The Anatomy of a Great Deception

The Anatomy of a Great Deception

2014, 9/11  -   125 Comments
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Nearly ten years after the tragic events of September 11, entrepreneur David Hooper began to question the official accounts of that day. Nagging skepticism soon turned to obsession. His quest to uncover an alternate truth behind the attacks soon created disharmony within his family and near financial ruin. Hooper's feature-length documentary The Anatomy of a Great Deception encapsulates his findings during this tumultuous period of discovery.

Of course, Hooper was not alone in his perception of a conspiracy. A growing number of regular citizens and figures of various industries had embarked on their own amateur investigations by the time his suspicions were first sparked. Their findings inform much of Hooper's own conclusions.

For he and many others, the curious crumbling of Building 7 represents one of the fundamental building blocks of a potential conspiracy. Located 300 feet from the North Tower - the length of a football field - Building 7 fell to the ground in the late afternoon of 9/11. Investigators claimed it had fallen due to structural compromises caused by the intensity of heat from the neighboring Twin Towers. Yet, in researching other high-rise buildings imperiled by raging fires, Hooper was unable to locate a single incident of a nearby building collapsing as a byproduct of such an event. In fact, none of the buildings that were actually engulfed in flames collapsed either. Several engineers have also come forward and claimed that the temperature of the fires on that day could not have successfully melted the steel structure of the towers. Could this indicate evidence of a controlled demolition?

In painstaking detail, Hooper continues to lay out findings from that day which support this troubling hypothesis, including sightings of molten metal, ear witness accounts of audible explosions, and the curiously symmetrical trajectory of each tower's collapse. Scattered throughout are archived interview clips of researchers, investigators, architectural specialists, and even fire department officials who all echo these same suspicions.

Like all conspiracy films, The Anatomy of a Great Deception presents a case that may be embraced wholeheartedly by some and dismissed outright by others. But it argues its theories with sincerity and conviction.

Directed by: David Hooper

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125 Comments / User Reviews

  1. This is too much. I was really hoping for some new facts and revalations but this is the same old nonsense. "Experts" talking about how a jet fuel fire can't get hot enough to make a steel beam bend. Sure, in a controlled test it won't. But how many controlled tests were done with hundreds of tons of building pressing down on the test beams?
    Also, I kept hearing about all the high rise buildings that survived hours long fires with no structural damage and are still in use today. But how many of them had a jumbo jet crash into them?
    I have a LOT of questions about 9/11. There are no answers here.

  2. I will always doubt how they were destroyed. Those who think they are always right, have no way of knowing when they are wrong. I feel that a LOT of folks will have to answer for those deaths.

  3. Truth hurts doesn't it- so you deleted my comments.

    1. no one deleted your comments, check our F.A.Q.

  4. 49:20 Building 7's bottom walls fell out - yes because the penthouse and roof had fallen in and concertinaed the other floors which combined with the bottom walls bowing out allowed the other walls to drop straight down.

  5. 44:16 shows the fire chiefs stepping through the lobby windows that had been shattered by the great vibrations that travelled like a shock wave down the tower.

  6. 43:47 shows the tall lobby windows shattered to allow masses of air in to feed all the fires on floors 25,35 and the top floors.

  7. Jet fuel did not DRIP DOWN THE LIFT SHAFTS - there were thousands of gallons splashed into the elevator shafts as the plane impacted.
    And from all the plane crashes we've seen the jet fuel explodes in a mighty blast.
    Confine the blast in a tall building and it would sound like a demolition.

  8. Only imbeciles believe that the plane impact could be synchronised with explosions.
    The so-called explosions were just the huge floor sections snapping their bolts and amplifying the sounds.
    As the fires softened the steel it would first expand and then as it softened it would sag and collapse with great bangs.

  9. 9/11 was just a bunch of Muslims brainwashed to believe that they would get 72 virgin donkeys if they hijacked planes.

  10. People need to fully understand the capabilities of the military-industrial complex. If you read about Operation Northwoods which was vetoed by JFK in March 1962 it is a window into the things the war machine consider to provoke international conflicts. When you read about what the Joint Chiefs signed off on in 1962 you will have no drama imagining what that corruption could have evolved into in another 4 decades. 9/11 was more than a false flag Operation. It was an enormous financial crime. It was a live war game. It was a betrayal of the people.

  11. The twin towers was a conspiracy to finish the job. Ten Global Economic UNion's, where the EU was the first model too begin with. Please read Daniel chp 2-3, this will explain where we are now. The USA would become the north american union (NAU) Biden and Obama exploited the electoral and voter count, remember we have created the largest voter fraud network in American history. So confessed biden before the world. That's how bad it is. Pence gives the democratic party the win. We're headed straight into a masonic nwo, where digital currency becomes the norm, and you're freedom's are recent history.

  12. Three planes were not successful only two! No plane hit the Pentegon!!!

  13. Dear Marc Powell, I struggle with this like you do and have now for some time, however it has helped me pave a path of complete self awareness for myself and I instill that into my children daily. To a strong minded individual one can choose two paths that we see so very clearly in today's messed up America: RISK OR FEAR. This documentary is fact no matter how hard it is for you to swallow, just like covid was a "plan"demic and the ukraine bs currently shoved down our throats is a scam. There is only ONE political party and it's called the establishmen-PERIOD. They are controlled by a small group of the world's richest and are on puppet strings....I almost feel sorry for you as your denial of 9/11 posting in february of '22 shows You are the person drive around in their car by themselves double masked with a Ukraine flag as your profile picture on your social media accounts as your virtue signal and salute CNN and MSNBC in your tiny little bubble without any reality of all the world really works. Good Luck to you, you'll need it since you choose FEAR over risk of stepping into independent thought and outside of the safety net of leftist lunatics blindly obedient to this kind of crap that you are displaying in such breathtaking naivety is destroying america in real time now because of the same core minds creating crisis as back in september 2001.... WOKE THE F UP my goodness😢

  14. people died that day and no body went to jail

  15. At another point in The Anatomy of a Great Deception, a photograph taken by an NYPD photographer is presented that appears to document smoke pouring from windows on the ground floor of the south World Trade Center tower. David Hooper informs the audience that the picture was only reluctantly released for public viewing and that it shows smoke from an explosion in the South Tower lobby that the Government doesn't want the public to know about. However, other pictures on the same roll of film and released at the same time clearly show that the smoke was actually coming from a burning vehicle in a parking lot in the foreground of the picture presented by Hooper. There was no explosion in the lobby as Hooper falsely claims.

  16. There is also an issue with the version of the Norman Mineta testimony video presented in Anatomy of a Great Deception. The version in David Hooper's film was deceptively edited. The first few words were truncated from an important sentence which made it sound as if Mineta was describing an order issued by Vice President Cheney to stand down jet interceptors and allow Flight 77 to fly into the Pentagon unchallenged. In fact, when all of Mineta's words are heard along with the question he was responding to, it is clear that the order Mineta was talking about was issued by President Bush and it was to do just the opposite... shoot down Flight 77.

  17. One has to ask why the filmmakers would choose to present a doctored version of the Ginny Carr audio recording where it sounds like there was a crashing sound a few seconds before the Flight 11 impact. The original unaltered version of the recording confirms that the second crashing sound was heard AFTER the plane crash.

  18. Anatomy of a Great Deception is the most ironically titled film I have ever had the displeasure of watching all the way through. It consists of nothing more than misinformed opinions, doctored evidence, concealed evidence and deliberate misrepresentations of fact and science all tied together with a maudlin back story and peppered with sanctimonious Bible quotes. If it weren't for the serious nature of the subject matter, the film would be classified as a comedy. The filmmakers should be ashamed of themselves.

  19. The WTC towers or the Pentagon was not hit by the passenger airplanes. The planes on TV were CGIs.

    1. They were drones. Remote controlled aircraft. Don't forget REAL people SAW them! The Pentagon was hit with a cruise type missile. the other crash didn't happen. They dug a hole and dumped some aircraft parts into it.

  20. This day we discoved mobiles worked over 10k ft and never worked at that height again

  21. Very interesting documentary I've seen a lot of 9/11 doc but this one slip out. Glad I found it

  22. Total garbage,compares the towers to stop sign and lego blocks.This guy us deleuded

    1. Metaphors have a way of eluding the simple-minded. Look into Cognitive Dissonance, Gerard. Good luck.

  23. I was in Manhattan on that day. Men and women who went to the site, later developed cancers that resulted in disability and death. We heard stories from First responders. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the families for healing, and justice. This film plays a part in bringing the truth out. I walked around the ground floor of WTC about 3-4 months prior. I had an uneasy premonition of the basement filled with black smoke in the shopping level. I renember imagining crawling on rhe floor and wondering how people would escape.
    I believe I tapped into what was at that time a plan that had still to be executed. It made no sense until the day.

  24. Why the hell are the children chanting kite must hit steal and the teacher says the fast way? Who the hell chose those words? There is no inquiry to the obvious. Why the hell does the video show smoke shooting out of the building as it falls. Obviously it was rigged with bombs and there is testimony of hearing bombs in basements. Why did the liquid steel burn for 6 weeks it was so hot? The plane nose comes out the other side after hitting multiple steel columns. And on and on. I mean come on. How can this lie stand and the people dont care?????

  25. Critical thinker your concerns over someone making a quick buck is something I can't argue for or against. Nor can you though. But to alleviate your questions, that I can do.

    "how many people do you know of have the knowledge of how to bring down a building that big..." Just about every expert who does that type of demo work for a living. Sure, it is a tall building but the laws of physics don't change. Given enough time to plan such a task, piece of cake...obviously.

    "how in the hell would they not find any evidence, you cannot hide that much explosive." What are some of the first words out of the mouths of detectives at a murder scene. "Don't touch anything" right. They need to examine and gather evidence. That was not the case here. Nobody was allowed to examine and gather evidence and any secondary evidence from bystanders, was dismissed. Very easy to do when you control the investigation.
    "slam a plane into the bank... there are tons of backups, just like in building 7"

    Banks operate on a huge network of branches and servers, connecting everyone within that certain banks holdings. The paper trail is endless and required to cover their ass, your ass, and the US financial system's ass. The CIA for example, sure as hell won't have any top secret information spread all over the network with a paper trail for every foreign nutjob to hack. It is top secret, eyes only, and kept locally. It is easier to contain, protect and as we now know, easier to make go away, backups and all. I can almost guarantee that anything that needed to be saved, left that building well before the 11th.

    The question should be, is there any justification for the government to do something like this? I can't imagine any. But apparently, there are some that can.

  26. Unfortunately, the CCP has taken control of formerly red-blooded Americans; Who've been transformed into frightened, quivering cowards- afraid that if they allow an honest comment to appear on a thread - their masters will punish them. With schools, churches and "gatherings" all cancelled; And with the Govt asking folks to call the cops if their neighbors have visitors - they believe that thinking Americans will just give up their God given rights to free expression. Their children (and probably they themselves) will lead lives of perpetual desperation. They'll go to their graves hating themselves for being so yellow.

  27. People don't realize how thoroughly controlled our mainstream media is. The Dulles CIA began infiltrating network TV, the wire services, newspapers & syndicated radio in the mid-50's. They've been fully locked down for decades. Pull up a copy of 1962's Operations Northwoods (not the Wiki re-edit). JFK laughed in Joint Chief's Chairman's Lemintzer's face when he presented the op to Kennedy. It explains what our Govt had been mulling for 39 years before they pulled it off on 9/11/01. Before youtube removed all the videos in December, an 8th grader with a curious mind and an internet connection could fully solve the 9/11 hoax in an afternoon.

  28. This is a very good effort. Narration is very good, audio quality is good, video clip quality suffices most of the time, and it's organized well. But the music is poorly chosen. In many cases, it just doesn't fit the scene or the narration. Having an experienced or even intuitive music director in this project would have taken this doc up a notch to compete with the top 9/11 docs.

  29. The argument that molten aluminium contacting the water that runs through both buildings is totally sound, it would indeed cause big explosions and aluminium melts at a much lower temp than steel, less than a 1000 degrees. Building 7 could well be the only puzzle here.

    1. One problem ken, molton aluminum is silver in color not yellowish. The stuff pouring out of the tower is molton steel from the nano-thermate(or even thermite) which is more explosive, and is also military grade.

  30. In April 2001, I was watching Fox News @ 0800. Condelizza Rice had just landed at JFK Airport and was leaving the terminal when a bunch of reporters surrounded her and began asking questions. One asked her about rumors that planes would attack the World Trade Center Towers. The usually sweet natured Rice went ballistic and started yelling at the reporter and refused to answer any more questions and left in a huff. This broadcast only played that once and disappeared. WTF?

  31. Most concerning to me is the data purge and unknown download.

  32. Do you really think that when he stayed at the school that any unauthorized aircraft would be able to get anywhere near the pres, did you not think that the air force would have him covered or are you like the other conspiracy theorists and just looking to make a quick buck?
    I have a few questions, Correct me if im wrong, but how many people do you know of have the knowledge of how to bring down a building that big... FROM THE TOP DOWN? How would anyone know how to bring a building that tall down, only using the top 10% floors to bring down over 100 floors. Lets not say the whole building was wired because they can fine a ball bearing from a omb when a building is blown up, how in the hell would they not find any evidence, you cannot hide that much explosive. Also there was something about documents missing that had accounting for billions of dollars in building 7... They supposedly were gone due to the fire. Go slam a plane into the bank that hold your mortgage and see if that makes your mortgage disappear.. it wont because there are tons of backups, just like in building 7. so it wasn't intentionally brought down to make documents disappear. There are so many more issues but like i said, i have a feeling that your sole reason for this is simply to make money..

    1. Let's say the official theory is the truth, has the US government or any country gone and strengthened all the tall buildings that have the faults as the trade center? No they haven't.

    2. Yes they would have him covered! By imidietally getting him out of that school! Are you that ignorant and blind that you can not see a real false flag? And a construct of the US?

    3. The whole concept that the US government or military did this to get the US people on their side to go in and invade some 3rd world countries is ludicrous anyway.When did the US government have a vote on ever entering a war?Look at Vietnam,protest against it throughout the 60s and early 70s and the US didnt pull out till the bitter end in 75.
      Governments dont need the "backing of the people" to go to war.

  33. Two friends of mine dismiss the false flag explanation for 911. But they do so with a surprisingly honest reasoning. They concede it may be a false flag, but will not think about it because that is too painful, too horrific politically. I agree the politics that leads to the murder of 3000 people does not fit with America's self image. But neither does the invasions of many countries, killing millions over the centuries, e.g., 2 million in Vietnam. Why are lives of citizens more valuable, their deaths more unsettling? Could it be they would have to admit none of us are safe from "the" govt., and the term "our govt." or "my govt." is delusional? Could it be that the political paradigm of all nations is fundamentally identical? Could it be that America is not exceptional, morally? Could it be worship of "the flag, and the country for which it stands..." is a mistake, an attempt to control minds?

  34. This documentary is the truth. Scientific facts don't lie.

  35. Bush is a murderer who got away with it all.. The only serial killer out there still alive with the most kill streak.

  36. I actually heard the interview on pbs or some public access station where Silverstein says he told them to” bring it down”. Why this has been such a mystery. He said there was damage, ect., but that footage existed. Whether or not it was destroyed, don’t know. My family and I watched it on 9/11. He clearly say he told them just” bring it down”, referring to building 7, live on 9/11 that afternoon. No one else saw that??? Guess they were watching major networks. Geeze, hope I don’t go missing now..

    1. No he said, well, maybe the best thing to do is to "pull it" he was talking to a fire chief at the time, so he said the chief made that decision, and we watched the building come down.

  37. Richard, forget this nuclear thing... these are the kind of thibgs that make people say that truthers are nuts... this is pollution in the debate.

    1. That's how the spooks broke up the Truthers. They infiltrated the organization with "plane" and "no plane" agents. The "of course there were planes, spooks" insisted that aluminum airliners passed "intact" thru a building constructed of structural steel beams with 13" steel reinforced concrete floors - shamelessly ridiculed those who insisted that no airliners were used in the controlled demolition of the Towers. That hurdle proved too difficult for the group to get past and the movement dissolved.

  38. Watching documentaries of 9/11 and the Enron scandal make me think they have a strong link together.

  39. Welcome to nut job central!

    1. Population: G.E. Booker

  40. Structural steel begins to warp when exposed to temperatures of 800 or more. The NFPA has conducted numerous studies showing that heat from an ordinary fire in a residential wood-frame structure can exceed well over 1200 degrees. Several floors of building 7 were free burning for hours. Why any scientist knowledgeable in these areas would claim that this collapse is inexplicable is itself inexplicable.

    1. Also it was the connections of the floor joists to the wall columns that failed, not the Steel in the joist beams themselves. This connection was a very weak design. No other NYC Building has subsequently ever used it. Looks like an Architectural & Engineering miscalculation.

    2. i agree steel will warp, buckle and bend when it reaches critical temperature approx 750 degree c. But it can never fall down vertical on itself unless a section below it has been removed. And even if it did try it would be deflected by the steelwork, columns underneath it at it collided on its way down causing the whole frame to wander from a vertical collpase.

    3. Well, a couple of thousand architects and engineers signed on that no way the Towers and Building 7 could not come down because of fire alone. Check it out: Architects' For Truth.

  41. Why don't any 9/11 documentaries dig into or mention "Lucky" Larry Silverstein ? Ridiculous to not mention the possible motive behind bringing down these Asbestos contaminated structures...

    1. Many of the documentaries do mention that.

  42. This video is well done Ty :-).....there is no fool so great a fool as a knowing fool.

  43. Tell that to the squibs blowing out as the tower came down ***holes claim DELUSIONAL! You don't know **** about anything.

  44. 9/11 conspiracy theorists are delusional, the other 2 are retarded.

  45. It took me all of 8 seconds.
    I woke at 9:11..
    then Massive Attack starts playing. What a load of faaaarrrking bull-. We all know something fishy went down on 9/11 and I’m not just talking bout building 7..

  46. This is the most obvious smear video I have ever seen. if anyone cant see that this was made in interest of terrifying people from thinking outside the box or their social circle then the world has gone mad. "and then i lost my wife beciase of my radical views and ruined my whole life" ..... outrageous. tactical ambiguity, double speak, manipulation to the highest order.

    1. Really?...the facts were laid out in front of you...There are too many questions that the Government just will not answer. Facts are Facts yet you refuse to believe...
      "You can lead a horse to water" as in your case....
      I guess some folks just would rather live their lives with blinders on, as in your case .It doesn't make you bad, it just makes you vulnerable to what ever Big Brother wishes to subject you to.

  47. This towers coming down thing has been revealing of the psychological make up of different people. When you explain it to some, they recognize right away that something is wrong with the govt BS story. Others choose their emotional world view over facts and evidence. Their emotion and ego trumps everything else. Their egos cannot handle their rose colored world view, that their govt wouldn't do such a thing, being blown to bits.

    It is typical and interesting that people's opinions depend on how much independent homework they have done. If none, they believe the govt lies or suspect foul play. If some, they believe demolition. If more, they believe more than demolition was used.

    Some young adult Israelis were caught filming the towers coming down at a distance. They were aware that it was going to happen. A Russian analyst claimed that the only way it could have happened the way it did was via a nuke in the bottom, disintegrating everything above it. Easy to claim. However, it seems there would have been more surrounding damage as well unless they were somehow able to focus it in only the upward direction.

    Whether nuke/s were used or whether it was some unknown to most, directed energy weaponry, which turned the steel beams to dust while falling, hard to know. Yet is known that demolition was used on the lower floors of the towers. I've not heard of nuclear radioactivity being discovered like there was super thermite.

    Not hearing of it doesn't mean much... but if there wasn't, that leaves the Directed Energy Weaponry. Do they exist? Certainly. Nikola Tesla developed it some 80 years ago or so.

    It is absurd to believe that heat from a building 300 ft away would cause another building, of steel and concrete, to come down, unless it crushed it, which it did not. Even then part of the building not hit would remain standing.

    It is most humorous to hear a news gal announcing that Bldg 7 also came down 30minutes before it happened. Not sure if this docu shows that since didn't watch this one.

    If I were to guess, I would think they decided it would be a good test of their Directed Energy Weapon capability but had other modes of destruction in operation to make sure.

    People on/near the floors where the planes entered were seen frantically removing clothes. Not something you see with flame heat. Microwave, yes. Part of the double or triple energy beam. The unfortunate souls were disintegrated along with the building.

    My sincere hope is that all involved meet a similar fate or rot in a tiny jail cell. Unlikely. The court system of the usa, like most countries, is corrupt as hell.

  48. All conspiracy pales compared to the fact that one face playing multiple roles is used in nearly every picture presented by the media. Train your eye by comparing one facial feature at a time from the same angle. Google image any movie, tv program, beauty pageants, astronauts, lottery winners, rock bands, etc. Takes about two hours practice to see enough to know this is true. After a few months nothing will get past you.

    When you can't see the sameness then one face being used is proven by recognizing the techniques used to change appearance. Usually you won't see two or more faces presented from the same angle at same time. Angle significantly changes appearance even a small change in angle. To compare moving pictures you must remember what the feature looks like and the angle then wait for another character presented from same angle then quickly compare. Look for fake redness and fake lighting and shadow on face. Pay no attention to size of feature instead focus on shape. Notice different size nostrils. Look for the lines that begin a fake double chin or fattening of the face. Notice lips slightly covering part of teeth to make them look smaller. Notice upper lip way above teeth. They will blacken back of mouth to make row of teeth seem shorter. Notice facial expressions. Notice mouth and eyes open or closed and all degrees in between. Fuzzy pictures. Start noticing patterns of combos such as one face with glasses, another whiskers, another a cap, etc. Which is a simple example but with time you will start seeing patterns. You learn as you go. Don't give up. It is designed so you don't see it. This has been going on since the beginning of movies and TV also print.

    Two easy examples to see. Google image the band Bananarama. One face is longer, the head is bigger. Don't be fooled. When you google image with lots of pictures look at all of them until you get the sameness. Notice how features will change shape in Google image because they are brought together for various sources that have manipulated the face for the occasion.

    Google image movie Back To The Future. There are three pictures with dark background with M Fox and the old professor standing beside each other looking same direction. Ears same, overall shape of faces the same, chin same, nose same. Eye area different because it is the only area they aged the old man's face. M Fox and old man are same face.

    This extends to the world stage right on down to many small towns. With a well trained eye start looking at government bodies including city councils, school boards, supreme courts, etc.

    Magicians and their minions are established in our societies for generations and centuries. Nothing is as it seems.

  49. I could not watch this because I assumed it would be just another version of a horrible thing that happened. I must say that I have done a lot of reading of all the versions of what happened on 9/11 but the real truth came out in a book I read that posed what really happened; mini nuclear charges were placed at critical spots to bring those towers down. The real criminals responsible are radical Israeli soldiers that planted those nuclear bombs! President Trump was supposed to tell us what really happened but I am still waiting for that to happen!

    1. Richard - As I read your comment I am so disheartened by the idiotic and unresearched remarks: that the real criminal were Israeli soldiers. First, these were not nuclear bombs - hell the whole state would have blown up! Demolition charges were planted around the elevator shafts (work was being done on the building supposedly) but think about facts you may not be aware of: Bush's brother headed security at the WTC. Larry Silverstein held the lease on the WTC buildings and they were not to code due to asbestos that had to be removed to comply with building codes. It would be far more expedient and better for his pocket book to have the whole WTC taken down by "terrorists" and he would then collect the insurance to pay to rebuild-then research the video where Silverstein states that Building 7 was "pulled" because of fire. That is the biggest joke in the world! They were office fires, nothing more and easily contained by firemen (look up the firemen's statements!).

      I worked for an architect for a living and dealt with structural engineers and not one would deny the truth of planned demolition. Thermite was found - no parts of any planes were found - no plane or bodies in Pennsylvania, the side of the Pentagon was hit (I suspect a drone) where no one was working. And can you even imagine the flight path being maneuvered by a huge jet being flown by "terrorists" who couldn't even fly a Cessna that is barely a puddle jumper managing the speed, turns, etc. that it would have taken to bring a huge jet into the flight pattern and speeds.

      Just to give you some insight into the arena of oligarchs and politicians - not one of them does anything for nothing or for the good of anyone but themselves. Money - power & greed is all they are after. Wake up and know that over 3,000 innocent lives were taken - not by foreigners but by the a**holes that run the globe.

    2. Richard, what planet are you from, them buildings were rigged to fall months before the planes were sent to crash them, curtisy of the US government so Bush and his new world order cronies could get the citizens of the USA to want and allow Bush to go to war in the Middle East!
      It was all planned by our own government

    3. Nuclear bombs...really...that's the conclusion you came too? Nuclear bombs...

    4. David,
      I admire the way you put the whole story together, along with your passion for finding the truth. Pay no attention to the idiotic comments of some of the people (mini nukes ? How many people would have been poisoned by radiation if that were the case ? )
      The biggest problem is that most people do not care and tend not to think critically about the news they are served by the mainstream media.

    5. Yup people should read more about what Dimitri Khalezov has revealed about the use of underground thermonuclear nukes that explain a lot. And yes Israel has a big hand in it with all the ziocons. You can also find an interview Nuclear 911 where Dimitri explains in details his thesis, and its by far more logical than any other explanation about the "Ground Zero" (which until then specifically defined the epicenter of a nuclear explosion), the "dustification" of the towers that vanished into the crevasses, the radioactive fumes that highly prompt the number of thyroid cancers for the people working at ground zero, the seismographic evidence, the molten-steel meteorites, the underground damages to the metro... WC7 was brought done to hide the evidence being from where you had to send the nuclear charges through tunnels under the towers as laid by the demolition scheme established and enabling the construction of the WC complex.
      This truth is being actively hidden and it is even more evident when you know about this theory. Judith Woods with her abstract "Directed Energy Weapon" is just a misinformation campaign, her role being also to kill all potential court case.
      If you've the very good "The Great American Psy-Ops" the author comes to the same conclusion of nuclear weapon usage and how Judith Woods is not credible.
      We have also Dr. Jones with is nano-thermite claim that has been turned around.

  50. IMO the 911 was another False Flag....It needed to happen because of a group of Psychopathic leaders, belonging to certain secret societies bent on a Globalist agenda of the NWO...Which includes but not limited to George Bush, Dick Cheney, Barack Obama, Donald Rumsfeld, the Clinton's, the Democratic party to list just a few, but the list is massive.

    There were three previous False Flags .The sinking of the Lusitania, the Attack on Pearl Harbor, and the Gulf of Tonkin all were to generate a certain reaction and to gain a certain result, which all did.

    911 was most definitely a False Flag. the evidence is more than over whelming it is Blatant in its proof and terrifying in its implications....It was the most Grandiose False Flag in the history of these United States. Where by a government needed to cause such a Massive reaction that it could do several things almost at once or within a preordained period of time.

    1. Raise the ire of the people of the did.

    2. Allow the POTUS to declare war on Terrorist and a specific few enemy's namely Moammar Qaddafi, Saddam Hussein, and Osama Ben did, allow the Military to go after the seven nations who WOULD NOT join the International Fractional Reserve Banking System. they are still fighting one of the seven Syria...

    3. Allow the Military Industrial Complex and its contractors to wage war and therefore make many key Corporations and there CEO's and Share holder extremely Wealthy, and control the oil from all the Mid east nations except Saudi Arabia... it did

    4. It enabled the US Government to create more Government agencies to supposedly protect the security of its borders and protect its citizens....IT DID!

    5. instead it allowed the Government to track and gather massive information on its own citizens in order to track there movements, for the purpose of control , and obedience. To literally brainwash the masses into thinking that the government knows best, and to turn the masses into sheeple. its working very well so far.

    6. to ensure that the Constitution and especially its 1st and 2nd Amendments are under constant attack....which is still ongoing.

    Theres much more but I think you get the picture.

    1. finally....someone with a brain well said

  51. Crossing the Rubicon; by, Michael Ruppert (R.I.P.).

    1. Mike Ruppert's truth and lies of 9/11. (R.I.P)

  52. Recently, I saw a mini-doc on how all theories had not factored in the aluminum from the jetliners. Aluminum melts at a much lower temperature than steel, and in its molten state, if water is introduced, it reacts violently. You can find videos online of an aluminum water reaction.

    1. Do you REALLY believe that the energy within the aluminium frame of an aircraft, reacting with water, can release enough energy to collapse THREE reinforced concrete towers to DUST in a matter of seconds? If you do, I would advise you to take a course in basic physics.
      Even if you try to add the energy of the aircraft fuel, 98% of it burned OUTSIDE the building in a huge fireball. A female victim is clearly visible at the alleged plane entrance hole, waving for help, within minutes of the initial impact. Plainly, she could not have done so if the initial heat had been sufficient to liquify steel and reduce concrete to dust.
      Wake up, America, you have been duped by the biggest "false flag" in history.

  53. Unfortunately this is the 2nd truth. For the 1st truth please check out Dimitri Khalezov Nuclear Demolition. The 2nd truth is Nano Thermite, the 3rd truth is the Official Story.

    1. Exactly! Everyone interested in the subject should absolutely watch Dimitri Khalezov Nuclear Demolition (having pretty much everything about the subject their is no doubt in my mind he gives by far the most comprehensive explanation to what happened on 911).
      The 2nd "false" truth is also the Saudi-Bush connection with the papers that were released by Trump, hiding again the role of Israel in 911.

  54. Science cannot deceive

  55. this is a decent film, nothing new here. Our government kills people, including it's own, we all know that. anyone who doesn't believe that is a simpleton. I don't appreciate the movie subplot about how this narrator destroyed his marriage/family life over this obsession. There are plenty of films like this, and the results of them are ZERO, and there will never be an acknowledgement of the truth, to waste your life on an impossibility is sad.

  56. Totally ridiculous "documentary".

    1. Too right, mate. I prefer the fairy tale - where an aging cave-dweller on regular kidney dialysis treatment sends in a group of phantoms with box-cutters to fool the most militarily powerful nation on earth and the 16+- security agencies. Besides, I prefer the psychopathic corporate titans, the media barons and the MIC to do my thinking for me.

    2. On so true! I am so glad to know there are a few out there that understand how things work in this country. Not so glamorous - either!

  57. I live in New Zealand, and I haven't seen the documentary. Don't need to. Just plain common sense tells me that a modern strong steel building (tower 7) would never suddenly collapse, completely and in perfect symmetry, just because it had a little fire in it. A fire that its sprinkler system could have easily extinguished. OBVIOUSLY (in the true sense of the word), a prearranged demolition. If Trump was president at the time, I wonder what he would have "tweeted" about Tower 7? What does he say about it now? Why doesn't everybody have enough common sense to question the obvious, and speak up? Seems to me, that 911 needs a public outcry for the truth.

    1. One of Donald Trump's sincere campaign promises was to reveal to the public who really "did 9/11". He exonerated the Iraqis, but speculated that it may have been the Saudis. Of all the nations of the Middle East, Israel seems most closely implicated and had the most to gain, but since Mr. Trump also committed himself to unconditional support for Israel, it seems unlikely he will pursue that line. He has also become the good buddy of the autocratic, anti-democratic Saudi regime, so seems to have closed that possibility off as well. He does seem to have differences with the U.S. state surveillance apparatus (FBI, NSA, CIA,...), so stand by for further details.

    2. @Don - yes it does need an outcry for the truth and is doing their best to get NIST to re-evaluate their lies. I contribute what I can to help but when I tried to contact my own senators, governor, etc. I wasn't able to make an appt. since I am only an individual and have no rights whatsoever to bother them with their busy, corrupt and greedy schedules! You can't even get them to acknowledge the damn aerial spraying of heavy metals (their so-called solar radiation management!) but more and more people will die before anything will ever be done to bring the Bush family to justice (hell-even that is a joke! Justice is never given to the oligarchs.

  58. I like to check out 9/11 truther documentaries now and again just to see if they've put forth any actual evidence or a realistic alternative chain of events yet. Once again unfortunately: no. This is almost completely unwatchable from about 4 minutes in, the whole thing is based on illogical statements and comparisons from David Hooper, a lack of basic knowledge in fields relevant to the science behind what happened and completely drowns in confirmation bias. It's quite well put together for a budget doc but should still be completely avoided.

    1. @Lee - just try Newton's 3rd and you will understand the truth unless you are so blinded like most of the sheep in this country. In 1945 a B-25 bomber flying in fog accidently hit the Empire State Building (granted-the plane was smaller but at the same time the ESB did not have the trusses and steel girders the WTC had. (which was quickly sent off to China so no one would be able to see the perfectly cut steel using the Thermite cutter charges!) A fire erupted and 14 people were killed but the building stood the impact and did not collapse into it's footprint as all 3 WTC buildings did and if you look hard enough you will find a video of Larry Silverstein saying they "Pulled building 7" because of fires. What a joke! Firemen had those tiny fires under control already. It takes weeks, months of planning to bring towering buildings down into their own footprint so as not to do any damage other buildings surrounding them. Wake up man!

    2. You’re wasting your time Lee. You’d best grab yourself a foil hat and get ready for “the real truth” from the none sheep on here!

  59. I read some of the comments of viewers discrediting this excellently portrayed piece of private investigative journalism, with incredulity. Some viewers still want to cling to the "Pancake Theory"? Those viewers need to address the innumerous demonstrations that show the buildings falling at free-fall speed. I understand that "free-fall" speed, negates any possibility of a pan-cake theory. What about the imploding building seven, that literally came down in demolition style, that fell into it's own footprint at perfect free-fall speed, later that same day on Sept 11, 2001? Building Seven was never hit by a plane Mr. Tazmo. These claims that the burning jet fuel melted steel, has been demonstrated to be impossible. Jet fuel and office equipment burning in an oxygen starved building for only one hour, does not come close to the temperatures necessary for melting or even weakening steele. What about the fact that the building were designed to withstand direct strike by large commercial jets? What about the fact that no modern high-rise building has ever come down from fire, anywhere in the world... before or since 911? Many of the steele high-rise buildings that have caught fire around the world, over the last few decades, have burned for days, and yet none have ever collapsed. Yet all three of ours did, on 911? I contend that to accept the "official" story of 911, that is offered by main-stream media and our government, is to willingly stick one's head in the sand and choose to be lied to. The U.S. Military/Corporate power structure is real, and it had motive, means and opportunity! Comments like Tazmo's makes me suspicious of whether detractors have even watched the documentary in question?

    1. @ Ex-Army - I am in accordance with you but I have a question and I hope it is received with the good intentions it is asked. If you are ex-army - do you feel safe enough to state these comments without retribution? I fear for anyone who sees the truth as I and my husband do when they make a statement like yours. We love you for it because so many have cotton in their ears and a shroud over their brain. As I worked with structural eng.'s while in an architectural office I knew somewhat of how planned demo worked and after this disaster and murder of thousands, watching buildings designed to circumvent this very thing collapse into their footprint I knew then and there this was murder and is so very similar in nature to the "Operation Northwoods" that it had to come from the inside.

  60. No Staff No budget but Very well researched and put together. Thanks

  61. This doc was awesome. Ive watched a lot of films on this subject, but this one is easy to understand, to follow, and to believe. Good job!

  62. the trumpers are up
    stand back. it gets messy

  63. "I've lived in high rises my whole life. And I've dropped things off balconies like shoes and computer monitors." Huh? WTF DUDE? And you were so close to building a compelling case; aside from the needless continual references to your flaky marriage *face palm*. But then you go and really mess things up by revealing that you have a flagrantly nihilistic attitude when it comes to footwear and computer hardware. It is almost as if you are trying to big yourself up as dome kind of barefooted geeky iteration of Keith Richards who, incidentally, was almost certainly not trying to make a point about the effects of gravity when he was hoiking TVs out of hotel windows! People like you are the problem with conspiratorial docudramas. It's all about YOU isn't it? You and your PROBLEMS. Making it all the easier to discredit both you and the people who are truly awake to the BS going on in the world around them. Next time you want to make a documentary keep your personal experiences and feelings out of it. And get Morgan Freeman to do the commentary. He is a lot less whiny and nasal sounding
    Ffs why not even get Morgan Freeman to chuck something Rock'n'roll off your balcony instead of a pair of Hush Puppies and a computer monitor just cos you failed to make a new high score at Lemmings or whatever. Sheesh, excruciating.

  64. This is one of the most well done I've seen on the topic. I started questioning in 2003 and then on 2004 was on the airplane with a former military pilot who told me to "question everything". I'm grateful that my eyes are now opened to the truth of what 9-11 was about. However searching for an understanding of "why" our government would do this led me down a rabbit hole i never imagined. I swallowed the red pill and it's led down a tough path - a path not many would willingly want to travel and one I wish now I sometimes had ignored to live a live of Disneyland bliss. :( It led to lies I learned bigger than 9-11. When you ask "why" 9-11 was created, be prepared for answers scarier than the TV movie we were showed on 9-11 and days after. I challenge everyone to find the lie bigger than 9-11 and then the one after that. Godspeed.

  65. Thank you. I have always believed this was done by the government. Taken a lot of criticism about my beliefs over the years. You have renewed my beliefs and justified them.

  66. In the description: "Like all conspiracy films, The Anatomy of a Great Deception presents a case that may be embraced wholeheartedly by some and dismissed outright by others."

    Why put that in? Isn't that as obvious as 1+1? Or are you trying to put doubt into people's minds since you consider it a conspiracy and have been indoctrinated to doubt the validity of any conspiracy because according to the indoctrinaters, none has ever occurred except Julius Caesar and Abraham Lincoln; long ago and such things don't happen any more.

    Anyone who has been indoctrinated to automatically disbelieve any conspiracy "theory" should first look up the definition of Conspiracy. Then realize that they happen in fact very frequently. Just because the gate keepers of the boob toob news (major media) limit / restrict such information doesn't mean you cannot get it else where. I suggest all (especially Jeff and tazmo) turn off the propaganda networks, deal with the fact that those who have sufficient access to the military and other technology and small groups, typically including the leadership of the various important federal alphabet agencies, DO NOT have your best interests at heart. They work for the central bankers of the world plus a few other elite families.

    Some people readily dismiss facts in favor of their world view where their govt couldn't do such a horrible thing. These same people cannot believe such things as geoengineering/chemtrails are happening over their very heads. In that case, they could easily just watch long enough and if they had a mind that functioned instead of being over ridden by what they want to believe, could see that chemtrails ARE happening. It was placed under national security to keep it out of the news. In this case there is plenty of evidence for anyone to find if they want to, yet some "dismiss outright" despite those trails being far afield/wrong direction from commercial airliner routes and how a contrail dissipates versus how a chemtrail spreads out into a wider haze.

    There are numerous conspiracy facts. All sort of govt propaganda and fake theories, so much so that the fake theories ARE the conspiracy to mislead the public.

    1. @DustUp!

      You have put to words what my husband and I have been saying all along. Disney World is where most of the people in the US want to live and to bely their beliefs is more than they can stand so they malign the truth and continue to live with their heads in the sand! I for one continue to rail about 9/11 and the chemtrails. No one seems to realize the skies aren't blue anymore and as you said - the contrails dissipate in moments while the heavy metals are rained down on all of us. We use Detoxadine (Global Healing has this!) every day to try to keep our livers from being destroyed by the heavy metals. Thank you for your comments.

  67. The laws of physical science, especially physics, cannot be undermined and disregarded when deceitful and obviously conspiratorial events lead to the murder of many innocent human beings. David Copperfield was a great illusionist and magician, having caused a Boeing 747 jet to, seemingly, disappear off a runway. Yet, everyone really knew that what he did was an illusion created by human misdirection of attention. The federal government and the mainstream media worked together to produce an illusion on 9/11, that two jet aircraft, each crashing into one of the WTC Twin Towers, and the ensuing kerosene jet fuel fires they caused to sections of the 110 story towers, caused the towers, super-steel structures built to withstand such impacts, to completely collapse in a symmetrical fashion, at free-fall speed, in a manner identical to controlled demolition. The same thing happened to WTC Building 7 at around 5:15 in the afternoon on 9/11, and the federal government attributed that symmetrical free-fall collapse of the Solomon Building to two isolated fires on two floors of the 47 story building.

    It is s fact that NIST representatives lied to the American people, via the media, as seen in the video "Anatomy of a Great Deception," about the secondary explosions and the molten steel, both part and parcel with the melting of steel in the use of nano-thermite with controlled demolition. There isn't any way that a rational person, who understands physics and natural law, can watch "Anatomy. . ." and come away thinking that the video is rigged propaganda. I showed "Anatomy of a Great Deception" to an employee of the Department of Veterans Affairs, VHA Office of Finance, in DC, a woman who holds two master's degrees, one in physics and the other in business accounting. She came away with the proper perception that the video clearly showed the empirical evidence of controlled demolition being used by elements of the federal government to destroy the WTC Twin Towers. Over 2000 engineers, architects, and physicists have gone on record via Architects & Engineers for 9/11 to stake their professional reputations on a consensus that 9/11 in NYC was an inside conspiratorial job that brought down the WTC Twin Towers and Building 7. By logical extension, the Pentagon bombing was also a conspiratorial action that was done with something other than Boeing 757 commercial airliner. It the federal story is bought about the Pentagon 9/11, the law of physics have to be completely disregarded. You see, the poignant questions remains. "How does 10 tons of steel and titanium jet components of a Boeing 757 disappear in a kerosene jet fuel fire that burns at less than 900 degrees F.? If, as the federal government maintains in their mythical tome, "Report of the 9/11 Commission, those engine parts were vaporized by the fire in excess of 2,300 degrees necessary to melt steel and titanium, how could organic dental records of the alleged passengers be found later? You see the great inconsistencies in the federal version of 9/11?

    I hope many more copies of "Anatomy of a Great Deception" are purchased by the American electorate.

  68. No skyscraper has ever fallen as vertical and efficient to the foundation, without proper demolition work. If this notion is false, then, and only then, our way of demolition measures , precautions, rules and regulations by means of explosives are archaic and irrelevant. Yet they are not.

  69. And the right to live without the fear for one self physical security.
    It is simpler when one know "Who" to fight.
    I though that this was solved after '45 ?
    There are many big building all over the US.
    No one know where this can lead.
    I'm lucky, I don't live over there.
    Thank God !

  70. all you need to know is a building that did not get hit by a plane just crumbled into the ground for no reason. how do people explain that one?

  71. This honestly is an embarrassing attempt at documentary filmmaking by taking other people's documentary/youtube clips and compiling them into one place, adding unnecessary commentary about his home life in order to make the movie his own. If you've never looked into 9/11 then maybe this will be of interest to you. Otherwise, I'd really love for a new documentary to come out with new evidence, new research, or new data, instead of staying in this bubble of the same speculation and same advocates over and over

  72. You cannot argue physics

  73. I think its very hard for many people to swallow that our own government did this.
    And the president and his family were deeply involved along with our own military .
    Killing our own people, Deception and lies one right after the other seems to be the agenda in washington and the so called intelligence community.

  74. Has anyone ever looked at the families of the murderers and if they are living in luxury, they all would be living in Saudi Arabia and know who put their sons and husbands up to the mass murders.

  75. Yep, you're right Jeff.

    When your government commits underhanded tyranny on an unparalleled scale, then lies about it and uses this lie to destabilise the world, killing literally millions of people in its wake, detrimentally (an understatement) affecting ALL (apart from a handful of nefarious –
    again, an understatement – monsters who have benefitted from deals and steals) of our futures. When this happens we should just shut up and suck it up.

    Oh yeah, and forget about justice for the families of the 3000+ killed on PNACtion Day 1 (AKA September 11th, 2001). They can make do with the lies they've been fed, eh?

    I think you're joking though, right?

  76. About 11 minutes into the this piece of cr*p, you conclude that building 11 collapsing vertically onto itself is unlikely because you played with Legos. How sad your reasoning is, along with your "documentary". All of the tens of thousands of people affected by this tragedy would to have closure but you deny them that, and re-open this horrible wound, purely for self aggrandizement. You should be ashamed. Sued or incarcerated, even better. Since similar "documentaries" AKA "Loose Change" have already been thoroughly debunked by real science, what are your motives for re-opening such a sad chapter of our history?

  77. Good documentary, but doesn't bring any new information really. By now you have to be a blind muppet not to know that this was a set up job. Too many scientists and engineers agree that the official story is not the truth. They had to have a reason to enter Iraq, so they manufactured one. Same way they did with the Gulf of Tonkin incident and Vietnam War.

  78. Great documentary! What makes it so special is that it shows how Hooper went from dismissive to beginning to look at what happened on 911. Researching one fact after another can only lead to one inevitable conclusion. Which is that the official version cannot possibly be true because it doesn’t fit the facts.

    These buildings were designed to withstand airliners’ impacts, and they did that very well. Jet fuel doesn’t burn hot enough to melt steel. An hour after the impacts, the fires were burning themselves out, but suddenly the towers disintegrated all the way to the ground, in about 10 SECONDS each. Such rapid disintegration isn’t possible in a gravitational collapse. Something else has to be involved.

    1. This speed of collapse of the buildings is often brought out. Regardless of how the buildings came down, the collapse will be at a rate matching acceleration due to gravity. Simply put, the rate the buildings fell is not evidence of how or why the buildings fell. That's not the real issue.

      The issue is that each piece of the proposed conspiracy can contradicted but if another theory comes up that can't be readily explained, conspiracy theorists tend to ignore the conflicting points and hold on to the one that is more difficult to explain. In short, the absence of conflicting evidence on a single point overrides the negation of multiple pieces of other evidence.

      One last specific point. The streets were littered with airplane parts, even the better part of a jet engine. That detail was easy to confirm from available video and that conflicts with Hooper's story.

      So much to say.

    2. Enderslocke, the reason that the speed of "collapse" (and it's in doubt as to whether the towers collapsed or were disintegrated in situ) is relevant, is that it takes extraordinary energy to collapse a building, especially a steel skyscraper built to support several times the weight of the loaded (with appliances, office furniture, people, etc.) structure. In a free-fall scenario, where the building collapsed in the time it would take a dropped ball to hit the ground, all of the potential energy of the standing structure and its contents would be consumed in drawing the building to the ground, with NONE left over to collapse any intact structure below the initial point of failure. With the alleged collapses of the twin towers occurring so close to free-fall speed, there simply was not enough available energy to collapse the massive core columns and other supporting elements. This leads to the obvious conclusion that the buildings were brought down or destroyed in some sort of deliberate and controlled manner. Moreover, the absurdly synchronized, symmetric nature of the destruction, and the fact that the "collapse" was largely confined to the building footprint of these structures -- that is, the "collapse" was through the path of greatest resistance -- are further red flags indicating that this was a manufactured destruction and not the result of random, asymmetrical fires or impact damage. It is particularly telling that the voluminous NIST report explaining the collapse of the twin towers made a feeble attempt to explain the initiation of “collapse,” but neglected to explain how the collapse proceeded. Building 7, whose “collapse” was reported by multiple news outlets prior to its occurrence (not suspicious at al, that), it fell at free-fall speed for over 100 feet. This fact completely rules out a “collapse” scenario. Indeed, when Danny Jowenko, a Dutch demolition expert, was shown video of Building 7’s demise, he declared, “This is controlled demolition.” Asked if he was certain, he stated, “Absolutely, it’s been imploded. This was a hired job. A team of experts did this.” Informed that the structure had come down on 9/11, he said, “Are you sure it was the 11th. That can't be.” Continuing to analyze the video, Jowenko offered, “I think this is obviously a building that has been imploded. If this is the consequence of the WTC towers coming down... that would greatly astonish me. I can't imagine it. No.” Jowenko was pressured to change his opinion but stuck to it. He died in a mysterious car accident in July of 2011.

  79. Seeing this compelling report on a 9-11 conspiracy reminds me of the Kennedy Commission reports on the President's assassination in early 1960s. In both cases so much evidence remains excluded in the official stories. I hope Hooper will muster his forces and flood the world with his finding stated unequivocally as the "official truth" of 9-11.

  80. Being in the construction (and destruction aka demo) business for 35 yrs, I've noticed that people with little knowledge of how things work tend to see something they don't understand and automatically go into conspiracy mode.
    First of all the Twin Towers went down because the airliners that hit them were fully loaded with jet fuel and because the planes just before impact banked it damaged several floors. When the fuel ignited it started fires which reached temperatures that started to literally melt the structural steel. That then caused the 'pancake' effect where the weight of each floor collapsed on the one below it. I have seen buildings being built collapse because the engineering design was not followed properly. And these new build buildings that collapse had nothing on the floors, in other words no plumbing or office equipment that increases the weight.
    Because people have seen buildings being brought down (imploded) they see it as the same thing when in reality they are no where near the same thing.
    One must remember the intense heat that those jets generated and all the weight on each floor contributed to the collapse, not some hidden cabal bent on destruction that conspiracy theorist love to tout.

    1. What about building 7

    2. tazmo8448 You are a total liar. WTC7 was a controlled demolition. Gov mole.

  81. Clear evidence that determined, highly focused, highly funded, very committed secret entities have infiltrated power structures in the US & worldwide. (I guess to ensure that 'they' control the future) Top Documentary !!

  82. If you don't believe the Feds will do what ever they like look up USS Liberty,,

  83. Well paced doc good info, a good starting point for further investigation. If you're willing to take the red pill.

  84. this is the most convincing and undersandable 9/11 documentary I've seen yet.

  85. How come the sound of the voice-over is many times cut in parts? Is it hacked by someone? Is it being attacked? Is someone trying to distort it? Trying to prevent more of us to see and hear what it says?

  86. Astounding, compelling evidence by chemists, demolition experts and architects that nanothermite particles- a substance produced by high-level military only- were clearly found in the debris of the towers. My search is for truth only and obviously, the public was not told the truth of what happened that day. As with the Kennedy assassination, I doubt we will ever know the reality of this event. A substantial, well-researched investigation.

  87. I sympathize with Hooper's rollercoaster of emotion, disbelief and finally educated belief. Good recap of the events. It will save time for many new students of 9/11.

  88. I have always approached events in the World through the eyes of Physics. It didn't take long to understand that something was wrong---just that something was wrong. That is always the beginning of understanding.

  89. ...this is a very nice 911 doc, that you should see if you haven't already familiarized yourself with the essentials of what happened that day. – It had seven stars from one "user" when I clicked to give it a "9" – it immediately reset to 5.83!...from six "users". That's not "fair" at all...