The James Holmes Conspiracy

The James Holmes Conspiracy

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The James Holmes ConspiracyThe James Holmes Conspiracy is for those who do not believe the story being told by the government and media.

James Eagan Holmes is the suspected perpetrator of a mass shooting that occurred on July 20, 2012, at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. He had no known criminal record prior to the shooting.

Several witness testimonies, news reports, theories and ideas behind the motives of the crime.

ALSO SEE: Norway Massacre: The Killer's Mind and Massacre at Virginia Tech.

Topics discussed include the second suspect, weapons, police audio analysis, James Holmes education and bio, LIBOR scandal, MK Ultra, Project Gunrunner, and several other important elements. Several new pieces of evidence and testimonies all in one video.

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  1. I was there i heard two sets of shots and a cop said, Multiple cops said, There was 2 shooters, I couldn't believe when they said 1 shooter on the news the cops said repeatedly to us when we got out there were two shooters

  2. EVERY mass shooting has witnesses that say they thought there was more than one person involved even if there really was only one person involved.

  3. Everyone's mind, at some point in their lives, has been controlled by the government. If you attended any kind school growing up, whether it be public, private or home, your mind was being controlled. It's how susceptible one is to this mind control that determines whether or not the brainwashing succeeds in taking root.

  4. What's the point in speculating over whether he actually committed the crimes? He's serving multiple life sentences in prison, and the people who were murdered can't be brought back. We have to find a way to learn from the attack and move on, hopefully better for what we all have experienced.

    1. Shut up. The people responsible for setting this fall-guy up are still on the loose. You sheep.

  5. What a bunch of horse crap xD ALL of the sources used in this documentary are from FOX News and Infowars xD All speculation and far fetched conspiracy theory. "He looks weird, he went and bought guns before the shooting, he tripwires his house. He must have been a subject of the MK ultra program!". Yeah sure, because he couldn't possibly suffer from mental illness that would explain absolutely everything. Grow up people.

  6. Check out his other relation in the Rendlesham Forest saga

    1. whats the connection with rendlesham Forest saga?

  7. 711 was a part-time job.

  8. He wasn't doped up on vicodin. He was under mind control through the MK ultra C.I.A program. It's called controlled chaos to give the government more power and scaring people into bending to their laws. Like how 9/11 made it possible for them to monitor calls, check in and outs of your personal items by upping security so they can watch us at all times because they're looking for so called "terrorists" but the only terrorists are government planted sleeper agents controlled by their handlers. Open your eyes people.

    1. Still a solid joke, but every year fewer will get it

    2. Scolpomine

  9. James Holmes was having ssri discontinuation syndrome when he was committing his crimes. He had not taking his medication Zoloft for three weeks but withdrawal symptoms can highten and continue to this point. A famous example would be Evan Perry from "Boy Interrupted" when he committed suicide ( he was tappering off lithium), Adam Lanza (his mother stopped taking him to the psychiatrist without tappering him off his medications) and he then committed his crime a few weeks later.

    1. James Holmes didn't commit any crimes, you sweet little lamb. He was framed by the FBI, servants of Order.

  10. I reckon go smash these guys heads in,Then when they go to say they were beat up ,Say its fake ,Give them somthing to work out their are people on this earth they want to kill people like serial killers,These people would have to have been spoilt little bitchs Tuck in till they were 19 20,Still living with mummy,They live on movies thinking everything is a movie,They cant grasp reality,Their heads are to movie filled.

    1. Yeah I hardly watch TV that doesn't mean I am going to believe things like 9/11 was not an inside job. In most cases the theories have facts and documents to prove the lies. But all someone has to say is their nuts and everyone agrees. Why not demand more proof like all the movie theaters many cameras? And, they are obviously hiding something not releasing them aren't they? The first crime scene photo showed a gas mask found outside theater and when they arrested James, he had his on. Explain that.

    2. Go smash these guys heads in, ay?

      You sound like the next mass shooter in the making.

      Vigilantes like your self cause more death and mayhem with your narcissistic nature

    3. What are you even trying to say?

  11. If anyone would like to hear from someone who was inside the theatre when the shooting occurred check out Corpse Husband on Youtube, one of the survivors sent her story to him to narrate. The video is entitled I survived a mass shooting. I must admit when I sat there listening I cried so much, especially when it describes how this woman had to watch a 6 year old girl be riddled with bullets.

  12. There a bunch of video's from security cameras on the theater building that have been removed from public view. As James was sitting in the car outside the door of the theater (calmly I might add) a guy in an army jacket runs up behind the car and drops some kind of rifle. This is not a military guy, it's just a guy in an army jacket. But he's ducking down as if he doesn't want to be seen by anyone in the front of the car. The Camera is obviously fairly high up on the building and it's pointing almost straight down. The guy is only in the picture for a few seconds. I saw this footage fairly soon after the incident took place. It clearly shows someone else was involved and was taking action to make James look guilty.

    Another thing, why wouldn't the judge let Mr Holmes make any phone calls to get a private attorney? He has been represented by a Public Defender who looks suspiciously like a crisis actor from the Sandy Hook Hoax. And where did Mr Holmes get $10,000 to buy guns? The official story is he got them by ordering them online. Except you can't do that. The Police said the apartment he lived in with 3 room mates was Booby trapped times 1000. So now James is a explosives expert? It's kind of funny that no one bothered to let the room mates know it was rigged with explosives and they walked in just fine and were also in there and asleep without seeing any explosives when they got up.

    The government doesn't cover it's ass very well when the bold faced lie to the American People and the world. They get caught big time, every time now days. Like the Boston Bombing? Sandy Hook? The Oklahoma City Bombing.

    Does anybody really still think Arabs with box cutters hijacked the planes on 911?

    I hope not.

    1. Agree 100%

    2. Thank you so much I knew he probably didn't do it.

    3. Barry Soetoro - 07/17/2015 at 17:22
      You are acting like a false Shepard, you are trying to mislead the masses by ridiculing those with logical facts. Like two gas masks and videotape that prove otherwise. Like it was logical to have building 7 ready to blow, too?

    4. Exactly

  13. As I've written on other forums. It always amazes me how much people do fail to research all of history and particularly the history of power, how much people really do hate the govt. yet believe what [it] tells them and far too often disregard all of the blatant inconsistencies and holes in the govt.'s theory of this nature and most conspiracies that [it] propounds.

    Yes, the first conspiracy theory the public gets, is...the govt's. theory of just what has or did happen. When the govt. and the corrupt mass media tell us, and often in a matter of is their theory.

    Plus, just as the principals would have them do, people seem so ridiculously obsessed with going after the messenger with ridicule rather than debate the message and in doing so, ask why there are no answers from govt. on simple basic questions.

    Contrary to most here, I had already considered a govt. cover-up of the facts when I began to watch this and sought only a motive. The idea that the father may have been the target is very plausible if only because that's exactly how power (govt.) does things and they expect people and count on you to think it's stretch. [It] depends on the public to disregard any of the possibilities for such motives. And the public plays ball and does exactly that.

  14. Interesting that Aurora Cinema Batman shooter James Holmes was said to be involved in a dubious DARPA research program at CU Med Center in the area of neural psychological response.
    What really happened here? There is very strong evidence that he didn’t act alone, if even at all. All we know (since the video camera evidence has not been released) is that he was found in a state of confusion wearing a gas mask in his car. There was a second (2nd) gas mask found down the walkway.

    So then Holmes "informs the cops"(Really?) that his apartment is booby trapped. For several days he seems completely drugged and out of his mind, while Aurora Police chief Dan Oates (formerly NYPD Intelligence chief until days before 911 in 2001) relates information to Bloomberg in New York, while dodging questions about the video taped incident continually re-stating that “Holmes acted alone.”
    It appears that he (Holmes) became somewhat “disinterested” or possibly morally opposed to where this was going, and thus his attention and grades dropped. Was James Holmes becoming a threat to the research he was working on? Was he a “patsy” under the influence of this program?
    His father was employed as a banking analysis programmer, who was called to testify at the LIBOR hearings at about the same time.
    The Holmes family has been involved in DARPA programs for three generations.

    1. "A neighbor of Holmes’s said she and other residents were woken by police at 2 a.m. and told to get dressed and evacuate immediately. The police did not explain the reason or mention the mass shooting, but asked whether residents of the small apartment building had heard any noises coming from apartment No. 10."

      the "booby trap" was an excellent reason to simply force all neighbors to vacate the area rather than question them about Holmes or even mentioning that he was involved in an attack..

  15. Whoever made this video is an i*iot. And whoever believe this video is even more of an i*iot. People create their own facts from the media failing to report consistent empirical evidence. The media is known to prod cast any thing they can get before they know the actual truth. Unfortunately, people can create cr*p like this and get followers like the id**t below (todd fries) to believe their garbage. So sad there are so many willing sheep to follow this cr*p.

    1. Wow. Thanks for the Great breakdown with such fine facts. and if you believe what I just said, your an "i*iot" as am sure you will. Why? because, that's why.

    2. obviously James Holmes, by himself and drugged with at least vicodin, shot 70 people by himself, ran 300 feet, dropped a 2nd gas mask off at the back of the theater then ran back to his car where he was waiting to be apprehended by police.. (wait, what?)

    3. Willing sheep for questioning the main stream narrative and asking questions... thats not what a sheep does man. You don't have to believe a theory to listen to what others have to say. If you did any research you would know that some of it makes sense and is at least plausible. What does it hurt to do a little brain game and think. A sheep wont do these things. I beg you to go to a farm and ask a sheep to think hard and ask questions and see where the answers to these questions lead. Then come back and tell me what you have learned about sheep and don't worry, I wont call you a sheep for doing what I just told you to do.

  16. Conspiracy? By whom? For what reason? Like so many conspiracy docs, this one relied mainly on playing up inconsistencies while failing to link them together into anything cohesive. It asked a lot of questions, and provided no answers. What it did do was reiterate that Dame Angela Lansbury is one great actress--well, that's certainly worth a few points,,,

    1. you believe a kid on vicodin shot up a theater by himself, ran 100 yards, threw a gas mask away, then ran back to his car to wait to be apprehended while holding another gas mask.

      ok then.

    2. Dude to be honesty once you start taking painkillers, or any medication for that matter it doesn't quite do what it used to. I used to take upwards of 300 MG of oxycodone a day (bad days.) Barely affected me at all. I still worked construction, still drove with no accidents for years, operated like a normal person for the most part. "Hopped up on Vicodin" isn't very convincing. He had probably been taking them for years. It's also not very hard to shoot up a confined space packed full of people with automatic weapons... ha. There are many explanations for another gas mask. One being there wasn't another gas masks. People when under pressure like this don't give very good reports. Their memory is clouded. People don't even give good eye witness testimony when they're not involved in a mass shooting. Sounds more like a confusing story reported on by media trying to get the first scoop, thus reporting incorrect "facts" before verifying and a cluster **** of an event that was confusing. Let alone shoddy police work. Mass conspiracy involving world government's, intelligence agencies etc. while possible, isn't very convincing.

    3. James Yacone & Dan Oates should issue a press conference discussing the 2nd gas mask as well as the psychiatrist who prescribed Holmes the medication. Also as to why no surveillance was available despite the entire nation being under 'patriot act'.

      More of the case'll be sorted out by the lawsuit against Cinemark & Lynne Fenton.

  17. Where is the camera footage from the movie complex ? How did Jimmy ( a college student ) afford all that hardware ? How did he find the time to learn how to make semi complicated explosive devices ? Why did the mass media erase the early story that several people had seen jimmy come and go with one to two other people nearly all the time from the apartment ? why did some witnesses say there was more than one shooter ? Why was jimmy all frazzled up and obviously not a threat when he was arrested ? Why did he look like he was on major tranquilizers the following days in court.
    This whole thing stinks , just like Sandy Hoax and on and on and on.
    They lied about the Ukraine , they lied about Iraq and Syria , they lied about Benghazi , al queda and isis. tsk tsk Amerika , so alseep at the wheel and so willing to let psychopaths do the driving. May your chains rest heavy upon you.

    1. Cult leaders pray upon people like you. The easily manipulated. So be careful.

    2. mainstream media prays upon people like Johnny. the easily manipulated

    3. You are acting like a false Shepard, you are trying to mislead the masses by ridiculing those with logical facts. You are obviously a government / mass media goon hired to psychologically mislead & confuse people in regards of The James Holmes case; douche bag

  18. Lots of Trolls on this thread of comments!!! So obvious its rediculous! Possibly 75% even. I mean for anyone who actually looks into any of these incidents, it's really easy to see the Psyops in all events. Of course, I have thousands of hours investigating this type of material unlike most that take a glance and laugh at how stupid people that beleive in conspiracies are.......... Sheep and walking dead is what I think of them as. Otherwise.....Trolls!

    1. James Yacone is a stand up guy?

  19. conspiracy??? i was at OBECK in baltimore maryland when i heard about the james holmes case?? yhere were lots of movie filming during that time in MD..was this a trilogy competition

  20. It is extremely annoying that the filmmakers wasted everyone's time with this outrageous conspiracy based on absolutely nothing. I can't even fact check the claims in this 'documentary' because there are no facts to check! The next time you have a feeling that there is a conspiracy to hide the truth, gather some shred of evidence before making a film for christ's sake!

    1. The FACTS are that there were several people involved in this shooting, and the Aurora Police department is part of the cover up. I know. I lived in this area.

    2. corbin dates hardball msnbc comes up with a link.. the police scanner is telling as well & available on youtube.

      business insider did a good story on this. according to the washington post, a second gas mask, in addition to the one on holmes' person was found about 100 yards away toward the back of the theater

  21. I think it's foolish to believe too strongly either way. I'm not trying to insult anybody; I think if there are questionable circumstances then they should be inquired about. If there isn't definite proof of something it's illogical to string together what you know and believe wholeheartedly in it.

    I believe it's highly logical that the government has a lot of clandestine activities going on. The real question is where can people get answers? Watching loaded documentaries is as bad as watching the media; everything is spun and you can't really take it at face value. You can't convince most people because they're too stuck with stagnated perception; when people disagree it creates psychological dissonance and rather than them accepting a possibility they're wrong, they become anxious and subconsciously find ways to reject the information. Example: people used to discuss politics in a friendly manner and after decades of having 2 balkanized obnoxious political parties people get angry and fight over inane things.

    There is missing information and thus we're left with theories of what happened. Rather than always raising a red flag or dismissing logical paranoia; why not try to raise awareness together? If everyone demanded utter government transparency and stopped mindlessly ticking boxes on the ballots we'd all be more content. We're not in control of the government as it stands; it's in control of us. Everyone needs to stop mindlessly believing in what they're fed; demand answers instead! Rather than letting politicians suck you off to stay in office so they can f--k you for a few more years, stop buying into hot-button issues and demand tax reform and declassification of domestic documents.

  22. Clowns who believe this bs are the same folk who think the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass murders were a black bag op by the WH.

    Funny though. Ive never seen one of the Sandy Hook CTers confront in-person, one of the grieving parents of a slain child. The CTers are cowards.

    Its one thing to dream up hoaxes and boogeymen around every corner. In many cases, the fantasies do real damage. Plus the perpetrators of this crap are willingly foolish and/or in on the $ making side.
    As always, just follow the $.

    1. i believe there was at least 1 additional person involved in aurora but that lanza did sandy hook alone.

      they aren't similar at all really.. the cover up here runs deep. google "adam lanza conspiracy" and all theories are given a lot of wikipedia space.

      google "james holmes conspiracy" and you'll get some real articles & occasional spam saying conspiracies are always bulls*it.

      i'm trying to add a real conspiracy section to the 2012 aurora shooting wiki page (see talk page). people removed any change to the conspiracy section..

  23. So every event that happens is now a conspiracy?

    1. NO! None of them. Conspiracies are ALL fake. Even though history is full of them (et tu Brutus?) they don't exist any more. We have EVOLVED past conspiracies in this "enlightened age"
      People who still believe these things are like those who think our Wonderful President (and FIRST black President) was NOT born in Hawaii and is bringing "peace to the world" like his Noble Prize recognizes.


  24. Is this some kind of conspiracy video? Just play it without the stupid subtitles trying to make us think one way or the other!

  25. why not ask for the PRISM phones rrecords to find out who called the shooter at the theater?

  26. I think he was setup to take the blame.

  27. This doc is all over the place throwing you know what all over the walls hoping something sticks.

  28. what an amazing documentary! scary to think we just watch the news and believe what we are told when clearly there's a lot more to this than the media shows us!

    1. (s)he says whilst blindly believing what a documentary has just told him.

    2. lol, you know a lot of boys named Laura?

    3. this is the internet...

  29. This is the most ridiculous conspiracy theory I've ever seen. totally amateurish.. Nice try.

    1. I agree that it's ridiculous, but the most ridiculous? Have you watched any of the 9/11 conspiracy docs?

    2. oh, don't still seriously believe that the arabs flew airplanes into those buildings do you ???

  30. Look up the psychologist! Look up where she was working when he was seeing her. Then look up the history of the place. Look at the family that purchased it when it was an old military base (before it became what it is now). Check out how much this family paid for it. Now look up the family....every family name....just dig. And once you find out about them, go ahead and question why this german family with "brain washing" training spent 94 million to open this place where James Holmes has said his psychologist was brain washing him- "she was brain washing me". If you know anything about Monarch slaves, Nazi, CIA and our lovely GOV.... this should make you feel sick.

    Also, I find it sad that a guy that was being booked when Holmes has actually said James kept saying his psychologist made him do it, and that he felt like he was in a video game. NO WONDER HE WAS OUT OF IT WHEN THE COPS PULLED UP!! If you don't know anything about what its like to be a monarch slave.. look it up.

    Our Gov is sick. Want to know more about how gross it is.... look up this blog- Go to google and type in "wolves in sheeps clothing blog".

    GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!! If you don't know Jesus, you might want to consider seeking him because it's about to get worse.

  31. Dr. Bill Deagle told me the FBI and ATF placed the bombs in the Alfred P. Murrah building. I read it had to do with what the ATF did at Mount Carmel in Waco. Mount Carmel is a road near Quinnipiac University the school Ryan Lanza attended.

    Bodies were not returned in Aurora Colorado after July 20th shooting. I phoned the Colorado Governor's office a long time ago.

    The Aurora victims families never saw the bodies of the twelve victims. All of the families had a funeral service. July 20, 1969 NASA landed with Apollo 11. Military has had moon base since 1959 named Project Horizon. Ship fleet named Aurora.

    November 23 I spoke with Gregory and Rena Medek and they told me their daughter Micayla's coffin was empty at her funeral. Rena Medek cried on the phone and asked me "where are they?" Governor Hickenlooper and police chief Dan Oates were at Micayla Medek's funeral.


    1. I have to bite my tongue to not say what I want to. Do you know where I am from? Aurora, Colorado. It's people like you that never give us rest. This was real. Teenagers, kids, adults have ptsd because of this. It really happened. People claim that it was all actors. Well, where the heck is my Oscar award?

    2. If you really are from Aurora, then you should take particular interest in the documentary.....or just have another koolaid.

    3. what a truly awful thing to say to someone who had actual experience of this. have you got no shame?

    4. We arnt saying its was fake. We are saying he was set up and brainwashed to do this. Just watch it and you'll see things that don't add up. He's on drugs in the court and has been on drugs. Look at his face and messed up it is. I feel bad for him and everyone that innocently involved.

  32. A bright young man gets involved with a spooky Military psycho.
    A crazy wearing a gas mask shoots up a theater audience.
    No one recognizes him.
    The crazy, now without a mask, is just standing around, seeming a bit dazed.
    I never believed this fairy story from the beginning!
    I'm sure Holmes has no idea what's going on.

  33. The thiing that stands out to me - is Why did James Holmes purchase a theater ticket? It seems someone else purchased that ticket to ensure he would look like he had planned to be in that theater, at that movie that night. What- is he going to check in with a theater employee while wearing all that armour/masks/and holding guns? No- He never needed a ticket.

    1. maybe because he was nuts and he didn't want to alert anyone before he started shooting?

      If he just walked into the ticket office and started shooting there then most of his victims would have escaped out the fire doors.

      it's called an ambush.

  34. Project Monarch. Know your spooks, before they have a chance to seek you out and kill you. The real Holmes is not this guy. His attorney in the court room plays the part of a grieving parent at Sandy Hook. etc., etc., etc.

    1. i can't imagine the pain of losing a child and then having some sick pervert on the internet call you an actor.

    2. Blame the actors taking part in Columbine, the Aurora Theater shooting, Sandy Hook, and the Boston Marathon. I mean no disrespect to any shooting victims or their families. It is not yet clear whether lives were taken. What IS CLEAR AND PROVEN is that actors were assigned to take part in these events and they feigned injuries and loss. Help us apprehend them. They are your enemy, and they are quite sadistic and cruel. I repeat, the James Holmes video recorded giving several science lectures in front of class rooms before the Aurora Theater shooting IS NOT the same individual named James Holmes videoed in court with a red hair dye job. Listen to the police dispatch tapes and examine the on site video recordings and testimonies. There were multiple shooters, and 'James Holmes' was found drugged out in the back seat of his car less than two minutes after the shootings and knife attack and remained so for several hours. He remained unable to stand for three days.
      Subject: Re: New comment posted on The James Holmes Conspiracy

    3. you're're utterly demented if you actually believe that garbage.

      we have this thing in the real world called evidence.

  35. the joker has green hair, the riddler has red hair. get your batman facts right media.

  36. "LIBOR scandal, MK Ultra, Project Gunrunner, and several other important elements"
    That's a scatter shot. Same thing David Icke does. Just randomly connect a bunch of interesting events over history, and bam CONSPIRACY!

    I mean you guys totally missed the fact the pope was involved, and Pablo Escobar (hes not dead, its a CIA coverup). The canadian maple syrup robbery guys were involved, as was Hitler, this goes back a long ways, see project paperclip! This also reeks of cointelpro, you can see it in one episode of ancient aliens. Season 2 episode 3, look for the hieroglyphics, they spell out the entire James Holmes case.

    Coincidence? Of course not, because to link all of these events, you have to be a total maniac yourself.

    Good luck to you all, in your endless circlejerk of BS

    Only conspiracy here is the one of the arms industry preventing any sort of gun control. Oh sure sure, you want your 2nd amendment, but the damn US gov has tanks, jets, cruise missiles. A m-16 here and there won't prevent ****. That style of thought is almost a century out of date.

    1. Civilians do not have M-16 rifles and are not allowed to own them. Now civilians can own an AR-15 rifle, which is much much different than an M-16. Point being, you might want to know what you are talking about BEFORE you talk about it.

  37. The Roberts family are an illuminati family, if you've researched how the illuminati operate none of what is in this documentary is surprising and is very typical of an illuminati operation. They are desperate at the moment in time because they know what is coming, so expect them to cause chaos before the calmness arrives.
    This event also appears on one of the illuminati cards, google it.

    1. well said dave.

    2. if the illuminati actually you honestly think it would be possible to 'research' them...they certainly wouldn't have allowed the conspiracy about them to become such a mainstream conspiracy theorists really need to stop pretending that you have secret knowledge...because after the 200,000,000,000th documentary comes out about it a secret is the last thing it is.

  38. Really, looks like to me it was a simple case of bouffee delirante to me ... not a conspiracy! If the government were that clever, they would have just faked his dads murder... come on!

  39. He was set up no doubt about it.

  40. Peter Lanza, Father Of Adam Lanza, Is The TAX DIRECTOR for General Electric! And their CEO works for President Obama.

    1. Wow! How scary!

  41. look closely Holme's pupils and you will see that they appear to be perpendicular indicating possible reptilian possession.

  42. Interesting, this in its self could be brainwashing...BUT, his dad has a powerful job and in software dealing with finance no? fascinating! to say the least. This is well thought out with solid facts and I don't understand people who come to a conclusion that its not logical and I have a biblical prophecy back ground, this family deserves our sincere prayers right or wrong...something is just not right about this.

  43. Typical I may suggest not to disarm.Why? Cause they want to enslave us all and in no way can this kid be responsible

  44. I remember a simpler time when people could just say bad shit happens, not because its good or bad or sinister, it just happens. now everything is Illuminati this world government that i mean come on at the rate we are going we will be barely leaving our houses or trusting our neighbors in 20 yrs. Its funny that all these conspiracy theorists preach that the governments using fear tactics to control the masses yet they do the exact same thing to stimulate dumbasses.

    1. September 11th changed everything Brohemian. Some ppl just find it interesting cause there is no doubt some group of contractors put explosives inside those building's it sucks but I'm not scared a little depressed we are helpless we let that happen and went back to work the next day. Liquified framework.

    2. History has shown alot more than once that a system that nobody likes most often gets changed - sometimes it takes a while - and alot of people will die, alot of good people will sacrifice themselves for the greater good. The more people understand that these aren't ' conpiracy theories'(in most cases) - but very serious crimes carried out with the aid of elected officals(by foreign nationsl in the case of 9/11)

    3. That is a very stupid comment puckeverlast...sorry, mate...

    4. Yes! Thank you

  45. this is MKUltra in it's effect, no doubt, like Sirhan, like the Peoples Temple Cult, it's MKUltra

    breaking a mind with "psychic driving" as developed by Dr. Ewen Cameron
    a death doctor that fits snug into the list of Dr. Rudolf Hess, and Dr. Mengele.

    go and read the MKUltra documents, they include pages that report that subjects of mind control were successfully indoctrinated to the point of following orders including picking up and firing a pneumatic pistol at a target

    the reports state that the MKUltra project is designated to develop methods of "patterning" certain behavior into a psyche, and get subjects to perform tasks of "a complex purposeful nature"

    with genuine amnesia in place the hitman has plausible deniability and only a false but not a truthful confession could be tortured out of an agent
    this would seem absolutely perfect for assassinating foreign political leaders without risk of leaking intel if the hitman is caught

    this was all during the cold war, it seems a little too perfect.

  46. I see the mention of that $21 grand in grant money mentioned as if he could actually touch it and spend it at will. I am not sure if anyone else watching this video has ever received a grant for college but the truth of the matter is that you never see the money yourself. Only the college you go to see's it. You do not actually "receive" money. You never see a dime other than the college bill being paid off. :S

    1. I received tons of grant money and once my classes/tuition/books were paid for out of it the rest was mine. In hand cash to spend on whatever.

    2. I did. When I received grant money from my university in the U.S., I was cut a check...and I promptly deposited in my personal account. So it does happen. Perhaps it depends on the type of grant? Not sure.

  47. I don't believe anyone acted with him. I believe he acted alone. There's always a conspiracy theory behind every major event that happens.

  48. ...

  49. I couldn't get it to play :(

    1. You 'couldnt get it to play' but you still had to state your uninformed opinion! Thats sumarize pretty well why the world goes wrong and why so called conspiracy are not taken seriously.
      Big applaud for you miss.

  50. I think there is a class of people who make reality far more complicated than it really is. You have to get your conspiracy theory in early, because as the years roll on and the facts support the original hypothesis, your crazy theory is too late. Not just the Kennedy assassination, but there was also a flirtation with "second gunman" in the Sikh Temple shooting, remember? In essence, just continue to clone the Kennedy assassination conspiracy onto each new tragedy, and you have instant conspiracy template.

  51. I'm not sure if anyone else has wondered this, because to be honest a lot of what I've read in the comments is insanely long and some of it is rather insulting.. lol but just my thought... am i the only one who feels like this "second shooter" theory has been used before??? (JFK and the grassy knoll)?

    1. Yes I agree with your thoughts, "these lone Nuts" with all the guns and ammunition and in some cases uniforms, seem to pop up more and more. Seems so very well organised, and the general public seem to except it, every time.

    2. Generally this "second shooter" thing pops up because it is suspected that just like so often reported in the news, there is a second....also every time it is mentioned, people mention the fbi. Kind of makes you wonder huh? Someone had to let that guy into the theater and secondly....why was he so dazed as if drugged and just waiting patiently by his car after if he really did it? Most people who commit crimes seem to have the urge to run like hell.

  52. Write down the names and dates and what they were saying. Save it for about 5 years and then read it again....

  53. why are you displaying the stupidest cr*p as if it is fact?! i started watching this documentary thinking it was going to be informative, instead i sat there listening to you speak things that are but figments of your imagination. the government wanted him?! and why the hell did you google lead alchemy?! why did you presume that he was into alchemy and then went to the 4th or 5th link that said saturn?!?!?!?! i dont understand how the hell you process things. Besides its not the first time that a seemingly nice and normal person goes on a shooting spree in the US. It happens on a yearly basis!

    1. To whom are you talking too?

    2. hehehe i think he thought he was alone here.

    3. Even when that other guy let him into the theater?

    4. Being bored I used 'Chrome's - wrench - find' - inserted his word 'saturn', verified it with 'alchemy' and it seems he was talking to a David Wasserman from three weeks ago. Pretty forensic huh.

    5. Right, you belong on the hit series, "Bones"

    6. I am talking to the guy who made this documentary whoever he may be. I certainly was not talking to you.

    7. Thats why its called conspiracy. If it was fact and proven it would be called the James holmes story. Just started it actually so I should finish it before making more comments.

    8. The word conspiracy is mostly used as an insult these days. Turns out many of them are proven as fact but people still call them conspiracy.

  54. interesting...

  55. interesting doco... many holes in cover up and truth but you amercians deserve all you get.. can't wait for the sequel!!

  56. Elvis Presley is the second shooter.

    1. smart guy shooting people with Elvis....brilliant! no one will ever suspect a thing.
      "hey you!" come hear, yeah dye your hair and take um, this many pills!
      now we would like you to meet Mr.Presley
      *agent* is Mr.Cobain done rigging the apartment?

  57. Agencies play there games, but it seems that things are getting out of hand. I wonder where his Dad is?

  58. You are making comments to sesationalize the event that are absent of truth or fact. The remark"it is the worst shooting in America" is wrong the Va.Tech shooting was much worse than this one.You sound much like a supermarket tabloid than a real news channel...but that is the case for much of the reporting on FOX.

  59. The doc does seem amateurish and there is some reaching going on with fact and opinion. But there is some factual evidence that you can look up that justifies more investigation by the average person. There is more to this than what is being said by the media. A perfectly healthy, educated human being with no record of crime and no motive doesn't react like a serial killer. That's like someone who wrote a comment here picks up a gun and kills people in the mall for no reason. Very, very, rarely is there ever a crime without a motive. It's illogical and should not be accepted by the masses.

    1. And what about all the schizophrenics that attack people? For instance, the man on the bus to Winnipeg who suddenly had his first hallucination, othat told him he needed to kill and consume the man beside him to prevent some sort of great evil.
      No prior record, liked by his employer and co-workers, average guy. Suddenly decides to eat a man on a bus.

      Obviously no one likes to think that anyone could go crazy and snap at any moment, but it happens, and it happens often.

      This is why the asylum was invented. Look up the meaning of "misanthrope". Hatred of people could be all the motivation needed, remember he was doing terrible in school, probably just cracked under the strain.

  60. Did more research, comment redacted.

  61. Too many loose ends and unanswered questions provokes the suspicion that this is a conspiracy and not a coincidence. And that we're being lied to by the authorities. At the moment it's way too bizarre. The man in custody may not even be James Holmes, but a patsy proxy. They found him sitting quietly, outside, in back of the theatre, obviously drugged, after the shooting rampage? Come on, what's happening here?

    Motive? Gun control, perhaps. Bankster hit, could be. Demonstration of power by some black-ops group, seems more likely, like, "here's a taste of what we can do." Check out Jesse Ventura's, "Conspiracy Theory." Scary stuff. Maybe that's the point. We shall see.

    1. I agree with your comments, so many things need to be answered, but wont.
      It will all disappear from the head lines, to reappear 2 years or so down the line but by then will be called facts.
      And this patsy will serve the crime.

  62. I keep laughing every time I see the difference in the way the 2 James's look. The one with orange hair in the pic is sooo different. He's even smiling for the shot and looks very alert. I thought it weird, among much of the eye witness saying there were 2 men there, ..that the girl mentioned the theater alarm sounding with the message "Murder in the Theater" over and over. She was spooked by it too. Why would a message like that one be prerecorded? DO they have mass of them stored up for a variety of possible endangering scenarios? Thats just weird alone

  63. The main point here is that staged events like these are to take away our guns. Look at Chicago and New York since they banned guns in the city. Crime through the roof. Criminals don't like when you shoot back.

    1. WTF do you need "Your Guns" for anyway? Civilized people in the rest of the world seem to manage just fine without them.

    2. very well said. i dont get all these militia nuts that think they can fight the same way that got us in this mess. war to what end? a nuclear end. true change starts at home with familia n friends and the mental paradigms we choose or choose not to adhere to.

    3. Because sometimes civilization and individuals have disagreements and civilization always keeps a standing army of goons with guns to settle those arguments.

    4. Actually you are kind of right....the civilized people of the rest of the world are managed just fine without having guns. They do not manage.....Keep in mind the criminals (who obey their own laws and not those of civilization) are allowed to carry firearms because they do not follow civil law. It makes me wonder why only the potential victims are not allowed to carry firearms for self preservation.

  64. The thing that stood out for me was what his father did. He was set to testify against the banking cartel in two weeks before this happened. What better way to get him silenced than to set his son up to be charged with the worst mass murder in history. I do not believe in coincidence it seems too far fetched to me to believe his father's testimony against the banking cartel, with evidence to bring them down and jail them and his son's supposed shooting rampage. Even more amazing was not one witness from the theater recognized James Holmes. Orange hair and you can't recall seeing him? Police radio stated the shooter had a blue plaid shirt. I feel for all the families of this tragedy. I feel it is a even bigger tragedy that most american's don't understand who created this economic mess we are caught up in right now. My advice is watch the secret to Oz. Our financial system is going to collapse. These bankers that caused the events of 2007 are still in charge. His father was going to present evidence of their crimes. His son is now facing mass murder charges. I do not believe that is by chance. I believe it is by design. After all our government did arm the drug cartels in Mexico with fast and furious. The sooner people realize our government is a corrupt corporation. The money is your wallet is not money. It is a Federal Reserve Note.....a note is a promise to pay. The Federal Reserve Bankers are corrupt and have been since their conception in 1913, if they were above board why meet in secret on Jekyll island? Ever read the book the beast from Jekyll Island? Ever read anything on the titanic? Opps I forgot Alan Dulles was right when he stated they did not have to worry about the Warren Commission report because he stated "American's don't read." My bad. Each of us are entitled to our own opinions. Still I find it fascinating that no one seen the connection between his Dad and the demise of the banks which would have happened if they had not stopped his testifying. Threaten on my children and I will pretty much do whatever you want to make sure they remain safe. I imagine his Father is no different. He will most likely never testify now.

    1. Where is a reliable source that says his father was set to testify against the banking cartel? I've heard this rumor so many times yet nobody can provide a reliable source.

    2. well henrymart8, you will have to do your own research, because I have also read the report, and I agree with how Barbarahas reported it. You just go onto the internet and find it.
      Even when someone offers proof, many people will not except it,if it goes against a belief system.
      No one can tell you the truth, you Know it.It is a deep feeling inside of you.

    3. I agree. When you hear so many people claim to have witnessed a second person and no one will be believe it just because one cop says it was not true and refuses to address pertinent questions on the security camera it really shows that people believe what ever "b.s" is fed them by the media and law enforcement.

    4. will not "except" it??????

    5. @Barbara: You stated "What better way to get him silenced than to set his son up to be charged with the worst mass murder in history." silencing him with death, perhaps? They could've just assassinated his father. Why go indirectly after the son? The father is of no use to them, so why just threaten him with a frame-job of his son? I would imagine that would have the opposite effect of silencing him. That's really reaching and there is no evidence his father was to testify anyway. If so, where's the proof? Sounds like rumor to me.

      Are there some weird things about this case? Sure. But we need to respect "Occam's Razor" and approach the fair questions with logic and reason...and proof.

    6. Ps. It's not the "worst mass murder in history", by the way. In the U.S? Nope. In the world? Nope. Does Germany ring any bells for you?

      At this point in the U.S., the Virginia Tech (college) shootings are currently in first place.

    7. 1927 Bath Michigan Bombing killed 38 school studnt and injured 5o something more was done by Andrew Kehoe.

    8. I should have clarified VT as "worst mass shooting". Not to be confused with the Kehoe mass murder (by individual) via bombing.

    9. The Soviets killed far more than the Nazis did. I'd suggest more reading and less parroting of the mainstream media. Just saying.

    10. "I'd suggest more reading" - Yeah I'd suggest it to you too. Mao Zedong during The Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution in China killed far more than the Soviets. Even far greater is the casualties from wars made in the name of "religion" throughout entire history.

    11. Wasn't parroting, but offering perspective. Just pointing out her grossly erroneous assumption of "worst mass murder in history" by contrasting it with a well-known state sponsored murder (holocaust) in recent history. I am not dismissing The Soviet Gulag State or the others that top the list from world history. I also withheld a comment about Native Americans. I was economizing the main point.

    12. I agree with you with regard to the system being wrongly designed in a way that it serves more private than public interest. The fact that it is composed of both private and public elements is ridiculous in itself, because we can assume, and i believe everyone would agree, that the private interest might differ from the general one. That means policies will be tailored to the need of a few at the expense of majority, The amount of money printed and then put into circulation is smaller than the debt that is being created. Subsequently, consider artificially stimulated inflation through qualitative easing, and so on. Your rate of pay is never going to mach inflation, thus you always end up living in the system, in which with every passing year you money is worth less (in real terms), i.e. you can buy less quantity of product A, having the same amount of money. The gap between poor and rich is steadily growing. I recall, one of American presidents, i think it was Kennedy who tired to go around Federal Reserve acting on his constitutional right, to print money not through the FR, but through Treasury. For some reason he got shoot later on. One can only wonder why, and who's interest where at stake?

      The rest of your arguments are too far-fetched. One person, regardless of how much that person knows about foggy matters cannot crash the system.

      One example of the top of my head:

      Think about Catholic church and cases involving pedophilia and child abuse. People are coming up with they claims regarding abuse by clergy, and they are ridiculed. Only few perpetrators were ever sentenced.

      In my opinion if you have to worry about anything, then worry about US leaders that let 9/11 to happen in the first place. Bush and his administration should be charged for treason.

  65. Oh come on, this doesn't even deserve the title of 'documentary' or 'film'. What a joke, it was cringeworthy. The reality is, America needs gun laws - no individual needs automatic rifles. Wake up America and stop blaming the government for your social problems.

    1. The 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with hunting!! It is to protect ourselves from tyranny. They can knock down your door with assault rifles, and you will protect your family with whatever they say you can have? Wake up!!!

    2. Whenever I hear something like that, I always think of the Simpsons. When Homer is telling Lisa something about having a gun in the house to protect them from the King of England busting through the door. LOL

  66. Yikes!

  67. i want to believe u but that atf guy looks like a flake

  68. u lost me when u got desperate bringing up operation paperclip u cant drag every piece of bullshit together and call it a conspiracy even if it was true then although i am prepared to admit that it may be true now .. maybe i have been conditioned or unconditioned.. but under what conditions ...

  69. i didnt realise psychiatrists were so vulnerable to bullshit

  70. Typical kind of documentary with a prejudicial agenda. It approaches this event "convinced" that Holmes couldn't have acted alone and presents its "evidence" to support that agenda. Citing "The Manchurian Candidate" as a supporting bit of evidence is bizarre enough for me to conclude that the documentary producers themselves got victimized by their own delusional thinking.

    1. What research have you done into mind control?? Delusional thinking is believing that this wasn't a staged event for gun control.

  71. "SWAT" gear is a loose term for tactical apparel. Easily able to purchase off the internet, magazines, surplus shops, etc. legally.

    The mother already said that her quotes were taken out of context. That she was replying "yes you have the right person" when she was asked if she was his mother.

    Explosives made from gasoline and other products that are easily made. Police said the door and windows were armed, hence taking "a little bit" to get inside. It's not as simple as it's displayed on TV and the movies.

    6 years is plenty of time for someone's face to change naturally, ever seen a drug addict before and after pictures?
    As for his "drugged" nature in the courtroom, it was already said that he ingested Valium before the shooting, added to being up all night in jail (if you have ever been locked up, it's not always the easiest place to sleep), questioning before initial trial, etc. Just think about some stuff before you take some guy who made a movie as a legit theory. I love conspiracy theories, but some are stretching pretty hard.

  72. Unfortunately I have to agree that the doc is poorly made, dwelling on "evidence" which is tenuous at best, and failing to successfully underscore (what in my opinion are) the really solid and interesting discrepancies of the case (the two gas masks, for example - and the fact that James was apparently taken into the police station wearing full swat gear, yet there remains a pile of similar items of clothing in the evidence pics). I am convinced that this guy James Holmes is not the shooter, but the doc doesn't do much justice to the facts.

  73. The suspicious elements mentioned do seem note-worthy- In the kid himself- the physical state of alertness- droopy-eyed, unkempt punk appearance and personality change and circumstances of waiting for police capture wearing a gas mask and a further weapons stash in his car... unexplained and attention- diversionary elements abound such as- this innocuous looking building is where all the planning occurred- not enough close attention on possible collusion with other nefarious/ background elements... the work he was engaged in, others inside/ associates outside in this field, other Uni dept students, professors, the sudden appearance of a psychiatrist in his life and drop in grades, the block on his research and other working personnel, in my opinion. Also the family background of this clever/vulnerable away from home kid, an abandoned second gas mask/ the practical likely necessity for an assistant accomplice for such a large job- even to enter the exit door.... or as it very well may more likely be possible signs of the " professional" - total- elaborately preplanned group conspiracy set-up of the lad -and certainly not just with the physical help of one main highly trained assassin-perpetrator. Which leads us to the question of why- in which case 3 alternatives - motive circumstances/explanations were put forward for consideration- his father's sensitive job ( which MUST be effected by what has happened to the son!) and the disastrous effects of exposure in a full blown libor scandal- plenty of money made there for cover-up.... or Gun control lobby/ Govt legislative manipulation issues..... and the scary idea of advances along with services for Govt and criminal elements.... in mind control experimentation and practices - for hidden purposes/ manipulated outcomes.
    Food for thought... and further investigation.

  74. This has to be one of the worst documentaries I have ever seen, it's put together poorly, tries to infer evidence that doesn't exist andf also contradicts itself.

    1. Agreed. It's an instance of a "straw man" orchestrated narrative where the film producers create the "suspicion" that there HAD to be a second accomplice because the fact there could only be Holmes acting alone is too much for them(and others subscribing to this "story") to accept. In that sense, it's just like those who claim that 9/11 had to be a conspiracy orchestrated at the highest levels of the U.S. government.

    2. i dont know what else can be put up as an evidence for the 911 this i give it to you some may snap and do all this it has been seen before but 911? that conspiracy was so crappy made that no one even question it but after some thoughts and obious evidence something was down there more than a simple terrorist attack....

    3. I guess over 300 inconsistencies about 911 means nothing??

  75. Straight up, look at the image @ 00.25.33 and then the image of the orange haired guy, the only thing they have in common... They're both male.

  76. Since when is the alleged James Holmes with the orange hair, the same James Holmes in the '6 years ago' footage? WTF? Eyes don't change shape and neither do eyebrows, more to the point, looking at the latest pics of the 'real' James against the orange haired guy, they are clearly different people. Even the noses are different, definitely not the real James Holmes.

    1. Totally agree! The look totally different. The pic with the orange haired guy has a larger nose, styled hair that was not curly or wavy like the James in court, different eyes, no sideburns like the courthouse James, etc.. Plus the guy is even smiling and alert in the picture.

  77. CIA knows this mind drug simply falls off trees in the cities of Brazil, victims see themselves in porn with strangers, also gladly hand over all assets. Then find themselves on a park bench after the drug wears off clueless to all events. Criminals use this drug, by handing a flyer, tip of a drinking cup, blowing it in your face, etc, etc. CIA uses it to capture who they please. The pharmacist may give scopolamine out for those with sea sickness. It's effects can definately be permanent, this drug is an aweful infliction on mankind, worst one of them all, period, shouldn't even be mentioned.

  78. I really enjoyed the Clinton tape as well it scared the **** out of me.The reality it seems as though the growing hatred for the Government and the muppet show that goes down on wall street seems to me not just a farce but a very real scenario.I do not know what others may think of my opinion but this is not the last tail of the so-called lone wolf but the beginning of an atmosphere bent on creating fear and using such docs as an instrument to fool the s*upid.I do need to really suggest that gun control or oozie control will go on and on and the supreme court will bow to the whms of the Government.Truly their are some very evil sick vindictive people in the secret society of the Government.I wonder if half life is not far from the real deal.Think and say what you will but when it does come down the people are fed up with this type of bull**** and as for the Government who will go anyway the dollar falls,They and the media are creating this type of behavior and when the **** hits the fan on gun control,Marijuana will finally be in vending machines but you must be over twenty one because if you smoke when your young you fry your brain but if you wait until you are twenty one and considered grown up then you can smoke all you want.James needs a chance to talk and that will never happen cause to spill the beans means that their is another conspiracy just like the 911.I have doubts about such activity but Clinton really did seem out of it and to say he did not seem to be well thats for u to decide.Wait i half to go check my yard cause an alien ship has just landed.Next conspircy please

  79. absolute nonsense.

  80. This guy was equipped with exotic equipment from someone with ties to military equipment. SWAT tactical clothing, explosives, complex booby traps which took days to disarm... come on!, this is not a "lone wolf" This is one who was chosen for a mission, given the equipment to carry it out and brainwashed to get it done.

    This leads to an obvious third party influence. Some other learned this guy these skills and financed the acquisition of the equipment.

    If you are an ice-cold killer like "the joker" determined to cause chaos, why tell the police about a bomb of surprise waiting for them in your apartment?

    Before the police had confirmed the identity of the suspected gunman, was ABC News in contact with Holmes's mother. In a conversation with journalists, she said, "You have the right person ... I need to call the police ... I need to fly out to Colorado," before the call was canceled.
    How did she know it was her son in advance?
    This is a carefully planned, heavily financed and technically advanced attack. Who could be behind all this? The FBI of course, Who has a long history of setting up and orchestrating similar attacks, then to stop them just before they happen. This is not a conspiracy theory. Remember that the FBI has admitted this in the open, even the New York Times reported openly about this.
    This is how he got the proper training and equipment to carry out the mission.

    1. My thoughts exactly. This was well orchestrated, planned, financed and the participant(s) very well trained. At one point, the media said his parents "were not cooperative". Easier than saying "too many are in on it to mention"... The dad knows what's up with the entire scenario also, of course...

  81. Mind Controll

  82. doubleyou tee eff ?

  83. All valid points in the documentary and all are very believable, but what is the motive for the cover-up? Who would want to cover this up and why?

    1. Gun Ban?

  84. This documentary is obviously ridiculous. I refuse to accept ANY theory that uses FOX news as its primary news quoting agent. Done.

    The only thing this documentary proves for me is that, once again, FOX news is perhaps one of the largest sources of disinformation and confusion I have ever experienced.

    The fact that the movie states "There has to be a motive for this crime" is something that many people are searching for after a terrible crime. This is not always capable of being provided.

    It is one thing to study secret CIA projects, a noble cause.

    However, it is clear why the person who made this documentary can not accept the realities of the situation: Gun Control.

    Fox news, the creator of this documentary, and the right wing politicians wants to make us think this is about guns. The reality is that the US government and President Obama has done NOTHING encouraging gun control. But FOX news and the Republicans sure want people to think they are a threat. Funny... I think an election is coming up.

    1. How do you figure Fox news made this doc? It appears to be independently made.

    2. lol, Fox didn't have anything to do with the creation of this documentary...

    3. Another BIG event will happen before the election. Look back at history and gun control and see why this has staged event written all over it.

    4. I totally agree with you on that.

  85. ive not watched this doc as yet.(stopped by copyright issues lmfao)I Agree with deborah comments, there seems to be too many reasons for someone to run of track and lose the plot.governments sit back ignoring the general population and suck up to the rich. you never see a rich person going out killing random ppl maybe as they soo busy spending there money they havent time lol. maybe if we all had money (sorry i may sound like a communist lol) then ppl wouldnt get so jealous and mad at big society, obvisously i dont agree with what these ppl do but i can see these crimes happening alot more often,with the stress of low incomes and high out goings getting worse.heres a crazy idea maybe rather than bailing bankers who gamble ppls savings, the governments should have bailed there population who then end up debt free and the banks still get there hard earned money lol, but oh know shock horror government dont work for us they work for banks as there public muppets lol.(worth a watch money masters, u soon realise banks run countries not governments) the saddest thing is this will never change as its all about money. its true, money is the route of all evil. i want to watch this doc but i cant as i live in uk where copyright is more important than freedom of speech. i find this a odd story like alot of these massacres they make very little sense. yet again a topic with alot questions with very little chance of answers. for me its as tho these ppls american dream has became the american nightmare and it drives them over the edge.....i recommend watching george carlin he says it better than i could ever....the american dream you gotta be asleep to believe it.... peace to all, from the copyright sensitive island of UK lol.

  86. Just watch documentary Human Resources and you will see that this might be not as fiction as it seems. 50 years from now the truth will come out or the humanity will be so regressed that we will just take pills like in THX 1138 although it is fiction movie but not far from reality.

  87. I wonder if the real conspiracy is that the USA is already under attack by it's own citizens. Apathy is rife and it is spreading like a disease. Why do these people suddenly find themselves in a theatre shooting people, upon university clock towers, rampaging through schools mindlessly killing others? Why are they doing it? The real question is why would the government play a direct hand in these mass murders when their over all scheme to keep the masses sedated, broke, wary, distrustful, drugged, drunk, chemically poisoned via food, water and air, your lungs polluted, licensed smoking, IlLEGAL drug importation sanctioned by the government, massive growth of private sector prisons, imprisoning the poor,a wider depth between rich and poor, wages not keeping up with the growing costs, banks cashing in at every corner taking your homes, social security failing everyone, expensive health insurance most can't afford, power costs going up and up, gas/petrol costing a fortune, fracking your land, destroying your water table, running out of water, sending men and women to wars that are plundering and pillaging for more oil, military men and women believing they are fighting for their country when it is not under attack, a government that bombs its own country and blames terrorists to ensure federal military financial funding on a scale unprecedented not to mention they needed an excuse, the war for OIL, chemical testing on active military, the murder of your presidents if they do do as they are told, voting for democrat or republican and not understanding both are the same and it doesn't matter anyway, privatization of all your national and local utilities, national disasters (Hurricane Katrina) not being dealt with as one would expect, Blackwater private security, the highest national guard count in the world, can't afford Christmas and birthday presents now, the Federal Reserve Bank is a corporation, can't afford anything and on and on and on the nail is driven into the public hands and what do you all do? Nothing. Just living day to day in the USA is a hard days work. And what else does the government give you folks? Guns. Guns to unhappy, discontent, poor people, guns for everyone. Brilliant!
    This is just a tiny portion of what I could come up with with a quick type before dinner. I could come up with so many more reasons why some random person would walk into a theatre and just start shooting. The conspiracy is all around you in everything.
    Remember Shakespeare "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages."

    1. Yes, that's P.N.A.C. alright!

    2. Very Chomskyesque....
      Alot of truth there, but it's a very big mistake to assume these are simply theories that are products of overactive imaginations - try reading what some of these people are saying about this case and put as much effort into investigating and researching their claims as you do reading Chomsky, and see where you come out...
      The problems you site are concequences of having these same people(who murder and stage false flags attacks against their own citizens on a regular basis) in power...

  88. I found this documentary very well done....
    until i got 28mins in.....
    wtf? they really think he was working on some top secret project so they picked him as the scape-goat?
    The "temporal illusion" is not "time-travel"....
    and honestly? he tried to join the "Lead" Valley gun-range, and the glyph for "alchemical metal, "lead" is Saturn.... which =time (for some reason).... which implies that he is working on time-travel??

    wtf is that all about? Kinda makes the doc lose credibility

  89. gov and media are all actors on a stage! wake up sleeping sheeples!

    1. Any you win the "Most Original Comment" award. I can't believe that there are those still bandying that "sheeples" word about. Exalt your own position in the world by degrading all others who live in it.

      Why is it that you can expect a certain segment of society to react in the same way to every news story? Virginia Tech, Norway, and now this have all been described as covert government operations. Now I'm going to use that word. Doesn't predictable behaviour suggest that maybe you may be "sheeple" in your own way?

  90. Great hobbies: tennis, carpentry, hiking, painting, ...

  91. Although I have nothing to back this up with at present, it seems very odd that all these shootings are happening so close together. I suspect something bigger at work here. Think about this; how best could a neferious government bent on total control disarm a populous where a great deal of firearms are owned? Maybe by enlisting the help of a bunch of nobody's who wouldn't raise any flags. They wouldn't need the subjects direct help, we all know there are ways to get people to do just about anything and "brainwashing" isn't the only or even best method. I just can't get passed how odd alot of these shootings are and who is doing the actual shooting. It would certainly give someone all the reason they would need to curcomvent congress and directly move to mass disarmament. What do you think?

  92. They forgot the bit where Elvis rides in on Shergar and blasts them all with a neuralyzer!

  93. He Killed many innocent unharmed people.

    The real question is, Are we going to Jail him for the rest of hes life or give him the death sentence?

    1. No death penalty. :)

    2. if he is sent on death row, he will be the fourth in line.
      A lot of punishment for Colorado residents to support!

    3. Four too many. If they sentence someone to death they must be sure beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty. If they are that sure, why allow appeals? Doesn't that mean there is room for doubt? Too many people have been found innocent after being killed or wrongly imprisoned. Here we had the Birmingham six, the Guildford four and others, wrongly accused and falsely convicted. Luckily for them we don't have the death penalty. Such high profile cases and still they got it wrong. Makes you wonder how often it happens. I'd rather pay compensation for their time in jail than explain to a family that their relative died of mistakes. :)

    4. I totally agree with you.

    5. He "allegedly" killed many innocent unarmed people.

      He is already being portrayed AS the shooter in the media, giving him an almost impossible chance at a fair trial.

      If he did do it, then he is a sick monster, I will give you that. But there are too many unknowns and too many strange things surrounding this case that it isn't that simple.

      Before I even watched the document, I had questions - Where are the cameras from the movie theatre? Not saying it hasn't/can't happen, but why would someone with no violent history and such an enormous amount of potential all of a sudden call themselves the joker and go on a shooting rampage? It just doesn't make sense.

    6. Just like Anders behring breivik in Oslo Norway shooting. U actually have a better life in prison then the average citizen in Norway, u get free education, first class food, television you're own training room, unlimited access to internet where he can keep spreading his words and recruit people. U name it And we all are paying for him having a jolly good time. He got just what he wanted because noone could pull the trigger! its insane.

      James Holmes will not be death sentenced if he is unaccountable? i do not know how it works in USA though this story is going to be milked for years.

    7. Shady as hell >:D play the system...

  94. Whether this is true or not doesn't matter. What does it that the government wouldn't stop to think for a second about doing something like this if it furthered their goals. That little Larry king Bill Clinton talk at the end is awesome, should help all those fools who think Bill Clinton was somehow different than the rest of the puppets wake up. And for those of you, who like me, couldn't figure out what the conspiracy would be at first it's simple. Disarm the public, and you will truly rule them. Again this is probably b.s, but it wouldn't surprise me if it wasn't. Someone please fund the revolution already

  95. i want me 90 minutes back. amature bullshit.

  96. So as not to be misconstrued - viz my earlier post, this conspirataro (nonce intended) doco like so many of its brethern is unadulterated bunk. I liken them to the game of Jenga blocks in that you can put them together piece by piece but to knock-down the complete edifice is children's play.

    So be it then - I'll have a beer and watch the only show we know.

  97. What a load of bullshit. Teenage retards should stop making documentaries.

  98. Only a CTer could use a supposed eye roll of an individual standing in the background of an interview as proof conclusive that this was a government covert operation. He smiled and then may have rolled his eyes. Now that is in depth journalism. The rest of their proof is just as insubstantial.

    The Conspiracy Theories are coming out faster and faster after incidents like this. Its like they're just sitting there waiting to muddy up the waters of all major news events.

  99. i.e. "The BANKERS are behind it all."
    Makes perfect sense to me!

    1. Satire? - although sarcasm works as well.

    2. In this case, I very much suspect, yes. Not that I'm all that fond of bankers, and wouldn't put very much at all past them. These days, especially, it really looks like genuine psychopathy is an absolute job requirement for that field. But this..? The last I checked, folks go legitimately, totally bugsh_t crazy without any kind of a covert push from the financial sector, or the U.S. Intelligence apparatus! And the more complicated you can make a story, the easier it is to raise doubts in the undiscerning, which is what it seems to me they did here. But it's still just an X-file, as far as I can see... And I'm banking that the only "money trail" that needs to be followed is the one leading to the filmmakers' pockets.

  100. lol you people are HILARIOUS.

  101. Amusing piece of nonsense (laughable really) Strange, isn't it, what we do with our lives?

    It certainly was too long. It could have been half as long and had more potential impact.

    But more than that there was way too much conjecture. Alas, 'conjecture' is the lifeblood of conspiratorialist.

    Odd thing (in case anyone missed this point) - at 1:14:02 David Ortiz (whoever he is) quotes statistics that state the chances of you being involved (gunned down) in a mass murder in the States, between 1980 - 2008, has increased from 2.7% to 3.7% - and Ortiz calls it minuscule. Maybe he thinks 2.7 to 3.7 is only a 1% increase in fatalities but it's not. It is in fact a 37.1% increase. (I.E.) If in 1980 2.7% of say 10000 citizens were victims of mass murders, that equates to 270 deaths: and if in 2008 3.7% of 10000 citizens were victims of mass murders then that equates to 370 deaths, so, the increase of 100 deaths is 37.1 %. This is not minuscule - this is vast. If this seems strange at first blush, use an increase from 2.7 to 5.4 and you will easily see it is double and not a mere 2.7%. Same as 2.7 to 3.7 is not 1% but a 37.1% increase - if I did the math correctly.

    1. Where are you getting these numbers? Are you not taking into account the extra millions of people alive today?

  102. oh this is classic illuminati hollywood movie plot......

  103. oh this is classic fbi, they failed at capturing the accomplice so they deny his very existence, to save face....

    unless the fbi set him up with use of scapolamin but why...

    also remember; very convincing guy working at local gunshop says james holmes asked about tips on how to shoot few months before... was he under scapolamin then too??

    POST WATCH : ssssssick.

  104. First of all, there is very little about the Colorado shooting or the suspect in this bit. It is very disjointed and unconvincing. The points could be made, but haven't been. There is much better than this out there. Watch the stuff that was used to cobble this together, not this. Not recommended.

    1. wtf the eff are u talking about THAT WAS THE BEST EYE OPENING DOC I HAVE SEEN this week on topd, alrite vlatko-velasko! keep the gd work!

    2. That's one vote for recycled video with zero relevance - and one for spell-check.

  105. Luckily in my country it isn't blocked... and it is definitely worth watching despite what other "close-minded" viewers say... make up your own mind... there may be nonsense, there may be wild allegations, but the the bottom line is: if only a fraction of the claims are true (and if you happen to study the subject of human mind-contol experiments more closely you find out it is NOT entirely made up out of thin air) the truth behind it is VERY scary and disturbing...

  106. It used to be that the usual suspects would employ massive ridicule against conspiracy theories to try to dissuade potential viewers of videos like this one. I take it as a sign of progress that they've finally given up that ploy. Now they feign having watched the video with an open mind and judiciously determined that it's a worthless piece of junk. Not a piece of junk - well worth seeing.

  107. Pain killer and alcohol? Not a good diet for creating sanity.

  108. there are quite a few questions popping up like his psychiatrists affiliation to the navy,his fathers connections to the government,people witnessing a look-out & the new US law concerning gun-control....but as a.jones has taken up this topic,scepticism should be applied in both ways of information flow which i haven't had the time for yet.
    -the curious one-

  109. It's kind of sad I'm more interested in the comments than the documentary. Still haven't tried to watch it. Changing IP or researching will yield it if this link has been severed.
    The real question is; does anyone that tries to watch this video believe that a conspiracy was possible.

    1. Critical questions always welcome. Like - where is actual video footage from Cinema? Why he is presented as crazy loner, though his study friends tell opposite. What is the motive? Where did he learn to be so military educated, making the most sophisticated bombs that takes 2 days to disarm. Did anybody really saw that man shooting or they some somebody in mask shooting? Who helped him to get into Cinema? Why there are so different witness testimonies?

    2. I ain't even watched it yet and I'm already this far down the comments. But the more comments I read the more it sounds like and I quote: "Bulls bum waste" from what I can see of the comments I probably will give it a go.

  110. Blocked in the UK.

    1. Available on YouTube in 4 parts :)

    2. Thanks, part 4/4 has been removed though, unfortunately.

  111. absolute crap

    1. Do not agree!
      There are some important questions brought up. though 1,30h is too long, too many video clips.

  112. video is blocked already

  113. I watched it, alot of "stretching" and alot of pointless clips from other movies and documentaries. Not worth the hour and a half.

  114. I'm going to be vapidly superficial and get 1st comment here. Haven't watched it yet but this is SO going to inspire some heated debate.

    1. Not really no. It would have to be factual and well made for that to happen. It is not, therefore, it will probably the polar opposite.

    2. Noted.

    3. I aint watched either (just about to though) but I'll bet you a dollar to a rusty nail it's a big bag of bull’s bum waste, though I will give it a look just to fair (and for fun).

      Btw, I'll be wearing my special gold-plated, copper lined full body suit rather than just my usual tin foil cap for this one, just to give it the best chance of making me a believer (sucker).

    4. I watched it and since I already know that JFK and his brother were killed by our government there is no doubt that this could have happened in this case as well, people who seriously don't believe our corrupt government is not capable to do this really need to get an adjustment to their common sense part of the brain, our government is capable of anything and have done anything so they can complete their agenda, the money is the key and the people behind the money are evil... God Bless America!

    5. I thouth i'd see the comment thread under "sort by best rating", you come out 5th with 5 likes. An interesting diverse thread of ideas from 1 to 5, starting with Rolands.