The Kennedy Assassination: 24 Hours After
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The Kennedy Assassination: 24 Hours After

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The Kennedy Assassination: 24 Hours AfterWhile the moments and hours after his tragic assassination were some of the most formative and important, that story has rarely, and only partially, been told.

For the first time, using never-before-seen transcripts only recently made public, this film pieces together the 24-hour period after the shots were fired.

The timeline reveals startling new information about the death of the president and the traumatic transfer of power to his successor, Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson.

From new details about when JFK really died, to the truth behind LBJ's Oath of Office photo on Air Force One, The Kennedy Assassination: 24 Hours After uncovers an unfamiliar story born out of one of the most crucial days in American history.

Documentaries on the same topic: Evidence of Revision, The Men Who Killed Kennedy and The Many Faces of Lee Harvey Oswald.

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  1. Research The Assassination

    The perpetrators of JFK's assassination are not dead but it doesn't matter .The reason they got away with it is our government whsd him killed.There was nothing the Kennedy family could do about them killing JFK and there's nothing you or me can do either. If anyone would like to know the truth I strongly suggest you read everything you can find about JFK's murder except the government's version.
    If anyone knew he was screwed JFK did which is why he gave the speech about secret societies but it didn't help him any either.

  2. Joseph

    Remote viewing indicates both the Kennedy assassinations were mafia hits ordered by the Carbon family. The man they hired to kill JFK was not associated with the family. He was a mercenary.
    And an ex army ranger. His first name was Lester. Trouble getting his last name there is alot of noise there. He was in his late 40s gray hair, tall and thin.

  3. Terry c

    He actually says it was out of his forehead u still have the problem of bullet found on gurney watch JFK assassination,the transcripts too many bullets still no sense

  4. Terry c

    Obviously one of the biggest conspirac theories of all time rightly so,with this case something. Always pops up and agai here in the first 1 minute i believe purposely one of the bodyguards sys clearly as I walked up to the president ,I moved his wife the saw JFKs head (ALSO finding the bulletts fragments,now apparently that bullet was only found on the gurney of JFK) which is it they car or on gurney in hospital ,don't forget he said next to the president so wasn't the magic bullet leaving head bullet but that can't be

  5. what a cia agent told me

    Facts from a cia agent who was part of the bay of pigs cluster. JFK was killed by LBJ , brown & root ( wife connection etc.) the bush cia family( daddy bush) and the military industrial complex. ( no Russia , no cubia, just a good cover up. false flag etc. ) people are so stupid that like Hitler said the bigger the lie the more the believe it. 911 was a great government cover up. remember elections are a good scam for stupid people.
    remember bush daddy said that if the American people knew what he did in the cia they would chase him down the street and lynch him. bush senior and Rumsfeld both said in interviews that the iraq war was a resources war, look it up people stop being dumb asses. government is just scum bags scamming the stupid religion believing 88 iq morons or anal pumping priest

  6. iris

    Executive order #11110

  7. Michael

    What incredible Bull Shit! You made LBJ look like some kind of saint, that the presidency just happened to fall in his lap! The assassination of JFK was a well planned in advanced Coup de tat! Had JFK lived that day, Johnson would have been impeached and imprisoned for dealings he did as Vice President and a sub committee was meeting that day (11/22/63) to go forward with this until the news about JFK reached them and it was dropped! So, in any murder case, the question of WHO had the most to gained from JFK's death....the answer LBJ! I would liked to go on... but there are too many of you " ? intelligent people" (but NO COMMON SENSE!) that you want to keep leading the American public down the wrong path!!

  8. peter

    hi, I just wanted to say, that even if there only was a lone gunman, it was still a coup de ta, and a cover up- look at the autopsy photo's and xray's. It shows bullet fragments at lower back and on top of jfks head. this would indicate 2 shots to the head. watching z-film on extra slow mo on my xbox 360, I noted first a shot of blood (cylindrical in shape) coming from just above jfks ear. then within milliseconds a spray comes from the top of his head and forward and upwards, just before this happens it looks like something skims acoss his hairline and parts it, the vision gets quite blurry, but I can almost certainly see something going on around the back of his head, the pixilation goes weird and I am sure I can see the shape of the back of his head distort.

  9. Uzair Ahmed

    this not should not happen to the president

  10. Uzair Ahmed

    i think that the president had nothing to come to him when the gun man attack this very sad

  11. bothsidesnow3

    Lee Harvy Oswald was recruited by the Agency while he was a marine
    studying Russian at the U-2 Spyplane Base in Autsugi, Japan. He was
    assigned the designation number S-179, discharge early and sent deep
    undercover within a few days to Sweden and then on to Russia.
    Lee Oswald admired and respected John F Kennedy but those who
    handled and used him as a 'Patsy did not....

  12. An admirer.

    The Israelis killed Kennedy because he sent an american team to check their
    nuclear facilities.

  13. Sidrah Zaheer

    Please can you put up this documentary on the site as soon as possible. It will be great help for those who were not able to see it when it was broadcast on the History Channel.

  14. Paul M Webb

    Killed by the us goverment.

  15. awful_truth

    Just a quick thought. Anyone who wants to learn some facts about the Kennedy assassination, would have their time far better spent checking out Evidence of Revision, and in particular, The men who killed Kennedy. Both links are located above this video, and are by far, superior!

    1. Tracy Jo Klatke Anctil

      My thoughts exactly.

  16. Craigzz

    After watching this, I wonder if maybe Hoover and Johnson were in cahoots to get rid of JFK & his brother, both appear to have hated the Kennedy's with a passion.

    1. Greg_Mc

      The problem is a lot of people hated the Kennedy brothers with a passion. Hoover and Johnson certainly carried some weight within various circles some of which may have either been or knew some nefarious people. Although as I said the list of people who hated the Kennedy's was a long and dangerous one (all Presidents had people who hated them) there have been so many stories put out as to who killed JFK. You have to think that some stories have been put out just to add confusion to the whole thing and make anyone who believes the Warren commission was off base (off base? Hell they werent even in the same ball park as the truth let alone just being off base) is just another conspiracy nut. To add to the confusion myself I have to mention a doc I saw on TDF last week, can't remember what it was called but it was something like who was the real Lee Harvey Oswald or something like that (or something not even close to that lol I cant remember). It is worth looking for on here tho, it is 20 years old not high on quality when it comes to production but that doesnt matter because whatever your beliefs are on the situation it is an interesting doc to watch. They claim that there was at least one person going around pretending to be Oswald doing suspicious things to make him look guilty but they interview some old dude and he has some pictures of Oswald at various times that we have all seen before and he has some interesting things to say about them. Is he full of crap? I have no idea but anyone who questions official stories that we are told not to question and calmly speaks his opinion and has some photo's etc to try to back up his story is to me someone worth giving 5 or 10 minutes of my time to listen to. As i said whatever your views on the whole thing are they guy makes some points that to me were very i nteresting. Lol others may just say he is a nutcase.

    2. Online Comic

      Actually, if you are in any way a scholar of history, you would know LBJ did NOT hate JFK. Before the election, he wasn't fond of him, but did not hate him. During the presidency, he grew to have an understanding of him. He especially adored his wife, Jackie. There are many sources close to both men, as well as Robert Caro's exhaustive 40 year long series of LBJ biographies that present the most credible evidence that LBJ did not hate JFK. RFK? Now that's a different story.

  17. awful_truth

    Some really interesting blogs regarding this topic. Here is some information for everyone to consider. Kennedy had fired genereal Cabott, the brother of Roy Cabott, who was the Mayor of Dallas, at the time of his assassination. Kennedy had fired Allan Dallas(head of the CIA), who was put on the Warren Comission, to investigate Kennedy's death. Kennedy under memorandum #263, was going to pull the troops out of Vietnam. 2 days after his death, LBJ signed memorandum #273 to ramp up the war in Vietnam. Kennedy had approached the USSR's leader Nakita Kruschev about a joint mission to the moon. The 1st attempt failed, while the 2nd was successful, 1 month prior to his assassination. Kennedy had removed the drilling subsidies the U.S government was giving to the oil companies to prop them up against OPEC, who was now providing cheap oil on the international markets. Kennedy was trying to remove racial segragation from the mainstream of U.S society's cultural divide. Kennedy was going to nationlize the federal reserve, and take it away from private interests. In part, he was going to iniate a silver backed currency, instead of a debt based currency which is what has been in place since the 1929 depression. Robert Kennedy was going after mob interests, which had been protected by top cop J. Edgar Hoover for 20 years because mobster Myra Lanski had compromising pictures of Hoover proving he was a homosexual. (political suicide in the 60's)
    Now, this documentary would have you believe that top secret information regarding the Kennedy assassination had been declassified. The truth of the matter is this information was to be released 75 years after Kennedy's death -2039) yet after the release of the Oliver Stone movie JFK, the congress chose to freeze all material relating to the JFK assassination INDEFINITELY, meaning never to be released. To imply otherwise as is forwarded by those regarding this documentary is just plain false.
    Let me close by saying the awful truth is there was no doubt a conspiracy(more then 1 person - collaberation) to kill JFK. Which one is correct is up to the reader to decide for themselves, but consider this. The day before 9 11, Donald Rumsfeld got up on television and said the pentagon had misplaced 2.3 trillion dollars that they couldn't account for. This was never discussed since, not during the 2008 economic collapse, nor yesterday when the currency rating agency Standard and Poor downgraded the U.S currency for the first time. I for one am not a coincidence theorist, because I understand the mathematics of the law of probability.(day after 9 11, give me a break) Considering how politicians are trying to blame Obama now for the U.S economic situation, while disregarding George Bush's insanity where the congress (republican and democrat) supported his war on terrorism unquestioned for almost 6 years, an absolute lie that has killed a million, and displaced another 4 million. Control over energy resources (oil) is predominant, not liberating people. In a nutshell, if Obama succeeded in taxing the rich, you can be certain he would end up just like JFK. Of course this is just my opinion, but at least it is based on the facts, not the FOX news propaganda that permeates the airwaves now!

    1. fonbindelhofas

      so much true. /bow

    2. True_Patriot2

      wow someone who agrees ...kudos

    3. wpsmithjr

      Obama's not going to tax the rich... and if he does it's because his "handlers" want him to. The president is a puppet, and has been for a long time. What happened to bringing the troops home, giving us our civil liberties back and increasing the transparency in government, Mr. Obama?

      If you really want to end the wars and stop the banksters and Wall Street from robbing us blind...

      VOTE RON PAUL 2012

    4. awful_truth

      I am in total agreement, in your support of Ron Paul. Any time I have heard him speak, he is direct and honest. However, I do have one question. If you believe Obama to have 'handlers', what makes you think Ron Paul doesn't? In my humble opinion, Ron Paul will never get the republican nomination, because democracy is just an illusion. Most of the leaders in the U.S, and here in Canada have attended Bilderberg meetings prior to being elected. In other words, does your choice really matter?

    5. Ann_O

      I think this is totally BS disinformation they knew right away Kennedy was shot in the head. And the injury in the back of the head shows unless there are bullets that can turn in mid air there was a 2nd shooter. This is what u call disinformation

    6. Online Comic

      You're right...he didn't accomplish EVERYTHING he set out to do in 2008. That said, to your claims....

      "Bring the troops home." He ended the war in Iraq.

      "Civil Liberties." He ended DADT in the military. He voiced his support of gay marriage.

      "Handlers?" There's no reason to even give an explanation of that, as you just made some unsubstantiated statement you pulled out of your rear.

      As for Ron Paul? Yeah, THAT'S what we want. A society where corporations run without government rules, and are allowed to destroy our atmosphere, put people in danger from unregulated products, and create an "every man for himself" society. Yes, i want to go back to the late 19h Century with 14-hour work days, child labor, no recompense for being injured on the job, no water or food safety, nothing that guarantees the rights of women, gays or minorities in the work force, and the poor die young without health care. Meanwhile the super rich, live it up in style. Well, at least w Ron Paul we wouldn't be at war! Yeah, Ron Paul 2012!

  18. steve crisafi

    Well you have to understand one thing, Johnson knew of something in the works and most likely was all for it. He needed Kennedy dead. LBJ was going to face prison time if not for the assassination because of his involvement with Billy Sol Estes and the vending machines in all government buildings in Washington contract that LBJ had awarded to his friend Mr. Estes. Johnson was getting a cut from all of that money. Also, Johnson was scaming the government with land contracts that allocated money for cotton growing. Johnson's fields were bare, but he still collected the money. The head of the agriculture office in Johnson's area, was threatening to go public. He ended up dead on his farm with 5 bullets. Mac Wallace, who was Johnson's hench man and carried out Johnson's dirty deeds, was the shooter. As a side note, there was a box in the sixth floor of the book depository that was part of the sniper's nest, and it had a latent finger print on it that they could not identify. Years later, someone got the idea to check it out against Mac Wallace's finger prints, and it matched!...Oh, and one other side note, the man from the agriculture office had, because of Johnson's influence, had his death ruled a suicide.....

    1. Greg_Mc

      Have never heard any of that before, although I have not extensively researched LBJ. If what you say is true (and I am not saying if it is or isn't as I have no idea either way) it is very interesting and just another example of people being killed on the orders of high ranking Gov officials followed with a weak and but unquestionable (as in investigate our story at your own peril) cover up. They are so used to lying and the American people are so used to be lied to (except the faction of morons who just blindly believe whatever the Gov, newspapers or CNN tells them) that nobody says anything and sadly everyone (ok not everyone but far to vast a number for comfort) just carries on with their daily uninformed sheepish lives.


    @Roberta Dyer: I was just wondering if anybody besides me on this run of comments understood LBJ at his finest. I can't believe the cynical degenerates that encompass nothing but hate! One of the idiots, blind to his own putred maggot infested mind set had the odasity to tell me to shut up because of my comments made below when i would fight to the death for his right to speak.

    1. Online Comic

      Audacity. The word you're looking for is "audacity." There's no such word as "odasity." Turn on Spell Check.

  20. Xercès Des Stèles

    this is insulting to my intelect. they dare to try and make me believe the fatal shot was from behind. anyone with a minimum of phisics knowledge can watch the footage and understand that the bullet in his head was coming from in front of the car.

    1. Greg_Mc

      I wont waste time writing a lot here, I spent half an hour last night writing what I felt was a well thought out post replying to what a few different people said and when I hit post as etc the comment just went away. But anyway I just had to say your post is right on Xerces, the fact they just went along with the lone gunman theory as the truth in this vid made me wonder how wrong the rest of what they were going to say was.

    2. robert elliot

      Greg, thank you for caring. The truth is going down the "memory hole" as MI5 agent Eric Blair (George Orwell) tried to warn us it would. You can't trust the internet anymore to reliably transmit the opinions of those few who can still think for themselves. Just hold on to it and hope, along with the rest of us.

    3. Online Comic

      You're right...anyone with a MINIMUM of physics knowledge would agree with you. But actual physicists and ballistics experts know the answer is not that easy. There has been plenty of evidence and knowledge gathered for well over a century to know that bullets do not always act the way you expect. In the last half-century, there have been several studies that show exactly how the head of JFK could likely move back TOWARD the bullet that hit him. Much of these studies have been shown in documentaries about the assassination, and you can see cadavers actually jolt back TOWARD the bullet...not leap forward. Sorry, but the evidence is there.

      Now, does this evidence go against MY gut reaction? Of course. Luckily, there are people with proper training and expertise that have actually studied this to explain why my gut feeling is NOT what we should base opinion on. Instead...FACTS.

      BTW, i was a total conspiracy myself until about 30, as there was just too much evidence pointing to LHO as a lone assassin. I don't put stock in witness accounts, and hearsay. Physical evidence is the only way to go.

  21. Donald Edward Goodman

    THIS IS SUCH bullshit! I was only 12 and I just KNEW LBJ was "in on it." When they released the LBJ tapes (he was dumb enough to record all his conversations from the oval office), he was heard saying to Lady Bird on the phone, "After tomorrow, that S.O.B wont be laughing at me anymore."("That SOB was in reference to JFK) So, out of his own mouth, he admitted it to lady Bird. And who did the "investigation?" The same CRIMINALS that "investigated" 9/11. Like Lee Hamilton. Those "in the know" that are hooked-up. I guess you could call them "made men?" It certainly wasn't Oswald. Oswald was the "fall guy," like Sirhan Sirhan, McVey, further back than John Booth! There always has to be a "fall-guy." Someone to DISTRACT" US FROM THE TRUTH.Our government is as corrupt as the "mafia" ever was. Every time I listen to Congress on TV I just want to puke.(I sometimes watch it for laughs) Like that pig Pelosi. She's as crooked as a dog's hind leg! Once you come out of the trance TV has American's all in, (even Walt Disney's subliminal's) Disney is a 33 degree Mason too, they all are. The Masons have run this country since it's inception. Washington was a 33 degree Mason as well. All but 2 or 3 of our Presidents have ALL been 32 or 33rd degree Masons. Americans are ASLEEP. Literally. TV will rot your brain, put you in a trance, and you won't even know it. They can hypnotise you, and you won't even know , WAKE UP! Then, you "see" it every where. "THEY" are taking America and American's don't even know it. Whenever they want to do something BIG, like build Hoover Dam, they make it so everyone is broke and jobless. So they can get their slaves cheaper! Things haven't changed in at least the 61 years I've been alive.
    Having guys like Lee Hamilton (he "investigated the JFK assassination too) investigating 9/11; would be like having Capone "investigate" the Mafia! The main problem is, the more money they have, the more corrupt they are. Plain and simple!


      @Donald Edward Goodman: I was playing tennis with a dude from Pakistan back in the early 80's and after the game we were just making small talk and he said something to me that has always stayed with me, I can't remember the exact words, "It's strange how your country allows anyone to own your communication system so they can tell you what they want you to hear". Shortly after that i was watching the Sunday night movie. The life story of the female leader of Israel, (it was a heart warming movie), i forget her name off hand, (at that time they had just a few TV stations, CBS, NBC and ABC), it was a two part movie Sunday and Monday night. I watched the first part and thought to myself, "i am going to make sure i am home Monday evening so i can catch the second half", it was a good movie; i believe it was playing on CBS?. Then on Tuesday evening it was showing again on NBC, Tues and Wed, i thought that's strange. On Thursday and Friday it aired again ABC, i may have the stations in wrong order. On Thursday evening i turned to my, then, wife Emily and said, "Emily Israel is getting ready to bomb someone"! She replied, "Oh your always thinking something". Monday they bombed Iraq! I slid that in on a talk show out in San Francisco and when they figured out what i was saying they cut me off so fast you wouldn't believe! And that you can document!

      (One important note here, it may have aired six evenings on one station but i don't think so!!, i believe it aired on three separate stations, ABC, CBS and NBC two evenings each for six nights consecutively).

      I don't have a TV Donald, to me, it's designed for the mind of a 12yr, old.

      Bless!! the internet, you just know how world governments must hate it!

    2. 0zyxcba1

      "I don't have a TV Donald, to me, it's designed for the mind of a 12yr, old."

      I threw my TV into a nearby dumpster 20yrs ago and have never looked back since.

      Americans who have never lived for any length of time integrated into a foreign culture in a foreign land are the only people on this planet who take American noooooooz seriously.



      The good news is ....... WE WOKE UP !!! JUST READ ALL THE COMMENTS ........ 5 years ago people wouldnt have even come to top doc !!!! THE REAL QUESTION IS.... ARE WE GONNA ALL WAKE UP BEFORE THEY ADAPT TO INTERNET !! cheers from Paris

    4. greyspoppa

      I'm proud to be part of this site because of people like D.E.G. Well said sir, hats off, the scary thing is you didn't even scratch the surface.

    5. True_Patriot2

      Kudos sir. Took the words right out of my mouth. America needs more people like you. Speak to these sheep. If anyone here stays with current events and you cant see through the propaganda and false flag operations come speak on it and the true thinkers and patriots like Donald will absolve you of your shackles.

      Thank you for your service to this great nation. Salute. Many of my close friends and family are service men and women and share some of my views. A few do not.
      I do think the civilians,like myself, have just as much responsibility to his duty, to his country. This is why I try everyday to get more people to open their eyes.
      This is why we, good men like you, Donald, myself are true patriots. We all want the same things, but we fight with different tools. We are all trying to preserve the continuity of this country. Despite our conflicting views and methods.
      I believe that our freedom to speak and discuss these things is at the heart of what it means to be American and beyond that. Its what makes us truly free. I'm happy that my post has sparked such a great discussion. Keep an open mind let the ideas flow.

    6. Tracy Jo Klatke Anctil

      What a smart boy.

    7. Online Comic

      This is too funny... "I was only 12 when i knew LBJ was in on it." Yeah, let's all take the word of a 12 y/o on world affairs.

      I'm not familiar with the phone call you're referring to, but assuming your account is accurate, i would not interpret it the way you did. Assuming it actually IS a reference to JFK, saying "That SOB won't be laughing at me anymore," would not indicate an assassination. His statement implies that the subject of his comment would still be alive to not laugh. It would be a very strange way to indicate death. When someone says, "Hes not going to laughing" with some words before or after, they usually indicate they will find a reason NOT to laugh..such as getting beaten up, or an event that would change their mind. But not death. But hey, we hear what we WANT to hear. If you are already pre-disposed to think that LBJ had something to do w the assassination, then you will make it fit your theory.

      Is our government corrupt? Yeah, probably. Congress? Yeah, there's a lot of reasons to hate Congress. But when you come at something with a decision already made, you will find answers to justify your position, somehow, regardless of how insane it may be.

  22. Nick Pwnsauce

    This is disgusting.

    1. 0zyxcba1

      what is


      I started to say "what is" and looked down at your reply.

  23. Alexander

    this is ridiculous 40 minutes into documentary is repeated - 'jonson doesn't know', i mean how stupid are we... hire a director and screenplayer... i think this is for usa market only... thumbs down

  24. True_Patriot2

    Whenever there is a murder you must always ask yourself, who had the means and the motive? Every time I ask myself this one name comes to mind LBJ . Look at what happened after JFK's assassination, LBJ increased our presence in Vietnam to a full out war when JFK was vowing to pull American advisers out. Lets not forget what runs our war machine, OIL. And who was deeply invested in Texas oil? You guessed it LBJ. Not to mention the impacts of the reverting back to the gold standard, on his Texas constituents investments. Trough out this documentary two great points are brought up. One: LBJ loathed JFK and his brother. Two: LBJ coveted the power and prestige of the office of the president and yearned to be in it. Other than that this documentary only glorifies the actions and character of the man behind the assassination. How about the means you ask? Look where the assassination took place, LBJ's home state. Enough said. This documentary is well thought out propaganda and I believe its obvious to anyone who has half a brain that its a farce.


      @True_Patriot2 Why talk about things that you know zip, (that means nothing), about. There are all kinds of speculations made but your point doesn't support circumstantial evidence, not even close. You have a right to spout off at the mouth about anything you want but i think you should at least post your legal name up there. The fact that Robert Kennedy was taken out, i guess LBJ carried a murder motive against him also? Your theory about LBJ has bin hashed over many many many times over the years.

      Here's the thing Johnson didn't come from a wealthy background like the Kennedy's. Johnson did an awful lot to brake up racial disparity and injustice against the indigitous or poor at a time when it wasn't fashionable to befriend the Black's, to say the least, i mean this was before MLK. Sure he hated the Kennedy's, I guess? And sure he might have been ambitious and a real street fighter BUT THE KIND OF PICTURE YOU ARE TRYING TO PORTRAY NORMALLY I WOULDN'T THINK IS A CORRECT PICTURE. SOMEONE WHO ACTUALLY HAS A GENUINE COMPASSION FOR THE POOR AND FOR THOSE DISCRIMINATED AGAINST AND ACTUALLY DOES SOMETHING ABOUT IT AND MAKES IT HIS LIFE'S WORK JUST DOESN'T FIT THE KILLERS PROFILE. There were things President Johnson may have done wrong out of ignorance, Lord knows i have, and i personally thought Nam was one of them. But a common murdering street thug, NO.

    2. robert elliot

      LBJ didn't have the power to change the route of the motorcade or order a stand-down of routine presidential security in Dealey Plaza (see Fletcher Prouty, The Secret Team - Prouty was the highest ranking liaison between the Pentagon and CIA. He was sent to the South Pole that weekend! a measure of conspirators' fear of a honest man). As VP, Johnson had virtually no power at all. Such orders can only come from the highest ranking officers of the Pentagon. A high source in the JFK administration (thought to be JFK himself) told the NY Times weeks before the trip to Dallas that if he were assassinated it would be by the hand of the CIA (JFK's stated intention was to "smash the CIA into a thousand pieces"). Only the Pentagon/CIA (the "Military-Industrial Complex" that JFK's predecessor, President Eisenhower, warned us about) had the power to execute and cover up this coup and all humanity has been suffering for it ever since. How many wars going on right now?

      @Donald Edward Goodman You think the VP has the power to go behind the president's back and remove his security? Ridiculous. The VP is merely the president in waiting and breaks ties in the senate. The "LBJ did it" crowd have managed to find one Democrat who was probably involved - as a front man - among a massive network of extreme right-wingers who were evidentially in it up to their eyeballs, and then proceed to blame the whole thing on him - a theory obviously motivated by the same hatred of the man and his party that led to his assassination in the first place.

      "Most the people here weren't even ALIVE when this happened. So shut up. "

      And you, Donald, are one of the thousands of military psyop agents assigned to the internet who are dedicated to disinforming them, aren't you?

    3. Donald Edward Goodman

      LBJ was VICE PRESIDENT! The 2nd HIGHEST office in America! What do you mean he didn't "have the power? Are you drunk?

    4. Online Comic


      You clearly don't understand how our government works. Especially in the early '60s. Claiming the vice-presidency is the second-highest office in America is misleading. Is the understudy to the lead in a play the second most important actor in that play? I wouldn't think so.

      It is the first in line of presidential succession, but the constitution gives the veep almost no power. And no administration gave the veep really any worthwhile power at all until the last 20 years...and it's still only as an advisor.

      In the case of LBJ, Kennedy did not even consult him for advice very often. He was kept out-of-the-loop in goings-on, he couldn't get his hands on important documents, and was not respected as an advisor. People in Washington pitied him from going from such a powerful position of Majority Leader to VP. Once he became VP, LBJ's power was pretty much non-existent, and his influence with anyone, minimal. This has all been very well-documented.

    5. BabyGooduch

      LBJ was a powerbroker-had been the most powerful man in the Senate and beyond that had the ear of Hoover. Kennedy made certain that LBJ did not play a powerful role in his presidency as he feared that Johnson could have easily dominated it. He most certainly had a motive and he most certainly had the means. He may not have been seen as powerful in his role as VP, but that was not the case in Texas.

    6. Alex James

      if the President of the US is assassinated who is next in
      line to become President? The Vice President of course, so to say the Vice
      President has no power and could not have been involved in the assassination is
      very stupid. When a crime like this takes place you have to consider 3 things who has
      the motive, means and opportunity. And the answer is LBJ he was next in line to take power. He was a
      psychopath and a sociopath, and according those who knew him was very capable of being involved in serious crimes. It is no coincidence that an assassination like this
      takes place while he is Vice President, besides the smoking gun is the Warren
      Commission, which Johnson put together to cover up the crime. If Johnson was not
      involved don't you think he would have done whatever it took to find out the truth, no
      that never happened it was a cover up from start to finish.

    7. Roberta Dyer

      Thanks for pointing this out. Anyone who was of an age to understand the assassination knew it wasn't from the Administration, yet wasn't who we were told it was either. Of all the Dem Presidents we have had in the past, I would want another LBJ in a heart beat. His heart was in the right place and he fought hard for the American people. In acting Medicare and Civil Rights is only part of his legacy...unlike Repukes who only find ways to rob the American people to give to the rich.

    8. skibee

      i'm sure the troops killed in nam would disagree.

    9. Steve

      Read The Secret Terrorist by Bill Hughes

    10. Online Comic

      Wow... Sooooo much to unpack here.

      1. LBJ did not have the means. As you stated, the VP has virtually no power.

      2. LBJ did not have the motive. He did not LOATHE Kennedy. It's been well-documented by people close to him (as well as to JFK) that actually was very fond of JFK...not so much before the election, but certainly after the election. In fact, LBJ's friend and Senate staffer said that LBJ "loved JFK. Hated RFK." Even Lady Bird claimed something similar. So let's stop with this nonsense.

      3. It happened in Texas. Enough said. Sigh. I don't know how to even try to refute he non-sensical claim there.

  25. True_Patriot2

    Whenever there is a murder you must always ask yourself, who had the means and the motive? Every time I ask myself this one name comes to mind LBJ . Look at what happened after JFK's assassination, LBJ increased our presence in Vietnam to a full out war when JFK was vowing to pull American advisers out. Lets not forget what runs our war machine, OIL. And who was deeply invested in Texas oil? You guessed it LBJ. Not to mention the impacts of the reverting back to the gold standard, on his Texas constituents investments. Trough out this documentary two great points are brought up. One: LBJ loathed JFK and his brother. Two: LBJ coveted the power and prestige of the office of the president and yearned to be in it. Other than that this documentary only glorifies the actions and character of the man behind the assassination. How about the means you ask? Look where the assassination took place, LBJ's home state. Enough said. This documentary is well thought out propaganda and I believe its obvious to anyone who has half a brain that its a farce.

  26. True_Patriot2

    Whenever there is a murder you must always ask yourself, who had the means and the motive? Every time I ask myself this one name comes to mind LBJ . Look at what happened after JFK's assassination, LBJ increased our presence in Vietnam to a full out war when JFK was vowing to pull American advisers out. Lets not forget what runs our war machine, OIL. And who was deeply invested in Texas oil? You guessed it LBJ. Not to mention the impacts of the reverting back to the gold standard, on his Texas constituents investments. Trough out this documentary two great points are brought up. One: LBJ loathed JFK and his brother. Two: LBJ coveted the power and prestige of the office of the president and yearned to be in it. Other than that this documentary only glorifies the actions and character of the man behind the assassination. How about the means you ask? Look where the assassination took place, LBJ's home state. Enough said. This documentary is well thought out propaganda and I believe its obvious to anyone who has half a brain that its a farce.


    I think these people that made this doc are reading to much into who thought what and what motives were involved in the statements that were made by Johnson or Robert Kennedy. For God's sake what a thing to befall this nation, i know, i was twenty years of age at the time and lived through it. The person who narrated this doc. doesn't seem old enough to have been there, by the sound of his voice? Most of us Loved President Kennedy and i was too young to understand that anyone could have hated him?! At that point and time i was still, MOM'S APPLE PIE AND THE AMERICAN FLAG. I am quite sure that we Loved President Johnson also or at least had much respect for him. After Nam, of witch i spent a year there with the 1st Inf. and the the next decade or so something changed or maybe i just came out of the either? At this point I feel the grief and hurt all over again?

    1. Greg_Mc

      Have never spoken to anyone who fought in Vietnam (and only one online friend who used to talk to me from his Bradley from Iraq) and I have a tremendous amount of respect for those who have gone to war as I do not think it is something (whether I believed in whatever war a person fought in or not, that is a whole different discussion as each war must be discussed seperatly and on it's own merits) I would have been able to deal with mentally or physically, so SONNYCORBI you have my upmost respect in this regard.

      I was born in the 60's and like most kids oblivious to and incapable of understanding world events. My world during the 60's didn't revolve around anything or anywhere that wasnt within a 45 minute walk of my house which luckily for me was a small suburb that was 70% fields, forrests and old barns. Remember when kids age 7 could go out for 3 or 4 hours without a parent and safely just play? For me the 60's was a time a childlike innocence and perpetual safety where as for so many (like you) it was anything but that.

  28. pattkinson

    I wish they would have talked about 2 other things... 1. MLK could have run with JFK as vice president... and 2. 6 months before he was killed he wanted to disband the federal reserve and dissolve the centralized banking system.

    1. Greg_Mc

      Haven't watched the doc yet but I have to comment on the second thing you said. That he wanted to get rid of The Federal Reserve and the Centralized Banking System is something that just is not talked about near enough. Doing so would have pissed off and taken MASSIVE amounts of money and control from th Morgan's, the rothschild's et al. The People we all know are the ones hiding behind the curtain pulling the strings.

      Excellent comment pattkinson. Your first point sounds like it would have been a great thing, never would have come close to happening in the 60's but just think of the possibilities and what they could have accomplished.




      @pattkinson i didn't know that Kennedy wanted to disband the federal reserve and dissolve the centralized banking system. Where is this written or is there a doc/video on this?!

    4. Donald Edward Goodman

      Most the people here weren't even ALIVE when this happened. So shut up.

    5. skibee

      google..kennedy & reserve disbanded

    6. Cool E Beans

      I think it was stated in the recent doc "the Secret of OZ" that Kenedy had already signed an executive order to create our own US backed money in place of the Federal Reserve Notes we now use. This executive order was cancelled by Johnson. Lincoln also created the Greenback money used during the war between the states which was US backed. Only Andrew Jackson was successfull in not only using US backed money, but eliminating the national debt by using money that didn't have to be borrowed into existance as our current debt money is.

    7. Greg_Mc

      @Donald.I WAS ALIVE WHEN THIS HAPPENED!!!! I was 5 months old at the time and politics were a huge interest of mine and the assasination really had a big impact on me. As soon as I saw what happened on the TV I spit up my pablum, shit myself and cried like ... well a baby.

      @SONNYCORBI I am no expert on this but like a lot of people anytime there is something about JFK on TV or in the newspapers I am all over it, there is some mystic or whatever you want to call it that just draws people to him (or to stories or whatever is on about him). Anyway I am sure there are vids on him wanting to disband the federal reserve (which is in no way actually connected to the Federal Government, on other vids I have watched people jokingly say the Federal Reserve is as federal as Fed Ex is) but I am not sure if it is something that is mentioned a lot, possibly because him doing it would have pissed off a lot of powerful people and mentioning it to much may just add to conspiracy theories as to who really killed him. But hey I am just speculating, I dont know anything about it all I just like to talk a lot lol. And I never let little things like facts get in the way of me arguing a point.

      @Cool E Beans I have heard of Greenbacks (more than just the term being used as slang for American money) but do not know anything about them and how Lincoln got them made and why they were no longer used. So if you know of any docs on the subject I would really be thankfull if you passed on what they are called.


      @Greg_Mc, Touche', An honest an fair response!

  29. dave.eggermont

    It's like a modern greek tragedy.

  30. anuragawasthi

    The irony is not the president's assasination but the temerity of those consipirators that they thought that they will get away with it....and they did get away