Hoxsey: How Healing Becomes a Crime

Hoxsey: How Healing Becomes a Crime

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Hoxsey: How Healing Becomes a CrimeThis documentary concerns Harry M. Hoxsey, the former coal miner whose family's herbal recipe has brought about claims of a cancer cure. Starting in 1924 with his first clinic, he expanded to 17 states by the mid 1950s, along the way constantly battling organized medicine that labeled him a charlatan.

Hoxsey's supporters point out he was the victim of arrests, or "quackdowns" spearheaded by the proponents of established medical practices. Interviews of patients satisfied with the results of the controversial treatment are balanced with physicians from the FDA and the AMA.

A clinic in Tijuana, Mexico claims an 80% success rate, while opponents are naturally skeptical. What is apparent is that cancer continues to be one of humankind's more dreaded diseases, and that political and economic forces dominate research and development.

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  1. so..... if I owned oil wells would it really be about the money ? You can see the deluded officials in this documentary. Nurses and equipment aren't free and the pharma cult charges head and shoulders above anything Hoxsey ever did.

  2. That's a lot of money for a day plus you have to get to Mexico,$1066 and whatever it would cost to get there.i have,a month back,been diagnosed with cutaneous t cell lymphoma and at stage 2b but I don't think that I'd try and thing like this because there are so many frauds out there.

  3. I was at the Hoxsey Clinic in October, 2019. It’s very professionally run.

    Being there for a day cost only $1,066 US. This included labwork, a physical, an appointment with a physician to discuss the labwork results and my own case, and a class to educate us in what to eat and what to avoid while taking the Hoxsey tonic for the next six months.

    I also had time to meet other patients because we all spent the day there together. The whole experience was relaxing. I’ve never used that term to describe other visits to cancer clinics or for cancer treatments elsewhere. I live in Canada.

  4. I am 62, so I have seen a few people I know die from cancer. I saw my brother in law die, but not before the cancer doctors told him he was terminal, but asked him to take a new chemo drug for two weeks. They told him it MIGHT extend his life for a few months, it did not. It was VERY TOXIC, they told my sister if she even touched her husbands urine while he was taking this poison, she could DIE!. My brother in law died in 6 months anyway. Cancer therapy, chemo, has a 2% cure rate. On the other hand, I had a neighbor whom had skin melonoma and the doctors gave her up for dead. She got a salve made from cbd, that had loads of THC in it, and put this on her skin everyday. The cancer dried up, the new skin began to form underneath, and the cancer cells died. She doesn't even have a scar from it. Today she is cancer free, and has been for five years. Her doctors still won't admit it even tho in Oregon, where we live, marijuana is legal now, and scientists are finding CBD, and Hemp, Marijuana, have many medicinal properties. Only now, are they interested, because Big Pharma is making synthetic forms of it, they can license and make millions from. Follow the money, doctors no longer have their patients interests in mind, unless they agree to take some synthetic poison pill they prescribe to get a kickback from the pill makers. But now, certain factions in government are taking the one pill that is made from poppies, morphine, and its derivitives, away from chronic pain patients. They are doing this for a reason.... big Pharma is making a NEW PILL, one that cures pain,and it is non narcotic, BUT, synthetic, and will be prescribed shortly...... follow the money. It is EXPENSIVE, ten times the cost of cheap morphine. The medical industry and cancer industry does not want NATURAL cures, only money, and more money.

  5. If this "tonic" truly is a CURE....then ANY person(s) could get a hold of it, take it to a lab, replicate the formula, and either sell it for profit or give it to ALL who have a disease and need to be cured. I believe in proper diet, etc. And it WILL help you feel better. But to tell these people that it's a "cute all" is out right lying!!

  6. Peggy you knew Mildred?
    "Until her death in 1999, Hoxsey’s longtime chief nurse Mildred Nelson continued Hoxsey’s legacy and administered his “treatment” in Tijuana, claiming an 80% success rate (as mentioned in the original article above). Of note, Nelson believed that a “bad attitude” was usually responsible for her “20 percent failure rate” she reported for the Hoxsey treatment, with a patient’s strong belief that the treatment is going to lead to recovery being the best predictor of success. Convenient, isn’t it? Those pesky patients who have the temerity to die in spite of the Hoxsey treatment? Well, it was obviously their own fault! They didn’t believe enough!"

  7. Watch the Documentary. This is ONE of the reason health care in America is NOT affordable today. These bandits have no problem bankrupting the American People to line their own pockets. Saw it with my own mom who died of Chemo, not Cancer.

  8. Some of your comments above claim that the clinic is closed...it is not. I was there only two weeks ago. Some comments also claim that you spend 10-20 thousand dollars. This is also false. Treatment is typically less that $3,000 for a six month supply of tonic and supplements. I personally know Mildred Nelson's family and her mother was definitely cured by this treatment. This clinic may not be for you and you have the right to decide. For me, I will follow the Hoxsey treatment first and only submit to radical surgery and chemotherapy if left no other choice.

    1. wonder whats the treatment they give you..

  9. I remember first seeing this video in the late 80's and was amazed by so many things. I have friends that are so far to the right they are falling off. I was one of them ;) But over a few decades in my massage practice I noticed lots of old woman who went conventional poison routes are were STILL LIVING, so I couldn't just say, like they were, it WILL kill you to have chemo. I cant deny what I know . I also have clients with stage 4 melanoma and pancreatic cancer get healed from the Gerson program :) . So I really espouse prevention, and these treatments, and maybe even combining them if they arn't sold on them by themselves. I cannot convince anyone of anything that doesn't sit right with them. But that being said ... I recall being SO excited by first video here, that I ever saw. At the time I was working a factory, and one of the gals had cancer, and gave her the video. When she returned it, I was so excited to hear what she thought. She was like meh, whatever, I did not watch it, didn't interest her, she said she was in remission. I was like 'what'. I coulnt imagine a person with cancer not being interested. That was my first exposure to this kind of mindset. Within the year .. she was dead :/ Blew my mind

  10. There are many alternative cures for cancer. Harry Hoxsey's was one. But like an ostrich sticking its head in the sand people refuse to believe the facts. It seems people are either ignorant or they are followers/supporters, henchmen of Big Pharma, AMA, FDA and other such organizations.

  11. There are actually a number of natural products/processes that effect the growth, shrinkage and death of cancer cells. Is not rocket science. Things as basic as high oxygen and an alkaline diet have a huge impact. There is just no money in it for the medical industry.

    Poor countries with little medical care use alterative methods, as they have for centuries, and some of these communities have little to no cancer. We need to stop intellectually masturbating to the Porn that big Pharma feeds us.

  12. Hoxsey, I'm sorry to break it to you, was a complete fraud. Not only are none of his "success stories" true, but both Hoxsey Senior and his son died of cancer. Do a little research, folks.

    1. I am sorry to break it to you, but you are wrong!!!! You would not have enough time in your lifetime to meet all the people who have been cured at the Clinic with diagnosis from the USA being TERMINAL! I have been at the clinic many times, have personal knowledge of friends, as well as myself, being cured of various cancers. My cancer treatment only cost me $3,500 out of my pocket, but that beats radiation and chemo that ends up giving you more problems than the cancer! So much more you are ignorant of about Hoxsey and the clinic and the patients who go there from all over the USA and World. Watch this:

  13. For the guy who said that this clinic has closed down. He is lying... I went to Tijiuana Mx. To the Hoxsey Clinic in December 2015 with my husband who is suffering from cancer. We were told by American doctors that my husbands cancer had spread to his lungs and there was no cure for him only chemo to prolong his life. My husband has done radiation and chemo and refused to do anymore of that poison. we decided to try this clinic out and have been on the protocol they gave us for a month now. My husband feels great. Best he's felt since before he started all the chemo and radiation. He has gone completely organic, no preservatives or artificial crap, no gmo's.... We go back to the clinic in March 2016. All I can say is my husbands prognosis was not good, and since he's been on these herbals, tonic and diet he feels really good, better than he would feel if he were getting chemo right now.

    1. Kelly, how is your husband doing?

  14. The guy who says it has shut down and he worked there is not truthful.
    I have been going here the past almost 12 yrs! This is the most wonderful place and I have been cured of second time breast cancer here. I got for check up once a year to be sure it stays gone. This place has an elasto gram sonogram that is light years ahead of the mammogram!
    The Hoxsey tonic melted my tumor in only a few months! You will be very happy u went here. God bless...

    1. Kyla, what were you taking for cancer treatment?

    2. Hi Kyla,

      I was wondering if you would still recommend this and how are you doing now? Thank you!

  15. Simpson oil,b17,baking soda,essiac tea,Gerson therapy, etc etc.All of these have been criticized.I would never accept chemo.Just like if never accept another vaccine.After I watched Burzynski and the greater good I'm fed the heak up.Why can't they let us do what we want! Kids actually get taken from parents if they refuse chemo! DISGUSTING.Screw big pharma.Theyve lost my vote and my trust.

  16. A family member was diagnosed with lung cancer, his prognosis from doctors was not good, in an extremely poorly state of health he flew from Europe to this exact clinic in Tijuana Mexico where he paid a large sum of money and was told he would be cured. He booked into go a second time for more of the natural substance but became too unwell to fly therefore another family member flew to collect the substance from this clinic, during this time he sadly passed peacefully in his home. He was told he had a maximum of a year to live by doctors in Europe and they were right. I don't believe this substance helped him in anyway and he used to say it didn't taste good but he stuck to taking it each day as advised. I'm not saying it might not work for some but I feel that they sold false hope in this situation.

    1. I’m interested to know, did he comply with the strict cancer diet given?

    2. So sorry for the loss of a family member. Of the people I know who went to the clinic and were not successful were those who "cheated" on the diet and did not avoid vinegar, pork, tomatoes, sugar, etc. When taking the herbal tonic some of the items listed neutralize the tonic which, therefore, does not let the herbal tonic work. You might just as well have not taken the tonic---the tonic is key and the diet is as well. I post this so as not to discourage other people who are either on the diet now and or are considering it. It has worked for me and numerous other people I know. All that being said I can understand your comments and please know mine are not a criticism of yours.

  17. There is true value in both camps working together. Science and extreme good health will be the winner in the end. Kill the cancer and heal the body then everyone wins!

  18. Thanks mhikl going to do a search now, very interesting documentary!!! Found it: Red Clover Blossom, Licorice Root, Buckthorn bark, Burdock root, Stillingia root and Poke root in alchohol. :)

  19. Does the documentary include the recipe? BC if it doesn't what would be the point of exposing the coverup of a potential cure without offering it? Curious before I watch it. Thanks!

    1. Claudia, do a google search under "Hoxsey cancer cure” and you will find his ingredients. Also check out Rene Caisse or her name spelt backwards ‘Essiac’ which is the herbal combination.

      Further, check out Brian Peskin and learn about the problems with fish and fish oils from health food stores, both of which may be the cause of the three witches of death today: HDC~heart disease, diabetes & cancer.
      Namaste and care,

  20. The same FDA that allows your kids consume Aspartame in soft drinks or the same FDA that doesnt even bat an eyelid when known Genetically modifed organisms destroy fertillity rates so long as industry (Monsanto Corp.) 'says' its safe.

    science as you know it has been bought and sold by the pimp scum in government and big business. The same sell out scum in the banking and military industries.

    1. You've got that right Word Dog. It started with Rockefeller and Carnegie way back when and grew from there.

  21. I don't understand all the outrage about alternative medicines. Let people choose how they wish to fight their own damn illness. Call me crazy but herbs, roots, veggies and all the great stuff from nature should naturally sound better than cut and burn. It amazes me how many of you have taken this personally AFTER you have witnessed people looking into the camera and saying I am ALIVE because of alternative medicine. If you really cared about protecting them wouldn't that be enough? Which leads me to speculate, are you just one of our many over-prescribing doctor's who are trying to justify your drug pushing, or are you a rep assisting BIg Pharma with another 1/2 trillion year?
    Any systematically developed and plotted "monopoly" was never implemented for the greater good of people. Freedom will always be the greater good and freedom entails choices.Yes we are living longer lives but are they really healthier or happier? Millions of Americans are taking medicines daily and have only become fatter, sicker, depressed, and hopeless. Whats ten more years with cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and all the other rapidly growing ailments? Medication should never be anything more than a temporary measure. We are the only country that practices pills before alternative choices.
    I want everyone to learn about the "gifts" doctors get from pharmaceutical companies, starting IN COLLEGE. That should explain away why everyone leaves the doctor's office with at least one prescription. It's rather sad and we need a medical revolution now, we are being poisoned and then medicated.

    1. you state "Let people choose how they wish to fight their own damn illness". does that apply to pharmaceuticals as well? or do you want one set of rules for established treatments and another set of rules for alternative treatments? there are standards and guidelines to best provide effectiveness and safety to the patient. why should alternative treatments not be required to meet the same standards as accepted medicine?

    2. That's like saying we shouldn't use cannabis for it's beneficial qualities, because it's illegal. Seeing aluminum oxide as an ingredient in most pills is definitely a good, and neurotoxic reason to not abide to the use of pharmaceuticals. If that isn't enough for you, feel free to keep ingesting the aluminum.

    3. Let him who has ears to hear, hear.

      Everyone else, you've been duped. Hopefully, we'll all see the Light eventually, but to those who see it now, I'm WITH YOU !!

    4. "We are the only country that practices pills before alternative choices." Care to provide a source?

      "Millions of Americans are taking medicines daily and have only become fatter, sicker, depressed, and hopeless?" Which Americans are these? Have any become thinner? Have any felt better? Which medicines are you referring to? Once again, bald claims (read those without a source) do not count as evidence. .

      The people looking into the camera are hardly qualified to make a medical assessment and speaking of medicine, do you have the medical training and experience to be dictating that medication should be only a temporary measure or is this tantamount in medical competence to "Call me crazy but herbs, roots, veggies and all the great stuff from nature should naturally sound better than cut and burn."

      The accomplishments of mainstream medicine are legendary, those of alternative medicine non-existent, rendering it a fraud pure and simple, for if it worked, it would be part of the mainstream, your unsubstantiated claims about corruption in the medical industry notwithstanding, and by promoting it you are a fraud yourself and a dangerous one at that.

    5. The proof is in the pudding. Since we've had an FDA and a USDA, Americans are fatter and sicker than they've ever been. Autism is skyrocketing. Cancer the same. Auto-immune disease the same. Diabetes out of control. Obesity out of control. I'll take my chances without mainstream medicine.

    6. The system is built like this for a reason and that reason is profit. The food systems are meant to make us sick so we can fall right back into the for profit health care system. Other countries don't do this to their citizens. It is criminal but as long as you keep a population scared of wars and entertain them with celebrities they won't have time to open their eyes and ask the right questions.

  22. ...anyone who rejects evidence simply on the grounds that it is anecdotal would stand on the end of a jetty with a lifebelt in his hand and watch a man drown, not throwing the lifebelt because there was no scientific evidence that it would save the man's life.

    1. Why don't you look up anecdotal evidence before posting such ignorance?

    2. Anecdotal evidence used to be considered scientific, before Big Pharma and Big Chemical decided that didn't work for them. That only their financed studies constituted "research." Why don't you look it up?

    3. Sally, have you checked out Brian Peskin. I sure had my eyes opened. He talks about modern science and studies using association (a close kin to anecdotal) to back up ‘modern' claims: that is not science, not true research science in the least. See my earlier post for basics; but I seem to be seeing improvements with eczema and mood since beginning his protocol. Brian is a true scientist: researching studies based upon research and producing his own. The end of fish and fish oils: who would have thunk: but then, when it becomes mainstream and even doctors are pushing it, that should give pause to thought.
      Namaste and care,

  23. Great documentary, it's easy to spot those who are lying and those who are telling the truth... It's incredible to see how some people make a living as professional liars and how they think they're being protected by their high position. Sad also that Hoxsey could not treat himself with his own remedy, he should have looked for other alternative therapies, like Essiac. We learn about other treatments in the documentary "Cancer: The Forbidden Cures" also available on Youtube.

    1. Just as fradulent as Hoxsey. There is no such thing as "alternate therapy" or "alternate medicine."

    2. you have NO clue what you're talking about!! Research further before opening an Ignorant mouth.

    3. There is only one type of medicine and that's mainstream medicine. Anything else is fraudulent. By supporting these hucksters and phonies, you are one yourself and a dangerous one at that.
      Now, prove that I don't know what I'm talking about.

    4. My wife and I are Master Herbalists, we have already seen 3 blood samples where the free radicals no longer exist. This was done simply by incorporating different foods and herbs into the body. The blood was also checked by each clients "cancer doctor" and they were all told to continue doing whatever it was they were doing. We give ourselves cancer by eating rubbish. This disease has been handled for thousands of years before big pharma began making billions off of "sick" people. You, unfortunately, do not know what you are talking about. The proof is in the blood.

    5. Being "master herbalists" does not mean that you are M.D.'s which means that you do not have any medical qualifications which makes of your post ignorant nonsense.

    6. you're calling this person "ignorant" because they've done their own research on the topic? you have done 0 research and you act like you know what you're talking about.. that my friend is the definition of ignorant!

    7. It's called a doctorate or master's degree in botany, uneducated one.

    8. doctors are id*ots ..i married one...

    9. I thought that "master herbalists" where not to do invasive procedures like drawing blood etc:

    10. Master herbalist?! LOL. And just how did you determine from looking at a blood sample that no free radicals existed? Sounds like quackery called microscopy. People who do this claim to be able to see all sorts of things just from looking at a single drop of blood. This is sheer nonsense and comes very close to practicing medicine without a license.

    11. you assume much.

    12. which herbs please x

    13. you do not know what you are talking about... there is no money in curing cancer and cancer yet another way we deal with overpopulation... there are natural cures for killing/shrinking cancer cells and they come from antioxidants in different fruits... do your research, not everything is mainstream... doctors and big pharma is more interested in making money than they are in curing the sick. that's the truth. open your eyes and learn a thing or two.

    14. You are incorrect about there not being any money in curing cancer. There are fortunes to be made with new treatments and cures, not to mention the prestige and recognition (Nobel Prize). Why do you think research facilities are spending billions and billions on researching cures for disease? People will always get cancer and other diseases especially with the aging population. There are fortunes to be made from cures!

    15. what he means is their is major money in Chemo, Radio therpay and the poisons used to keep people ill....this way they make more money from one patient for years

    16. I would agree with you - there is money to be made from curing cancer, but it's insignificant compared to the money to be made from treating cancer. Big difference between the words cure and treat.

    17. I don't know which country you live in. But in the U.S. the total amount spent on health care a year is a staggering 2 TRILLION! Out of that 150 billion is spent on cancer treatment.So cancer treatment while it is the most expensive disease that's treated, it's still a drop in the bucket. Don't forget cancer is not just one disease. There are 200 or more kinds.

      You couldn't be anymore wrong about doctors any scientists only wanting to treat and not cure.
      First of all there is research going on all around the world. Countries that provide free medical care would have a much bigger incentive to find cures for diseases like cancer, than to just spend huge amounts treating. Not only does the medical care itself cost governments tons of money, but there is the lost time in productivity.
      The private, governmental like the NCI, and university research centers spend billions looking for cures. If they were ONLY interested in treating then they would just keep the status quo. By the way the people who do that kind of work get cancer and other diseases too along with their families and friends. To think that all of the millions of people who are involved in research are somehow ALL in on the evil plan to prevent any REAL cures from being found and implemented is preposterous .
      That's tin foil hat stuff right there.

    18. Did I mention an evil plan? That's putting words in my mouth. I am suggesting the motive for pharmaceuticals is to treat rather than cure - there is far greater financial reward in treating than curing. That's unarguable. Particularly if very few doses are needed of that cure. I don't believe for one second there is a great evil plan, I believe that there financial incentive rules strongest in our society. Very difficult to argue that isn't the case, you can look at any industry. Scientists, researchers, doctors etc. are all well meaning, but they're all looking the in the wrong direction. The fact is, is that hundreds of millions of people a year benefit from alternative medicines. If that isn't worth pursuing and researching then I don't know what is. At the end of the day, choice should always be there for the patient, and informed choice at that. Unfortunately most doctors are not in a place to provide informed choice to their patients as they have insufficient training in anything outside of pharmaceutical medicine and surgery. And that's forgetting that they receive next to no nutritional training, which is astounding, horrifying and should be very alarming to every single person. It flies in the face of huge amounts of research.

    19. you state "here is far greater financial reward in treating than curing." while you might be right. that in no way proves pharmaceutical companies wrong or this alternative right or effective. it is actually a strawman.
      you go on to state "The fact is, is that hundreds of millions of people a year benefit from alternative medicines" that is an unsubstantiated claim. can you provide demonstrable,scientific proof for this claim? personal testimonials,undocumented claimed results and claiming a result followed an action without proving the action CAUSED the result is useless.
      finally "choice should always be there for the patient" i am all for choice. but shouldn't all choices be held to the same standards of proof. shouldn't alternatives be held to the same standards as regular medicine?

    20. Hi Over the edge,
      Thanks for pointing this out. I forgot to address it. Yes, where is his evidence that hundreds of millions of people benefit from alternative treatments? Benefit how? First he would have to show some evidence that ANY Alternative TO medicine even works.
      Of course you are right. Alternatives SHOULD be held to the same standards as conventional medicine.

    21. You are wrong about there being more money in treating than curing, and here is why. If you come up with a drug, lets use the drug Terbinafine an oral antifungal used to get rid of fungal toenails, as an example. When this drug came on the market the cost was $500.00 a month. Patients had to get approval from their insurance companies by getting a letter from their doctor stating that they had tried everything else and nothing worked. The insurance company didn't want to pay for it because it was so expensive. So as a last resort they would agree to pay.

      All new drugs have a SEVEN year patent and then after the seven years is up ANY drug company can make the generic version of the drug for much cheaper. But the drug company has SEVEN years to charge a lot for the drug so they can make back all the money they put into the research and development of the drug.

      Back to Terbinafine. Once the 7 year patent was up the company that had been making it stopped making it altogether. Why did they stop making it? Because now there were several companies making the drug and this drives the price WAY down so much so that the drug no longer is profitable.

      Now if there were a drug that CURED a particular disease it would be BIG! That company would hold the 7 year patent AND the entire WORLD market! They would make an absolute fortune!!! Not to mention the prestige and notoriety they would garner.

      In the U.S we have a governmentally funded research institution called The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine or NCCAM. Since it's inception in 1991 it has spent more than 3 Billion of the tax payers money and it has yet to prove the efficacy of one single alternative method. It has also not declared any alternative treatment ineffective. So in other words it has accomplished NOTHING.

      Meanwhile they continue to fund studies like does long distance prayer treat AIDS? The NCCAM has also been criticized not only for promoting pseudoscience but for it's lack of any published peer reviewed work in any respectable journal. The fact that after more than 20 years of well funded research NCCAM has come up with a big fat NOTHING to show for all the money spent on quackery.

      So much for your theory that scientist should be looking at alternative treatments. They have and they still are. Guess what?
      If any of these alternative TO medicine treatments worked beyond anything more than the placebo effect they certainly would have had enough time, money , and effort spent on them to show that they work. The undeniable fact is they don't work.

      So you think that scientists, researchers, and doctors are well meaning but they are looking in the wrong place. You think they should be looking at alternative medicine right? For example I wonder just which alternative TO medicine treatment should be used to treat breast cancer for instance. I would really love to hear about which one YOU know about that works! Because I've seen way to many women with breast cancer go to their graves thinking they could cure their breast cancer with things like diets, be it an alkaline, Gerson, juicing, etc. etc. I've also seen them put their faith in things like Vit C, laetrile, oxygen therapy (oxygen actually makes cancer cells proliferate faster in some cases) and a whole host of other worthless treatments. So please tell me which one works and what is your proof that it works.

      I don't agree that doctors only know to give drugs and do surgery. Medicine and the way medical conditions are treated has changed drastically. There are now many procedures that are very minimally invasive and can be done through various scopes. A procedure that was once a long hospital stay and a big incision, can now be done through a scope and outpatient. Cardiac issues that once required a thoracotomy and weeks in the hospital (coronary bypass) are now done through a scope and corrected with stints and other minimally invasive procedures.

      "Doctors have none or practically no nutritional instruction in medical school.." I hear that comment often from the altie crowd. It's just flat out WRONG. Todays doctors not only learn about nutrition, they must learn it in depth at the molecular level. Don't believe me ask any student currently enrolled in medical school.

    22. I come across bigots like you everyday robertallen1. Your knowledge of ignorance is astounding. Try and do some research before pronouncing such nonsense.

    23. @robertallen1: No need; you do that quite well on your own!

    24. Main stream medicine is synthesised herbal medicine from the amazon most of the time ..they have patented ( i refer to the main Pharma labs) the herbs from the forests and synthesised them....so its a catch 22

    25. "Cancer the forbidden cures" is running right now on TDF with many posts in progress.

  24. Buy beware since Hoxsey's supporters always fail to mention he developed prostate cancer, and eventually reverted to the traditional therapies of the time since his snake oil had absolutely no effect on cancer.

    1. If he's a fraud then why didn't he sell for big money? Mark Rhodes your obviously part of the Medical Fraternity and earn your blood money from it. Your either for or against.

    2. If you want to believe some old crooney of Hoxsey 's then fine. She had every reason to try to make the Medical Establishment look as mercenary and corrupt as possible. Do you really think the AMA wanted Hoxsey's tonic so THEY could make money from it?? Really? LOL

    3. Clearly you didn't watch the film Susan. The film clearly shows the corruption apparent at the AMA during this time. This is not a one-off incident you will find many example of this corruption.

    4. Hoxsey's doctor Paul Peters was away when Harry died so another doctor had to sign the death certificate. He just looked at his medical record and concluded that the prostate cancer was the cause of death. Paul Peters has always been adamant that the death was caused by liver trouble and a weak heart.

    5. How would Paul Peters know if he were not around at the time? How do you know that the attending physician merely looked at Hoxey's medical records?

    6. According to all the comments you made Robert, i cant quite understand why do you even bother watching these documentaries that show a different side of the world we live in...
      One thing i can conclude, and that is that you are a hard person to be around. I feel sorry for your friends...if there are any.

    7. Stop bearing false witness on Hoxsey. He told the truth, that many herbs cure cancer. If you chose to listen to the pharma tell you there are no cures, that is your business, but don't go around insulting someone who learns the truth, and tried to do something about it.

  25. It just goes to show you, they dont want you to have a cure if they can make money....

  26. The same FDA that allows your kids consume Aspartame in soft drinks or the same FDA that doesnt even bat an eyelid when known Genetically modifed organisms destroy fertillity rates so long as industry (Monsanto Corp.) 'says' its safe.

    science as you know it has been bought and sold by the pimp scum in government and big business. The same sell out scum in the banking and military industries.

  27. This comment is NOT about what I THINK...it's about what I KNOW!

    My Dad had a mole on his back that seemd to grow and change over night. He made an appointment with the local Doctor the other docs went to, had the biopsy and the diagnosis was cancer. He was told his treatment plan, surgery with major muscle and node removal followed by at least one round of chemo and many months of physical therapy with no guarantee full motion would be restored to his right arm. He asked and was given a list of five patients that had used this treatment for his decision making.

    The next morning he made the calls and by noon he had come to the realization he had been given a death sentence, all five were dead. One to almost three years after their diagnosis with varing health issues, slight to horrible, while they all fought to die. Maybe he would just live with it. During the night he remembered a local man that had been using an "alternative" cancer treatment four years previously, a phone book check found his name still listed, Dad was going to look him or his family up the next day.

    Fearing the worst, Dad made the call...HE ANSWERED THE PHONE, yes come for lunch, meet my wife and new baby, he'd be thrilled to share his "HOXSEY" experience. Walking on a cloud of hope the hands on the clock seemed to stand still, he HAD found someone ~~ALIVE~~!

    Dad, a good self made man, was not religious and he wasn't especially spiritual so when he said he saw "MIRACLES" each time he went for treatment I absolutely believe he had. The "HOXSEY" treatment allowed him to live active, healthy and cancer free for another 16 years, cancer was not listed even as a contributing cause of his death.

    When you think or hear someone say "there's NO cure for cancer" hear me in the back ground shouting "DON'T YOU BELIEVE THAT!"


    1. So it sounds like your Father had malignant melanoma, Depending on stage and aggressiveness of the tumor some people live a very long time with it after having the mole removed. Your Father probably fell into this group. It doesn't necessarily mean he was cured.

    2. your ignorance is astounding. So too is your level immaturity and you make grand assumptions. You can't possibly comment on the poster's father as you have no idea about him. Stop trying to bully people into submitting to your view of the world. If you believe this is all quackery then fine, that's your prerogative, but don't try to railroad others into believing the same. Let people make their own minds up.

  28. I don’t know if you've seen, “Dying to Have Know” – about the Gerson cancer cure. I am inclined to think the Gerson cancer cure (strickly raw vegetables) would be more effective than Hoxsey’s tonic (Red Clover Blossom, Licorice Root, Buckthorn bark, Burdock root, Stillingia root and Poke root in alchohol). I think the Hoxsey tonic may have a slight effect – but the real benefit coming from the placebo effect. Gerson’s remedy (only raw veggies), however, without question has dramatic, proven results regarding diabetes and heart disease (See also “Simply Raw, Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days”) – so I’m betting there would also be great gains to be had fighting cancer – given the other systems of the body are working optimally. -- Try the raw veggies (only, no cheating) for a month (plus some moderate exercise), see what it does.

    1. I believe it's a combo of the herbs and diet - Hoxsey's pts survived even tho they were eating 'bleached flour'?! I'd say they survived Despite eating bleached flour. Also Hoxsey's herbs are somewhat similar to Essiac's, and they've had amazing successes as well! I'd say it's a combo of cleansing herbs, detoxing the body of chemicals, a clean diet of organic veggies, fruits and proteins, as well as having Support and the 'placebo' effect if you will!! And I would do this Any day over chemo or radiation!!!

    2. " . . . they've [Hoxey Clinic] had amazing successes as well!" Now, for the truth:

      A review of 400 patients treated by Hoxsey found no verifiable cures. Guzley GJ (1992). "Alternative cancer treatments: impact of unorthodox therapy on the patient with cancer". South. Med. J. 85 (5): 519–23.

      "I'd say it's a combo of cleansing herbs, detoxing the body of chemicals, a clean diet of organic veggies, fruits and proteins." How about providing us with your medical background and qualifications so we can determine what's behind your opinion?

      In short, Hoxsey's treatment has had no success at all, not even for Hoxsey and it has been illegal in the United States for very good reason.

      In short, you're a liar and a dangerous one at that.

    3. Another sad comment by a sad person who knows nothing outside of what he has learned, at the same time, condemning what he knows not.... I suppose you support genetically modified, as well?

    4. Once again, let's see your medical qualifications. From your posts, you're the one who knows not which makes you a dangerous ignoramus.

    5. And why do you say robertallen knows nothing outside of what he has learned? Is it just because he doesn't buy into the Hoxsey tonic that's claimed to cure cancer? He provided you with documentation of 400 some patients that were reviewed and found to have no verifiable cures! Just because you want something to be true doesn't make it true.

      Cancer isn't some new disease due to the food we eat as you seem to think. Cancer has been around since the beginning of time.

    6. To all of you disbelievers out there......

      Explain to me why are we still using the same treatments since the beginning.

      With over 6 billion dollars donated each year to find a cure we are still doing the same treatments that don't work.

      Maybe you people need to do more homework, I have been researching for 15 years and truth is..... Its just a business

      Any kind of treatment has to get approved by - Sloan Kettering -


      Explain this one:

      If you get 2nd or 3rd degree burns what do the hospital do to treat your burns??

      Answer is: 25 + Hard Boiled Eggs a day and lost of water


      Because the protein is the only method approved by health authorities that can RE-BUILD CELLS.

      BUT WAIT....... If that is Ture why can't we just use this method to treat or cure Cancer

      Because: Cancer is a Business
      Nothing else matters

      Look at the medical LOGO with the snake it the middle!!

      The people who are in control of these organizations believe in Satan - 666 - aka the devil.

      Look at there churches, they have a big staue of SATAN (standing beside him boy and girl) - with the snake on his chest lower) out front of every church

      Normal people say...... Why would they want to kill us???

      If they had cures why cover them up?

      Please do your homework

      These Freemasons control and rule us all.

      A 14 year old girl who uncovered the US presidents family tree can figure it out........

      But you people can't ????

      PRETTY SAD........

      Stop being brain washed and open your eyes people

  29. well that was pure crap!
    1. this kind of hoax/crap/quack/whatever, it's cheesy selling, and will never work in rich European and Asian countries. Will never work in USA or Canada.

    2. hate to tell you guys, but US is not the only country with cancer patients. other countries actually spend billions on healthcare for their citizens and are not in it for the money. they actually care about their citizens.

    3. they could only open a clinic in tijuana so that they continue to sale snake oil to US citizens, the most gullible bunches of idiots in the world. even the mexicans would not dare go there. plus, maybe they could not afford the high fees. right now they are closed because tijuana is a hell hole thanks to the drug lords and US citizens, their customers, will not go there

    4. did it ever occur to you guys that your US government actually consists of people? how about elizabeth edwards, wife of a 'US' senator who died of breast cancer. plus many 'US' politicians who have suffered cancer. now why would the same 'US' gov then be in it for the money. get real, you medical right now is in crisis because even you guys can't even afford it. your insurances are picky especially when it comes to cancer and drop you guys from their policies like flies. if you have cancer, they won't even cover you.

    5. medical science has cured more disease and pronged people life than any other in the world.

    1. Many people who are well educated in the first world, are losing faith in the medical system and especially people like myself who have experenced the failure of our current medical model.
      Yes other countries may "care more" but they apparently dont care enough to break away from the 1st world medical model monopoly.
      I would travel anywhere in the world if I was allowed to have my freedom of choice in medical treatments. If you prefer not to have any freedom well you are welcome not to have any.

      As far as the mexicans going to a clinic that prescribes herbs well.... I dont think you have ever been to Mexico. Mexicans believe very strongly in herbs as do most south american cultures.If they knew that such a place existed and could afford the treatments I know they would be there.

      All industrys have people in them. Toxic pesticide companys, toxic chemical companys, weapons manufacturing, nuclear power, and more.Do you really think these people care about what they are producing? if people really "cared" these "products of death" would not even exist.

      Thus it seems obvious that you have not personally experenced the failure of the current world wide medical model. Nor does it seem that you have you lived where the current medical model is too expensive for those "caring" individuals to offer their successful treatments free to those citizens who are too poor.

      It is very disturbing to me that your "caring" would force others to accept the current medical model cartel. Anyone who uses force(by laws) to accept their way of thinking/medical treatments to enrich multinational companys is not a "caring" individual. One reason why most countries have traditional methods of healing is that they are inexpensive, and if one is a little bit educated they are virtually free.
      Unlike the modern medical cartel that only caters to those who can afford treatments.

      All democratic countries are based on freedom, and freedom of choice if you are rich or poor in medical treatment is just one example. Thus if you are not happy with freedom of choice you are welcome to move to any number of countries that are ruled by dictators or systems that do not allow freedom.

    2. I don't suppose you believe the Fitzgerald Report of 1953? It was commissioned by Charles Tobey whose son was cured of cancer by Dr. Robert E. Lincoln of Massachusetts.

  30. anyone with basic knowledge of biochemistry knows drugs orginated from plants and are synthesized from mostly petrol chemicals.These chemicals found in drugs are simular to the ones found in plants with one exception.Plant chemicals that are found in the plant are synonymous with vitamins found in foods. Vitamins in food need phytonutrients in order to be digested and assimulated properly.Thus activating the required vitamin/s.This is a proven nutritional fact.Therefor the chemicals found in plants are superior to those found in drugs as they are just one chemical constituant and not a symbiotic package like a herb or food.This makes drugs very dangerous like sugar,cocaine and heroine. Not to mention one is made from food that the body's cells can utilize properly and the other from petrol chemicals. Since herbs contain many chemicals that work symbiotically together they produce properties that combat disease.This also is a well known botanical fact.Thus anyone suggesting that herbs/foods are non effective to destroy malignant cells is sadly ignorant of basic biochemistry,biology,botany and nutrition. One might as well say that the vitamin c in lemons does not cure scurvy because it doesnt contain the right vitamins or synthetic vitamin c. The merk index of all chemicals known to man lists chapparal (a herb) as antineoplastic. To those of you who are rather silly not to admit that you have no clue about what you are talking about, antineoplastic is defined as "inhibiting or preventing the growth of malignant cells" aka anti cancer causing. chapparal being only one herb in a long list of anti cancer causing foods and herbs. Thus if you are going to post a comment please know a little more about what you are talking about as you will embarrass yourself and expose the fact that your "actual working knowledge..of biochemistry" is in fact not working at all. Now let the readers decide who is espousing the REAL QUACKERY.

    This is a fantastic video though the hoxey formula may or may not be the right formulae for your condition. Although the basic message comes through, Americans are not free to choose any type of treatment.Most alternative treatments are not covered by insurance if they can even get them. In addition, if one tries to treat anyone by methods other than the forced medical model they are persecuted.This video exposes how citizens living in the land of the free and brave.. are not as free as they think they are, especially for their own health. hhmm isnt that a form of socialism? Im not sure, as im not into politics that much.Thankyou for posting!

    1. Hate to break it to you my friend but there is absolutely no difference in the molecule of vitamin C from oranges or from pills in a bottle. Eating the orange is surely better for you (as long as you are not diabetic) but the fact remains that your body assimilates it exactly the same. You use the word phytonutrient which is just the latest health food scam word to make it sound like you are being scientific which in fact that is not the case at all.

      I will agree with you that any human being should be able to make their own health and medical decisions. The reason why this type of medicine is outlawed is because it specifically preys on the weak and vulnerable. They used to call them snake oil salesmen. Now that is the catch phrase for all types of people trying to sell you garbage that doesn't work. Your body generally heals itself, but if you use some snake oil prior to your body healing you might attribute some miraculous quality to the garbage you bought from the huckster down the street.

      Please read some scientific journals before trying to convince people to try some possibly dangerous and usually expensive and useless alternate to Western medicine. Not every scientist and doctor could possibly be "in" on the conspiracy to keep cancer people sick.

    2. so you think that phytochemicals and phytonutrients are a "health food scam word", I suggest you start reading nutritional information because then you will then find out that they do exist and are not a scam. Any good scientific journal will have articles about phytonutrients.
      In addition the vitamin in a pill form is NOT the same because of the aforementioned nutrients. This is why every so many years the vitamin industry comes out with a "new an improved" more assimable form of vitamins. Just as when vitamin c first came out it was by itself and later they added bioflavonoids.(phytonutrients)
      I urge everyone or anyone to do their homework and google phytonutrients or phytochemicals and actually find out if they exist and are necessary for the activation of vitamins.
      Since you think that vitamins in pills are the same as food vitamins show me studies that mention that one can live off vitamin pills.
      These inorganic vitamins have been used in baby formulas for many years and when they first came out there were no warnings on them. Although in past decade or more it has been found out that these "vitamins" that some claim are are "the same as vitamin c in oranges" do not support human life.Thus these formulaes now come with warnings not to fed your baby entirely infant formulas.If these vitamins are truely "no different than a pill in a bottle" then why do babys die from being fed infant formulas?
      I could go on to mention that synthetic vitamins are not made from plant based foods or even animal in the majority of cases.
      Thus some people believe we have the digestive system to assimulate inorganic (rocks) vitamins.
      In conclusion, vitamin molecules may look simular under a microscope as "the structure" is simular but are the two of them really the same?

      Modern medicine preys upon the sick and dying relieving them of all their life savings. I personally would rather have a choice as to were and how I want to be treated. You can be rest assured that it wouldnt be modern medicine. Your arguement about being robbed of money by quacks is already happening by the current medical system. Thus I find this point very weak indeed.

    3. People who are not accredited as healers are prosecuted because if they weren't then any snake oil salesman could put up a sign claiming to have the miracle cure. The health care system would be so rife with these hucksters that a true physician would become harder and harder to find. This could eventually lead to severe epidemics and increased death rates. Our medical system, though flawed, has produced longer and healthier life spans than at any time in human history. This should indicate that we are on the right path. Their inability to cure everything does not invalidate their effectiveness. It just means more research is needed.

    4. physicians are not healers and know very little about nutrition, herbology, exercise, hydrotherapy, massage therapy etc etc

      What do they know? they know about drugs and what drug is for what condition.Drugs contrary to popular belief do not heal the body as they are made from one chemical constituant. One chemical in isolation is always destructive. First of all, because it is not found in a symbiotic package as real food or a herb that works with the body without injury. Secondly, chemicals derived from petrol, or rocks etc is not what the body can utilize properly. Drugs do not heal the human body.

      Since doctors are ignorant of health in general they cannot be attributed to humans having longer lifespans. Neither do drugs increase human lifespan.

      The name doctor is really a misnomer as they have virtually no knowledge about health. They should be renamed drug pushers for all the drugs they prescribe.(good luck finding one that prescribes a dietary change instead)

      Your assumption that doctors prevent disease is far from the truth and in europe (cant remember the country at the moment) they went on strike or didnt work for some time and the death rate actually went down.

      Furthermore studies have been done regarding cancer and current medical treatment.It has been found that if one does nothing at all for the cancer the patient on average will live longer than if one was treated.

      In addition, one of the leading causes of death(top 10) is doctor prescribed medications which kill over 200,000 people yearly which is freely admitted by JAMA.

      No more research is needed as drugs all have horrible side effects like asprin causes reyes disease an immune system crash and death, gravol causes hallucinations, heart attacks,coma and death and these are just two otc drugs.

      Drugs will never heal the human body and its is pointless to continue in this unsustainable paradigm of health. Drugs kill and shorten lifespans.Doctors prescribe drugs.

      Allowing for only one system(allopathy or doctors using drugs) recognised by the government who was lobbied many years ago by the petrol chemical industry (oil company mainly esso ..standard oil...rockefellers...backers of AMA...drugs.....university research grants to the tune of 60% of all universitys....who were instrumental in closing down alternative colleges such as herbal, massage, chiropratic in the early 1940's etc) is a form of monopoly born out of fascism. This political control of medicine that benefits the few at the expense of the many needs to be revolutionized.

    5. no, people who pratice in competition to the system are jailed because of vested intrests. there is little money for the alternate healer to tell people to eat good. On the other hand if people ate good, various vested industrys would go out of buisness. Same is true with medicine.Just like the days when the world was flat and gravity didnt exist.Ignorance is bliss ?

    6. Everyone knows they should eat healthy foods. The reason we don't is because the fast foods are inexpensive, high in the protein our bodies crave, and they taste good. The choice is still ours. There is almost nothing that I won't eat but there are people who are picky and will eat only certain foods. Usually the foods they will eat are the ones high in protein and fats because that is what they like. They know better but they don't like what's good for them. No one to blame but themselves. To blame vested interests is transferring the responsibility of maintaining a healthy lifestyle to someone else when it is everyone's personal responsibility to look after themselves. "It's not my fault" is a cop out.

      Some people will not acknowledge that we live longer and healthier because of the advances in medicine. In the end we will die, however. It is the nature of life. No living thing escapes this fate. Blaming vested interests in silly. Believing that an individual with a proven cure is being persecuted because of vested interests is naive and childish. Some people don't like big business and those with money so they criticize them relentlessly. Right or wrong has nothing to do with it as far as they are concerned.

    7. @ mikey

      That death rates by prescribed drugs are in the top ten is misleading. A great many of those deaths are caused by people who do not follow the instructions properly. They mix meds and consume alcohol and take more than what is recommended. That is not the fault of the drug that is being prescribed and a doctor cannot follow a person around to guarantee that he follows instructions. Also this statistic is lumped together with other unintentional deaths; accidents, poisons to name two. I've checked online and every top ten list does this.

      I never said all drugs are the answer. Clearly, as human beings, doctors and researchers make mistakes. There is no magic cure for death. Drugs, nutrition, exercise, even religious rites have not prevented even one person from dying. Drugs that are taken when needed and I repeat, when needed, can help to alleviate the ravages of diseases and allow one with health problems to live a more comfortable life. Although there are problems with the drug culture, it only proves that being of human design it will be prone to human frailties. There is not an area of human endeavor that is free of what at times appear to be insurmountable issues. This would include that of the non mainstream medical field which is rife with snake oil salesmen, psychic healers, and quacks of all types. Just because one claims to be a natural healer does not mean he has your best interest at heart. They should be monitored just like anyone else.

    8. One is not trying to cheat death everyone will die. What non mainstream practioners are trying to do is offer an alternative choice for treating disease.

      Drugs do NOT CURE DISEASE. Yes they may help symptomaticaly for pain etc, but they do not cure the cause.Thus if they are prescribed correctly as AMA admits or not, is irrevelant. Nor is the number of deaths they freely admit to either. The point is by taking drugs you will not be cured.Thus any one who dies while under a physicians care consuming correctly/incorrectly prescribed drugs can be attributed to the current medical system. Therefor the number of deaths caused by doctors/drugs is number one.

      What herbology, nutrition, exercise, lifestyle changes etc do is change the conditions that caused disease to grow and to take root in the human body.

      You think you need someone regulating everything that one might do for their health and I disagree. I dont think I need to go to a doctor for a prescription so I can juice 10 lbs of carrots for my disease. Nor do I think I need a doctor to tell me if I am allowed to take benifical herbs like garlic or echinecea for my condition. The amount of people dying from dr's correctly prescribed medications compared to eating foods and herbs is well... a joke.

      Sure there are scams out there like the father of marketing and selling synthetic drugs ROCKEFELLER sold CRUDE OIL as a health elixer pre 1940. Now they sell pharmaceutical drugs instead.Not to mention he was instrumental in closing down all the alternative schools of healing so his OIL would become the system of health. Talk about a snake oil quack!..

      Now im not saying that using drugs are bad since they do alleviate suffering. If one has an arm cut off well yes use pain killers. If one needs insulin then take it so one does not go into a coma.

      Though diseases can be cured through natural means. Pain is relieved by several herbs such as white willow(asprin), tumeric(superior to steroidal and antisteroidal antiinflammatory drugs) and more. Diabetes can be held in check by dietary changes, exercise and herbs. Although the knowledge that natural medicine is able to cure diseases is virtually unknown.

      Thus one is forced to either take the snake oil system of healing created by ROCKEFELLER owner of ESSO(standard oil) or use alternative healing.

      The outragious profits created by the current medical paradigm far outstrip all the so called snake oil scammers of products that dont work combined.

      Thus I feel blessed that I have educated myself in health, nutrition, herbology, and exercise etc. I have exercised (no pun intended) my freedom of choice and have taken it away from an outdated medical paradigm. Education is power.

      Just to clarify, im not against the medical system in its proper place. They excell in emergency medicine, if one was run over by a car they SHOULD go to a hospital. Though for treatment of diseases....

      I think its strange that people are afraid of scammers in health foods or supplements but are not afraid of doctors(drug pushers), oil companys, and pharmaceutal companys. These large multinational corporations have had their hands in wars supplying all sides. They help to lobby the government's of the world into wars, dictate our current medical system, destroy freedom of choice, and speach among many other despicable crimes.

      Its very ironic that one would be worried about a small guy down the street selling a so called miracle cure. In fact this leads me to believe that fear is a motivating factor. Simply put education destroys fear.

    9. "By taking drugs you will not be cured." Actually, that depends on the drug and the disease. Antibiotics do a good job of curing diseases caused by bacteria. Anti virals cure diseases caused by viruses. Some cancers have darn good cure rates with convientional treatments using chemo and ratiation. There are drugs that are not designed to cure, but to reduce "risk factors" when no disease is present. I am not a person who favors those drugs, but don't paint all drugs with the same brush.

  31. Yea anyone with actual working knowledge of genetics and biochemistry can tell you this is absolute quackery. A random assortment of chemicals that magically targets any sort of malignant cell simply does not exist, our biology is far too complex to allow it.
    Placing your faith in this garbage is on par with believing a faith healer can cure the blind or a that the position of stars in the night sky controls your fate.
    A scientific study was not conducted for no reason other than because it would be a waste of time and resources better placed elsewhere.

    1. linus pauling would disagree ;)

    2. He might disagree, but that wouldn't mean he's right. I have a great deal of respect for Dr. Pauling's knowledge of chemistry. Of the benefits of vitamin C as a cure all, not so much.

  32. @ChrisHernandez

    Why does it make sense to assume these ingredients, with their 'natural healing properties', should be taken to cure cancer?
    Although each of these ingredients may have some potential to cure individual ailments on their own, it doesn't mean their combination can lead to an amplification of their powers; much like Transformers might connect to form an Optimus Prime perhaps? Is this what you imagine happens when you bung a load of useful chemicals together? Well, I can understand the temptation to think that, but unfortunately the reality is far more complicated than that. Chemicals can interact in many different ways and often in ways that are very dangerous to humans. Also, Natural doesn't mean f--k all towards safety. Arsenic is natural. Uranium is natural. Anthrax is natural. The ebola virus is natural. Your mama is natural. The word natural is often used by people who want you to feel safer taking their product than you should be. I tend to avoid these people and their products. Sincere peace, and my deepest sympathies, to all those who have been affected by cancer.

  33. Also see "Healing Cancer From Inside Out" by Mike Anderson.

  34. Very informative That would be my choice

  35. Phil, the point is not that cancer can be prevented with the treatment the point is that if your cells do make errors that are allowed to become malignant there are compounds that are shown to interact with these malformed cells in a way to prohibit further such cells from forming, and to remove the already malformed cells, chemo-therapy drugs being one example of this type of compound, the problem with the mainstream approach is their methods attack healthy cells as well leaving an already sick person in even worse shape.

  36. Oh, and this Hoxely guy was a quack, a con-man.

    Not worthy of anyone's notice.

    1. you sadly lack education.

    2. You don't know what the hell you're talking about. The man was CLEARLY not at al a fraud. Did it ever occur to you that big pharma doesn't WANT us to be able to take care of ourselves because there's no profit in it for them? You need to wake up. Geez ..

    3. Of course he's a fraud. He developed prostate cancer in 1967, and used his trademarked snake oil on himself to no avail. He ended up having to undergo traditional cancer treatment when it became obvious his concoction had absolutely no effect on cancer.

  37. I wrote: "much more easy to bear..."

    That is a terrible, pedantic sentence.

    Better to have written, "Makes everything I suffer tolerable"

    Is that a better sentence?

  38. @silkop

    You speak the truth.

    I have already had several benign, (so far), cancers removed that were simply genetic.

    In fact, I am crippled most of the time because of genetics, just things that my mother mated with, no choice for me.

    But, I think that makes more sense than to believe in some divine creator. If indeed, a creator was responsible for my pain and suffering... well... I would have to destroy that person.

    To understand that it is all just nature, that makes everything I suffer much more easy to bear.

    1. angry man, perhaps you suffering is occuring because of that reason alone.

    2. wow... you have a lot of researching yet to do... and I agree w/Mikey in that your attitude could use some help. Fine, go ahead and go for the chemo/radiation bandwagon!! No one here's trying to tell anyone what to do - at least not on our end! We're as usual, just asking for the same respect in return! Everyone should be able to Choose what is Right for Them!!! you don't agree.. fine, don't do it. I'm like the one guy that said he'd rather go to an early grave than succumb to chemo or radiation!! Absolutely. But if you wanna' give it a go, by all means, have at it!!

    3. Quacks and their supporters are garbage demanding respect which they don't deserve half as much as incarceration.

  39. Michael is right that cancer is a "systematic" problem and I'm afraid there may be many more such problems with the human (or animal/plant) body. I call it "f..ked by design" (or if you prefer, a clear sign that there is no designer behind it). The problem is that certain properties and functions of the body seem to be absurdly tightly tied to other properties and functions.

    To use a computer analogy, it's as if we had a group of semi-intelligent hackers hack away at a piece of software without any coordination and concern for the grand picture in order to obtain some desirable local features. Some very "undesirable" and very "uncontrollable" global features would also "emerge" by that and they would have to be tolerated unless you wanted to redesign the whole thing from scratch.

    I guess that in a similar fashionwe can't have life without aging. If we managed to stop the process of aging, we would likely have coincidentally stopped some other rather important processes just because they are all causally tied together. Cancer seems to be an unfortunate side-effect of how cell replication works. It's possibly even "beneficial" in the evolutionary sense because other processes might have been more inferior in terms of the genes' survivability. We just can't have our cake and eat it, too.

    1. I think you're mistaken. Keep researching!! There's Plenty we can do!! God made us Perfect!! and the world around us is also made perfectly - every malady has a Natural 'cure' - it's like a key and a lock that fit together!! The quandry is discovering which key goes to which lock!! Good luck in your search!!;)

    2. So now you combine quackery with cheap theology.

      How do you know that "God" (and I assume you mean your god) made us Perfect? As a matter of fact, what is Perfect? How do you know that every malady has a natural "cure" (and you're right to put cure between quotation marks)? In short, what are your qualifications?

    3. A God bashing, probably abortion supporting, anti-morality, person wants to continue to step on toes and call out things he has no idea about. The Bible says, "The light has nothing to do with the dark," yet the dark continues to present itself at every turn.

    4. 1. Which god are you talking about?
      2. Yes, I support abortion.
      3. Who's morality are you talking about, yours?
      4. What does a quotation from the bible have to do with anything.
      5. I still haven't seen those medical qualifications.

    5. But robertallen he's a "master herbalist"! LOL;

    6. Michelle, you are exactly correct. God created us perfectly and also fearfully. We are the ones who created disease. We are the bringers on of every famine that afflicts out bodies. We were not intended to ever know death. At the time of the great flood, human life spans were averaging 900 years, 3 generations later, we were averaging 120... 10 generations, we barely saw 100. Leaving the animals alone (not eating them) is the only way to find relief. Genesis 1:29 "I give you all seed bearing fruits and plants for your food and medicine."

    7. 1. How do you know that "god created us perfectly." As a matter of fact, what is "perfectly?" As matter of fact, what is your proof for the existence of this god of yours?

      2. "We are the ones who created disease." Do you mind providing your background in epidemiology? By the way, disease has been around long before man. There are also diseases in the world that those which afflict humans. Anthrax, for example, does not start off with people and neither did the bubonic plague.

      3. "We are the bringers on of every famine that afflicts out bodies." Which famines are these and how do you know this?

      4. "We were not intended to ever know death." Does this mean, we were intended to live forever? One way or the other, from where do you get this inside "information?"

      5. You are merely hiding behind the bible, a set of books you know nothing about, to camouflage your ignorance of history and sicence, particularly pharmacology and medicine.
      6. There is no scientific evidence for a global flood.
      7. The long lives ascribed to various forefathers in the bible merely parallel accounts from Sumeria and other cultures. After Genesis, there are fewer unbelievably long life spans. Taking such statements literally reveals an intelligence which never grew up.

      By taking on both medicine and theology, yours is one of the more ecumenically ignorant posts to appear on this thread in a long time.

  40. why are people are so ignorant! Why are so few people aware of what cancer is, it doesn't take that much effort to open a book or go on wikipedia and learn what cancer is.

    Cancer is simply errors your cells make in replicating DNA when they divide. Your body's cells would naturally make occasional mistakes replicating DNA, but it would be very seldom. However when your cells are stressed by a toxic environment, radiation, constant inflammation such as from sun burn or from smoke in lungs, then this causes errors to occur more often.

    Most mistakes will result in the cell dieing. However, some mistakes will allow the cell to live and continue to reproduce and thus pass on the error. Mistakes such as errors in the genes responsible for DNA duplication and checking that DNA is duplicated correctly (cells have DNA spell check systems), will lead to more errors. Errors can cause a cell to be able to continue without dieing or grow uncontrollably, or be able to live in different environment of the body and thus spread. Cancer is the condition of having errors in cells' DNA that cause cells to grow, reproduce, and behave in bad ways that are harmful to the body. In order for cancer to develop inwhich it would be a problem, it is likely to result from many errors in DNA: a combination in errors in genes responsible for DNA replication, cell reproduction growth etc. Some people are born with errors already in their genes. What DNA is a sequence that is used to make proteins (the things that make up most of cells and perform the functions). Your genes refer to the sequence on your DNA. You have two sets of genes (one from each parent) that encode all the proteins your cells may need. So if there is an error in one gene you still have another. Sometimes people receive a DNA from one of their parents that already has an error and therefore are predispositioned(more likely) to develop a certain type of cancer. You also have large amount of DNA that your cells never use. So developing cancer is just a matter of chance, but things like smoking, sun burn, carcinogens greatly increase those changes.

    Since cancer is just error in a cell's DNA that explains why there are so many types since it can develop in different types of cells and can result from errors in different genes. It also explains why cancer is so difficult to cure. There are treatment for certain types of cancer. For example some errors in genes result in proteins being over produced or not coming out right and medication can be designed to target that particular problem. Cutting out and giving chemo removes the cells w/ cancer, however, it can be difficult to get rid of it completely, because if errors we able to develop into detectable cancer, than there are probably many other cells with errors that just need to make a small mistake to result in being problematic as well so it can keep recurring.

    Cancer is a systematic problem with the human body and so it is absurd to think that it can be actually cured with a medicine. An actual cure would have to be something that would be preventative of errors in DNA, anything else is just a treatment. I don't know that a herbal recipe couldn't help to alleviate symptoms of cancer, but anyone claiming they have an elixer to cure cancer is a quack praying on people who are ignorant of the basic concept of what cancer is. Even if an elixer did somehow prevent cells from creating new errors there would still be the matter of removing the cells that already have errors and are doing harm. Any medicine that is labeled homeopathic, alternative etc. means there isn't sufficient scientific evidence to support it does any good. Surely if his herb recipe actually worked anywhere near as promised there would be a great deal of continuing scientific research on it and it would be used extensively.

    I find it so frustrating that people suffer because of their ignorance. I don't understand how so many people how have cancer don't try to learn what it is. The basic concepts really are not beyond anyone's comprehension and doesn't take much time to learn. Society needs to better embrace education

    1. systemic pathologies such as cancer are treated using lifestyle changes.Lifestyle changes target many avenues for healing at once unlike chemical drugs.This is why natural remedies work.Cancer is a result of poor lifestyle choices such as diet,enviroment,poor parental genetics(because they had a poor lifestyle),emotions,toxins contained with the body,etc.Thus cancer could be the result of one or many factors. Cancer is not simply a cell division malfunction its a symptom of a poor lifestyle that enables the cancer to form and exist which then destroys cells.These lifestyle changes, change who and literally what one is made up of.Taking a drug does not address these issues and never will.Thus, regular medicine will never cure a systemic disease.

    2. Keep researching!! you're not quite right here...;)

  41. Well if someone found a cure for cancer they could probably sell it for like 100,000 per person to millions = new richest man in world

    1. there are over 50 known cures for cancer; hoxey formula, gerson therapy, esiac tea, red clover combination, fever therapy are just a few of many that have been known for over three decades.All of which are not recognised by modern medicine and no one is making truckloads of money by making/doing them.

  42. The problem with thinking that the medical system won't want to find a cure for cancer because of all the jobs that will be lost, is that if there truly was a cure (I'm not sure that Hoxsey isn't a fraud) then the world would know. If these treatments really worked then the world would demand it. We all wish that these cure worked, because everyone has lost someone to cancer. All we can do is try to live a healthy life, and hope it is enough to save yourself.

    The doc itself is ok, but it seems to be pretty old so all I can think is: what's happened to that clinc now?

    1. Oh yeah we would know. We would know because the government and the health system works with the pharmaceutical companies to put out to the general public to buy their products and to commercialize these products and instill fear of death in people. The majority of people believe what the government and the health system say to them through advertisement and suggestive selling. You're being sold on all of this crap and nobody reads the medical journals that aren't published by our own government because they'd lose a crap load of money. There is NO money in a solution. NO money in health. Money makes the world go round baby. What of it if you take a few herbal supplements here and there in your point of view. Atleast they're "somewhat" nourishing to the body and available and cheap. I'd rather go out that way then not knowing what checmicals are being put into my body even if it's not a cure-all.

    2. Mikey above, named off quite a few - keep researching!! and check out Dr. Burzynski as well!! He, like Dr. Hoxsey, wasted precious time, energy and resources fighting the FDA!! They've come after him constantly for his Success, not his 'failures'!! when chemo and radiation have something akin to a 2% success rate!!! (Truly Pathetic!!) -when others have an 80-90% success rate, which is Better??!! Which would You choose??? Do you know Most Drs Won't touch chemo or radiation w/a ten foot pole?!! -not for them Or their families!! Like JD Rockefeller, who also went to 'alternative/homeopathic' remedies, Most Drs also do the Same! Don't watch pples' lips move, Watch their Actions!!!

    3. "They've come after him [Burzinski] constantly for his Success." Now for the truth:

      Independent scientists have been unable to reproduce the positive results reported in Burzynski's studies: the National Cancer Institute has observed that researchers other than Burzynski and his associates have not been successful in duplicating his results. "Overal Level of Evidence for Antineoplastons." National Cancer Institute, 3-28-2011. See "Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski's 'personalized gene-targeted cancer therapy.' Can he do what he claims for cancer? David Gorski, Science Based Medicine

      " . . . when chemo and radiation have something akin to a 2% success rate!!! (Truly Pathetic!!) -when others have an 80-90% success rate . . . " Care to provide your sources?
      This makes lie number two for you. Care to try for a number three?

  43. Vladtko once had the doc "Royal Raymond Rife: The Rise and Fall of a Scientific Genuis" documentary on this site and that has really caused me to alter my perception of health care in America. Okay, prior to watching this film I had a dim view of American health care, but now I have completely lost faith in the American Health Care industry.

    This story of Hoxsey seems much like the Gerson therapy, or the alternative treatment with B17 as opposed to the standard Allopathic techniques which require far more extensive and grim prospects re surgery and chemo.

  44. @ Carole Ann

    Like yourself and 9236 other subscribers to this site, I think Vlatko deserves a few compliments for his insight, intelligence and efforts to create this collection of documentaries, with a forum for people who have seen a particular film to debate or exchange ideas after the fact.

    More to the point, another film you may be VERY INTERESTED to see, (ASAP), made by a fellow Canadian named Rick Simpson from Nova Scotia - offers a step-by-step process to convert marijuana bud into THC medicine - used as a topical or ingested treatment - TO CURE CANCER.

    The name of the Rick Simpson film is : RUN FROM THE CURE.
    Thanks to Vlatko - Mr Simpson's film is also on this site, and in this same section - HEALTH.

    My discovery of Mr. Simpsons film was through a friend who sent me a youtube link in early April 2010. About a month after I saw the Simpson film I was sent another link to TDF, and have spent many hours here since.

    A suggestion to Vlatko, please include RUN FROM THE CURE - in a second location on your site : "DRUGS" - because this section has so many connecting documentaries with the entire marijuana issue, medicine, prohibition, decriminalization etc.

    Mr. Simpson's film is incredibly important - and just might get a lot more traffic if it is included with all the other pot and anti-prohibition documentaries.

    Looking forward to hear your views per RUN FROM THE CURE.

    By the way - where in Canada are you from Carole Ann?

  45. I lost a breast to cancer, in 2007, I had chemo and will see my oncologist next week for my quarterly check up. My brother, he's in the UK, (I'm in Canada), suffered bowel, rectum cancer in 1998, he had extensive surgery, and a colostomy, and is back to his old self, throwing back the pints of a Saturday night. My point for writing is, I suffered some side effects from the cancer, my immune system was compromised, and I have difficulty breathing so I am on disability at the moment, which is a blessing in disguise, because I have time to learn all sorts of things, research is so easy today, with the internet at my fingertips.
    It is my belief that Cancer will never be cured, it is a huge industry now, think about it, what would oncologists do? specialists, chemo treatments, breast supplies, it is just that simple, Cancer is huge industry, with the dollars flowing in from yearly telethons, and in my opinion, it's the same for diabetes, cystic fibrosis, crohns, you name it, if we cure the disease, what will the pharmaceutical industry, the lobbyist etc., what will happen. That select group of rich who run this globe, wouldn't make the billions. all say ahhhhhhhhh!

    1. cancer has been cured for over 50 yrs now

  46. I worked at that clinic they mention in Tijuana (it was closed down a few years back). The numbers they claim are hogwash. Most patients came in for treatment (from the States and Europe where charlatanism isn't tolerated), dropped 10-20 thousand dollars at our door, then went home and died right on schedule.

    The only records maintained by the clinic were of the successful cases which, according to conventional medical literature, are about 2-3% of all cases regardless of whether or not they receive treatment (also known as the spontaneous healing rate). The records of patients who died were discarded. They've been doing it for decades; refusing to publish their findings for peer-review then claiming to the public (i.e. desperate patients) that they have miraculous success rates. I left in disgust after 6 months. It because clear that they were selling hope, nothing else.

  47. Hoxsey AND Rife healing technologies; let's consider their use, people. It's time to drop the allopathic approach when it clearly doesn't work for certain diseases.

  48. 300,000 is a large sample of success

    *Placebo effect tops out at 64%
    *Photonutrients have benefits
    *Antioxidants like vitamin C are helpful
    *Green Tea has been found to neutralize cancer cells but you have to drink alot of it, at least 3 cups a day
    *Cancer can't grow in an oxygenated environment-HOC
    *Cancer flourishes in an acidic body-make it alkaline with certain foods, baking soda disolved in water

  49. Fascinating and totally engrossing. Everyone should watch this documentary.

    I had previously only heard of B17 for curing cancer and how its effectiveness had been demonised by the establishment.

    It is absolutely shocking that the AMA, FDA and NCI work together not in the best interests of ordinary people suffering from cancer, but in order to make a profit out of people's suffering.

    Many thanks for posting this,it should be essential viewing.

  50. Scandalous. Everyone should be aware of this. I didn't know there were so many alternative treatments for cancer.