The Phoenix Lights

The Phoenix Lights

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The Phoenix LightsThe Phoenix Lights (sometimes referred to as the lights over Phoenix) were a series of widely sighted optical phenomena (generally unidentified flying objects) that occurred in the skies over the U.S. states of Arizona and Nevada, and the Mexican state of Sonora on March 13, 1997. A repeat of the lights occurred February 6, 2007, and was filmed by the local Fox News TV station.

A similar incident occurred April 21, 2008. This incident was later revealed to be prank–flares attached to helium balloons.

Lights of varying descriptions were seen by thousands of people between 19:30 and 22:30 MST, in a space of about 300 miles, from the Nevada line, through Phoenix, to the edge of Tucson. There were two distinct events involved in the incident: a triangular formation of lights seen to pass over the state, and a series of stationary lights seen in the Phoenix area.

The United States Air Force (USAF) identified the second group of lights as flares dropped by A-10 Warthog aircraft which were on training exercises at the Barry Goldwater Range in southwest Arizona. Witnesses claim to have observed a huge carpenter's square-shaped UFO, containing lights or possibly light-emitting engines. Fife Symington, the governor at the time, was one witness to this incident. (Excerpt from

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  1. Matt

    It doesn't make sense that a craft this big would be from this earth! right? In 2008 in Ohio me and my neighbor saw a massive saucer shaped craft sitting stationary and silent at a 20 or 30 degree angle hoovering over our town, it had 5 or 6 huge reddish amber orange lights. and in 10 seconds we both watched it disappear in place! we knew immediately it was a UFO and was not from earth.. just from the size alone!

  2. Kl

    I am religious, I do believe in god and other life forms.... I thought that documentary was awesome because no one can explain it and the paper immediately published a lie. Which disturbed the police lady who took all the 911 calls. The Bible says that there are many things that happened that the book itself can’t contain. History. There is no way we could ever know everything that happened in the past. So the Bible contains information about the beginnings of mankind. Not extraterrestrial. It says that he created millions of spirit persons like himself ( angles) Jesus himself said he was not from this world! So that makes him an alien, not a monster. The Bible also says God set our limits on how far we can go. For instance we can only hold our breath under water for so long. A diver can go only so deep until the pressure affects our physical make up. A ship can only fly so high. We need oxygen to breath which is made up of 69% nitrogen 26% oxygen and 5% of other gases. The Bible also says that one day we will be able to communicate with our creator and tha eyes have not seen nor ears heard what God has in store for those who love him and are willing to live by his laws, by the way which are very good!

    1. Jess

      Nailed it. Love this response!

  3. Nate

    As usual, the government trying to cover up something that is so obvious and witnessed by 1,000's,not just a small group. They are intimidated in the fact that there is most likely other life out there that is far superior to us, both in intelligence, culture and their society.

  4. Remsie

    That is the reason they just flew over. They can receive our broadcasts, be on our internet, have nano technology to have cameras flying all over the place, and they are aware that a majority of humans are not ready. You can imagine religious extremists unleashing an intergalactic war just by bombing himself inside such a craft because THEY think its the work of the devil. They know we are not ready and it is a pity for those who ARE enlighted to understand how the universe really works.

  5. Rory Morris

    I was wondering what do christian people think of aliens? Did god make them, was jesus one of them? Do priests ever mention them? I mean this question in NO WAY to be offensive I ask it with honest curiosity , if you are of any religion id like to hear what your view is :)

    1. Charles

      The Bible describes space vehicles in detail. See Ezekiel chapter 1. The God of the Bible and His children are extraterrestrial beings. He is a high tech God, with high tech vehicles. In His plan, His children must come through the flesh, afterwhich they return to their extraterrestrial bodies to complete the plan and receive final judgment.

    2. Sandi

      I believe Aliens are the fallen angels, so that would make them the devils angels.

  6. Νίκοιαυς Κοορμαηη

    i saw similar patterns over northern Kazakhstan. we were a group made up of scientists, hence we came up with ca. one million seemingly sound explanations. none of which entirely convinced me. all of us had vast amounts of video, audio and photographic documentations of the phenomena, yet, for a conglamerate, which only in perspective of its heterogeneity appears unlikely, all of the material somehow disappeared.

  7. ryderman

    I saw these lights over Northern Ontario in 1993. Same pattern same color !

  8. Henry Montague

    Why are all the craft sighters white people? And what does that say about the oficials who refuse to acknowledge what white people like themselves have seen?

  9. TomazZzz

    I've seen very very similar ones with my gf around year '95 over Ljubljana. First it flew normally, just when it was about to go behind some hill it started to rotate slowly around its horisontal waypoint.. It was also flying very slow and without a sound. I couldn't belive my eyes, first moment I thought that big bright birds are flying in perfect formation, the lights were not so bright but quite soon i noticed that I can't see stars behind/above it... It was quite high, yet it was still obvious that it is huge. I actually DIDN'T want to belive my eyes.
    i've read in newspapers the next day that some people think they have seen ufo:o
    besides.. I was never held in some mental institution so i guess i am one of those 'on expirience' beliver..

  10. brianrose87

    There's a great documentary called "Out of the Blue" that covers this incident and several others succinctly. After viewing appropriate interviews with qualified individuals as well as intricately documented police and military reports that confirm sightings through military personnel, radar, etc. this subject is undeniable.

    In France's COMETA report it openly states in its conclusions that 95% of "UFO" phenomena were explainable. A select few were, however, supported accurately by a cross reference of multiple, qualified military people as well as radar. This led the COMETA report to conclude that a select few UFO phenomena were explained only by the extraterrestrial hypothesis.

  11. Mike Lamb

    Maybe?, possibly it was another (just one of) Lockheed's products...
    Now! Arriving all at once that would have been even more interesting...

    Beam me up...


  12. blatten

    this one was good, but there is one even better than this and u should all se it. the Hessdalen lights.

  13. Baxtalo

    I don't exactly get the discussion about demons and such...
    I prefer to think about facts and logic when it comes to stuff like this. Yeah, sure...there is no definitive proven explanation but if its a contest between demons or aliens...logic in my mind prevails. There is no shred of logic that can say that demons in a religious sense exist. Given the vastness of the universe however...I'd be amazed if intelligent life didn't exist at least somewhere.

    On a lighter note...until anything is actually proven I'll just stick with this Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy's "Teaser" explanation

    "A teaser? Teasers are usually rich kids with nothing to do. They cruise around looking for planets which haven't made interstellar contact yet and buzz them."

    "Buzz them?" Arthur began to feel that Ford was enjoying making life difficult for him.

    "Yeah", said Ford, "they buzz them. They find some isolated spot with very few people around, then land right by some poor soul whom no one's ever going to believe and then strut up and down in front of him wearing silly antennae on their heads and making beep beep noises. Rather childish really."

  14. Achems Razor

    @Teelo 1951:

    Intimidated by religee's? never! It is the other way around. Actually have friends that are religious, we may argue a lot, but what the hay!

    So then I take it you are one of them? the pathetic religee's that believe that Demons are perhaps flying the spaceships (LMAO)

  15. Right Hook


    You just received a verbal KO early in Round 1.

  16. Left Hook

    @ Randy

    Randy If You are set as You claim to be Dear Boy, Why have You bothered to grace us with Your devine wisdom? Pretending won't make it grow bigger Son! Cheers

  17. Teelo 1951

    @Achems Razor

    Are you intimidated by Religious folk? Ya sure do mention em an awful lot and usually not even in context with the doc being discussed. Your insecurity is daggone pathetic fella.

  18. eetwo

    @Joe, you must live under a rock. I've lived in the Yukon my whole life and I heard of this the evening it happened.
    Oh, I heard it from something called Teh Interwebz? No, The Intranets? Nope, let me try again (googles it), ahh, The Internet. That's it.

  19. Kels

    This is act of Satan, those are Lucifer lights! The end is near!

  20. vogue58

    I lived in Phoenix from 1995 until 2000. In Mesa, a few miles east of the Arizona Diamondbacks stadium, I saw those lights, and I'm still in amazement of such huge object sound, triangular shaped formation of lights, which after noticing the absence of any stars in between lights or in the center, but only around this object, one can undoubtedly establish the fact that is one solid object.
    Still don't know what that was...

  21. Doc

    Interesting documentary, not sure what to make of it all.

  22. WTC7

    @ Randy,

    Hi again :-),

    I did my best to find an internet source which claims that the Phoenix Lights were "perfectly established and proven" to be military flares. Please, could you provide a link or a source where you found it? Thanks :-)!

  23. jess

    maybe it was a probe! if we visited other worlds first what would we do? apart from sending apes

  24. Juancho

    This was a very interesting Doc ... I've seen plenty but this is easily one of my favorites because of the solid statements from so many people.

    Religion IS a mental illness Steve, I agree it ruined the world and halted any kind of advance/progress as a species.

    This has nothing to do with Spirits or Demons or any of that, and to say that those lights were flares on parachutes makes no sense, because they wouldn't be lined up equidistant from one another.

    Aliens exist.


  25. Len

    Very, very repetitive. Watch it for 10 mn and move on.

  26. SteveM

    Why are you people discussing demons?
    Charles B and his ilk should go to kansas and stay there. This has nothing to do with the mental illness known as faith. These objects have been here forever and nobody knows what they are. This world and all its complexities fill me with wonderment and mystery and that was good enough for Einstein and it's good enough for me.
    Stick that evil prick known as god and his hippy loser son Heyzuse up your ever loving arse.

  27. Matar

    Whats with the incomplete docs.. Denied some how?

  28. Randy

    Sorry to rain on everyone's crazy-bread, but it has been perfectly established and proven through extensive video analysis, and "eventual" Airforce admissions, that the "Pheonix Lights" were military flares dropped by the Airforce for a training mission.

    Magnesium flares are incredibly bright, (that's the point), have little parachutes on them, so that they drop slowly, (that's the point), and the human eye/brain, on a black/nighttime back drop, connects the dots to create a spaceship.

    Now, the Airforce handled the incident badly--- yes. Trying to cover up instead of 'fessing up. But, really, what they need to do to protect you? Is really none of your business. You could be a bad guy for all they know. Cover-ups are important, people. They protect you and I and your kids and your mom and dad.... get over it.

    We do have many enemies in the world, you know?

    Aliens are fun to think about. Maybe they are out there. But I don't care because they do not pay my mortgage.

    Focus, focus, focus... what pays the rent/mortgage, what buys the food, what keeps you alive? Aliens, astrology, ghosts, goblins, jesus?

    Or, is it a good paying job and a bank, (several banks, is better), full of money?

    Put this childishness behind you, brothers and sisters. You have important work to do. Or, you could just dream your life away. Makes no difference to me.

    I'm set.

    1. RMax304823

      Did you watch the program? There were two separate incidents -- one monstrous triangle that flew from Nevada to Mexico, and another one, later, that consisted of flares dropped by Warthogs.

  29. badman

    A U.S. government experiment in mass delusion or mass hypnosis.

  30. Achems Razor

    Aliens? Yes! they are coming to take all the Religee's and Dumbed down people off the face of the Earth!

  31. Shaquanda

    I had a Vibrator once dat looked like dat too. bcuz it would get all up in My good stuff an tickle on My buzzknot at da same time.

  32. Shaquanda

    It done did look like sum Weather Balloons all up in da Sky! Dat iz what they done did be seeing!

  33. AJ

    & Oh the fallen angels possess the illuminati leadership and government agencies are forced to obey the Commander, NASA, CIA, Media, all serve their evil master. DO NOT BE DECEIVED YOU ARE BEING LIED TO !

  34. AJ

    Giant LEDs Lol ! The Demons powered them in the air. Nothing more....Illuminati Mind Control at its best ! Cheap use of scare tactics that some alien race is out to get us if we don't unite and stay together ! Fear of the unknown utilized to greater advantage ! Planned one-world government that will serve the Antichrist. That's all there is to it. The illuminated ones have it all wrong. They believe its gonna be a huge party in Hell ! Repent & Accept The Lord Jesus Christ. Fear nothing and live in peace knowing that there are great mansions prepared in heaven and you will be kicking gold dust on the streets of heaven. Amen ! All hail King Jesus. He is coming soon !

  35. sagartmor

    @Charles B. Dude, what surprises me is that you believe in God and Satan but can't stretch your imagination to include UFO's. I'm not completely convinced of them either but then again I surely don't believe in a bogeyman up in the sky who's watching me....

  36. trebor0954

    I think its a shame that you air a doc. but not all of it that sucks!

  37. Achems Razor

    @ Bluesmanwalking:

    You theory is good enough for me.

    The government will even have everybody believe that a couple of old drunks have traveled the world making crop circles. Dumbed down people!!

  38. Bluesmanwalking

    Of course i have my theory LOL. We're not being officially visited, i mean they don't park and do the tourist thing. These Aliens are actually just passing by, probably gonna hook up with other Aliens in another Galaxy, Dimension or what have you. I think all these different "Flyby" this planet has been experiencing for all these years are basically for the same reason. They just want to know if we have changed yet, if we could finally hold a conversation with them or are we still so primitive.
    As far as the government is concern, they continue to treat the majority of the population like imbeciles. The fact is, the majority of Americans actually have a slightly lower than average IQ. Just look at the country's condition. What's on TV... and i'm not going to start.

  39. pete b

    Deffintately seems credible, not sure if some super secret gov't technology or something out of this world. Either way i think if we ever find out what it is, it will be something amazing.

  40. J.W.

    shoutout to Phil Schnieder who was the first one to break his silence about alienst and the human and alien war.... he is now dead cuz the govt killed him for coming out... u can youtube his conferences and he will tell you all about aliens and the govt been communicating with certain alien species to gain technology.. didnt you ever think about how in last 70 years we have advanced with technology more then any other time before? why now? cuz spaceships would crash on the earth and we disected their technlogoy about "zero point enegery" and President Eisenhower communicated with the aliens and struck a deal to trade technology in exchange for them to abduct cattle and a limited amount of humans. Phil told everyone they get high off some fluids that some of our inner organs secrete. If you read os watch interviews of people that have been abducted they ALL say the same thing. they put a hose inside their left nostril and enter in their rectum. i could go on and on...

  41. Solomon S. Buyco

    What I see in all of this is that our faith falters of what our purposes in life that why we do exist. Why are we here and on what purpose? Live and let die? Life is a trial that when we die, our souls will be upon all mankind? For what? For them present life to enjoy what the previous life endure?

    For me, if the whole of this is not fraud, it is a wake up call for all concern of this present life that we hold dear.

  42. Achems Razor


    Okay I was wrong, by your intelligent answer, you are not still in school.

  43. Bob

    Achems Razor,

    You make me laugh.

  44. peas

    This documentary started out really well - very interesting, lots of nice footage, analyses, witnesses etc - and then it all just fell apart into spiritualistic nonsense. It could have been a lot better. Not necessarily more scientific, but definitely more sensible. Is it any wonder people don't take the UFO phenomenon seriously, when you have silly people going on about 'opening our hearts to higher entities' and what-have-you?

    Don't get me wrong, I love this subject (the Phoenix Lights and UFOs in general), but it irritates me to hear people couching it in wishy-washy new-age bunk. Just talk about what you actually saw and what you think it was, and steer away from making guesses about what it might all MEAN. Otherwise it just descends into silliness.

    1. José Pedro Gomes

      Couldn't agree more Peas, except for the scientific part which i defend should always be futher and further more

  45. Achems Razor


    Everybody is of course entitled to their viewpoints.

    But you are saying what?. Maybe Demons are flying around in the Earths air space since antiquity?

    That is not the simplest answer, albeit, to me anyway, the most absurd!

    One Universe yes! that we can perceive with our 5 senses. There is much, much, more out there that we cannot perceive with our 5 senses.
    I imagine every school boy or girl knows that.

    About Religion, I agree with you, all Religion has Pagan Roots from antiquity! I never said otherwise.

    According to Quantum you can go back in time, but never, ever, end up in the same reality, there are to many unlimited Probabilities and Realities.

    And you are saying you know more about Parallel Universes than the top theoretical physicists of our time, who state there may be more than 10 to the 500 power of alternate universes.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems to me that you are still in school. And if you are, "kudo's" to you for trying to get more answers.

    Regards: :D

  46. Bob

    Achems Razor, your screen name and your comments conflict highly. The simplist answer would be that it was demonic. I'm not saying that it is, I'm not saying that it isn't. I'm open to te fact of UFOs. A lot of your information is really cracked. For one thing, there is only one universe. The universe is what houses all of the Galaxies. The other point about your religion information. The pyramids, they weren't christian, jewish or muslim. They were Pagan. Stonehenge, pagan as well. The next thing that you are going to say is that people can go back in time, but that is impossible, because if you go back in time, you will go past the point in which you made the action of going back in time. Thus, it never happened. For all we know, people have created time machines, but it is impossible to travel back in time.

  47. WTC7

    Achems Razor, it's sooooo good to hear from you again :-D

  48. Achems Razor

    Hi, WTC7: :D

    Absolutely! I agree with you 100%


  49. WTC7

    Joe & Achems Razor, hi there again :-D,

    It is quite clear that the god of the Bible was an E.T.! So, and only so, does the Book make any sense :-)

  50. Achems Razor


    Demons had never crossed my mind!

    Einsteins theory of relativity, speed of light etc:, is for macro cosmos, it breaks down with micro cosmos.

    According to Quantum Theory, you probably could travel between Universes, and even go back in time.
    But a major problem, because of unlimited probabilities, you will never know where you will end up! unless you have co-ordinates down to a science.

    Quantum particles travel instantaneously, no time element involved.
    when they flicker in and out of our existence, and make up our Universe they do so everywhere else at the same time, Ad Infinitum.

    I "think' Parallel Universes are real. And some do, and some do not have similar characteristics. Put it this way, everything that could possibly have happened to you, but did not happen, did happen, in alternate realities. Also other Universes could be completely devoid of anything that makes sense to us, different physical laws etc:.

    Very plausible, that Aliens have been here in the past. The Bible is chocked full of Aliens, Gods,the sons of Gods, all kinds of descriptions of spacecrafts etc:.

    Also, RE: Van Daniken "Chariots of the Gods". Numerous cave, stone paintings all over the World on spacecraft, Aliens in spacesuits. Nasca lines, pyramids, stone henge, Easter island, etc:

    Our civilization, according to Universe time, has been here as long as like the flicker of a Neutrino, colliding with an Hydrogen Atom!

    So I think we missed a lot!

    "Maybe" God is E.T.!.


  51. Joe

    Now back to the doc.

    Let's assume these were aliens and not demons.
    Aliens might have the anti-gravity technology which is beyond our current science but where did they come from?

    If they come from our universe than the aliens must have achieved the light speed and faster. Then Einstein's theory of nothing can surpass speed of light is wrong.

    If they come from the alternate or parallel universe then it's proven that one can travel between parallel universes.
    So, parallel universes MUST be real and have similar physical characteristics like our universe.

    If aliens are here then they must have been here on the past and they will also be on future. So, it's possible aliens could have influenced ancient people to build pyramids and such. That means there had to be some sort of contacts between aliens and human. And human could have thought aliens to be gods. DANG!

    GOD is E.T.!

  52. Joe

    I know of Tom Bearden and 'zero point energy' when I used to experiment with brown gas (separation of h2o by electrolysis).

    However; perpetual motion or free energy is still proven to be elusive.

  53. Achems Razor


    I personally think ALIENS, should beware of HUMANS, not the other way around!

    :D :D

  54. Achems Razor


    Thank's for the link,for more info. on free energy and magnetism, check out some very well known work,
    Google "tom bearden"

    Most are not theory, some actual working appliances.


  55. Joe

    Dear Charles B

    I am curious.

    Why you keep saying UFO's and aliens are demons?

    Do you know something that we don't?

  56. Charles B.

    What?!? Someone gave the "Amber Globes" in thier lovely planed flight over Pheonix something less than a 10? Shocking! Not me, however. I gave it a "10" for passion at least. I was a bit distressed when someone bumped David Attenbourough (and all the nature vidoes I liked so much)! What is the world comming to? Just the sound of that British accent and dropping know-it-all tone he does so well desirves a 10!

    Mr. Razer: I'm not as fearful as you might think, but I take spiritual things very seriously. What I meant was if you get all caught up in the UFO scene, and they do turn out to be less than happy friends (a.k.a. demons), it's a serious thing.

  57. Joe

    “Elegant planned flight of UFO’s”

    Remember when we used to squat next to an ant hill and watch the ants move around for hours? (well, I DID! - with a magnifying glass: mesoevil)

    I think it's overly presumptuous of us to think that aliens would want us to know of their existence.

  58. Achems Razor

    Charles B:

    Be careful of what Charles? The Aliens might abduct me? (LOL). :D
    As long as they do not conduct any experimentation against my will, I would be happy to see them.
    Demons?, they would laugh at me if I brought that up, and think we were not very advanced!
    I am not that afraid of things unknown, as you are Charles. If they wanted to do anything they would have. Instead of showing us an "Elegant planned flight of UFO's"! :D

  59. Achems Razor


    Let me rescind that, I got mixed up with something else! I am not good first thing in the morning. (LOL)

    Actually I read that, in Seth Speaks, about energy lines, energy grids
    traversing across the Planet. not on the coral website yet. Certain places in the home that are more beneficial for plants etc:

    This coral website is new to me also, so I did not fully look at it yet.

  60. Achems Razor


    No, is their a website?

  61. Joe

    Razor - Have you read 'Magnetic Current' by Ed L.?

  62. Charles B.

    Ok. Just for you, Mr. Razor, I'll give the "blah blah blah" documentary a 10 for effort, (I notice apartame is ahead of it now on the list -- who would think) but I really do believe there's a good chance it is indeed demonic; just be careful. ;-)

  63. eric

    this thing is for real, even in what is descibed sad that all ufo docs are the same,cover ups, witnesses, boring repetative explenations

  64. Achems Razor


    If you want to learn more about anti-gravity, magnetism, check out this site.

    Google, "coralcastlecode"


  65. Achems Razor

    You got it, WTC7! :D

    Satan this, Satan that, that's all they have on their Brain.
    Anything unexplained, the Devil did it! Religious people seem child like to me, excluding Charles B. of course!

    :D :D

  66. Joe

    Non blaring light as propulsion means only one thing.

    Aliens have discovered how to extract gravitons by illuminating exotic crystals. Man, if I was only 20 years younger I'll go back to school and study some science. :(

  67. WTC 7

    You see, dear Charles B., that's exactly how you sound to me - blah, blah, blah.... on & on & on about the demons & the satan... These people at least saw something and the fact that they all SAY the same thing only proves that they SAW the same thing. Whether what they saw was demonic or not, that's up to each of us to choose. One is certain, if these guys up there were demons, they sure have developed a high-tech hell. Cheers :-D

  68. Charles B.

    Blah blah blah for so long! Bored me after 10 minutes; everyone said the same thing over and over again. I wish at least a few people out of the 10,000 would have had a better video camera at that time, but apearently they didn't. 95% computer generated graphics. Very very very VERY UFO evangelistic. It went on forever. I wanted to see some actual footage, and a lot less UFO evangelism.

    I'm sure they all saw something non-earthly, but as many said "They felt there was something in that light. A thought form, an entity, an inteligence . . . guiding and control. . . . they knew they were there. They could sense it. they could feel it."

    I'm sure they saw what they saw, but I highly suspect they were not corporial aliens, but perhaps demonic presences (it's there sole purpose to deceive) who knows how well they can do so such as this? The Bible does say that Satan is the "prince of the power of the air," and can appear as an "angel of light." Sounds like what everyone saw, except for the few that said they could actually see a craft between the lights (no footage available).

    I suppose time will tell.

    I notice they mentioned Mr. Razor's string theory, and co-existing multidimentionalism. :-) I suppose I do believe in that if I hold the view of the existence of God and the spiritual realm as well.

    Nonetheless, I'm glad I watched it. It was well done if you enjoy the UFO talk "and never get tired of watching it". ;-)

  69. WTC 7

    This, for me, is one of the very strong cases in favour of (at least some) UFOs' alien origin. The number of people who witnessed the "glide" of the craft is huge & their description of what they saw so identical that it is impossible to dismiss their accounts that lightly. The doc itself is very well made and I, also, never get tired watching it :-D

  70. Joe

    How com we, in east coast of USA, never heard of this incident?

  71. Karl Phoenix

    I never get tired of watching this documentary. I live here in Phoenix and surprisingly...this is one major event I missed, can you believe that?...oh well but I did get to see the comet though! =). Anyhow, if you're into UFO documentaries, you really need to see this one, one of my favs!. Thanks Vlatko for all these awesome documentaries!

  72. Achems Razor

    Most incredible UFO sightings ever! The Phoenix lights, witnessed by a mass sighting of 10,000 people.

    To quote "An elegant planned flight by UFO's"