

    Please answer with common sense and facts not hocus pocus

    1. The elites that have their lobbyists finance campaigns of both parties.
      For the Repiblicans it's the Koch brothers. I thought they were bad but George Soros who has dual citizenship funds the Democrats. He is also the main person behind Citizens Uniteds demand for freedom of speech for business entities. But that's the only part of the constitution that want to follow, forget about equal justice under the law no jail for them only the real people can go to jail. Wait, what happened to all people created equal. How is that equal? See how the supreme Court desecrated our Constitution. The only recourse is to have congress call them out on this which it benefits them financially so no way there. The only other way would be to individually sue any justice that ruled in favor of. I checked into what we could potentially do and that's what it said in several a pandemic articles I read. I tend to read more than one.

  3. Who paid to have this documentary made? ......who were the people motivated to make this documentary?

  4. Well done. Arguably excellent. Think what one may about Alex Jones, he is if nothing else a patriot and his intentions are good. We need more people like him and MANY more people watching this kind of stuff and getting involved, like he says, beginning around 1:55. Well done Alex! Good on 'ya, and thank you. You do your country an excellent service. Keep it up.

  5. Lol all of you think you are smart and have the answers. All modern countries suffer the same fate. Corporate elites run them all. The only way to bring it down is for everyone to stop paying their bills. Collapse the system. You can reference all the cases you want, but you are stuck in the system like everyone else

  6. God has already warned about all this but nobody listened! The EU or to be more specific those who own and control the EU already pull the strings on what happens within America and the entire world, that is also why there are United Nations headquarters in ever country, why they are the only ones who can cross boarders without inspections, they control the world banking and economic systems, the major world corperations, they have infected their policies within every major corperation and government agency that exists upon the earth in one way or another. From food to medical to fuel, to shipping all on a global scale, they have a hand in it in one way or another. WWI & WWII were necessary to bring them to this point, and it will eventually lead us all into WWIII. The relatively small group of sociopaths who rule over and pull the strings over the EU are tightening their strings and pulling together their plan for total world dominance, a new world order, which itself will lead to yet another massive WWIII. America will first suffer a massive economic
    collapse and turn to internal chaos, the EU bankers will then
    offer their one world currency cashless solution, internal
    chaos will develop and the peace keepers will be called in to
    slaughter er I mean calm the unrest, at about the same
    time the world EU spin doctors will blame America for the
    worlds total economic collapse and offer them the same EU
    funny money cashless society plan, and the entire world
    will look on in horror and mock her (the USA), then while America is busy battling herself with the generous help of some carefully placed (EU) terrorists the EU will busy itself by going nation to nation in a blood fest slaughter of all those who have not been their biggest fans, and of course their mocking will of course stop since there will be no America to come to their rescue any longer. The very old family of European powers has remained in power for countless generations and it is they who had brought Hitler to power, and it is they who have, in obedience to (Lucifers) satan's own words.. "build it and I shall come" The world is in for a real learning experience in reality. Yes, we are being led like sheep to the slaughter, open your eyes!

  7. "But a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever." - John Adams.

    Has America passed the point of no return? I believe it has.

    1. John you look about my age, so you've seen what I've seen, and I believe you're right. Tragic situation indeed......

  8. I truly enjoyed the information provided in this documentary/video; however, and this is a big however, IF you want to get the general public to believe, you have got to get rid of the 'conspiracy background music' and the voice of Alex Jones. His voice is so disgustingly graveling, I want to rip out my hair. Even if he is the entire production team of the video, he would be well-advised to get someone else to read the narrative. I understand his ego is as large as Michael Moore and Obama, but he just needs to let it go!

    1. I love his voice maybe it's just you

  9. There are three poignant and eye opening documentaries on TDF that should not be missed. They are factual and relatively unbiased. They are a must for understanding the modern day situation.

    They are: “The Living Dead” (Author Adam Curtis) you may have to watch on YouTube, “The Trap” same author and “Century of the Self”.

    All concern the use of “Game Theory” and Freudian Psychology in the manipulation of the population, both Liberal and Conservative.

    We have all in this era been manipulated from the cradle to now. It's just a question of each bait has been swallowed.

  10. have you watched 97% owned chris

    1. Absolutely I have. It's one of those documentaries that is perfect for what I typed below.

  11. The comments below represent that old annoying conservative opinionated bias that leads the less educated, paranoid and generally gullible majority of the populace into taking that unnecessary, emotional, "knee-jerk" affirmation towards, well, conservative opinionated bias.

    Sure, Alex Jones is annoying and sure he may over emphasize certain points but at least he cites his sources and leaves ground for investigation. Since we're all so keen on making generalizations should I assume that most of the nay sayers here are incapable of critical thinking, and just assume that he's wrong because YOU were taught something different? Should I assume that most of you are religious fundamentalists, or free market capitalists because those are the majority of people that I deal with in my arguments pertaining to these issues?

    It's fascinating to me what lengths people will go to when they're jarred from their comfort zone, especially when those plagued with egotistical self-righteousness are poked with the terrifying, brooding phallus of conscious thought.

  12. Feels like it belongs in conspiracy more than politics.

  13. wow...people sure buy into the big black boogy man....how ridiculous. We have billionaires spending billions to end the democrats in office...those leeches would do anything to stay in power....this is the most ridiculous pos Ive watched....emotional blackmail for little old ladies and men...and racists love it...

    1. How sad you think that
      How do you feel now almost 7 years later have you woke up yet or did you buy into the mocking bird propaganda

  14. Does this documentary go into positive political solutions at any point or is it just 2 hours of the governments bad, new world order & protect this countries national identity because I'm getting bored of that angle tbh

  15. People from Norway love this and are not sleeping sheeple.

    1. Enjoy if you must but remember this, Norway is part of the EU. The same people that own America, own EU.

    2. No, we are not part of the EU, no, we said NO to this madness twice, in 72 and 94. Re read your notes stacey.

    3. Oops! No notes - just assumed. Well, that's a good thing. How do you know your government is not a member in whatever is going on? I'm not suggesting you are - I'm just trying to figure out all the players. Norway is a member of NATO, UN, connected with the World Bank?, and is getting sprayed with chemicals (chemtrails). That may not mean a thing but there appears to be a connection.
      "A UN-led world order is in the interests of Norway." norway org

    4. yup and that's why beer is £15 a pint in Norway.

    5. Norway is not part of the EU. Get your facts straight. Go ahead, Google it right now. See if I'm wrong.

  16. I love this film, but Alex Jones kinda ruins it for me..I don't like his style of narration and language he uses, it kinda takes away from the other speakers credibility..Although what he says is true, he tends to over dramatise it, and I can't help but wonder sometimes who Mr.Jones really works for...But I have to say, I've been reading a few of the comments below, and alot of people out there are pure ignorant...Some going so far as to say that NONE of the contributors to this film are credible, completely disputing the facts, facts that have been echoed my many, many others, not just these guys. I mean you can't dispute what the bankers did, full stop, that's a given. Completely disregarding alot of this stuff is stupid, niave and shows nothing but ignorance and blind, willful disregard for historical information and facts..A couple of folk commenting below me, I'm sorry, but to put it bluntly and for lack of a better description, are sheep, bleeting ignorant sheep. I agree with alot of people below in that Alex's overly dramatic style of commentary is off putting and can lead the viewer away from the fundamental message, which I feel is very clear in this film, and that is that there are indeed much bigger and more powerful entities working against us here in the world today, we can't deny that, these people use VAST resources and connections to pull the wool over the peoples eyes in order to gain and profit from their endeavours, often saying one thing publically, but meaning and doing another, that has been proven and shown to be evident over and over again throughout history. Why we would think it is so absurd that they would do it now more than ever is simply ridiculous.
    It is no secret that governments lie, cheat and manipulate public fear and opinion to fulfill their agendas, at the cost of lives and money. Why is that so hard to believe, it's always been done and many people in the know have risked life and limb and career to tell us that.
    There were a few good comments below stating that too many people in the truth movement argue amongst themselves over the slightests of details but fail to recognise the main message here, and that is that unless people start waking the f--k up, educate themselves, rediscover the facts that have been conveniently left out of the pages of history and simply come together, in PEACE to say NO, then all this is pointless, and just playing into the hands of those who seek to divide and conquer.
    We at the bottom, are all the same, we all want the same things, some more than others, but if you truly want transparency and truth, then we've got to stop this bickering back and forth, it's juvenile to be honest..The people at the top, do not think like us, act like us, or see the future the way we do, there are more of us than there are of them, yet they rule the roost and pretty much dominate every aspect of our society unfairly, this isn't right, that's what the message is here..Forget left or right, black or white, this is the rich against the poor..

    1. Wow, Elizabeth, you said it so well, couldn't agree with you more. Thank you for your thoughtful and insightful post. I always wonder about Alex Jones, why he is so accessible and gets away with what he says, etc. Of course, it is never all the way right, but still...The people interviewed in this movie seem so knowledgeable and intelligent, and then he just kind of blusters into it. I am glad he put this together, but I always just wonder. At any rate, I agree with your assessment, it is not left against right, black against white, it is the tiny powerful rich against we the people, the poor. Like George Carlin said they have a club and we aren't part of it. Their agenda is definitely not for us. I hope someday we all wake up and do come together, but it won't be easy.

  17. It is blatantly obvious just by reading the above description of this film that it should be in the 'conspiracy' section

    1. Wrong it is Truth it's right where it belongs

  18. Sad. Just plain sad. And we, the rest of the world, just sit and wait and do nothing, and keep on wondering, how come that all those freedom lovers over there, on the other side of atlantic, do nothing about it.

    But it's not their "thing". It's OUR world, they just happen to have been born in the most influential country of our times. Country whose politics manipulate the lives of EVERYBODY, around the globe. And incidentally, usa population tends to be a most sheepish one of them all, fast food loving, television driven relics of once glorious past. Mostly obese. And all the rest of us are just watching and waiting, and wondering, and being pretty herdish ouselves, in the process.
    My friend. Wherever you were born, the change needs to come about in your place, too. Dont let "them" (Lacan would have a lot to say about them, wouldn't he?) tell you what to do. Go for it. Inform yourself. Then help informing those around you.

    This world is MINE. This world is yours, too. It does not belong to "them", even if they piled all the money that is, and even that is not.
    This world is of our children. We have a responsability to resume.

    This documentary is not all bells and whistles. It's not The Truth, All Truth, And Nothing But Truth. But it's a start. Keep watching. Keep reading. Keep searching. Keep thinking.

    And most importantly, TALK ABOUT THESE THINGS.

    Panem et circenses. Bread and games. That is how we are loosing, what our grandfathes fought for, and sacrified themselves to get us. And even the bread is getting thin.
    Think. And then, maybe, you will know, how to act.

  19. GOBAMA !!!!!!!!!!!!!! LETS DO ROUND 2 !!!!!!!!! I dont care at all what rumors and conspiracies IT IS WHAT IT IS ..... and hes got my vote.

    1. So it's your fault huh ?

  20. Alex Jones is a conspiracy peddler.

    He will pick up any conspiracy and run with it.

    He is a used car salesman of the conspiracy world.

    If you want to cover something up with confusion and paint it with the conspiracy brush then Alex Jones is your man!

    Alex Jones is a conspiracy inside a conspiracy!

    He is also the most annoying man alive today. Can you imagine how many cigars, drink and hookers you would have to go through to get his voice.

    1. Instead of ad Hominem attacks, could you actually disprove the video? If not, you might want to consider why?

    2. @ Zachary Griffith
      "Instead of ad Hominem attacks, could you actually disprove the video?"

      Oh, haven't you heard?

      Last year, in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, the Supreme Court of the United States held that corporate funding of independent political broadcasts in candidate elections cannot be limited under the First Amendment. This, together with two other decisions, have completely transmuted corporations into 'persons', just like you and me, with full rights under the constitution and everything!

      So now Mr. Jones can send his contribution of $100 dollars to the Republican Party and Mr. Smith can send a similar a sum to his party, and Lockheed Martin Corporation can send $100,000,000
      to one party and $100,000,000 to the other so as to ensure that
      we voters have a free choice between corporate candidate R and corporate candidate D.

      Democracy in action!

      The Supreme Corporation(sorry, I mean, 'Supreme Court') has dispensed with that old-fashioned system of one person, one vote, and upgraded us to One Dollar, One Vote!

      So you see, Zachary, it really doesn't matter for whom we vote,
      or even if we vote; we are guaranteed the best corporate government money can buy ? and we had damned well better
      like it, too!


      The Blessed Trinity:

      In the United States, corporations were recognized as having rights to contract, and to have those contracts honored the same as contracts entered into by natural persons, in Dartmouth College v. Woodward, decided in 1819.

      In the 1886 case Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad, 118 U.S. 394, the Supreme Court recognized that corporations were recognized as persons for purposes of the Fourteenth Amendment.

      Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission (2010), the Supreme Court of the United States held that corporate funding
      of independent political broadcasts in candidate elections cannot
      be limited under the First Amendment,..."

      ~ Wikipedia, 'Corporate personhood'


    3. I read that in Alex Jones's voice. I don't know why.

  21. Alex Jones is a paranoid, beached whale spouting delusional alarm tocsins through his feverish blowhole.

    1. Lary9 - you must be a US government employee that expects a rosy retirement flush with entitlement benefits offered from your government. It's sad that the herd mentality persists within individuals like you. Please send us all another post when you have lost your job, house, pension and so on. 'Wake up and look around and yes that involves turning off American Idol for a moment to see the real world. Perhaps you are a Wall Street employee hired to make dumb ass remarks to discredit anything that paints a negative picture of Wall Street. Do you not see governments collapsing throughout the world? Oil prices spiking? State and municipalities collapsing because of too much debt. Record home foreclosures. 17% unemployment rate in the US. The gap between the rich and the poor is now over 450 to 1. The US dollar has been declining for years. The fact that Wall Street is Washington and Washington is Wall Street should be enough food for thought. Go surf TMZ and post your comments there.

    2. IMHO...Alex Jones is a paranoid, beached whale spouting delusional alarm tocsins through his feverish blowhole.
      And I'm retired already and I worked my whole life and served in the military for it. I figure I earned the right to call a blowhole a blowhole.


    4. Not true, Larry, you always had the right. No one needs to do military "service" to earn anything other than fluff and respect. To me it's the same as gangs and tribes going at each other and patting the combatants on the back, telling them how full of honor they are, the sacrifice they "made for their country." What a bunch of bullshit. America has had a giant hard-on since WW2 and has been using whatever excuse it can to try and keep the war-machine fueled.
      That said, I agree with you on Alex Jones, in spite of him saying several things that are true. See that's the problem, you paint him as "just wrong" just like Norm down below paints him as "just right."
      Why boil shit down to unnecessary simplicity for the sake of contemplation? It's just lazy and doesn't simplify things at all, it only leads to further complication and willful ignorance. Not on "both sides" so much as "all over the map."

  22. This is nonsense and bad propaganda to boot.

    1. A sheep i hear a sheep

  23. Its a global banking problem but US banks were definitely the most aggresive lenders how could so many people get it so wrong! The worst thing is this could all happen again we haven't done anything to the banking landscape, there should be new global regulations so banks can't become so big that they can't fail. We need to separate retail banks and these hedge funds they have turned into!

  24. this film is complete S**T! none of the people who give their opinions are reputable! this nwo will never happen! there's many referrals to how if the US,Canada, and Mexico link in the same way as the EU it is sign of a new world order, this is ridiculous! I am from England the EU is an economic trade area that converges on human rights and other regulations that make our political system better, there is no reason why or how this situation if achieved in north america would be any worse!

    1. You live safely in England. Have you ever lived with Mexicans??. Your quality of life drops precipitately. Your safety, security, peace of mind EVERYTHING!!. Thats why the notion of sharing an open border with Mexico gives me "shudders".

    2. Thats a bloody racist thing to say, mate !

      And if open border and political union was to happen to your country, don't worry, those same Mexicans will be the first one to leave the country and go south. They'll get more bang for their buck if you have the same currency and more employment. A win-win scenario for Mexico. The first step is to even out the level of the economies of the countries, either pumping money into Mexico or get USA poorer. Import-export of corporate profits, money and jobs. (This is the moment where you shudder)

      It will affect your quality of life in a way far greater than few Mexicans walking down your street...

    3. Morpheus: The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window, or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work, when you go to church, when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.

      Adam: What truth?

      Morpheus: That you are a slave, Adam. Like everyone else, you were born into bondage, born into a prison that you cannot smell or taste or touch. A prison for your mind. Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself. This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember: all I'm offering is the truth. Nothing more.

    4. How do you like your EU brexit life now have you woke up yet 8 yrs of hell should have done it

  25. All these things were going on before Obama came on the scene and he has been drawn into the fray by those who fear him and want everyone else to do the same.

    The new world order is nothing new and is more connected to the Bush family than any one else. Hollywood are the makers of conspiracy theories and can include anybody they want to put into the middle of one. Be careful what you consider as truth.

  26. Where can you see part 2?

    1. Same question

  27. God I feel stupid for leaving this out.

    Article 1 Section 9 is the limits on CONGRESS! What does this have to do with the head of the EXECUTIVE branch?

    Another note, if the NWO is so powerful, then why was this film even allowed to be made? If I was the head of a NWO and some man was making a film about my scheme he uncovered, I'd have his ass assasinated.

    1. Kill someone and then it = there was something relevant about them...eg to say what alex jones is saying is true... Were as to ignore it and laugh it of as conspiracy theory is the best way to undermine it.

      Only kill when the person is directly creating a probelm...alex jones is just getting people talking, but they aint doing anything, wont do anything and at most argue amongst themselve's as to who is right and wrong, opinion vs opinion... = no threat to anyone, no change.

    2. because assassinating them would ignite the revolution so instead they use the media to dismiss them and so the people just think there nuts and wack jobs....

    3. because assassinating them would ignite the revolution so instead they use the media to dismiss them and so the people just think there nuts and wack jobs....

  28. .... God you people are stupid... For all of you screaming about the Zeitgeist, there's a counter documentaries that expose the lies on this very same website.

    I'm really more disgusted with the first two minutes of this video. Am I the only one who can see the blatant video editing put on the beginning..

    Another thing.. I'm really picky when I watch documentaries because they often lack something that's very crucial for me to accept it. They lack sources, he even blurs the videos of the news broadcasts to where we can't tie down the date they were on!

    It's a really overly-dramatic and terribly done doc with too much bias with NO SOURCE ANALYSIS! This is why no intelligent person will take these movies seriously!

    1. Be it the news, be it a documentary, be it a friend or you, i wont take it as truth. I will weigh it up with what i personally know and if needed do personal research to fill in the gaps if i feel the truth is important. Such as this doc is over dramatic, its alex jones style, some have more legitamate looking approach's, but they get little publicity or interest. So as alex jones is using the same media tool to incite his opinions...over dramatise s*** like the general media does to get attention every single day of our lives..though i dont watch it anymore. It gets people talking and thats what he wants, missions success on that half.In terms of getting people doing something, mission fail...as people have always realized when something is wrong they should act, yet if there is no easy way to do so, they lack time, resources or knowledge to do so in a easy manner...they simply go "meh"...someone else can do it im busy or find some excuse and expect someone else to figure it out for them.So what these doc's say be it true or not is rather irelevant, the basic truth which is a fact is government systems all over the world are a failure, do not serve the people, but serve specific wealthy grps. Governements only care about who has money and those counterparts the same, so the majority is considered a expendable asset of free to reap assets and resources.If your a boss of a growing business, you want that multi million dollar house, private jet maybe...you want your high standard of living to continue, progress...yet you will see higher income for your workers a threat to it, see anything giving your workers power a threat to it. Even though as a boss you are considered expendable by the even more wealthy, you as a boss regardless fortify their methodis and thoughts and simply try to leech as much as you can from the less wealthy below you and seek to become more welathy as those above you.currently society and government and general business practice feeds this mentality and helps it. making the loosers at the end anyone who is not wealthy...as it will conclude as with every society in history with 2 sides...the wealthy and those directly involved with them. Then those poor buggers suporting the wealthy and their asociaties lifestyles under a no choice situation of do or die, if they wish to survive and as well as their family.People really need to take action and it doesnt require sacrificing our lifestyle's only taking control of government, redirecting econmic and industrial power to open currently closed or restrcited avenues of technology and industry which will supply the eventual jobs to replace the to be obselete industries and economic sectors and related jobs. While still supplying what we want, just with diferent methodis, diferent technologies and meterials, while also sustaining our lust for a comfortable lifestyle, while making the world a better place. Just lacking the wealthy elites dictating, controlling the process and the government tool overuling the people will and right to truth.coruption i thin will always filter back in to society or remain regardless, but i think it can be severly minimised.

  29. @ReligionIsntAllBad

    Don't be close minded , there is footage of this stuff and evidences if you try and look for them. Satanic cults aren't imaginary.

  30. I love Alex ... however, the guy is kinda crazy lol! I mean he believes that most of our powerful leaders belong to a cult that basically knowingly worships satan, etc. While he has continuously uncovered interesting facts .... he is so obviously incredibly biased!!!! You have to take most things he says with a grain of salt :)

  31. I think the biggest proof that conspiracy nuts like Alex Jones don't have all the facts (I do believe he's got an idea going that probably hints near truths, but mostly he's just a whackjob) is the fact that apparently there is a big scary "big brother" nwo style organization out there, he's figured them out, and yet these horrible people who will put us all in FEMA death camps can't manage to kill him off to shut him up before he even became a problem. Weak sauce, NWO, step your game up.

  32. Alex Jones has been saying for years that if the American people did not do ABC then the inevitable consequences, XYZ, would be destined to follow. I agreed, completely, with Alex back when he first embarked upon his campaign, which is why I cannot agree with him now.

    We, the American people, failed to heed the warning and did not do ABC back when we still had our chance and so, because of our past inaction, XYZ are now here, and here to stay, just like Alex predicted.

    Nonetheless, Alex continues to preach the same message as though there were still hope. Why does he do this? To make a living? There is such a thing as too late, and it's all over now, baby blue.

  33. Every single one of you should get the hell off the internet and into an English class.
    You can't spell. You can't write a simple sentence. You have no idea what punctuation is. And you certainly can't put together a coherant argument that supports either side. You're a bunch of uneducated boobs.
    Add this to the fact that all you do is bitch about polititians and never vote it's no wonder your country is in the mess that it is.
    Do me a favor. When a hyper-inflation followed by a depression worse than '31 hits you sorry assed country, don't come up here to Canada. THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. We don't need you messing up our country the way you messed up yours.

  34. I am just wondering where is Africa in all this conspiracies, we are just a passive victims as usual.

  35. Hey, Prop 23 didn't pass. A prop. supported by Big Business of Texas. Wrong answer, they, oil companies, are making money. And as a scientist, Mother Nature, has more control over the earth than a few puffs of smoke. Just to put things into perspective. Put the "Life of Earth" on a 24 hour day scale. When you put this as 24 hours, we as what have been known as humans have been here for 1 (one), uno second. BTW, talk a walk, ride a bike and save our energy.

  36. if global warming was supposed to be a money based industry for that particular corporation, then why are we having policies like prop 23 in California trying to pass, which would remain our dependency on oil(it sponsored by major oil companies.)If global warming was a way to make money, why arn't they making any money, and why is oil dependency still being pushed?

  37. ... where can I find part 2 of the doeumentary ??

  38. So what do you do?? Who do you trust?? I bet some people think that it will be the tea party... I wonder who will be the leader of the rebellion?? Alex Jones?? It will make for some good TV if it is televised...

  39. Attention future peons.

    Disregard this frivolous motion picture.
    There is nothing you can do to stop the New World Order.
    Drastic change is imminent and inevitable.

    Please resume consuption of your carbonated beverages and reconstituted meat products to ensure maximum mental pliablity and apathy.

  40. Ten minutes in and just an endless sucession of conspiracy ranting by various people. I love a good conspiracy. I just hate endless ranting.

  41. First i would like to point out that president roosevelt said himself that presidents arent elected they are chosen... and who would be a better choice for a president than a black president ... (obama) to run their ingeinus scheme to destoy the constitution.... If obama does anything scandales or unconstitutional he is defended due to racism... the plan is brilliant... and the minority will stand by this false leader to the end.. because these elite few have understood that america is minority and they have used are greatest strength and turned it to are greatest weakness.... i would like to note that i am half black and mexican... i am not blind.. i see that yess obama is change.. change of the worst kind ..

  42. Such tribal thinking!!
    I really hate it when people think that pointing out the crimes of ur own govt means u hate it. Thats the same kind of thinkin that leads to fascism. "You oppose the war so u are un-American"
    And to Ed whoever, as a person of colour I cant believe ur crap about Republicans being for personal freedom. And ur extremely simplistic view of what the left is, or even what a socialist is, is shocking in what i presume is an adult.

    The left is focused in social-justice, things like all children have a right to education, (hence socialist, govt funded education and public libraries..horror!)right to healthcare...

    What stupid human actually wants his own rights and freedoms taken away? You honestly think thats what people want for themselves?

  43. I think this documentary is ok, although I personally see no problem with united world governments. It's probably the only way we can tackle worldwide problems that affect us all like climate change, environmental pollution, starvation in the 3rd world.. if 300 million people can exist in a functioning democracy, what's so scary about 6 billion?

    And the UN paranoia is just that, the UN remains an extremely toothless organisation. And let's not forget why it was founded..to avoid the same stupid mistakes and nationalistic thinking that led to WW1 and WW2.

    The only thing that truly truly scares me is the concentration of economic power in the hands of a few. I'm not a free-market capitalist, and i dont beleive the "trickle-down" economics theory works at all. We need greater international coordination and cooperation, but we need to peg the power of the mega-corporations. In countries like mine(Australia) there are much more stringent rules on campaign contributions which mean u can see who's buying which politician. And even then the contributions are capped. So our politicians arent quite the cash-whores american ones are, all due respect to ur fine country.

  44. There is a lot in here that I dont agree with.... but there is a lot in here that I do agree with.

    The documentary is a breath of fresh air.. not because I agree with it. But its an argument from the right that is actually coherent to an extent.

    Some of the points that I agree with in the documentary
    - The Republicans and the Democrats are not very different from each other and the US version of Democracy is not Democracy.
    - Globalization as it is happening at the moment, concentrates power to a few elites and the Obama administration is in some cases incompetent in addressing it and in some cases complicit.
    - The currency system in the US is broken. Currency created out of thin air, based on nothing is destined to crash
    - The bailout was a bad move and will only fuel the problem. This applies from Bush AND Obama.

    Some of the points I disagree with
    - Globalization is inherently a bad thing
    - America is the greatest country on Earth

    Does this documentary have an agenda? Of course it does... but its not completely bogus and it has no more of an agenda than other documentaries.

  45. Honest to goodness ... I got 2 minutes and 11 seconds into watching this. Then I realized, whoever made this is full of s***. Good editing though.

  46. Interesting and compelling, and not so far out that it isn't credible. Shame they had to draww so heavily on Alex Jones, though; he's so tightly wrapped and willing to espouse any theory that is unflattering to the "ins" (lizard people? I ask you...). For those of us who sit on the fence and wait to be convinced, the presence of Jones has become an insult to our intelligence. Find us a less self-righteous, self-aggrandizing authority, please, or risk losing your audience. One O'Reilly in the world is enough.

  47. alex jones+coast to coast+dumb scared americans=loadsa cash..

  48. Alex Jones is not biased towards anyone, he just tells people something to scare them and start controversy.. Do yall know how much money he has made from starting all this fear.. This video is BS with out of context, however it does expose some of the garbage in the government

  49. ... a black bush, that's got me rotflmao !

  50. fight dont give up never give up this iz your life live it as u want not as u told

  51. @ Skye-hook,

    I don't see Ivan being for the world government, I see him being against American bombings all around the world. Where did you draw the conclusion you did above from what he said???

  52. I hate to say I voted for Obama. He's a black Bush, but worse!

  53. Ivan & anyone like him- I see you'll be on the side of the World Government, even when it gets you & your country too, just to spite the USA.

  54. @Del- Ya, I had that thought about this getting monitored too, & a fear for myself etc etc. :)lol You aren't just paranoid. lol And THAT'S why they'll get away with it. They have us all so scared we're afraid to breath wrong. We KNOW what they can do to us. Gee, we'd better be careful who we say that to. :) I suppose I outta be even more scared than I am. I would be if i planned to go around talking like this all the time. :) Really.
    * Anyone who thinks this is all or mostly about the USA is SO WRONG! This is THE WORLD! Any country you know of that's not a part of the world? It's the world and everyone in it.

  55. Anyone who has done a lot of reading knows the New World Order/One World Government is something that's been planned by international bankers for a LONG time. Presidents far back have been affected by it, and been made to co-operate with them OR ELSE, since way back. Probably at least since Lincoln's time, maybe longer. I haven't made a study of it, just came across it & it's proofs many times over the years. People have even been killed because of it. They've controlled who gets made president for a VERY long time. You think we chose? We "chose" between people they picked. I'm just a grain of sand in the desert as far as most things go, and if even I am aware of it, it can't be much of a secret, can it? Yet people don't know, haven't even heard of it, can't force themselves to believe it? Geo.W. Bush even came right out and SAID it on national TV, that he's "working toward one nation". And people didn't hear him??? I'm sure most thought he just said "for our one nation", or that that's what he meant. Gees. He probably grinned his weird little grin all week after that. He said it and got by with it & most people didn't even realize what he said. Never heard him say it? It's on YouTube somewhere even. Go see it. Most people are so AFRAID to know if such a thing could happen, they'd rather pretend it couldn't happen & never give it a serious thought. Actually, that's because it's so SCARY, and we all know it's gonna be very difficult to stop it. And too many trust this government, which will make it harder even. To blame Obama is a bit naive. He can't do much more about it than Kennedy could. You know what would probably happen if he came out & told us all in so many words on public TV. So how is he supposed to tell us, or stop it? I wonder if some of his own secret service guards are even ready at all times to kill him if he told us? Of course they are. You can bet Bush didn't have to be warned or bullied or threatened. He's worse than all the others put together. Bush is probably Satans boss. lol He is one big evil.
    * Let's stop all the rhetoric, the wishy-washy discussing all the minute details of government in the past, & cut to the THING of it. NONE of the rest matters!
    * Wake everyone up to it, do it gently at first if you must, but do it! At least let us die knowing what happened! Die or be slaves to it, that is. Who will take the number? The human number. The barcode that starts with 666. Many, because that's where the money will be. Maybe even you. I'll tell 1 or 2 people. I don't get out much or talk to many people. How about you? Maybe you can tell a few more people to make up for my part, huh? Or will you even mention it? I wonder.

  56. @Ed Marston - "Right: Supports minimal government. Supports individual freedom."

    Have you been asleep since 2000?

  57. I think europe will fall before America ivan , it's only NATURAL !

  58. AMERICA BOMBED China (1945), Korea (1950), China (1950),Guatemala (1954) Indonesia (1958), Hiroshima, Nagasaki (1945)(The bigest crimes in history),Guatemala (1960),Kongo (1964) Peru (1965), Laos (1964), Vietnam (1961)(Built Tolkin basin), Cambodia (1969), Guatemala (1967)
    Granada (1983), Lebanon (1984), Libya (1986), El Salvador (1980), Nicaragua(1980s), Panama (1989), Iraq (1991-1999), Sudan (1998), Afghanistan (1998), Yugoslavia (1999)(Three big phenomenons “Humanitarian Aggression”",”Collateral damage” and 53-th radical islamistic and terrorism country of United State in heart Europe-Kosovo),Afghanistan (2001), Iraq (2003), Greece(1947-1949).Fall Of The Republic and The end of America after all this,that is “NATURAL”.

  59. The financial bailout was a crime against all People of the Constitution. The carbon tax as a socialistic redistribution of wealth is accurate. The elite are the ones who will benefit from this. An oppressive State that causes self-censorship is exactly what is beginning to happen. Citizen spying is what North Korea does.

    But there are issues with this doc. (1) This is a bloated documentary. It needs to be sifted, edited, reordered, and shortened. (2) It is wrong to demonize someone, even Obama, by displaying caricatured photos. (3) Alex Jones’ forced he-man voice harms the credibility of his effort. If everything Alex Jones says is true, why resort to sensationalism? Are the 'facts' not compelling enough to stand on their own? Clearly not.

  60. NOOOOoooo.... Francis, don't point that out. It was funny watching people try to ping this on Obama. Bush got you guys into 2 wars, and started to write blank checks to the drug companies, lead the way on deregulation and stood by as the market collapsed under the weight of their own greed. Deficits under bush reached highest unseen since the second world war. Now all of a sudden, everyone is worried about the deficit. they think it just appeared out of no where from the stimulus package.

    This is early fear mongering for the november elections. To know how retarded this is, just look back at the fear mongering during last election. and see how much of that came true.

  61. There is a huge problem with this doc. The stock market crashed and the initial stimulation package was during the end of President Bush's second term! I am guessing the 8 years he was in power led to the practices that caused the market to crash!

  62. Europeans are no more aware than US citizens.

    Most Europeans think that the E.U. is just a bit of annoying burocracy. If you suggest it is evil/anti-humanistic most people think you are a nut.

    Almost makes you wish that someone would drop a great big nuke on the whole lot of them and 'give them back to mother earth'.

    A tax on breathing indeed. We should feel guilty for exhaling?

    So depressing.

  63. Even though I agree with the general message that the banks are not motivated to take responsibility for their actions. There's tons of misinformation and simply wrong facts in this 'documentary.' These people need to go back to textbooks to learn more about finance and accounting. A "bank bailout" is not a "blank check from the taxpayers"! It's a regular loan a bank receives from the government, once the bank is healthy and profitable or the management wants it's bonuses back, they raise capital from capital markets (pension funds, mutual funds) and repay the 'bailout' loan to the government with interest! It doesn't cost a penny for the taxpayer, in turn the state earns 6-10% interest on its bailout money.

    Also, structured products (ABS, CDOs, etc) are not made out of thin air. Let's take CDO for example, it stands for Collateralized Debt obligation. This means that a bank takes a bunch of similar loans (mortgages, credit card loans, business loans...), which are backed by collateral (house in case of a mortgage), puts them together into a package and sells it to another bank, thus the original bank receiving cash so it can lend again and moves the loan package (CDO) to another bank/fund, who would in turn gets the interest and principal payments.

  64. In a long time I have felt that somethings is wrong with the world, and as days goes by we as citizens lacks control of the world, but didnt know what was wrong and what was going on. I am quite involved in the world medias through my daily job, and more and more often I see evidence of the truth: we are heading to world governance. But still it has been so surreal for me, because who would really do this to man kind. I couldn't really believe it. This movie, together with zeitgeist, puts every in perspective, and I have become clear sighted of what has and will happen to the world. I am european, and even though the movie focuses mostly on the US, I can see the same tendencies, described in the movie, in my country. What can we do to prevent this?

  65. Doesn't matter who's on the "throne" - look behind the curtain, fellow citizens. The international bankers, the arms traders, the multinational giants...they control the governments.

  66. So called conspiracy theorists deserve a lot of credit.They have been bang on as people like Noam Chomsky say "Who cares" and TV news tells us we are crazy.Well whos crazy now pal.Who cares?I bet Noam will when they drag his skinny ass off to a FEMA camp.Oh yeah I forgot.FEMA camps are a conspiracy theory.peace.I love you my human brothers and sisters.

  67. first Bush now Obama, wtf do extremist want? i get the point but, they keep blaming Sh@#t to every political A-hLe that rises.

  68. I'm a terrorist.

  69. Ed Marston,
    That is a part of it. "Class warfare" rhetoric is a democrat party platform.

    Add to the list,







    for starters.

  70. i guess not,
    You said "Redefinition of words and phrases is a part of the “class warfare” rhetoric that permeates our world." You are absolutely corret if you mean the Left is trying to pit one group against another, ie black/white, rich/poor.
    I will define myself. I consider myself a right wing extremist. Barry Goldwater, considered my many to be the father of modern conservatism, said "extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. Let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue." Those who oppose my core beliefs( in my country, almost all Democrats), are what I call the "Left Wing" or Liberals. They know who they are.

  71. Interesting comments from everyone.There is so much to say to each that starting with any particular one would be an injustice to another.

    You're all right to some degree...some more than others.
    That being said, educate "yourselves", and I'm not talking about the rumors passed off as "true" knowledge. Words have meaning. Redefinition of words and phrases are a part of the "class warfare" rhetoric that permeates our world.

    The "individual" is where "the answer" lies.

  72. Ed Marston: Sorry but Georgie is Right. There's not left & right in politics, both parties are corrupt & are controlled by the same people. There's a Burger King & there's a McDonal's but they're both junk food. Same thing in politics.

  73. georgie,
    Are you serious that you do not understand the concept of "Left" and "Right" in politics? Here's some schooling for you. What is commonly meant, when talking about "the left" and "the right", is the division of mindsets that are polar opposites. This is apparent from voting patterns of the people and their elected representatives. For example, in the US, Democrats are "Left" - Socialists that have no loyalty to their country, Republicans are "Right" - For Freedom, Honesty, and Patriotism. Yes, there is segment of the population that consider themselves in the middle but they generally lean toward one or the other.

    Left: Believes in a authoritarian government that levys high taxes to support massive social programs that are inefficient, full of fraud, and unsustainable.
    Right: Supports minimal government. Supports individual freedom.

  74. Ed, your ignorance is showing. There is no left and there is no right. You are running a program installed into you by Edward Bernais. Look it up if you dare. Time to raise yourself above petty beliefs and realize your true humanity.

  75. I consider myself to be a conservative. Despite some of his delusionary thinking, I loved Alex Jones' rebutal of the Global Warming hoax. I don't believe Obama is a US citizen. I realize there is a movement among liberals to turn every democracy into a socialist state. I know there are groups that think humans, especialiy white humans, are bad for the planet and would be better off dead. It's just that most of this conspiracy stuff belongs in the Tin Foil Hat Museum. All bankers are not bad, the rich, for the most part, do not want us dead. The Rockefellers and the Rothchilds do not run the world. All that said, it appears the bad guys, and there are lots of them, are winning. Terrorists, liberals, socialists, communists, and the naive, poorly educated youth who blindly follow them, are, for the present, the victors in the efforts to tear douwn Western values and individual freedom. Anarchists, Marxists, and socialist-minded people believe there are enough rich people to pay for their every need - the Robin Hood dream. This belief is the sure road to enslavement. We colectively are doing this to ourselves by refusing to pay attention to history. Pointing to bankers, Jews, secret brotherhoods, and other such nonsense is a diversion from reality. The real villians are socialists, communists, most Arab states, terrorists, anarchists, and ignorance. In the US, most ills would be solved by never voting Democrat and holding Republicans responsible for their actions. The kook fringe will always be just that. You kooks will never win anything - you'll end up with a leftist government, every time.

  76. What I'd like to know is how China fits into "The New World Order" they aren't jewish or Masons are they? Are they in with Rothschilds and Rockerfeller?

  77. Charles B:

    My comment was not misplaced, you commented on a commenter. It seems both have been removed. There was reference by you about religious Alex. To a commenter also named Alex.

  78. Whenever I criticise Obama, I get a look of disgust from my friends and family who seem to think he walks on water...Some of the things presented in this film really chilled my blood.

    Does anybody know anything about part 2?

  79. Vladko: I found this comment here to me. It seems misplaced as I've never commented on this documentary. Do you know what is is referring to? I don't know what website Alex has. The post is a little old.

    Achems Razor
    October 27th, 2009 at 21:25
    Charles B.

    How could you tell (LOL)

    Did you try religious Alex website? I did, it does not work.

  80. Oh you blind little bats all of you who take this so literal in form, so solid truths contained within you think? this movie these extreme conservative people in all Alex's movies who talk about this and make a living don't play just the part intended? All the worlds a stage right! all the men and women merely players. Screeching in the dark not even capable of shadows on the cave wall only dark. Humanity but for a few who breed the light;cultivate it within. And who can purify the murky? You cant see whats going on? building the picture and relying on others to do it for you.
    Ok I apologize dont mean to call you blind anymore than i think i am to reality "what IS." We the glorified apes of this planet might want to take step, "or a journey" backwards and look from where WE are not to SEE what WE could not.
    Loook this thing is really far away and your all standing way way too close, " thats your mind influenced by everything from tv radio alex jones movies school your parents advertising all polluting your mind.
    The best way to change the us would be if like 7% just drop out of the population and live in communitys together where we grow crops and hemp or marijuana and other erbs and all kinds of other drugs as part of our society and a basic part of self enlightenment and an integral part of what would be relgious and a huge money maker for the community hemp is freedom from the government along with other crops. Just save money for a bit buy what you need shit live in tent or a van trade for as mcuh as you can without using money DROP OUT thats the only solution no law against being a bum ah yes eat others garbage get all smelly and then go vote like that make people think by what you do in your life not what you say about the latest alex jones movie you just saw the other day and omg the conspiracies are conspiracies smoke and mirriors shadows and dust. DRop out sell your computer post things from coffee shops and libraries catalog your life as you bum it up couch surf above all try and live on as little as possible in us currency using anything you can to get by but us money oh man we could really stir things up but not like this alex jones is part of the angry problem think ghandi think MLK think overwhelming passivisim clouds of weed smoke choking congress thats how we win drop out plant drugs everywhere make a sub culture that exsist totally aside from the regular one.

  81. What if world government is inevitable. With how information has become worldwide, an aweness what one country does to the enviroment affects another, and or travel becoming faster and more conveinent a world wide system seems more efficient. What if the people wreched control from the corporate and made a world republic. I don't know I'm just rambling.

  82. Q: How does one get people to fight the old left vs. right fight instead of looking behind the scenes?

    A: Drink fluoride and become a derp.

  83. the easiest way of proving a conspiracy,is to watch how hard tne conspiritors try to denie everything.

  84. Q: How does one repackage the same conservative bullshit talking points that have been running rampant throughout the news-media and at the same time attract those dimwits with a penchant for conspiracy myths?

    A: this film

  85. The "New World Order" is on its way,sooner than we may think.Once the North American Union is formed,which will happen,it will signal the beginning of the end for democracy,and the free world.

  86. To Kyle:

    You're either a disinfo agent or a sleeping sheep. About the "government wanting to eliminate 75% of humanity", it's called Eugenics, go & do your research. The word "Eugenics" derives from the Greek word eu (good or well) and the suffix -gen?s (born), and was coined by Sir Francis Galton in 1883, who defined it as "the study of all agencies under human control which can improve or impair the racial quality of future generations". Eugenics is the study and practice of selective breeding applied to humans, with the aim of improving the species. Widely popular in the early decades of the 20th century, it has largely fallen into disrepute after having become associated with Nazi Germany. Get the connection? What do you think the holocaust was about?

  87. To Kyle:
    He may be far out on some issues, but he is not deceptive. And what do you know about his income? He asks people to copy and spread his films, not a smart thing if you're only interested in money.

  88. All this is a few interviews split up. Some of the clips are also deceptively edited. He did the same thing in the Obama Deception. There are websites that go minute by minute exposing destortions in that film. If anyone knows anything about Alex Jones, they know he makes a lot of money off of fear-mongering. He believes some pretty wacky stuff. Most of it has to do with the government wanting to eliminate 75% of humanity, etc. He is really, really far out there.

  89. Imagine we will finally be able to explore to universe once the new world order is implemented and all the petty religious wars end.

  90. All I would like to say is that this "new world order" is nothing new, for it was during the 19th century under the power of entities like the British East Indies Company, who were sole controllers of India until 1947. In addition all of Africa had been under the thumb of Western Europe during the same time, where African sovereignty was taken with the decision of the the The Berlin Conference of 1884. So the notion of a "new world order" is nothing original and new.

  91. Dont expect everyone to watch these documentaries. Some do not want to put any effort into learning about history,freedom and how easily it can be repeated or taken away. These people have been dumbed down to sitcoms,reality tv and game shows. The important things in their lives are saving towards that bigger hdtv or the next pc/console game. The only time they'll sense somethings up is when homeland security kicks their door down and interrupts what they value most....their entertainment.

  92. we are only experiencing the intial stages of a system called the NWO, remember it is not an ideology, it is only an administrative system which incorporates all continents under 1 central government(big brother). this takes me back to the book George Orwell wrote "1984". except the story by george orwell is not as bad as this situation materializing before our eyes. If you connect the dots like the NAFTA agreement, European union, you will see that they have already begun the process of integration. In a couple of years we will see the African Union, south American union etc.

  93. Just read the comments of informent peeps. We all know that misinformation is on the net by the gov. google NSA misinfomation.

    Watch Camp Fema doc if you live in the states, its on pirate bay maybe here two i dunno.

  94. Vol. 1 seems to be a good introductory tool about the subjects involved but other than that it seems to be a partial rehash of the Obama Deception with hints of Endgame, both of which I recommend as they cover some of the subjects touched upon in this documentary and will give you a greater bearing upon what is unfolding.

    All round a good documentary, but I'm holding out for Volume 2.

  95. This is one of the better "conspiracy" docs that I've seen. It's relatively impartial and doesn't over-speculate. It doesn't outright point fingers at some shadowy over-government, although clearly much of the evidence seems to indicate something like that. It displays the facts and lets them stand for themselves. Good watch, this is some scary shit.

  96. I have been following these things that have been talked about on the doc. I am affraid that we are to far gone and the the public will just go along with anything. You could see it when Obama was running. You saw the hope in peoples eyes and not realizing that its all the same and we are just brainwashed. This was a calculated move by the global elite, to have a blk president. This will just mask everything. We are loosing our human freedom and will be enslaved to this new regime of world order. This whole thing with Gore makes it even more worrisome. To think that you will be policed at your home to see if you are following the enviroment law and not polluting that to me is frightening. The worst part is that it has begun. We need to stand up and fight back. We need to inform every citizen of our country. I am even affraid to express how I feel on here. We are probably being monitored. I just hope that we can all work together and succeed as humans. Please spread the word of these important docs. Inform your self.

  97. This is an interesting doc. Many of the facts can speak for themselves, but I sometimes have difficulty separating what is someones opinion and what is actually the fact.

    Also I come from a background where dramatisation is a turnoff when presenting facts and opinion, and makes me immediately suspicious.

    I would like to learn more about this issue, can anyone tell me where the links between politics, the economy, the federal reserve, global control etc is shown in a nice boring diagram please?

  98. Yeah, sorry sandra g, but did you actualy watch the documentary? If you did then you need to watch it again. I'd also reccomend zeitgeist:federal reserve. :) Not trying to be offensive/agressive at all. I just wish everyone would watch these. When I saw these docos and types like these I was so moved. This is the stuff I've been saying for years and to have it confirmed in such a strong way is chilling to me. The whole world needs to act. We need to stand together and make sure that WE are in charge of our lives.
    Once again I find myself at a loss for words. I can talk about this stuff till the cows come home but when it comes to making a short and succinct comment on a webpage, words fail me completely. Please send this documentary to everyone you know, and take the time to watch it. Don't believe everything you hear, but do your own research. You'll find out the truth eventually.
    And it's NOT just about the money, it's about the power. The power to take away our freedoms while we are too busy caring about brangelina, and blindly buying whatever the government tells us. The fact that these ologarchies see us, not as people but as PAWNS in their giant game of global domination.
    If i keep typing my opinions here would be longer than the documentary. I will stop. Just watch this.

  99. Rob T thanks for the insight....

  100. saundra g - You're either a troll or too dumb! Alex Jones also made documentaries exposing Bush Jr. It's not about democrats or republicans, left or right, conservatives or liberals, they are all puppets for the ruling elite. It's all about a world government. Research the nwo & stop being a sheep.

  101. Charles B.

    How could you tell (LOL)

    Did you try religious Alex website? I did, it does not work.


  102. Small clips of conversations can make anything seem like something else....

    Sorry I don't buy it.....nonsense....some of the people just want to believe the worse...

    Face it the banks and wealthy already own all the money....

    This is put together by anti-Obama people...

  103. hollywood desentisizes issues and many things are not taken seriously, historically movies were used to support rulers agendas, and is a instrument of propaganda which means to spread, especially the glorification of war, and the entertainment, all these accusations in this doc are just, but they keep passing the responsibility, which is just more of the same, rebellion, anger, towards the state, the politicians, the elite which is distraction from a world we have collectively created, there has to be totally different approach and will each of us overcome the fears, the escapes from resolving the world problem which is not excluding any nation state, and therefore the political, the legal wrestling of one nation state has done nothing and you can see it even in this video, and to those watching I suggest watching a century of the self on here as well, fear is a much bigger problem which comes in the way of all action,it is meaningless to know all this when in fact it just adds to the very problem of fear, the fear of the known and the unknown, the insecurities and so on, when I was younger as many of us the parents send you to karate class, and i would just sit and listen to the kids say what they are going to do, the moves and so on, and when it came down to it really, well you know how that went

  104. (M101 dream)This is not just a U.S. issue it is a global conspiracy! with powerful people,families and companies from many countries.It is about people and power and has very little to do with "nationalities" or trying to better a particular nation or state.
    Hollywood also has a part to play in the bigger picture but only to assist in keeping the masses dumb and distracted, while making real conspiracies look like nutter theory rather than searching for truths and making serious movies.

  105. great to see people wakening up to reality Hollywood is telling the truth in the films everyday stop watching adverts and buying products all the Americans are zombies just ask yourself why Yankees like horror and violence because the devil owns the u.s the are brainwash us Europeans are more aware of shit

  106. WOW i dont even know what to say WOW. I know you guys like to judge movies before you watch them, please watch it first. I have seen alot of alex jones movies. I always thought it was lots of talk with no proof but you get see congress men and women basically saying wtf. I never thought i would say this in a million years but... I believe the theory about a NWO.
    There are just to many news clips and the presidents own words and the FEDS on words to just say that this is all just made up BS.