Guarding the Queen

Guarding the Queen

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Guarding the QueenFor the very first time cameras have been allowed behind the scenes at the royal palaces to see the historic and hidden world of the Grenadier Guards.

The Grenadier Guards are the most senior infantry regiment in the British Army. They are are probably best recognized as one of the five regiments of Foot Guards who stand watch outside Buckingham Palace come rain or shine.

It is easy to forget – as you see them changing the guard to the sound of a military band – that this regiment has also been involved in almost every major British campaign since its formation through to the present day.

Guarding the Queen takes viewers behind the scenes to see what life is really like for these celebrated soldiers.

Major Thorold Youngman Sullivan and right hand man Sgt Major Steve Munro have their work cut out to maintain the impeccable Grenadier standards.

The Guards on ceremonial duty are in London practising for Trooping the Colour alongside their regimental rivals, the Coldstream Guards.

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  1. krew

    Very interesting and well done documentary! I have the 2nd and 3rd parts saved for viewing later, when I have the time. I look forward to it.

  2. Brian Jenkins

    Brilliant documentary. Say what you will about the military but they are part of the order and tradition that holds our world together. Honor and duty form the roots that keep society from sliding into the abyss. F*** the anarchists.

  3. john

    Soldiers are monkeys. They never question anything. I think that's the definition of stoopid.

    1. krew

      which allows you the right to say these stupid things

  4. john

    The Queen should be guarded. She's a criminal.

  5. ChicagoRevo Godzilla

    Bloody Brits! They still around because we (The Americans) saved them in WW2. They were getting their assess kicked to the curve! They owe us everything! Including the Ol' Rag of the Queen!

    1. dewflirt

      Is that so? I thought you lot only turned up to save Private Ryan. Anyway, so glad we could play a small part in your victory and thanks also to Hollywood for their unending quest for truth and their commitment to historical accuracy ;)

    2. ChicagoRevo Godzilla

      Stop your bulls**t! Accuracy is exactly what I said! Hitler was disappearing y'all Brits from the map. If it wasn't for the Japs that made us go into war, you bloody bastards wouldn't be so full of s**t with Queen and all! The USA have saved the World TWICE in a Century! Try to beat that you fire crouch douche bags!

    3. dewflirt

      I love how much you love yourself! Edit: what is a fire crouch?

    4. Achems_Razor

      A crouch on fire!

    5. dewflirt

      Ah! I think i had one of those once ;)

    6. ChicagoRevo Godzilla

      Most likely! =D And like the rest of the world we were called upon to put out the fire since y'all are incapable of doing it yourselves. ;)

    7. dewflirt

      Woo! Team America!! You guys are everywhere, making the world a better place! Joking aside, I think there might be one living in my airing cupboard, it's stayed remarkably tidy lately. That or my family have stopped washing .... might explain the crouch fire ;))

    8. awful_truth

      Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't it your country that is starting all the fires?
      1) CIA overthrowing democratically elected leaders, and installing puppet regimes -Shaw of Iran, Augusto Pinochet, etc
      2) Fascist economic instability- federal reserve board, high frequency trading, derivatives, sub prime mortgages, etc
      (just saying)

    9. Achems_Razor

      Ah! You are probably thinking of "Crotch"

    10. dewflirt

      Yep ;))

    11. awful_truth

      It is where you duck into the flames!

    12. awful_truth

      I hate to burst your bubble, but Hitler signed his own death warrant the second he went after Russia. Once they recovered from the initial assault, they rolled over Germany like they weren't even there.
      Furthermore, Britain got a lot of help from other countries long before the U.S entered the picture. No one is dismissing the help the U.S provided for Britain, but you seem to think it is all about you.
      The only reason the U.S is a nuclear powerhouse today is from all the European scientists who taught you about everything you didn't have a clue about. (science) Any questions?
      P.S: Don't you have something better to do with your time like a pre-emptive strike against some 3rd world nation?

    13. awful_truth

      Don't you mean, to the curb? (you got to love American education, or lack there of)
      P.S: Can you find England on a map?

    14. pwndecaf

      By Jingo, I think he's got it!

  6. James Robert Edwards

    This is the way it should be done. I love the pomp and snobbery of British tradition, it has it's place and it's the dog's b*llocks.

  7. ThePhilhw

    An officer called them monkeys............
    And they are ready willing and able to give their lives.
    We need to change the system.

    We also need to get them home before any more die for spurious political reasons.

    And all Brits should love and respect them for who they are, what they do and what they may have to give.

    Respect from me !!

    1. AntiTheist666

      @The Philhw

      Yes get them home and more importantly get them OUT of the army.

      “And all Brits should love and respect them for who they are, what they do and what they may have to give.”

      Love and respect Pwah!!!
      They deserve and get my loathing and disrespect until they get their minds back!

      Same goes for you! War Machine Supporter!

      The Peaceful One

    2. ThePhilhw

      Agree with you about the war machine and that it must be stopped and I also have no respect for pompous prick officers, however I do think you are wrong about the ordinary guy who thinks he is doing something for his country.
      We needed them in 1945 and no doubt we will need them again.

  8. Earthwinger

    I wonder if Katherine Bowes-Lyon is enjoying the celebrations. Ya know.....queenie's cousin, the one that was locked up, along with her sister, in 1941, at the Royal Earlswood Asylum for Mental Defectives. I know Lizzie is busy an' all, but maybe she could find time to visit her just once. It's a shame she never got around to visiting Nerissa, before she died in there. But then I guess when you're as busy as Lizzie, it makes more sense to list them both in Burke's Peerage as dead, pretend like they never existed, and leave them to rot.

    The only union flag I've swathed myself in during the jubilee is my Sex pistols, God Save The Queen t-shirt.

    1. dewflirt

      There are rumours that Katherine and the queen were swapped as babies, they were born only weeks apart. There's also the Monster of Glamis Castle, the 'horribly deformed' son of the the Earl. He was supposedly locked away in a secret room and allowed to exercise on the roof at night, his howling heard for miles around. Plenty of skeletons in the royal closet ! :)

  9. Lee Walker


    You don't give any facts. your opinions although very vocal on this subject and this documentary are just that. opinions. did you watch the doc? what is it like? what is it about? is the audio and visual quality good? does it seem factually accurate or is it a load of tosh?

    So why would anybody want to laugh their socks off at a country celebrating its monarchs accession? were we supposed to be giggling during Obama's inaugural speech as well? if we were i didn't get the memo, sorry.
    many countries with despotic dictators and endless marshall law would welcome the safety a constitutional monarchy affords. the armed and police forces both swear allegiance to the queen and not to the government meaning that should we someday elect say for example nick griffin of the BNP to office and he should then decide to turn the military on blacks, asians, gays, muslims (all of the above probably because hes mental) the military are unable to follow these orders and so a military coup d'etat in the UK is almost impossible. then there is the invaluable foreign relations job she does, the trade and mutually beneficial contracts between countries that her office brokers, the revenue from tourism not only in the UK but in countries she visits for state occasions, the preservation of our national heritage and historic monuments and buildings, there's not a lot that's stupid about any of these things. People like you seem to forget about the positive things that having a monarch allows and concentrate on the 'she costs the taxpayers money' line. roads cost taxpayers money, as do public toilets. should we do away with them as well? what about that military? they cost the taxpayers billions upon billions every single year, should we scrap them too? England has had a constitutional monarchy for hundreds of years, since its inception we haven't had civil war, revolution or any major breakdown of governance. this is in part due to the unique way in which we are governed and the hundreds of years of constitutional monarchy that have gone before.

    The anthem though, i agree. its not exactly bangin.

    1. AntiTheist666

      @Lee Walker

      Guarding The queen.....LOL.....Oh the delicious Irony of it all.

      Oooh errrrr Missus!.... Seems like you’ve got your knickers in a bit of a twist, let me help you out a bit.

      In case you didn’t notice, my post, on topic and relevant, was a frivolous joke and not a critical or technical review!
      You Obviously didn’t notice very much when you replied. Most horribly, you missed the Fact that you Exposed yourself!!!..Please.... put it away!...You said:

      ”You don't give any facts. your opinions although very vocal on this subject and this documentary are just that. opinions. did you watch the doc? what is it like? what is it about? is the audio and visual quality good? does it seem factually accurate or is it a load of tosh?”

      I say....GET REAL!

      You said:

      ”So why would anybody want to laugh their socks off at a country celebrating its monarchs accession?”

      I say because it’s FUNNY!!!

      The rest of your post is just a defence of the indefensible!

      This made me laugh. ”People like you...”
      Don’t guess, you only expose yourself even more and it’s not a pretty sight.I sincerely hope you understand that I have been kind a gentle to you bcs I’m guessing you’re quite young? Perhaps there is hope for you yet.

      Are you Evil or Evel?

      The Anti-monarchy One

      PS Any suggestions for a more rockin and bangin anthem ;-)

  10. AntiTheist666

    In the Interests of World Safety.

    Please don’t look at the uK much over the next few days, you may die laughing! There have been many cases of actual sides splitting.
    I refer to The queens Diamond Jubilee over here. Maniacal, Monarchical Madness! For Four Daze!

    If anyone around the world has noticed that the uK has often adopted a condescending or even mocking attitude of other World Cultures, I suggest it’s payback time here! Laugh your socks off, laugh your boots off even but do it safely. You may need protective eyewear to shield the sensitive from the BLINDING stupidity.

    Is there a worse national anthem in the world? This dire dirge is disgraceful.

    From one of the few sane people left in the uK, most of us have died of shame.

    Peace and Safety to All

    The Political One