Monarch: The New Phoenix Program

Monarch: The New Phoenix Program

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Monarch: The New Phoenix ProgramThe Phoenix Program, assassinating suspected VC sympathizers in a systematic manner, worked well during the Vietnam War and is the blueprint for the current black op targeting thousands of loyal Americans using state of the art microwave (MW) and radio frequency radiation (RFR) weapons. The motivation to suppress domestic dissidents and to assassinate loyal American opposition stems from the perception of dissent against the war as treason.

This philosophy is stated very clearly in the MindWar paper written by NSA General Aquino. The DOD has a huge stake in futuristic technology that kills by ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, leaving little or no trace. The indiscriminant killing of the Phoenix Program continues on American soil. The terms soft kill, slow kill and silent kill refer to the new way of killing the enemy in conflicts short of war and the small wars of the future. The counterinsurgency doctrine has now been applied to the home front, so that the perceived betrayal of the military in Vietnam will not be repeated.

The generation of CIA and military intelligence led by Shackley, Helms, Casey, Abrams, Singlaub, Secord, John B. Alexander, Michael Aquino, Paul Vallely, and others have built the perfect beast, using selective assassination that leaves no trace.

The ability to cull the human herd with Silent Kill technology allows a few personalities to remake the entire society in their own image.

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1 year ago

They will kill you if you fight it or don't fight it

shawn mccarthy
4 years ago

never before in the history of the human race has there ever been such unpresidented global tourcher on innocent unknowing victums of electronic tourcher as todays remote nero monitoring,v2k,etc etc programs as are currently implimented by the sickos today.

4 years ago

What they are doing is black magic like what the vril society and order of the black sun were doing in nazi germany. SS had an occult secret society where hitler was high priest. Its the origin of people like EA Koetting's work with black magic or the Typhonians who believe the same as Hitler as far as demonic alien UFO nonsense

5 years ago

When u start seeing militarized police forces, using military formations, you’ll know Phoenix has been implemented in civilian society...a quote from Valentine’s The CIA as Organized Crime. Informative book, especially when u see the parallels between actions taken by the CIA in Vietnam, El Salvador, Iraq, etc and what’s happening domestically in America. The bull**** War in Terror, with its Patriot Act and NDAA, was the best thing that ever happened to folks that seek to quell domestic dissidents.

Lamont Cranston
5 years ago

Who needs counterintelligence or disruption techniques, when paranoiacs like this nonsense will do the work for them for free

Fk the Illuminati filth
5 years ago

Time 2 get all street gangs world wide and start war on the secret societies FACT

William Tressler
6 years ago

After having researched mind control from MKUltra to the present tech of Remote Neural Monitoring, not only is the reality factual and threatening, it's so easily verifiable from even a cursory examination of the subject it's scary! This documentary does extremely well in defining the subject, examining the long, sordid history of it, and connecting the dots in the revealing of it that even average lay-people should have no problem following it and absorbing it. Not only should this video be standard watching material for freedom-lovers of all ages, but should also be the sounding cry (as well as accrued evidence for prosecution) for all out war with the perpetrators and perpetrating agencies who've pushed this project and resultant technologies since its inception! Yes, friends, this is what they've been doing with our tax money and R &D black budget appropriations the entire time! It's true, it's evil, and it will be used against everyone not ensconced within their elite protective bubble... you and me! Sobering!

10 years ago

Video can't be viewed but I am familiar with Thomas' claims. To Wit:

Army Intelligence is using classified anti-personnel weapons to eliminate activists and whistleblowers

Air tight proof is impossible to secure short of breaking into INSCOMheadquarters at Fort Meade. The measure of proof must be that of a civil trial, what a reasonable person under normal circumstances would expect to be true. The case for these crimes against humanity is set forth in heavily researched and footnoted books and documentary films (MONARCH: The New Phoenix Program) but can be narrowed down to
four main facts
ONE: Classified microwave weapons exist.
TWO: There are hundreds of credible witnesses.
THREE: There is a prior pattern of criminal behavior.
FOUR: There are persons of interest in Army intelligence (INSCOM).

ONE: Classified microwave weapons exist. The Russians usedmicrowave weapons to attack the American embassy in Moscow in the 1950's and the attacks were kept secret.Microwave weapons like the Active Denial System and milliwave radars are public electromagnetic weapons.
TWO: There are hundreds of credible witnesses, people who've been saying for years that they are targets of classifiedmicrowave weapons assaults and organized stalking. Over 200 targets were interviewed in person, most are political activists and whistleblowers in their 40's that fit a common profile.
THREE: There is a prior pattern of criminal behavior that contains all the elements of the current illegal program. First, a long criminal history of government hit lists against political activists. Second, half a million US citizens used as human guinea pigs in nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons development programs. These illegal government programs escaped detection for decades & no perpetrators went to jail.
FOUR: There are persons of interest in Army intelligence who should be investigated. Military intelligence officers who have worked since 1980 to develop nonlethal microwave weapons for the Army. They've written extensively about how to use the weapons, publicly advocated using nonlethal microwave weapons on civilians to modify human behavior, and helped move the classified military technology from DOD to DOJ and into the hands of local police. They promote borderline superstitious beliefs and doomsday cults as part of a cover up of criminal activity.
It amounts to circumstantial evidence and intends to convince anyone and everyone their possibly mistaken perceptions means they are victims of "gang stalking" and "psychotronic weapons". Note a common theme is alleged victims are all in their 40's. I am 50 now. At this age we experience changes in our bodies, pains we never felt before, and it's easy to blame outside influences for natural things we've yet to experience. Some years ago I was lead to believe that certain disturbing feelings I was observing as well as behavior of people around me meant these things were happening to me. Even today I am not sure what is or is not going on, but one thing I can state with absolute certainty is this: Almost all of the "activists" who were "educating" me about these things, turned out to be nutters who were trying to validate their beliefs by gaining an audience of fellow believers. This was revealed ultimately by things they claimed they experienced, such as claims that the government had hundreds of people parking cars in a certain color sequence only they might recognize- or that if they got to the post office and had to wait in line behind 30 people, those were 30 people put there to ruin them by making them wait.
I reiterate I cannot ascertain what is really going on in every case and there is evidence that certain government agencies are out of control with their homeland security duties, and civilian snitches do roam our streets being paid by the gov't to report on their neighbors.
This is a far cry to this "gang stalking" nonsense "activists" are scaring people into ruining their own lives to validate their own silly beliefs. If it's mostly disinformation it doesn't help anyone to perpetuate it and may actually harm you. Just figure that they wouldn't need to do these things to ruin you, convincing you they were doing them would be enough in itself. So this doc itself? Could be part of the program and much cheaper and easier than actually implementing it. Hmmm....

11 years ago

If all that is said is true, then why go through all the trouble interigating people in foreign countries, using waterboarding... Why not use mind control?

Why do all the countries have such bad spin doctors, bad propaganda or other stuff that still a far to great group of people see through?

And why is de U.S. having so much trouble finishing things in Iraq and Afghanistan if they have all these sci-fi weapons?

I do believe there are more than enough sick #$%# to do these types of experiments... But the results must have been pretty bad, not seeying them being used in the current world.

11 years ago

I'm not saying these things are untrue however, this film shows it's own brand of mind control by showing random, unconnected film clips to what the narrator is talking about.

11 years ago

F-ing globalists... De-population; 500 million living in peace and harmony with nature? Bull sh*t, living as bio-engineered modified slaves. It's them or us, better decide soon or "game over."

Yuri Soud
11 years ago

This is f***** up! I am angry! 1 can change 100, 2 can change 1000, and the us government can do what ever it wants.

12 years ago

The turdsucking alien demons that seek to control us use "Game Theory" (John Forbes Nash Jr.) and mind trick like the Hegalian Tialectic to keep us fighting one another and convincing us that we "need" them to make our world better. They lie. "You will know them by their deeds" said the Lord. They want to make androids, which is pure hate of humans...or ANTI-HUMAN, what does that tell you? They AREN'T HUMAN. These are decieving spirtis, demons in our skin, unclean spirts that are trying to take us all over with torture, devices, implants, blackmale, shame...every evil they can conjure up to accomplish this. Notice that they don't seem to understand us? They keep doing "experiments" to find new ways to control us. They have identified the "God" gene and have now created a vaccine to get rid of it...this is it people, and like all roaches, they opperate like cowards, in secret and in the dark...they hate the lets keep shining it ON THEM!

12 years ago

I stand to refute the beLief that 'our' fundamental nature is aggressive, warlike, bloodlusty, aquisitive and power-driven. We are in continual programming, informing us of what our nature 'is' by those describing their own nature.

Wild and free, as we ought to be, we are inquisitive (not acquisitive)Protective (not invasive) Honest (not manipulative) and most of all, courageous (not cowards). Inventive (not plaguristic)and Creative (not destructive).

Enslaved by those who truly have no honour or merit, we can be brutalised and terrorised into brutal and terrible acts; always against eachother, as our 'masters' design. In order to grasp the reality of what we really are, or rather were, we can look to accounts of the way natives appeared to the invaders such as Cooke, Cortez, Columbus ..... and so forth. We live in an amazing, abundant nature and are of the same extraordinary nature. We grow to eat, hunt to eat, develop communal strongholds, exchange with other communities. Left to our own devices (were we ever) we'd be having a fantastic, vivid, laid back and hugely enriching life experience. Sure, you bet we'd defend our community from hostilities and die fighting if needs be but this would certainly be a last resort, not the first. We have never wanted war, it serves us no purpose but pain, death and destitution.

Look at the history of warfare, how chain gangs kidnapped people into 'do or die' conscription and how difficult it has proved to get men to actually shoot eachother (right up until WW11). However, with the right trauma training (from birth - we are all traumatised)and cultural programming, we give our lives over to some crazy ideology or other that we're fed.

Just like the theory that we are, by nature, 'natural born killers'. What is the first thing an invading army does? It demoralises the target through propaganda. Promoting fear, weakness, division, uncertainty, confusion and defeatism.

I've always doubted this 'human nature' tripe from childhood. Our nature, just as all nature has been corrupted, polluted and virtually destroyed by those accusing us of barbarism. Now they've convinced us to accept mass suicide because we're so irresponsible, greedy and lazy, we're killing the Earth. Well we all know who's doing that now, don't we?

Not guilty as charged. You have bought into the biggest programmed lie of all, after their biblical 'born in sin' bollocks.

12 years ago

It is so easy to point the finger at G-men and all the terrible things they do. The secret societies and symbols and language.

You really want to think out of the box, then act on it. Dominance and aggressiveness are human nature, from day one - even before the "reptillians" were experimenting on us. It is animal instinct. Yes, America is bad - but who isn't? Answer that question. When China supercedes us, will they be any better?

It is like Turkey bashing Israel while at the same time slaughtering and keeping the Kurds down. It's just BS.

So I call you out Just1truth, WillyFreethink, and Zardoz to start bringing about the world you want. Sure the system is oppressive but so are those who bully on comment boards.

Hypocrisy is the root of the problems in this world.

12 years ago

I read all the comments & it appears that the US Elite may well have used those eletronic warefares in the US since a heck of a long time! Up to a point where I wonder "What if they tested it on US cities where there's missile manufactures?
You know, those missiles for fighting jets or the big ones on submarines. How many sain individuals, non-zombies are left on our territory?

There ought to be plenty of these factories all over the place in the US since the biggest commercial activity over there is killing homosapiens, else, torturing them.
How could we be sure if the ones who hallucinated those weapons of mass destruction were'nt ones of those electronically irradiated? By error or not, I mean...
What where the side-effects to those high ranking official's brains who assisted to some essays?

Then, look back to the past 10 years taking into account what the rest of the word leaders have percieved from such clowns! There ain't no pride in this?
-Remember the "If you're not with us, ..." ?
I guess that late or soon the rest of the world will have to come to terms with this, get over there and querry those war criminals 'cause you have all the reasons to ignore, like as for few other ones before.

Lucky me, I'll be dead by then 'cause it'll take time to come up to such extent.
Blah-Blahs, manovers, cover-ups and so on...
It a heck of a problem when some-1 has a fully crooked mind!
It'll sure be uggly!
I rather not see that & last a long time.


12 years ago

Catherine's account is highly credible and the poor woman moved to Florida to escape electronic harrassment, only to get hit with CoreExit. Unless managed under existing psi-ops disinfo agents, just saying 'NO' as an individual, free of undue influence is enough to get you zapped.

12 years ago

Trauma upped a notch with WW2 with human research into trauma-based technologies, such as microwave exposure (US/Jap experimentation on US prisoners of war)Then the Korean collusion in hynotic trauma-based MK. Regards ID of Alan Watt, I too am intrigued but balance judgement. The information he provides is fact-based, outtathehorsesmouth. If anyone has an issue with that, they've gotta problem. Secondly, whilst it is imperative that we know the true ID's of the actors playing out roles in this Theatre of War, individuals are entitled to some measure of privacy concerning their private past if they are not in power positions siphoning off lives, wealth and sanity. I'd like Alan to talk a little more about his past as it does raise the inevitable doubts in some. For my part I take on board what I know to be true and can identify what is posing as truth. Depends on how far and how long you can travel to reach that point. I've reached that point. 30 years research, experimentation, experience and applied intelligence.

12 years ago

It's also hard to have proper punctuation and grammar when thinking inside the box. It should have been "you're" as in "you are", not "your" as in "is this yours?" Also, you should capitalize the First Letter Of The Word That Begins A Sentence.
To be fair, there really is no excuse for incorrect spelling as this site is kind enough to highlight such mistakes for you.
Sorry for any such mistakes of my own, I am.

13 years ago

This was an interesting documentary for the most part. I prefer not to get emotionally whacked-out and bent out of shape when watching most documentaries because to me it's entertaining to listen and observe different people's view on subjects.

However....(heh).....the narrator's tone and lifeless delivery was potentially a sound weapon being tested to drive listeners to insert icepicks into the auditory canal, brutally destroy the eardrum, and then thrust into the cranium to achieve selective culling of "the herd" by scrambling the gray matter similar to a lobotomy proceedure.

I was often reminded of how the adults spoke in the animated Charlie Brown cartoons. (wahwh-whawhahwaahaawhwhaa)

Have fun!

13 years ago

Commenting on:

"Courtney03/27/2010 at 17:02
it’s hard to spell when your thinking outside the box."

Heh, heh! I like your style, Courtney. I believe I caught the intent of your comment. That made me chuckle and made my day. Thank you! :D


13 years ago

@zardoz Holy sh** man you make the people trying to expose these things look like absolute psychopaths. You are the reason people get the "tin hat" name and are never listened to. When someone comes around with actual information they will be outcasts because of people like you. Go away.

13 years ago

@ovi Do you really think it is bulls***? Do you think that the only problems in the world are the ones that you perceive. Are there not real conspiracies? Things happen in the shadows that you will never be aware of unless you open your mind. Operations like this are very real and the majority of the people are deceived everyday. The problem is that skeptics think there has to be a massive cabal of people to do things like this which just isn't true. Ask an intelligence agent about compartmentalization. It only takes a couple psychos and those below them never have to know the real goal or the big picture but its ok trust your government.

13 years ago

@Courtney Ahhhh. The typical spelling Nazi that avoids the statement while pointing out something as insignificant as a typo. He made a mistake in spelling, do you know how simple minded you are?

13 years ago

I haven't seen so much bullsh*t since Christianity.

13 years ago

Wrong Alan...Its ALAN WATT, not the stupid singer...Look him up, you might learn something you f*ckin SHEEP! You have no valid argument so your gunna talk sh*t about the person's spelling?
....Goe bak too yer telly-vishun, eye think Idol is awn!

13 years ago

Bacon(most likely also William Shakespeare) did standardize the English language into what you know it as today. When zardoz refers to "I be" you must understand that English in its most original form was a peasant language and had no real official form early on. There were varying dialects if you will. When he is referring to spells(magic) and spelling well he is right on the mark. English was designed in such a manner as to change the vibrations(from the sound waves that come from you voice box)that we emit. Therefore shifting the frequency that you live in. In my opinion this was done intentionally. Ever hear someone say that English as a second language is much harder to learn than another language?

mik robins
13 years ago

all governments are evil while using god as a means to get support from ignorant people.god bless America ha ha ha

13 years ago

@ Zardoz

Are you for real? So when the phrase 'I be' was taken out of English, the esoterically created thought prison must have diminished somewhat. Did Bacon know of the spells encoded within the langauge and was actively trying to reduce the power of the thought prison? Seriously, business means buzziness? So we need to remove all words relating to bees from the English langauge to be properly free? You are tuned to the moon, mate.

P.S - Sorry to drone on, hive a nice day!

13 years ago

@ zardoz

Do you even bother to check peoples credentials when believing their version of events. This guy you mention is a singer/songwriter who has written a number of books under pseudonyms and has a background in 3 professions which he chooses not to elaborate on. I wonder if he was previously a dishwasher, or maybe even a panhandler. I'm not trying to insult the man, but if one has important information for society then you shouldn't shroud yourself in vague descriptions and ask everyone to buy your books. Also, it seems this Alan Watts guy is a big fan of correct spelling. soooo........think for yourself and take a funny joke when you get one.

Bunny Prole
13 years ago

That was pretty funny Courtney.

Carl Hendershot
13 years ago

Very Interesting. I am sure there is better uses for these types weapons. I dont think random so called whistle blowers are worth the time or effort. Move if you think your being bombarded with invisible weapons. Line your walls with lead that should do the trick. Dont forget the roof. There has been experimentation for many years. I just find it very unlikey but who knows. Sounds like someone selling a book. Anyhow stay safe and keep your noses clean. Know what i mean jelly bean.

13 years ago

it's hard to spell when your thinking outside the box.

13 years ago

This type of technology has been around since the first IRAQ conflict. This is part if the reason that governments go to war is to try and test weaponry. This has been documented for some time and it is in connection to the Agent Orange and other wartime illnesses reported by US soldiers from Veitnam through this current Iraq conflict. Google war illnesses to research further.

Not so far off...
13 years ago

Check out HARRP!

We live in a Zombie world....
13 years ago

The government has been doing things like this for years!! the only Koo-Koo thing about it is mass socitys believe everything they are told! We are spoon fed the information that the 3% of the populatiuon who control the world want us to know. In schools and on the greatest invention of mass deciption ever made the TV. but of course anyone who thinks out side of this box is labeled a nut case and made fun of!
But please dont be bothered to actualy use your mind and question everything. I mean why would u waste the effort to do so when TV tells you what to think! And im not saying all tv is bad. and im not saying that internet is all good. But the internet is the last form of free speach. But dont worry... the elite will soon be puting a stop to it also. I beg of you to prove me wrong any maybe think for yourselfs. Dont be another product!