Inside the Ku Klux Klan

Inside the Ku Klux Klan

2015, Society  -   13 Comments
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In this climate of escalating racial tensions, is the Ku Klux Klan primed for a comeback? According to the subjects of the investigative documentary Inside the Ku Klux Klan, events in Ferguson and Charlottesville have only stoked interest in the dreaded hate group. The filmmakers spent seven months infiltrating various factions of the KKK to determine whether this popularity surge is a reality or shallow propaganda.

In Missouri, the leader of the Traditional American Knights claims that his group fields hundreds of daily phone calls and tens of thousands of website hits from prospective new recruits. They actively target youth who are desperate to embrace a cause that gives focus to their disillusionment.

But the modern KKK has a public relations problem. Their sinister and bloodthirsty history saw membership rise to over 5 million members in the 1950s, and the savage lynching and massacre of hundreds of thousands of African Americans.

Current members still maintain the same central mission that has distinguished the KKK since its inception - to promote and ensure the purity and dominance of the white race, which they view as superior to every other race. But today's KKK is keen to distant themselves from their reputation as a hate group. They claim that the practice of violence is now merely a regrettable chapter of their past.

The film presents the Klan with a slice-of-life approach that doesn't praise or condemn. Viewers shouldn't require judgmental commentary to form an opinion on the events that unfold on screen; the subjects do their own damage as they attempt to explain their reasons for joining the group or their newfound (and unconvincing) aversion to violence.

We witness a young teen approach two members to enquire about joining the group, the distribution of recruitment leaflets in public squares, and entire families who gather together in meetings to celebrate and further the cause of white supremacy.

Inside the Ku Klux Klan also introduces us to members of the resistance, including those who have suffered under the tyranny of racially motivated violence and the warriors who vow to stop the rise of one of the most shameful organizations in American history.

Directed by: Daniel Vernon

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13 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Mike Ehrmantraut

    Funny how people piss and moan about racism and then stand solidly behind the Democrat party, who for many generations was the klan. Just find the video clip of Biden telling us what a great man Sen Robert Byrd was... A sitting Senator who was a Grand Wizard.

  2. Bill Farley

    Juveniles in sheets.

  3. Teresa Smith

    What a pathetic,ignorant,pitiful bunch of white trash morons. Are they so desperate to belong that they'd join this hateful ,disgusting white supremacist group? The human race is doomed.

  4. Russ Tul

    Many thanks for a great documentary

  5. Alice

    I would recommend jogging for 1 hour daily at least, but can be also tennis or other sport. Tire your body to rest your mind. And then all the aggressive thoughts will start to fade away.

  6. Russ Tul

    What a collection of no-hope degenerates. Just as their brethren, the Nazis , they constitute the trash basket of humanity.

  7. J Miller

    This kind of thing has always been a big part of the white mans society. However I think it's part of every race. You just have to do a little google search and you'll see it's a human thing rather than a racial thing. I'm white by the way. The part that embarrasses me is how uneducated they sound. That's is the fault of their educators which includes parents. Education is just crap in the much of the US. My education in Michigan was total crap in the 50s. It's just gotten worse as far as I can tell.

    1. Kathy Eric

      It's not in all races. The white race has a unique experience different from others. They are used to a certain privilege and superiority. They have been benefiting from a system that oppresses people of color for centuries. That's what racism is. It's bigger than having prejudices and biases!!

  8. Pete

    Seriously all racism aside, if they want to be taken seriously, the first thing they need to do is stop wearing pillow covers on their heads, they look like they fell out of someones bad joke, or some Teletubies episode.

    1. Russ Tul

      Very sound advice, Alice

    2. Crimsonwolf

      Agreed. The "cone-head" look has always been ridiculous. Flouncing around in bed sheets also adds to the buffoonery image. The things that ARE insidious and bear closer scrutiny are the source of their finances AND there international affiliations. Topics rarely ever explored.

    3. Grand Klokard

      As a proud Klansman myself. That robe and hood cost several thousand of dollars and any officers are made of 100% silk. The TKA group on film is a Klandistant group. The David Duke Klan has Senators, Congressmen, Police, Judges, Mayor's and also some of the richest men in the wold. We are the PROTECTORS of the Democrat Party for a rwason.

  9. mike m

    dark stinky and moist