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The End of America

The End of AmericaFrom award-winning filmmakers Annie Sundberg and Ricki Stern (The Devil Came on Horseback and The Trials of Darryl Hunt) comes this provocative and expertly crafted film, THE END OF AMERICA, based on The New York Times best seller by the same name. In a stunning indictment of sweeping policy changes during the Bush years, author Naomi Wolf (The Beauty Myth) makes a chilling case that American democracy is under threat.

Investigating parallels between our current situation and the rise of dictators and fascism in once-free societies, Wolf uncovers a number of deeply unsettling similarities—from the use of paramilitary groups and secret prisons to the targeted suspension of the rule of law. With this galvanizing call to arms based on her recent book, she urges regular citizens to take back our legacy of freedom and justice.

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  1. When did this become a religious
    debate?....i just watched this and hmmmm wasn't mentioned....weird I
    thought it was a political documentary, maybe ill have to read into it
    more lol

    Anyhow.. One can assume that the main reason that "terrorism"
    according to the mainstream media which is "lurking around every
    corner", maybe perhaps America is sticking their noses into situations
    that we don't belong all in the name of Oil profits ...opps i mean
    "terrorism" ..there is a very fine line between terrorism and freedom
    fighter in fact they are two sides of the same coin.. it all depends on which side your fighting for.

  2. When did this become a religious debate?....i just watched this and hmmmm wasn't mentioned....weird I thought it was a political documentary, maybe ill have to read into it more lol

    Anyhow.. One can assume that the main reason that "terrorism" according to the mainstream media which is "lurking around every corner", maybe perhaps America is sticking their noses into situations that we don't belong all in the name of Oil profits ...opps i mean "terrorism" ..there is a very fine line between terrorism and freedom fighter it all depends on which side your fighting for.

  3. Okay, see, this is exactly why America is going to ****. We have no leaders anymore, and everyone hates one everyone. Here you people are fighting over nothing. Who says that God AND evolution can't exist. Why does it have to be science or faith. Maybe God created evolution! In the bible it says god created the heavens and the earth, but it never said how! Yes, I believe in God, and yes, I believe in evolution. Neither one has been proven right, and neither has been proven wrong! Maybe if Christians and scientists could work TOGETHER we might be able to move forward! Everyone just needs to be a little bit open minded, and have a little bit more love for everyone even if they think differently. Telling someone they are going to go to hell just because they don't believe the same way you do is how wars start.

    1. One of the basic concepts of evolution is that humans evolved from monkeys. The Bible says that man was created from the dust of the Earth in the image of God. If you doubt this then aren't you calling God a liar?

    2. @Robert11110:disqus

      First, is Man and monkey are related, they come from the same links in the past,. we come from our mother, not our sister.

      Second, as far as chemistry is concerned, man did come from the dust in the earth.

      people who think Humans are exalted over all other life are the ones that may be punished.

      God will forgive me for not choosing any of the books. I should be fine since I value and respect life.

    3. What you are saying contradicts the Bible.
      Genesis 1:26: And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.

    4. Its your choice to draw strength from that book.

      My choice is not placed on any one book. I dont trust Man from the past, So I dont feel guilty for not trusting a book written in the past.


  4. I think some of the ideas being circulated in this documentary may be valid. However some legitimate actions by government in response to terrorism may be taken out of context and reported as government over reach.

    What concerns me the most is the merger between our government and the UN. It is now accepted that a US president can deploy US troops under UN/NATO authority even when it does not concern our security interests. It is also a concern that our laws and soverignty are becoming subject to int'l law. This is unacceptable and needs too be stopped.

  5. God I wish this stuff was mainstream, we need the sleepyheads to wake up!

  6. NOSTRIDAMAS predicted all of this HUNDREDS of YEARS ago.everything that he PREDICTED has come to pass.

    1. waych out he was a sooth sayer,looking in a bowel of water is like looking into a crystel ball,he use a form of majic,and the words have been re-translated many times over,it causes its own evil,just like those who want to act out the bible

    2. also looking into a crystal ball is like god looking into the world,and if one is acting like god hes the devil

    3. Nostradamus didn't predict anything. Nostradamus nonsense is a product of junk education and history. God's word has predicted end times and we are in them. Rest assured everything God foretold to man through the Bible will come to pass.

    4. I just have to ask - were you being sarcastic? If you were kudos cause I had a good laugh :)))))

    5. Prove to me that the christian god exists and I might believe you

    6. Easily. But can you prove to us that God does not exist?

    7. How come people don't believe in the easter bunny, or santa clause, or the tooth fairy, but god.. yea he is there alright.

    8. Squinney (AKA "Doubting Thomas") - take solace in the fact that even the disciple Thomas, who knew Jesus personally, and witnessed his miracles firsthand had difficulty believing. But God used him to prove to even (us) skeptics that there is no denying his deity...

      24 Now Thomas (also known as Didymus[a]), one of the Twelve, was not with the disciples when Jesus came. 25 So the other disciples told him, “We have seen the Lord!”

      But he said to them, “Unless I see the nail marks in his hands and put my finger where the nails were, and put my hand into his side, I will not believe.”

      26 A week later his disciples were in the house again, and Thomas was with them. Though the doors were locked, Jesus came and stood among them and said, “Peace be with you!” 27 Then he said to Thomas, “Put your finger here; see my hands. Reach out your hand and put it into my side. Stop doubting and believe.”

      28 Thomas said to him, “My Lord and my God!”

      29 Then Jesus told him, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”
      (John 20:24-29)

      Jesus, God, and Heaven have to be "believed to be seen", as I recently heard it said. Without initial belief, we will come up with theories to fill the vacuum of explanation for our world and our selves (as I used to do). But I challenge you to pray to Christ, and ask him to reveal himself to you; to show you the world through his lens, and I am willing to bet you will never return to a world-centered point of view. I hope you will do it before it's too late. God bless you.

    9. @Irving Washington:

      To late for what?? Read the comment policy, no preaching and/or veiled threats allowed!

  7. ...God will allow what is to happen...death is always a part of growth on now and do what your heart says all the while we hear the lies outside of our selves...nothing governing greed, power,sex and self indulgence...ALL things come to an is where we are headed that YOU are responsible for...YOURSELF

    1. omg shut the **** up about god. he does nothing. you are what is destroying the whole world. stop letting things just happen because you think god is behind it. for **** sake wake up and act on situations

  8. So we are GOD'S Children,or Hamster's in a cage?,does this God get a nut off watching us destroy His dirt ball,Kill each other,Enslave one another? WE ALL ARE SCREWED!

    1. that is why he is offering you a way out eternal life my brother he loves you

    2. you are just messed up in ur head to talk about God like that and you will never be guided to the light if you keep thinking like that .... get away from the devil pumping ur brain with those thoughts or at least keep them only for ur self

  9. all i can say is you better be ready GOD IS Coming

  10. The more that you concentrate power, the more insidious that power becomes...

    Why should 10 people control a 100,000 people? Why should those 10 make decisions based upon the wealthfare of multiple individuals in multiple environments and conditions?

    Stop thinking about the theory behind Star Trek, it isn't about the olive branch to all species and races, in today's world, it's all about profit...If we stop hating others for their differences and concentrate on the type of society that would benefit the MOST people. Then the money which currently is only created by debt, would be inconcievable to us. Invading another country to exploit their resources, is wrong on SO many levels, but is a axiom. We in the West don't even think about what it would be like to be one of these marginalized groups, or citizens of a country, whose corrupt government sold them down the river, while American corporations made it illegal for them to even collect their own rain water.

    Mainstream media can appeal to the Christians, because it is a Muslim, Latin, or a country of predominantly black or brown peoples? And killing those heathens, makes the world safer....Wow

    Democracy is right
    Communism is wrong
    Socialism is another word for Communism
    Facism? Well we all know THAT works the only way

    And UPC's or RF ID chips is the best way to make sure we all conform to the "new way"

    So bend over, this won't hurt a bit

  11. spell check is your friend!!! I agree with some of you, on some points; the rest of you need to hit the books, open your minds, and get back on track to being the kind of people that made this nation great. We allow ourselves to be isolated from one another over multiple issues, like our different points of view on government,immigration, abortion, corporate welfare, etc. the list goes on and on. This lack of unity is our fault, and if we allow doomsayers to influence us, it will be our downfall. I first heard of this predicted breakup of the U.S. in January 09 while serving in IRAQ, and according to the timeline issued then, it is supposed to have happened already, and hasn't. So my words here in response to this thought is, "DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE". Also, please be advised this is a for profit movie, it's business, nothing more, nothing less.

  12. 12/21/2012 Like it or not here it comes...
    Funny thing is, that happens before any real end.
    Only when everything of value is gone will this stop.
    The elite wants to be the only ones left after this coming change, so they can crawl out from under their rock, and have us bow down before OZ...
    The old world order has been financially cut off at the knees. The rest of the world enjoys some 7% growth rate, we now got 0...
    Two underground cities blown up and their tunnels are being sealed off.
    They be havin a baby right about now.
    Oh yeah!
    ...and yes, some of what is in Revelation is comin an right on time too.
    Hope ta-all be ready.

  13. We are being systematically divided and driven into debt. The natural reaction is to blame one another. What is important to remember though, is that when we are poor enough, and divided enough, another country will have a military advantage. Whether you are right or left, we can't let that happen. This is not a government problem, it is an international business problem. The people we are doing business with don't give a damn about anything America stands for, religious or political. They just want our money, and our sovereignty. I would say this: look at the one who says" You need to hate and fear your neighbor, and here's why..." That person has another agenda that is not good for you or this country.

    1. I'm in a private industrial company and yes, I care about doing business with "Decent" peoples. As much as possible, I rather give a break to companies that are not within a country that just couldn't care less about abusing citizens.

      In any events, if the average american citizen tolerate his "Elite" in lying to the face of 1st his own citizens and to the rest of the world, those guys sure have a poor sense of the rules of law and a typical behavior that comes with it should be expected.
      In most cases, bullying others.
      In day to day life as well as in business.
      It's a way of life, not exceptionnal events.


  14. To all you fools. There might not be one path to God but many. God would not present himself to all nations as one name. From luanguage and culture barriers He presents himself the way the people in that region can relate to him. If you believe in Evolution your even dumber. You say you live by facts but Evolution is nothing but a Theory. How smart are you now? They found skeletons trying to prove a monkey evolved into man. Don't tell your cousin behind the bars at the zoo though, apparently he didn't get the memo. If you wanna get deeper they say it all started with a single cell organism. Problem with that is I'm pretty sure I needed a Mom and Dad to be born. Wow how nieve do you have to be. So to all you athiest who thin there is no higher being. Do something horribly wrong and tell me how you feel. If you have no emotion go jump off a bridge, but if you feel something in your gut thats God! To finish this on a good note, were are your great, great, grandparents from? If your not American Indian chances are they were Illegal immigrants at one point as well. Everyone should have a shot at life.

    1. just because darwins theory of evolution is possibly wrong doesn't mean religion is right. I'm not an atheist or christian or some other religion I would call myself agnostic and don't agree with all of evolutions points mainly that evolution occurs slowly over time because yes it is a theory. I don't think that atheist zealots are necessarily right but they could be who knows but saying evolutionists are naive because single celled organisms dont reproduce sexualy is a little inane. Please though swing me to one side give me evidence of god and I will believe you since you seem to value evidence. No offense really I will become devoutly religious if you give me so0me evidence inversly if you prove darwin was right i'll chose that side or maybe i should just go jump off a bridge.

    2. When people stop believing in God they don't start believing in nothing , they will begin to believe in anything ( like the new "if it feels good worship it" Oprah Winfrey church). Human beings must believe in a god whether they want to or not, otherwise they begin to run off track and destroy them selves.

    3. @Rwrench
      "otherwise they begin to run off track and destroy them selves" you say?

      So tell me what they've been doing the past ~45 years that went by in the USA? Mossadeth's overthrow in Iran, the Viet-War, the Allende murder in Chilie, the Contra's drugs VS arms in Nicaragua, the Guatemala overthrow of the demotratically elected gov. same for the Panamean one & then the "Hidden Weapons of Mass Desctruction" in Iran? I'll omit the other one like the Suarto mass murders and serious abuses but tell me?...

      Once most if not all the blood will be spilled out these, where will it be feasable to find more money on planet earth for the blood thrirsty?

      Is there anything to sease in the USA?
      A few houses under a non yet paid mortgage, maybe?

      In do time, mother nature makes this world just.


    4. Preliminary Matter: A fool who agrees sort of ...
      Evolution is a fact. Natural Selection is the theory. But you write fairly well. Also, I recommend that you look into the"Council" of Jerusalem, Council of Nicea, Council of Constantinople, Luther, etc. to see how Christian Doctrines have evolved from the original Jewish based faith. You see, in Genesis 17: 1-27 the covenant of circumcision was promulgated as the word of God - an eternal sign. In the first recorded "council" in Jerusalem, whether uncircumcised Gentiles could become Jewish/Christians was debated. Yet this "eternal sign" is taken to be modified - not by God directly - but by the words of proselytizing Apostles, albeit claiming the Holy Spirit was speaking through them, saying maybe the eternal sign is not so eternal apparently. Or could that be evolution in response to gentiles in the environment? Evolution is a fact. That feeling in your gut? Develop it. Make it more conscious. Religion is about meaning. Science isn't designed to uncover God. Neither can it truly threaten religious beliefs nor should it be constrained by them. Consider: "The weight of the brick was 3 lbs. and my life has meaning." What is a scientific observation? What is a religious feeling? On your many paths point, I agree. Why should the geographic accident of your birth, which generally determines your faith, (Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, all predominant in different countries), confer some religious advantage to you?

      The End of America ?
      The Chinese have purchased an aircraft carrier from Russia. What could that be about? The enrichment of CEO's by using artificially cheap Chinese labor, (currency manipulation), and our insatiable desire for Walmart's cheap Chinese goods means that we have exported our middle class to China where it is divided by 5 leaving them with marginally better lives but without the purchasing power to support our economy. If we can't figure out that that arithmetic is harmful and ongoing we certainly lack the intellectual power to sort out our issues at home. American self-absorption is one of the greatest enemies. Many people believe there life is about being entertained almost exclusively. The opportunity to avoid involvement is so great that the collective consciousness of the country is full of material pursuits and not keeping an eye on the freedoms that enable it. The electorate, having abandoned thinking as a lifestyle, and consequently acting on what it thinks, now lives in an America where an elite takes turns ruling by trying to key on issues that will get greater numbers of brainless people out to vote on its side as a "reflex" response.(NB Bush and gay marriage). Who got manipulated by that pseudo-issue? The Christian right, notwithstanding that gay marriage is an oxymoron, turned out in bigger numbers. Regardless of anybody's stance on that subject, we should be horrified that America has become so complacent, (aka fat, dumb, and happy), that it will take another revolution, one of consciousness, to get its course corrected. Consider this failure: the two party system has utterly and and publicly devolved into a "Hurray for our side!" routine. Actually governing has become secondary. Is there any doubt that the Republican House is being used to obstruct Obama into oblivion in 2012. I do not support Obama but I am not blind either. The hidden premise of both parties is that "America is unbreakable so let's screw with it for our own gain." We, the electorate, have failed our country by our inability to insist that America is first. The ideal of America, "We the People" instead of "my party" should be touted as first principle of electability. Party bosses, special interests and lobbyists pervert the will of the people and we, incomprehensibly, tolerate it. Perhaps we should do "democracy online" to our reps, Senators, and even President to instruct them. Perhaps that is too impractical, for now....... requiring too much work for us fat, dumb, and happy Americans,

    5. you are on the mark...also jesusdid not care for the luke warm people......I also cant belive how many dumb americans keep voting for the same garbaged, re packaged,even are choices are getting less and less and more controlled.we also need to get rid of electronic voting as well wich can be manipulated or deaply flawed,but Im afraid its too much too late already,and the most conyribuyion wins usuallt.we need a system were all can be heard and no donations allowed but instead out taxes can cover air time for all equally,anything beyyer then what we have now.

    6. ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS YOU CAN NOT NOR HAS IT EVER BEEN PROVEN THAT EVOLUTION IS A FACT YOU MISS GUIDED HUMAN BEING. you are human the only creature on earth that can and has ever created anything outside of basic survival or instinct. case in point the internet a world created by man kind inside of our own world. so there for most religions and or beliefs systems for the last ten thousand years have had one thing in common the creations of man kind by a high power or god if you will. Now second to that is that we have already proven that there is an eternal energy that surrounds us throughout the universe and we proved it with science. but back to my original point that if we are created in that image of god then we are just like god in the fact that we can create things. Now to the point of science verse religion or spirituality. Science is a means to find facts or truths to worldly questions. Spirituality and religion when used properly is a means to godliness or to the true being of man. Man was made to understand as god does in a timeless state of mind and to see the story line from every angle and not let it get skewed by the false hood of an idea such as evolution which i will say again has never been proven.

  15. Another group trying to cash in on the devolution of the citizens to illegals and the infiltration groups that now control our government and the puppet rogues known as our "political leaders". While I agree 100% with the premise of THE END OF AMERICA. Unless we as Americans whose families have been here at least 70 yrs band together as one.And not let ourselves be distracted by the emotionally charged NON-ISSUES that we are bombarded with by the left & right wing media this country will fall. Nikita Kruchev once said " America will fall under the weight of its own Constitution" By protecting the "rights of people who have entered our country illegally and giving priority to those who mooch for a living it will. Only by saying Illegals have NO Constitutional rights and telling the cradle to the gravers that if they want to vote they need to file a W-2 a 1099 or contribute to their own upkeep as well as the nations. Trail, conviction and execution of those who commit criminal acts that are only possible because of the office they hold. Theft by fraud is commonplace in our houses of government and Wall Street. Anything over 10 mil. should be labeled BETRAYAL OF THE PUBLIC TRUST and it should be a capital crime. When our "leaders" are nothing more than well dressed grifters and we the people allow their criminal behavior to continue. There is NO doubt that this movie THE END OF AMERICA will come to be. Once again it offers no solutions just the frightening aspect of what will happen if we continue to be a nation populated by pussies.

    1. Pussies? Where, tell me. See? One good thing!
      Cheer up!


  16. When people came here from other countries,they saw something about this country that was differant.Our people cared for each other as well, they cared for others.They even cared for those from other countries.We had strong Christian roots.We wanted the best life possible for all who wanted it.Anyone who saw a differant way of life, were allowed to enter our shores and partake of our way of life.They were treated like anybody else who wanted to live like an American.They didn't come and try to change our lifestyle or way of life.they wantedto be a part of who we are.Then some came here with full intentions of changing who we are. They took offence to
    were offended because we weren't ashamed to PRAY OPENLY IN A PUBLIC
    PLACE. At one time in our history we were worried about our government
    being infiltraited by communists. Yet, one lady who confessed to be a communist was permitted to have prayer removed as well as scripture
    reading from our schools and public places. The TEN COMMANDMENTS
    WERE REMOVED from public view.Just stop where you are and what you are doing and just look at where we've gone. An atheist told me once, the BIBLE
    has always been used to keep the people under control. Come on people, awaken out of your sleep.WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF YOU REMOVE THE WORD
    OF GOD? You might have kids killing each other for a pair of sneakers.
    Society may have their concience as though it was seired with a hot iron.
    What this nation needs , is what the BIBLE SAYS.wE NEED TO RETURN TO OUR OLD PATHS, TO WHAT MADE US SO GREAT. WEEED TO CALL ON THE GOD OF HEAVEN. People may fail , Governments may fail, but the
    ACCOMPLISH. GOD never fails his love never fails.
    I know there are those who will think i'm off the deep end. I weep
    for you, because you have no idea, how close the LORD is to you, I can't prove that to you, and i'm glad, because the only one who can prove to you
    that he exists,is him. And he waits for you to call on him. WE all need him.
    Jeff Reimold

    1. Well first of all, that aethiest was right. Time and time again the Bible has been used to control the masses and justify war. And I have to ask, if you want America to return to its Christian roots, are you then suggesting we return to the use of slavery as a means of economic advancement, and burn hang people for being witches because they do things a little differently. If these are the Christian roots you are talking about, than you can go shove them.

    2. yea ... and only a fool livin in delusion follows a blind belief..
      without questioning it , knowledge is what guides us and over countless incarnations [yes the church did a good job of removing all knowledge of the truth of the spirit and its countless incarnations] results in WISDOM ..
      allowing those progressed far enough to see through the delusional ignorance of BELIEF .

      and why no dislike option on comments??
      its only fair and neutral !

  17. Faith is Gods gift to the con man. Only a fool believes in what he can not quantify in a logical manner. While an open mind is essential to human intellectual advancement, one so open that your brains fall out is foolish at best. My advice to you is, if you cant look around and see a grand architect's design, behind even the simplest of process's, then you deny the process itself and are not illuminated. To believe without proof is foolish and those that tell you otherwise, or what someone else has said, are con artists or fools. Whatever made us it made us all! Believe what YOU see and expierience, and let others do the same without interference. To Live unfettered in thought and deed is to be truly a GOD!

  18. All i can do is quote the famous individual, who, proudly proclaimed "NO SH*T!, SHERLOCK!<

  19. i bob dew wrote this,

  20. what a croc of sh*t,you guys will beleave anything,take any amount of pills,just because its on sad.

    1. I'm moving to Canada soon and all you foolish a**holes who don't belive what your eyes are showing you can cry when its to late.

    2. Adrien,you're an id**t.We're the GREATEST Nation on Earth.Let's Throw out the marxists,socialist to middle east.Bring back Reagan,Washington,Lincoln Philosophy.Lets take back our countries schools,colleges,Universities.Otherwise the Stalinist-Leninist_marxists will DESTROY the minds of future generations.

  21. the greatest trick the devil accomplished was convincing mankind he doesnt exist, its sad because he's doin a good job. But the day jesus comes back all u non believers, will understand. Thats a bad day for yall. Take a look around, what do you see???? I see carnage,war,greed,hate,propoganda of the anti christ all tools of the devil to decieve and add souls to his army, It will happen when we least expect it to, he will come for us believers,followers of christ, I dont no bout yall but id rather be in his army. Read the book of revelation it dont turn out so hot for the devil and his followers.

    1. Since I was born & raised within a christian society, I have quite a bit of a good (Rather excellent) knowledge about what "You" qualify as the "Book of Revelation". That book that you claim having read, was it complete? Or was it "Trunkated" as it is the case for so many so-called "Holy Books"? _ know that many had been trunkated...

      'Cause St-Paul (Supposed author) also adds a note in the "Revelation Sciptures" stating that he swallowed quite a large amount of a muchroom known at that time for inducing a "Spiritual" mood into human beings who consume those vegetals. However, I admit readily that in those days, there was no DEA and no legal ban on these products. Humankind knew about that sort of thrill much before Christ. This includes Hashish.

      In fact, these where known to humankind a few centuries before Judaism became a formal & structured religion.
      Carbon 13 and decryptive analysis of a few amciant scriptures brought us a standing proof of this fact, not a belief...

      In now days, that Middle-East native muchroom survived but may be not be considered as the best channel to reach "Higher Grounds".
      If you'd be to give any of these now considered psychedelic product to any preacher, you could find yourself sunk into serious legal problems!

      And if by any badluck, you happen to use these, I prefer to take your "Blah-Blahs" with a little smile.


    2. The holy Bible is Gods word and if you don't believe then what is spoken of in Revelations is how you will end up. God doesn't play favorites. Yo either believe or you don't. Think about it. God said in His word that he did not want anyone lost. The time is real short. Gmawmar

    3. Good, the bible is a gag, a spoof, a lie, a joke, I want to end up here on earth fighting dragons and demons with the number of the beast carved into my head.--sounds like fun to me. The best thing though that could happen is the graves opening up and zombies covering the earth. I got a shotgun and some other survival tools I been hoping to use someday.

    4. For gods sake! did you really need to waste all those words to call an Idi*t an Idi*t.?

    5. it doest matter jesus christ is just real now as he was back then .if it be the end its gods will not mans

    6. You, Sir, Are deranged. Have you any idea of the authors and editors of the book you quote? And I so hope, if your right, he only comes for the people that are true believers like yourself. You deserve at least that. May your god bless you and in what you believe and deliver you what you deserve in full measure.

    7. Baduncle Mike, I dunno if your comment was for me or not but let me tell y'a that it is a fact that St-Paul was under influence of somme "Psychedelic" mushrooms native in that Mid-East region. "Some" Bibles mentions it, some others hide that fact. Still, it is and was verified that the very same person wrote that "book of revelation" to begin with.

      Would you lend your car to a person who's been swollowing "Magic Mushrom" for a whole day while you'd be sitting in the passenger seat?

      Since such an omission happened through the centuries, what's next? Some weapons of mass description hidden in Babylon for thousands of years maybe?

      Not one single holy book human beings have can be trusted.
      They are all tinted by the typical crooked behavior of homosapiens.


  22. Dinosaurs are real. Think about that!

  23. Interesting film. America is in trouble, big trouble.

  24. What WE need to do are the small things...helping our neighbors. It seems that most of you truly care but are frustrated about what to do. WE are the ones that actually have the power to run our government. Unfortunately, WE have been letting big money run our country. Think of small things that you can do in your community. If we all banded together for the good, we could truly take our country back. A friend of mine asked me about all of the debt we are going into by fighting other folks' wars. What if we brought all of our soldiers home and put them on the Mexican border fighting the drug cartel? What if we take care of our own problems before we try to solve the world's problems? What if, ... you fill in the blank.


    1. Make sure you shoot yourself twice in the head first, THEN, reload and start your global population reduction party... ok Chippie. Just want to make sure you do it in that order. Kill your yourself first then move onto other people.... in that order, Ok Chippie!

      Reread this post over and over until you understand it, then memorize it.

      Good Luck!

  26. It has been put in front of the senate as of july17,2011.. that a fail safe plan is to be in effect.. by no later than jan 1 2012. The american people are to surrender all firearms, all monies, all religon, and all rights give to them from an old DESOLVED government... IN OTHER WORDS WELCOME TO THE UNITED STATE OF SOCIAL REFORM!!!!! Or let me spell it out for you USSR..... it has been said, on the senate floor,white house, even in europe... people are S H E E P , waiting to be led, they beleive that the government will provide for them...LOL.LOL.LOL NOT SO!!!!!

  27. Doesn't anyone know the president does not run your country. It's true
    your just electing another sock puppet.

  28. I am NOT buying the CD this is a nut site.

  29. true change starts by looking in the mirrior and asking what do i truly see
    hurt anger fear material desire lust judgmentalism un forgiveness selfishness do i care if my neighbor is in need am i full of secreat shame pride self sufficientcy inseacurity these are all addictions that seperate us from having a life that can create true change take the plank from your own eye so that you may see clearly enough to eaven tell your neighbor about the speck in his if you eaven have the slightest bit of connection with what im saying true change and true freedom starts with you look up celebrate recovery in your area and attend i say this with my deepest love care and sincerity for all of you in america and elseware

  30. I think all of you are NUTS! We as Americans still have the choice of who runs the government so I just wonder how many of you actually vote?

    1. When you have a choice between a psychopath and a sociopath whats it really matter which one you choose, either one is going to assault you.

      We as the voter get the choice between retarded clowns or psychopath criminals to run the country.

    2. Haha even worse than the choices you laid out Chad. Can you say sock puppet! That's right kids and choosing which sock puppet you want to listen to for four years is the choice! Well that's about it Windygal. Sociopath just seems like a minimum job skill requirement for office candidates, just looking back on Presidents since Kennedy was assassinated.

    3. If you really think that you still have a choice as to who runs the government ,you are either preaching bull-s--t or you have been brain washed beyond hope or just another corporate criminal like the ones that strong armed the house of representatives and manipulated control of the white house for 8 years.
      All of the laws since Georgie boy ," Dickie no heart" and "Roll over Rover" have been designed and exicuted against the middle class and are sneakier than Hitler ,Stalin or Mussolini could have contrived.
      Vote my ass, it is time to rebel and pray and start digging in and preparing to defend against our internal enemy that has already proclaimed a new world order.
      I have to go now before they come kick down my door.

    4. you are so right. But the people have been asleep allowing this to happen. I think the wake up is to late.

  31. Just remember one thing and that is, "Laws are written by lawyers so that they can steal from others, legaly." It is they who write with jargon that only another lawyer can understand. It is both houses of congress Democrats and Republicans alike who have run this Country into debt by lining their own pockets by protecting BIG business from paying a proper share of taxes. I could go on but, hopefully you get the drift!!!!!

  32. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. We share three forms of government. None of them works now as the founders envisioned them to. We elected a president that was a freshman senator who had been in office a little more than half of his six years tenure. He had not been on any truly important committees. Most if not all of two years was campaigning to be a President. All on a sentence of "we need change". Our congressmen and women do not have term limits. Look at the former powerful Jesse Helms Congressman that stayed in office until he was 92 years of age. I am truly sorry we do not look inwardly and gather our thoughts before we express them negatively. If we listen more we will react rationally. It is o.k. to disagree in this country but do not tear it down without learning your civics lessons or go on to express an interest in political science. Have your opinions without shouting others down. We are an imploding society. We are supposed to be a "melting pot" of different races coming from different societies that are imperfect. Therefore our task at hand is to understand our political system and change it carefully to fit all citizens rich, middle class, and the poor as needed. During a crises of fiduciary funding, political unrest, unfairness to one party, or not utilizing the talent pool within theses United States before they become to fragile to manage without martial law look at those around you to find the best voice. Our morals and mores include all religions here. We are not necessarily at war with other countries more than we are with ourselves. We as a nation envy power. If you leave this country to travel your initial belief is I can call the American Consolate if I get into trouble and they will help me. We are naive, arrogant and troublesome to those countries, that is why they hate us. If we disagree with the State of the Nation, change it proactively. Do not label yourselves as a group because you come under scrutiny and will be considered a nut job. Just hold your head high and say I am willing to make a change because it is in my best interest and my childrens, children. I am paying it forward to make a change as difficult as one voice can be heard in a sea of hundreds of millions. Also, this country never needed a health care bill all citizens are covered if they go to the city Hospital which is mostly federally funded. We are going through a crisis called "rising expectations". We have beamed Hollywood movies over to other countries for decades. These foreigners now want what we had during the industrial revolution. So it became clear to those in power, or those that had the means to production that global change had to occur otherwise these countries could nationalize our technology and holdings. It had been done before on minor scales but now the utilization of cheap labor could be used and business not government shifted power. If we are to succeed to exist as a nation and I mean really to succeed. Look inward try to find a U.S. company that manufactures a product you need and buy it. And continue to do so on and on. If need be go without. This can be done legally and safely. If Ghandi and Dr. Martin Luther could advocate non violence so can we. We can go down that path as long as needed until violence against a peaceful people is grievously or grossly used against us. Then and only then can the Second Amendment be used. Think and move as a people. That is what this country is founded on. Turn the negative influence of the media down. Believe only %10 of what you see or read and remember others are innocent in this country before proven guilty not the other way around. We are so diverse of a people we can read or see the warning signs. What are we doing other than arguing about who started it, which President and why. But it is never to late to make a positive change. If you are putting guns and food away even in a modest amount, share it with others if the time comes. I believe the mormons have to have 2 years of food prepared and put up per family. I may be wrong about that because I am a person of FAITH that tries to look outside of the fractionalized institution of organized religion. Take the time to pray for favor for this country. If you are an agnostic then I pray you will learn to believe. Your fore fathers and mothers believed when they came here. Love this country it is yours and take care of it by voting and writing letters do not engage in conversation with the negative, be a positive force and never lose hope that the richness of this nation cannot comeback. I am sure the Amish and others think this as well. God will bless the peace keepers. If you do not believe, the peacekeepers will bless you in all that you do.


    1. Get a life.

    2. Dear Mme. Rivera, you seem to have the same visions as St-Paul had for the end of this world? Isn't it?
      Since it is written in the Bible, it makes it easier to share the same vision?

      I'll tell y'a, if you'd like to have more "Cleater & Vivid" visions as St-Paul had, why don't you do as St-Paul did in those years?
      He wrote how these visions came about.
      Read again and read entirely!

      By eating a whole lot of "Magic Mushrooms". I guess that you are aware that not only the Mexican Peyolt give off psychedelic spores which bare a high concentration of "Mescalin", there was and still is another type of these "Spititualism" inducer in the Middle East.

      In those days and a few centuries before Christ, a few "Psychedeling" natural products in the Middle East were known to humankind.
      Since it sking into sort of "Reflexion" about the meaning of life, many used these natural products to get into deeper spiritualism!
      Espacially the Hashish!

      It was "Legal" in these days and there was no DEA or FBI.
      Have a nice trip but don't get caught!


    3. Imaginary friends make for poor allies in real life..... time to grow up and step out as an adult.

      My little brother had an imaginary friend when he was six.... he grew out of it by 10..... You a little over due.

    4. It is bible thumping, finger pointing, christian fanatics such as yourself that are the down fall of our country! People running around, claiming that the world is coming to an end are miserable, MISERABLE people! By claiming that the world is coming to an end is your own personal way of shaming people and scaring people into sharing in your misery! People have been claiming that the world is coming to an end since the very beginning of humanity! People that fear hell the most have a reason to fear it! You have created your own hell on this earth! GET OF THE CROSS, SOMEONE NEEDS THE WOOD!!! There are countless forms of religion on our little planet, each one pointing their finger at the other; condemning the other for not sharing in their own personal beliefs! You can't turn on the TV, computer or open a newspaper without having religious beliefs crammed down your throat! The only way you'll truly know what is on the other side of this plane of existence is when you're dead and cross over to the next sphere of consciousness! You will see then, that you wasted all your time and energy worrying about things that you read, in a book that was written by a mortal man! The best thing you can do is to live and let live; not judge others! Be thankful of our vast diversity and quit worrying about make believe! I hate to break it to you, but there is no Santa Claus, Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy either! I am not an atheist, I do believe in a higher power! I just don't believe that he is the a--hole you christian fanatics paint him out to be! Yes it's true, that one day our planet earth will come to an end! But, it won't be the first planet or the last planet that will have run it's course! As I'm typing this, there are other planets forming out within our vast universe as well as other planets ending! You will never live life to it's fullest, if all you do is worry about dying! Be kind to people, look after the elderly, tell the young something wise! Whatever you do or decide, 'don't drink the koolade'!!! Peace and Love :)

    5. All she said is the truth! Find a bible and read it! See for yourself!

    6. The bible can be applied to any time in history you clowns. Nations have been fighting wars for centuries, just because you are alive now you think this is the time, you're gonna die and life will continue on..The the bible is an allegoric fairy tale for the weak minded.

    7. hey..when u need and you beg for a drop of water cuz Satan is gunna give it to u everyday from behind...dont come cryin cuz u know ur kind dont change. off yourself so u can just rot if you dont believe in much of anything...the devil believes in you my friend. I pity u

    8. @Kimmie Wesker:

      That is a very bad, bad remark that you have uttered to a fellow human being, very uncalled for, so where is all the love, forgiveness and all that jazz that you fundie happy clappy religee's so profess to live by?... You know where you can put your Devil!

    9. You know where I think you can put your anal comment..he's your devil too, but at least I'm not his bitch. Have yourself a nice day..

    10. "As I'm typing this, there are other planets forming out within our vast universe as well as other planets ending!"
      and how are they forming? "I do believe in a higher power! I just don't believe that he is the a--hole you christian fanatics paint him out to be!" is your higher power in an unreachable area; and what power does he have; to create and tear down or is he limited in his power? Just cause he is higher dont mean he is powerful and sovereign,just and he must not be doing much for you cause you have no hope for anything other than dead like rover dead is all over for your belief cause you express no future for yourself after death.

    11. evry1 will bow when ther time comes when ur time comes id think of something else to say, its people like you that shame our country, its in god we trust remember not in bush we trust or obama we trust i feel sorry for all the anti christ out there, i couldnt imagine how alone yall must feel

    12. Amen, oophs, use the wrong quotation. Some people actually get it. yes, man wrote the "book". I kind of feel sorry for all of those who were taught their relegion. all of them differ. if "god", told man what to write, won't it all be the same? Society in each relegion has blamed others for centuries. every one just STOP. help each other get through "rough" times and it will work itself out. when the "end "comes, there is not one iota, anyone can do or anything that can be done. "End" of story.

  34. This Country has not been out of debt since 1832. Those of you who think that Clinton had us debt free is living under a rock. It was posted in the USA today that the Deficite is in EXCESS of 61 Trillion and on the active board as of now 16 Trillion because the President had congress raise the debt celing another 2 Trillion. If all you can do is gripe about our mess I feel sorry for you, because if you don't vote or write your representives then your are part of the problem not the soultion. I gave the 20 best years of my life to the service of the constitution and my country and have had to make sacrifices as well as those serving to protect some of the ungrateful ones. The solution to the problems is to go to a flat 20% tax in which in the first year will be a savings of close to a Trillion$. by doing so will close every loop hole in the tax system making the companys that haven't paid thier fair share pay. Next the 18 Million Illeagals will have to pay because they will now not be able to claim a false # children, people in jail won't be able to file false returns as there won't be any. We can eliminate 2/3 of the IRS, and the tax laws reduced to a few pages. A lot of us won't be effected because we're already in the 20% bracket but also the others who have lived under shelters will have to pay thier fair share. This will save Social Security and Medicare as well. In 99 years the National Debt will be paid off All 79 Trillion. Do The MATH!

    1. Edgar? Clinton didn't got you guys debt free but only had a few yearly excess on the US budget. Having an excess at hand, it was possible to pay back the national debt.

      Hey! from the time when he left, a whole lot of water went under the bridges. I don't remember how much the war in Iraq cost you, but I remember thinking that its a lot of cash for known false assumptions from a bunch of clown.

      And Obama didn't hold his word when he faced the real owners of the USA. Thinking twice, who could go against those?
      They now possess much more than all US citizens togethers.

      Bwaft! If you fall, only a very few would remain standing up.
      What's a little scary is that one of those are the communist chineses.

      I'll go buy that wole DVD...



    1. un fortunetly the d's are the ones who started the welfar system amd the liberal education that stoped the next generation from learning our history so thay would not repet it just to listen to our polatitions thats how the pres got in office and the d's took over and wiped out our credit rateing

    2. Jenny:
      Get back to school soon. I would suggest starting at the 6th grade because your logic and spelling are really bad.

  36. Im sick and tired of being called white folks! Nothing can fix this country! We have 2 stand on our on feet and stop going in debt 2 other countries! America was at one time a power house but no longer! wake up america!

  37. power is who has the guns at the time .and who can do the traying for ahe guns so iam telling you all you better go out to buy spme good guns and food now

  38. it not about black or wite who has the guns and food and more so get over it you will be eating rice befor you die, you know the china will take over and you will set back and let them in your home

  39. well i agree that Obama is doing as much as he can and before he took over that dum as bush family had it all screwed up already... and before u white folks invaded this land by force english wasnt the language y si no te gusta pendej.o vete ala .... para europa guey......

    1. The language wasn't Spanish either dumb @##$!

    2. Those white folks probably put every dime you have in your pocket.What can you do to better this country.

    3. what money i live in a apt, next take the money you get and buy guns

  40. Everyone should leave President Obama alone. He is doing the best he can. He has done more than any president since George Washington. When he took office all this was on his head. He has been trying to help everyone especially the poor. He can do no more than Congress or those having to do with passing any bills. I agree all those all crones who have been in Washington forever should go. They are just holding up progress for the good of the people. I will be voting for President Obama in 2012. Everyone think that can do better then he can. Ha! I doubt it. If they could, they would have done it along time ago, even before Obama became president.

    1. President Obama is doing all he knows - nothing. He is the most ignorant president we have ever had . He can't solve any problems because he has never solved any problem. He can't help everyone, but he is collecting a lot of $$ for himself. Wake up, he is for himself and his ego is large We deserve him - we have become lazy concerning our country - taking things for granted. We need to pray to God that he will bless us with leaders.

      Notice the similarity to Hitler? Fool the people that you will take care of all their needs, and you will become a dictator. I want to know how the woman is doing that stated on national TV that she was so glad Obama was elected - she would never have to worry about rent or gas for her car again.


    3. what are you ? so smart you are dum you will be fighting in the street for food , you will be poor as me , ar some man or woman will take your guns or food ,you better get your guns and food .

    4. Odumba is a puppet just like the last retard bush, he talks better than the bushtard but it's still his watchers words.

    5. lyviefriend

      I pray for Obama and for all of you who voted an inexperienced socialist into the presidency. We have experienced what he has done TO this country. He may have wanted to help the poor but he's lining the pockets of his rich friends who will turn against him just as the unions have now done. Previous presidents haven't relied on an excessive number of newly formed departments and committes to have the experience that this president lacks.

    6. I would think that all of us would like someone who is trying to help the poor people of this country, and is honest, we can not except the rich to care about us, they care about their selves...

    7. Working in the medical community I see fewer and fewer truly disabled people getting the help they need. Mostly now all you see are the people who come in with federal aid programs demanding, with their big gulp drinks and pack of cigs who end up screaming because they are given a prescription that is on the "$4.00 list" and that "do you expect me to pay for my meds" attitude - and heaven forbid you suggest that they trade 1 pk if cigs to cover the cost for 1 month of meds. Also see parents demanding to get their Lortab/Xanax/Somas filled but unable to afford a bottle of tylenol for their sick child's fever all the while texting on their I-Phones while you try to help them. I see a lot of blame going to the "illegals" in our country "sucking us dry". We have generations of people born here in the good 'ol USA working the system to avoid having to work,thus getting free rides and not paying into the system that the middle class pays for. There has got to be a point where enough is enough where the poor needs to do something to earn at least part of what they are given and the wealthy pays their fair share. Flat taxes mentioned in an earlier blog would be fair for everyone, but the wealthy and "special interest" groups wont have it because of loss of "tax deductible contributions". Their voice carries more weight than the middle class. The politicians wont make changes in the welfare systems for fear of seeming callous or losing votes. Heaven help us when the new depression hits and people have to try to actually work for food because they won't have any skills other than to blame everyone else for their misfortune. How do you suggest we help the poor, Mo Gr? Give them fish, or teach them to fish? Because I see more and more even rejecting the fish because I wont cook it and feed it to them.

    8. Yes Glojo2000, he sure sunk himself into deep problems!
      Bwarff! He gets a good pay for it anyhow...
      Obviously, he was not permited to change much 'bout Gitmo or Iraq or the bank drowning, the war crimes, and ...

      He, or "They" should I say, have bosses after all!
      Not talking about "You the Peoples", understandingly.


  41. i just dont get this video with the budget crisis at hand 7/21/2011 and the politicians scrambling to make a budget work come on do the politicians and president think the middle class is dumb the bottom line is this we need jobs in this country and stop being police to the world and giving other countries money we need to take care of america and no one else and the CEOS need to for go the big bonuses everone needs to be on a budget and stick to it there should be term limits on congress and the house and all the current ones in wasington need to go even the president lets get back to core values that america was found on and dont forget ONE NATION

    1. America was not founded "under God". That was added during the McCarthy era after the Knights of Columbus (a Catholic group) mounted a campaign to include it.

    2. We were founded for religious freedom and America does not have an established language it is the only country that doesn't I am white and do not speak any other language because of no exposure however I feel blessed our country remembers the Indians, Spanish, French and other settlers remember your history

    3. The New usaOf china you cant have guns one wife little food work for the china to pay off the deat,and one kid,they dont care if you are black or wite if you cant work you will die better buy guns

  42. With all that has happened in the past 50 or so years, I think we should let all those who held any type of office pay the debt. They spent it they should pay it.

  43. You all are right there are so many of us that say the same things yet just one alone cannot move mointains. There is a way though, we have to start out with getting involved (and that means taking time away for our busy schedules) and devote real time in groups like the tea party movement that allready have communications set up across our country. That's where it starts enough voices start being heard the right things happen but they won't happen over night and they won't happen at all unless we all get involved now!

  44. You know I have read all the comments on this site and all I have to say is why can't everyone see that we have lost the greatest thing in the Constitution. The first three words...We The People. Don't get me wrong I have utmost respect for my country its just the Polititions that are destroying our government. They talk about the Debt Ceiling but yet they still line their pockets. They talk about how this country has gone into so much debt but yet they keep sending money out to other countries to help them. They wind up giving people from different countries millions of dollars to start their own business in this country. Hey wake up America..Take care of the people that have been born here as a true American. We have elected the political figureheads that run this country but yet we won't stand up and say Hey polititions you are running our country into the ground. We All need to wake up and realize what we are letting the polititions do to this great country. I am proud to say I am an American its just that I have had enough of the polititions ruining this country but by myself I can't move mountains, we all need to get together and tell the polititions enough is enough.

    1. @ Robert J. Macedo
      "...why can't everyone see that we have lost the greatest thing in the Constitution."

      Judging from most of the comments on this subject I have run across,
      I'd have to say most everyone does see what has been lost.

      And it is truly tragic.


  45. America. I love you, I fought for you, and I would die for you. i salute your banner and I know deep in my heart that we will succeed in proving to the world what a great nation we are. We will accomplish this by working together as a team. Left will help right. Rich will help poor. but I afraid that politicians will have to sit this one out because they have proven that they can not accomplish anything. i vote for the American party and our motto is " Get er Done"

  46. Unfortunately, this era in history has brought out the true colors in people and created oppurtunities for morons to promote and market bull****. Indeed many things may parallel political ideologies that could be a threat but thats always been around. All America has to do is be on guard and not to be so naive.

  47. djfxunlimited = Another brainwashed ignorant demwit who believes everything the mainstream media says rather than think on their own.

  48. Everything changed after 9/11.Some of our own people are terrorists. Nobody can be trusted. This is what we are now faced with. I don't blame Bush. He did what he felt was right for what was done to us. Your next door neighbor could be making bombs...We need to stop blaming.

  49. i thank reagen for all are troubles now everyone say he was so good yeah by putting us in a hole bush sr get us going on the right road agine we vote him out a put old clinton in who was no good talk a good game but did nothing we just need to vote somone who is going to help this nation or we all just rise up over throw the goverment start new

    1. clinton was the best pres we ever had u f***ing fool he did he made us debt free country to your homework be before u run your stupid mouth

    2. Clinton also had Bin Laden put did not act!!! If he had, 9-11 would not have happened.

    3. You know you're a "Redneck" when you call someone a fool!
      "Semper Vigilantis!!"

    4. bubba was known to his buddies as the "human vacuum cleaner." Yeah man he could really snort the coke, and I'd bet the north 40 he still does. "Semper Vigilantis!!"

    5. Clinton also had Republican majority in Congress to keep him reined in on spending,so look at Obama,Pelosia&Reid's crap when they had the majority.Wake up America!!!!!!!

    6. Reagan was a wonderful President, Bush served 8 years, the longest a person can serve, Clinton was sow awful, he increased the deficit, started NAFTA, signed treaties with our enemies, and lets not even talk about his lack ofmorals that became a world wide embarrassment! Now we have to support him for the rest of hislife and pay for his secret servic agents. UGH!

  50. yes america has changed a lot. there are many things she doesnt mention the has happened to our troops and fellow americans but 2 wrongs dont make a right. how about we all get over ourselves and live our lives. get f--k along.

  51. This is nothing but BullS--T. However, I'm glad I live in a country wher she can spout off with no factual information. I would love to debate her point by point. The sad thing is that she is making money and spreading this crap.

  52. I am also tired of hearing about how we abuse our prisioners of war. Number one if they are not American citizens they are not afforded our bill of rights. Number two where were these people when our soilders were being held prisioner of war in enemy camps. A lot of them were demonstraiting against the war, or demostraiting at fallen soilders funerals. Calling our fighting men and women who went to war to defend them against ALL enemies forign and domestic murders, baby killers and worse. I could care less how we torture our enemies to attain intellegence to defend our country. They never gave a D**n about how they tortured my family members. These bleeding hearts sicken me. WAR IS HELL! GET OVER IT!

    1. you hear but do not see my friend for you are blinded by ignorance. out everything in this video that was expressed the only thing you picked up on was prisoners of war. Would you like a bunch of Black water comandos riding up and down your street with ak 47s would you like to be tortuured cause american s were also arrested and tortured as well so get educated and get the facts before you condemn anything !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  53. This film to me seems to be Obama damage countrol. It has Obama written all over it. Bush has been out of office for 3 years. Why bring it out now? It is a little more than convient that this film be released now days after Americans learning that the FCC who is under the Obama Administration just like all federal agencies is trying to do away with broadband in the rural areas of or nation. And just a day after we find out that Obama has signed an executive order basically giving the government the right to take any farmers land at any time because they dont like the way he chooses to farm or the type of crops he raises on it, or anyother reason they have a mind to come up with. She speaks of people being taken out of town meetings, yet it was the Obama Administration that held town meetings to discuss a form of health care shoved down our throats, and the Obama administration in power when people disagreed with the politicians at those same meeting was dragged out by State Police on National Television.
    I do agree that there is an attempt to form a dictatorship in our country. I disagree it is George Bushes fault!
    Obama like Hitler points to the past and criticises his predicessors and points to what he calls a bright new future. Hitler used propaganda just like this to brain wash Germans while he lined his pockets and filled his coffers with the blood and riches of the people Jews and non-Jews alike.
    It sickens me to see Americans being led to their own destruction by Obama, (the wolf in sheeps clothing). Wake up America don't buy into this film. Don't buy into Obamas lies. See this as what it is, Obama propagandra. Obama is the one that asked if you speak out against the government on the internet, that your friends turn you in to the government. Now who is the Dictator. OBAMA!!!

    1. sorry buddy but obama has only been in office for three yrs we are where we are cause of the 8 orrific years under bush that has this country drowning in debt!

    2. Yeah, I'm sure that it had nothing to do with the Liberal Congress that have had power for most of the last century. The presidents are the frontmen, but it is the LEGISLATIVE branch that pass legislation and control the pursestrings of the country. Sorry Buddy, but the most drastic (and unconstitutional) changes that this country has seen have all been enacted by Democrat majority congress. The mess that this country faces has history going back much farther than 2000. Why don't you take a look at the '30s and '40s smartguy.

    3. Eric Erock Mendez = Another brainwashed ignorant demwit who believes everything the mainstream media says rather than think on their own.

    4. looooool whaaaaat? I understand the emotion that apparently fueled your response, but it seems your logic is a bit faulty. First of all, try to look beyond your unsubstantiated claims that the video has purely partisan purpose.

      No party is wholly responsible. The problems we are facing stem from systematic and fundamental corrosion of our government such that it does not represent the best interest of the people it was created for, and many of the people have been systematically silenced such that they are rendered incapable of knowing, much less, expressing what is in their own best interest. Unfortunately our government system requires that its people hold it accountable.

      The interest that is more often represented to the people as their own is instead that of the large corporations that profit from public ignorance-- i.e a food product that costs less to produce and has a longer shelf life if it is made with a synthetic preservative that is in fact terrible for health is preferred by many companies for the added profit at the public's expense.This very thing happened for years (trans fats)and it was not curtailed until government finally regulated, albeit years after much of the developed world had already done the same and years of neglecting scientific evidence of neg. effects. This is just ONE example. My point is this: the problem is not necessarily large government so much as it is ineffective governing and regulation due to government officials taking money to enact policy that gives priority to corporations.

      -There are weapons/ construction corporations which make billions when we are at war.
      - The last 50 or so years has seen the legal system extend civil rights intended by the constitution to protect the people from large wealthy institutions to these very institutions.
      - Buckley v Valeo '76 held that money be considered a constitutionally-protected form of free speech--even though money is necessarily NOT free and this automatically quantifies influence.
      - Citizens united v FEC '10 permitted corporations to utilize this speech without limit in federal elections (i.e pay for campaign costs in response for favorable policy if candidate is elected).
      - CEO's virtually have unlimited protection in our legal system because they are considered separate from the corporation they preside over. For this reason, many CEO have branches and branches of different corporations so that In the event that a corporation in indicted, connection and proof of the CEO as responsible is essentially impossible. This added protection has incentivized illegal activity in cases where there actually is regulation to begin with.

      In essence we need a government that regulates and this (apparently) is only possible if they don't benefit, monetarily, from ineffective regulation.

      Now, all this said, this video has a good cause, but it often over simplifies in a way that distorts the cause. But nobody who has actually looked in the matter will deny that a very significant amount of deregulation occurred when Bush was in office. Deregulation that is detrimental to the public (terribly engineered hurricane damage prevention, low security standards for drilling in coastal waters, banking negligence that would lead to recession simultaneously with massive profits to hedge funds and wall-street speculators (which have absolutely no tangible benefit to society); Billions in profits to companies financing two wars with little, if any, success to be measured. I could go on.

      The truth is, this same force is the largest obstacle that Obama has faced. NOTHING gets passed in the house that would actually help things precisely for that reason; because it would HELP and minimize the chances of restoring power to those who had it for the past decade. Proposals for infrastructure renewals that would provide jobs and modernize transportation etc; education reform to spark innovation.. green economy the bills just don't get passed. Large companies aren't going to provide these jobs because they can't, yet, they are the jobs to be had. The portion of our government that is loyal to corporations rather than the public will not permit a threat to those corporations. Hence they struggle to "conserve" the status-quo at all costs.

      Obama was in a FEDERAL office when STATE police dragged people out of the building---read over the const. amendments sometime buddy. And I'm pretty sure these things happened at the hands of conservative tea party ppl.

  54. So pulling citizens out of town meetings and sending them to concentration camps is the same as waterboarding enemies who shoot at you? This lady is off the deep end. You can disagree with some of America's actions, but the analogies in this video are rediculous.

  55. this video was had nothing to do with money advice or other claims they advertise in the T.V. promo

  56. Way too big of a topic to be discussed on a blog or forum. Subject is too broad.

  57. Amazing, what a crock. I was sent here looking for the one event that will end America and I spent about an hour listening to contradictions, half truths and misspoken words. Wow. Now that Bush is out and poor Obama is left with such a rotten dealt hand, why has he not changed course? He has not stopped any of the 'crimes' mentioned that Bush instigated (and if he has discontinued some of the pre-mentioned 'illegalities' he hasn't stopped the big ones. Oh! and what was Clinton's last take on the war? Why did they have the KKK guy reciting the Constitution?)

    In fact, I was in awe watching the reactions from her zombie audience, as they watched her twist facts and allowed her to use fear tactics on them. What is mind blowing is that you can give anybody a stage and a microphone and there will be others that soak up any crazy thoughts spewed from that stage and they will swear it is gospel.

  58. Don't be one who walks with blinders. Draw from your intuition. Anyone who thinks that the United States Government is not aware of everything going on with all peoples has their head in the sand. Cash a check, buy something at a store. Names, social security numbers, telephone numbers, your address, your zip code, oh they know.

    It's a society of fear and our direction is sliding down further and further each day. You think things have digressed, just wait till the end of summer, when our country will change so dramatically, that without miracle, we will come crashing down with such a bang, the entire world will hear and America will be lost forever. It's a very sad state of affairs.

  59. I think Naomi actually believes this country is every bit as bad as Germany and President Bush was and is a total monster. What's the matter Naomi? Bush didn't follow in his predecessor's footsteps and outright lie to Congress or apologize to people we have been feeding and making billionaires of they're leaders. I think I get the point-All PRESIDENT BUSH did was to prevent more attacks, live a good CHRISTIAN (oops-bad word) life, love his family and country and face down anyone who tried to tear apart our American ideals. His words were daggers in the hearts of our enemies but I know you would rather throw feathers at our enemies.
    Where in the Constitution does it give all the rights you claim are being abused to anyone who is not a citizen?
    As a staunch conservative I disagree with President Obama but in the end he is still my president. I fail to see how you can come to these conclusions. I think as strongly as you feel that you are being screwed you should relocate to a country that truly supports your values.
    I believe Yemen, Syria, Iran, China(if you don't mind your female child being aborted or killed at birth), Anglola or even sunny North Korea would be more to your liking and way of thinking. These are are countries that shine when it comes to freedom and human rights. I give you 3 months and you'd be kissing Bush's ass to help you get back to the tyrannic USA.
    As a Vietnam veteran I wonder if our brave soldiers should be sacrificing to maintain the freedoms of someone like you who must hate everything they are fighting to sustain.
    P.S. Why don't you take along Jane Fonda, Rosie O, Barbara Walters and some of they're other Hollywood pals with you? YOU MAKE ME WANT TO PUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. OMG! are you kidding? Clinton lied about a bj and by the way Newt was screwing his 3rd wife while married to his 2nd,dying from cancer. Bush lied about WMDs and God knows what else.

      I think you missed the whole point of the film. She wants American citizens to stand up before America becomes like the other countries. I think she made her point quite clear, but I understand your a republican and see past your wallet.

      By the way, you spelled, "they're other Hollywood pals" and it should have been spelled their other....
      they're = they are; their=shows ownership.

      As a vietnam vet - I would have thought that you recognized how a gov't can screw up,how Nixon (republican) treated the vietnam war.
      You claim to be a Christian and then judge her claiming that she hates American and soldiers shouldn't fight for her. I guess you forgot about the 1st amendment with the freedom of speech,(which you fought for too). Not once did she convey hate anything but what is happening to our country. Also, God says to forgive and you shall be forgiven, and yet you still bring up Jane Fonda.

      ps.- She did apologize to the Vietnam Vets

    2. nicely pointed out , your probable wasting your time tho.. anyone who can defend bush obviously is a proggramed sheep who cant comprehend actual reality , getting all their facts from T.V!
      Naomi is a hero, pro life,pro freedom/speech,pro accountability.. if america had only one naomi on every street.. those who ruined your beautiful country would be locked up !

    3. You definitely shouldn't be correcting anyone's spelling or grammar. You are clearly an imbecile, and have illustrated that fact superbly. If anyone of any intelligence has read your reply to "Crash," THEY'RE probably laughing just like I am.

    4. By the way, it's you are or you're, as in "you are a Republican..."

    5. i think you sniffed to much naipon !

  60. CIA killed JFK

    1. the Illuminai killed JFK

  61. Separation of Church and State is a beautiful and awesome thing!

    1. I think people have forgotten why there is Separation of Church and State. It started w/ Henry VIII. When the two mix there is trouble!!!
      If the Church wants to get involved w/ the gov't then they should pay taxes. Jesus said, "Render unto Caesar what is Caesar and render unto God what is God." It sounds like he didn't think the two should mix either. Yes it is a beautiful and awesome thing!

  62. A truly compelling piece of work. It'a all true, and it will only get worse. I love the people who say we should vote -- for who? Do you know how much it costs to run for public office? Only wealthy people can run for public office in this country. I don't know these people, and I am not going to vote for anyone I don't know. You can't get to know someone watching them on TV or reading about them in the paper. I thought I knew Obama. I loved what he was saying, so I voted for him, and what a disappointment that decision has been. I wanted change, but the only thing that changed was Obama after he was elected. I don't know what happened to all of his promises of change. I suspect he was taken aside and forced to comply with the powers that be.

    Who are the "powers that be?" The same powers that have been around since World War Two. The defense contractors. Companies like Halliburton. The war machine was never dismantled. War is big business, and it's the Almighty Dollar that is worshiped here in America. We did not invade Korea,Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan for any other reason than business. They never stopped making bombs, bullets, or tanks, and these things need to be used so the government can buy more. Big business used to be regulated. There were laws and protections against greed taking over our way of life, but not any more. Big business has taken over our government, and they don't give a damn about anything except money, and there isn't anything we the people can do about it.

    We are doomed. In a very short time there will be chaos all over the world because of greed. The damage has already been done. The middle class has been all but wiped out, and the gap between those who have everything and those who have nothing is growing wider and wider every day. One of these mornings we will wake up and find out from our local news channel (which is owned by big business) that our money has lost most of its value. Gas will cost ten dollars a gallon. Bread will be five bucks a loaf. People will starve. They already are. Martial law will be enacted. Large gatherings of people will be banned. Freedom of speech will not be tolerated, and our constitution will be flushed. The great depression will be looked back upon as "the good old days."

    So what do we do? I really don't know if there is anything we can do. I think being armed and having plenty of bullets is a good idea. Survival will be difficult though. A good support group of like minded people will be necessary, and an ability to live off the land will be helpful. But don't expect help from the government, and don't think you can change them. They have set this country and the world on a path of destruction. Say good bye to this way of life because it is all but over.

    I hope I am wrong. I hope sanity will prevail, but I doubt it. I am afraid it is too late to do anything except prepare for the worst. Sorry.

  63. The government gave us freedom of religion but now it's become freedom from religion. Where's the morals in society? Since there's no longer anyone to answer to but ourselves, society has reverted back to primitive morals and social standards. It's alright to divorce, to be pregnant at 15, to do whatever you want to do; that's normal now. I agree with chuckie49 down there; we need to teach religion to children so they know wrong from right.

    1. bloody hell NO ! teaching religon to children is why people cant think for themselves and tobacco chewing rednecks have srewed the world up with endtime religous delusion, lets teach them to think and be cognasent them selves without having delusion rammed down there throat. religon hinders a person from finding their way to real truth
      truth of spirit! re-incarnation .. we all have a spirit that is omnipotant , gathering knowledge and eventually wisdom over countless lives and mistakes, WE are accountable for every single thought /action and feeling we create , NOT anyone else, nobody died for our ignorance or sins, jmmanuel [falsely named jesus christ] brought the sword of knowledge and the truth of spirit to the people but once again like times before we the people twisted the priceless knowledge for power and control of the people! jmmanuel taught meditation =inner contamplation in the deepest holy of holys inside=the human spirit!

    2. All I've got to say is there will be no atheists in Hell because all will believe in Jesus Christ and what He has done. You can believe that now or choose not to and believe it then and Hell will be your home..thats not my beliefs or ideas its Gods and i firmly believe and trust Him only...Like an old redneck backwoods hick preacher would say turn or burn its your choice. You may not believe in Jesus but he believes in you.

    3. No, the government did not give us freedom. It's ours to begin with. Our government just didn't attempt to take it away ... until recently.

    4. Oh boy. I don't even know how to reply to this. I'd like to start by saying, I might be wrong, and Amanda99, you might be right, but it doesn't seem likely.

      Religion is an inhibitory intellectual program that simplifies incoming sensory data and sorts it according to pre-set definitions. In other words, it robs a person of their ability to experience what is, and forces them to invent experiences of what should be.

      Say, for example, your parents told you as a child, "all bananas are yellow." Then, at twenty years of age, you see a green banana at the market. Does it look like a banana? Yes. Could it be a greenish-yellow color? No, not really, that's definitely green.

      Therefore it cannot be a banana, it must be something else, because all bananas are yellow. What a strange fruit!

      This is a an innocuous example compared to the mental disability one acquires when affected by religious doctrine. Thankfully, there is a cure!


      In other words: I thought all bananas were yellow, but I could be wrong. Maybe there are green bananas. Or maybe there aren't and this is something else altogether. It looks like a fruit, but is it? My best sensory data tells me there a fair chance it could be a green banana -

      And there, THERE, your mind expands to include the real, not just the assumed.

      When have you ever heard religious folks use words like could be, might, possible, maybe? They've no room for reality, it doesn't fit inside the program. This is the razor's edge, and one must be discarded - reality or religion. You probably cannot truly have both.

    5. I noticed you jumped in to this with a big assumption of your own; that you know with certainty what reality is in the first place.

      You talk about the "what is" and "reality" and say Agnosticism is the gateway by which we arrive at reality only to conclude your argument by setting up a straw man false dichotomy....that it's reality vs. religion and then conclude; quite succinctly, that we can't have our cake and eat it too.

      But doesn't this Agnosticism verification principle you speak of also carry with it a set of pre-set definitions by which one must live?

      Please enlighten us as to what reality is. From your paragraph above I gather that reality is what we see or what data we gather through our senses and proceed to hone this data through Agnosticism thus arriving at some kind of reality. But it seems more like a continuing unreality since one is always going to find exceptions (yellow banana today, green tomorrow, half yellow half green next week) to what one calls "reality" at this moment thus proving that is was in fact not a true reality in the first place.

      So one will never know for sure what reality is through Agnosticism; in fact we will be left with a vague notion that there are an infinite number of possibilities out there. But the question is since we will never know or be able to perceive these infinite possibilities as an aggregate, how is it that we know for sure that Religion can't in fact be a part of our reality?

    6. Alright, Brandon Schultz, I think you're analyzing this too strongly. Firstly, religion is in reality, although not everyone may think so. Religion is the way in which you practice worshiping God and it outlines all of the basic beliefs that will lead to a closer relationship with God, like God created heaven and earth and Jesus died for our salvation. I don't mean to be preaching to anyone or anything like that, and please don't send me a hate reply if you're not Catholic. This is what I believe.
      Anyway, our personal experiences are reality to us. It's like if you saw a ghost and someone says that you couldn't have seen a ghost because they don't exist, but you saw a ghost with your own eyes and believe in them no matter what anyone else says. This is reality. As to the truth, only God knows the truth. We each perceive the world around us through what our own eyes, ears, and other senses tell us, even if our senses are feeding us false information. Therefore everything we know is biased because we've only seen it through our own point of view. God, however, knows everything and therefore He knows all truth because He is unbiased.
      It seems like you were talking more about finding the truth instead of finding reality, but religion does in no way close your mind unless you're some stubborn and super-strict worshiper that won't even listen to anyone else. It is the person them self and not religion that determines whether your mind will be open to something new or not, but religion, I believe, would help to put a lot of kids on the right track especially these days.

    7. A person can have morals without religion.

      And you're kidding yourself if you think it's only recently that 15-year olds have been having babies out of wedlock, and people have cheated on their spouses. We just don't send the girls away to "spend the summer with family" anymore.

  64. This video is nothing but Liberal propaganda.

    1. History does not lie, it's intent is to educate so that the same mistake's are not made again. I think the video was well done and showed that a lot of thought and knowledge of the past went into it's production. Some may never "get it", while other's will acknowledge that this may be one of many wake up call's and possibly their call to action.

    2. Type your reply...

  65. I thought there was some new thing- the news media has been exposing this for years- how about the killing of the middle class with the banks credit bureaus and attack of education

  66. the utter destruction of the American Psyche, began in the sixties, and slowly, utterly slowly we have either given away, or allowed our liberties to be stolen! They used greed, fear, want, and need to persuade us in a sleep of denial, allowed drug use to shorten our lives, and to diffuse our intent, No, Hitler was a monster, but Bush is a criminal, and should be tried for crimes against humanity.

    1. Thank Bob for LSD!

  67. the only way you can start over is to fall down on our face befor GOD and ask for forgivness, to heal our land. and put himm backn in our schools where it all begans, with our little one"s. They"ve taken the bible out of the schools. these little kids our going to prison at the age of 12years old change them and you can change the world through JESUS and proper up bringing and strong morals in our children

    1. what god

    2. what do you mean what God is your head under a rock what ever we do don't mess with Iran they mean what they say and i don't think they would hesitate to do it. They are a powerful country and a powerful leader but what he don't know and i don't think any nation really knows is that the people of America do not want war. We want to go back to or at least most of us want to go back to the 70's peace and love not war why can't we just all get along. When they need something we give it and when we need something they give it. If all countries just helped each other we would be a great universe and God could look down and say yes those are me children and proud of it.


    4. Oh yeah m8 just bring the bible back to the education system cause there sure arn't any christians in jails :/

      The Federal Bureau of Prisons does have statistics on religious
      affiliations of inmates. The following are total number of
      inmates per religion category:

      Response Number %
      ---------------------------- --------
      Catholic 29267 39.164%
      Protestant 26162 35.008%
      Muslim 5435 7.273%
      American Indian 2408 3.222%
      Nation 1734 2.320%
      Rasta 1485 1.987%
      Jewish 1325 1.773%
      Church of Christ 1303 1.744%
      Pentecostal 1093 1.463%
      Moorish 1066 1.426%
      Buddhist 882 1.180%
      Jehovah Witness 665 0.890%
      Adventist 621 0.831%
      Orthodox 375 0.502%
      Mormon 298 0.399%
      Scientology 190 0.254%
      Atheist 156 0.209%
      Hindu 119 0.159%
      Santeria 117 0.157%
      Sikh 14 0.019%
      Bahai 9 0.012%
      Krishna 7 0.009%

      UPS maybe it is not such a good idea.

  68. Yeepy yay yey, oooh don't you just love the upbeat music right at the end ? Are you kidding me ? Turn a new page? ''We lost our way ,We just need to find our way back to the path that served us well for so long'' . Yeeep that's right you can just keep dreaming the dream of going on the right path ,tell you what a blind man will find that path but America never will ! Your greed and unsustainable living will be your perish ,I just cant wait for Sarah Palin to get in Obama's place just to prove that you are going on that right righteous path of yours that as it looks is taking you to Iran no not Iraq you bust that one up and got lost in translation its Iran your new war interest. Yes America you are lost and you are all on your own with no real friends and no one that really loves you just like the bully in school ,goon pick on Iran see where it gets ya?

  69. Excellent point - people are so quick to judge!!!! Most must learn how to read and write, though. Kind of amusing . . . and pathetic at the same time.

  70. it's gotta happen sooner or later, history repeats itself over and over. seems like anytime we humans build something good we have to destroy it. i think it really all comes down to greed for power over other people and the apathetic attitudes adopted by the people of successful nations. freedom is never free, you have to be willing to fight to keep your rights, i just hope it's not too late. it's such a shame that so many of our young people have been indoctrinated thru the schools and don't know much if anything about the history of this great nation. all i can suggest is educate the ignorant, fight for state rights and get ready for anything.

  71. with marshall law just around the corner and radiation on the rise globalization in the every where and what about lovely Haarp in AK yes just how long untill oblivion?

    1. Martial. Martial law. There's a reason this particular spelling is used for the term - it denotes a violence and destruction associated with Mars, god of war

  72. why dont they put a pause button on this commentary so we can break up the long windedness of this dingbat whether he is right or not give us a break in your ranting its irritating that we cant pause and we half to listen to all of it or stop and then start over again at the beginning i hope the idiots who put this page up will fix the problem ( really man ? )

    1. Vlatko is definitely no idiot, in fact I'd bet he's quite intelligent given the 'documentary cornucopia' he has taken the time, patience and resources to prepare here, for us to view FOR FREE mind you, on this website... Hats off to you my friend Vlatko! You rock in my book dude~

    2. i have a pause button for it. maybe its something wrong on your side.

      also you meant have not half.

    3. Way too much information to take in and process all at once, huh? It's a video for Christ's sake! God forbid it'd been book! ADHD much? It's like most people's brains have been injected with Novacane. America is, literally, one sad state of affairs right now...Geesh!

    4. Talk about running on. Have you ever heard of a "run on sentence?" You have now redefined the term. Oh yeah, "the dingo12345 ate the baby," you long winded dope!


    1. Woah there, tiger, no need for yelling

  74. I am so happy to see so many young people that are " getting it ". I am almost 60 and I have seen our rights be slowly stripped from us. We do need to take a stand, but here is the problem. Do you know who Bill Ayers is ? Look him up. If any of you watch fox news with Glenn Beck, he has predicted all of this and he also says if we do not stand together there will no United States of America. You must understand that the socialist people with very high position do cover up their real agenda and are wanting a revolution, because immediately they would get rid of the strong ones and continue to do so till only the weak were left. So with that being said when I say stand for courage it means that you must get the word out, prepare, plan and stay together. Do not get so aggressive and go after people with your guns. That will give them much pleasure and a reason to kill you. Do by all means keep your guns/many guns with ammunition, but also dehydrate food, get gas masks at your military surplus stores, get a generator, huge water containers, etc. You get my drift. Talk to your neighbors and get an idea where they stand politically. If you come on too strong with what they may consider wild ideas, they will rebuke your message and that will be the end of the support. Get facts from many different sources and present yourself calmly. Have a neighborhood cook-out and have a relaxed atmosphere and introduce your facts, but too fast or boldly, you will scare them away !!!! They may not be able to process it all. If you have a church and the pastor is savvy to biblical plus history discuss it with him and your friends at church. I sincerely believe there is a definite plot to bring us down. If we allow Israel to fall, we will be next. Think about Iran, China, Mexico, Syria, etc. Beware of your mainstream media !!!!!!...... Hope this encourage each of you that even think of the possibility that there might not be an us anymore as we know it......There are so many sleepers in the US......Deborah

    1. You lost me at Glen Beck, Fox News.

    2. Dear Jesus, please use paragraphs, no one is going to read this!

  75. I have yet to watch any of these documentaries but this is my prospective as a 23 year old member of our so called society... America is stupid... not as individuals but as a whole. We call our self a democracy but what is a democracy exactly? A democracy is where the people decide whats going to happen right? Well how many of you agree with whats going on with our country right now. Sure we get to vote and everything but so does everybody else and in the end its congress who really makes the decision. Now dont get me wrong I love this country more than most and wouldnt want to live anywhere else but we need to make some changes. I dont know much but i try to stay current with whats going on with my country. I was a navy seal for almost 3 years and even then i never trusted our government. But i believe in this country.

    1. I was going to pick on you but then I so that you need to make some changes and also believe in your country ,soooo ....that's alright.

  76. As I age, my faith in our government is more and more eroded. As stated in some of these comments, the inherent apathy in this country appears overwhelming. As many know, the electoral process involves a majority of a minority - those that vote in this country are the minority. Apathy keeps most people away from this process. Is it because of their lack of participation that they then are willing to blindly accept the results? Is this acceptance of the status quo just an attempt to personally rationalize their lack of participation in the process that results in the placement of people that make the decisions in this country?

    Those that have been charged with making the decisions in this country appear to be only protecting their jobs with little or no consideration for the impact of their decisions on the general population. I listen with distain to the politicians that continue to say " we must do this to make the country stronger" and yet they have no specific solutions for what put this country in the position. There was a grat deal of talk by the government about the need to reform Wall Street to prevent speculation from driving this economy and here we are, less than two years after the great crash that was a eresult of speculation, with oil speculation driving the price of gasoline to a level that is having a suffocating impact on the economy. The current high price of gasoline is not a result of lack of supply or a recent increase in demand, the high price is a result of speculators on Wall Street speculating on whether or not the price will continue to rise.The higher cost of transportation is causing a rise in pricing of all goods to a level that many people are struggling to survive. Where is the government now - they are simply not paying attention. Has anyone learned anything - if we put an orator in the White House all we are going to get is talk, no action.

    Thomas Jefferson once said that if we do not have a revolution in this country every ten years, the government will get out of control. It appears the first revolution is way overdue - so much so that I wonder if we can repair this country without significant sacrifice. This sacrifice will need to start with the government. We need to return to citizen representatives and eliminate our present career politicians. Politicians need to have some employment experience so they can bring a knowledge of the economic process to any government position they seek.

    The people of this country, all the people, need to become knowledgeable of the political process, participate in any and all elections and watch over their represenatives once in office. The politicians need to be more savy when it comes to the needs of their consituents and the overall good will of the country. We need to stand up and have our voices heard. We need to hold those in a position of authority accountable for there actions - or more recently for their inactions. Having only 30 to 40 percent of the registered voters in this country making the decisions for all of us is unacceptable. We need to be more proactive and less reactive. The question is how do we address this apathy? How do we get our sedintary population off their butts and into the arena of participation? Maybe we should levy a fine against those that do not particiapte as the people in this country only appear to react when they are hit in their wallets.

    1. not enough quality people run for office these days,why?the media rips and digs and judges every thing they've ever done to the point where its not worth it to put yourself thru it.its not worth it.i have some good ideas and am a 41 year old married father of two who has an excellent work ethic strong moral fiber and adeep love for our country.i however am not perfect,ive made mistakes far in my past which would undoubtably undermine any attemt i might make to improve society and help people...answer your question fritz?

    2. I Don cole say one thing The goverment is like a very big gun and the pepole are the bullits. So quit, stop giving the goverment the bullits, to use against you. With out this the govment becomes very uselass and the people can take back the control witch it should have in the first place. Think about this at tax time. A very big gun, an empty gun is only good for bluffing. Call thier bluff and maybe they will see they can't play games with the people. Yes the people can maybe get back control of OUR country.and make the very rich carfull of what they think thay can push around. THEY MAKE PEOPLE TURN AGAINST EACH OTHER AND THEY CAN KEEP CONTROL. Think about it.........
      There is so much more to say and Do.... C.Don.Cole American Owened.

    3. Only when it hits people in the pocketbook big time will they stop, wake up and take notice . . the process is beginning . .. We have become a materialistic nation . . . driven by materialistic politicians . .perhaps a revision of that process is beginning too . ..

    4. This is so true, Fritz, with most of what you say. The revolution of this country should have started way before 10 years ago. This country did not get in the position it is currently in since Obama's election. Everyone seems to want to get on the "Bash Obama" train and it happened way before his time. Unfortunately, he has to deal with what he has been given. He's trying to turn a cesspool of politics into something concrete and better. He's willing to try to make a difference whereas all others seem to all way "we need to make a change" - hold those accountable? That's a joke!!!

      Look at the Enron people - nothing. Hundreds of people lost EVERYTHING- EVERYTHING - and who has been accountable for that? Some - but not to the extent where it helps the people that really lost big time. The oil companies - record year profits, while the little people of the world suffer just trying to make it to work to afford things that are day-to-day basic necessities. But as long as those big people reach their objectives, that's ALL that matters to them. But let's focus on issues that don't really impact us on a day-to-day basis. Apparently, the only time someone is held accountable is during a sex scandel - something of a more personal nature and nothing regarding business. We tend to focus, and mainly because of the media hype, on non-sensical issues that the "average Joe" could care less about. Most of these issues are personal, private issues, that because that person is in the spotlight, they have to be displayed? Crazy!!! Who cares!! Do I care if a loser like Charlie Sheen has a "win-win" attitude? Not really. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, no matter now dillusional.

      Since when are issues based on "speculation" and considered the gospel? Crazy!!!! Voters should be fined for not voting. If that don't vote, then they shouldn't have a voice in much of anything. Complaining and making life miserable for others when you don't vote is plain absurd. If you don't feel you can make a different to vote, then you shouldn't make a different with your comments.

  77. I think it time to be real and remember how this country started. We the people have become complacent. The government we're suppose to control is controlled by Wall and Lobby groups who for the most part could care less about anything but making their pockets deeper! Get a job, be happy you have one and get in line. Don't question what they tell us, don't question the ratings game (network news), matter of fact rush home to watch it. It keeps you from thinking, seeing for yourself. And God help you if you fall outside your party line, it might test your belief in real FREEDOM! It's not about money, jobs or the parties lines. It about US and its time we made that clear. The word "Patriot " has come to mean get in line, don't ask, trust what they are shoveling. Sorry, but I choose to question, and distrust anymore. So keep doing exactly what you are, which is exactly what they are banking on America! That we the people wont' wake up. But if you're awake enough to read below give it a read and some real thought. Its a very good start to actually restoring our voices.

    The 26th amendment (granting the right to vote for 18 year-olds) took
    only 3 months & 8 days to be ratified! Why? Simple! The people demanded
    it. That was in 1971...before computers, before e-mail, before cell
    phones, etc.

    Of the 27 amendments to the Constitution, seven (7) took 1 year or less
    to become the law of the land...all because of public pressure.

    I'm asking each addressee to forward this email to a minimum of twenty
    people on their address list; in turn ask each of those to do likewise.

    In three days, most people in The United States of America will have the
    message. This is one idea that really should be passed around.

    Congressional Reform Act of 2011
    1.. Term Limits.
    12 years only, one of the possible options below..
    A.. Two Six-year Senate terms
    B.. Six Two-year House terms
    C.. One Six-year Senate term and three Two-Year House terms

    2.. No Tenure / No Pension.
    A Congressman collects a salary while in office and receives no pay when
    they are out of office.

    3.. Congress (past, present & future) participates in Social Security.

    All funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to the Social
    Security system immediately. All future funds flow into the Social
    Security system, and Congress participates with the American people.

    4.. Congress can purchase their own retirement plan, just as all
    Americans do.

    5.. Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise. Congressional
    pay will rise by the lower of CPI or 3%.

    6.. Congress loses their current health care system and participates in
    the same health care system as the American people.

    7.. Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the American

    8.. All contracts with past and present Congressmen are void effective

    The American people did not make this contract with Congressmen.
    Congressmen made all these contracts for themselves .

    Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers
    envisioned citizen legislators, so ours should serve their term(s), then
    go home and back to work.

    If each person contacts a minimum of twenty people then it will only
    take three days for most people (in the U.S. )to receive the message.
    Maybe it is time .

    THIS IS HOW YOU FIX CONGRESS!!!!! If you agree with the above, pass it
    on.. If not, just delete

    1. Carl has a wonderful idea here. This will fix the problems we
      have in our country. Please everyone that reeds this pass it on
      to all the people you know.

    2. Your manifesto mirrors my own thoughts. Hopefully many will pass this on to their friends and relatives. To make changes to a moribund government will require a strong and resolute grass roots efforts.

  78. They say(I do not know who) that 98% of the world beleive there is a GOD.

    The flag flies above the earth and below the Heavens

    SO ?

    As long as you place your flags above your head
    Remember to keep GOD above your flags !

    How can people end up worshiping the flag ?
    A couple of examples:
    God said in Genesis 1:29 that the trees, plants and herbs that have seeds are VERY GOOD.
    Than how come so many people are against marijuana ? It is a seed plant.
    Less harmful than alcohol as a recreational substance.
    More helpful than pharmaceuticals, less side effects than eather.
    God says it is for us to use as we see fit, for health, as a food additive, for clothing, etc.
    So the Devil says this natural plant is bad and the Americans beleive that lie !
    God or the Devils will be done ?

    On the other hand God said that the Pharmacist will enter the Lake of Fire,
    Revelation 22:15 the word "sorcerer" only has one meaning in the Greek, sorcerer = pharmacist.
    God calls them poisoners, so why is it that people who say they are Christian use those pharmaceutical poisons ?
    Why are there pharmacys in every town and city ?
    Almost every large store has a pharmist, why ?
    Because Satan wants you to beleive that God can not do as He said He would to heal you, the pharmist believe Satan apparently, they keep chanting about how they have what you need to feel better, they say they can heal you, they lie without even knowing they are lieing.

    James 5:14 & 15 says
    Is any among you afficted ? Let them call for the elders of the Church: And let them pray over them, anointing them with oil (olive oil) in the name of the LORD.
    And the prayer of FAITH shall save the sick, and the LORD shall raise them and if they have commited sins, they shall be forgiven them.

    "FAITH" can and will heal you.
    This is not a gift to any Church,
    This is not a gift to any Paster or Priest,
    This is not a gift to the elders,
    It It is your gift,
    You only need "FAITH" to be well !
    Do not let Satan and his lies keep you sick !

    Do not allow Satan to keep you sick !
    Do not allow your elected officials to convince you that God is wrong about marijuana, tell your world that you beleive GOD, tell your Pharmist, Doctor and everyone you can that GOD rewards "FAITH", but will allow you to be poisoned by the pharmist if that is your wish !

    1. Get your facts straight, Christianity...2.1 billion, and dropping.
      Non-religious and thankfully gaining...1.1 billion.

    2. god has nothing to do with the feds consistently stealing from us and to think for one second that it he dose is utterly ignorant
      American politicians must be stopped and held accountable for their actions and we as intelligent human beings should stop being fooled and hustled by organized religion witch was created by the early politicians to begin with has faith paid your taxes or your food bill or kkep you power on no it dose not try not paying your biils once and see how much faith puts on your table

    3. your comparing faith to things that in the end do not matter! Every day you live on earth was given to you by GOD! GOD said "the man who does not work, will not eat!"we all have to do our part in this world to survive, it is your faith that "allows" you to do that!weather you like religion or not we were all born with faith, you have faith that your car starts in the morning to get you to work right!you have faith that you are well to provide food on the table!you have faith that you provide enough money to pay off those taxes!! even the devil and his demons must have faith that they can tempt you and break you down and destroy you for your soul!!Thats what faith is!!!!!! It is in all of us,and all around us weather you like it or not! p.s. "GOD never said it would be easy, but it would be worth it!!" IN MY EYES AS A CHRISTIAN THIS VIDEO SADLY REMINDS ME OF REVELATIONS! BE READY!! great video great facts!!

    4. Are you stupid or what I was just in a bad dirt bike wreck if i dident have the write meds i would prob be dead!!!! I have faith in god but that isnt what kept me alive!!!!!

    5. im not sure you know what your saying!! im sure you have faith that the medication your taking works right, and that the man up above still has reason why he wants you alive!! maybe you weren't ready to die yet!!Im just saying be careful what you say.. I flew off a suzuki 750 gsxr going a 100 mph, and i owe it all to "my faith in GOD" not to the doctors and medication!!!!! i was alive on the scene and stayed alive because he made me strong and he willed it!!! P.S. ill pray for you, for you know not of what you say brother!! search more into GOD!

  79. What kind of bullshit liberal website is this? You guys need to wake up and smell what you're shoveling!

    1. your the one that needs to wake up!

  80. We have nothing to fear, but fear itself. Stand up for yourself and do not blame others. We are all on the same team! We all just need to say that we are not afraid of what is to come, because as long as we have our hand in it, it will not be bad. I decided my fait and the good lord will be by my side. We all have choices to make, there are no sides to take, we are all brothers and sisters of this great county and it is our duty to stand up for those who can't. It is our duty to make sure that scociety as we know it will not dwindle. Be Free my fellow americans and with the freedom that you bring, bring love for your fellow human. We are in this together...we can be strong together and stand up for our county together. WE THE PEOPLE! THAY MEANS ALL OF US!

  81. And some of your grammar is atrocious. Learn to read and write. Get a job. Make some money, and save it. Easy as that.

  82. You people are all Spuds! Keep feeding into the rhetoric. I will continue to work hard, make good money, and lead a normal life with my family. But you folks do give me a good laugh from time to time.

  83. Nothing new will ever happen, until all people stop buying into the insanity.

    Obama, isn't the problem, anymore than Bush was the problem during his terms. The democrats aren't ruining the country nor are the Republicans. However the rhetoric from this false sense of choice, will never create human harmony. We need to seize it for ourselves.

    These things are not Right-Left issues. They are, in fact Right-Wrong issues.

    We live in a paradigm and the media are eager to point out our intrinsic differences as the problem, instead of pointing out our similarities. What I always see, is a bunch of innocent people getting killed, and the news reporting on how much progress we've made getting rid of the "bad guys".

    Come on folks.... we are living in an illusionary world. Lets take it back! There are WAY more of us than there are of them. That being said....I am going to plug in my Ipad and microwave a bun. Then maybe I'll drive my SUV into a man made lake.


  84. Excellent film. Interesting to note; since this film was made Naomi Wolf has moved steadily towards the hard facts regarding the events of 911, even the hard truth that "acts of synthetic terrorism that is self inflicted to facilitated startling agendas" is more likely than not.

    Highly recommended film.

  85. I know this sounds nuts and I promise im not a marijuana smoker cause its not my thing but did you know hemp would be better to use as an oil and gas product and its clean and not hazardous. Also you dont smoke a male hemp plant and that's what would be the best resource to use for long lasting clothes oil and you can also make good paper outta it. I watched a good docimentary on it. The researches didd there documentary on this in australia because america prohibits it. Anyways its just a thought im not asking to be ridiculed by the nonbelievers in hemp lol its jist a documentary that I watched and it has dome really good insights. The economy is going to crap and im scared for our american people, do you think canada is a safe place to run to? lol

  86. What the hell is a moslim?

    1. A Moslim is the next threat to America. Be very afraid. Just like factism, and cumunism the moslims hate our freedoms.

      Don't porget about homan globul wurming. Thats the latest bogey man...oh look it's our fault again. Damn it, the middle class (and teachers) really are the enemy.

      I must watch more CNN, so they keep me updated on the recent terror threats....and right after I watch 2 and a 1/2 men, I just might do that.

  87. People get your head out of the sand.This government is trying to do away with the middle class and turn this government into Socialism.
    Obama's father was a MoslIm and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

  88. I am all for alternatives. They are just not here today. In the real world we deal with realities. If all oil imports stopped tomorrow our economy would crumble. We should be pumping our own oil while planning for alternatives.

  89. ya everything that is all pretty much bad sad to say, but did you know obama went to different countries and had golfed 60 times in a 2 month period with our tax money but had managed to come back to america from his golfing trips to tell the Muslims that is is okay for them to build there Muslim temple where our twin towers had fell, because this is a country of freedom of religion. i am not against anybody's religion, that is up to each individual soul to find there own truth out there on our little planet because of all the possibilities out there. I am just saying that the twin towers had fallen with our loved ones, family, friends, our american people because of lots of Muslims not all hate the us. Why they hate us i have no idea, but it is not because of the american people, that i can not believe. I do believe it has to be because of a higher human being in america if that is bush, Obama, or maybe secret societies (they hide everything from us) that could include that our own government or whoever is running this country for the american people, may well have a conspiracy against us Americans. Cause why else would Borrack Hussein Obama who I highly doubt is even american, considering he wont show us a birth certificate but can just pay 15 bucks to get one cause now hes "president", how did he even get elected if he can't prove hes american, he wont even solute our flag. Is that a red sign or what, he has got to be the 4th Reich. It just doesn't add up. But anyways this is my belief you can hate it (good for you) or think about it (and enjoy the awful thought lol). I am a mother of three little babies and i do not enjoy thinking that so many countries hate us even tho there are soooo many wonderful sweet americans out there. There has to be a big miss understanding for all of us cause these countries, its not just one person that may want to harm us, its many people... And nobody in america that i have talked to understands why they would want to kill our people and babies. I just feel so helpless cause i am just one person trying to find the answer of why they hate americans. The answer is out there but we can not be so nieve to just believe what our politics and government tell us because there is always somebody higher than them that is holding the truth out there. Families, kids, harmless little babies, friends our being are suffering from the same specie. We the people should not suffer from our own Human Race. Thats why i believe there is misunderstanding from there point of view to ours cause we dont all speak the same language or live close by. So that can easily happen if somebody evil and is behind the presidents, government, ect can be promoting distruction for us americans and other countries as well, if they are more than just bilingual.

    1. Another reason trailer parks should not have wifi..... I hear you though. Isn't it sad that the Republican party is SOOOOOO INEPT that they could not prove Obama was not from America? I'm ever more scared for America if those idiots take over the White House again.

  90. unreal u people putting down Obama trying to clean up Bush mess... Who cares all pres. all have the power that is givin only by the house and congress remember he dosn't have the power of one.... R u that stupid.... There should only b people for the people not Dem. and Rep. anyway... this way they will b held to there only desion making but I guess that would make it to easy for them than they could not hide behind their party... If u think about it they mainly r in there for themself anyway making their vote count for whats best for them and their state or who ever is funding their way back to office... That is the sad hopeless reminder of what america is now all about... As far as oil is all about we r sitting on more than we need for the next 25 plus years and our goverment knows this but due to people who put dirt small animals etc... ahead of people we can't drill... All I can say to these people watch what is happaning with us helping all these places we r helping u think we r doing for humanty really.... No its for the favor of their oil don't kid yourself..... And when u have to pay 4 and 5 dollars a gl. at the pump and more for food and heat and air for your house hope your friends and faimly start telling u what what a a**hole u r putting this s*** b4 humans.... Kinda like the global warming dumbing a**es.... Get a life people this is today the world we live in stop talking like the Obama is the cause of everything going down the drain it has nothing to do with him but all to do with the jerks in office mainly as u see on TV most Republicans that have all the money and want the power.... Don't get me wronge im not siding either way but don't only watch Fox to get your news or u won't get but one side.... If u don't make over 300.000.00 u better hope and pray that republican get the hell out of office as soon as possible... But most of our govement is not there for us anyway as u know and if u don't u have a problem for more than anyone can help u with.....Diana in Oklahoma City

  91. i hate to say this in the face of so many dogmatic dimwits but there's a reason the constitution allows for freedom of religion, doesn't endorse christianity as a state religion, do you know why? if you don't stfu and it aint no big deal if "god" is taken out of the equation cause it's not the real truth.

  92. I Evelyn G. Johnson 63 yrs old, want u to know i sent obama a email telling
    him how dare he cover up the name of my GOD, and who did he think he was,a muslim ? i Evelyn G. Johnson called Mr. John Boehner two days ago, his rep answered and ask me what he could do for me, I said u tell Mr. Boehner I want him to impeach Obama, he said (QUOTE) he wont do that, I told him im not asking!!!!!!!!!!!!! im telling !!!!!!!!!! we the people of America are the ones paying his checks, we are the boss, not them, I say no to others , we are dealing with a full government of treason, and tyrannts, the constitution tells us to rise up and take your government back, there going to make us slaves any way right? or kill some of us ? so sooner or later its coming, why give the the chance to get us first! look how they used us, and what there doing to other country's and have while we the people supported them, and they stole from us and lied to us, its time my sweet country its time. dont wait any longer, GOD is at our sides pray and keep praying turn y our faces back to him, did David kill Golithe we to can win this . our Father in heaven loves us, let us stand for him if GOD is for us who can be against us ?

    1. Evelyn G. Johnson your statement is strong and yet so true. If there has ever been a time to IMPEACH its now. We all need to call Mr. John Boehner and take our government back.....
      ----------IMPEACH OBAMA-------------

    2. lol. Bunch of nut jobs. Thanks for giving me a laugh today :)

  93. Sheila, I really liked your comments.

  94. This woman is so interested in the constitution but she has not complained once about the current Obama administration which is continually going against the laws and ignoring decisions made by our judges.

    1. you know that movies aren't created the moment you decide to watch them on youtube, right? It is plastered all over the video that the lecture is from 2008... Obama was inaugurated January 2009...

  95. Teacher, teacher, teacher!!! I know the answer!! Please call on me!!

    EVERYONE is dancing around the inevitable, and its not some elaborate scheme precisely planned and executed by some mysterious secret group of a--holes, its occurring naturally because it is INEVITABLE. And more importantly, the ONLY global solution. One world, one government.

    1. NO! One World Government is NOT the way! We the PEOPLE need to be in charged since it is our hard work who actually makes this country, with ONE WORLD GOV't you will have a small % of men & women of rich families of many years before will rule you & oppress you. Please get real info about the TRUTH. peace. namaste

    2. I like this comment and agree :)

    3. Spoken like a true communist. If you're in America, yo're in the wrong country!

  96. Frank , take a breath. Whose the neo con, Barry is in charge now. He went on the apology tour so all is well. Blood for oil ? Or is it fighting to preserve the american way of life ? Do you ride a horse to work ? Do you have central heat and air ? Well then you like oil also. If oil dried up tomorrow our economy would stop. Do you get that ? stop. Wake up Frank

    1. Ya everybody loves oil but would you prefer your family to die over it? I am not a marijuana smoker of any kind but scientifically proven Hemp is a weed, sprouts very fast and can be used as the most cleanest oil out there, not only that you don't smoke hemp its a male plant, but it can fix the the oil situation, make gasoline cheaper, and cure most cancers.

  97. You are living on neo con reagonimics and in the bushes with our heads and arses in the sands in the no wmd swapping blood for oil program.

  98. Remember the 2000 election and Fla. recounts where Jeb Bush was Governer and gwbush was not elected but appointed by judges? Then you had the Mike Connally computer guri that is dead now but orcastrated the 2004 Ohio elections?

  99. Very simple, it is call NEW WORLD ORDER of which hitler wanted to rule the world and now the neo con elites will with out rasing an arm.

  100. @ Terry, Bush did not do 'what he had to do'. He was an idiotic puppet who went through the political motions to get what he WANTED. Of all of the 'Arab Nations', as you so delicately put it, most of the terrorists aboard the planes were Saudi Arabian. Hmm, why didn't Bush feel the need to go to war with them? Oh, right, because they funded his campaign, and control vast amounts of petrol.

    But Terry, you're right. I am just being a second day quarterback in these matters, or whatever ridiculous white-trash euphemism you used.

  101. From some one outside your county i found this a very informative video. I could never understand why anyone would allow Bush a term let alone 2 terms as it was very obvious he was nothing more than a puppet.Rumsfeld was the true architect behind all the nuances . You can say what you want about Obama My only criticism is the amount of dept he is allowing the country to fall deeper into that will truly be the end of America as we all know it. The sad thing is we are all headed in that sad direction.


  103. Donate money to the College for kids and not to something that not going to assist your child.Part time student fund is for part time unemployed college students attending a community.The is a non profit 501 c 3. Send donations to Milton Wiggins po box 23552 Saint Louis Mo 63112 United States.

  104. I have a few questions about The End of America documentary if anyone would like to explain. Why is it that the government is allegedly closing our open society? Why are they intimidating us with fear? In comparing Nazi Germany with the U.S. Gov. behavior, what is the reason behind this behavior? Hitler believed the people he murdered were sub human and believed he was helping evolution in sifting out the weak and inferior from the strong and superior. So why is America using the war on terror to intimidate its citizens? All of the alleged horrible things that the U.S. Gov. is doing to detainees and prisoners and all the surveillance being done, is it because they are trying to control us? What is the purpose? Is it because they are truly trying to fight against terror? The fact remains, we were indeed attacked by someone on 9/11. Does the Gov. not have an obligation to find out who did it and bring them to justice? If this is all a lie than why are they doing all of this? This Documentary claims we should hold accountable those who did these horrible things (referring to American Gov. treatment of its citizens and prisoners). What about the people who murdered innocent Americans on 9/11? Should we not hold them accountable? Basically, as I watched this presentation, I learned about a lot of terribly disturbing things that our government is doing but was never told what the reason behind it is. I was told that we have “would-be” dictators in America trying to create fear in order to control us, but to what end? Again, we know why Hitler committed the atrocities that he did, but why is the American government committing all the alleged atrocities that they are?

    Sheila ninowski and Terry W. Excellent postings. I enjoyed your readings both of your writing on this matter.

  105. @terry
    obama's loans to GM have been repaid in full. the bailout money resulted in shares of which many have been sold by the government and at todays share prices if the rest were sold the loss would be a total of 9 billion. a lot of money but bush also loaned them 17.4 billion (also repaid).you say bush did what he had to to protect his country please show me the wmd's immanent threat. chemical weapons and the ties to al qaeda in Iraq? obama did show his birth certificate BEFORE he was elected.
    every president had the power to shut down the internet during war or a terrorist attack the bill presented only outlines protocols and put in place an ordered response. the internet controls banking, power distribution, traffic lights, medical records. air traffic and so on are you saying these things shouldn't be protected from attack?
    you said "Why is there an assumption that enemy soldiers can and should have the exact same rights as American citizens' they don't but the U.S. signed the Geneva convention and agreed to some basic rights for foreign combatants. the terrorists are criminals and should be rounded up but the U.S. is supposed to be better than them more civilized and plays by the rules.

  106. Well Said, Terry W. How about Obama wanting power to shut down the internet or arrest people for crimes they might commit in the future!?

  107. Blame Bush....the answer for everything....does she mention what the terrorists do to our soldiers and civilians when they are captured??? Why isn't she upset about that??? The terrorists behead and torture our soldiers; they burn our churches; they bomb public places and kill innocent human beings....have we forgotten 9/11 already? She has to understand, that in this world there are truly evil people....these terrorists are not US citizens and do not deserve the rights that we have in this country.

    America is not perfect. If she is unhappy with Bush's policies, then please leave the US and reside in Iran or another Arabic country and tell me about rights!

    Bush had to do what he did to protect this country. It is easy to play next day quarterback. I want a president to do what it takes to protect this country and the citizens of this country. I wonder what she would say if it were her family members that were killed on 9/11.

    If she is worried about our constitution and our rights as a free society...why doesn't she mention how President Obama is requiring all citizens to purchase health insurance!!! How about President Obama's take over of the car industries?

    Last comment...why wouldn't a President of the United States produce his birth certificate????

    1. Terry W. - "Last comment...why wouldn't a President of the United States produce his birth certificate????"

      Duuuurgh! He was in the senate before the white house, to get there all credentials are already checked. You don't seriously think that security is so lax that the first check on one's background is made by your opponent's party if you run for pres do you? Then again you probably do if you buy that "we had no clue" crap on 9/11.

    2. I'd love to see the 5 rubes who liked your comment look like. I wonder if any of their kids lived...

  108. I believe that the Patriot Act is potentially dangerous ... but I also believe that the Bush administration had the best of intentions in wanting to protect the rest of us from potential terrorist cells (which is exactly what happened in 9/11), and notably has not happened since! It amazes me how people (like her) are willing to demonize Bush because they don't like his politics. I am conservative and I don't like Obama's politics at all. But you know what? At least I give him grace and credit. I really do think that at least HE sincerely believes in what he is doing (no matter how wrong I think he is). Therefore I don't demonize him.
    MOST IMPORTANTLY: Each time Naomi speaks about torture in Guantanamo as being like Hitler's Germany or Stalin's Russia - and then comes the pictures of Jews being mistreated for more impact, I want to yell at the screen and say "Innocent German Citizens being tortured and silenced in the 1930's and 40's is VERY DIFFERENT from MORTAL ENEMY COMBATANTS (that is, soldiers at WAR against the US) being "tortured" for vital information". We are talking about innocent German or Russian citizens being compared to GUILTY WAR CRIMINALS. War is ugly ... war really does produce different guidelines from the peacetime rights of normal citizens. That is why we have military tribunals in the first place! War is a very different animal because we are not dealing with peaceful subjects in the first place! We are dealing with dangerous, U.S.-hating subjects who would murder all of us if they could! The two cannot be compared.

    I would also love to know where she gets her information about the various types of torture going on at Guantanamo ... would love to hear an actual Guantanamo soldier or two, or three verify her accusations.

    Why is there an assumption that enemy soldiers can and should have the exact same rights as American citizens? I GUARANTEE you that our founders (which I study) did not EVER intend to give the same rights to our enemies or even other country's innocent citizens as they gave to ours! Why on earth does she equate them with each other????

    This was tough to watch ... her politics are too obvious.

  109. @ Schteveo: You are a self-centered, pompous arse. Smart people maintain open minds. If you can locate the key to the lock you've placed on yours, perhaps you can join the rest of the intelligent viewers who watch this video before drawing inane conclusions based on misplaced self-grandeur.

  110. OH brother!!

    This video seems to have spurred those from the back assward thinking corps to speak out. Incorrect grammar, misspelled words, and old rhetoric.

    I'm torn on whether to watch this, it seems to appeal to the lowest common denominator, and I'm smarter than most of America, and I KNOW IT!! I probably already know some or most of this, because I read more than the funny papers like the other commentors 'up in here'.

    1. Schteveo,

      Get over your self and don't be blinded by your own Ignorance !

  111. its to bad she doesnt or wont pin point acorn,when was this filmed? what about present day, and the time frame around carter, no clinton wrong doings? this crap started 60yrs ago lady. these things she talks about where implemented yrs ago but pushed forword by bush, and more is being push threw with obama.

  112. @Heath-Daniel
    In response to you request to please be corrected should you be wrong, no, Naomi Wolf (not Annie Sundberg) did NOT say 'when the going gets hot, the hot get going'. What Naomi Wolf in fact DID say is:

    "...and psychiatrists know that prolonged isolation makes mentally healthy people insane. There's a point, and I know it, if I open the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal and I read that someone I identify with, a Journalist, a commentator, has been named an enemy combatant and is in 10 by 12 foot cell in a military brig, it's at that point that I am going to stop talking. That's my limit. Everyone has a limit."

    It is self-evident that everyone has a limit. Bradley Manning, who is in solitary confinement, has a limit. What, Heath-Daniel, may I ask, is yours?

  113. "blah blah blah"
    Well, now, that's a good argument!

  114. blah blah blah bush cheney blah blah haliburton blackwater blah blah waterboarding blah blah the blue meanies blah blah fear misplaced compassion blah blah power to the prolitariate blah blah books on feminism arent selling so well these days blah blah blah!

  115. We were attacked. Ask your grandparents about what HAD to be done in world war 2. But always keep questioning--it's never black or white.

  116. Well Said Bea

  117. None of these policies have been repealed under Obama. We live in a police state. Right wingers are being infiltrated now, thats the only difference.....

    The left/right paradigm is a lie....

    1. No, you live in a military state !

  118. Since i am watching all of these documentaries, will i be on the watch list?

    1. @ Bea,

      Your an American more than likely yes,You and your family ! 20,000 every year or was it month remember, so they have more space !

  119. She makes some good points. A decent watch.

  120. AMERICA BOMBED China (1945), Korea (1950), China (1950),Guatemala (1954) Indonesia (1958), Hiroshima, Nagasaki (1945)(The bigest crimes in history),Guatemala (1960),Kongo (1964) Peru (1965), Laos (1964), Vietnam (1961)(Built Tolkin basin), Cambodia (1969), Guatemala (1967)
    Granada (1983), Lebanon (1984), Libya (1986), El Salvador (1980), Nicaragua(1980s), Panama (1989), Iraq (1991-1999), Sudan (1998), Afghanistan (1998), Yugoslavia (1999)(Three big phenomenons "Humanitarian Aggression"","Collateral damage" and 53-th radical islamistic and terrorism country of United State in heart Europe),Afghanistan (2001), Iraq (2003), Greece(1947-1949)."The end of America" after all this,that is "NATURAL".

    1. Of corse they didn't, America would never do this, how dear you! I'm Appalled! ............ Of Cause ............ They Did !

      WARNING : All Nations who ever you are, where ever you are just hope that the US Never Ever feel the need or want to occupy your Land for any reason at all, Because ! If for any reason (DEYL) Dog Eat Your Lunch !
      You'll wake one morning and be reluctant to find out that your a TERRORIST ! Surprise! Surprise!

      Side Note : The up side of the whole matter is that all of these places they keep invading there going to soon deplete all of their soldiers then they are going to start forcing (Which will be sad!) the American Citizens to fight there wars, down to the 12 year old!

      Then What!

  121. This women speaks the true, people our government has been infiltrated by corrupt self centered/ selfish bugs. She is a motivational and intellectual person, therefore if you wanna wright something offensive against this informative Documentary, go ahead and smack your head against the wall, because your someone else's bitch.

    The point of this documentary is to organize, collectively from becoming a tyranny. We must unite as a collective identity, and become the ones that keep our democracy from becoming a state of slavery.

    1. Well said !

  122. WOW what a sexy woman in red, I realy like her.. ;)

  123. Naomi Wolf is the speaker, not Annie Sundberg, the filmmaker. If it got to that point where she feared for her life, know that at least she contributed to this growing awareness of our country becoming more like a police state, which in itself takes some balls. Funny, since Naomi herself is considered a 3rd wave feminist.

  124. Annie Sundberg delivers a well presented informative talk, however in her own words 'the moment they arrest/detain someone who she connects with "that's when i stop, everyone has their limits and that's mine" so correct me if i'm wrong please, but is she saying "when the going gets hot, the hot get going..?", she even quotes what it was the founding fathers had to go through to to obtain the liberties, freedoms and rights the U.S. claim to have, yet as soon as it looks like some backbone is required, she's off....?

    1. Did you watch the whole documentary ?