The Road To Armageddon: A Free Spiritual Guide

The Road To Armageddon: A Free Spiritual GuideFrom the author: The Road to Armageddon examines the universal concept of the Apocalypse on an intensely personal and spiritual level, not as the end of the world but as the end of you: your body, your mind and, if you're not careful, your soul.

The film puts the viewer on the front lines of the eternal battle between good and evil, combining academic interviews with firsthand accounts of divine revelation to bring fresh urgency to the teachings of the world's major religions.

Buddhist, Jew, Muslim, Hindi or Christian, the message is the same: spread love, reject hate, walk in the light, avoid the dark, listen to the angels, ignore the demons. The simplest choices you'll ever make lead to the hardest path you'll ever walk...

It is a documentary about reincarnation, spiritual warfare, soul purification and love. The film features Marilynn Hughes (publisher on out-of-body travel and mysticism), Howard Storm (former atheist who had a near-death experience), and Bob Thurman (American Buddhist writer and academic) among others.

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  1. 24:00
    Isn't god all loving? So if you believe yourself to be God, you would be humble and not just love yourself, but everyone else.

  2. The gal that talked in the first 20 minutes convinced me I didn't need to see any more. Asking for any more idiocy would be gluttony on my part.

    Her laugh sounds evil and insane.

    She talks to Jesus and demons. How convenient!

  3. I want to make a simple conjecture: If the characters in our computer games would be intelligent, and will try to figure out who designed them, how would they be able to test our presence from inside their realm ???? If we can answer this question, we can also answer how we can measure the reality that is beyond our physical senses. However for me, the other realm is my day to day source of knowledge, inspiration, good advice, and success in my endeavors. We could call it our Higher Self, Angels, divine, spirits of dear ones who passed away or God Himself.

  4. What I dislike about demons is they never offer good advice or accurate lotto numbers.

  5. I think it's really disturbing all the HATE in this thread, It kind of PROVES what these people are saying. Besides they aren't saying ANYTHING the Catholic church hasn't said in the past two thousand years so why are THEY being called crazy.You HATERS call ALL Christians schizophrenic? I was an arrogant A'hole too and had a closed mind and I found out - I WAS WRONG. Be careful...

  6. Hello, I watched this documentary last week and thought it was fascinating (and very well-done) and would recommend it to anyone into spirituality.

    But… I have a question that I hope someone here can answer.

    Let me say that I don't know much about most things, but I feel I've learned a bit about science from many threads on this site. From what I've read, for something to be considered proven in science there needs to be evidence, which needs to be tested, and then 'people in the know' have to agree on it. And if that happens, then it's mostly proven but it's still sometimes only a probability?

    If this is (somewhat) correct, then I'm wondering if there's been any valid scientific experiment or research to try to validate psychics (mediums, clairvoyants, psychics, healers, etc)?

    Along the same lines - can evidence be personal experience/observation (like if a scientist - or 10 scientists - went to a medium), or does evidence have to be measurable by math and/or machine (and not those strange handheld hoobie-doobie's they have on haunted house investigation shows)?

    With so much of the psychic phenomena in society (from street corners to primetime tv to businesses to governments) I would think someone has looked into it - but even if someone did, I wouldn't know how they would measure it.

    1. @robertallen2,...?

      lol, could it be an alter-ego?.. here is a link to try to answer some of your questions.

      Scientific method.

    2. Thank you for sharing that link. A lot to digest. Very thorough scientists seem to be, and a thorough process to prove a 'hypothesis.' Thankfully so. But, my goodness, I hope these folks don't go through this when deciding what's for dinner.

      I see that your name is relevant, too. The path of least resistance.

    3. The answer is No, science needs to see it to be of value. "See" meaning perhaps not a visual experiment but visual enough to at least see the result on a machine or some sort of "seeable" way or mathematical way (equation) but then it is only theoretical physic.
      But happily there is a (called pseudo-science) branch of science that dare to explore the unseen....they call them the quacks, many people across the globe are interested as they feel there is something there. It will often be associated with religion even if it's not. For many people spirituality, awareness, out of body dimension has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with an additional dimension of reality.

      I kinda like your name, nothing like a good joke to start the day!
      You are the antithesis of robertallen1, i would change my name to robertallen-1 or 1robertallen if i were you. Funny how your avatar look alike too. lol
      I am sure Robertallen1 will take pleasure in converting you, watch out it may hurt.

    4. oQ
      i hate to be picky but i must. please do not call "But happily there is a (called pseudo-science) branch of science that dare to explore the unseen" it is not a branch of science at all. you or others are free to investigate what ever you wish but do not call it science as it does not fit the definition. it tries to gain credibility not earned by associating itself with science. again sorry to be picky

    5. Thanks for your insight. I read the wikipedia page for parapsychology. For some in the science community to call it a 'pseudo-science' sounds a bit derogatory to me, but perhaps it's a result from years and years of so-called 'quacks' quacking away without proof.

      Apparently, psychic phenomena has been tested in the past, but I wasn't entirely impressed with how. Asking 90,000 people if they think a bunny or a frog was on the other side of a card doesn't sound like the strongest technique (and the test was flawed anyway). But this is just a layman perspective. I think it might be more effective to ask 90 self-proclaimed psychics to guess the cards.

      Maybe Mr. Rogo's quote sums it up - that it was hard to 'design an experiment to prove' psychic ability.

      After reading this article, though, and the one shared by Razor, I just wonder if the scientists & pseudo-scientists aren't asking the right questions?

    6. oQ...What additional dimension of "hidden reality" are you referring to? There are 27 dimensions.

    7. exactly...and we know nothing of these dimensions "thought to be". So if you go by that, i can go by what i think and that puts us in the same lala land.
      I make it more simpler for myself, i divide reality in two, the one we know quite a bit about and the one we (as a society) are clueless about OR the one scientists dive in with pride and the one scientists despise. IN my opinion both are interconnected. The physicial realm is real but it is feeding off the non physical and vice versa.
      The science community will not stop those who have acquire the right to research and communicate their research in incorporeal realms.
      There is a demand in the population and frankly i support it 100%, my reason being that it is perhaps the only way religions are going to be put naked for all to see their financial disguisedness.
      It seems like the most people disconnect from religions the more they connect to their own spiritual potential.

    8. You write "there are", in my opinion you should write "there may be", there may be millions as much as there may be just two with the second containing millions of dimensions or 27.

    9. Well...God gave us the Bible as a guidebook right? What it says in that book is to not have anything to do with psychics or mediums.I would think for a really good reason! All of my research that I have done until now tells me God said that to protect us from cunning,very intelligent creatures called demons-mediums and psychics get their info from them! I really like Marilynn Hughes the mystic in the doc,but what I dont understand is...why she would direct so many to have OBE's and things of that nature when she clearly knows what the Bible says...thats what I want to know.I hope I helped w/your question.Read the Book of Enoch chapter 15 about The Watchers-the fallen angels-lots of info on them and they tie into the last days...check it out!

    10. Yes, you are correct. The issue I think is inappropriate worship or influences since wandering spirits can trick the living into possession of the body, much like the sinners and afflicted outcasts who were healed by Jesus, often by driving off evil spirits. Jesus wants men to tap directly to God via the Holy Spirit rather than by third parties.

      Perhaps this is what Jesus meant in John 20:29 when he declared that happier are those who do not see but believe. Likewise Jeremiah 31:34 provides the manner of salvation, “And no longer shall each one teach his neighbor and each his brother, saying, ‘Know the LORD,’ for they shall all know me, from the least of them to the greatest, declares the LORD. For I will forgive their iniquity, and I will remember their sin no more.”

      In my opinion, Hell is unloosed on Earth, but men are given the formula by Jesus to prevent these wandering spirits from influencing humanity. Casting Satan to hell is basically removing the opportunity for these rejected spirits from taking possession of humanity.

      Anyway, if you believe in the Bible, then you ought to be open minded to visions and inspirations since that is basically how God communicated his Word or Will; From Abraham to Moses to the prophets and the Kings of Israel; God even communicates via visions to non-believers like the King of Babylon.

      Wasn't Daniel a third party to the vision of the Babylonian King? The King was shattered and his empire in disarray as a result of a royal decree that until his court discovers the details of this horrible dream and its meaning, all wise men (astrologers, astronomers, fortune tellers and spiritualists) would be killed. Then Daniel came to the rescue by fasting, humbling for mercy & praying to God, then asking what was that all about.

    11. I have also wondered if science can prove or disprove any spiritual experience. The problem is that spiritual experiences are considered beforehand as non scientific, and are quick to be dismissed. There are however lots of scientists and institutions that look for answers, like the international transpersonal association for exemple. You have to bear in mind also that what we, general population, have access to in term of scientific knowledge is limited by what is considered scientific or not (scientificity is a created category, and facts enter and exit this category according to time or paradigms), in other words, what is published.
      What poped out of all the research on these subjects is : science as we practice it nowadays only considers physical occurrences as real because that's what we, humans, can mesure. Our reality is limited by the perception spectrum of our senses (and technology that enhence our senses, like a microscope). If spiritual occurences are not physical, but in/on another dimension/plane of existence, then it is not "scientific" in the meaning we give to scientificity. But if it's not scientific, it can neither be confirmed or denied. That's why personnal experience is so important in spirituality; there is no outside tools that can mesure spiritual phenomenon yet.
      Also, there are plenty of scientific observation that don't fit into our current scientific pattern/paradigm. The first exemple that comes to my mind is the study by scientists from harvard of altered state of conciousness in monks during medidation that causes a considerable elevation of body temperature (to the point where visible steam rises from a wet blanket laying accross the monk's shoulders). If you look, you'll find many more.

  7. When I find I am in the dark side ,,,I set fire to a page out of the bible or koran and get on with out all this God rubbish, both the Bible and Koran are the two most dangerous books ever writing by unhinged people.
    Sadly they will be around until the world blows up.

  8. I liked this film -- more spiritual than religious, really. As such, a lot of the debate on this thread seems sort of besides the point. Once we move beyond "superstition" (as written below), then what? Does the importance of love, kindness and compassion really hinge on our ability to prove or disprove the existence of God? To paraphrase the demonologist: I don't care if you worship a quartz crystal, you've got to keep it positive.

    I would add: I don't care if you worship nothing at all, the values expressed in this film are ones we should all aspire to.

    1. I have no problems with the values of love and compassion. In fact, I applaud and value them. The problem I have is that they could encourage people to seek help from spiritual quacks when they should be consulting professionals. A faith healer cannot and does not cure the many diseases that can kill us. The people in this film may be sincere in their values of love but it is misplaced and possibly dangerous. A person suffering from schizophrenia does not need an exorcist. He needs the best medical attention possible from professionals who do no use mumbo jumbo and incantations to cast out the evil spirits. That could be the irresponsible consequences of espousing such superstitious trash.

    2. There was a demonologist in this film, but at no point did I understand him to favor exorcism over professional medicine. Nor do I remember any mention of faith healers. I have read several posts on this thread labeling two of the interviewees mentally ill. I disagree. Not everything in our world can be explained by scientists and medical professionals. Indeed both of these disciplines ask us to put a certain amount of faith in the unseen. Love and compassion may be evidence of the divine within each of us or they could simply be chemical reactions that evolved to aid in our survival. Anyone who thinks they know for sure may themselves be crazy.

  9. Very sincerely and truthfully narrated. The speakers are very real, that is clear in their energy and way of sharing.
    Thank you

  10. At first I thought I would really like this documentary. I was expecting something really spiritual that would really share some new ideas... Instead I got a lot of dogma that ruined the documentary for me. That "Mystic" woman's constant arrogant cackling didn't help either. It had some good ideas but overall failed.

    1. There isn't an arrogant bone in Marilynns body so how exactly is her CACKLE arrogant. You don't like her NERVOUS laugh so you demean something she can't help. NICE.

    2. She laughs like she suddenly realized the silliness of what she just said.

  11. Brilliant documentary, I will be following the guidance given to love more, great advice

  12. I would rather believe in a God who has a plan than a man who does not.

    1. Apparently, God's plan for me is that I will die someday and then spend eternity being consumed in the fires of hell. That plan stinks. The only ones who like this plan are those who think they will spend eternity in Paradise. These are the ones who claim that they love their neighbour as they love themselves. Those who are being toasted for their lack of faith will feel the love every time another log gets thrown on the fire.

  13. in the coming age we will evolve beyond superstitious, including the areas that people generally do not recognize it , like the culture beliefs and assumptions established by society that are no different than obvious areas like this film. these exist all around us, and the only way to avoid them is to investigate then create a symbiotic understanding of each area of study discipline or interest. until we arrive at the truth that is far stranger and miraculous than good, evil, gods ,devils ,determinism and materialism.

  14. wow ok i got 4 mins in and i couldn't take it. this is a handful of people talking in definite terms about something they have no proof for.

    they don't know s*** about the "spiritual realms" just like i don't know who is going to win the next superbowl. it's pretty safe to say the team that work's the hardest will win but f*** knows who that's gonna be...

    in my opinion the positive's that come from spirituality are positivity and the subsequent happiness that will bring but that is just common sense.

    be positive and life will be cool, think about bad s*** and life will suck.

    to believe that anyone knows for sure what is going on at the level higher than humans is arrogant and ignorant.

    this should be your mantra - have fun, be positive and don't be a d*ckhead

  15. Sociology and psychology mixed with mysticism by people using 'because I said so' statements. But that's been successfuly going on for centuries because there are people who keep falling for it.
    I mean, it all makes for an intriguing drama and everyone loves a good drama.

  16. Seriously lakhotason? You have really devolved to that point of having no "soul"? I am by no means belittling or pitying you, but dude that is sad.

    1. If you are saying I have devolved to the point of having no soul then you implicitly state that I evolved a soul. I would like you to prove that evolution is in the soul making business.

  17. The Road To Armageddon: A Free Spiritual Guide

    In general, when the weak and dissolute are supposed to be under the influence of devils and demons, they are merely being dominated by their own inherent and debased tendencies, being led away by their own natural propensities. The devil has been given a great deal of credit for evil which does not belong to him.
    The ignorant and superstitious believed that caves led to the underworld, with its evil spirits.
    The great truth of Siddhartha’s ( Buddha) teaching was his proclamation of a universe of absolute justice. He taught the best godless philosophy ever invented by man; it was the ideal humanism and most effectively removed all grounds for superstition, magical rituals, and fear of ghosts or demons.
    The monotheists keep their subordinate gods as spirits, demons, fates, Nereids, fairies, brownies, dwarfs, banshees, and the evil eye.
    Where are you in this mix?

    1. Buddha is no different than flying monkeys. Just another la-la I know the way bedtime story. Rather I live my life without philosophy whether it be godless or not. Just live my life.

  18. wow, a 71 1/2 minute infomercial for promotion of industrial schizophrenia. i couldnt help but notice the complete lack of even a single smiling face in all the illustrative stills they flash. the common thread of all those "sharing their wisdom" was various manifestation of schizoid diagnostic cues. excellent doc from the standpoint of actually showing the "devout" in their truest form: the clinically insane. btw, i did manage to watch the entire piece, and i did find it most illuminating. good sales technique, contrasted by truly bad exploitation of the obviously mentally ill.

  19. The human history that we can trace and put in record as correct depiction of our blood thirsty and war hungry nature was never short of any god involvement some how . Here we have someone trying to sell the story of a all mercy god in whatever text to solve our suffering . We need not look far back to say that religion was and still is the cause of most of our suffering . Why can't we accept that we are human and just need to be kind to all fellow human being on this earth . Need no promises of heaven or hell to guide our action . I belief in god , read most of the text depicting god in various religion i can get hold of , god to me (are) ET that have guided the course of human development all the time .
    We were told to be good and kind at all time to develop our soul by all the various religion or great teaching of the ancient wisdom that is still available for us to read and understand . The internet is suppose to make all these wisdom hidden available for all and read it together with the latest science or cosmology . The sign and evidence of ET are all there .
    We have gone through that period of endless war and suffering under the guidance of various god represented in various form and convey through abusive churches ,mosque and temple . Do we still need to identify and align with different god to act and behave kindly ? Looks to me we are still that far off from true peace on earth

    1. Thank you for saying it first God is by defintion an ET. An advanced lifeform that lives in the sky. Now I can't make a strong case for the existance of either God or ET's. I will say that at least aliens are consistant with what we can see and and dont require magic. All of recorded history men have been trying to tell storys of people coming from the sky like us but not like us. Its only later generations that perverted it to serve there own selfish desires. power, money. respect, worship. I try really hard to be calm about this so i will hold back on frothing at the mouth when I say this. But the deliberate missrepresentation of facts by organized religion "And they know exactly what the're doing" is doing a horrible disservice to mankind. Its up to everyone NOT to fall for this silly fairytale that has persisted for so long. Take responsibilty for your own morality and that of your offspring. Ive only recently started reading the origional translations on the sumarion writings and I think thats about as close as we are going to get to an unpoluted history with regards to God. The gods weren't magic to them just way smarter and they are quite clear that they come from another planet

    2. Thanks for sharing the same view on god . do agree that Summerian did a good job recording all their events and their god from a distant star in clay tablet for us to read . Reading or watching documentary on the true story of the cruelty carried out by all these organised religion does make one 's blood boiling . Worst still is they can totally denied the true facts and continue to wear a mask of angel declaring to the world their kindness and collect donation of course . Bill Gate declare his disbelief in God publicly but express respect for those who belief so . Guess what happen ? Plenty of curse and swearing showed up condemning Bill to hell , declaring that all money donated will not save his soul and place in eternal hell . I don't mind joining Bill if the day come and if there is a hell waiting waiting for me

  20. I find it enlighteningly funny, that the man in this documentary who said the most amazingly stupid thing, then later said the most amazingly wise thing. Everyone is right about some things while being wrong about others.
    I say if you want to know god, you can only use the evidence that "he" left. The universe itself, and your conscience, these are the places there would be evidence of god. However what you learn from these two things, are not that god DOES exist. He might of course but there is no evidence, so he is as believable as fairies. Be good for yourself, if he exists, he will understand.

  21. If your not a melanatied original hu-man of this land ,you have no soul just a spirit.Fuck off wit this. Know your made up tales being

  22. Lately I tried to point out Vltako to some excellent documentaries. None of them were posted nor did I get reply from him. It seems to me that this page is slowly going to the wrong direction.

    As for patronizing people with christian religion and GOOD words. Or like David Icke is trying tell people that a reptile invasion is ongoing is all none sense.

    People have to search the inner self indeed but through knowledge and discipline and not through faith in GOD's.

    As wald0 did commented no one did it better here, A+ on that.

    We live in a world of information and many of them are not true so we need to filter out or we get all mad and misled to wrong direction. That is exactly what this "documentary" does and I don't have to even watch it because daemons etc.

    When you are trying to digest this none sense. People from upper places are stealing from us and poisoning all of us.

    Be good to all? Be like Jesus? Be like someone who can not fight against evil people?

    Look in to the nature and see that all living is defending it self. But here we have a person who didn't do nothing and he might not even existed.

    Forget all media like History channel, National geographic ... They will never point you the right direction. New age stuff like Aliens.

    If there wasn't internet I still would be so not educated on the truth. So many times lost the true direction which derailed me for some time but now I know that believe in what isn't just there is LOST TIME as this documentary IS.

  23. If I remember right, the same guy that invented the "god" helmet also did experiments where he asked subjects questions and requested them to lie and make up a response they knew was not true, then he looked at what parts of their brains lit up, afterwards he asked them to now be honest, and if they "really believed in God, heaven, hell, etc" Guess what happened? The same parts of the brain that lit up when they tell a lie, lit up... This tells me EVERYTHING I need to know about the whole sham.

    1. lmao all that says is that we use parts of our brain when we think. this test would be more interested if they measured the brain for answers that were truthful only to have a different part of the brain react.

      Specifically I believe that many religious zealots truly believe what their preaching and that's more scary than if they were all simply lying.

  24. Made it as far as 1 min 29 sec. Can any one say: "Paranoid Schizophrenic"?

    Seek all the "spiritual guidance" you want lady... what you really need is a good shrink.

    @Vlatko, you joker you. Are you adding more films like this to beef up the comedy section?

    1. You should have watched a bit longer then your comment would have been 0.00001% justified. Pity you judged too soon, it really was a great documentary on so many levels.

  25. I'll watch this when high. Its the only way I'll be able to tolerate some of the concepts and ideas presented here.

  26. Careful now ,

  27. aaaand they know all this... how?

    thaaaat's right, back into the fiction section with the lot of you.

  28. Armagedon is for me a make up story of mainly Cristanity,like god is in heaven,human is nothing,and evil and good dont coexist together. Im sure that this is not the case. We have to exepct everything the way it is- it yust IS, and only then we can hope of some changes...god is within us and we are divine spiritual beeings. thats my opinioun. peace

  29. And I love ya all! peace out! and be GOOD to each other!

    1. "I Love ya all"?? Its as bad as saying will pray for you all! you love ya all so much as calling people half-wits! Give me a break! funny religee's.

  30. wow, i didn't realize that y'all had so much hatred pent up. I did use any net jargon, so I'm not exactly sure how to respond.....

  31. watched the doc, yep the whole thing, read the comments and WOW, that's a lot of hatin'! interested to know what you all believe in.

  32. did u half-wits even read my post, or did the simple mention of the word God throw you into a blathering rage? lol! y'all are a funny lot. i didn't even say i believed in God. you're too much! LMBO!!!!!

    1. Of course you believe in your gods, does not your face book say "ALLAH," "ISLAM," as interests? you are telling lies.

      And do not call anybody half-wits, Oh, wait! I forgot that is what religee's do when backed against a wall, resort to ad hominem's.

    2. It also says i like boxing and jimi hendrix, and jesus and neal degrasse tyson! lol!

    3. Had you indeed read and comprehended my post, you could not help but see that all I said was tongue in cheek. my point (and it has indeed proven to be a valid point) was that any time God is mentioned, people close their ear and stick up their noses. These people who made this amateur video did so with love and kindness; not one evil intent. yet many of you can't see the forest for the trees....

      Dude, I point out you get to hear from a PROFESSIONAL DEMONOLOGIST! you don't find that one bit funny? and that chuckle you get, that's a good thing! thank the folks who produced this work of art for that.

      get over yourself and lighten up. God is what each of us make of it. peace out!

    4. Not one evil intent? Then why are they frightening us with their flying monkeys?

    5. "Had you indeed read and comprehended my post" (You didn't exactly use big words.)

      "all I said was tongue in cheek"



      L2WriteClearly. This is text-based commenting, not Youtube. Perhaps--just maybe--what you considered to be 'tongue in cheek' didn't actually come across that way.

      LMFAO@txtnoob =P

    6. Here's the thing Justin. No one is hating anything. Look at what you're asking us to to acknowledge as legitimate. Professional Demonologists? Just what is a professional demonologist and what does he do professionally? Even my spell-check goes bat-sh*t crazy when it sees that phrase.

    7. You can't be serious?!?!?!?!? Dude, it's a person who imagines some crazy s*** as a job! That's what's hilarious about it. Let these happy people be! If their spiritual views resonate, join in the fun. If not, why y'all gotta be so hateful? Let 'em be! Their was no cultish vibe here, so absolutely no foul.

      Peace out.

    8. Let these happy people be? I'm not bothering these people. They are free to say what they wish. Are you saying that I cannot do likewise? If I see them as the charlatans that they are then I will say so.

    9. This film helps to validate the beliefs of the gullible and could prompt them to dish out hard earned cash to psychics, faith healers and demonologists. Even if they don't mean to do harm the end result may still be dangerous. As an example, if one goes to a faith healer instead of seeking medical attention one can do irreparable harm.

      This has nothing to do with hating God. It has everything to do with our objections to the propagation of superstitious nonsense and declaring it to be fact.

  33. Sorry I couldn't watch all of it - I got as far as 20 minutes. This is a medieval paradigm and takes no account of hundreds of years of thinking and discoveries about the mind and society. Individuals operate and make choices within a social context - to argue we have complete free will to choose our actions is erroneous - it's termed the Dispositional Fallacy in social sciences.

  34. lol! you "God-haters" are just as silly as the looniest snake-handling strychnine drinker!

    what was the main message floating throughout this whole presentation? i doubt you even watched, but it was "Love people, be good to people, be good to yourself." There is not one shred of malice, not one shred of judgement, nothing.... how could you possibly oppose that? yet your cult of God-hate - admit it, you are obsessed with hating everything about God - blinds you to make a snide remarks. take that to your academic bank. #clearsthroat

    the "From the Author" description given is WAY and I mean WAY over the top, but this simple interview-style expose is an enjoyable watch. listen to obscure religious leaders, a couple Ivy League profs i never heard of, and some other random folk tell you their various spiritual journeys. there's even the wisdom of a professional demonologist!

    if those three sentences don't float your boat, spend your hour and ten minutes watching something else. it should also be mentioned that the title is bizarre -- the film has nothing that i could even remotely discern to do with the Armageddon ethos. so if you came for that, you might be disappointed as well. i don't believe the word Armageddon or even End of Days were used in the whole film....

    i actually enjoyed it and may even watch it again sometime. peace out! and be good to each other!

    1. That's right god-haters. It's all fun and games until the flying monkeys show up.

    2. LOL! Forrest Gump said it best... stupid is as stupid does. i gotcha at the word "God" didn't i? LMBO!!!!!!

    3. Is Forrest Gump one of your laughing philosophers?

    4. @Justin Hales:

      God haters? where? nobody hates gods, not even your own.

      How can you hate something that is not real, you talk as if your gods are real, show us with proof a living breathing god, (it is pretty hard to prove a negative), is about as real as all the demons, devils, angels, figments of imagination as this doc portrays.

      Love you say? love is just a chemical reaction in the brain.

    5. nice to meet you Mr. Automaton! Get over yourself dude, Love is all that matters.

    6. One doesn't have to be a 'god-hater' to have issues with this film.

      People would do better to go to a psychologist or psychiatrist to help them work through life issues rather than indulge in this type of deluded thinking. What I find frightening is that people actually buy into it.

      I listened for years to the same type of talk that has been presented here, but from a mentally-ill relative. I'm not terribly open to this type of 'blue-sky' thinking, after watching someone struggle and suffer for most of their life. At one point they got sucked in by a religious group; fortunately, it didn't last long. Therapy and treatment for thyroid problems helped tremendously, in the end.

      This sounds like a self-help video twisted into angels and demons. The woman speaking sounds absolutely delusional. She needs serious help. The crashes of thunder throughout are totally unnecessary.

      This film is, as Jo McKay said, pure hokum.

    7. lol! you quasi-scientist have so divested yourself from human existence it ain't even funny! The great philosophers of the world are laughing in their graves! y'all too much. LMBO!!!!

    8. What makes you think I'm in the sciences? My professional background is advertising, marketing and business.

      Doesn't take science to smell sh*t.

      BTW I did you the courtesy of reading your entire post. I even managed to reply without calling you names or insulting your world view.

      I have a different view of the film than you. Too bad you didn't apply the precepts you claim are in the film to your nasty little comments. ("Love people, be good to people, be good to yourself." How ironic.)

    9. A hatred for god is no prerequisite for disliking pure delusion and fantasy presented as reality by people who are obviousely sophisticated enough to know better. The big questions in life- where did I come from, why am I here, why do we suffer, etc. are very important, but if we substitute real knowledge and wisdom with this made up gibberish, no matter how warm and fuizzy it makes you feel, it prevents mankind from making real progress on these fronts. There are ligitimate reasons to as you said "love people, be good to people, be good to yourself" laid out in real disciplines such as moral and ethical philosophy, economics, and political science plus there are countless wonderful works of literature which expand on this point greatly. There is no need to conjure up demons and gods in order to get these points across. In fact all that is required is to place us in a social setting and the value of these virtues become self evident whether you believe in a god or not.
      The problem isn't that people are unaware of the fact that they should treat others as they wish to be treated, that love is more productive than hate, etc. it is that we have true human nature which drives us in ways that are not generally logical. The secular mind acknowledges these tendencies as a normal product of evolution as well as identifying them as unproductive and detrimental to a functional society and turns to practical sciences such as those previosely mentioned to address them- at no point does a hatred of the concept called god come into the picture.

  35. I got something from this. It's rare I give god believers much time and for some reason or another this did deliver the passion of the contributors. I found them to be mostly compassionate and easy to empathize with.

  36. imagination

  37. Oh please!!!

  38. This video is a gateway drug to Christian Angel/Demon theology. I agree with Jo, it's hokey. And unproductive to true spiritual growth. Watch it if you believe that Angels are fighting Demons for possession of your soul.

    1. please define true spiritual growth.

  39. hokay...or should i say hokey? Sadly had to leave this meeting of the metaphysical society early...I don't know what i expected...something academic, a little credulity maybe...whatever, whatever, points must be given to folks who can discuss gods, demons and angels without crackin a smile - not much of a stretch from the organized mainstream religions and a thousand new age 'quantum' leaps (intended :). watch if ur curious, not recommended.

  40. ooooohh yeeahh! can feel the love trickling down through each post;) this doc really found its audience!

  41. The concepts of multiple gods or demons are sometimes just a way to describe the various voices/drives/motivations that we all have inside us. The Greeks and Romans found it useful to have one god for anger and another for socializing. Studying the gods was really just a proxy for studying the self.

    1. Yes, but surely only for the upper-class Greeks and Romans!

  42. It's not that I think i am smarter than God, I just think you are full of ****.

  43. Surely this is a joke, right?

  44. I don't know what you are all complaining about this is great stuff!
    Really entertaining, just like harry potter and the lord of the rings!

    Sit enjoy and get lost into the fantastical world of demons and angels and put your logical mind away!

    1. Hiding from, fighting, and hauling a$$ from those Ringwraiths always did sound kind of cool, didn't it?
      Course, sooner or later, I always made sure to make my back home, so to speak.
      May the gods look after the fools who never do!

  45. After First speech had to stop it. What a looney :D If you like daemon poop on your face go for it ;)

  46. What a load of rubbish :/...those people are dependent on their imaginary world even more than kindergardeners ... religious people will forever remain with a caveman mentality

  47. At about 1.05 when the music kicks in, if they'd finished with that, this would have been the best film ever! Or a bit funny at least :)

  48. There are many ways to look at this documentary but lets just
    stick with one "Help me doctor" !!!

  49. Prayer, Meditation, Spiritual reading = P. M. S.
    Reincarnation = groundhog life.
    I see dud people!

    1. You mean that is what women have every month, "Prayer, meditation, Spiritual reading = P.M.S."

      Somehow I doubt that, hide any weapons! and run!

    2. You can run Blue, but you have to go home eventually ;)

  50. Those mystical realms must not be very mystical if they know so much about them.

  51. they are all might be psychotic or post traumatic disorder patients but their massage is clear and good for our materialist society and the falling economic world.I would love to see brain scan of their brains.

    1. interesting perspective

  52. That's it! 6:40 is all that I could take, when that nutty broad got into angels I canned it. What gets me is that some people actually believe in this gods, devils and demons gunk.

  53. ~Life is just Life~

    I like this vid :3

    I want a Magic Robot spirit guide :o

  54. The comments didn't prepare me for how nutty this vid is. I appreciate the warnings but I don't think anyone could prepare me for this nonsense. I sat on the couch with a bunch of grapes to snack on while I watched this film and by the fifth grape I had had enough. The mystic who couldn't fly through demons and then the pastor who has conversations with Jesus are something else. This mystic even has names for her demons. What a bunch of loonies.

    1. yeah and not always so harmless.

  55. Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.

  56. If as suggested before, one has to watch the whole doc to comment on it, this thread would remain empty. Who in their right mind could go through 1:11:37 hr of this, has to have a whole lot of nothing better to do.
    Even having my morning shite felt like heaven compare to this. It is close to a miracle i lasted 20minutes.

    1. Thats a real "out of Body" experience HA HA !

  57. Wohooo! killer doc' ... time killer doc', that is.

  58. It is not Hindi, it's a Indian language, Say Hindus or Hinduism

  59. Life is a near death experience.

    1. is a sickness with 100percent mortality :D:D