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RSA AnimateThe RSA is an enlightenment organization committed to finding innovative practical solutions to today's social challenges.

Through its ideas, research and 27,000-strong Fellowship it seeks to understand and enhance human capability so we can close the gap between today's reality and people's hopes for a better world.

At the heart of the RSA's contemporary mission and public debates about the future prospects for the human race is the question: Can we go on like this? Will the ideas and values which transformed our world in the last two centuries be sufficient to find solutions to the challenges we now face or do we need new ways of thinking?

Bringing great ideas to global audiences, cutting across traditional political battle lines, carrying out cutting-edge research and development projects, undertaking practical innovation itself and by mobilizing the talents the RSA is becoming the kind of organization this century urgently needs.

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14 Comments / User Reviews

  1. PaulGloor

    RSA is awesome... If you've watched 'the trouble with experts' i think this is where you'll find some real ones.

  2. M A
  3. M A

    At last! :)

  4. S.E.T.H
  5. S.E.T.H

    This film has great content. Shame the animation delivery lost my interest in just a few mins. Ended up mostly just listening while I worked on other things.

  6. WiseGapist
  7. WiseGapist

    Really interesting doc, some good perspectives on our social ills... Has brought the RSA to my attention, hadn't heard of them before this so, nice one :)

  8. Yavanna
  9. Yavanna

    Absolute babble. The artistic and mental equivalent of business speak.

  10. Anthony Williams
  11. Anthony Williams

    I found some of the lectures to be very interesting especially those referencing current research, there were no advertisements and I didn't hear to many people trying to sell a product, so how is it equivalent to business speak? It served to reinforce some of my own ideas and give them focus, all in all I couldn't see any harm in it whatsoever.

    Unless your after an hour long lecture in bio chemistry I cant really see the problem in listening to some academics succinctly voicing their ideas? especially those that were aspects of wider research.

  12. Yavanna
  13. Yavanna

    I agree with you and partly take back my original comment. I watched the first lecture and wrongly assumed that was the doc. I still feel that the first lecture is quite "babble"ish but the rest seem more earthed and having received your reply I`ve watched others and have come to appreciate the compilation more.

  14. Tobias Dresler
  15. Tobias Dresler

    i saw the part about educaton and ADHD just now, and my self have been diagnosed with ADHD i must say i agree. i know for my self it is very real ( the ADHD ) but i also know medication is not always the best way. many people with adhd are better off without. you should at lesat wait until the kids with adhd are starting to fall behind in school/life before throwing shit down they're throats. also his points on when kids are ready for school touched me. not all kids are eaqually mature at the same age. not all kids are ready to learn at the same age.

  16. gene_M
  17. gene_M

    The style in which the issues were presented, with artistic image, was astounding. Greatly aided me in understanding the topics, guess I'm a visual learner. Anyway, simply fantastic doc.

  18. illy
  19. illy

    I love their animations, make it a lot easier to understand certain points (like gene_M, I seem to be quite visual). They make excellent work and with a shot of humour it makes the whole thing really fun to watch, even if it is about serious matter.

  20. John Jacquard
  21. John Jacquard

    called, using thee old noggin

  22. lol_what_am_i_saying
  23. lol_what_am_i_saying

    this is really stressing me out... bad sound and very difficult to keep focus. what's the point in so much of the animation just displaying a hand writing down words the narrator is already saying? it's a pitty cuz it's an interesting topic. did anyone actually get through the entire documentary? thumbs up

  24. S├ębastien Talbot-Vachon
  25. S├ębastien Talbot-Vachon

    Yes, me, and I like it. However, it is true that seeing the hand and the back of the head of the guy is annoying.

  26. Enric G. Torrents
  27. Enric G. Torrents

    Yavanna, what the hell?

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