Mind The Gap

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Mind The GapIt is now clear that false flag operations are part of a strategy of tension designed to instill fear in the civilian population and create unprovoked hatred towards minority groups.

Documentary detailing the gaps in the official story of the 7/7 London Bombings that demand further attention.

This film, presented by ex-Mi5 whistleblower David Shayler, argues the need for an Independant Public Inquiry into 7/7 and the surrounding events.

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  1. Greg


  2. Scott.H.

    Great comment there greg, you should always have an open mind on subjects as important a these, if you believe that governments are capable of committing such acts, which they clearly are.

  3. Jim

    "Bollocks." Greg

    Brilliant. greg, you are clearly a man of immense intellect. Keep watching X-Factor, I'm a celeb, Big Brother etc and don't forget to renew your subscription to The Daily Mail.

    Just keep believing that our (s)elected Government (Labour or Cons) are there to serve.

  4. benman

    i agree with greg, his comment may be lacking in intellect but its probably rather accurate. Our government are quite sneaky yeh, they rip off tax payers for duck moats and second homes, and they most likely recieve big handouts from lobbyists to pass legislation that doesnt favour the majority of the population. Tony Blair went to war on illegal grounds (its now being investigated and hopefully he gets a spanking) and politicians in general...lie. However this documentary has very little proof and it has no evidence whatsoever, maybe if it did i would be willing to believe that it was possible, but tbh it seems like load of bollocks.

  5. George

    Hi benman, which part exctly do you think is bollocks? The part that the alleged terrorists came by train that was cancelled or the part in which they attacked the exact train stations that were running the terror drills at the time or that there is not enough cctv evidence even when an average Londoner gets recorded about 200 times a day? Please explain.


    confuse and conquer ....... generate so much confusion that the overwhelmed population living a life of surviving day to day , just trusts those with the cash to fund the best media representation .

    history is on the side of not trusting the benevolet church , government or corp.

  7. Frank Lee

    This is an appropriately titled documentary. Gaps in the documentary's evidence illuminating gaps in the 'official' accounts. So much dodgyness, so little proof, just leaves the feeling something is rotten in the state. .
    For me the documentary provokes the thought that it must be nice to be a fundamentalist, to have something written down that you believe, implicitly to be correct. For grown-ups though we are stuck with sieving fog for the ghosts of the truth.

  8. pcarr92153

    This was very traumatic to watch, and although i am not blind to the tactics taken by mainly the us and uk goverments i am appalled that we fell for this. We should be ashamed.

  9. habler

    Tony Blair is a war criminal and he brazenly travels around the world free as a bird. This is a crazy world.

    We are complete hypocrites for invading Iraq and Afganistan.

  10. Dan

    I agree with Benman and Greg.

  11. Ron Burgundy

    watch the doc Manufacturing Consent and it will show you how and why these things happen

  12. Farren

    truth <3

  13. Aron

    I think this absolute truth us and uk have been hinding lots of things but what can we do we are just human with very few choices and limited options among the powerful liars armed and willing to do any thing to maintain power in hands

  14. Pointless Question

    Is David Shayler still claiming to be Messiah?

  15. cancelyourcablenow

    You make a good point but if you think about how many the oppressed are vs. the oppressors there should be no reason why these criminals are allowed to stay in power let alone be free. The problem is the old saying (DIVIDE AND CONQUER). These criminals spend a lot of effort and time in keeping us divided so we will not unite and revolt. Talk to your friends and family. Wake up everybody you know. RON PAUL 2012!!

  16. Megan H.

    lol like that will happen

  17. issue23

    Independent is with an 'e'... Sorry, sorry, sorry! I hate to be the person who brings up typo's! I do apologise! Or should that be 'apologiZe'?! Doh!

    *slaps forehead!*

  18. rpropster

    Its impossible to wake mass's of people when we speak undercover. Why must we float along instead of just saying how horrible people are, we lie, we cheat and scam our way to the top. Not to say that all of us scam to get to the top, but the majority at the top do scam to get to there. While our presidential candidates lie in the favor of the group of people they are acting to. we sit here and vote for George Bush because of his good christian values, we run planes into buildings because Allah tells us that we will be rewarded with 21 virgins.

  19. rpropster

    wake everyone. I am working on some material. You should too

  20. Jamie

    They use race religion and everthing they can think of to seperate us and have us fight amoungst each other.They do so to make us easyer to controll.We really need to wake up stand togeather no matter are differences.We need to respect each other differences and never force your way on others.It will take millions like say America 100 thousand is just a drop in the bucket when there is 350 million citizens.It will only work if millions and millions protest or do something like no one in the country work our spend for even 1 week,as hard as in would be for most it would maybe force the government to change to the peoples demand like the constitution.Then in the elections they can get rid of everyone they feel is corrupt and not serving the peoples interest but there own.And warn the new government that the same will happen to them if they sway at all from the constitution they swear to uphold.I really think people that work for the citizens should be jailed if they do things against the constitution whitch is the law.Everything should be tryed before it gets to the point that violence is the only option left.I think most of the military and police would stand with the people if there was millions and millions everyday protesting.If not the ones that don't are the real criminals.According to the constitution it is the American citizens duty not right duty to replace a tyranicle government.In the world we are no 7 billion they are lucky if they are even 20 million.Not all the rich nor every politician is corrupt but more are than not.I'm a Canadian and belive there is many good politicians but there are also corrupt ones that are at the very top.

  21. Jamie

    This is a good documentary but there is another one forget the name there is a few no but it told a few more facts that people should no,and shows how it forsure was not these guys.At the time Blairs approval rateing was droping and the people wanted there troops home from Iraq,so this is the fauls flag many belive was done just like 9/11.The similaritys are crazy,on that very same day both countrys were doing exercises about the exact things that really happened.I've watched and read so much about 9/11 and 7/7 and so many other things it's crazy.No matter how much you read there is always so much more.If not for the net to know what many know do would have been near impossible.

  22. Jamie

    There are better ones that I belive will convince you just can't remember the name watched about 4.If you have not watch them because 1 is full of facts that show its was not these 4.They were played into thinking they were doing an exersize to help the governmet against a terrorist attack.You will not be disappointed if you see it.

  23. Jamie

    Thats part of there plan to keep use fighting over things like race and religion to keep use seperated and easyer to controll.We will see it but I hope when we finnaly do well the ones that don't already it will not be to late.

  24. vvindred

    you are so extremely smart...we praise all the gods for the honor to share this site with You

  25. Luke Langan

    I'm happy to bring up typos when someone is pointing out typos but spells typos as typo's.

  26. TAhmed

    This is a brief comment about genral False Flag Conspiracy / Theories.
    They are a win - win for the ruling elite as all publics viewpoints are manipulated with them.
    In 9/11 conspiracy facts, at least building 7 is proof of prior planning, which when combined with drills, and lack of titanium engines or black boxes, impossible maneuvers, insider trading, insurance etc just proves 100% 9/11 was an False Flag inside ( mossad job).
    The patsies were manipulated too. However the collapse of the twin towers could well have been un-foreseen consequence ( and deaths), and a bad karma for the dirty plot.

    The scenario goes like this, you have an agenda (PNAC & zionism) but you have to address two types of public view.
    You could make a plan, and hoax an attack to justify it and bring public onside.
    On the one hand, if the mis-information circulating says it was OBL who did it, half the public would be fooled into believing they were under (WMD 45mins ?) threat, enabling a great excuse to start a war at your own choosing, and benefit in all kinds of agendas from it .

    On the other hand, for the other half of the public who cant be deceived so easily, you could also at the same time address these people, by saying it wasnt OBL and it was a False Flag, then its a win again, since the bogeyman enemy ( OBL) would be weakened as the dis-info says OBL wasnt capable of doing it, and was framed, and you the public would be in awe and fearful of the power that could do that.
    In addition the FF attack would create 'chatter' and you could spy on that to serve your hidden agenda.
    So this explains why the False Flag conspiracy agents are planted out. The truth dont matter cos joe public can do nowt about it anyways !

    Similarly with Boston, 7/7, Hebdo, and ISIL. False Flags, wether make it happen on purpose,
    let it happen on purpose, or real surprise attack, all come with spin, and dirty tricks.

  27. TAhmed

    just to add of course not all conspiracy 'theorists' are plants, as some have clearly done some great work in uncovering this agenda of deceit, hell bent on world domination. In my personal view it is Israeli Neocon infiltration, the revolving door between capitalists and goverment that are to blame, as they have hijacked every structure, i just watched the USS Liberty video on this site which illustrates this very well.

  28. Aoife

    You all need to raise your vibrations and become above all this hatred and focus on becoming what you want to see in the world.
    That, I think is the only way we will see a shift in the battle of Angels and demons on the planet. They, the government, who are 'protecting' us from what? them themselves. We need to accept that they are willing to kill people and advertise how young men from broken societies can join their force to kill people around the world. It is clearly happening, accept it but do not join their evil path. We are all human beings at the end of the day. Like a bunch of ants, why can't we make the most out of what the earth gives us? Breath & Love?

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