New World Order

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You want us to stand down. You want us to back off. You want us to shut up while our country and our sovereignty and our borders and everything we've ever been and everything we'll ever be is being destroyed. You got the nerve to call us traitors and call us conspiracy theorists just because we're informed.

You knowingly lie to your audience and you knowingly try to keep them from the truth and you try to keep them from learning the serious peril this nation and this planet is in. All these people do have is hurt. That's all the New World Order is. That's all there ever going to be.

Alex Jones, a celebrity radio host, and underground cult hero, is the main character of the film. The film chronicles Alex and four other conspiracy theorists, on their ceaseless quests to expose the "massive global conspiracy" that they believe threatens the future of humanity.

Of all the hundreds of sources, really thousands total out there, Alex is the big thing that it all orbits around, which he hates. So many people say Alex Jones has this belief system about global order. They write thousands of text books and documents on it, but Alex Jones claims he's not the one who has this belief system in a New World Order.

People are moving to Costa Rica. Hollywood's all running down there building armored compounds. The rich are all moving to the Cook Islands in New Zealand. What's going on? What do they have planned for this country? Why are they building FEMA Camps? Does that mean in two years from now they would have used them? Alex says he doesn't know, but the point is they're building it.

These five conspiracy theorists are leaving Austin, Texas traveling up to Dallas to the site of the 1963 assassination of John F. Kennedy. It's not a wonderful beautiful place; it's a horrible place where the military industrial complex murdered the last real president in broad daylight in front of everyone. They're going back to the birthplace of what you could call the conspiracy culture.

They're standing there in the center lane of Elm Street exactly where the presidential limousine was and if you turn and look up at the 6 foot windows, what was the school book depository, you'll see that you can't get a line of sight because a tree intervenes. You can't make the shot.

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  1. Alex Jones is an idiot; that's clear to see. No question 9/11 was an inside job but this whack job is why so many people dismiss those of us who know the official version is a lie. He's a rich whack job but a whacko nonetheless.

    1. Am sure your one of them cause of your rude comment & out of place. & if your not u should be more aware & eye open on your surroundings cause yes what it appears to be isint.
      Alex Jones is right all he is saying is true.

  2. I wanted to find out more about this movie before I sat down to watch it and read some of the reviews to see what others thought of it..I reviewed the details and read many comments that are posted. I normally do not read so many comments but I was actually surprised by them. Most of the comments included sideways comments about Alex Jones. Let me keep it real.. Straight sh*t talking about the guy. I am one to say how I feel without much censorship involved so I absolutely have zero problem with that aspect. What I am confused about is this...
    Why would ppl watch a movie that includes a person they clearly do not care for, actually from the sounds of a lot of the comments, strongly dislike better describes their feelings for the guy.. Seems rather pointless. Unless your aim is to have something negative to write in the comments feed.. Idk I personally do not understand the reasoning behind this..
    OK so dime ppl think what he says it's B.S., baseless, Fame oriented, Money seeking, false reporting etc.. I actually enjoy, as ENZU commented on her post, the fact that ppl are able to speak freely, without hesitation. Discussing topics that otherwise would not be discussed. A lot of what is said have merit and are found to be truthful. With that said a lot also seems to be embellished and exaggerated to different degrees. Again to each its own. No one is forcing Alex Jones to be liked by all that view his broadcasts, read his reports, listen to his station, etc. So the point of all this is simple...
    WHY THE HATE.. Why do so many ppl feel the need to hate on other ppl for whatever reason big or small.. Such negativity which by ALL MEANS WE HAVE FAR TOO MUCH OF THAT IN THIS WORLD. Basically avoid what you do not prefer in life, change the damn channel, why force yourself to be tortured with meaningless things you dislike then worst of all SUBJECT EVERYONE ELSE WITH YOUR NEGATIVITY but posting all the hateful opinions you have regarding him..
    Just thought I'd share my opinion just as so many of have. If this offends anyone that was not my goal here. I was only trying to bring awareness to unneeded hatefulness and negativity.. Just sayin'

  3. I was trying to make it through the comments just to see and so many hatters on aj really check out his old docs there really freaking good terror storm endgame the one he did about Clinton selling our national parks to the un the Grove he's done a lot of good work aj taught me a lot early on among others how can people give him beef yeah he's a little over the top I guess maybe but considering what's actually going on everyone should be disbursed disgusted and extremely upset more so than he even is I mean to f#$%& sake people these people sell death to our kids our communities they murder our revolutionary's our ideas and. Inventions our freedoms everyone should. Be absolutely outraged with what's become of our planet our water our air but people are blind because there very good at what they do I'm tired of being labeled I'm tired of crap monetary systems littered with their mystery of babalon I'm tired of hearing of the. Sick and poverty I'm tired of war I'm tired of you have to work for life to go on I'm tired of the. Lies I'm tired of having to look deeply for the truth I'm tired of entertainment I'm tired of being tired were supposed to over abundant with freedom with existence it's our born universal right damn we should all be beyond upset for these heinous crimes against humanity were better than this it really is sad what's become of our world it's unjust and pisses me off to no end I hate the fact that people cant see past a monetary system a cashless society because it's all we've ever been taught if I had the power Id build up revolutionary visionaries rebel armys with self sufficient over unity technologies giving away food and shelter more than Inc printed on paper happily very happily I'd just ask that you all love one another jeez discussion on here's sad people come on put some positive intellectual converse up instead of just rippin on each other and ideas I'll bills right but maybe that's the way it's supposed to be ignorant mutants for nukes trapped in a matrix ruled by shooters in suits I think we're more than that TIME TO TAKE OUR QUARTER BACK PUT A MESSAGE IN THE MUSIC. THIS IS MORE THAN RAP OR AT THE VERY LEAST IT COULD BE AND IT SHOULD BE it really should be what a waste our lives have become at a bunch of phsychopaths expense

  4. Say what you will about Alex Jones but he warned us all that the attacks of 911 were about to occur just weeks before they happened. Google it. He was accurate too.

  5. please just search "peter joseph debunks alex jones" on you tube. that will give you the truth about alex jones. also in a separate video where alex jones interviews peter joseph, he really shows his true colors. trust me alex jones is no good.

    1. is that the truth or is that just what you want to believe and want to force on others?

    2. actually i could see it being true..... Alex Jones is honestly the most genius way to desensitize the people who are already awake. most people who follow Jones (myself included) were already awake, and in my case i found him doing research. its a great and honestly genius way to give people "hope" and for people to let their guard down.

  6. I hate Alex Jones, the real reason no one takes people who question authority seriously..

  7. Alex Jones is an FBI informant, and part of the SMEAR campaign to keep this type of information from reaching the masses. Half of the time he's screaming or talking EXTREMELY loudly, and also with that thick southern accent that alone (sorry, but it's true) will make people think he's just a lunatic. If there was actually a person whom came across as being an INTELLIGENT person then the US government would not even let them breath for very much longer because they know that they hold a lot more credibility and more people are likely to listen to them. but alex jones, they don't even care (not one because he's one of them) because the image which he portrays is the type of image they want to be projected onto people who actually know about the truth, aka the "conspiracy nutters" who are "paranoid".

    1. You think Jones has a thick "southern accent"?
      He's a shill but if you think his accent is southern I'd hate to hear what you Yankees sound like lmfao..

  8. The real conspiracy is that Alex Jones is a secret masonic bigfoot hunter clandestinely working for the ghosts of the former illuminati. Who are wagging a silent war against the ancient aliens who abducted JFK the day before his assassination and replaced him with a lizard person clone.Only to find out that the lizard people had plans to double cross the ancient aliens and sell some of there technology Nasa to fake the moon landing.

  9. Gahh! It took me 10 minutes to realise it was Alex Jones. Frrrrrkkkkkk.

    How and why is this not dead?

  10. "Of all the hundreds of sources, really thousands total out there, Alex
    is the big thing that it all orbits around, which he hates."

    LMAO yeagh ok he really hates it haha!

  11. A belief in any one group controlling the world seems unlikely now since the entire planet is slowly being poisoned by large, daily doses of radioactive elements such cesium, strontium, etc. from the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plants. Life on the planet evolved without these elements so they are not recognized by our bodies as being harmful, in fact these radionuclides in the form of "hot particles" mimic elements such as calcium and potassium which are incorporated into our bones and organs and remain radioactive for hundreds or even thousands of years. Internal exposure to these elements does far greater harm than external exposure. 300 to 400 tonnes of highly radioactive water is entering the Pacific on a daily basis. The large amounts of radionuclides are being bioaccumulated (biomagnified) into the ecosystem especially into the species at the top, humans included. There has been no international cooperation to fix this problem or the other potentially catastrophic problems just waiting to happen at the Fukushima plants that are far from being under control. Dilution is not a solution to this problem which is what the all the atomic agencies are suggesting i.e. dump all the millions of tons of highly radioactive water currently stored in over a thousand fragile, rusting storage tanks on site. Another large earthquake in the area will burst these tanks irradiating the site and the Pacific to an incredible level. The entire planet is being poisoned and nothing is being done. Could this be a deliberate terraforming of the Earth by the invading David Ike lizard creatures? It is hard to believe that humans could allow this to happen. There cannot possibly be an illuminati or NWO who are all powerful because they and their offspring will eventually all be poisoned too. Unless they have technology taken from crashed UFOs that can neutralize radioactive elements in their bodies. Seriously, can anyone explain how an all powerful group would allow the whole planet to be poisoned including themselves and their future offspring? A good resource is the Fairewinds website if you want to know more. Some could suggest that evolution on earth is being "supercharged" (by aliens?) with the help of toxic radiation. The earth won't be a nice place for thousands of years but the end result may justify the means.

    1. It's still very likely, as precautions (beyond even publicly official) can be taken to defend against radiation poisoning.

    2. It is very UNLIKELY since it will become impossible to avoid the radiation as it is becoming ubiquitous in the water, air and food. There are treatments, most only partial, and they are impractical to take on a continuous basis due to constant recontamination. Many of the treatments cannot be given to babies or fetuses which are most vulnerable to radiation.

  12. what do you think African Americans argued over when some had the idea that slavery was a bad thing? This is the type of **** were looking at in todays age only the stakes are higher and the prize is greater. like the people who fight for this cause we have a real sense of what true freedom is unlike you hypocrites who have no idea and just argue your mindless soulless **** where ever and when ever you can. This is freedom from control we are not anyone's possession and these suppressors believe that we are work horses and there servants. These guys to down kings to get where they are not by an honest living and doing the right thing like most of us regular everyday peasants. They are to me an evil cabal when they supress the advancement of the human race to maintain permanently an outdated and damaging system to uphold there own power and wealth despite the best interest of the people and the environment. So for people who get all annoyed by the word evil maybe a better way to describe it would be to say that they are selfish and sociopathic to the core and have a thirst for power only equivalent to that of a maniac who want to rule the world only instead of straight up nuking everyone they use money as a weapon of persuasion to pull the required strings to achieve a desired action in the what ever system they are targeting. Seems so silly to me that people so stupidly over look money as the greatest of all weapons. It's the weapon that can attain all other weapons. Weapons can be anything that can be used against you and most people don't seem to realize that. The least controlled substance(money) is the most powerful tool to be used as a weapon of control and persuasion . And here we are looking for weapons of mass destruction when the real threat is money in the wrong hands..Duhhh you humans are dumb...

  13. All u people that say alex lies to make money. Look what he started from and what he has turned that into. He employs alot of journalist. He has quite a few legitimate guests on the show. And for those of u that deny god your are the liar. Jesus is our lord and saviour and people hate the truth which is why they hate him. And im not saying i agree with everything alex says but all u have to do is look at his history and u can see je has been talkin bout this stuff for years. You cant compare him to manning or snowden cuz they worked for the govt. He is just a radio host/activist

    1. The Bilderbergs believe in private property and that they should have the freedom to do what they want with it screw the gov't taxes and everything else. So does Alex Jones what a coincidence. Duh?

  14. So, a no n, Alex is a liar because he's successful at what he does?Maybe.Lying won't guarantee success and success doesn't guarantee a liar, but he seems pretty open about to discussion and questions.

    1. you're not getting my point are you.

      You think this kind of all powerful organisation exists, but at the same time you believe they aren't powerful enough to silence a dimwit like Jones? make your mind up, you can't have it both ways.

      lol lying won't guarantee Naive are you?

    2. Nothing is that simple, Jones is part of it, they do want info to be leaked in a controlled manner, that way people are not shocked when it happens, because they already knew to expect it. we are much less of a threat that way. I am telling you these people have written books, they are not shy about their intentions, but they the way they do it, few will ever see their words.

    3. except of course you and all the people that look at your comments...I take it the CIA haven't kicked down your door yet?

    4. I believe that the net affect that Mr. Jones has is to diminish the credibility of legitimate issues by strengthening the "conspiracy theory" attack on those issues. Much of what he says should be said, but not by an enraged man standing in the street with a bullhorn (both literally and metaphorically).

  15. Chelsea 'Bradley' Manning- revealed government secrets to the public at large. Was arrested and placed in solitary confinement, where he still is today.

    Edward Snowden- revealed government secrets to the public at large, was forced to flee the US and is now hiding in Russia.

    Alex Jones- reveals "government secrets" to the public at large and has a $5million a year business and celebrity career off the back of it.

    One of these things is not like the others.

    Don't you lot always say follow the money and find the liar?

    1. a_no_n: There is a difference between Bradley manning, Edward Snowden, and Alex Jones. The first 2 actually worked for the government, Jones does not. (nor does Michael Moore) That is why they get hunted down, and the others get rich.

    2. Personally i think it's because one of them is lying and the others are telling the truth.

  16. "You want us to shut up while our country and our sovereignty and our
    borders and everything we've ever been and everything we'll ever be is
    being destroyed."
    If you read your history with open eyes, you would know it has always been this way. Government has always been corrupt, serving the highest bidders, it has always lied, and that is all government since we started living in cities. All that is being destroyed is your illusions.

    1. On the whole you are correct. But there have been trends away from oligarchy. For example government based on "the divine right of kings" were once the rule and are now the exception.
      The point is that popular pressure, up to and including armed revolution, can affect government. Most would agree that the trend away from oligarchy was dramatically reversed in this country in the Reagan administration and the trend toward oligarchy has continually accelerated since then.
      We have to push back.

    2. Oligopoly increased under Reagan and has increased since then because that is the nature of capitalism: Accumulation and Concentration are baked into the cake. The competition to out do others leads to Imperialism and war abroad and fascism at home as the system also has profitability crisis due to mechanization baked into it. So this is a new phenomenon we used to have famine based on scarcity now we have famine due to overproduction irrational isn't it? That is the world we live in based on contradictory class interests. As Warren Buffet says "there is a class war going on and my side is winning" I wish the rest of the world would pick up on that theme. The world needs Classical Marxism today more than ever before-Warren Buffet said so in so many words but the MSM only understands the memo's it gets from the Pentagon and the State Department... MIC to be repeated verbatim no questions asked.

  17. It seems very interesting that whenever lately. They show the Zapruder film they always stop it before the kill shot from the front and his head being Slung back as if hit in the forehead with a sledge hammer ashapens when you are hit in the forehead by a high powered round .Ask any hand to hand combat veteran which direction a person's head goes when hit from the Front.Whatcha think?

    1. @William Venard: JFK was killed by Lucien Sarti, (4 shots, 3 men) a french corsicon underground hitman,(grassy knoll shot) confirmed by 2 jailed assassins (separately) who had turned the job down, and by E Howard Hunt (CIA) who admitted to his 2 sons that he was involved, along with Sarti. (also pointed a finger at J. Edgar Hoover, and LBJ.)

    2. and dare i ask what evidence do you have of this?

    3. I have, a veteran sniper. He told me it looked to him like the kill shot came from the front right.

  18. So, are we to understand that that tree was the same size 50 years ago?
    I believe the Kennedy assassination was sponsored by people in our own government, but come on. Don't insult me with "Look, this tree blocks the shot. There's the evidence the government was lying."

    1. Trees can live into their thousands depending on the type it is. I'm no expert so correct me If I am wrong, but I don't think 50 years is long enough for the tree to be distinctly different in height.

    2. I'm no expert either but the Arizona ash in my front yard went from a 3 ft high sapling to a mature 50 ft high tree in less than 20 years. So, for sure some species would grow quite a bit taller in 50 yrs,

  19. Damn! I just love what these people are doing!

    All respect to them.

    People don't get that, what they are doing every day, is for all those people who died beacuse of the government.

    You can call them crazy, but who will be crazy, when the government comes to your house to take away your family?

    1. is the answer fred?

    2. Yes!

  20. Also, if you still believe 9/11 wasn't an inside job then research what George Bush said 3 months after 9/11.

    According to the Official White House report, Bush had learned that the 2nd plane had hit the tower when he was inside the classroom.

    3 months later he said that he had seen the plane hit the building on TV when he was sitting outside the classroom waiting to go in and made a joke about it saying ;'there's one terrible pilot'.

    That is a lie.

    Nobody saw the first plane hit the tower on TV on the day of the attack, The footage of the first plane hitting the tower wasn't shown until the next day.

    And why would the news be showing the Twin Towers randomly before an attack had even happened?

    1. utter rubbish.
      "Nobody saw the first plane hit the tower on tv the day of the attack"

      I was in Britain and I saw it.

    2. No, you're confused.

      You saw the second plane on 'TV'.
      The first plane was not shown till the next day, via amateur footage.
      Think logically here, no network would be randomly filming the Twin Towers 'live' before an attack had even taken place.

    3. so tourists with mobile phones in new york had no reason to be filming the twin towers?

      It's a bit insulting to be told to think logically by someone who is talking utter nonsense.

    4. Did you not understand my reply?? Read it again please before you comment next time.

      I'll explain it again for you... I said, no TV Network was showing it live because no TV network would be filming the towers randomly. The footage that was shown to us of the first plane wasn't submitted until the NEXT DAY via AMATEUR FOOTAGE.

      Therefore... BUSH LIED.
      Please tell me you understand now, because I am not going to explain a simple point to you three times, because that my friend would be nonsense.

    5. it doesn't matter how many times you explain your fantasy to me, explain it a million times more if you want, it won't bend reality and make it true.

      You think nobody would be randomly filming the towers? oh dear, is tourism no longer a thing anymore? did mobile phones pop briefly out of existence that day with nobody realising it?
      Sorry buddy but everything you've said is based solely on personal assumption and not in fact. I remember that day well, i saw both planes hit on that day and i was in England.

      Bush lied about plenty of things...but 9/11 wasn't one of them. neither he, nor his allies were anywhere near clever enough to pull something like that off and keep it buried for over ten give them all WAY too much credit!

    6. But that's the nature of that line of thought isn't it? They have to be so finely balanced. Smart enough to fool everyone else yet just that little bit short of fooling you.
      George Bush the master strategist. I remember when I saw him take office first day. I said to myself "Yep, there goes the twin towers." Sure enough, that's what happened. Then there was this s*upid arab guy that came along and tried to take credit and divert attention from all the s*it that america was doing to the rest of the ...

      ... oh. Hmmmm.

    7. But that's the nature of that line of thought isn't it? They have to be so finely balanced. Smart enough to fool everyone else yet just that little bit short of fooling you.
      George Bush the master strategist.

      I remember when I saw him take office first day. I said to myself "Yep, there goes the twin towers." Sure enough, that's what happened. Then there was this stupid arab guy that came along and tried to take credit and divert attention from all the sh*t that america was doing to the rest of the ...

      ... oh. Hmmmm.

      Edit: To be clear, I think this 911 stuff is pure fantasy. It's a lovely fantasy but it really is not helping anyone.

      Edit edit: How the F**7 did I even end up commenting here??

    8. i know if that mumbling simpleton could be involved in anything like this for an entire decade without spilling any beans whatsoever.

    9. I promised myself ages ago I'd not entertain 'truthers' because it always leaves me with a sense of despair for how misguided we've become.

      I have noticed a 'God of the gaps' type weakening of the arguments lately though, their incontrovertible proof is often too outlandish to last. Perhaps the cold light of day will finally break through.

    10. a_no_n: I don't give Bush any credit, because he wasn't calling the shots. Note: There is no evidence they were involved in 9 11, but there is plenty of evidence they knew it was coming, and allowed it to happen, so they could galvanize the public, and put their plans for Iraq on the table.

    11. oh how very convenient for you.

      Every time a logical flaw comes into play you twistt it to make it part of the conspiracy...the goalposts are being shifted about so much you must have them on wheels.

      like i say, utter fantasy. one shred of evidence please.

    12. a_no_n: A logical flaw?

      1) 2 de-classified Israeli mossad memos warning the U.S what week they were going to be attacked,

      2) Project For a New American Century(Rumsfeld, Cheney, Perle) document outlining the need for a 'pearl harbor event',

      3) a warning to the presidency 8 months prior to outlining "Bin Laden determined to strike the U.S" (acknowledged by Condi)

      Let us see: the most heavily armed nation of the world can't intercept any of 4 jet airliners over a 90 minute span (shadowed Stuart Payne's plane in ten minutes - remote location) and yes, Richard Cheney is getting 5 minute updates about the plane approaching the pentagon, and stating "my orders stand" while George Bush is out of contact aboard air force 1 (not in charge)

      All of what I have stated is factual, and undeniable. (no twisting required) I just choose to believe that this many people are not that incompetent (no heads rolled, did they?) Your 'burying your head in the sand' regarding corporate control (money/power) over the political agenda is naïve, and simple minded. (beneath you)
      Perhaps you should read 'war is a racket', by Smeddly Darlington Butler (American general who exposed fascist coup attempt on Roosevelt) before you attempt to imply 'conspiracy theory'.
      P.S: There is your shred of evidence, and then some. If you wish to actually see the documentation itself, then research it. The effort will yield its own rewards. Take care, and best wishes.

    13. none of that cancels out the fact that 9/11 wasn't an inside job...if any of that even actually happened...your assertion that it's all undeniable truth doesn't really hold much weight with me.

      Nothing you've said to me constitutes a shred of's happenstance at best...Coincidences and what ifs...about as far from evidence as it's possible to get.

    14. a_no_n: So, if everything I stated actually happened, it doesn't hold much weight for you because:
      (3 possibilities)
      1) the truth scares you, so you ignore it.
      2) it doesn't fit with your mindset, so the truth is irrelevant.
      3) You disseminate disinformation to protect those who are not worthy of support.
      P.S: The value of opinion, is directly proportional to factual information, and/or moral certitude. Since evidence is based upon factual information, then your position is too weak to stand the test of debate. (meaningless opinion) Next!

    15. it scares me? that's rich coming from you. I'm not the one creating a big overlord in control of everything.
      I put it to you that in fact the idea of everything being chaos scares YOU. so you have to create a kind of God figure that is capable of everything to try and explain away some of the chaotic little things that happen.

      It's easier for you to imagine a world where some big cigar chomping businessman is really in control of everything, than it is for you to live in a world full of random least someone is in control of it all eh?

      Your blind faith toward this religeon of yours makes it absolutly impossible for you to see any other viewpoint. You've made up a little god for youirself to explain away all the gaps in your logic.

      It's curious that my position is too weak to stand the test of debate when all i did was ask you to prove your claims...sounds to me like your blustering, and all the insults only prove to me that you've run out of argument and are now using agression instead.

    16. @a_no_n: I provided your proof, and you admittedly dismissed it without any proof that my facts were invalid. Your attempt at raising 'religious'(properly spelled) or 'aggressive' accusations are a merely a distraction technique to hide the fact, you have none. (you lose) This will be obvious to anyone who reads this. Nice try though!

    17. lol proof? you gave me a few 'what ifs'...that';s about as far from proof as it's possible to get. it's nothing. I explained to you why these opinions were not proof of anything at the time...something you seem to have conveniently forgotten.

      The fact that all you can do in retort is comment on my spelling makes me laugh, because it shows just how hollow and baseless your opinions really are.

      I'm not distracting, i'm asking for're the one trying to distract away from the fact that there isn't any with all of this rhetorical squirming you're doing.

    18. Wow; I didn't give you what if's, I gave you some facts, which you discarded out of hand. (nor addressed) Would you like some cheese with your American whine? A rhetorical question, thus you need not respond, because I will no longer respond to your childlike logic!

    19. you really didn't give me any facts at all, you gave me assumptions and debunked theories...unfortunatly your moronic assumptions have done you a disservice again, as i'm British not American.

    20. No steel reinforced building ever went down in a fire NEVER before and NEVER after 9/11 Those buildings were brought down by controlled demolition and no plane even hit building 7 and no one talks about building 6 another one that disintegrated due to thermite. 9/11 was an inside job. go to Webster and see what he has to say about it. He is a very intelligent historian who exposed false flag operations in Italy like Operation Gladio. give it a look you won't be disappointed with the information you get regarding all the drills that were underway on that day and how these drills go live.

    21. um...are you saying that no building with a steel frame has ever caught fire before?
      Are you seriously sure that you want to go ahead with that obviously wrong statement?

      Ok, let's go along with it building ever had a fire so high up that the fire department couldn't reach it.

      You fail to take into account that the buildings were both burning for hours.

      Steel loses it's structural integrity at 500 degrees, a heat that those fires would have easily burned hotter than.

      there is no fathomable way that 9/11 could have been done by a controlled demolition...unless you're saying a wizard did it by magic.

      9/11 wasn't an inside job, there is no evidence whatsoever for this to be the case, there is also no sensible reasoning for it.

      Tarpley...a philosopher of history. Hm...i wonder why i've never seen anyone with that title before...possibly because it's a made up term that has no academic background whatsoever.

    22. Also, the theory about thermite is pretty much dead in the water. Do you know how loud Thermite is?

      You're talking twenty to thirty explosions going off like a drum roll, explosions that you'd be able to hear for miles in every direction, yet this rythmic thumping was never heard by anyone...the traces of Thermite so often discussed by conspiracy theorists can be found in plenty of other substances besides Thermite. Basicly it's nonsense, and not very well thought out nonsense to boot.

    23. I am talking to an idiot.

      Do you understand the difference between a TV Network showing something and mobile footage from a tourist??

      Your geographical location does not make a difference, because no TV network showed the First plane crash live. Fact. I'm from the UK as well.

      YES tourists were randomly recording it but NO TV networks were recording the first plane LIVE so HOW did you see it???? I'll tell you how you, me and everyone else saw the first plane crash. We saw it the NEXT DAY via the amateur footage, NOT live on TV. So Bush LIED.

      If YOU saw it live, then you must have special powers or something, because NOBODY saw it live. EVERYBODY saw the first plane crash the next day VIA AMATEUR FOOTAGE (That means tourists with their mobile phone).

      There are little kids who understand this point yet YOU just do not get it and pollute this page with your nonsense.

    24. like i say, it doesn't matter how many times you say it, it won't bend reality and make it true.

      You do realise that amateur footage is still video footage right?

      Most news reports these days are done with amateur footage, the footage i saw on the day, of two planes crashing.

      I understand exactly what point you're trying to're wrong. it's a dumb point and it's utterly wrong.

    25. Make what true? I said if you think it wasn't an inside job than why would Bush blatantly lie. I never said it was, I simply wrote it for people like you to consider. But you're too ignorant to even consider it.

      TV Networks cannot show amateur footage live. How can they? If some tourist is recording it on his phone, how on Earth did a major TV network show whats on the tourists phone LIVE for you to see back here in the UK?? Its impossible. The only way is if that tourist SENT the video to the network AFTER the crash, so its NOT LIVE. Which is what happened, and that's why everybody saw it the NEXT DAY.. not LIVE (Like you claimed to have).

      If you did 10 seconds of research, you would realise that you're wrong.. in fact you probably did and realised that now but you're too stubborn to admit it, because you will look like even a bigger fool than what you have already made yourself out to be.

      A word of advice, if your going to try an gun down something someone has said, then come up with 1 piece of evidence that proves you're correct.

      Like I said, if you saw it LIVE on TV in the UK, then you can show me the video.. Otherwise don't bother replying. Until then, you're just another fool who talks more than he proves.

    26. You seem to be under the impression that if you say something enough times i'll either go away and stop asking questions, or it'll magically become true.

      I LOVE the way you're asking me for evidence when you can't provide a single scrap of your're a hypocrite.

      I can go on youtube and find the reports right now.

      You're attempts to try and get me to go away, by calling me a liar are nothing short of pathetic.

      You need to grow up mate, and you need to stop trying to rewrite history to fit your own paranoid narrative.

      Bush was and is a top grade i*iot. a mouthbreathing cretin who couldn't keep a secret if you paid him to...The utter lack of subtlety in everything that he did is the best example of why he is not the mastermind of the greatest conspiracy in American history...You may think he's a god capable of all things, but i am not.

      When Bush lied, it was about weapons of mass destruction hidden in Iraq, and he conspired with his minions to drum up fake evidence to justify going into Iraq to kill his family grudge.

      That was the only conspiracy, and it unravelled after about a year because it became blatantly obvious that someone had lied.

      The fact that you want to distract everyone away from that reality to focus on your assumptions and fantasies instead is disturbing...I think your conspiracies are more about making you look and feel important than any search for the truth.

    27. Bush was such an id*ot that I seriously doubt he had any real say in what was going on, he was a puppet used in front of the public. He was such an id*ot, he didn't mind to be seen as one. Was he elected the second time around? I hate to think it is possible (thinking of those who did elect him) but I doubt it.

    28. I don't exactly disagree with you, but the way i see it the scale is much more difficult.

      Bush's main support came from the Christian right. the Evangelical lobby who are pretty much responsible for most of the evil going on in the world, for example they are the ones who supply most of the funding for the illegal Israeli settlement expansions, they are the ones supporting Uganda's anti-gay laws...Mostly because they believe they end times are coming and all of these things are prophecies, but that's a different argument

      (i highly advise watching "Tony Robinson's Doomsday" he did research into this and created quite a compelling documentary about the subject.)

      So yes, Bush was basically working to the whims of this mob of far right Christians that has since descended into the Tea Party movement as a reaction to Obama. I have no doubt that this group of people pulled every string and called in every favor to get their poster boy back in office on any technicality possible...But again that's it.

      Of course this leaves Bush owing his entire presidency to a relatively small group of bible thumping lunatics who don't care about anything so long as there are more guns than gays and smaller tax bills with bigger loopholes landing on their doormats.

      Where some see conspiracy, i see Chaos.

    29. He certainly wasn't legitimately elected the first time around... His brother and the Supreme Court stole it for him, fair and square.

    30. You sir are a *oron.

      Pixman55 even said...
      "So the first plane crash was SHOWN AFTER THE SECOND PLANE HIT, but was definitely the same morning.... we watched images of the
      first building on fire then saw the SECOND PLANE HIT LIVE on NZ TV"

      Which you claim you saw the first plane hit live in the UK. What network?? BBC1? BBC2? ITV? SKY?

      Your ignorance amuses me, so keep replying please.

      I couldn't care less about 'conspiracies'. I just made a point about Bush lying on TV. Everything else is rubbish that you have just assumed.

    31. Oh great, another fruitcake who thinks ALLCAPS MEANS SRS BZNSS Y'ALL.

      it was sky news. they were rolling the footage constantly all day.

      Call me all the childish names you can think of, that doesn't change the facts one iota.

      So because you saw one version of the news on New Zealand tv, i therefore could only have seen that same report in Britain?
      Is that your argument?

      Sorry i have t ask because you haven't exactly made it clear why i'm a m*ron, or why i'm're just ranting at me.

    32. Go re-read your comments. You claimed you saw the first plane hit live on sky news.

      Sky news started reporting moments AFTER the 1st plane hit.

      So you're wrong. As I've been saying all this time. Go type in 'What time did Sky News report 911' into Google, an you will see a youtube video of the initial instant breaking news from sky news.

      So everything you've said is absolute rubbish and I've shown you my proof. Wheres yours? I don't see a single shred from all your nonsense.

      Well done for proving me correct :)
      Its done.

      An using caps on some words is to emphasize something you clearly didn't get.

    33. i don't need to type anything into google i remember it.

      I also think it's funny that you know exactly what was on foreign news channels better than I did when i was the one watching's an astonishing level of arrogance.

      You haven't shown me proof of anything, you've made laughable statements at me...I know you may think you're infallible and the font of all human knowledge, but i'm afraid it is possible for you to be wrong. I don't need to prove anything to you...I'm not the one making absurd claims to try and justify an even more absurd claim.

    34. 'Foreign news channels' - You're wrong again.

      I already said I'm from the UK and I was flicking through the news channels LIVE. I even provided you with a link of MY PROOF. Sky news had nothing to report on the towers until after the first attack, its common sense. The attack you claim to have seen live. Its hilarious!

      You 'don't need to type anything into google', because you know the reality is you're wrong. You're just too stubborn to give in, or you really are this dumb.

      My proof is there. Wheres your proof? None.

      Your astonishing levels of arrogance and your continued incorrect assumptions amuse me lol.

      At least be a man and admit that you're wrong.


    35. i'm glad you think it's hilarious, though i do apologise for thinking you were American.

      The burden of proof lies with the person making the ridiculous i'm not making any ridiculous claims i don't need to prove anything.

      I love that i'm arrogant, stubborn and a fool for not believing unconditionally every single word a crank on the internet tells me.

      i'm also failing to find any evidence proof or as you pronounce it PROOF of anything from you.

      from what i can see you've put more effort into thinking up insults than you have trying to justify the tin foil hat you're wearing.

    36. you Head in the sand types Amuse me. ..I guess you will not look at architechs ? for 9/11 Truth or Pilots for 9/11 truth documentaries as they don't fit you Bush loving government never lies philosophy. .. But why were 2 Frenchmen sent to usa to film the firebigade that were to be most involved with the Twin towers Fires? when they could have been with any American firebrigade?

    37. Is this seriously in reply to me? I think you was meant to have directed this to 'a_no_n',

      Where have I said 'I love Bush'?? I said Bush Lied and too have told that fool 'a_no_n' to do some research, before he blabbers on about rubbish.

    38. in New Zealand the TV networks Switched to live Footage of 9/11 and we saw the footage of the first plane hitting the building but the story changed during the day. At first it said This footage was from a French cameraman embedded in the Firebrigade unit and the Explaination was They were responding to a Suspected Gas leak .Camera was rolling as the Plane flew overhead the camera went frm the firemen up to the low flying plane and its impact. it said it was "coincidence" as the Gas leak in that Perfect location was a False Alarm. but the fact that it was in the perfect location at the perfect time may not be a Coincidance. so the first Plane crash was shown after the second plane hit but was definatly the same morning ......we watched images of the first building on fire then saw the second plane hit live on nz tv, ....but later the story about the "Suspected Gas leak" was dropped .

    39. You said.
      "So the first plane crash was SHOWN AFTER THE SECOND PLANE HIT, but was definitely the same morning.... we watched images of the first building on fire then saw the second plane hit live on NZ TV".

      I don't disagree with you.
      My response was to a fool who claims he saw the first plane hit LIVE in the UK. The only way anyone could see the first plane hit LIVE is if they were looking up at the tower themselves. Not through TV News, as if the BBC or ITV networks were randomly reporting live news coverage of the Twin Towers before an attack had even taken place. Its pure ignorance.

    40. Have you ever internet searched the term 911 debunked? Just a question, please don't eat me.

    41. So your proof is the words of a bumbling id*ot?

    42. Who Alex Jones? At no point in that comment did I mention Alex Jones, so I don't know why you are talking about him to me.

      My comment is to do with Bush saying he was watching the news LIVE before a crash had even happened. Why would the news (not tourists - something a_no_n just does not understand) be showing us the Twin Towers live randomly before an attack had even occurred??

      Don't take my word for it. Research what I said and you will find the whole internet saying exactly the same thing. 'George Bush Slip Up' etc.

    43. Go to Youtube or anywhere on the internet and type in 'Live TV Footage
      of 911 First Plane Crash' and tell me if you find 1 TV Network that was
      showing it live on September 11th.
      You wont find anything but AMATEUR footage.

      Prove me wrong before you try to say my point is invalid.

  21. People don't like being lied to, which is why when you tell them that they have been by the one thing they thought they could trust the most, they refuse to accept it.

    No matter how obvious the lie is, most will not accept it because they can't simply comprehend the effect that lie will have on them, Everything they have been told is a lie, their world will come crushing down on them.

    Its easier to keep eating a sweet lie than to swallow a hard truth.

    1. i know ecxactly what you mean...i can't understand how people accept the blatent lies that Alex Jones makes millions of dollars from every year.

      It's almost as if they can't see the wood for the trees.

  22. Pretty ironic though,how some of these are fighting the government (which I am all for), because they don't wanna be controlled, and they hate liars. Yet they're hardcore christians, believing the biggest lie ever told. A man made system also created to control people and turn them into slaves of their belief.

    1. I understand and approve your point but religion has nothing to do in this case.

    2. yes it did...extremist Muslims hijacked planes because of Americas involvement with Israel.

    3. You're still believing this?

    4. until i see some actual evidence to the contrary then yes.

    5. Someone who chooses to believe in the existence of a spiritual being, doesn't show that they are being controlled, or having their freedoms taken away from them.

      Some people simply choose to believe in the existence of an afterlife, because it makes them feel better about the idea of death, and makes them feel safe, or happy.
      It may be an illusion, but being christian, isn't a dangerous illusion.

      Unless of course you're talking about those extremists, which, I agree, has nothing to do with weather these people are christian or not.
      The fact that they are muslim really has nothing to do with it. Like you said, they are Extremists. They are psychopaths, who used religion to try and justify their extreme behavior.
      If religion didn't exist, they could still just as well be psychopathic extremists using some other excuse to justify their actions.

      Being christian doesn't destroy your credibility when trying to present evidence for something unrelated to Christianity. In fact, being "christian", doesn't even mean particularly that you believe in everything the bible says, or the existence of an afterlife. being christian, is to follow the moral teachings that Christ taught, and to try and shape yourself to be what he was like (AKA worshiping chist/the memory of chrst).

      And weather "Christ" existed or not, is irrelevant. Most of the teachings people learn from what "Christ" taught (not everything in the bible), has been useful to them, in making peace in their lives, and friends, and learning to accept/love others regardless of their beliefs, and what they chose to do in life.

      Extremists, psychopaths, murderers, they aren't hardcore Christians, or hardcore Muslims. They are Just power driven, cold, killers, trying to find a way to justify their actions, and to get attention for what they did.
      Religion doesn't drive people to hijack a plane and suicide bomb a building with it.
      Their psychopathic, angry, non-sympathetic natures drive them to do that.

    6. You say religion doesn't drive people to murder, yet all of human history seems to disagree with you.

    7. Hmm. Maybe Tom missed the part in John chapter 8 where they were about to stone the adulterous woman, according to the law from Moses, his Bible says. Or maybe he'd like to argue that Moses' laws were not based on and around religion?

  23. Alex Jones warned us of a false flag attack using airliners three months before 9-11. Why are you people saying he's crazy? He's a patriot, and he's trying to get us to understand how the United States government has disappeared and is now being run as is the rest of the world by the Corporate elite.
    Go on and keep covering your eyes, put your finger in one of the millions of holes in the dyke, and watch your reality tv programs. While you're doing your best to keep your version of the free world alive, the shadow governments are planning another attack on us, they use these attacks to promote their agendas and get us to want more government.
    Ruby Ridge, Waco, Twin Towers, Boston Marathon....think sheeple, think.

    1. 1/ no he didn't.
      2/ he's not crazy, he's just full of sh1t
      3/if he was telling the truth he would have been arrested or killed long before now.

    2. a_no_n: It is far easier to write off Alex jones as a nut, (his delivery is over the top) than it is to take him out, and create a martyr by confirmation. (Just a thought)

    3. it's easy to write off Jones because he's a ranting m*ron who has been thoroughly debunked many many times.

  24. Alex Jones has "gone Hollywood". It used to be about the message, but Alex got too famous and now the message takes a back seat - now it's all about Alex. Fortunately there are plenty of alternatives.

    1. Where do you get this information from? all I see spew out of Alex's mouth is anti government messages so how could you possibly be right?

  25. There have been "nut jobs" like this around forever. If you are old enough, you may remember Joe Pyne. Then there is Limbaugh and the rest of the tea crowd, all with this, "if you knew what I knew" baloney. Times get hard and there is always some half wit that usually has no real convictions about anything, but making a buck. "SHOO Fly you bother me".

    1. Alex Jones is not the one to listen to, try Alan Watt, this is far from not being true, just the wrong messenger.

    2. You can call them nut jobs if you like but before you discount all of this you might want to do some serious research first. I have done just that and what I am finding is maybe these nut jobs are not so nutty after all. BTW Rush Limbaugh is a very rational person and NEVER talks about conspiracy kind of stuff. You could listen to his show for a week before making a statement like that. I can always tell when someone comments on Rush but has never actually taken the time to listen to his show.

  26. its all quite believable, we all know the american gov is totally corrupt but a jones is also believing his own hype. he was mental 10 years ago, hes getting worse. he needs to calm down and be rational. he was on uk tv not long ago and it was cringeworthy watching him. take a chill pill fella

    1. if you knew what he knows all that mind blowing evil that takes place every day and the only tools you have to resist is your mind and a voice to speak it you would shout just as loud as he does to get that point across, the truth will come out in the end it always does when it does be prepared.

    2. except he doesn't know it...because it's all made up.

      He shouts as loud as he can because he makes 5 million dollars a year from it.

  27. 100% believe there is a push to bring every nation under total U.N. control and a push to influence public opinion towards a drastically decreased world population. I believe the majority of democrats are naïvely idealistic because they feed on the socialist deception which is the public media's agenda owned by powerful socialists.
    The democrat party is being used as a vehicle to push this agenda along and the biggest obstacle in their path is Christians so now there is an increasing push to discredit Christians, persecute Christians in the U.S. and destruct organized religion. I believe in the next 10 years THIS will become the catalyst for the 'great falling away' spoken of in the Bible.
    But this video is out dated by 10 years. The maker of this documentary purposefully made most of these people look unhinged and on the verge of mental break down. After watching this video you should not agree with their beliefs and you should probably be afraid of people who agree with their beliefs which is what the director - producer of this documentary wants.

    1. It's not necessary to make Alex Jones 'look unhinged'. He manages that very successfully all by himself, and has the manners of a bull in a china shop, according to the opinion of most Americans.

    2. Wasn't specifically speaking of him

    3. What is it exactly that these "powerful socialists" want to do? Seize control of the government so they can increase taxes on themselves? It´s ludicrous and doesn't stand up to the slightest scrutiny.

    4. Powerful Socialists like Ted Turner. Google a list of the media networks he owns globally, it is staggering. He is also the founder and owner of CNN (Communist News Networks at is lovingly called) He is also the United States largest land owner. He owns 2 million acres in Nebraska and owns the aquifer which is a source of power for the entire west. So much water it could cover the entire nation in 2 feet of water. He is also in the top 5 campaign contributors to Obama giving him hundreds of millions of dollars for each election. He also gave 1 billion to the United Nations.
      See this is the problem with you idealistic democrats. You never scratch below the surface of the puppet masters. You take whatever the media tells you and you gobble it up like good little sheeple.

    5. i´m not a Democrat, I´m not even American. CNN isn't communist, its a mouthpiece for the Washington consensus. I don't know much about Ted Turner, but a billionaire giving away a third of his money to programs to help the poor would be seen by most people as a good thing. That is, apart from by people who think that the U.N. is a conspiracy to prevent people from playing golf or whatever.
      The thing is, conspiracies are real. There´s a massive conspiracy being revealed every day by real journalists like Glenn Greenwald, John Pilger, Jeremy Scahill, the folks at Democracy Now and others. Some of that work can be found on this very website. There´s no need for people to make up a load of paranoid nonsense when so much real bad stuff is happening in front of our eyes. Of course for the likes of Alex Jones that would mean getting up of his ass to do some actual work, and that isn't going to happen any time soon.

    6. The United States is swimming in a sea of political corruption, scandal and cover ups. You say 'Washington consensus' like it's a moderate view and it isn't. America is right on the verge of becoming a one party state and our pentagon recently released a report saying evangelical Christians are extremists and a threat to national security. IRS directly targeting opposition to socialism. NSA directly tracking every email, social media posting etc. Our government feverishly working to disarm the people. The current events happening right now have never been tolerated in this country before and now people turn a blind eye and ignorantly trust an ever growing, expanding, power hungry controlling, and spying government. Anyone who points this out is called a weirdo with tinfoil hat. This country has stood for 200 years for tolerance and good will towards all faiths and beliefs and I see that disentigrating and it's frightening.

    7. Well I´m not sure I believe that Christians are being persecuted in your country, but I agree with you on the rest of it. Let me be clear, I think that the Washington consensus is terrible and destructive. Mainstream "news" organisations have stopped doing journalism in favour of being stenographers for both political parties. Did you know that in June of this year, while people were protesting in the streets of Istanbul, CNN Turk was showing a penguin documentary?
      Look, I´m a Liberal and you sound like a conservative, but I imagine that you´d be surprised as to how much we could agree on.

    8. You know I just want to say one other thing I hope you and others will consider even for an instant. The United States stands on the side of democracy, opportunity and personal freedom. These beliefs have been encouraged politically, socially and economically all over the world historically with of course mistakes made but the overall effect was stopping Hitler, rebuilding Europe, stopping Japan and instrumental in setting up a global banking system that has been a benefit to our allies both militarily and economically. You guys need to all consider what will happen to the world when the United States collapse. Because there is a kind of centrifugal force and polar opposites of powers that play a tug of war with each country. America has always tugged the world towards freedom but when we fall there will be an incredible void and every nation which opposes dictatorship will get sucked into that void and probably WW3 will result. Thank you for reading.

    9. What a bunch off bull...

      You´re contradicting yourself by praising U.S. and in the same time saying it´s now a one-party dictatorship.

      You talk about stopping Japan, while Pearl Harbor probably was as much false flag as 9/11.

      And the U.S. being the "good guys" fighting for freedom and spreading democracy around the world... such stupid, under-educated statements I won´t even respond to... go hide in a church, the big bad U.N monsters are coming for you!

    10. I didn't praise the U.S. I merely pointed out the role we've played in the history of shaping Europe in the midst of 2 world wars. If the United States had stayed out of it all of Europe would be speaking German :)
      I didn't say the United States is a one party dictatorship. I said the United is on the verge of becoming a one party state. People like you applauded Hitler with practiced salutes.
      You believe 9/11 was a U.S. government operation and I'm the uneducated stupid one? HAHASHAHAHAHAAHHAHAH
      Whatever dude .. you are a product of socialist media

    11. U.S. - Nazi (German) - I´d call it a pretty even race. Anyway... shhosh, don´t got time to waste on religees like yourself...

      PS. I do speak german already, and swedish, and thai, and english, you?

    12. You should watch The Power Principle (under Recommended Documentaries).

    13. "...pentagon recently released a report saying evangelical Christians are extremists and a threat to national security."

      Probably the first time I´ve agreed with Pentagon...

  28. I like this video, and i totally believe that this New World Order stuff is absolutely true. BUT...listening to it coming out of Alex Jones's mouth is like having my ears raped. He is the reason people think conspiracy theorists are insane. He has become the poster child for the united states of crazy. His exuberance and passion is commendable, but his delivery is so hyper and chaotic that everything he tries to say comes across as totally unbelievable. Which is a shame, because if you can get past his drama filled, psycho- babble, screeching rants; what he is saying is the truth. The message is real, the messenger himself prevents the message from being heard.

    1. "New world order" is an old outworn phrase. It could certainly apply to the Pope dividing the world in 2 slices, The Line of Demarcation I believe it was, when Spain and Portugal were given the entire world. Then there was Rome, the Mogul Empire, the sun never set on the British empire. In the next 5-10 years China will be the largest economy. There has always been a new order, read your history for god's sake and stop being spoon fed by crazies.

    2. if by the entire world you mean south America.

    3. The Line of Demarcation was an imaginary division of territory on the Earth at 50 degrees longitude, which was used to separate the boundaries of Portugal and Spain made in the year 1493. Spain controlled territory west of the line, while Portugal controlled territory east of the line. The line was moved 800 miles further west with the signing of the Treaty of Tordesillas in 1494 a year later.
      In short The Line OF Demarcation, divided the non-European world into two trading and exploration zones one for Spain and one for Portugal. The two nations agreed to these terms in the Treaty of Tordesillas.

    4. yeah, and that line divided South America...not the world

    5. I'm afraid you lost me bud. Maybe it is the altitude I live in in Ecuador.

    6. i just don't understand how the world was divided up between spain and portugal when the British/Russian/prussian/french/ottoman empires were all kicking around as well...The only territory the pope divided between Spain and Portugal, was South America, not the world.

    7. still not thew whole world though is it?

      Correct me if i'm wrong, but Russia, England France Prussia, Italy and the Ottomans didn't go along with it did they!

  29. its already hear people wake up we have free choice in everything except where it matters. money rules everything it goes beyond any border and if uv got none you will die that is control. we cant unite a area of the world never mind the hole thing money is control. the hole idea of a united Asia PLEASE look at the facts. plus I might add a single government makes a lot of sense a lot more than the system we have now but people need to take control and take interest in the system that provides there lively hood then we can not be abused by a monetary elite

  30. The above intro is so badly written it undermines any credibility. perhaps this man was always a bit of an outsider who didn't do well in school.

  31. 'The rich are moving to the Cook Islands in New Zealand'. No, they're not. The Cook Islands aren't in New Zealand. It's a different country in the pacific. About 4 hours in a jumbo jet from New Zealand. It's pretty hard to take Alex Jones seriously when he makes statements like that. At least check your facts.

    And I'm not sure why they'd go to the Cooks Islands anyway - you can't buy property there unless you were born there so their money is no good to them.

    1. your a fool evryone knows cook islands and new zealand are essentaily tax havens that offer great forign trust enviroments infact the best int he world so yes they are all comeing hear and no its not part of NZ your right cook island is about 4 hrs away and a compleatly diffrent country but he dosent say that he says cook islands AND New Zealand not IN just becouse alex is a fool sometimes too dosent mean the rich elite arent up to no good and ruining NZ and other pacific nations come on if your in NZ you are seeing it happen right now home prices and wage situation, life time renters, aluminium smelter deal, warner brothers deal,selling power retailers and assets,ACC profit voodoo,.Some of these i can agree with in terms of creating incentives for investment and thus jobs and wealth creation but you cant try and see that the comment about new zealand is actuly very very apt especially right now 4 years after it was made.

    2. unless they already own the land,....who knows.

    3. I didn't hear ' New Zealand' I heard '...and New Zealand'.
      But it isn't 100% clear so its open to interpretation I guess.

      Maybe you heard 'in New Zealand' because you approached this video with a biased opinion and you wanted to debunk his theories and not believe what you were being told?

      Oh and the Cook Islands is in free association with NZ, they are hardly as disconnected as you make it out to be.

  32. Classic documentary, the Spinal Tap of conspiracy docs. I wonder if the Director/producers got the well deserved Emmy for satire. If however they weren't even nominated, that my friends is a conspiracy.

  33. It has been revealed that Alex Jones has 50+ personal firearms in his private arsenal. For what purpose, apart from constructive paranoia? His method of ambushing people which he dislikes is not a practice favoured by the ethics of professional journalism, as demonstrated by his failed attempt to have British reporter and TV presenter Piers Morgan deported by the US administration.
    The annoying thing which sticks in the craw of Alex Jones, is that a lot of more rational Americans agree with Piers Morgan, and not this tub thumper for the Whitewash the White House institute, the unconscionable National Rifle Association.
    After annihilating the American Indian, all Americans have to turn against, with their 320 million firearms, is each other, and innocent wildlife.

    1. It's not any of your business who owns firearms!! Stop trying to turn us into a Nazi police state!!

    2. And it's none of the world's business that Americans shoot 30,000 of their citizens every year, thanks to the merchants of the 2nd Amendment. I think the so-called 'War on Terrorism' should start with the NRA, US Congress lobbyists.

    3. You should do some research on the effects of gun bans in other countries because it has NOT decreased violent crime. Gun control is about government control of people it has NOTHING to do with violence control. The United States is NOT in the in the top 20 countries listed in order of gun violence. You know who is? Countries with the strictest gun control. Research it for yourself.

  34. I looked at Alex Jones's work a few years ago. He engages in mixing enough good journalism with bad journalism so that one is inclined to discredit ANYTHING he says. He's just gotten worse over the years. How does this get into a documentary site?

  35. this is hilarious...esp. when 'ape-x jones' does his 'red-neck-authority-cop' impersonation on his live interview....that's when i'm in favor of extended 'tazer' use by an official executive of the NWO (Nutty-White-Oppression)!crikey,as 'counter-productive' to a good cause as it can get!a staged clown discrediting his own staged setting,if you will....i would be in tears laughing if not the tears of sadness were in the way!

  36. Jezus F'ing Chris, Jim Marrs is at the spot that JFK was shot and states there's a tree in the way of the line of site from where the shooter was. "So you can't make the shot" is what he said. Well yeah! 50 years earlier you could make the shot!!!!!!!!! (is everyone really that stupid to not see this?)

    Here's where you lost me on this doc. I really can't stand these people and I don't necessarily care to watch this through! I would have toughed this out if it wasn't for the boneheaded "experts" sited for the "conspiracy theories." And trust me, I have no respect or admiration for what our government does!

    1. That's was at 5:30 on the above Jim Marrs reference. My bad on not making that clear above.

  37. 54:52 The guy with the shirt with bleu leaf + his sidekick are not tourist
    Agent of one of the too numerous intelligencia .. basic counter intelligence tactic .... very very real .. These are fact indeed

  38. A while back I convinced myself that Alex Jones was a WWF wrestler. Alex "The bullhorn" Jones. Then I heard him described in another doc - which I can't recall right now - as a right-wing plant set upon us to subvert and distract. Not sure how much truth is in that argument but he does seem to have a bit more fondness for the "lizards" on the right. He was a little too quick to express his admiration of the Ted Cruz publicity stunt a few days ago.

    Anyways, If you've seen one Alex Jones blowfest you've seen them all so you'll know before you watch this whether you'll like it or not. If you haven't seen any of his stuff before then grab a pair of earplugs and let's get ready to rumble.

  39. My 2 cents:

    Been following A. Jones for a couple of years and agree with him on some things, and disagree with more.

    BUT what I think is the main issue here is asking questions, and having the right to ask questions without getting arrested on some made-up charges when the questions become too uncomfortable.

    I for one are VERY suspicious regarding the 9/11 events. Maybe more so because of all the educated scientists, engineers, demolition proffesionals and so on, that have been coming forward lately, and questioning the improbability of tower 1, 2 and 7 coming down as they did, than from the ´proof´ that were there before. Even though I found it very fishy and convenient from the start.
    But the government were very quick to get rid of the ´hard evidence´.

    What makes me quite negative towards the ´truth movement´ though is that they demand the rights to ask these questions, in a scientific way (which is good and all), while a lot of them are religious. And damn that guy who have the nerve to question religion...

    Double standards in my humble opinion.

    1. They have changed building regulations as a result of the 9/11 attacks.

  40. I googled him and what? He's just 39? Looks more like 50. He needs to get off his lazy arse out of the radio booth once in a while.

    1. He gets out of that booth...and he brings his bullhorn with him. That bullhorn ensures that he does all the talking and never has to listen.

    2. Joe Rogan's impression of him and his bullhorn is amazing.

    3. Thanks for the heads up on Joe Rogan!

      When he did fear factor 10-15 years back or so i didn´t like the guy at all.

      But being a huge MMA fan he has grown tremendously on me since he came into the UFC, and continue to do so.

      Check out the interview with him and A. Jones if you haven´t seen it before

      Alex Jones & Joe Rogan - Truth Seeker: The Interview

      I watched the impression thing too, and it was funny.

      If you don´t want to see the whole interview, skip to about 43 minutes in, and it shows the mutual respect between these 2 guys, which actually brought some more respect towards A. Jones from me aswell.


    4. I noticed he doesn't even NEED a bullhorn!

  41. no suggestion for a viable solution so its pointless

  42. Old News?

    1. Meaning this doc was made in 2009.
      Lots has happened since then.
      Sorry, I wasn't meaning to be flippant.

    2. My comment wasn't in response to you comment, like the comment i am posting now. Check the indentation of this comment I am posting as to the comment i posted in question.

      If I bring you red wine will you share it with me :-)

    3. ah so.
      Cannot drink any more beloved wine these days.
      Should change my moniker.
      But what a nice thought.

  43. I see what Jack meant about A.J.
    I was partial to the young Irish film.maker myself.
    This is all old news now and things have gotten lots worse.

  44. Ok, opening with the obvious fact that the tree that currently obscures any possible sniper's view from the book depository would not have even been there 60 years ago was, in the least, a bit stupid.

    But then seeing that kid on the streets of NY pointing out clear facts to passers-by of how 'they' did 9/11 brought it home.

    To summarise, it turns out that the American Government is possibly the greatest hypocrisy of all time. If you try as hard as you possibly can to imagine the MOST UNAMERICAN, ANTI-FREEDOM, ANTI-DEMOCRACTIC way to be, it turns out to be your very own leaders. The Rumsfelds, Bushes, and all those other clinically psychotic (check it out) mass murderers, whose names you will paradoxicaly find in the list of Nobel Piece winners are as close to evil as you will find amongst real people.
    You must have noticed that they have no real warmth, no humanity nor any those other things that we clearly see in our friends, colleagues or even friendly passers-by. Medical research reckons at around 15% of all people are sociopaths/psychopaths (look it up).
    If you are psychotic and have a craving for power you'll focus and easily get it because the rest of us are too busy with the good things like being nice, loving and considerate people. If you want to lie, kill, deceive just so that you can rule the world, well yes, you can. But why would WE, the sane, want power over others? Why would we want to kill people we don't even know? To do that is as bad as can be. It is the worst kind of madness. But I, and I guess you, are as sane as can be. We don't need that kind of power over others because it's empty shit. What we do (spectacularly well) is RESPECT others. We EMPATHISE (something 'they' cannot do) because we are...well, 'nice.'
    Being nice, and having others know that you are nice, and respecting and admiring you for that and the good things you do is all a person needs. We are loved. Then when we die, we are missed. People remember and cry, yet gain so much from having known us.
    Do not engage with these self-serving sociopaths. They deserve nothing but medical assistance and our sympathy.
    What they definitely do not deserve is any part of us.

    1. I like the angle from which you present your speech.

    2. So "Being nice, and having others know that you are nice, and respecting and admiring you for that and the good things you do is all a person needs." What about money? Now, who are to be dictating as to what a person needs.

    3. Right on.
      You can still feel good about yourself, even if you have no power or wealth.
      Many of us just want to be accepted and loved in our own little worlds. It is enough to live a "good" life.
      But I am in no way saying that anyone else who prefers dominance and power IS a psychopath.

  45. I tried but I couldn't do it. A. Jones gets on my nerves. Loud, obnoxious, pushy, opinionated, manipulative...every quality I dislike in a person. Avoid people like him like the plague in real life. Why would I willingly subject myself to this when I don't have to.

    1. I guess one reason would be to put the truth ahead of your dislike of a man's passionate qualities.

    2. A wonderful sentiment. However, I don't see how it applies to A. Jones. Every news item is a NWO staged event. A school shooting? Black ops. Bomb goes off? Government staged. Nothing happens on its own. In his world, there is no one with the brains or incentive to carry out any of the tragedies that happen around the globe. There is only one perpetrator, and A. Jones knows who it is. Then, we have his predictions. Nuclear attacks, bank failings, devalued dollar, terrorist attacks, epidemics...on and on it goes. If something happens that makes headlines, he fits it into his prediction. If it doesn't come true, and it almost never does, he either ignores his previous prediction or he takes credit for warning the public and preventing the staged scenario. A loud mouthed opportunist. His passion has very little to do with the truth, but it is about self promotion and the advancement of his career. I think it's transparent but I guess it's not that way for everyone. Some people still eat it up.

    3. He also shows the negative side of conspiracy theory in a big way, and actually does the opposite of helping unveil the shite.
      See Abby Martin for quieter and more to the point news agent.

    4. Yeah I agree. It’s hard to know where his passion and drive come from: the subject or the money/fame but he reminds me of those awful TV evangelists only he sells a different product to a different audience of suckers. Then again, I'd imagine many in his audience also watch TV evangelists given there is some overlap and shared politics.

      It would be too easy to make money off these poor, gullible, right-winged dummies but how could you live with yourself knowing you are scaremongering and making little to no valuable contribution to society while getting rich/famous from it?

    5. Jonses passion comes from his multi million dollar business empire.

    6. What I'm saying is get over the ego battle and look at the facts. Some people can see there is enough truth to what he says to cause concern over things a little more important than whether or not he's a blowhard..... blowhard.

    7. What I'm saying is that if A. Jones is ever going to taken seriously, he will have to start behaving like a serious and mature adult. No more wild accusations, out with the outrageous predictions, stop the temper tantrums and start analysing the news in a sober and logical manner. "The medium is the message". In other words, people will associate everything he says by how he says it and then tune him out.

      I'm in my sixties and I've never been called a blowhard before. Lol, first time for everything.

    8. that depends entirely on what you consider the truth to be.
      I personally don't think Jones can prove a damned word of his nonsense. It doesn't make any sense...His own success shows that he's a liar. If you're spilling government truthes you get locked in solitary confinement for the rest of your life like Chelsea Manning, you don't get a 5million dollar a year business deal!

    9. ...if only that was true.

    10. well said...