Sex: The Annabel Chong Story
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Sex: The Annabel Chong Story

1999, Sexuality  -   196 Comments
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This is the original notorious documentary about porn star Annabel Chong, who achieved the first world record for taking the most sexual partners in one day.

The film was nominated for the 1999 Sundance Grand Jury Prize and wowed audiences around the world.

It's a revealing documentary that covers two years in the life of Annabel Chong (nee Grace Quek). As Quek, she is a feminist who is receiving her bachelor's degree at the University of Southern California.

As Chong, she is a porn actress who breaks a world record by having sex with two hundred fifty-one men in a ten hour span. The conflicting personas of Quek/Chong eventually come to blows, resulting in an emotional reunion with her mother in her native Singapore.

We find that Annabel saw this feat as an empowering act, a step forward in her self-styled feminist movement.

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6 months ago

What a disgusting whore

2 years ago

Her parents must be "proud". What a waste of film

4 years ago

wow this reminds me of a lebanese girl i knew. she had 2 sides to her but wasn't an obvious drug addict like this woman. she did have a split personality though and f***ed so many guys, thought she was unique and special but just a lost person on the inside

9 years ago

If Sadaam were alive to see this, he'd say, "mother of all cheap tricks"
(actually, he was alive back then). No, he'd actually say, "mother of all vvhore")

Dave Ace
9 years ago

I always find people's views on sex hilarious. Those who've made us view what's basically a natural enjoyable act (much like eating, drinking, scratching your ass) as an evil thing put upon us to challenge and prove our worth to a higher power, should have a think about not (as you say) how wrong or vile or sad this woman is, but that rarely in the comments pertaining to her being a "whore" or "slut" or whatever, do I read a mention from those same minds of the ethical and moral value of the 251 men who fu*ked her. I guess that's why women who have lots of sex are whores to be degraded and men who have sex are "studs" and we raise our glasses to them. Everyone is exploited, you just won't be remembered for yours.

10 years ago

this is noting just a world record...and she had the one is perfect to blame...but if you think she is doing wrong don't be one among 251,,, :)...and good thing is she is not hurting any one but just giving pleasure to 251 frustrated dicks...
don't get surprised or angry because soon some other crazy one is going to brake this record..
then may be she realize what she had done

10 years ago

is this be the honour of mankind?I think pigs are even better than her bcz they also never joined a single female in such a number. A world ever shameful act by a human.

10 years ago

having sex with 251 is not an achievement it is a cheap act of laying down and make her ass accessible by any one ....

10 years ago

the depravity to which she sank is beyond words. SHE is marked for life with this and she has to live with it. To be in the absolute most discusting of the human race is not an achievement. This spits in the face of all mankind. Where to point the finger? she is a puppet one can see. possibly society for allowing this to happen! most hiddious. Sexual exploitation at a new HIGH (low). One should feel guilty if you find ANY sort of pleasure in porn viewing. What about your spouse? Do you not think they deserve you? evil if at all you can define it. degrading to women and men.

10 years ago

After reading some of these comments I get the impression that no one is treating this girl with any kind of respect, everybody assumes she doesn't know what she wants, like she's to dumb to know what she wants to do. Also her morality seems fine to me and I'm 100% serious she's not killing anyone, she's not rude to anyone, she's just trying to make it in this world while hurting absolutely no one. This is not tragic, sorry, but tragic is a school shooting or a murder or a child with cancer, but this is just a young girl who found a way to make her mark in this world and make a living, really she's business savvy, she found a gimmick and ran with it. I'm sure I would never of heard of her if she never did this anyway nevermind that she will be financially set for life.

Sharron Miller
10 years ago

This is a tragic. As for myself I only could see a woman crying out in pain and for attention. This woman have many mental issues she need to combat.

Stack Nicholson
10 years ago

oh my god the intro she made to her gang bang looked like a parody of itself.

10 years ago

If you don't get the point maybe you should watch it again, and again and again LOL

10 years ago

Would have really appreciate a trigger warning in regards to cutting being shown.

10 years ago

This documentary shows some interesting stuff but it is horribly done.

10 years ago

Well, her parents must be proud.

Rachid Talal
10 years ago

Oh, poor silly girl : If you wanna bang or shag the whole male population , that's your problem .

Just do not make it sound as if you were some new feminist struggling for womens' rights or as if you were some sort of an idealistic chick , because it's just does not add up ,come on .

10 years ago

This was a long doc, which left me with more questions than answers.
I felt horrified as I watched this woman make a train wreck out of her life.
People who knew her made her out to be so intelligent! Really?
She allowed herself to be exploited by people like John Bowen.
She was such an unhappy person, claiming to be empowering herself.
Empowered people don't cut themselves or have unprotected sex.
Just out of curiosity, I'm going to google her real name to see if she ever got her act together.

10 years ago

That is one gross (and ugly) woman. Not to mention mentally unstable. "I've always had a complex about my body". The pornographers are great at finding these damaged humans. Can you imagine being the 251st guy? I love how they try to spin a whore into a hero. Who the hell are they trying to fool?

Make no mistake ladies. Even the pathetic losers that use whores (or porn) still understand they're the low class trash. The media would like you to believe otherwise, but that's how it works the world over, and all throughout history. No amount of anthropology classes at a state propaganda mill ( err school) is ever going to change that.

10 years ago

This is so sad, that someone would think this is an acceptable thing to do and even sadder that there are those that endorse it and take part. She is looking for approval in the wrong place. She has no self-respect or worth and thinks that using her sexuality in deviant ways makes her special. A woman's true sexuality has nothing to do with what she is doing. She needs a serious mental health check...she will never find any man who will want to have a real relationship with her. Its time as a society we stop endorsing and supporting pornography and women like her. She needs help not applause for this.

mostafa eweda
10 years ago

am i the only one disgusted here?

10 years ago

How and why do the US authorities allow this legalised area of pornographic film-making to operate without a medical team?

Is it because the willing victims do not get paid by the film directors to be able to afford a lawyer to sue when they have literally f--ked up their lives in years to come? (No pun intended).

This was the 90s, I guess there may have been some legislation changes by now?

10 years ago

Annabel Chong: In Singapore, doesn't have thought police, people will do it for free to show what the good citizen they are.

10 years ago

After all that d*ck I don't think there is any p*ssy left lol just a very sour bucket haha

10 years ago

interesting... she said it, about the city, "there's an undercurrent of loneliness, sadness, and desperation"; could be said about her too. Lots of people will do lots of crazy s*it in trying to find and hold an identity...I just felt sad for her, that her rebellion, still did not bring her to herself. Did she make a statement for women's sexual freedom? I think hardly, cuz sexuality is only an exploration when your searching, the intention is that you get somewhere.Her softness does shine through; a good film maker; I wish her well...peace

10 years ago

I heard about this story in 2006, but have never seen it...

:-O that's put me right off my morning porridge.

10 years ago

She's ugly in more ways than one.

10 years ago

It's a credit to the educational systems across the Americas, run so much better than the parochial private systems that had to be fixed by governments who care so much for us that I may be subject to prosecution soon for having pirate light bulbs in my own house, that have so improved the quality of a college graduate that they hid behind fences built of sturdy terms like "Marxist Feminism" and for some reason not present in this well disiplined line of comments "fascist, you're a fascist". Don't shrink from your degrees in Midevil flute playing and the sons of the blue collar's favorites, BAs in chair caning and 4th century stained glass. Be proud, put the lifts back in your shoes and spend an afternoon viod of sentences with words like "hegemony" and the oh so addictive "feminazi". Just because you had the strength to throw off the yokes of studying pure sciences, to train your minds in the logic of physics it doesn't mean poor Miss Chong had the same strength of character the years of cheerleading brought you. Did she not know that when a man wrinkles his forehead in the presence of the mainstay of our civilization, the American Woman, she is from that point forward a victim, the possesor of a scarlet letter, so destroyed by that "act" of abuse that she is immediately placed in the rehabilative care of that holy section of the bar at the C Club, run by the victims of men or mysoginists, whichever cocktail you're on at 11:00 AM that she will need the money and time of our government from that point on?

Miss Chong is so well tuned, so capable of the animal survival instincts needed to survive in the face of almost immpossible hardships that she is capable of staying alive after life would have, to a man, killed all of us. Miss Chong has tuned herself to the elements and cruelties of life so well I can't tell you how much I admirer her. She screwed 215 guys, had every bit of her 30 pieces of silver stolen from her but managed to keep sane with just the tiniest of nourishment provided by allowing herself to think she was promoting feminism. What did Marx ever do to Bela Abzug anyway? Like a survivor of a concentration camp she cherishes the choclate of recognition provided by fat, ugly, old, evil men. She knows in her heart that she is flotsam but the narcotic warmth that the attention finally given by men with white hair provides that she awaits her next fix knowing full well that there's a woman in New Rochelle keeping the entire Roto Router staff in Westchester County happy just praying for the phone call that wiil bring her to "the Game". Miss Chong would be Darwin's favorite survivor. Pray that the Edsel, in which your soul exists, never has to keep up with the Ferrari that Miss Chong has evolved herself into. She has survived being born a woman in Singapore, a nation so on the lookout for gum that the possesion of which can only be compared to the subversive Americans hiding 60W bulbs in secret compartments under the old National Geographics. Until the parades for the homecoming drones happen bringing real control for Bubba's radio car gum in Singapore will get you 3 days in the clink.

For the man who's morals and warmth of his mate keep his sexual energies coralled, must have forgotten his teen years. I didn't. I would have screwed a wood pile if I thought I might hit a snake. I had an erection every morning so predictable, in 1st period that I carried a jacket year round and so did everyone else. Wisdom in old age does come. Listen carefully and tune down the TV because here comes the key to the universe. Whores screw for money and wives screw for refrigerators. Remember that Grasshopper and life will no longer be a mystery.

It fries me that the women who use sex so adroitly, as a yoke to steer their agendas are the 1st to identify the cruelties commited by men so vile that anything short of Gloria Aldred arriving on a flaming chariot would be an insult a woman wouldn't be subjected to the old testement, caused. If Henry V were alive today his offer of a kingdom for a horse would be changed to a kingdom for a gov't phone book. If you ask a lady architect, lawyer, doctor, engineer or Army officer if she makes as much as a male architect, lawyer,doctor, engineer or Army officer the answer questions were the pay inequality exists? There are pay differences as a species. Only the US would gladly tackle that one. I don't care what Gloria Stienham told you. You cannot breed and give your offspring the responsible attention they require and demand and be the head engineer at Boeing in the same lifetime. Welcome your choice in life. Don't look to be superior to a woman who may not be aware that braces exist The lack of any kind of self worth is common in Singapore where Chinese men rule absolute. That Miss Chong could convert her feeling of invisibility, of worthlessness into a power over a man so strong that the brevity of her recognition as the most important thing in a man's life, for only a few seconds, is worth it. She has worked her soul with such genius that even as the doormat for women that wouldn't let her do their nails on Saturday she silently plays the hand that life delt her and stays objective and looking towards the future with optimism in spite of a life Dickens seems have planned. Heed my words and make sure you're in her lifeboat.

Resolve your arrows to the real injustices of life. As indignant as the French Canadians can be, no one has stooped to punctuate their anger with phrases like hoser. Although my knowledge on this subject should be in the amateur column my impression was that a Canadian with a picture of the Queen in the foyer and more so in the western providences would be more inclined to be a hoser. The comedy routines from the great shows like the Red Green hour never used this phrase Hoser in reference to Montreal or Quebec. Rest easy mon ami! The English may be stuck with this one.

Good luck with Cardinal Oulette. I think he is too valuable behind the scenes and too hard to steer for the Italian clergy that give advice to the college of cardinals. A French Pope from Canada would not create more converts. There are no millions of unwashed to be won as prizes in Canada for a papal elevation. Africa, long ignored by the church is fertile ground. An Italian would be one too many around the Vatican. Remember Russia never tried to push communism into Italy because they knew any government there would fail. The American Jesuits have influence in interpreting policy such as women priests. I think they will want the child abuse finally handled with this new Pope. He may be a sacrifice whoever he is. Again Africa or to counter balance illegitamacy in S, America. For the 1st time a pope will not be ekevated in haste, I'm sure the college of cardinals have some notion. Thr requirements for a Pope in this decade have definately been written.

I have to stick up for the nurse who had to defend the comparison of straight teeth to pressed underware. If you have kids give them every oportunity for success. Straight teeth in your kids are more important than a fishing boat.

Am i the only person that would like to post a comment without it being recorded forever to haunt you and yours. You can't say boo without someone atributting it to yourself. That's Orwellian. Sometimes you get in the mood to fix something or play a little intellectual volleyball. Why does it have to be brought up at your confirmation hearing to be head Hoser?

10 years ago

And it's these guys that are behind , push and profit from all this
sleeze that will get most of the hellish punishment ...

10 years ago

What a bunch of Uber disgusting crap ...

The bottom of the barrel ...

Luckilly , there are 28 hellish planets out there , to settle the score !!!

10 years ago

i really admire Grace for her strength of character and self-assurance. it's a real plus that she gets so much enjoyment out of sex without love -- something we think of as reserved only for men (see the Sex and the City episode where Carrie does just that). i used to work in an adult bookstore, have been naked in (only) one film, and don't see anything wrong in what she did. it was spectacular! and she's intelligent, too, which isn't very prevalent these days. more power to her.

Denise Graham
10 years ago

Another exploited woman. How original.

10 years ago

What an asinine thing for anyone with any respect to call an accomplishment.

10 years ago

I remember clearly when this woman first accomplished her rather morally questionable feat. At the time I could only think of the depravity & level to which mankind had risen or sunk to. First, that someone would do this & second, that it would become such wide spread news of the time.

I have not changed my original opinions about this woman & the stunt she along with seemingly countless men performed back then. I will say though, as far as her intent to proclaim some sort of feministic superiority & female strength in her personal conquest of man, she is certainly correct in her position (pun intended) that women are stronger or at least have more stamina than men in certain areas. It is not only improbable but completely physically inconceivable that a man could do the same with 251 women in ten hours.

Regardless of her props, (deserved or not) I still find this entire exercise to be morally, psychologically, emotionally & on a human level, bankrupt. I would like to believe that there are critical differences in us as humans that make us different than a bunch of dogs shagging in alleys.

I guess for the sheer spectacle, it beats pogo sticking or hot dog eating for world records. Perhaps this is even more sensational than American Idol or Dancing With The Stars. Same level of moral ambiguity & overall depravity but more sensational just the same.

That people can & do reduce this to a purely physical action with no emotional intimacy is very sad indeed. I guess this has been an activity for all the ages with nothing more than physical satisfaction that makes me somewhat of an idealist, hopeless romantic or otherwise overly sensitive & dated in my ideas of intimacy.

Annette Guida
10 years ago

It's not unique to see a woman in today's culture trying to assert her "femine-self" or whatever term you may use. I'ts made sex, which is a grand thing....boring in my view. What else is there to try!? Is it empowering just to have gone another step further? It may be more empowering for women, as well as men to get off this "Cyber-mania" because in so many regards, it's not the activity that empowers, but the exploitation of it which negates it.

What happened to the Golden Mean? One extreme to the other is a bad mind state. No one has to agree, because this is not a judgemental statement, just a rational point that's been around for ages. Argue with Aristotle. Best regards to all you seekers. Huh?

10 years ago

I do not agree with any of this. So wrong on so many levels.

10 years ago

I like her baby picture. Already assuming the position.

10 years ago

Pope and porno. Somehow the juxtaposition is not surprising.

10 years ago

So going into the documentary I had never heard of this woman. I had no preconceived notions about her as a person or a pornographic actress. I am of the opinion that men and women who wish to participate in this industry should have every right to do so and shouldn't suffer the stigma foisted upon them by those on the extreme right and the extreme left wings of our society. So when Annabel/Grace layed down her spiel about sexual liberation and empowerment, I was ready to buy it.

But it didn't take long for clues to emerge that this woman was not being completely honest about her obvious issues. She casually mentions coming down off of drugs. She seems to have a fatalistic attitude about the risks involved with having sex with so many (as it turns out untested) sexual partners. There's something just a little unsettling about her fixed smile.

So it isn't terribly surprising when you learn about the repressive childhood, the gang rape, the self mutilation. It quickly becomes apparent that this is might not be a woman who is acting out of a desire to empower herself. She's might just be acting out. By the end of the documentary I found myself hoping that Annabel/Grace would come to her senses and get out of the industry, which seemed to be doing a great deal of harm to her.

Doing a little googling I found out that four years after this documentary was first screened, Grace finally retired Annabel Chong. She apparently works in web design, and doesn't discuss her past. I hope she's happy.

10 years ago

So she had a love/hate relationship with cock, the camera and money. Who dosn't? Get over it and youselves.

10 years ago

i feel really sorry for this girl, caught up in a strange world where money and fame are the leaders. i wish i had the power to turn back time for her.

10 years ago

all them freaky guys pulling at their privates during the big bang session... trying to get stiff in public. lol porn has gone downhill.

10 years ago

I'm going to take a wild guess - Jeremy is now "Guest."

I think I know him! Wonderful guy.

I haven't watched the film, and probably won't, but has anyone watched "I, Claudius" from the BBC many years ago? It was on PBS in the US back in the 70's. I was fascinated by a few nude scenes on TV! I think it is on Netflix now.

Lydia or Julia, anyway, Augustus daughter took on the best prostitute in Rome to see who could do more men in one stretch. The daughter won - a one-way ticket out of town, courtesy of her father, the emperor of Rome.

10 years ago


I'm kidding, it's just sex people, get over it.

10 years ago

I was there.I was the last man.I fell in !

Mary Ann
10 years ago

Jeremy personalizes comments and probably gets an endorphin rush out of being abrasive and inflammatory.

10 years ago

Her panache for sexual freedom, is commendable.

10 years ago

I think she likes to believe that her "going against the grain of what is socially acceptable" crusade is drowning out her emotional and mental health issues.

10 years ago

Its amazing to me how people seem to get sex all mixed up, both women and men. I have known guys that have either completely ruined or vastly complicated their life over simple sex. It controls everything thing they do, everything- what job they work, what car they drive, what clothes they wear, what music they listen to, right down to how they interact with others on an everyday basis. They can't have any kind of real relationship, not even with another guy as a friend, because eventually sex will get in between them and whomever they are around. I know women who are the same way, everything is somehow connected to sex. I'm sorry but i fail to see how having sex with a few hundred men or women in one day is in any way a statement of liberation. But hey, I can't see how pain could be pleasurable or domination could be affirming, but obviously others do. I would respect her more if she just said she wanted to get her rocks off while making a buck. What happened to sex being about either an expression of love, mutual pleasure, and/or procreation when desired? In my opinion if you remember sex means these things and only these things you will tend to have a more healthy relationship, a better image of your self, and a happier life in general.

Paulo Silva
10 years ago

That is a social problem and consequently mental illness