Osama Bin Laden: Up Close and Personal

Osama Bin Laden: Up Close and Personal

2016, Biography  -   13 Comments
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During the raid of Osama Bin Laden's compound - which concluded in his demise - American military forces attained volumes of private documents that shed light on the terrorist's activities in the years following September 11, 2001. Osama Bin Laden: Up Close and Personal explores the contents of these documents, and offers insights into his twisted psyche and bloodthirsty determination.

Existing in relative undisturbed isolation in Pakistan, Bin Laden never wavered from his primary focus on preserving and advancing his horrific legacy of terror. He kept close watch on the world's media, and directed his lieutenants on how to feed and manipulate the news machine. He penned long, instructive memos to members of his regime, and they were delivered in utter secrecy by carefully selected couriers. He was joined in the iron-clad compound by members of his family, including children and grandchildren who were home-schooled and closely guarded when venturing outdoors.

The film recaps the childhood influences that most profoundly shaped his world view, but the majority of the narrative concerns his mindset during the final five years of his life while hiding in Abbottabad. We learn of his reading habits, his cash flow troubles, his relatively short-sighted understanding of the United States, his responses when members of his family were killed in battle, his efforts to create a self-sustaining compound that would limit his exposure to the outside world, and his ill-fated plans to break from exile prior to his assassination.

According to the security insiders and Islamic State experts who are interviewed in the film, Bin Laden was well aware that America was on the prowl. He heard the U.S. military planes overhead, and knew the area was being exposed to more frequent drone surveillance. Alongside the personal portrait of Bin Laden's final days, the film retraces the U.S. government's plans to end his reign of terror. These two tracks collided with the raid of his home in May of 2011.

In the years following 9/11, Bin Laden became the world's most elusive and enigmatic boogeyman. Now, years after his death, Osama Bin Laden: Up Close and Personal peels back the curtain and delivers a revelatory portrait.

Directed by: Alexander Berkel

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13 Comments / User Reviews

  1. lion

    I am against terrorism, but America are the real terrorists hungry to plunder in the name of fighting terrorism. Damn those who lie

  2. mlecle@live.com

    Guantanamo Bay prisoners aren't enjoying the movie.

  3. Emily

    "helped create the best of shock and awe for the press"... "helped with the war in Iraq"... wanna make sure everyone heard these quotes. Does this mean there really is a circus for our USA fruitful entertainment?

  4. Leslie

    This is BS. All of the 9/11"terrorists" identified as on the planes, are all still alive. Most of the CEO's working in the Towers did not show up for work that morning...even Shel Silverstein, the owner, did not show up with his wife for breakfast there...it was their morning routine..and who had the balls to say "who could have known something like this would happen"...he said that after he had increased the insurance on the Towers just a few months before.....

    1. Jack Nelson

      Leslie @reply from 4/26...Lesles you seem intelligent enough, please dont let yourself fall into the 9/11 conspiracy idea that most of the CEO's from the towers survived...the 3kpeople that perished at the bequest of that criminal monster Bin Laden were equal in regards to wealth and position--period. It is proven fact that NONE of the terrorists on the planes are still alive--now misinformation about who was on the planes thats US and terrorist policy to have some targets conviently die so as to better hide or target them. Dont be a "flat earth" idiot like idiot that believes in a conspiracy just because their life is so flat, their personality is devoid of meaning that you espouse this real BS.

    2. Reggie

      I agree

  5. User 1

    Very well put together. I would have liked to see how well the US followed Islamic customs on burial. I'm thinking they just dumped him overboard like a sack of trash. Might do some research and see what I find............

  6. LastViewer

    I have a few generations behind me. With all the lies, hoaxes and coups organized by the USA intelligence (CIA & Co.) all over the world, how could anyone any sain person give any credit to a such a biased doc? Biased because as they summarize Bin Laden history, they are mute on his deals with the CIA supporting his fight against the Russians. That smells so typically American.
    And, they're still at it in their lonesome watchtower.
    And there is no pride in killing a defenseless man outside the rules of the law.
    One disgusting action among so many others these past 50 years.

  7. Konrad Gola

    TOTAL BS and propaganda. Stopped watching at 5:21

  8. rogerio

    the man in the cover is hardly Osama Bin Laden

    1. Alliyah Brown

      LoL. Usama up close yet they use someone who isn't Usama.

    2. Bart

      I was about to write the same thing. Do these people perpetuating this lie believe that everybody is that stupid? The binLaden family are like American Royalty what with all the billions of dollars they have pumped into the Bush family’s oil wells.

  9. GunnarInLA

    ...according to people who lived there, Osama bin Laden never set foot in that "compound"...perhaps because he died December 13, 2001...?
    Alexander Berkel – German propagandist in service to the Empire...?
    Isn't it insulting to find this kind of stuff here..."topdocumentaryfilms"...no self-respect at all...even the picture above is erroneous...not ObL...
    I'd like to see a documentary dealing with the subject of the German people as a whole..."What Has Happened to the German People"...a once proud nation corrupted by Frau Merkel...?