The Great Culling: Our Water

The Great Culling: Our Water

2013, Conspiracy  -   257 Comments
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The Great Culling of the human race already has begun. Covertly, insidiously, mercilessly, a global depopulation agenda has been launched.

As this plays out, the vast majority of the human race will be removed from the gene pool. Genetically annihilated. Will you and your genetic lineage survive?

It is being done through chemicals added to our drinking water, food, medicines, and the air we breathe - chemicals that have the known effect of reducing fertility and shortening lifespan.

This documentary is the first of a three-part series. It shows how additives to our drinking water, such as fluoride, supposedly to combat tooth decay, in reality are covert doses of death. It also shows how you can protect yourself and your family.

Film-makers Paul Wittenberger (What In The World Are They Spraying?) and Chris Maple explore WHAT are the real threats to your life, your offspring and your genetic integrity?

Directed by: Paul Wittenberger

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  1. Reading some of these comments.... there are a lot of nutcases out here.

    1. It's hard to comprehend because you can't see it.. #FluorideLawsuit "The present trend toward complete removal of fluoride from water & food may need some reversal." -
      ALCOA-sponsored biochemist Gerald J. Cox - Do you think he succeeded?? Educate yourself than others unless you don't have a choice to vote...

    2. itd very simple, Corporations work for profits the people are just in their way. Governments and Corprations work hand ain hand in a arrangement of organized collusion . they are basically one in the same. People mean nothing except to make it appear they are they have all these dead beat social programs that get one class to pay for the other,,,,while they keep all their profits and sell you the garbage they make for triple the price.

    3. And it looks you still sleepy sleepy. When u wake up it will hurt. I feel sorry for you! xx

  2. I think this is 100% TRUE! AM EXPERIENCING a LOT of the same signs and symptoms. Especially when I lived in Florida. Florida is now leading our Country in the Coronavirus cover up. Disgusting! Vote Blue! Only 1 Planet!

    1. Vote blue lmao. How about both sides are insidiously corrupt, which is the point of the entire thing. There’s no right or wrong way to vote. It’s all the same thing. You’re hilariously naive

  3. Pharmacy is one of the most polluters of the world whit the chemical s what the dumping
    Into water sources .
    When will start the fight to bring then down and. change the way of th real medicine

  4. Its sure a slow way of killing people. Lol not working anywhere but in white people. Porn is a bigger issue. That and week men

  5. I'm sorry who drinks water for "recreation" xD

  6. HEY TDF, read your own terms,then read some of the comments and back and forth between commenters,then tell me why my comment featuring questions and a link to good information doesn't appear?,it is obvious that you don't want good information getting out.On that note I will never again dignify a p.o.s .site that is just one more CENSOR in a world rife with control freaks and bullsharters.adeiw and farewell F.O.A.D.

    1. More people like you should speak out

  7. why is this substance listed under "drug facts" on some toothpaste ? and why do these same toothpaste tubes tell you to contact poison control centers if ingested? name one medicine that isn't dose specific to body weight,then tell me how dosage is controlled when this drug is put into the water supply that children to adults ingest?look up un1778 then tell me why this substance is listed as hazardous material on every msds you can find,now tell me who the real idiots are? you shills of disinformation know who you are and to whom I'm speaking.Slow poisons are the best for the "health industry",anyone ever hear of informed consent? go to, plenty of studies and sources

  8. In 1981 the local rural water Co. Started fluoridating the water. I had my own water well put in. Never looked back aside from seeing my neighbors health deteriorate; mine is great. I realized fluoride was poison many years ago when I saw bottles of blue crystals labeled rat poison: the ingredients? Fluoride. You are the gate-keeper of your mind, body and soul, or not. Think about it. Bottled water will not work.

  9. A planet passes trough our solar system and by earth, earth being sad and depressed.
    The planet asks earth: why so sad sister?
    Earth answers: i got homo sapiens.
    The planet replies: don't worry i had them to, it will pass....

  10. .....a really good way to hide HAZARDOUS MATERIAL. Right under our noses !!!!!!!!!

  11. .....only in america....they do not want a healthy planet.....there's money to be made off of DISASTERS, and disease. And if that doesn't work out..............BOMB THEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. America bombs them.. for the EU/world countries which use America as their subsidized military substitute.. and have no military to combat CH/RUS if they attacked.
      Great plan if you want to crush EU quickly while concentrating help across oceans.

  12. We have to ban yards, public parks, freeways, golf courses, or we'll have no water to drink.

  13. They're not being told, because it is highly toxic. It is a bi-product of the ALUMINUM and Phosphorous Industries.

  14. They said that THALIDOMIDE was safe, too.

  15. Why don't they ask where the 'FLOURIDE" they're using, COMES FROM?

  16. A culling by way of water? No good genius would subscribe, it's too old-fashioned. It will come in the form of........gee, it's 136 degrees here......what am I and 3 billion other people gonna do? Let us try and knock over Europe, Russia, Canada, etc and see if there isn't WW3.

  17. The Government puts it in your water ...for free... Think about it.

  18. Read a number of comments. Sad how so many belittle others attempting to make themselves feel superior. All you demonstrate is how lame and inferior, which is the why you do it.

    It doesn't take rocket science to determine that putting a substance as toxic as fluoride into your body is unwise. For that matter Chlorine. People don't die from smoking cigarettes and cigars right away either.

    Years ago Aluminum smelters used to be the/a source of fluoride (may still be). Out of their unregulated (at the time) chimneys came a fair amount of fluoride settling on nearby farms. The farm animals would eat the grass and such with that fluoride upon it and suffer horrible conditions such as teeth falling out, brittle breaking bones, poisoning, death. Clearly they were vacuuming up large quantities. But that is how lab testing is also done; give a much larger dose to mice and rats to see if there is any negative impact.

    Against all evidence to the contrary, some still choose to believe their govt is their friend and protector, due to their socialist govt school and socialist media indoctrination. Govt is the protectors of corporations against the people unless the govt folks feel their job is in jeopardy. Democrat politicians blame Republicans as being evil while doing the same evil things or worse and vice versa.

    And people fall for it, for some reason, basically denial; wanting to believe THEIR guys are good and the other guy is bad. A false premise pushed upon us to keep us fighting among ourselves instead of the real enemy, the politicians and bureaucrats and their puppetmasters, the banksters and corporate ceo's.

    1. Your government should be your friend with honest hardworking officials. The effectiveness of a government is determined by who's running it AND how actively the citizens are. You can't run a nation without a government. Vote, get involved and stay involved, never, never ever except what politicians say - look at who they are and what they do or don't do. We need good government but we need good citizens too.

  19. Your gums are essentially a sponge of whatever you put in your mouth, hence why mouth health is so important to overall health, hence fluoride in toothpaste to begin with. Google all the nonsense you want. I'll stick with the hundreds of peer reviewed studies on the subject, none of which found the risks associated with small amounts of fluoride in toothpaste and drinking water outweigh the benefits. Good thing for you people far smarter than you are responsible for making public health decisions. Plus comparing toxic fluoride compounds to what is in water and paste, is also fing stupid. The internet is making everyone dumb and resulted in Trump.

    1. You blamed internet stupidity on Trump. Self evident contradiction(you are that stupid and we need not listen to you) and projection onto a single man.
      How does me drinking water without it touching my gums allow the fluoride to absorb through my gums.
      Also fluoride is orally applied to your teeth for outer protection. Your gums don't suck it up and excrete it magically as better teeth.
      *throws unicorn land back into Fukushima*

  20. A simple search of why not to eat toothpaste should settle this. You nay sayers are morons arguing from a point of ignorance. I typed " why not to eat toothpaste" into Google and the information is overwhelming in favor of not doing it. My god are you all really that fu**ing retarded and lazy to do a simple Google search. Seriously my god the ignorance of people is astounding.

  21. WOW! We've got some real winners in here! specifically Suzy Spellcheck. I Love how you think peer reviewed papers mean anything when it comes to the grand scheme. Sure, there are good scientists but there are also bad ones who will say anything or let anything slip through the cracks all in the name of greed. You obviously don't understand the world you're living in. I suppose you also think that Noam Chomsky doesn't know anything about the state of the world because he's not a scientist and peer reviewed LOL. Suzy, It's people just like you (and there are a lot of you) that give the corrupt institutions of this world confidence in knowing they can pull off such atrocities.
    Those of you who think they are trying to kill all of us, you are wrong. They do need us, but not in the numbers we are currently populating the planet with. Keeping us around long enough to do all their dirty work is what they want. Not everyone is smart enough or has enough money to give themselves the best health possible. They know this, and what it creates is an industry treating a whole lot of sick people. Big Money!! So No! they are not killing everyone off like CitizenX would have you believe, they are banking on the long death. No pun intended. What kind of money would these institutions be making if everyone was healthy or dead. They need you sick for as long as possible!

    Let me ask all of you this. Assuming your all good people. Knowing the potential risks (because not everyone is the same) would you approve in adding a substance to an entire water supply because it may help a cosmetic aspect of humans, or would you rather give people completely clean water, so they can make that decision for themselves.

    Last but not least, It's much harder to remove something than it is to add it later if you want it. Toothpaste is all you need. All the studies on the effectiveness of Sodium Fluoride to harden teeth were done topically. With that in mind think about the water supply being used to water all of our crops...

    Do you know what happens to a substance as it becomes hard...Ill let you all figure that one out on your own.

    1. Totally agree with you Cnit! Our government isn't as benevolent as it would have us all believe.

  22. Obviously the crap is toxic, I don't believe anyone will dispute that. However, to believe that there is a sinister plot to kill everyone off is going a bit far. They need us slave peasants around to perform the labor that they're too stupid and lazy to do. I guess the more automation is perfected and utilized, the fewer Serfs they'll need. BURN YOUR TOOTHBRUSHES!!

    What needs to happen is this: Every person on the planet needs to abstain from just about everything for thirty days. Just get by on the absolute necessities for one month. Don't even buy anything from your local grocery except for the must-have items. In-and-of itself, it wouldn't change anything, but it would sure as hell show the ones that actually pull the strings who really controls the money. What does this have to do with this documentary? Not a things, but it would damn sure have some people shaking in their boots. Unfortunately, we're doomed to suffer a horrible future because people are content to be lead blindly by greedy fools.

  23. Didn't watch this. Safe.

  24. It makes me sad to see so many people buying scaremongering BS like this.

    The only real conspiracy going on here is a conspiracy to scare gullible people into parting with their cash.

    Flouride doesn't do a damned thing to society except decrease it's dental bills.

    No doubt that opinion will start waves of name calling, but I ask you to look at the evidence.

    If what these conspiracy theorists claimed was true then literally everyone would be dead...instead our population is increasing exponentially and living longer.

    Flouride conspiracy is complete BS.

    1. Looking at evidence and interpreting it intelligently are two different things. Whose the source? How might they benefit? How many studies? What are some international studies? Why did they decide to add floride? Who was behind it? Was it a valid conclusion? Etc., etc., etc.

  25. Fluoride kills the neurons in the brain, but when they come into contact with heavy metals like mercury they have a synergy that creates a toxicity of a 100 fold. it is even worse between aluminium and mercury. Fluoride is even more deadly in the stomach which is 80% of your immune system.

    To dispel the argument:-

    Calcium Fluoride:- is natural in nature and will still have an ill impact on your bones, teeth and internal organs if more than a small amount is ingested, this isn't what is put in your water supply.

    A mothers milk releases no fluoride to the baby (because it is trying to protect that child.)

    Sodium Fluoride:- comes from the phosphate fertilizer and aluminium industry. It is collected from the anti-pollution scrubbers (smoke stacks) and is so toxic and acidic it is collected in rubber lined aluminium tankers and then dumped into our water supply, it is used in the atomic bomb to produce a greater yield, also in sarin gas as the active ingredient. It used to be used in rat poison about 7 years ago but to many people made the connection so they took it out or at least took it off the description.

    The spinners cant get past the argument that people in Scandinavian or other European countries have the same if not better teeth than we do no matter what BS they use. In time this will go down as one of the best genocide programs our overlords came up with, but in the beginning it was only about saving money for the "corpse" as it was too costly to dump it. Instead our governments pay them to dump it in our water.

    We should make our politicians swim in it before it is diluted in our water supply.

    1. Agree!

  26. General Jack D. Ripper:
    Mandrake, do you realize that in addition to fluoridating water, why,
    there are studies underway to fluoridate salt, flour, fruit juices,
    soup, sugar, milk... ice cream. Ice cream, Mandrake, children's ice
    Group Capt. Lionel Mandrake: [very nervous] Lord, Jack.
    General Jack D. Ripper: You know when fluoridation first began?
    Group Capt. Lionel Mandrake: I... no, no. I don't, Jack.
    General Jack D. Ripper:
    Nineteen hundred and forty-six. 1946, Mandrake. How does that
    coincide with your post-war Commie conspiracy, huh? It's incredibly
    obvious, isn't it? A foreign substance is introduced into our precious
    bodily fluids without the knowledge of the individual. Certainly without
    any choice. That's the way your hard-core Commie works.

    Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964)

    It's a communist plot, nothing to worry about.

  27. People will poison themselves no matter what you try to do just look at how many people are obese and still stand by coke or the people will liver disease standing by artificial sweeteners. I am not against you having the freedom to kill yourselves but i do believe that EVERYONE has a right to the truth and to a label. ALL ingredients should be labeled and ANY ingredient that shows ANY effect in ANY lab tests be it done by the corp or external should be by LAW written on the label so ALL people can make the choice for themselves. There should also be made ALTERNATIVES for those who do not wish to poison themselves with whatever the chemical may be. SEE simple fix but everyone makes things so complicated. I also believe that corps should be held accountable for ANY illness that tracks back to their products and be made to pay for healthcare systems world wide to tend to those they poisoned. I guarantee they would then care more to test and maintain the highest standard of quality EVER and would be very careful what they produce for the public but then again i doubt anyone would be smart enough to understand this point lol.

  28. I stopped drinking tap water years ago and now buy bottled water. I suggest you all do that. Small price to pay to live I guess. I complained to the local water works and they just looked at me like I was a nut job! Try it yourself and see that they don't care.

    1. did you NOT watch the movie? There is fluoride in US bottled water too.

  29. What was that general's name in Dr. Strangelove?

    1. "Do you realize that fluoridation is the most monstrously conceived and dangerous Communist plot we have ever had to face?'"

      "I can no longer sit back and allow Communist infiltration, Communist
      indoctrination, Communist subversion and the international Communist
      conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids."

      General Jack D. Ripper

  30. wow, this thread has everything, right down to holocaust denial.

    It's like an insane asylum in digital form.

    1. must be your fluoride overdose!!

  31. This is a fantastic documentary - I shall definitely be sharing it.

    I get extremely frustrated with the lack of organic toothpastes
    available. What is even worse is that dentists do genuinely believe
    that fluoride is good for the teeth (yes, even here in the UK!) If you
    can convince dental students in the early stages of their education that fluoride is a positive, even helpful element then you really can
    eradicate any dispute. I have heard dentists telling their patients to
    leave the toothpaste in their mouth after cleaning WITHOUT spitting.
    Lovely - imagine how much additional fluoride you can absorb in that
    time... And anyone with sensitive teeth - don't get your dentist to put
    on Duraphat varnish or use the toothpaste - it i the most highly toxic
    paste used in dentistry. There are 2 types; the bright orange/brown
    sticky varnish and the Duraphat toothpastes - both are packed full of

    Any way I look forward to the GMO and Air pollution documentaries - you are doing a fabulous job :)

    1. Perhaps dentists genuinely believe it because they've seen evidence of it working? Did you ever consider that?

      Did you even bother looking for yourself? If you did you might have seen that the general health of peoples teeth has gotten progressively better in places where flouride was introduced.

    2. Yes, keep drinking the koolaid. Everything will be fine.

    3. i love the way that i'm the one drinking the kool aid when i'm the one supporting science and you see the irony or does it just go over your head like a cloud to a fish?

    4. Is it cherry flavoured Kool-aid? Flouride helps teeth but is also systemically toxic. Period. Used topically is effective enough. Please don't mention "safe levels" either. There are too many substances in our environment that act on our endocrine/nervous systems. The more we can reduce them the better. Its not about 1 thing. Its about the total toxic load. And yes. YES. That is backed by solid science. And no, I won't link you the studies.

    5. hmm, so i'm not allowed to talk about how extremely low levels aren't at all toxic...that's awfully convenient for you, but not so much for the truth.

      I assume you won't link me to the studies because they either don't exist or they're so obviously bogus you know i'll just laugh at them.

    6. I have a masters degree in Human Studies and will tell you that Fluoride at any level is toxic. This is proven time and time again by scientic tests. Don't be a lemming, research for yourself the harmful effects of this poison.

    7. You'd have thought at some point in that masters degree someone would have told you how Arguments from authority are logical fallacies...I guess you were off sick that day.

      You must have also been off sick the day they discussed how when we say science proves something the done thing is to post a source...

      Also i note that that degree isn't a biology or a chemistry degree.

      I did research for myself, I researched enough to find out that the lethal dose of flouride is from between five to ten grams...that's quite a lot. So your own research couldn't have been that thorough if you came to the conclusion that any level is deadly.

      With the concentrations of flouride in the water you would have to drink so much water your stomach would burst before you even got close to the deadly ammount.

      You tell me not to be a lemming, but you're the one jumping off of paranoid cliff.

  32. Watch this and share it with everyone you know. America must stop adding toxic fluoride to our water and food and toothpaste. Fluoride is one of the most poisonous chemicals on planet Earth and there is no safe level of human consumption. Why do you think it's been banned throughout Europe, China (who sells their toxic fluoride waste to US!), Japan and most other countries?

  33. "He who is not angry when there is just cause for anger is immoral. Why? Because anger looks to the good of justice. And if you can live amid injustice without anger, you are immoral as well as unjust." ~ Aquinas

    "The goal of abolishing the white race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists. The key to solving the social problems of our age is to ABOLISH THE WHITE RACE. Make no mistake about it, we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as 'the white race' is destroyed, not 'deconstructed' but destroyed." - Noel Ignatiev (Dr. Ignatiev is [a JEW] Harvard "Professor" and the founder of a journal called "Race Traitor", which has as its motto, "Treason to Whiteness is Loyalty to Humanity.")[This amounts to nothing but hate-speech advocating for White genocide) !!!!!

  34. Fluoride IS necessary, but NOT the hazardous waste byproduct that is added to our water, toothpaste, etc... But a quality fluoride cell salt is VERY necessary to our life.

    It isn't that they are pushing it so much, but instead of having to pay to get rid of this hazardous waste byproduct, but by packaging it, they are able to SELL it. :/

    The fluoride in the water, toothpaste, etc NEEDS to be removed...

    1. evidence please.

    2. Evidence of what? All the above is fact.....

      Fluoride is necessary, especially Calcium Fluoride. It is an essential mineral that allows your body to move. Without it, your veins would shrivel up and you would be unable to move at all.

      Hazardous waste byproduct is sold to the cities for them to add to the water supply. This kind of fluoride is the kind in our toothpaste, water, etc.....

    3. you're mixing up the word opinion with the word fact.

    4. So, what do you think will happen if you had absolutely no fluoride and were deficient in calcium fluoride?

    5. i'd probably shut up.

    6. You don't think any harm would come? Are you stating that you would be healthy without any calcium fluoride??

    7. no that was me surrendering a point to you.

    8. So you agree that natural fluoride is necessary for life?

    9. Yes i've already told you i'm Pro Fluoride...I don't prescribe to your natural/unnatural theory, but i'm pro fluoridation.

    10. What have I stated that is opinion?

    11. Sodium Fluoride ( This is the one getting unfairly bashed )
      Sodium fluoride is essential to the human body! It regulates the metabolism of phosphorous and calcium and also acts to normalize the parathyroid gland. Also powerful anti-inflammatory, it is crucial to maintaining healthy cartilage, tendons and ligaments as well as indicated being indicated as a treatment for calcification issues of bones and teeth.

      Calcium Fluoride ( Most of the world is deficient of Calcium Fluoride )
      Somehow the cynics completely forgot about Calcium Fluoride which is to be expected since 80% or more of the facial analysis that I do show very strong signs of Calcium Fluoride deficiency and actually need to supplement it. Calcium Fluoride is essential to cartilage, tendons and ligament, but more specifically to the elasticity and health of connective tissues, blood vessels and the dermis. Calcium Fluoride is essential to maintaining elasticity in our bodies. Without it, we would be curled up on a ball on the floor and unable to straighten out, blood vessels would harden and would most likely burst in masses and cause death.

      Silica Fluoride ( The supposed evil one, is only evil because you need less of it )
      If you actually listed to the conspiracy theorists, they bash Sodium Fluoride but their own writings and videos purely point to Silica fluoride. This is also essential to the human body, but in much smaller amounts and thus can be the easiest to overdose on. Essential to maintaining health skin and is actually being considered as a treatment
      for Alzheimer’s.

    12. that's an opinion, i asked for evidence.

    13. You act as if this is my own words, and isn't words from a doctor..... It is a facts from doctors. I just posted it here for you. You can see this in facial analysis, as he talked about.... Calcium fluoride is a cell salt that you need in trace amounts for your body to properly function...

    14. either i haven't read your post properly, or i've commented to you meaning to comment to someone else...i'm 100% pro-flouride

    15. I'm pro natural fluoride. I'm against fluoridation with an unnatural fluoride....

  35. We need to get chlorine out of the water as well. Typhus epidemics are fun.

  36. Lucky our water in NZ is the goods. No fluoride here!

    1. unlucky that Tooth decay is the most prevailant Chronic disease in New Zealand...i wonder why.

      Oh and by the way NZ does put it in the water in some places, all of which had significantly better oral health than non treated areas whilst suffering from no significant increase in flouride poisoning.

  37. Fluoride mostly builds up on the pineal gland, calcifying it. It's not supposed to be calcified. It's largely considered to be the spiritual epicenter of our minds, the inactivated third eye. Could there be a grander scheme, to inhibit the spiritual growth potential for America to truly turn us all into drones who perform the elite class' every whim, and when symptoms of sustained gradual fluoride poisoning like cancer, ADD/ADHD, obesity, depression, arthritis, and the slew of other ailments start popping up across the country, denial and over-diagnosis perform a slight of hand, some misdirection and fluoride is back to being shoved into babies. A properly f--ked calcified pineal gland also lacks the ability to produce the melatonin that regulates our circadian rhythms, and when non-fluoridated communities compared to a fluoridated one the latter results in earlier onset of puberty in girls which can cause an array of health risks. Also, teen pregnancy... less shocking.

    1. Almost everything you have said is correct except one thing. The pineal gland does become calcified naturally , this is why the can get away with convincing many doctors that this calcification is not bad but "happens anyway". However natural calcification of the pineal gland is with naturally built up mag-mite that further serves for a more conducive pineal gland or just a more active third eye through electromagnetic energy . This you need to know when comforting actual doctors about certain theory( otherwise their ego will instantly refuse the info), you have to make them understand the difference of unnatural and natural calcification, and cross the barrier of the modern day perspective in neurology( that the pineal gland is just another primitive gland that does little to nothing ( Since truth has been hidden)). Peace be with you

  38. So, let me get this straight... From reading many of the comments made by google couch biologists and chemists, FLOURIDE has been added to benefit our health. I guess then that the Nazi's putting flouride in concentration camp drinking water for the Jews was not only to make sure they worked themselves to death and went to gas chambers with general good health but also with beautiful teeth... How thoughtful. ;)

    1. Gas chambers have been disproven by Jewish authors. The 'Jews' were treated better by the Nazis than the defeated Germans were (citizens also) by the Americans and British (Eisenhowers Death Camps). And it wasnt just 'Jews'. And the 'six million' figure was around well before the 1900's. Wake up and smell the PROPAGANDA

    2. he says whilst spouting his own without any evidence to back it up.

      Who are these supposed Jewish Authors?
      Where was this 6 million figure in the 1900's?
      Where was any of this nonsense?

    3. What's Spooky is not that a Possum has replied... But that a Spooky Possum can talk such rubbish. We must have come from alternate realities.

  39. No matter how low the dosage of fluoride in the water, it attacks the central nervous system collectively. Of course no one has died immediately! If they did then everyone would know it was toxic and they would not be able to trick even the dumbest of the population. Slow death and soft tyranny. Their weapons are better than any firearm. Their weapons consist of high paid scientist that are a part of their occult. They believe that man can become God provided Lucifer gives that man enough wisdom. So another words, you have a bunch of robed hairless apes in ceremony. Telling each other they are going to be Gods because of how rich and smart they are. The rest of us get to die a slow and diseased death due to the Fluoride-water, Chemtrails-air, GMO's-food. The Agenda 21 act signed by the beautiful Nancy Pelosi herself, will educate you. That is if you are not diagnosed with cancer yet, and doing research already. Do not wait until you have been victimized to wake up. Fight with your mind and your soul. If you are a parent, do not let your kids think that you are one of the weak minded, spineless, easily led sheeple. Being led to slaughter. That will only teach them that weakness is okay. Only the strong and smart survive. Not the weak and foolish ignorant.

    1. How do you drink water without fluoride in it? Do reverse osmosis filters work forever or do they need to be replaced frequently?

    2. Research. There are only a few filters that actually remove flouride. Glad you are interested though....

    3. evidence please.

    4. Perhaps do some research instead of bleating? You come across as very close minded. The truth is a good thing - not something to be feared and banished to the intellectual wilderness because it doesnt agree with what you see on the telly.

    5. How is asking for evidence being closed minded?

    6. Do you not see how dumb it is to tell someone to do their research when they're asking for evidence? By asking for evidence, researching is exactly what i'm trying to do!

      Try thinking logicly about something before jumping mindlessly into an aggressive defense of your rickety bandwagon!

    7. Not as dumb as not doing any research before making your initial comment? Id rather have a bit of a look see before guffawing others - it is quite arrogant really.

    8. How is asking for evidence arrogant?

      Surely it's more arrogant to demand someone believe something before you even try to show them any evidence of it?

      Because that's what you're asking me to do, you're asking em to believe you, utterly and unconditionally without even seeing evidence of it first...who do you think you are, the Pope?

    9. I had 5 minutes to create an account. I did this just to say this to you : please use that massive, know-it-all brain of yours on something other than troll TDF. You are obviously brilliant and possess profound knowledge about many important issues that all humans should be concerned with. This must be true, or you wouldn't run around telling people to prove this or that, implying that because they are unable to effectively argue their position that they are automatically wrong. Perhaps they are wrong, ignorant, or correct but unable to defend their views. It is epidemic, peoples lack of active communication skills, and you take advantage of this. You obviously have some writing and communication skills. But rather than put it to use is some constructive way - perhaps to help better the human condition - you troll around in some obscure comments section insulting people and attacking the weak. I sigh on your behalf, and my head hangs at the loss of yet another potentially intelligent and contributing mind toiling away just trying to put others down. A sad existence, indeed.

    10. So let me see if i get this right...You made this profile with the sole intention of using it to call me an idiot...and yet somehow I'M the exactly does that work? Do you even know what a Troll is?

      How is asking for evidence trolling?

      what an odd little temper tantrum you're having...Someone has dared to not instantly believe your pet beliefs and so you're having a complete hissyfit over it.

      Perhaps if you spent as much time actually looking for evidence as you do trying to think of ways to try and insult me, or accuse me of things I blatantly haven't done then you would be able to engage in an actual adult discussion that moves beyond childish name calling.

      If you want to believe crank theories on the internet without seeing any evidence of them first, then that's your loss. those of us with a mind and the awareness to use it have a little thing called standards.

      I take it by your incredibly aggressive attempts to shift the conversation that you have no evidence whatsover?

    11. Have you noticed how rare it is that you participate in a conversation where you agree and respect the opinion of others. I just went through your last many posts. You participate mostly to put people down. Notice that ThatGuy says:"You are obviously brilliant and possess profound knowledge about many important issues that all humans should be concerned with", "But rather than put it to use is some constructive way - perhaps to help better the human condition - you troll around in some obscure comments section insulting people and attacking the weak",
      I would tend to agree with him on that.

    12. Did you not get the sarcasm that was dripping off of it?

      So what if i disagree with most things? I find most things disagreeable...I have never trolled anyone, If i've said something it's because i've found genuine fault in it. If i'm wrong, I apologise. Looking back through my posts you'll see I end up doing that quite a lot.

      Attacking the weak?
      so if someone makes an argument based on a fallacy and perpetuates misinformation i'm meant to hold my tongue incase I hurt their feelings?

      What this basicly boils down to is this guy saying anything he can to detract the argument away from the fact that i made a simple request for evidence, and after all this time nobody has even made an attempt to produce any.

      Innocent until proven guilty only works in courtrooms, in matters of fact it's bullsh/t until proven true!

    13. perhaps i am quick to climb down off my high horse and wrestle down in the gutters if someone wants to drag it down there...but everyone needs a hobby.

    14. i don't read the word id**t...anywhere in his message.

    15. "Use your massive know it all brain" he's obviously being sarcastic when he says this. Know it all is far more commonly used as an insult than it is as a genuine praise.
      Then he reduces my opinion down to just me being a "Troll" and then he finishes up by stating based on the one comment he has read of mine how sad my life must be...If you think that is a compliment then i think you may have issues.

  40. It's no wonder there's a lengthy disclaimer at the beginning of this documentary. This is basically a big commercial put forth by the dental association that has the most to gain. It's quite obvious that fluoride in the drinking water not only works, it also hasn't killed anyone in 50+ years of use. What never fails to amaze me is the same conspiracy theory over and over again. If you haven't read the news lately, the USA is a superpower. They have more military tech than anyone else in the world. If your government wanted you dead, you'd be dead, period.

    1. It's seems ironic that our government establishes a protection (medicare) for it's older citizens and then begins to green light processes that will cause us to die young. You don't have to be a genius to see we are getting dumber, fatter and sicker. Now we have Obamacare so if we happen to make it to age 65, the death panels can insure we don't live too long. I wonder if the smart people drink the poison?

    2. I would worry more about fracking then fluoridated water. Buy your water bottled or filter it if your concerned.If you have well water fluoridation ( because it is not applicable), is the least of your problems, with the amount of ground water pollution, in the US in the 21st century.

    3. You are so right. I only fight flouride ahead of fracking now because if we don't stop brain fog, we won't get people to fight the fracking...

    4. The American Dental Association doesn't want to come out in support of the eradication of Flouride because they've backed it so visibly for so long that the class action lawsuits for destroyed teeth and other diseases would sink them.

      The USA is a corporatocracy. Don't call it a superpower. That implies that the American people at large support their government. They really don't.

      The problem is that most of them are really dumbed down by the 18+ physical or systemic poisons that are currently attacking their bodies. The effect is called "brain fog."

      People who have it are totally aware of the things that are wrong, but they feel powerless to do anything about it because most of their remaining brain cells are devoted to pure survival daily. Life already overwhelms them so much that societal level issues are just not going to be sustained in their thinking.

    5. the USA is a superpower - not for much longer.

    6. It is likely fluoridation had some good intentions, however its effects are well known. The debate is not " does it kill you" it is "what are the long term effects". It may help your teeth (follow the Calgary example for the long term) but are there other costs. The real debate is centered on endocrine and neurological issues.

  41. its called a WATER GENERATOR.......harvesting dew.....moisture in the version and electricity version......can harvest 5 gallon a day or as many as you want....the technology is almost ridiculously......simple!!! can make the solar version yourself .......I did....the result is a very pure mountain like water.....
    remember these docs are made to scare the s##t out of you.........
    there is a remede to almost any pain in the a##......just google and chill out........but your gov is so should unite to beat it....BOYCOTT .......BOYCOTT .......remember with the internet everything is possible........stop buying their crap for god sake and get on the shopping ....stupi*o.....!!!!!....protest......tell are sick of it.....and you are fed up....for real
    WAKE up america..........they say well...we create are enslaving people.......using them for your own good corporate America.......install a few "guillotine" in front of the white house and see what happen...........I know , I know.....they''ll shoot at you with real bullets....
    you guy's in America have a serious colossal, dramatic problem with your "tyrant" government..........BOYCOTT......once you stop buying their and see

    1. What do we search for? water generator?

    2. But if I try to generate moisture from a chemtrail laden atmosphere - I'm just concentrating the Aluminum, Barium, Strontium, Copper Sulfate, Potassium Iodide, Cross-Domain Bacteria, etc.

    3. is your . button stuck down or something?

    4. a_no_n - you are funny

  42. While there are studies to support that fluoride is genotoxic, at the levels encountered in most drinking water, you're going to have a hard time finding any adverse effects. I suspect there may be some limited long term effects in a large population, but as a scheme for population control, this falis. That is, if they hope to bring about a "great culling," it's going to take a lot more than putting a little fluoride in the water. Let's remember that fluoride naturally occurs in many water sources. Indeed, many municipal water supplies do not add it because it is already there--naturally. Let's also remember that most people get a lot more fluoride from products such as toothpaste than they do from their drinking water.

    Having said that, I'll add that I don't believe any government authority ought to introduce fluoride into the water supply. Even if adding fluoride to drinking water does only what proponents claim, the process is tantamount to medicating large populations without their consent. If people want this treatment, they should be able to opt for it, and not have it basically forced upon them.

    (Background: I am a cell biology major, with a minor in chemistry.)

    1. I am in Fort Myers, FL. Flouride occurs in the aquifers here. Two of the water delivery utilities continue to add flouride. My survey was simple. Call them all and ask if they add it. Most said it was toxic so they stopped. The jury is out on what the last 2 will do when they watch Flouridegate.

      Whatever they do, I sure as hell won't be screwing around with political change...

  43. I live in Kansas city & this water has a film on top of it, I can't smell it but there's particles floating around. So I have to broil my water for 30 minutes & run it through a water filter then store it in my fridge. That's what I use for cooking & my tub has a filter on it as well. My kidneys are functioning much better, no pains my thyroids are healthier now. Skin is back to it's P.H Balance hair & nails are stronger now. All because of this filter now I know some of this toxic chemicals are still present but my health has improved. I have several friends who are on Kidneys dialysis & they refuse to get a water filter so I just keep my mouth shut because they call me crazy. But that's fine I think this site for putting this info out here for those who are not dumped down & who want's to be informed.

  44. Realistically you cant say anything or protest physically you have to get a reverse osmosis filter from about 70 to 150 dollars and connect it into your water supply the people who participate in this barbaric process are law breakers backed by lawless money mercenarys if its not open to democratic process then its not legal, again its a case of educated privileged folk saying you will imbibe this, these people are nothing better than fascist dictators.

    1. That's not quite true. There are lots of different ways to get water. So much of it is polluted but that was mostly private individuals who did that. But there's nothing stopping you from using a rain barrel or a stream or whatever, and treating it yourself. If you use water supplied by the government because it's convenient I don't really see grounds for complaint. The government built the pipes and the treatment plants, they pay to treat the water, and they're not stopping anyone from getting it a different way. Don't like it, do what self-sufficient people did for thousands and thousands of years before, go DIY.

    2. Of course, we all paid for those pipes and treatment plants with our tax dollars. To take our money, build those facilities, but then tell us what we have to put in the water is unjust. It most certainly should be open to the democratic process if we're all paying for it.

    3. The vast majority of the infrastructure involved was paid for by the same generation that built most of the other infrastructure - the one just before the Baby Boomers. Mostly, we didn't pay for it at all.
      But never fear. That infrastructure was built to last, but not without maintenance, and since very little attention and money has been spent on infrastructure over the last half-century, it's all starting to fall apart, and when it all goes, the money and will to build it again simply won't be there. In a decade or two, you won't have to worry about fluoride in the tap water. There won't be any. Fluoride, or tap water.

    4. I don't really feel like just because the pipes and water treatment plants were mostly paid for by my grandfather's generation, I shouldn't have a say about what goes on there. Members of that generation who are still around should have a say, but so should all tax payers. That's simply how it works. If you take money from tax payers to build a facility, tax payers should always have a say in how that facility is used. Period. You can't say, "well, most of the people who paid for that are dead now, so we'll just make the decisions without tax payer approval from now on." That's nonsense.

      Furthermore, such facilities are mostly municipal, and their condition and funding is going to vary widely from municipality to municipality. While you might be hitting on a general trend here, none of what you said is necessarily so.

    5. The thing is, that's what the majority wanted at the time that stuff was built, and they're the people who paid for it.

      I'm not saying you shouldn't have a say. Just that the idea of "we built it, we get to say what happens" is completely wrong because we didn't build it.

      To me it's a matter of looking at the costs and health effects of continuing the practice. Rhetoric like "we're being forced to drink it" and "its ours we paid for it" doesn't carry much weight with me or the rest of the general public, because we know that neither of those things are true.

    6. They built those pipes with my money so I do have a say.

    7. Most likely, you never paid a cent for them. Most of the water infrastructure was built in the postwar years, in the late 40s and 50s, and not much has been added since.

    8. Actually, that's not quite true. Diverting rain water in say, a barrel, is illegal. Also, brooks and streams not really a big thing in urban areas typically surrounded by a source of water that is deemed unsanitary and are left with a primary source. Bottled water has fluoride in it too, but in levels much closer to that found in clean fresh water. I do like the sound of that water generator, but it just sounds like a dehumidifier. Governments were made as a sort of agreement to relinquish certain rights in exchange for protection, or that's what we're supposed to believe, so which uninformed person is going to question the WATER that their government provides? They won't because before it ever occurs to them to question it, they'll have gotten a thirst that only a discrete, slow poison of complacency. Complacent enough to not wonder, to work, to buy, consume, and dispose so they can do it all again. everyday till they DIE. Sad, but the self-sufficients are a dying breed.

  45. Man the only thing that drives me crazy about these documentaries is
    that they don't show how to remove fluoride from drinking water!

  46. It will all come out in the wash ( pardon the pun ) ....eventually. See no Evil, speak no Evil, hear no Evil. Get informed is the best idea, look at both sides of the subject, then you are EDUCATED on it, and have the ability to interact in a great debate! ha ha ha :) I do believe we should have the right, as a so called Democratic country, to choose what we ingest!

    1. yeah but you aren't getting informed, you're just loading up on bulls(it. Being informed involves evidence, something these tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists have none of.

  47. I can no longer sit back and allow Communist infiltration, Communist indoctrination, Communist subversion, and the International Communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all our precious bodily fluids!

    1. Now why don't you just take it easy, Group Captain, and please make
      me a drink of grain alcohol and rainwater, and help yourself to whatever
      you'd like.
      Ah cinema, Pavlovian mantra for the mouth breathers. Your conditioning must be close to crystallizing the grey matter. Good day to you Brigadier General.

    2. Communism is and idea, one which I do not approve of, but and idea nonetheless, and as so, there is NO group or organization attempting to infiltrate your country, as ideology cannot gather massive following unless it is implemented on a political stage through peaceful or violent means, for example the Russian Revolution. And how do you associate fluoridation with communism anyway? If you had watched the documentary, you would have heard that it has been the American government over the last 50 years, so yes both Republican and Democratic parties, which are to blame for this problem. They have been paid of by large corporations such as Cargill, so one could even argue that corporate and governmental greed is to blame, but the concept of fluoridation as presented in this film is very anti-communist.

    3. You know when fluoridation first began?

      Nineteen hundred and forty-six. 1946. How does that coincide with post-war communism? It's incredibly obvious, isn't it? A foreign substance is introduced into our precious bodily fluids without the knowledge of the individual. Certainly without any choice. That's the way your hard-core Commie works.

      Do you realize that in addition to fluoridating water, why, there are studies underway to fluoridate salt, flour, fruit juices, soup, sugar, milk... ice cream. Ice cream, children's ice cream.

      I first became aware of it during the physical act of love. A profound sense of fatigue... a feeling of emptiness followed. Luckily I was able to interpret these feelings correctly. Loss of essence.

      I can assure you it has not recurred. Women sense
      my power and they seek the life essence. I do not avoid women. But I do deny them my essence.

      Fluoridation is the most monstrously conceived and dangerous communist plot we have ever had to face.
      God willing, we will prevail, in peace and freedom from fear, and in true health, through the purity and essence of our natural fluids.

  48. Interesting information but one thing that threw me off were the unnecessary vanity shots of the narrator.

  49. If other countries are banning a substance due to health risks, then I sure as h*ll wouldn't want my country feeding it to me without my consent.

    1. They ban it because the people in those countries want the right to choose for themselves. Health risks have not been proved in any scientific studies. You should be able to decide for yourself whether you want to ingest fluoride or not, even if your decision is based on beliefs that may not be accuratel

    2. Are you an paid troll? Look at the toothpaste tube. On many there are restriction on how much to put on you're toothbrush. It's also says if a child swallow a certain amount of fluoride toothpaste that you should call either an toxicity centre, or hospital. And you don't need fluoride toothpaste. I have used natural salt toothpaste without any signs of tooth decay

    3. Why do certain people always think that someone who doesn't quite agree with them is a paid troll? I have spoke out repeatedly in this comment section against fluoride in the public water supply. Does a paid troll do this? A great deal of fluoride may well be bad for you in one dose. This does not mean it has an accumulative affect if taken in small quantities. That is all I've said. Read my comment again. Never mind. I'll repeat myself. "You should be able to decide for yourself whether you want to ingest fluoride or not". Can't be much clearer than that.

  50. Very interesting Doc, doesnt take a Conspiracy theorist to understand get a poison into our systems and other Industries will benefit in the long run by Medical problems etc etc. Capitalism at its most evil. Thank god my water company here in London does not add Fluoride. I also note Evian my preferred water also does not add this poison.

    1. How do you know they don't add fluoride? If they are as insidious as you claim, they would never tell you. They would just put it in and not say a thing. You could be drinking this poison right now and not even know it.

  51. their own rap sinks the anti-fluoride mob. they say the cumulative effect on the body is offset by ingesting of chlorine and iodine salts, which help flush the fluorides from the body. city water also contains chlorine. table salt (present in huge quantities in every food) is a huge source of chlorine (NaCl is it's chemical notation "name"), and salt is "fortified" with iodine.

    the only true "horror story" they related was the guy who worked for the phosphate mining and processing company, and his symptoms were seen after a couple of decades of exposure at airborne concentration levels high enough to etch glass (by his own words). you can pour tap water on your windshield all day long, it will NOT etch it.

    table salt in too high doses is toxic. water in too high doses is toxic. oxygen in too high doses is cumulatively toxic. yet all 3 are required to continue living.

    to try to associate heavy metal blood levels in minorities with water fluoridation is utter nonsense. folks that live in areas of lower economic status are exposed to higher levels of heavy metals from myriad sources (paints, plumbing, emissions of vehicles, residue of industry, long term soil contamination, etc) that "higher end" lifestyles are never exposed to.

    as by their own words "all processed food is laden with fluorides" then ALL people in the country should be suffering the effects, as so few run their spaghetti sauce through a reverse osmosis rig, as a single example. their own "testing" demonstrated higher levels in the most common foodstuffs than the water contained.

    as a final note, what exactly do "the georgia guide stones" have to do with ANYTHING? they're like the winchester mansion, the coral castle, and numerous other sites erected by neurotics and eccentrics. they state no "official policy" or accepted dogma of society, they are the product of lunacy.

    1. OMG Finally! Someone who knows more about fluoride than what they've learned from some "scary" documentaries. Seriously people, you make me happy that I'm skeptical

  52. Cholesterol is another hoax just so Big Pharma can sell drugs $29 B a yr , now they are saying the level is still to high to reduce and thereby getting more on drugs even children.

    1. Amen to that brother...check out they have lots of info on the great cholesterol hoax. Most of the world's cultures scoff at a connection between cholesterol and heart disease. (other than your body producing cholesterl to stave off death from a deficient circulatory system...probably due to all the flouride in our water and soy in our food)

    2. so all those fat people walking about are a figment of my imagination are they? or perhaps they're communist androids sent down by the lizard people to serve Satan?

      Or perhaps someone wants to sell you an extra stick of butter.

    3. You should find out what cholesterol is before you comment. Get well soon.

  53. The citation about telling lies - it is not from
    Hitler but from his minister of propaganda Joseph Goebbels

  54. The question that I am forced to ask here... is why so many people are pooh-poohing this away as if it were nonsense. Fluoride is death.
    I didn't hear anyone refer to themselves as a biochemist, yet they claim to understand the long-term implications on human health by fluoride.
    I also did not hear one single person mention the pineal gland, which science has proven is calcified by fluoride and which is a very important part of your mind to have alert and functional.
    I say, don't just listen to the paid-trolls here, don't just watch half of this video, and don't listen to anyone... DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!
    If you even have a hint that there might be something going on that threatens your health and the health of your family, you owe it to them to research it for yourself, make up your own mind, then get involved with those of us who are desperately trying to do something about it!
    We're waiting for you!

    1. You're going to have a long, long wait.

    2. Lynne Gordon says: "I didn't hear anyone refer to themselves as a biochemist, yet they claim to understand the long-term implications on human health by fluoride."

      So that I might take your opinion seriously, would you be so kind as to tell me from which institution you received your biochemistry degree.

      Lynne Gordon says: "I say, don't just listen to the paid-trolls here."

      Where and how do I collect my pay cheque? Vlatko? Anyone?

    3. People are blind, they have an entire network of information at their
      finger tips yet they refuse to use it to find the truth. They would
      rather dismiss everything and call it a "conspiracy theory", while the
      information and proof is even on the CDC and Government websites. 98% of
      Europe has banned Fluoride and no one stops to ask why. Do your Research...... or ignore it all, it's up to you.

    4. "For 65 years community water fluoridation has been a safe and healthy way to effectively prevent tooth decay. CDC has recognized water fluoridation as one of ten great public health achievements of the 20th century."

      Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Community Water Fluoridation.

      Is this the CDC proof you're talking about?

    5. Isn't that just incredible to think that a city water should contain fluoridation so the inhabitants of the city can have nice teeth? If people want to ingest fluoride they should have the choice to do so, but it should not be compulsory.

      Never is it said that fluoride is beneficial to the water itself. Let the water be fluoride free.

    6. That's all fine with me. What is not fine with me is someone saying CDC supports her position when it does not.

    7. "CDC has recognized water fluoridation as one of ten great public health achievements of the 20th century."
      What a crock of Shite!


    8. Oh great! Now the CDC is run by Muslims also???

    9. Come on. Instead of mocking people with quotes like "water is no good in its natural state, lets put some chemicals in there for the kids" how about asking some real good questions like...."why are we even drinking water?" "Is water really necessary for us" "If its really necessary whats the best way to have it?" ...... Answer "Whats the best way to eat an apple?"...."Would you like your apple fresh or with some pesticides on it?".....Whats next are they going to be putting shampoo into the water supply so our hair is always shiny!!! LOLOLOLOL

    10. So I shouldn't call BS on a person when she claims CDC supports her position? I should just let that pass?

      If we're to have a discussion about fluoride or anything for that matter don't you think we should stick to the facts or is it okay just to make sh*t up?

    11. if you've got evidence that proves otherwise then yes, if you don't then no.

      The CDC does this little thing called research and evidence gathering...It's not just opinions, it's data as well.

      If you're calling bulls(it on someone without something to back it up then it is infact you who are the bullshitter.

    12. i take it you eat potatoes raw too? Or drink water out of puddles whenever your thirsty.

      You probably don't cook meat before eating it either right? why would you if natural is so good for you?

    13. YEP!!! Another good old government bureacracy...Only here for the good of mankind!(like the EPA, FDA,CIA...all protecting us!)

    14. ahem...the joy of having an entire network of information at your fingertips is that you can find out not only theories but evidence as well, something most of these conspiracy theories don't have a shred of to back them up, including this one.

      Europe has NOT banned Flouride either...with "an entire network of information at your fingertips" it seems like that would be an easy thing to research...but rather than research you've just spouted bulls*it instead.

  55. So much wasted creativity on conspiracy theories. Is this where you go when you don't make it in Hollywood?

    1. Is this film ridiculous or am I just not stoned enough?

    2. Not having the scientific expertise to parse the arguments about fluoride's efficacy as dental treatment or its danger as a toxin, I would still posit that water fluoridation is bad public policy and amounts to mass-medication. This is based on the assumptions that it does exactly what its proponents say. If it is a medical treatment people should have easy access to pick it as an option, but should not have it uniformly applied to them.

    3. HAH if you want entertainment, look for chemtrails! but put your tin hat on first ;3

    4. My neighbor believes in chemtrails. I try not to laugh when he's talking about them.

    5. There was a great blog on conspiracy theorists posted today. It stated several sources claiming conspiracy theorists tend to have a higher IQ than those who accept everything they are told. Maybe we all need to be a little more skeptical.

    6. I can see how that could be true. But at some point that intelligence can carry you over the falls of reality.

  56. wow, whatever there is in the water, its clearly not working... my father was no 2.5 billion, i am 4,5 and my son/she will be 7,5... we need some new stuff, more toxic!

    1. someone on the youtube vid posted that a 1000 GAL spill may have killed... wait for it... 3 people.


  57. Whether fluoride is good for you or not, people should have the right to drink as pure a water as possible. If an individual wants to put fluoride in his drinking water then its should be that individual's decision. To have a governing agency decide for you is a violation of a personal freedom. Strange that the United States, a country that strongly advocates human rights, makes decisions like this against the wishes of its citizens.

  58. Did anyone else notice at around 06:30 the narrator refers to the 1800s as the 18th century? :P
    "In the last part of the 18th century..." (shows photographs) XD

  59. Threats to your genetic integrity?

    Oh all falls down for me there...Genes aren't something that can be messed with like that...i get this impression this doc is nothing more than fear mongering woo-woo

  60. This doc cleared up the fluoride controversy for me. Chemical waste from phosphate mining is refined into fluoride and dumped into our tap water. This saves and creates big money for the phosphate mining industry, at our expense. This is scary. The implications are even more frightening.

    1. You do realize that the water you consume came, in part, from urine mixed with feces?

    2. Yes I realize that we recycle our sewer water. Many toxins we use ends up in our fresh water supply: cleaning chemicals, hair dyes, medications, pest &herbicides and industrial wastes. I don't understand your correlation to recycling sewer water and deliberately dumping phosphate mining waste into our drinking water.

  61. Wake Up Sheeple ... It's a War on out there. Think for yourself and take care of your own Health ! Speak out wherever you can !

    1. I hate the phrase "Wake up Sheeple". It implies that if a person sees things differently than the one who uses this line, that person does not have the mental capacity to think for themselves. It is an statement with its roots in a speaker's arrogance.

  62. Suzy I've been watching your non-constructive comments and have concluded your here just to satisfy your own pretentious needs by the way you put your point across to people with sheer dis-respect, only the humble opinions will be remembered, and you.. well, ill remember you as an argumentative little snot that wants to lash out at people. your an i(iot!

  63. Come the f*ck on. We have been using fluoride in the toothpaste for like a hundred years now. If it was that bad, we would all be dead already.

    1. Instead you're all just as smart as dirt.

    2. thanks for passing judgement oh great one.

    3. pot, meet kettle...

    4. I think the point is that toothpaste comes with a warning "Do not swallow," whereas (obviously) water is swallowed when you drink it! Also, am not sure of the source of the fluoride in toothpaste compared to the fluorosilic acid (toxic by-product of the manufacturing process of phosphate fertiliser) - will have to do some further research.

    5. it also says if u do.. call POISION control--
      read all the warning ...

    6. Did you even watch this? or did you just simply read the description. Fluoride is bad news, highly toxic stuff. Also saying stuff like "We have been using fluoride in the toothpaste for like a hundred years now" Do you swallow your toothpaste???

    7. sometimes,-and kids eat it

    8. Why would you say we'd be dead already? That doesn't even make sense. Wouldn't adding toxicity to water and food simply contribute to the increase of illness and disease? Obviously the human body is fairly resilient, and factors like genetics and nutrition play a role how the body responds to toxicity, but how can it be okay to slowly poison it and increase the risk of dying a miserable death?

    9. Yes Benfagre ... and Cancer Is Not on the Rise, Neuro Toxic Diseases are not epidemic and Our IQ's are Higher than they've ever been?

    10. I can give you what I think is probably a good, supportive example from my own experience in the last 18 months. Turns out that at some point in my life I developed diverticular disease, and I've had 3 bouts of actual diverticulitis in those 18 months. When I asked my doctor what could have caused it, he said any final verdict on that is still out, but that one major suspicion is that far too much processed food consumption (along with lower fiber in the diet, etc.) is suspected as a high contributing factor. And when I got out of the hospital and researched it for myself, it turns out that our grandparents had almost NO incidence of this disease among them... whereas now, the figures are something like 45% of people over age 60 have it, though they may not ever have any symptoms. Furthermore, it turns out that such a high percentage is only to be found in the West.

    11. I'll have to Google that? I have no idea what diverticular disease is? In any case Pysmythe I sure hope your doing well!

    12. Thank you. :) My most recent bout was just 3 weeks ago, but the truth is things are still iffy. Some days, even after 10 days of antibiotics, all I can really eat pain free is soup or broth. I have yet another colonoscopy scheduled for June 19th, and I'm pretty sure the doc is going to recommend surgery. If you're approaching 40, or over it, I'd certainly advise being as careful with your diet as you can. Lay off ALL the processed crap, get 20 to 30 grams of fiber a day, make sure you get plenty of DECENT water a day, and enough exercise of some sort. And, as embarrassing as it may be to mention it, do NOT strain, if you can at all help it, when you're taking a crap. It's that straining that causes weaknesses to form in the wall of the colon, which can lead to the polyps that constitute diverticular disease. All this, after a talk with your doctor, of course... I don't drink but maybe once or twice a year (at most), gave up drugs 28 years ago, but I've neglected my health in other ways, and now I'm paying a price for it. Having said that, though, my great-grandfather died of colon-cancer (granted, he was 87, lol...), so I suppose I may have some genetic predisposition to digestive diseases, who knows? What I do know is there is a whole lot of sheer crap out there we all need to refuse to eat anymore (literally and figuratively), and maybe that above all, along with everything else.

    13. All your problems sound as if they are caused by antibiotics (Ciprofloxacin etc).....the quinolone group of antibiotics ......have you visited the site "Ask a patient" ....if not do so. The Fluoride in them is disabling millions of people all over the world ( your symptoms sound alike)

    14. I appreciate your reply, but I really think the antibiotics helped end the infection once it had already started, and I drink bottled water almost exclusively, since my girls dislike tap-water. Still, I'll have a look at that website, thanks.

    15. were there no instances of the disease because it wasn't there...or because we can diagnose it more accurately now?

    16. Not "no instances," but just far less, from what I understand. I'd assume they've gathered that from things like a history of medical charts from the time not indicating as high a percentage of symptoms used to diagnose the disease, and from autopsy results, things like that. The fact is, a lot of people even now aren't aware they have diverticular disease unless it develops into actual diverticulitis, or they're put through a CAT scan for some other reason, or through other tests ordered for some other reason. Clearly, it's a lot easier to diagnose it now, especially with that CAT scan, but some people never are because they're lucky enough to remain symptom-free right to the end of their lives. Or else the bouts they have are so mild that they're able to forgo a doctor's visit, and never realize what they're actually dealing with.

    17. I have the same condition. I was not even 40 when diagnosed. The Doctor said old people usually get it and is linked to a lack of dietary fiber.

    18. I'd just turned 46. Enough fiber is something I'd never really even thought about, until it was too late, I guess. I suppose all those metamucil commercials were for older folks, as far as I was concerned. Younger people really should be more aware of the possibility of getting this. Has the increased fiber been working out well for you?

    19. I used to live by an old lady who had it and that was in 76'...and I remember her saying she
      couldn't eat strawberries, bcuz the tiny seeds
      would stick somewhere ?
      her toes were also stacked on top of each other...not sure what that was.....

    20. Most cancers are on the rise because the population is ageing. Once you age past 80 your chances of getting cancer are 1 in 2.

    21. Good point. In fact the leading causes of cancer are 1) growing older 2) tobacco and 3) sunlight.

      Numbers two and three are self-inflicted. The leading cause explains why cancer rates have increased. We are living longer. It is not due to any evil modern conspiracy BS.

    22. What is cancer?

      Cancer begins when cells in a part of the body start to grow out of
      control. There are many kinds of cancer, but they all start because of
      out-of-control growth of abnormal cells.
      With petro chemical and industrial systems used in food and drug production for human consumption , how is it a matter of "conspiracy" to draw syllogisms from ingesting synthesized chemistry to producing abnormal cells in bodies that have not naturally evolved for there use? Conspiracy not really, legislated business interests definitely, Are we no longer what we eat?

    23. Let's look at this from a different perspective. What we need to concentrate on are the leading preventable causes of death and here they are in order:


      High blood pressure


      Physical inactivity

      High blood sugar

      High LDL Cholesterol

      High dietary salt

      Low omega 3 fatty acids

      High dietary trans fatty acids


      Low intake of fruits and vegetables

      Low dietary intake of poly-unsaturated fats

      From this list is where heart disease, cancer, diabetes, et al come.

      Eleven of the twelve are self-inflicted and ten of twelve need no medical intervention to correct. It ain't conspiracy and it ain't legislated business interests that are killing us. Sitting around on fat asses and smoking is what the killer is.

      List is from Harvard School of Public Health

    24. Truly amazing, the topic at hand is water fluoridation(chemicals added to a potable water supply), and its experimental effects on populations over the past 50 plus years, and you drag out a list of 12 or more habitual self inflicted maladies in society , and posit that these 12 are more imperative to public health safety , your list of 12 could be seen as off topic , and although I would agree with the list as an great starting point for education and not legislation, the "choice" to add toxic waste to everyone's water supply , avoiding the the issue of mandatory water fluoridation is NOT a habitual problem, but, is instead a wholesale de facto thrusting upon everyone the contamination of molecules that occupy 60 percent of our bodies chemical composition. In short your list is classically the moby dick of red herrings.
      edit; it is ironic that you content a conspiracy thread as committing to the fallacy of poisoning the well(aberrant thoughts about organized wrongdoers ), and at the same topic of discourse of the actually poisoning of the well.

    25. Whats the matter? Facts got you down. You're the one that changed the subject to "legislated business interests".

      This doc is bullsh*t,

    26. Does your screen name exist as a reminder to yourself, as to what you frequently forget to do. If you were thinker you would recognize again and again as redundant.
      No arguing with the facts here.maybe you could tell me how many people die from running with scissors? that may convince me to drink more fluoride.

    27. Ramble on. I've better things to do.

    28. When doing those "better things" be safe againagain.

    29. Listening now to the White Album Beatles. Now I ask you in all seriousness what could be better?


    30. Funny you're listening to that one right now. For some reason, you had Zeppelin running through my head earlier. :)

    31. Was it because both the Beatles and Led Zeppelin used fluoride?

    32. If you can roll it up and smoke it, I have no doubt they were champions of it.

    33. Well that's another conspiracy theory. Anyway because of the internet time lag theory which proves UFO's I'm now listening to Abbey Road.

      she's so heavy

  64. What in the world are they saying?

    Given the choice, no thanks. Not into being medicated without my consent and would request that my yearly water bill is adjusted to account for my family no longer drinking it, mostly because I like to make a point. The decision to fluoridate our water has now passed from the primary health trust to local authority - unqualified in anything much but pencil pushing - worse, people like me! Would you like me to fluoridate your kids? Trust me, I'm a cleaner ;))

    1. I see what you did there, lol. You left out 2 letters in the first sentence, didn't you?

    2. Yep, PR. They've had enough of that already ;)

    3. Public Relations. These monkees are shameless and get it on right out in front of ever body. Folks just plum don't got no idear what they be lookin' at, enemo.

      (I think the fluoride's workin'.)

    4. They'd have to know how smart you would have been without it to know how much stupid they added with it. I think there's a flaw in their plan.... ;)

    5. THEY know ever thing! Thas the only thing I got leff. Wid any luc they let me hab my job back at the bakery.
      Pleas Put som flowers on Algernons grave.

    6. I'll get him some anemones :)

      We don't yet have our water fluoridated, most of Europe doesn't or has stopped. In the UK they can't seem to make up their minds, some places do and others don't. Big government is now letting local government decide and are supposed to consult the public before making the decision. Once it's made, the regional water board are legally obliged to do comply, end of story. The trouble with that is that they are expecting people to give it serious thought, most will think that it's good for their kids teeth, They say it's safe so what's the problem. Local government is not made up of scientists or medical professionals. Most either won't bother looking into it, or won't vote because they don't really care. Also, one water company might service multiple Counties, what do they do if opinion is divided, treat all the water or none of it? Departments within a council are notoriously bad at communicating with each other. Not sure councils with opposing views are going to cooperate in any useful way. I only hope they make an effort to help people to make an informed choice. Provide solid and easily understood, BS free info and publicise it, send it out to homes and stick it on TV. It's hard to find unbiased facts on fluoride, docs like this don't help. We are now reaping the 'rewards' of the vaccine scandal, misinformation damages health. As far as I can tell, the jury is still out. I'm out with them :)

    7. And I'm still out on it, too, to tell you the truth, as far as fluoride is concerned. Everywhere you turn these days, there's a conflicting piece of information, doesn't matter what the subject is... for obvious reasons. My best friend is on the side of fluoride being bad, and since it seems he's a little bit into just about every "conspiracy theory" that comes along, and takes a lot of ragging from me about that, that alone almost makes me want to decide for it, lol, or at least not so much against it, automatically, just because he is, without finding out more reliable information about it, if that's possible. But the other thing is, this is one subject I don't have to worry about too much in this house, since my wife always buys bottled water, anyway, or almost always. If there's any fluoride in the brands she buys, I sure can't taste it. :)

    8. I know exactly what you mean about conspiracy people, my last foster daughter was convinced the illuminati were responsible for pretty much everything, ever. You can shelter all sorts under that umbrella :/ You know, the worst thing is that they might be right about some stuff but for completely the wrong reasons. They somehow build Bondi Beach from tiny grains of truth but fail to notice that they've placed their towel over a blutty big hole ;) Anyway, I think my water is safe for the time being, my town is a town that won't stand for that sort of thing. We don't like anything that can't be covered in tasteful bunting or stuck on top of a designer cup cake ;)

    9. I always love reading you, Dewy. And your town sounds like a place I'd love to visit. :)

    10. I've tried to get my buddy to put down his bong and his Chivas Regal and start thinking a little more clearly. Every time I think I might have succeeded a little bit, a week or two later is yet another youtube email from him about JFK, sometimes one he's already sent before, and what does that tell you? I agree with you that there are grains of truth in many of these wondrous tales, but I just don't buy that people are ever that organized. Life is not a screenplay, where every turn of the plot can be considered long ahead of time, and to me the explanations for the vast majority of these things are probably a lot more simple... but which ISN'T to say they aren't destructive. I just think that most peoples motives are pretty basic: The big pile of money right in front of them, which is evil enough in its own right, without the plans for accruing it having to stretch back 6000 years. I look at the whole conspiracy industry rampant now as just another form of entertainment, a magician's clever misdirection giving him a chance to lift your wallet. And the ones who aren't in it for the bucks are probably even sadder.

    11. I'm speaking to your "conflicting piece of information" situation. There is a study posted on PLoS. It has been peer reviewed and is also available on the National Institute of Health website. So this is no BS. It is real science. The title is "Why Most Published Research Findings are False". Perhaps the better read is an Atlantic article titled, "Lies, Damned Lies and Medical Science" (David H. Freedman). He interviews the study's author.

      The short of it is at the very least (very least!) any medical study has a two thirds chance of being false. Most have a much greater chance of being false. The author's advice is to ignore the studies altogether because you've a much greater possibility of harming your health by following the studies' findings!

      So pay no attention to conflicting reports. Both are probably wrong.

  65. So, how long has this scheme been in effect. I am in my mid 70s and recall that in the 50s, fluoride was added to the county water where I lived.

    We will have to add all those dentists that clean teeth and use fluoride in their offices, then there is all those fluoride mouth washes setting on store shelves just waiting for some victim to purchase a bottle and very near, sits a huge number of fluoride containing toothpaste, tube after tube, all engaged in a conspiracy to bring down America's gene pool......

    Yes, America is doomed, all other problems pale in comparison to this diabolical plot that so far has taken generations to yet achieve it's goal.. Are we all going to expire with clean, white teeth?? Dare we take a chance, stop drinking water and brushing your teeth now before it is too late.......

    1. The UK is only 10% doomed at the moment but total doom might be on the cards if THEY get their way... ;)

    2. oh nose! not THEY.

    3. We're practically made of fluoride by the time we die. In about a thousand years time, when there's a fluoride shortage, THEY are going to have to set up mines over old grave yards and recycle us. Grind our bones to make their bread ;)

    4. I'm gonna be recycled upon the sacred grounds of the indianapolis motorspeedway. they aint getting me for bread no way

    5. Tony Kanaan, baby!

    6. I know so little about fluoride. I've seen the negative posting on it but never researched it. So I guess I can't really comment here. But I am concerned? by all the hoop la i've seen over the years here and there. I will research it now.

    7. Hey 1con, just saw this but have left a reply above to Pysmythe saying pretty much the same, I wont repeat myself here but good luck finding unbiased info, can't seem to find the middle ground on this one ;)

    8. try this site......globalresearchDOTca.

      I looked on the site just now and u really need to see what pops up when u click on environment-

      at the left choices...

      I also, searched this site using :: floride use
      totally cool

    9. *beep beep* For. Greater. Com. Prehension. Refer to. Image of smiling. Austin. Powers. *beep beep* end transmission

    10. I see now why you choose that name, "dufas_duck" :),

    11. Actually, I am proud of the dufas_duck handle. It was given to me by a class of school kids. I was helping them write and organize an illustrated book concerning how to be polite and generous with other people. The kids did all the writing, illustrating, printing, and binding. They all did a marvelous job. The main character that they came up with was Dufas Duck. They began calling me Mr. Dufas Duck. Many of them are in college now and I occasionally see them. They still smile and greet me as Mr. Dufas Duck.

      You make derogatory a statement without knowing the facts.. Maybe it would have been a little better to ask why someone uses a particular handle instead making personal insults in order to bolster your self image.

    12. I have to say, that's a great, heartwarming story. You should get yourself an avatar one of these days that fits it well enough.

    13. I don't know whether to take this comment seriously or not. I kinda chuckled when I read it.

    14. Mid 50s, fluoride was added to water... If that is the comment that your speaking about, or are you chuckling about fluoride in dental products??

      Or the people stating that we are all doomed because fluoride is in our water and other products... If so, you'll be happy that we will all go out with white, clean, beautiful teeth......

      U.S. data from 1974 to 1992 indicate that when water fluoridation is introduced into a community, there are significant decreases in the number of employees per dental firm and the number of dental firms. The data suggest that some dentists respond to the demand shock by moving to non-fluoridated areas and by retraining as specialists.

      Fluoridation began during a time of great optimism and faith in science and experts (the 1950s and 1960s), but even then, the public frequently objected. Opponents drew on distrust of experts and unease about medicine and science.

    15. Actually, I was chuckling at the going out with white teeth part.

    16. One has to have clean underwear and white teeth for the 'last' adventure...

  66. The flouride scandal is about stubborn people refusing to acknowledge new scientific evidence just for the sake of not wanting to look like idiots, and chemical industrial companies trying to maximise profit. That's pretty much what I'm deducing from this documentary along with all the other ones on this subject. This doc points to no evidence, circumstantial or otherwise, that would indicate some sort of eugenics agenda playing behind the scenes. It feels to me as though the interviewees are unwittingly being used to propagate some paranoid delusion, the full scale of which I guess will be presented in the other two parts in the series.

    This debacle makes me happy to be living in Sweden, where there's no flouridated drinking water and hasn't been for a long time.

    1. I might take death by fluoride over freezing to death:)

  67. reminds me of benny hinns theme song. "let the bodies hit the floor". this doc and hinn have the exact same amount of credibility. zip. now bring on the believers who I'm sure will correct me with links to scientific proof. or not

    1. Uh..... Didn't see in this doc fluoride eating through concrete? Must be safe for our bodies though right?

    2. and every doc on youtube is fact? of course not. provide links to peer reviewed science that supports the docs claims. if you cannot then I suggest you consider some due dilligence next time before engaging me in nonsensical conversation. btw do you believe in a higher power or god? reason why is just ole cat killer

    3. Lol what? What does this " btw do you believe in a higher power or god?" have to do with anything? You didn't even answer my question nub.

    4. Although, I do not like people putting fluoride in my water without my consent, the fact that, when concentrated, it will eat through concrete really doesn't mean much. Hydrochloric acid is a highly corrosive mineral acid, yet, it is a natural component of gastric acid. I wouldn't recommend drinking it but it is a necessary part of our digestive system. This demonstration is used for shock value and doesn't really address whether minute quantities will harm you or not. I think that if a person wants to put fluoride into his drinking water it should his choice and no one else's.

    5. That's one of the least intelligent arguments ever. Just a little bleach won't kill you either, do you only put it in your drinking water "some" of the time? Nor was it a demonstration, it was on the news.

    6. So how much gastric acid do you put in your drinking water? You do know throwing up can burn your esophagus right? Your statement does nothing but prove my point.

    7. That is why I used hydrochloric acid as an example. I'm sure that if, I repeat IF, one put it in your drinking water in the minute amounts that fluoride is added to our water it won't harm you. It is the same with the moderate use of alcohol. It does not have long lasting harmful effects if used in moderation, but if you drink it in its most pure form, it will kill you. A diabetic will inject insulin to save his life but too much insulin can cause an overdose and kill him. A man dying of thirst in the desert does not need to be dumped into the middle of Lake Ontario to save his life. I'm talking about extremes. The fact that a concentrated fluoride solution burns through concrete is not the same thing as the minuscule amount of fluoride in a glass of tap water. The harmful effects of fluoride in our drinking water must be determined through the scientific process and not by the emotional fears of online bloggers and conspiracy theorists. Nevertheless, whether harmful or not, I believe a person has the right to decide for himself whether he wants to ingest fluoride or not and should not be the arbitrary decision of someone in city hall. No one but you has the right to tell you what you should put into your body.

    8. Still sounds like you're defending a poison only for the reason that "minute amounts won't harm you". Not to mention you can have no idea that small amounts of any poison doesn't cause harm over time, you know, just as alcohol in it's diluted form does.

    9. You're right. I don't know the cumulative effects of fluoride. That is why I can't defend or condemn it. I'm just a guy sitting in front of a computer screen. Each poison acts differently and any harm, if any, can last a long time, heal quickly, or accumulate in a person's system. I can't decide that. That is something that trained personnel, using the latest scientific techniques, should determine. That is what carries weight, not the emotional rantings of online commenters. That is only opinion. An opinion is only as good as the facts that back it up.

    10. I have to add that the culling theory that the intro to this video espouses is nowhere close to being proven true. When culling a population, the numbers should be going down, not up, like they have been. I would think that that would be the deciding factor if a culling program were in effect at the moment.

    11. Suzy you make a strong point but with so much negative input over the years, I don't know, where there is smoke there is fire, maybe. I am just curious, have you ever researched fluoride? and if so what were your findings?

  68. What next

    1. bugs bunny I hope. one of my favs. checkin the schedule. nope freaking benny hinn marathon followed by bishop sheen and the all boys choir.

    2. bishop sheen said, "An atheist is someone who does not have and invisible god to prey too". He also said, (paraphrazing, no splell check here), There are many poor people that would gladly take the vows of poverty if they could live in a home like i do and eat the food i eat.

    3. Whatever it is, it'll be sure to cause cancer, at the very least.