Generation Jihad

Generation Jihad

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Generation JihadIn Generation Jihad, Peter Taylor investigates the terrorist threat from young Muslim extremists radicalized on the Internet.

Following the attempt to bomb an airliner over Detroit on Christmas Day, this landmark series looks at the angry young men of Generation Jihad who have turned their backs on the country where they were born.

In the first episode, Peter hears from those convicted under Britain's newest anti-terror laws and investigates how some of the most notorious terrorists came to be radicalized.

He finds a generation that has shed the moderate Islam their parents brought to this country, and instead have adopted a faith that they believe compels them to stand apart from Britain and its values.

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3 years ago

Except now we know that Muhammed Al Durrah wasn't actually shot by the IDF and it was just another shameless Palestinian Pallywood propoganda attempt.

5 years ago

Can you imagine the world without Islam. What would it be like? The answer is simple. It would be a world without a chronic war that Islam perpetuates. If there is no Islam then there is NO WARS.

8 years ago


Generation Jihad is a very interesting documentary that
talks about a new generation of Muslims in the world. The documentary shows how
these innocent and normal Muslims resort to a form of extreme radicalism in
order to protect and save their religious identity. Peter Taylor investigates
the threats this new generation of Muslims poses to the world. He dose so by
mostly talking about Muslims in Britain and giving specific examples on how
young Muslims become jihadist. The documentary also highlights the cause of
this newfound radicalism towards the western world and how Muslims are slowly
making their religious identity the most important identity they have to

There are two views presented in this documentary. One view
is of the Muslims who state that the west is controlling the Muslim world and
are the cause of conflict in the Middle East. They believe that the west has
polluted the holy religion of Islam by always interfering in its matters. Then
there is the view of a historian. Do these Muslims really have a cause to
pursue such radical means in the name of Islam or are have they come to the
point where their hatred is overshadowing their quest to save their religion.

I think this film is an excellent film, which has highlighted
a very important issue in the world today. Many people have said that the
conflict between the Islamic world and the west will be the cause of the next
war in the world. The most remarkable thing about this film is that it doesn’t
take a specific stand on this issue. It simple presents the issue and provides
two perspectives on it backed by solid evidence. In the film many young Muslims
have been interviewed and have actually stated tat they actually do not feel
any remorse for the people who have died in this conflict. What is amazing is
they actually passively support groups like Al Qaeda stating that they have
been pushed to the point where violence is the only solution to their problem.

This film has been presented in a very effective manner. By
providing solid statistics and actually doing live interviews with these people
the director is able to fully make us understand the gravity of this issue and
it also shows us how there is stand off between both these perspectives. For
example the documentary actually shows the Muslims responses to Salman Rushdie
controversial writings.

In conclusion I think this film is a must watch for anyone
who is interested in the issue between the Muslim world and the western world.
It truly shows the magnitude of the situation and is eye opener for every one.
A solution must be found before this conflict erupts and reaches a point where
there will be serious consequences.

10 years ago

In fact two words only:

mindless murderers

11 years ago

The citizen's in the west are clearly trying to rise up and prevent the unnecessary wars in the middle east and the bankers rule over the world. and yet these Muslim fanatics ignore our efforts and act on prejudice, ignorance and cruelty and target the western workers rather than the big cheeses that have full control over the vast system of control. Why are they unable to wake the hell up and see how the world really works? There are bankers that rule the world and they have incredibly powerful security forces to prevent any change to the status quo.

11 years ago

this all propaganda bull s***

11 years ago

Nothing is more clear to me than the toxic, contentious nature of this current war of words between the victims on all sides of a world gone mad. And in this insanity, there's always some Prophet in the woodpile spouting self-righteous bullsh*t about some religious mission to do some god's revealed will. Let's round-up anyone who is devoutly anything (except rational) and put them all on the moon...then start over from scratch.

William Call
11 years ago

well well well...maybe they should have their asses deported regardless if they were born there....grow up in Britain then try to destroy it? Kick the f--ks out!

11 years ago

i m So Sick of these Stupid peoples who don't even know Islam talking about jihad.

12 years ago

Many of the 100,000 civilians killed were casualties of sectarian violence. These different groups were quite happy to see the Americans come in and defeat Saddam. Now they want them out so they can become the next power elite just like Saddam Hussein was.

12 years ago

Bloody religion,, cause far to many problems,, believe in the universe and the fact that evolution is correct, religion is there to control people ,

12 years ago

if only more people would take to heart the fact that the Koran condemns suicide and that killing people is wrong

12 years ago


Well said

12 years ago

Terrorism is wrong, whomever does it. A terrorist is not only the one with the dynamite vest. It can be a single man, a group of people, a government or an army. Some people create terror with the push of a button and some with the stroke of a pen and a handshake.
Politics and religion, the biggest whores that ever lived.

12 years ago

BBC does it again, they used to make good docs.

12 years ago

I think that there is a fundamental contradiction in the lives of these young muslims because they grow up in two worlds that call for different things.

Although most learn to find a happy compromise between what their religion and society want and get on with their lives, those with identity issues and frustrations cling to the expansionist, intolerant fringe to give themselves a reason to exist.

I have to agree with the guy above who said they should pack up their bags and leave the Dar-el Harb voluntarily, since in their own words it is so corrupt and decadent. A brief stint in the Da al-Islam will convince the intelligent ones that whatever the evils of western society, it has afforded them a life the vast majority of their fellow muslims in Islamic states would envy.

I'm just sayin'

12 years ago

Fundamentalists of any religion will cause terror to anyone. A Terrorist is a person who inflicts pain and suffering upon another human being.
These days both sides contain terrorists, and any normal person would see there is good and bad in all religions.
Plus, it's not religion that's starting this crap, it's human nature. If it wasn't religion we'd all just find something else to go to war or fight over.
As Agent Smith said in The Matrix, The human race is nothing more than a virus.

12 years ago

lol i love the word terorist, but who r in this catogary, wel who is it,

John Works
12 years ago

If we truly beleive in peace, we must aknowledge the fact that violence should never be condoned in any form, unless in the case of self defence. I'm sorry to say, neither the U.S. Military nor the radical Islamists are acting out of self defense. Anyone who beleives that the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq is justified as "liberating" are living in a dream world of their own. If the U.S. was so interested in "liberating" oppressed people, then why do they not give a damn about places like Darfur? I don't think that we (people of all races, creeds, religions, etc.) have it in us for peace. I hope I am wrong and that in future generations, people will make peace and shake their heads at how uncivilized and greedy we were.

12 years ago

9/11 was the US Govt stabbing itself and blaming their rogue agent Osama (he worked for the CIA) so that they could invade Iraq and get their oil while providing a base for their military to project US military force in the region. Afghanistan is to secure the heroin trade for the CIA, to test new weapons, provide a buffer zone to russian influence and put pressure on Iran.

The USA has consistently invaded other countries it's entire life. It's built on blood soaked stolen land.

There would be no anti-US terrorists if the US stopped invading other countries.

Your US democracy is a total sham. You have no rights because you don't even know what they are.

Governments lie routinely. Don't believe what you read in the newspapers controlled by mega-corporations.

Next up Baluchistan.

@Carlo - you really need to do some research. I mean actual critical thinking... you know like using your brain to work out whether something is accurate or not.

The most hopelessly enslaved are those who think they are free. You are only free as long as you do what you are told and think within the box provided to you.

12 years ago


For one thing, the 9/11 weren't cowards, evil maybe, but its not cowardly to sacrifice your life for what you believe. As far as our military in Iraq protecting American freedom, well that's just an absurd thing to say. Very, very few people on Earth agree with you. Its well known that the reasons we went there were false. Do you have your brain directly connected to Fox News, or do you just know very little about the world generally? I get crass because your responses are heavy on emotional attacks, and virtually bereft of any logic whatsoever. We did not go to Iraq to protect the Iraqi people, if we had, we wouldn't have let Saddam slaughter the Marsh Arabs we encouraged to rebel during the First Gulf War. Just really weak man.

13 years ago


Only a few words for you: At least you are not obnoxious like so many other people - you are obnoxious in a different and worse way!
Soldiers volunteer their lives, overseas and inland to prevent a foreign Army invasion from ever attacking American soil. And please, don't get me the B.S. that we were already attacked on Sept 11. Yes, we were attacked, but not by a conventional Army, but instead by a group of well organized coward. To call stupid at people thinking like you would be an insult to stupid people. Would you really bear arms at the sight of enemy forces invading our land, because you just said it, you wouldn't be able to kill another human being.
Anyone who told you to be yourself couldn't have given you worse advice.

13 years ago


This is my last reply for you, because I don't want to waste my time with a blinded fool-self proclaimed defender of the insurgents and supporters of terrorism like Saddam and Osama. And just for your information, your role model Saddam killed over half a million of his own people during his reign of terror and autocracy. During war times there is always collateral damage. You should be ashamed of expressing your resentful thought against our military. Finally, I must let you know that I am currently serving proudly in the U.S. Navy, and I have been doing this honorable service for over 11 years. So, I know what I am taking about, not like you, that open your mouth, but close your brain. After all, a sharp tongue is no indication of a keen mind. Well, my dear friend, I give you the freedom to dissent with me, but one day you will swallow your hollow words. It's hard to get the big picture when you have such a small screen.
P.S. There will be no more replies. Good luck Hardy.

13 years ago

You say soldiers produce freedom? That they are defending the 'western values'? That they do good? They make me able to enjoy a warm shower?

Firstly, a soldier doesn't PRODUCE anything. A person who is valuable to society produces goods, like food, houses, and as you correctly said, clean water. A soldier does none of that.

Secondly, the soldiers in Iraq/Afghanistan are protecting western greed, not freedom. Your 'freedom producing operation' has cost billions of dollars and killed around 100.000 civilians, Saddam couldn't have dreamed of killing so many people. The 'terrorist threat' is a threat blown out of proportion to keep people like you scared. Our freedom was never in danger, the government would simply like you to believe so.

Yes, the 'freedom' (who believes the recent election in Iraq was 'free', anyways?) that the soldiers produce is truly immense.

Go to sleep, little child. While sleeping, you must not attempt to think.

13 years ago

Sorry Carlo,have to disagree with you to a certain extent.You say the American army is all volunteer,well what do they volunteer,their time and expertise?their land or money?Their choice is a carreer one,a Paid job.They choose this and i use this term loosely PROFESSION knowing at the drop of a hat they can be sent anywhere in the world into any situation and to kill on command.You are right we are all regulated to a certain extent,but there is always choice,i can continue my 12 hour days and try and better myself and improve my knowledge and make a better life for my children or i can choose to sit on my arse at home on the dole getting benefits(or go sell drugs or guns)CHOICE.But by God no Government or President from the comfort of their mansions will get me to kill a human being.If another country comes knocking on Irelands door there will be no need for an army,every man would join together and fight the aggressor to protect their families and their country but we have no reason to invade another country.Where have all the guns and rpg launchers in Afgan come from?America,to fight the Russians.The C.I.A trained them on everything from i.e.d to fire arms.Allies one minute enemies the next.American governments past and present have much to answer for and if not for their forced recession maybe these poor young guys would have more choices than army life.Theses are only my opinions.

13 years ago


I certainly believe that you don't only have "Hardy" as a nickname, but your brain is extremely hard to get the point at.

You said:
1. "You can’t tell me that the soldiers stationed in Afghanistan or Iraq are protecting my freedom."

- Read this, they are fighting to give you the freedom to not join the military if you don't want. Don't you know that in the U.S. the military is an "All Volunteer" force"? Well, that means that you or your friends that opted to go directly to college after high school, or stay living in their moms' basement to spend time writing on these forums, people like you, for whom breathing and walking at the same could be considered a miracle, WILL NOT HAVE to make that "Choice." In the U.S. there is not DRAFT. So my dear friend, if you don't respect them, at least be thankful, because thanks to them, your sorry ass can be enjoying a warm shower at home, video games, drugs, and everything else that you and your friends take for granted. If you don't consider this part of your freedom, my friend, you are occupying space on this planet without deserving it.

2. "I have no respect for the soldiers stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Whoever is stupid enough to join a military and subject himself completely to a government’s will is naive."

OK, to tell you the truth, those soldiers DO NOT need your respect. Whatever coming out from people like you is worth nothing.
Just a question for you my friend, according to you --those soldiers en Iraq or Afghanistan are stupid enough to subject themselves to a government's will--, please tell me that you are not one of those high profile investors from Wall Street, or part of the Federal Reserve's Board of Directors, or maybe close friend of the World Bank or IMF's Board of Governors, because unless you are really powerful and full of money, you are just another "puppet" of the government. You MUST do whatever they want you to do, such as paying high taxes, obeying Laws and Regulations in order to keep yourself out of trouble, "Laws" that in certain cases we hate or are unjust, which we'd love to break, they (Government) can even keep you out of work indefinitely, to manipulated you, so my friend, are you living in another country or planet? Please tell me, Who is the Stupid Now?

13 years ago

I understand what you are saying fully.

If you go to the military, you must be aware that you WILL BE USED to kill other people and that you give up your humanness to the government. If you are so naive and go into the military "for the fun" or the money, that is your fault. Governments use military for unjust causes, that is fact, and if you join the military you must be aware that YOU DO NOT HAVE A CHOICE anymore.

You can't tell me that the soldiers stationed in Afghanistan or Iraq are protecting my freedom. It's simply bullsh*t. People in the Iraq see the taliban as the "lesser evil" after all of these years of oppression through the coalition-military. All the military does there is create more extremists - Saddam Hussein killed a lot less civilians than the US military.

I have no respect for the soldiers stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Whoever is stupid enough to join a military and subject himself completely to a government's will is naive.

13 years ago


I am assuming that you has never served the U.S. military, as that last foolish and stupid statement only comes out of the mouth of a pariah, who has not respect for the ones that allow you to be seated comfortably on your lazy ass, playing video games, hanging out with your buddies, and maybe still living in your mom's basement. Those reasons would explain the lack of understanding about this subject. What I said is that a vast majority of the soldiers, marines and sailors sent to fight in the Middle East "DO NOT" chose to go there, simply because when you belong to the Military you are subject to the Uniformed Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), which is something like the "Magna Carta", that rules judicially the Armed Forces. When you receive orders to deploy, it is not up to you to decide to go or not. You MUST comply and execute those orders, like it or not. That's why I said that it is not always the case that our military go there happily.
Something similar occurs with the jihadists. A lot of them do not come to this country voluntarily, but following pre-established directions emanated by their extreme-radical Islamic leaders. It is true that some of them take advantage of their permanence on the U.S., and even live the American dream and lifestyle, but are incapable of doing anything to sustain their own beliefs. They are only fear-mongering and extremely perturbed individuals who want to appear bigger than life. In a sense, they are just cowards.
However, their goal is the same, or better said, the goal of their leaders is the same, full domination of the world. Or do you think that the Vietnam, Korea or Iraq's wars were conducted by the U.S. only to save some countries from ruthless dictators? Wake up my friend, the only good politicians are the ones six feet under. The rest share the same objective: to destroy everything and anyone who are in disagreement with them, and stand in between their private agendas and their ultimate goal. Like G.W. said, "You are with us , or against us." Well, the generation jihad thinks exactly the same. For what other reason do they would call us "invaders", crusaders, imperialists, among other names.
Please, let me know if you need further clarification.
Last but not least, DON'T ever disrespect the military again.

13 years ago

"They are there because they MUST do it. It is not their decision."

Everybody has a choice. You are not required to be a soldier in the US Army, AFAIK. Every soldier knows, or rather should know, what they are getting into. Whoever is stupid enough to pursue a career in the army and died in Iraq had it coming. I'm just saying.

13 years ago

Exactly they were ordered to go,by people in power.Only one reason why thet ordered the troops in,oil,simple!!!It is an unlawfull war,weapons of mass destruction,never found!!!Their greed has cost soo many innocent lives,young soldiers,civilians.Oil=money,money=power.They have fueled hatred now for muslim people and vice versa.Bush the brain dead puppet has blood on his hands,but if you think it bothers him,you would be sadly mistaken.Muslims who choose to move to other countries and are welcomed and given a better quality of life should show some appreciation and not spread word of jihad and terror.There is good and bad in every nation,sadly it is the few who tarnish many.

13 years ago


The same reply applies to your comment. It is not about liking or not a place. Do you think that American soldiers like or love to be in Iraq or Afghanistan? Let me tell you my friend, they DO NOT. They are there because they MUST do it. It is not their decision. They are ordered to do it. It is true that the U.S. military is an "All volunteer" force, but trust me, they don't want to be there, as much as the Muslim radical extremist do not want to be here in America, however, their goal is so clear and similar to ours: GLOBAL DOMINATION!

13 years ago

@ Louise,

They don't go home for the same reason we, Americans, don't leave their land...domination! Simply like that.

13 years ago

I am a catholic,that does not matter.These people need to be kicked out of the country.I am Irish,i live in Norway,i lived in England for 6 years years,was treated well allowed to work and make a living to support my family.Live and let live,i dont force my beliefs on anyone.

If you believe in allah,good for you,if you are gay,so what. none of my bussiness>These guys hate the western world soo much,well dont live in it,move. They will take the benefits and housing that working people are paying for them but they preach hatred and support terrorism.

They play basketball,wear nike and two of the 7/7 bombers are wearing american clothes,puma clothes and a NY yankees baseball hat.Hypocrites!!!!Tell me what religion allows killing of a fellow human being?It doesnt matter if your white,black,yellow or green,catholic,prodestant or muslim.....if your an idiot your an idiot.7/7 killing normal people going to work,probably tired and doing a mundane job as most of us do,just to pay bills and support our families.

A proud day for Allah, i think not!!Because i am irish and the terrible things england did to Ireland in the past, does that give me the right to announce jihad, no, because my religion and my upbringing tell me to turn the other cheek and love thy fellow man.

Forgiveness and moving forward is the only way to progress.I am happy to have friends of every color and religion, I don't see any of that,i see them as people with goods hearts and personalities. If you don't like the country your living in,no one is pointing a gun to your head, get out!!!!

13 years ago

why cant they just go home, if they love it so much, instead of trying to change our culture to fit theirs? Cheek of the highest order

13 years ago

Typical liberal terrorist sympathizer. Allows Muslim vermin to deliver scripted bull**** and paint themselves as victims.

13 years ago


Not to defend Battleangel, or anybody else in this forum, but you have not right to tell anybody that "he/she can give his opinion, because according to you this individual has not lived what you have gone through." Let me remind you that all American live through the Sept 11, 2001 experience. Have you gone through something like this in your "balanced and fair" life. Everything you name on your post we've lived it, here in America, every single day of our lives, so please, give me a break.
This documentary may be a little bit biased, but the atrocities committed by either side are there to be seen by everybody. Shame on the human race.

13 years ago

Terrorism is not new to Islam. History tells us that Muslims are rather latecomers to radicalism and terrorism. They are just more visible because it is happening in this day and age in front of our own eyes and the media of course plays a major role in wider public awareness about the issue. In the past, crusading Christians also have a history of mass murdering and violence in the name of God. Today, Zionists are doing exactly the same in the name of God. Muslims are just trying to catch up in this madness. How about the anarchists? I believe that the world has been created in such a way that whatever you do comes back at you; violence begets violence and love begets love and peace begets peace. It's a simple lesson but humanity has not learnt it even after thousands of years of experience. Btw, the documentary is good; excellent work.

13 years ago

I cannot understand why we have to differentiate God. In my opinion and of many others God or Allah is one. We just use religion to intepret our beliefs. Doent every religion teach to do good in your community?! I guess thats why I am against all religions, they manipulate the whole idea of doing good, in order to serve a cause. A greatly disoriented cause I would say..

People have become afraid, acts of violence are acts of frightened people .. Call them terrorists , Call them Armies declaring peace along their path ...

At the end of the day everything sums up to a big pile of sh~t. What is done cannot be undone. Lets hope that everyone will choose carefully their next step.

13 years ago


As an "100% american christian" you have very strong views about something you know nothing about. Why don't you come over to England for a few months, attend a few Muslim rallies where members are openly swearing to kill whites. Go to Hyde park and listen to mad Imans rave against the country that protects them in "asylum." Go to parts of London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bradford where large gangs of young violent Muslims armed with an array of knives and improvised pepper based weaponry own the streets. They do so with virtual impunity because the system here has become so politically correct people daren't even speak out. We have laws against hate speech over here but it is only ever affected in a reversed racist way. Now put all that in your home town. You wouldn't be feeling so damn righteous and indignant then. You'd be up in arms calling your your elected officials to do something about it. Not bleating about a documentary evidencing the facts.

I have a HUGE sense of justice and what makes me furious is actually people like you talking with such passion about something you have zero experience of. Your misdirected zeal here should be turned into something useful. Go lobby your politicians to get out of the illegal wars and occupations. Do something useful with your bleeding heart liberalist views.

I`ve yet to see any documentary that doesn't present it's views with some sort of slant or bias. This doc is no different. It shows evidence of a small minority of Muslims finding their way into involvement with terrorism. The doc is about that small element and is not anti - Islamic per se. Unfortunately political correctness strikes again as even in this doc comment section cries of "propoganda" roll out.

I'd like to hear from a moderate Muslim Brit who has opinions on this subject. That would be a lot more interesting. I`ve known a lot of decent Muslims who would have no truck for any of this Jihad cr^p some of their young frustrated males are getting themselves into.

13 years ago

This is an absolutely horrible documentary... completely senationalist and very much bias. i am surprised that was even aired on bbc which is an news agency i have at least some amount respect for.

first off let me say i am an 100% american christian and even I feel that the horrible mcarthyist like witch-hunt that many of these "radical" muslims featured in this documentary go through is awful.

no don't get me wrong i think terrorism is not justifiable however the aim that this documentary is not so much about the causes of terrorism as it is about sensationalizing the "young muslim man"

although documentaries like this claim to be "objective" it is the very attitude and social assumptions that pervade this "documentary" that put people on the edge.

for example whenever the muslims express their views that it should also be labeled as "terrorism" when the west attacks muslim populations and that it is silly to not expect them to fight back. the narrator is quick to assume that everyone in the audience thinks that this viewpoint is "strange" and "alternative" when in fact it actually makes alot of sense and any western nation would respond the same way if they were attacked.

in addition to this the "terroristr expert" that the documentary consulted was absoultuly ridiculous. he calls scenes of of palestinian children maimed and injured by israel as "proproganda". that is not terrorism that is evidence!

this is ludicrous and should make anyone who has any sense of justice furious.
documentaries and attitudes like this is what TRULY leads to "muslim radicialization"

13 years ago


13 years ago

Peter Taylor says that muslims ignore the atrocities that palestinians inflict on israeli's but thats like saying that historians ignore the atrocities inflicted by native aericans on the white settlers. Bove examples are a case of colonialism. The colonisers the israelis came and forced palestinians off of the land. The israelis stole the land and massacred palestinians. You cant say both sides are 'as bad as each other'. The palestinians are just fighting back so would you if someone stole your land and if you saw tanks of the coloniser crush the head of children.

13 years ago

Not a bad documentary, but watch with a skeptical eye. Some of these stories are missing some very interesting points to do with the terrorists connections with government agencies. For example, the Christmas day bomber was ushered past the bodyscanners in the airports, by F.B.I. Showing there is a chance these young men where influenced by more people then just the groups shown in this film.

Thanks for adding this doc though. I look forward to seeing the view points of the next few films in the series.

13 years ago

Vlatko, when I submitted this I didn't realise it was a series. Part 2 is now uploaded to the same channel. The third part is on TV this coming Monday and I dare say that will be uploaded too.

When the third one goes up I`ll post a link here so it can be upgraded.

13 years ago

was an ok doc, just goes to show how easily people can be influenced.