Wake Up Call: New World Order

Wake Up Call: New World Order

2012, Conspiracy  -   190 Comments
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Wake Up Call - New World OrderThis is a documentary compiled by John Nada. Some of the topics covered in the film are: The New World Order, Federal Reserve, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, North American Union, The Rockefeller and Rothschild families, Freemasonry, Bohemian Grove, The Illuminati, Problem-Reaction-Solution, 9/11, war profiteering, the phony 'War on Terrorism', the impending 'Big Brother Surveillance Society', the war on civil liberties, microchipping, mind control, media control and 'education system' indoctrination...

Featuring: Alex Jones, David Icke, Aaron Russo, Jordan Maxwell, G. Edward Griffin, Jim Marrs, Bill Hicks, Daniel Estulin, Jim Tucker, Ted Gunderson, Anthony Hilder, Professor Steven Jones, Webster Tarpley, George Carlin, John Taylor Gatto, Charlotte Iserbyt, Dave vonKleist, Stan Monteith and others...

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190 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Great Information very important to the survival of humanity

  2. Most comprehensive compilation of information on this subject matter I've ever watched. Kudos. I wish for everyone in the world to learn this.

  3. Brilliant. Every one should watch this.

  4. This documentary just changed my life. I’m waking up, finally. Thank you!

  5. Conspiract theory based on old history and half-truths. Where's that Amero at? Can you say Brexit? Compartmentalized human intelligence ruled by emotion and not logic is the umbrella under which overpopulation is going to lead to the dying off of most people. You want you and your descendants to survive past the next 40 years? Start home-schooling and raising farmers with Bushcraft skills or kill yourselves (VHEMT) to avoid the barbarian cannibal apocalypse that's definitely on it's way.

    1. bruh you clearly not woke up

  6. This is for real and soon as people wake up and realize what these very few families are up too our world is headed to a very dark place which we won't be able to escape from WAKE UP PEOPLE

  7. The Government of Canada will do whatever it takes to Sell it's oil...
    Just as we Cannot Choose - Between OIL and Our Environment - We Should NOT IGNORE - There are 3 Things in Common - OIL - WAR and the British Empire, that can all be linked together...

    The Government of Canada doesn't care how many lives they destroy.
    Canada's Oil is sold to Support the U.S. and British Wars. Prime Minister Trudeau has already stated on Facebook he will Support the U.K. against Russia.

    Putin Bans Rothschilds From Russia

    Putin played the New World Order game long enough to climb as high as the position of President - then he abruptly turned his back on them, prompting Jacob Rothschild to accuse him of being a "traitor to the New World Order."

    Canada is a Mere Extension of the British Monarchy - As such anything that the British Monarchy wants - Canada will Support.

    The U.S. and Britain have Thrived on War for Over a Century; and our Oil has helped with their Efforts!
    We also know that the Wars were Not for the Reasons our Politicians had told us they were for.

    "Lest we forget, the tar sands fuel war and the phrase ‘never again’ requires a deeper look at the historical development of the tar sands. Since the creation of the first tar sands operations, the nation-state of Canada viewed bitumen as part of its military strategy. During the cold war, Pierre Trudeau brought tar sands plants online to help provide ‘energy security’ to North America. Over the past decade, Canada has been a war profiteer and fuel tank for the US military, who have killed well over a million people since the turn of the new millennium."...

    What was the War Really About?

    "Washington, D.C. – In spite of French-led U.N. Security Council Resolution 1973 creating a no-fly zone over Libya with the express intent of protecting civilians, one of the over 3,000 new Hillary Clinton emails released by the State Department on New Year’s Eve, contain damning evidence of Western nations using NATO as a tool to topple Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi. The NATO overthrow was not for the protection of the people, but instead it was to thwart Gaddafi’s attempt to create a gold-backed African currency to compete with the Western central banking monopoly."

    Harper's violation of international law in Libya:

    "In 2011 Ottawa defied UN Security Council Resolutions (UNSCR) 1970 and 1973, which were passed amidst the uprising against Muammar Gaddafi's four-decade rule in Libya. In direct contravention of these legally binding resolutions..."

    The murder of Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi is one of the greatest crimes in international law in recent history. The American government and NATO invaded a sovereign country, and turned it into a failed Islamic state, that has now turned into a terrorist hub.

    What was Gained for Libya by the War:

    “Since Colonel Gaddafi’s death in Sirte in October 2011,” the BBC reported recently, “Libya has descended into chaos, with various militias fighting for power.” ISIS has taken control of parts of the country while a government in Tripoli and another in Benghazi claim national authority.


    How was Africa before Kadaffi:

    "Libya and Libyan "dictator" Muammar Gaddafi:"

    1. Electricity is free for all Libyans.

    2. Loans in Libya are free with 0% interest as banks are state owned.

    3. Homes are considered a human right in Libya – Gaddafi vowed that his parents would not get a house until everyone in Libya had a home. Gaddafi’s father has died while him, his wife and his mother were still living in a tent.

    4. All newly married people in Libya receive US$ 50,000 by the government to buy their first home to help the new family.

    5. Medical treatment and education are free in Libya. Before Colonel Muammar Gaddafi ruled the country, only 25% of Libyans were literate. Today the figure is around 83%.

    6. If Libyans wanted to take up farming as a career, the government funded people from equipment to seeds, all for free.

    7. The government subsidised 50% of the price of a new car if a Libyan citizen wanted to buy their first car.

    8. Petrol price in Libya is around $0.14 per litre.

    9. Libya has no debt externally and its reserves amounts to $150 billion – now globally frozen.

    10. The Libyan government would fund anyone who got a degree and if they could not get employment, and they would receive income as if they were employed until they got a job.

    11. The sale of Libyan oil is credited directly to the bank accounts of all Libyan citizens in proportion.

    12. A family would get US $5,000 if they had a new baby to support the childs upbringing.

    13. 40 loaves of bread in Libya costs around $0.15.

    14. 25% of Libyans have a university degree.

    Do you still think Colonel Muammar Gaddafi was really a BAD leader??? If so, read on...

    Global Warfare: “We’re going to take out 7 countries in 5 years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan & Iran..”

    The War in IRAQ:

    "Opinion polls showed that people of nearly all countries opposed a war without UN mandate and that the view of the United States as a danger to world peace had significantly increased.[7][8] UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan described the war as illegal, saying in a September 2004 interview that it was "not in conformity with the Security Council."

    "There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq"
    "1,625 UN and US inspectors spent two years searching 1,700 sites at a cost of more than $1bn. Yesterday they delivered their verdict":

    "Mr Blair said in Ethiopia that the report showed that "the situation is far more complicated than many thought. Just as I have had to accept that the evidence now shows that there were not stockpiles of actual weapons ready to deploy, I hope others will have the honesty to accept that the report also shows that sanctions were not working. On the contrary Saddam was doing his best to get round those sanctions".

    "In all, 1,625 US and UN inspectors were working in Iraq for two years - from November 2002 to September 2004 - at a cost of over $1bn. They searched nearly 1,700 sites."

    "Iraq War Lies, 13 Years Later"

    "It seems a long time ago, and in a world far, far away, that George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, enthusiastically supported by Tony Blair, went to war with Iraq. Thirteen years later, after voluminous studies and books and wave upon wave of terrible consequences, it would seem there is no doubt that these leaders created a false case for invading Iraq and then utterly mismanaged the occupation."

    America Has Been at War 93% of the Time – 222 out of 239 Years – Since 1776


    Don't you think it time we got rid of the Nazi Regimes that run our Countries?
    Many aren't even aware that the Queen is Not the Rightful Heir to the Throne:

    Britain's Queen Elizabeth II not Real Heir to the Throne - DocumentaryVideosWorld.com

    How Canada is owned
    "All physical land in Canada is the property of the Crown, Queen Elisabeth 11. There is no provision in the Canada Act, or in the Constitution Act 1982 which amends it, for any Canadian to own any physical land in Canada. All that Canadians may hold, in conformity with medieval and feudal law, is “an interest in an estate in land in fee simple”. Land defined as ‘Crown land’ in Canada, and administered by the Federal Government and the Provinces, is merely land not ‘dedicated’ or assigned in freehold tenure. Freehold is tenure, not ownership. Freehold land is ‘held’ not ‘owned’."

    "Queen Elizabeth II, head of state of the United Kingdom and of 31 other states and territories, is the legal owner of about 6,600 million acres of land, one sixth of the earth’s non ocean surface.

    She is the only person on earth who owns whole countries, and who owns countries that are not her own domestic territory. This land ownership is separate from her role as head of state and is different from other monarchies where no such claim is made – Norway, Belgium, Denmark etc.

    The value of her land holding. £17,600,000,000,000 (approx).

    This makes her the richest individual on earth. "

    "The Sovereign can do no wrong and no laws can be brought against her".
    Lord Halsbury - The Laws of England.

    Queen tried to use state poverty fund to heat Buckingham Palace

    A brief history of the British Royals and their alleged Nazi connections

    Queen's Nazi salute a sign of ignorance shared by many in scary times

    "Just to give perspective on this incredible murder by government, if all these bodies were laid head to toe, with the average height being 5', then they would circle the earth ten times. Also, this democide murdered 6 times more people than died in combat in all the foreign and internal wars of the century. Finally, given popular estimates of the dead in a major nuclear war, this total democide is as though such a war did occur, but with its dead spread over a century."

  8. Your site is monitored & cut me off. After years of never quite be in the same after the assasination, I figured out doing a lot of reading and investigation that the only thing that little note could have said, was "If you go through with this speech, they'll kill you." History has a very strange sense of humor. And fat, just like cream, gets skimmed off at the top.... Otherwise, we're ALL dead!Thanks

  9. Thank you to the post-war of this film. Very well made and documented. I will leave the verbal juxtaposition to my illustrious constituents, and just say thank you for rd-enforcing thoughts since my childhood which did not seem right (along with volumes of other stuff!). I will say this. Kennedy was the last REAL president we've had, trying to put the government back into the publics' realm, and spoke out AGAINST SECRET SOCIETIES on national broadcasting, and received a folded note by his aid after cordialities to the National Press Conference in the White House. He opened the note, and presumedly just have read it several times, looked back at his aid, folder the paper several times, and stuck it in his right jacket pocket. He looked slowly around the room, making the contact with every one there (with reason). He spoke about ongoing matters and focused on the fact that America was NOT about secret societies and that we could not allow for them to develop or exist in our country. THIS is what got him killed!

  10. Illuminati to the party!! Woop woop

  11. No sound, other documentaries play just fine but this one has no sound. I pulled a utube random vid to test if it has to do with my pc. NOPE, it does not. Please trouble shoot the problem because I want to watch this doc. Thanks!

  12. The Vietnam war was about gold. The 9-11 was about gold. Gold was supposed to be turned over to Chinese elites on 9/12/01, it was removed and then 9-11 hit. Record keeping depts. in World Trade and Pentagon were hit. Missile hit Pentagon in Records dept. ISIS is funded by our government.

  13. The top of the Pyramid is not the elite - it is Lucifer (who is the seeing eye on the dollar bill). And this is all coming to end in less than a year.

  14. I find it a very interesting sociological phenomenon that most posts here either go after the messenger or the poster. There is very little reference and hence little debate about the historical truths found in the press, govt. testimony and the actual quotes and documented comments by the principals themselves.

    The discussion is about the recent celebrities if you will but nothing about what Rothschild, Roosevelt, Warburg, Disraeli, Wilson, Jefferson, Lincoln and others themselves informed us. Then the Kennedy speech that has been popularized and may well have been the speech that got him killed. Do we consult these learned and inside people of knowledge or instead just bitch about the Jones and Ickes et al ?

    Often there is enough in these documentaries from history and the 'documentation' of what these very believable people had to say. Yet most don't seem to care and fix on the irrelevant stuff. Why are so many forums stuck like this ? Why do so many people ignore and refuse to analyze, research all of the possible connections of actual documented facts ?

  15. Great topic's but most here want peace right? so why are no one doing anything about?

    All we do is talking about and that wont make it go!

    Are we ignoring the fact that life on earth dies and soon we do to?

    Just dont care about making actions? so that one day peace will come true!
    All i see is ppl talking about but havent seen anyone doing anything about at all...
    This kinda make me sad...

  16. can any one tell me whats the name of the music which is playing in the background in the mitunes 43 till 46 ? thanks guys ;)

  17. What year did this come out?

  18. When i was studying Culture Sciences at a well renowned University I remember reading in the module about the society of the USA that Americans find Freedom from Institutions such as the government very important. Your people are known for the distrust of too much power in large institutions such as the government. Individualistic rights are very important. Your freedom is.

    "The land of the free" "The statue of Liberty"

    Other values that are important in your society are democracy and patriotism.

    My point is. Why choose the people of the USA to be the first to be manipulated into a new world order by your own government. If your people are known for valueing freedom/individualistic rights so much and distrusting institutions of power.

    Why not choose CHINA for example. Or the Soviet Union.

    1. First off, countries like China are already practically under a fascist state. The government of China for instance has been engaged in mass censorship and similar programs for years.
      But regarding the United States, it is exactly the values which you speak of that make the USA such a threat to the people interested in bringing about a new world order. Being such a threat to their agenda, it is essential to bring destroy our freedoms before they can bring about their true global agenda.

    2. Except that's not how it works.

      Remember how Russia and Germany fought each other bitterly during the war?

      Facist states either submit to one another like Italy did to Germany, or as i've pointed out they destroy one another...China doesn't submit to anyone.

      seriously dude, what you're saying sounds more like a comic book from the fifties than real life.

  19. Now go watch "Age of Deceit: Fallen Angels and the New World Order" + "Age of Deceit: Alchemy and Mark of the Beast Technology" (both free on youtube) if you really want to wake up.

    This "Wake Up Call" documentary is great (even if they did use a lot of disinfo agents - although they still told truth, so whatever). But this film is barely scratching the service - that is true and the film admits..

    Minimal research will take you to proof that the Elite worship Lucifer and literally hide his 666/eye of Horus symbolism EVERYWHERE. Google what Albert Pike 33rd Freemason said about Lucifer and how they view him as God.

    Anyways, go deeper. There is a sinister occultic power behind all of it. And strangely enough, this stuff was predicted in the bible.

    Google Revelations 13:16 and check out what a guy (John) in the first century was predicting through the power of a highly misrepresented man named Christ.

    I will warn you that most churches today have been infiltrated and rarely tell the truth. They don't even know the truth, so I don't hold it against them. Try to find a small community of people that stick to the scriptures and aren't into putting on an entertainment hour.

    I was asleep for a long time. Now I've been awakened and like most people that have come out of the fog, we are viewed as crazy conspiracy theorists. If you don't know what I'm talking about- realize I was there - just watch this documentary and see the other side of the argument before you scoff or reject information you don't even know about.

    Who is telling the truth or lying. Are we really going to continue getting our "truth" from mainstream media?! In the information age, ignorance is a choice.

    I pray all would watch this movie and the 2 others I suggested for more of the "big picture" truth going on. Be blessed!

    1. there's nobody so deluded as the one person who thinks that only he knows the truth.

      also the bible says that bats are birds...so probably not a great idea to take everything that ode to nonsense says literally.

  20. brilliant.

  21. Do you really think that the USA has some 'corner' on 'conditioning' their children into the ways of their countries. You haven't traveled much now have you!

    1. Considering most of the history we are taught in school is a lie, no we have no more of a corner on conditioning our children than say N Korea, check out some Alan Watt videos (not Watts). America we are drowning in the blood of innocent victims, even the Vietnam war was based on an event that never took place, I find Alex Jones too extreme, I avoid him, Alan Watt, G Edward Griffin, Robert Welch, I could give you an endless list of videos full of evidence, people are not waking up fast enough to stop this, nobody wants to listen, yet they say their kids are #1 in their life, I just don't get it.

    2. of course they do what country or goverment does not condition or educate their children into the beliefs which benefit the government or agenda of the ones on control its been going on since there was congregations of people

  22. When Bradley Manning released classified US documents to a foreigner for mass publication, he was thrown into solitary confinement and had the key thrown away.
    Yet when people like Alex Jones, David Icke et al supposedly do exactly the same, they end up being millionaires with a tax code.
    Doesn't that tell you something? Like perhaps they aren't telling the truth? Or they aren't correct in their assumptions.

    1. @a_no_n:
      Alex Jones, David Icke, Michael Moore, etc, can all be easily written off as conspiracy nuts, and the like. People like Bradley Manning, Juliane Assaunge, on the other hand, have revealed actual documentation regarding the lies of the very people that wish to brainwash, and oppress everyone. This is precisely why the former list can be left alone, and the second list can't. The best example is JFK. When one of their own breaks free of the establishment, and does what is in the best interest of the masses, he is not confined, but instead is made an example of; Silenced permanently. (this includes his brother Robert Kennedy as well)
      Hell, just go back 2000 years ago, and you will find an individual who drove the moneychangers from the temple, and was crucified a week later. (3 of the 4 gospels) Whether a person is religious or not is irrelevant. the bottom line is, don't screw with the money that empowers the establishment, or they will make an example of you as well. Only when people on mass rise up, do they remember just how few, and weak they really are. There really is nothing to fear, except fear itself, and only those who are incapable of critical thinking know this. Too bad it is such a small percentage, or those who support evil would finally pay accordingly!

    2. Very insightful and I couldn't agree more with you even if I tried. I do wish more would stand up and speak out instead of burying their heads in the sand or looking the other way. Once all is lost, we will never get it back, even if we live long enough to attempt to try.

    3. yup...that's essentially the point i was making.

    4. No it tells me their purpose is to be a controlled source of info leakage to the public, plus, Alex Jones sounds like a madman and David Icke sounds completely rational and sober (actually he is quite good at talking) but then he goes into his rant about reptilian BS. If there is going to be information leakage, these people want control of it (they actually want the info to leak because if we got too much of it at one time, we would rebel, shock and awe, we get used to it, we are the most closely studied species on this planet)

      Do you know before the television was introduced to society, Americans were a lot more social with their neighbors, neighbors chatted amongst each other, families went to the park on Sunday, they had barbeques, get togethers, lots of social interaction but w/in 2 months of the television, that all pretty much ceased, you would not believe the lengths these people have gone to, to make this happen, seriously, check out Alan Watt.

    5. in regards to your second paragraph, do you have any evidence for that claim because it seems doubtful to me?

      mostly because of the fact that when they introduced tv they didn't just give one to everybody, it took over twenty five years for a set to appear in every house...

    6. I'm not dismissing what you stated but you cannot equate Bradley Manning to AJ, DJ, etc. I personally support what Bradley Manning did BUT by regulations he did commit several crimes. Because of his clearance, he had access to classified material through NIPR and SIPR, including archived Article 32 investigations, video footage, and a lot more. Granted I believe that much of this should not have been classified but the fact remains, it was. Therefore, under UCMJ, he was charged, faced Court Martial, and was convicted.

      Alex Jones and David Icke are expressing their beliefs, opinions, and conclusions of historical and current events. They are not downloading and releasing confidential, secret and top secret information.

    7. I agree with you 100,000% however i think Jones and Icke would disagree with you in the strongest possible terms, as that's what they believe they are doing (giving them the benefit of the doubt that they aren't con-artists, which is a distinct possibility)

      i wasn't comparing the three, quite the opposite, i was trying to display just how different they are, even though all three claim to be doing/have done the same thing.

  23. According to The Art of War by Sun Tzu: - "Before entering a war, you must get the full support from your own people"

    Now i understand why USA always have excuses too the public, so they can enter warfare and makes profits for their own ego.
    I feel sorry for the uneducated majority puppets in America everytime i read the same warning text from Mr Tomas Jefferson.

  24. This is great! I never knew that the leaders were actually cruel because of money. Also they created money to get the power and make us to be like a slave by calming us down. making us to think that we are safe by showing us the tv shows. It interested me when they said that the leaders actually stated the incidents like 911, vietnam wars, ww1 and ww2 just to make people to pay the profit to gain money. The rich you are the powerful you become.

  25. The Middle Easterners were brought into Redondo Beach, California 90277 and 90278 by the Attorneys and the Cops and the Los Angeles Superior Court, Torrance, CA 90503. They were on Mind Control. The buildings were imploded by the Vietnam reserves. Under Retrofitting, Condolissa Rice under the authority of GWB. It was all planned and it was covered up. The attorneys covering it up are in Gardena and Redondo Beach and Torrance Court. 90503
    The Vietnamese are brought into Gardena, CA 90249 and are making complaint phone calls under NUISANCE AND ABATEMENT Gardena Municipal Code and targeting the Elderly property owners with schemes to cause them to die, so the Vietnamese can take-over the International Trafficking Business. The Vietnamese Traffick the Children from Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos in the Japanese Ships to the Los Angeles Ports. The Gardena Police pick the little girls up (boys) and take them to Los Angeles Warehouses. The Japanese ships (Yamamoto and Yamaguchi) (sp) smuggle the kidnapped children under the decks of the Japanese ships. They were all dead in 2007, then they killed the Investigator, THE EAGLE. Gardena Police Officer John Davalos is the lead person. 2603 West 157th Street, Gardena, California 90249 The Vietnam War never ended, it was just transferred to the USA. It is mass murder under Code Enforcement, Cops and City Attorneys and the Los Angeles Superior Courts and the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. Most of the people we trust to protect us are the perpetrators and operate with abuse of Authority under the Color of Law and Badge. Organized Crime.

  26. Asia Union? not easy...

  27. Seems that every other vid on this site has been disabled!

  28. i think all the countries that have rothchilds centrel bank in them should take them over for security reasons,then will see wich way the world turns ,its a crime that aone family clan rules it all

  29. many say 2012 is a turning point i the age of man. I fear now that it is the date of the start of the new world order and from the trend of events, it will not be a move for the better.

    1. or its the year we rise against it.

    2. The NWO have been coming into view for a long time, it's nothing new.

    3. meanwhile...in 2013.

  30. I like the music. this guy is right but everythings going to be ok. just buy 30 pounds of rice, coffee, and pasta now. so when food costs more than everything you think is important today at least you wont starve.
    Its a new age, it's going to slowly but surely get worse and worse. We need to question our government even if it means questioning our origin. We need to learn how to protect ourselves.

  31. Anyone interested has probably seen a lot of this already, but for people mostly unfamiliar with the the idea of a 'dangerous' instead of a 'prosperous' new world order, this should be quite an eye opener that will make you think twice if nothing else. I have seen some of the docs that are used in this compilation, and I must say that this is a nice and relatively compact collection of some very powerful material. Some is, of course, a bit 'iffy,' but it is all quite interesting whether you enjoy or subscribe to conspiracy theories in general or not.

    And if you think the idea of a ruling elite behind the scenes is a ridiculous notion, this doc will definitely give you second thoughts!

  32. I think the best way to fight this is to make a meet up group where ever they are and invite everyone everywhere.. meet your neighbors meet people in the city next to you, no agenda, no goals.
    People aren't scary or crazy they are just like you and me, they have families and dreams as well.
    Meet people, lose the fear.

  33. owh..this isnt fair..first i chose to watch 2012...not available..now..this is my second choice..also not available..this sucks..

    1. OK fixed that @halim.

  34. this was the film that woke me up. 3/3/09, I will never forget. my mind was blown, life will never be the same.

    1. its intense and leaves you feeling helpless.

  35. Your minds are all lost. The end is near my friends. Don't worry about money b/c you won't need it where you going.

    1. The end is near, pack a lunch :) Seriously though, things are brighter if we make them so. People have more power then they credit themselves.

  36. "Big secrets are better kept hidden than small ones, because they will always be met with public ridicule and disbelief'.

    Read the best seller TRAGEDY & HOPE by former CFR archivist, Georgetown professor and Bill Clinton mentor, Carroll Quigley!

  37. This documentary will not play. :-(

  38. There is not a better way to say it than this, t pain.

  39. to those saying theres no NWO.... think the UN, all those leaders from other countries had to earn the trust of the USA's favor before they got a seat in there, so they are all hand picked by the powers that control the US president, so if you think about it, you still have a group behind everything controlling the finances and calling the shots. if you dont call that a new world order i dont know what is. truth is its already in effect just no one has an open enough mind in that country to realize it...

    and for the people doubting Icke, if you can agree that we are all EQUAL and there is no dividing lines in us except for our "egotistical feelings of superiority" he said he WAS the son of god, just like im the son of god and we are all the children of god.
    He was also saying how little we changed since the time of jesus and if someone came along saying that we would still try to crucify them and put them down for what they believe, like most the people on this site try and do to thinking individuals. and as JESUS HIMSELF SAID, as i do these things ye yourself shall do them and greater things! which means we all have the capability of doing what jesus himself did and there are NO dividing lines between us SEPERATION IS AN ILLUSION.

    and if you dont believe what im telling ya just close your mind and continue believing what you hear on the radio and what the media says. it doesnt bother me im just spreading the word of god like jesus did.

  40. This video compilation by John Nada is now available from the OneDollarDVDProject (com) for a dollar or two. It really is a marvelous wake up call.

  41. One of the best docs...please try and fix.

  42. There's no world order until the ones at the very top get strangled by the coat tails of their own religious preachers. There's no one expert on all of that, but one has to be patient enough to comprend all their points of view, to one day perhaps discover them all yourself.

  43. wow, that illuminate 666 sure can copy and paste, impressive.

  44. So the world is being taken over by a satanic cult? By god you're right, it was in front my eyes the entire time. I guess I just failed to figure out the clues they conveniently left us on the dollar bill. Let's hang all those in power then! Back to the middle ages everyone! Yeahhh!!!! Everyone hail our lord jesus christ!!!

    Lori - hold on tight to that bible throughout the entire documentary, otherwise the ghosts of the original founders of the illuminati might get you!

  45. Post to 'No One' Yah your forgiven, by me anyway. Good Post! Good Luck To You and Yours. Later, Syx.

  46. all bullshet!!!!! how they say MONEY TALK BULLSHET WALKS!!!!!
    Unfortunatly that is our reallity people,all this talking, all this "maybe yes maybe not" it s not black it s not white it s gray...BULLSHET
    The truth sore much more than all this theories,conspiracy ecc. and that is: We have NO democracy, NO fredome, NO FREE speach, NO POWER to change or creat anything.
    When the antique grecks philosophies created the idea of democracy and State,they didn meant all of this at all. I mean when you bail out for houndrets of billions the same people that actually stole and abuse them,when you can invade a sovragne country and creat a war on lies( and by the way it s not a conspiracy now we all know is the sad truth)when you can corrupt and cheat on the US presidential ellection(THE HART OF SO CALLED DEMOCRACY THAT THEY ARE TRAING TO EXPORT)and get away with it, when you allow the oil industry to dictate the rythem of our lives( the oil price whent up O M G....the oil price when down uppy)
    THAT IS SLAVERY!!!! we are slaves of other slaves.

    Ps. sorry for the spelling errors I m not an Anglo-American, but I speak other 3 languages so hopefully I m forgiven ;)

  47. This video is now on DVD for a dollar or two.

    The OneDollarDVDProject (com) has many truth movement DVDs
    for patriot activists to pass along to friends and family.

  48. Watch Georgia GuideStones. Syx.

  49. One of the most, if not the most thought provoking films/documentaries I have ever seen.
    This coupled with 'Zeitgeist', has enlightened me on a subject that has never really crossed my mind. Although I'm not so naiive as to believe everything I see and that some quotes/exerts may have been taken out of context, the falling of the WTC has often baffled me. Even as a Engineering Undergraduate, you can clearly see that something does not add up and as for the banking cartels etc running America/the world I have no reason to object. Being English, I strongly opposed joining the EU/Euro currency and it's further members.
    On the downside to this film though I'm left feeling that there isn't much that can be done and there isn't much advice on what can be done. Simply stating 'THE REVOLUTION IS NOW' just doesn't cut it.

    What's the plan then?

  50. oh by the way... if you think a air plane can bring down buildings at free fall speed I would love to see your IQ score :D.

    1. the planes didnt...but the fires they started did...basic physics dude!

  51. I have been following David Icke/Alex Jones for many years now. I found these two ratter entertaining indeed. Weither these gentlemen speak the truth or not is beyound me. I do not have the resouces to find out. Now I sure can research these gentlemen visa the internet and other means. But the fact is, it is impossible to know who to believe. History itself is proof enough not to believe anyone really. So I choose to believe my own gut feelings.

    So please let me illustrate, in point form, my views...

    1. We humans have the ability to be both good and bad to each other (myself included).
    2. We all have ego "problems" (myself included).
    3. We all seek power... and more over, we are all jeasous of those that hold power (myself included).

    So I'm pretty sure we can all agree on these points. If not, I believe, you are lying to yourself. And given this basic foundation it seems that a "bad" NWO is in theory quite possible. I mean yets face it... we have done some pretty horrible things to each over the ages. Don't even get me started about the RCC!

    I have a very personal experince with the RCC. I don't mean to go off on a tangent here but I would really like to express this.

    In my community we have had a real bad experience with the RCC. I am not a roman catholic. But I do have several friends that are and a good many of them have been sexual abused has youths by this "enlighted" order. Has a youth myself, for some reason, I believed this to be a local problem. However, has I grew up I realized it was a world problem. And I have, has a result, been harbouring hash feelings about this order. In my community, people are very ashamed to tell people they are roman catholic. Persoanlly I have friends that lower their head in shame when they say so. Whenever the topic comes up that is. From my youth up to this day I have decided that if I ever meet any of these priests that destroyed my beloved friends lives to get off I would choke the life from them. To the point where I would see the life fall from their eyes. I wasn't joking when I said we are all able to do both good and bad things to each other. Myself included!

    Anyways enough about that!

    With regard to the NWO my gut feeling is this. In thoery this could be a bad idea. However, in thoery it could also be a good thing. I feel that we are on a NWO course weither banking elites push it or not. I see the human race sort of like a fugus. Sooner or later we well cover the whole plant and become one race. To me this is a good thing. I think a mixing of the races is a good thing. The bigger our gene pool is the better we will be for it. Has a youth I even understood this. I mean I always wondered why I found women from other races so damn attractive. And even back then I somehow understood why this was. I believe this to be intented. Or a part of our nature if you will. We are somehow genetically wired to increase our gene pool. Or atleast I believe this to be true.

    So my CT is that the reason why the people that push a NWO do it behide closed doors is because some will fight it to the end. And these behide the doors people are really trying to improve our sitution. I mean really why would a world governemnt be so bad? Sure some guy like Hitler could come along and gain control of this world government. But by the same reasoning it could be said that someone could come along that would do so much good in such a position of power!

  52. You can see proof of reptilians in every big civilization that once lived, same goes for UFO objects. When i first heard Icke speak about i said he's a complete lunatic..but then somehow few *coincidences* came into my way and i started really looking into it and the more i search, the more proof i get it is in fact real. Not exactly as Icke says it but there is definitely something sinister about it all. In the end of it all, we do live in a vast huge universe and know nothing about it. So if you think ET races don't exist you are deluding yourselves. If you think we are the only ones with our pesky technology and there is nothing bigger or should i say more advanced (technologically and spiritually) then you really need to expand your minds...

  53. All these type of docs try to do is tell you who your master is. These docs are also a part of their "scheme". You'll watch these docs and you'll know who these people are you'll know who your master is. What's the point in being master if your slave doesn't recognize you. Its the advertisement of the occult.
    Anyways, interesting doc :)

  54. In a few years there will be an event, this event will be of extraterrestrial nature and will scare the population of Earth into panic. This panic will unite the world to a common cause, this will be the fuse that lights a One world system.

  55. "well you’re doing exactly what the evil ppl who run this world want you to do…"

    Conspiracy = Business

    Business = Profit

    Profit = Capitalism

    Nothing's changed. There's a reason the government doesn't try to stamp out all these theories. It's very profitable.

  56. For all you who think that david icke and alex jones or anyone who speaks out about conspiracy is crazy... well you're doing exactly what the evil ppl who run this world want you to do... People who are "awake" are crazy.... Human beings make me sick most of us are too stupid to question anything that are media, gov't doctors etc are telling us... WELL WAKE UP PEOPLE... do a little research on ur meds, your food in your cupboard, the flouride in ur water and all the cancer casuing chemicails you use everyday.... I bet you if you do you will turn into one of us so called "lunatics"....

    1. I am 85 and I have been consuming these cancer creating chemicals all my life up till now. I can tell you I agree eventually those evil progress makers will kill me in the end.

    2. So...Bradley Manning genuinely releases classified US intelligence regarding the inner workings of government. He is thrown into solitary confinement for years and treated like a terrorist.
      Alex Jones and David Icke supposedly do do exactly the same thing, but rather than jail and solitude, they are allowed to have multi-million dollar careers.
      Do you see the problems with this equation?

    3. No not really... Bradley Manning violated a law so they could punish him to the utmost extent of the law. I'm not sure about David Icke, and I certainly do not agree with everything Alex Jones says or does, but I do think he speaks a lot of truth. Why would they want to validate the "conspiracies" about themselves by killing the people who claim to present evidence of what "they" are trying to do? That would be the WORST way of preventing their ideas from spreading. I mean the instant Alex Jones dies under unusual conditions, is the instant that every single one of the people who know about what he's been saying all along are legitimized. Validation of his statement by killing him would be extremely counterproductive.

    4. but he clearly doesn't speak the truth...because he isn't treated the same way as people who do...Edward Snowden is now living in Exile in Russia because he exposed government secrets...meanwhile Alex Jones, who you think has done the same thing, lives in the lap of luxury.

      I love the way that this "all powerful" conspiracy can bring down the world trade centre but still can't stop Alex Jones from making movies...It's laughably unrealistic.

  57. @ R-Tard - "do you honestly think they would be powerless to prevent david Icke (who is, frankly, a f*cking ******)from publishing the truth in endless novels"

    Why would they want to stop him?

    They don't have to do that at all; all they need to do is convince a certain majority; like you said "Thankfully none of this is necessary, the utter absurdity is clear to all".

    So what happens is people just argue about 10% truth-90% BS or are apathetic...but no one really focuses on what the problem is.

    Not saying I believe David Icke, but I do believe there is a conspiracy by certain groups of people who control politics and especially money. All you have to do is look at history and what we have been told or taught.
    As one person said, "he who controls the present controls the past, he who controls the past controls the future."

    Doesn't stop me from trying to achieve my goals. I wouldn't just give a blanket dismissal to people to disseminate information. I think what's important is to not try and get yourself boxed by emotion on topics.

    Anyway, rant over.

  58. One last thought, there is a common denominator between NWO advocates and Scientologists, if L-Ron hubbard could create a globalised cult that preyed on the weak then I don't see why someone couldn't milk NWO believers to the same extent...

  59. Look, the truth of the matter is that conspiracy theories are nothing new...

    Looking at some of these comments, and having actually had the chance in my life to meet people who are connected to many corridors of power, I can only say that in all honesty you simply want to believe in something that is more exciting than reality.

    Reality A: Humans are greedy, we're primates who are susceptible to sexual selection, peer pressure, we like to establish heirachical societies because it is essentially part of our genetic make up, our politicians often fail us, we often fight, kill each other when it is unnecessary. We still have to accept the mind-numbing reality that people we elect often represent the averagely intelligent voter, we don't attribute voting rights in relation to intelligence and so in any society where the median person is of limited capacity we will tend to get politicians that reflect that (george bush/palin etc). Our banking system tends to favour those with wealth because they are corrupt like everyone else and tend to have more mechanisms with which to influence the system to their own advantage.

    The best thing an individual can do is to become educated, work hard to achieve desired place in socioeconomic heirachy, or alternatively campaign to try and effect a small change or improvement in society for the greater good.

    B) There is a vast reptilian conspiracy that is super-intelligent (and sometimes jewish depending on your crackpot of choice) that controls global wealth, there is a master plan at play to create some hitherto undefined future "order" where people will be slaves or something. Paradoxically people like David Icke are still able to write and publish books within this system. Nation states are not really ever in conflict, they have secret agreements in place. The whole system, in effect, is rigged.

    The best thing a person can do is to post things on messageboards in order to tell other people, there's no point trying to succeed in the system as everything is rigged anyway, you can't do anything, don't bother.


    This same logic applies to science vs religion, basically, what the NWO conspiracy provides you with is a scapegoat, an excuse for being an uneducated nobody, a reason not to bother trying.

    But actually, in all honesty, every major development in human history has come from hard work, study and perseverance, all the things the NWO describes are adequately covered by simple primatology and any basic understanding of how advertising affects our innate desires, we are fallible, but there is no global conspiracy, get up off your lonely ass and do something to make this world better. THE NWO IS SIMPLY A SCAPEGOAT FOR THOSE WHO WANT AN EXCUSE NOT TO BOTHER TRYING - AS SUCH, ASIDE FROM BEING PARANOID BS, IT IS PATHETIC.

    Grow the F**k Up.

    1. i applaud you! eloquently put my friend!

  60. The illuminati/new world order are the sort of unconvincing "big conspiracy" scaremongering designed to appeal to paranoid sociopathic basement-dwellers.

    There's lots of good science done on conspiracy theories, largely explaining that the larger the "theory" the more people who need to operate it, the greater the potential of it being leaked or uncovered.

    If the "new world order" had the capacity to amalgamate control of pretty much the entire world, to do so without having ever left any physical or anecdotal evidence (again, evidence, not paranoid ramblings) do you honestly think they would be powerless to prevent david Icke (who is, frankly, a f*cking retard)from publishing the truth in endless novels?

    Given the "reptillian" order (I mean, really?) are capable of controlling mankind, starting wars, they would presumably have the power to stop people like david icke from spouting their delusional gibberish, they'd just have him declared insane (which I would happily advocate) and put in an asylum, or create a conspiracy to discredit him.

    Thankfully none of this is necessary, the utter absurdity is clear to all, there is an approximate correlation between those who strongly believe in conspiracy theories and those who spend a lot of time on their own, generally disaffected people who need a "great enemy" to justify their own lack of social or economic progress, ladies and gentlemen, the New world order does not exist, there are corrupt politicians, stupid politicians, unnecessary wars, but none of these require a global conspiracy to exist, we are humans, a primate with the same basic impulses as our cousins the chimps, our societies are largely a reflection of our slow development in to what we might one day objectively say is a fairer system.

    I also put it to you that the system we have now is far better than anything that has preceeded it, our societies generally have freedom of expression (even for crackpots) and the truth is, these conspiracy advocates are just people looking for a cause, a justification, and a good yarn.

    I feel sorry for you if you are truly paranoid and delusional, but before suggesting this is due to a global order of malevolent intent, consider that it is probably more likely that you simply have a condition or circumstance makes you more susceptible to gullability.

    R-Tard out.

    1. you might well be right - you have to admit though there are a hell of a lot of so called coincidences !
      eg, Simpsons episode depicting/predicting? 9 11 ... and Most recently sandy Hook, Dark knight rises !

      Even ancient greece / plato talked about population / the public control through mediums like theatre and entertainment and fashion etc

  61. @ Rick.

    And know-all, know jack-all. I'm pleased to say I'm not an American and have zero interest in your politics. Now, go back to hating yourself (ie America). It makes the world laugh that you blame your own government for 9/11. Yes, you're a laughing stock. It also made me laugh to hear that over 45% of Americans believe Obama is a Muslim.

    What a joke.

  62. @Illuminati Misinformation Agent 666

    Hmmmm... I pretty much agree with everything you say!


  63. @Rick

    Look at me! I'm a super successful architect who knows much more about the real deal on life than you common, programmed sheeple. Super top secret stuff that would blow your puny brains. I'm special; a true free-thinker in a sea of brain-washed, dumb zombies. I have so many meaty books on my bedside table it's positively bowing under their immense weight. I'm Neo me, only I'm super intelligent, highly read, and I'm a super successful architect too... And I've got a super hot girlfriend, live in a super massive house I designed and built with a super massive indoor swimming pool and drive a super fast sports car too.

    What's your company? Vandelay Industries? L.O.L. Successful architect my a***. Only a complete d*** with zero modesty and an ego the size of the sun would drop that one, either that or you're not a successful architect at all. I bet you're really a spotty virgin with delusions of grandeur, still living with Ma and Pa, working at Wal Mart or some other sh***y American chain store. Either that or you're on welfare, smoking pot bought by tax payers money. And/or you're a failed architecture student who dropped-out/failed the course paid for by mummy and daddy. You certainly sound that way!

    Got a bit of a chip on your shoulder, that's for sure.

    Since you resorted to vile, simple-minded personal attacks on me and a dead friend who isn't around to defend himself against hate-filled, angst-ridden fantasists/trolls such as your vile self (because your retort is so painfully weak presumably) let me offer one back. I hope your mother is run over by a bus and you contract a terminal disease (maybe an Illuminati assassin will take you out because you know too much). The world would be much better off with one less d**k in it.

    F*&^ you, sincerely.

    PS. D**k, you feel free to read the above thoroughly.

    PPS. I'll be closing the temporary email account I used to get notifications of posts on this thread. And I wont be visiting this particular s**t-filled page again, so also feel free to waffle-on to yourself some more, because I wont be listening! Yup, ignorance is bliss, and I choose to ignore your steaming BS.

  64. i shall not say i am one of the group or not i will say that its about time u show that video and i shall say or not say we know about 2012

    and on the video is all true the group started in the dark ages i shall talk later if i can.

  65. @ Dandoun...ignore my post directed at you..it was all meant for Krio..

    Hope your ears aren't burning.

    Krio, you feel free to read it all thoroughly though

  66. the above was directed at "Krio" also..

    Hey Krio...you too, enjoy your servitude. Get used to asking "would you like fries with that"--that is all you are going to have left. Your kids will be sterilized [maybe not so tragic in your case] as per the book/report "Eco-Science" by John Holdren- current white house science czar- Get ready for the boogeymen from Planet "Knuckyukchuck" to be visiting you soon as per the stated agenda- "Project BlueBeam"

    Don't you dare go and read "Agenda 21"..please don't do that..YOU just might commit suicide,and well, that would be a damn shame. Nobody wants to see another r@#$%^ loose his mind when he finds out he has been lied to about everything all of his life. A pentagon paycheck isn't worth it..or did they let you out of "The Big House" on condition that you incite hate/confusion on Internet comment boards? You don't have answer that, I already know the answer.


    Silly humans...

  68. @ Dandoun

    What a load of BS. Do you guys/gals all read from the same script? Here you are telling people what to think.

    BuckMinster Fuller and many other super-brains told of how the Conspiracy works. It is only "theory" to those who can't read. Can ya read? Can you think? Can you read recent legislation? Can you research anything? I think the answers to all of the above are NO...and/or "Duh".

    Think for yourself folks. Don't let stupid people influence your thinking. Don't let an IQ that doesn't and can't surpass 80, influence what you think. Just because "Dandoun" and his/her/it's ilk can't compute commonsense, doesn't mean you can't. The Jerry Springer mentality of America is all over the net telling others to be dumb like they are. Bill O Reilly anyone?? Talk about "Pinheads"

    Read "Nine Chains to the Moon" - R BuckMinister Fuller

    Read "Tragedy and Hope- A History of the world in our time"- Carroll Quigley

    Read "Propaganda" Edward Bernays

    Study "Common Law" and "Maritime Admiralty Law" and see the difference. Note it's affect on your life.

    Understand how money is created out of thin air and loaned to you at INTEREST.

    2+2=4 no matter what "Dandoun" spouts.

    P.S Dandoun, I haven't killed myself and I have been studying this for over 15 years...ever since an insider (whistle blower) informed me of the world I live in.

    I am a successful Toronto Architect and don't fancy myself a "Paranoid" theorist. I deal in facts only.

    But you "Dandoun", you feel free to accept a flu shot/swinflu shot and to enjoy your fluoridated water. Eat as much GMO food as you can cram down your ignorant gullet and be happy. I would never want to deny you your freewill to be a shmuck. That is your god given right. Just don't tell me how to think, what to eat or what to allow greedy, corrupt government trash to inject into my body. You can believe Cavemen in Afghanistan attacked America if you like, there are a few of you left. Maybe you can get together with them at a coffee shop and laugh at the people who can critically think and who don't fall for the "Propaganda" so well explained by the father of Propaganda "Edward Bernays" {nephew of Freud}in his book "Propaganda"--"duh" I will warn you though, there aren't any pictures in these books, so you might find them a bit dry :)

    good grief, I am so tired of intercepting lowbrow comments by paid Pentagon sellouts to humanity.

    Hey Dandoun---enjoy your servitude :) Ummmm yummy! :)

  69. @ Dandoun. If the NWO is not a reality then conspiracy theorists will be steering the flock the wrong way. I had a friend who got heavy into conspiracy theory. Became extremely paranoid and eventually committed suicide. Seems to me like conspiracy theorists are the ones who are waffling views which distort people's perception of reality (like preachers).

  70. I love Alex, David, and all of the rest of the people who present information for me to THINK ABOUT for myself. I live and breathe...I can read old books and anything else someone might suggest. I have done all of this and have concluded these gentleman to be trustworthy. If they weren't, I would have found out by now. I have 16 years research on Aj anyway. He hasn't told me anything I didn't already know from my own research for truth and facts. These comment boards provide a grandstand for cointelpro government agents to create arguments and attempt to do what Al Capp tried to do to Lennon at the Bed-in for peace that the Lennons held at Montreal in 1969.

    Watch the doc...think on it...confirm anything you are not sure of and be done with it. Don't ask others questions especially about other info presenters. Why would you care what some internet poster thinks about some guy named Alex Jones or some guy named David Icke? I don't care who produced this video but I will watch it.

    tragedyandhope (dot) com has some good advice [take it leave it, just suggesting ] about how to disseminate information using the Trivium.

    The New World Order is real and they have always controlled the west to conquer the rest of the world..first financially, then militarily. The whole world is a corporation, including yourself. This is a corporate takeover of the planet with a depopulation agenda. Study some law. You will find COMMERCE to be the binding element in this conspiracy. Stop supporting the big corps. and be good to one another no matter who s@#$s on you, and we win. There will be a day when they lose. It is happening already.

    If you are not on board yet, you will be, because you will be forced to by financial ruin. Some people have to crash before they will attempt to understand something so big. If you are not a reader, watch a lot of tv and laugh at complicated things you don't have a full understanding of, you will never get this. Calling people names will only haunt you down the road when you consider what has happened and what you have done to facilitate it with your apathy, acquiescence and pettyness . You might call that day "judgment day".

    Here is to "We the people, may we up our collective IQ's and realize we have been lied to all of our lives about EVERYTHING" :) Cheers and howdy from Toronto.

  71. I was about to watch this when i seen david icke and changed my mind. most of these nwo docs repeat each other anyways struggling to find one with new info.

  72. lol@comments....You say it soils the likes of George Carlin to have them in a documentary such as this and that it is a load of tripe.Apparently you are not aware of the fact that Mr. Carlin has on many occasions publicly backed up these very facts stated in this film He himself knows that this stuff is very real and is taking place as we speak and has no qualms about saying so.You may want to keep your blinders on and live in your little bubble, that is your choice to do so but don't try to discredit the truth with statements that have no backing and that you know nothing about. I can assure you that the info contained in this video is very real and stated as truth and fact!

  73. @EFF

    We canucks embarressed our nations reputation at those sumits. Hysterical losers. Oh no the NWO and it's side kick the plastic bag are out to destroy the world Losers man. Ya's make me sick. Greatest time in history to be alive in history period. Start acting like it.

  74. @eff


  75. David Icke has lost the plot, but he does say some interesting things

  76. @ Illuminati Misinformation Agent 666.

    Do you realise that if the NWO is a reality, you'll be like the preacher who steared the flock the wrong way, just because you want to stand out, allbeit with nothing interesting to say. You waffle more than the church mate, how about you go and do a documentary, see what people will say about you? Read a book, many books, and think before you speak?

    "@Yamato_Kev -Do you really want to know my opinion on those subjects? They are complex topics!"

    "Now, what I don’t agree with is the top Bankers getting ridiculous bonuses when the governments/tax payers had to bail them out, now that is something that the people should get upset about."

    From these statements, I know you probably haven't read a whole book in your life. It is people like you who miss the point, and always will. It is people like you who create the need for the few to rule the masses, because you just talk, and don't listen! Who the hell are you to say what people should get upset about? I'll tell you what upsets me, you!

  77. I adhere to this principal myslef by the way. I think that the "Sign of the devil" paper I read was a load of old waffle! However, that doesn't mean that the chips idea is fabricated by the church, nor does it mean that I want one implanted, allbeit not for fear of being possessed by the devil. I agree with the church, although they think me too much a sheep to tell me directly "those low life mofos wanna suck the life out of you by controlling every aspect of your life". Reason? They wish they'd though of it first!

  78. The details people are mainly talking about here don't matter. It's just the big picture that matters. Who cares if some facts were totally created? Half the facts in history books are false for all we know.

    I won't talk about things I don't know, just something interesting occured to me. My gran is a woman of the bible, goes to church every Sunday without fail... I was shocked when she handed me a print out given after mass entitled "The sign of the devil", forbidding Catholics to accept the implant chips, insisting it was the Devil's work. If this concept rattles the foundations and threatens the authority and agenda of the church, then there must be some truth in it. I'm not religious, but am aware of how powerful an institution the Roman Catholic church is. They too have their secrets, and it seems here that there has been some displeasure at the NWO movement. Possibly because of the plans to do away with religion? Or maybe they weren't getting any of the pie.

    Either way, take head to the message implied, and rationalise it for yourelves, not on the previous merits of the authors/directors involved. They could be rapists and they are still more credible than the American government, for example

  79. This was great! Especailly the part about how the government creates a problem, puts people in fear, and offers a solution. This reminded me of another documentary I saw on here about the "war on drugs" and how the drug use rate was at an all time low when it was started, the war on crack cocaine and the sentencing laws that resulted. It has been proven and conceeded that the CIA, along with Columbian drug cartels, and Freeway Ricky Ross were responsible for the crack epidemic...along with the media who blased the air waves with stories of crack babies and how terrible the drug was, how easy it was to get and make, and how high it made people.

    And it is no secret that crack was introduced to the black community shortly after blacks finally gained legal civil rights (short in history's view). This is a classic example: The government created the problem with crack...literally sold it to Ricky Ross in mass quantities (@ the very least, allowed the cartels to supply ross (Iran-Contra Affair; Oliver North), created fear by declaring the war on drugs and using the media to get the message out to the masses, and then introduced the solution (in the form of mandatory minimum sentences--this started the prison overcrowding and cause the U.S. to imprison more people than another Wester Industrialized nation).

    I do believe that these minimum sentences and the punishments for crack (which was just reduced this week from 1000 to 1 to 18 to one for crack v. powdered cocaine) was intended to remove some of the black population from society. History shows that America has always done this from slavery, to the convict lease system, to Jim Crow, now prison. Just a thought...

  80. The Lizards are a metaphor for people that totally use reason and thought and have no emotion or empathy for others?

    There are lots of reptilians out there!

  81. i like this doc but ok, reptile's and mind control is a bit much to get ones head round. this was the first documentary on this subject that i originally watched. the validation of some of these people in is in question but most of what they say probably is not to far from the truth. they may not be perfect but at least have a will to tell us (and make a living selling their books and videos). its a good documentary, it made me look into things and the only reason i did so in the first place was because i have always felt something is not right with the world when a small percentage have little and the big boys keep getting so much more. anyone thinking religion wrong as well look up enki summerian tablet translation and the gnostic text esp. book of enoch for one of the best scifi writings i ever come across. enki is more that probably right. its the only way to fit all of the out of place artifacts in the past. helps make the world make sense. but can you trust what they have translated? each person needs to make their own individual acessement and tell me if you think im mad. coz this world certainly is.

  82. Another Alex Jones' film! I wonder where is funding comes from--it must cost a significant sum of money to make all these videos and to run all those web sites??

    Why is the metaphor dark = evil and light = good so common in this community/culture?

  83. With all due respect to Canada, we American's have our own organizations and media outlet's as well exposing the NWO and the elite's. Keep up the good work though, I am with you. p.s.- American gladiator had a brief run in the late 80's and Mid 90's. I dont think American's are watching gladiator anymore.

  84. Good to hear Eff,
    The best New Zealand could do, (many, many years ago), was to say NO to nukes. Unfortunatly, now we pay for a band of hired killers, (NZ SAS), running around Afganistan helping to prop up a corrupt enterprise known as "Let's put billions of dollars into the hands of the military contractors."
    But, can we actually stop globalisation?
    I see too many people divorced from the reality of what their Governments do in their name. Almost in the same way that they have become divorced from where, how and who puts the stuff they eat in the packets, bags and boxes they eat out of.
    Ditto an the American Gladiator, my point being as in the Bill Hicks segment. I think sometimes people prefer the old "look at my right hand, look at my right hand" and never you mind about what my left hand doing.
    Live long and prosper!
    (but not at the exspence of others)

  85. @ Lazy Stalker All is not lost! We Canucks are kicking butt at the G8 and G20 Summit meetings and bringing about global awareness to the sheeple people. New World Order will reach its demise...once people start thinking more Canadian.
    Beam me up Scotty! And American Gladiator is for losers....

  86. Many years ago when I was first informed of the NWO & illuminati and all the truths/lies around the subject, a wise old friend said that there was only one way that a world Govt. would evolve and that was by a common threat, either terrestral or extra-terrestral.
    Either space ships filled by man hating aliens or a global group without a common identifiable race/creed/colour, consisting of fellow believers in a cause.
    Well the space ships never came but the terroist war has.

    Many of the posts here talk of "people should be taught the truth." I say people should be taught to SEEK the truth.

    Alas, I fear that maybe it's all to late, that the sheeple out number the seekers. I think that even if I had the means to force people to seek truth they would . . . . Hey, is that American Gladiator on TV . . .

  87. What do you guys think of the theory that global warning is caused by CO2?

    The whole Cap & Trade scam?

    A lot of ppl out there believe that its just a ploy to keep poor economies POOR.
    That the whole movement is fanatical & not objective,what do you guys think?

  88. Place tongue firmly against cheek before playing this kind of doc.

  89. If your eyes arent open after watching this, your obviously still asleep. Agent should try reading the book of Revelations. Almost everything this show talks about was written thousands of years ago. But thats just a fluke, right? I pray you dont wait too long until you wake up

  90. Illuminati Misinformation Agent 666 you say you respect noam, yet noam was on AJ. More recently with noam's complete misunderstanding of the tea party movement its very clear he is out of touch with reality. He thinks the average american is awake to the level of corruption...so clearly out of touch.

  91. The reptilian theory goes back to the bible in genesis...where the fallen angels intermingled with the daughters of man...The sons of god having sex with the daughters of man...god promised a seed from man that would destroy satan and his followers...thats when the nephilim as mentioned in the bible came about...angels mixing with earthly women and their offspring being called (Nephilim)...to corrupt the seed of man so god's promise could not be fullfilled...that was the purpose of the flood..to wipe out all of man, except noah who found favor in gods eye and who's bloodline was not corrupt...but the fallen angels picked up where they left off...whether you believe it or not is up to you...but david icke just didnt make this up off the top of his head...simillar stories are told throughout history from different cultures in different parts of the world claiming what he is saying about the bloodline. like he david icke says, he doesnt expect you to believe everything he is saying...its just information he has compiled over 20 years of research from various cultures throughout history. If you dont believe it fine! if you think it is atleast interesting then look into further...just dont critizize things you dont have any knowledge about. In this world anything is possible. Its meant for the open minded person, whether for entertainment or information. you decide.

  92. great doc. didn't learn too much, because i had already studied many of these things, and people who say that things aren't so dark and cold, as the doc portrays are simply the ones who allow the evils to happen. just because you are happy being a slave to the evils giants and hidden factions in the world doesn't mean its good and the rest of us should be. there are people who opening hate, and want to kill people and are completely fine with that, but it doesn't make it right. we are already so deep into the darkness and evil that this doc tries to explain, that we call it lies or exaggerations, because the "media has told us differently" or "we weren't taught that in school" its funny to me, because even with that train of thought, i don't believe there are too many people in this world, that are truly, completely, stupid, just misinformed. and we all are misinformed about something or the other, and thats all these docs, try to show us.

    if you don't agree thats fine, but do some research to either counter the arguments or go along with them, you more then likely will compromise and be somewhere in the middle, which is still fine. but if you can say you don't believe in conspiracies, then you are exactly what the evils of the world love. just like with religion (using this as a metaphor, not to start a religious argument) the devil doesn't have to convince everyone he is god he just has to convince everyone that God isnt God. that is all. same with the media, and all the masters of the world, they don't have to deny the truth so much as just not show it, and convince you that anyone who counters them, is insane. then they give you stories to occupy your time about celebs, and gossip and give you the choice between a douch and terd. all to make it seem that you have choice. but anyone with any kind of sense can see that there has to be more out there then that. why is it so hard for people to research things on there own and use some brain power and reasoning to see the facts.

    we all have the capabilities to piece things together. for years i thought exactly what the media told me about 911 that is was all osama bin laden, i was in the military at the time and chose not to believe anything else. but even i could see that the stories just made no sense. even without doing any research myself i found it impossible to believe that a few men hiding in caves could do all that damage undetected. it just didn't add up, even with blinding myself for the sake of maintaining a kind of patriotism for the cause, i could see that the way the "official report" and the media stated things, just made no sense!! the same thing with the Kennedy assassination and so many other things in our histories and lives. just use some common sense and do the research yourself. if you don't agree with some of the ideas out there thats fine, but don't just believe what you "learned in school" or "from tv" becuase then youa re shutting your brain off. i strongly encourage everyone to seriously try there best to go out and try to teach people about the truths of our world, which sadly are frightening, its not fear mongering to say so. people need to understand that we can have freedom again. i as a 28 year old america, have never really know freedom, becuase there have always been facsits of my life controlled by outside evil forces.

    we have more prisoners in america (pop 300+ million) then in china (pop 1.1 + billion) how does that make sense? its because of how much control is in our country. and a true patriot is someone who stands up for the freedoms of him/herself and the freedoms of all. so please please teach those around you to educate themselves with the truth. or as much of it as we can possibly get. we have to do the same as the rich and powerful, we have to tell the truth until people can see it, we have to teach children that they have rights and that they do have true choices. we need need need to do this!! and if people say that the problems aren't so bad its because they have already conformed, and are comfortable with the ant farm they are living in. but im not.

  93. This is 50% true, 50% exaggeration. This plan is indeed unfolding beneath our feet, however the future is not so dark as they depict it, yes it will be a fascist world government under the umbrella of a large republic, and the reason why people like David Icke and Jordan Maxwell are "double agents" is because they need people to be blamed as terrorists in the future. The reason why david icke brings the reptilian thingy is to divide the people who read/listen to is message, 98% will just use this to justify that everything he says is completely ludicrous, 1% believes in it without question and at the look of outsiders, people who believe in NWO plans are nuts, further consolidating the majority of people who believe this is all a lie, and the remaining 1% thinks for themselves and uses only the god information, this 1% are the ones to take down by the NWO, the future terrorists. When u place it all together, this people are very intelligent, we need to give them that, I really appreciate their plan in a strategist way, no wonder they say they are better than the masses, because they are.

  94. FANTASTIC documentary, people please play your role in life and send this link to as many people as you can and tell them to watch/share it.

  95. The point being if you can prove that even one part of a truth is a lie then the whole supposed truth is in question. If you watch the film footage of the pentagon on fire (before the roof collapsed) you can see a 20 ft hole give or take a few feet. So the government wants me to believe a 757 crashed into the pentagon leaving a 20 ft hole and just disappeared...I am pretty good with math and the explanation given and the evidence do not match up. Since then we have had many civil liberties taken away with homeland security, patriot act and more and more executive powers being given to our presidents, present and future. Alex Jones is certainly not perfect and we have all been wrong at sometime or another, but atleast give the man credit for trying. There has been too many CREDIBLE people come forward including INTEL people, CIA, POLICE, FIRE and former POLITICIANS who gave very credible accounts specifically about 9/11. These people have faced ridicule, threats and have lost their jobs because they spoke the truth. Would you do the same if you knew the truth or would you keep your mouth shut? Knowing you would face ridicule and your sanity put into question? Sometimes these CRAZY conspiracy people who are put to shame years later proved to be right! Our presidents are just puppets and mouth pieces because the Federal Reserve owns our ass. The CFR and the Tri-Lateral are pretty clear in their intentions and i believe the EU is proof of that and the intentions to make the United States part of what they want, the North American Union. The likes of the Bilderberg Group have the power to manipulate economies and when you can do that then your are a slave to them. I doubt they are just good ole boys getting together to have a few beers and some laughs. Granted compared to some simillar post who sound like they are in a country club trying to weave together elequent comments to sound so sophisticated and intellegent, my take pales in comparison. I believe in questioning everything!

  96. @Yavanna: Have you watched 'THE ARRIVALS'?

  97. @Cian...
    Some of what he says is true. I don't believe that lizard men and alien story. But for more on that, from a different angle, try downloading 'THE ARRIVALS' as Lessen says.

    There was a time I actually tried finding the site and they'd shut it down. I just went to torrents.

    @Vlatko....please upload 'THE ARRIVALS' if you can.

    We need to stop being dependent on the system.

  98. david icke was also saying on an english tv show a couple of decades ago that aliens were gods. also he was sayin the illuminati were not human but actually 'lizard men',,dunno how literal he ment that, he seems a bit of a nut to me?? fair enough, maybe the new world order is a tyranny, but this kind of thing has been happening since man grew conscience. 1984 - scary how bang on that book is.

  99. ok sorri my bad i just figured out its here . :)

  100. hi admin
    maybe you can post THE ARRIVALS here too its really good one but perhaps too long cuz its about 4 hours, i think its worth it though .
    thank you

  101. Yeah, i think people have been trying to spread some words of something connected to the doc here above, but they are seriously stuck in some intellectual moment 22. Very frustrating to read that you in just one second forget the hole feeling of what this doc was about.

  102. This is probably the single most important documentary ever made to-date: Wake Up Call – New World Order (Ahead)

    If you cannot see the TRUTH in it, then, you've not AWAKENED yet.

    What is the answer to their New World Order?

    NON~VIOLENT~GLOBAL~NON~COMPLIANCE. Get smart. Get creative. Find solutions. Spread the word.

  103. Ok as a listener (not a follower) of Alex Jones and researching the infomation given for myself can you please explain to me what you mean by a "dissinfo agent"?. Ive also heard that about Jim Tucker.

    I think we are pointing fingers at people who are exposing the information rather than finding the true source of the problem. Something in this world is wrong and has been for many years. Reguardless of who is getting out the information and if its proven to be right, shouldnt we stand united for whats best of mankind?

    I am young, very open minded and more then willing to listen and investagate any infomation given to me. Please help me understand every aspect of the problems at hand.

    An Illusion is a distortion of the sences, and the Illusion is we have a choice. Defend the Bill of Rights.

  104. Hey man great documentary. Is there anywhere i can download this to make copies to hand out?

  105. The Roman Catholic Church is fantastically wealthy and is believed to control openly and vicariously interests of half the planet's wealth. So with respect to the FED you can be certain that they have a very large percentage of ownership, that would grant them powers over control and policy. They are also linked with Freemasonry. There are conspiracy theories regarding the RCCs involvement and meddling with Governments across the world.

    But these aren't "main stream" CTs like that of 911. Alex Jones and his pals Jesse Ventura, Charlie and Martin Sheen (even Ron Paul to an extent) only ever discuss and "report on" CTs such as 911 or the Fed that cannot be denied. Those CTs that are already open knowledge to a large extent. They NEVER entertain any conversation regarding the possible RCC's involvements. They change the subject, start bleating about how they are good Christians and so forth. It is believed by some that AJ and co are dissinfo agents for the RCC. I`ve mentioned this previously and put some links into comments earlier in this thread.

  106. RCC is Roman Catholic Church.

  107. @Yavanna I don't think I'm familiar with RCC either. Care to enlighten me?

  108. Sorry, that previous comment of mine should read "@ Yamato_Kev". (And @Yavanna)

  109. @IMA36 - Yeah, I do agree with what you say about fertile ground for conspiracies. I do not reject the possibilities of conspiracies wholesale. Conspiracies are a part of political intrigue and has a part to play in the "steering" of history. I am a firm moderate. I believe there should be a certain level of control over business and economy in the interests of public welfare. Credit is essential to increasing wealth, but as with most things, there is always room for corruption and abuse.

  110. Yavanna - what is the RCc can you post a link or something? Or explain if its not too much to ask? I tried googling once but...long story.

    I still think the few have control over a lot of what constitutes the lives of the masses of people.

    History is replete with enough evidence. That's my take anyway, what do you think?

  111. No, I'm far from pro-capitalist, despite my comments suggesting otherwise, I merely pose a counter argument. I am fully aware that business can be corrupt, I disagree passionately with aggressive marketing to children for example. Perhaps I should have made a note - not all opinions expressed are the opinions of the writer!

  112. @IMA36 - About the FED - Apparently it is free to operate without checks and balances from Congress.
    From its creation in 1913 it has never really solved anything. We have a depression then the economy starts to perform, 10yrs pass then another depression.
    Apparently there was supposed to be a depression following the IT bubble but 911 and dubya changed that. Then came sub-prime and predatory lending.

    I feel you on the whole banks and morality and how conspiracy theory can be dubious sometimes.

    But don't you think that control of debt, by banks, who are owned by certain dynasties, especially the big ones, creates a fertile ground for conspiratorial behaviour especially since governments are corrupt.
    Banks may not have a moral obligation, but since they operate in society should we let profit motive override our welfare?

    What do you think of the Fractional Reserve lending paradigm that modern banking is based on, at least the lending aspect?

    (Google/youtube - Money As Debt, The Money Masters, The Ascent Of Money)
    If you manage to watch these please let me know what you think...Yavanna too (:-)

    Thanks for the critiques will go through them.

  113. The BBC is a great government institution too. A national treasure! (Several of my previous comments are awaiting moderation).

  114. @ Yavanna - Yeah, I've not had time to formulate or construct my arguments effectively either. You're right, financiers are not always neutral. My views are far from black and white though; that's been my central underlying argument all along. Politics are not simple, economics are not simple. To try and put the world to rights in a few comments would be naive and futile (just as most conspiracy theories are). I'm not pro-capitalist or pro-Maggie, or socialist for that matter. I'm a moderate/liberal. I just try to see all sides of the argument (Several of my previous comments are awaiting moderation).

  115. @ Yavanna. I am not especially pro-Maggie. I am a moderate liberal, I used to be pretty socialist in my views, and against capitalism. But with time I have tried to understand the reasons for privatisation, and the benefits of capitalist, free market economies. Labour used to be a socialist party before Blair's "New Labour". Socialism is an obsolete ideology in the modern era. I now understand that capitalism is on the whole mostly beneficial for societies. It offers people a better standard of living, and offers more equal opportunities for people. I'm not saying that it's a perfect system, but it's the best we've yet come up with. Believe me, a socialist system would not be better, a country could not compete in the global economy if it were socialist. One shouldn't be reactionary just because of some failures or occasional and temporary economic down-turns. Power does not equal Evil either.

  116. @ Yavanna - Further to that, it is naive, simplistic and paranoid to assume that financiers have a hand in orchestrating wars for financial gain. Power does not equal Evil. Wars are caused by complex politics, not nasty bankers. Germany was crippled by severe reparations imposed on them by the League of Nations after WWI, and were hence left vulnerable to extremist political parties such as the National Socialists. They were not crippled by international bankers for the purpose of starting another war.

  117. Financial interests are never neutral and governments are mostly corrupt therefore cannot be expected to behave or react as they should. Whilst I agree with quite a few of your points I must differ with you on several.

    You seem to see many things in black and white. However pardon me for now I`m interested in the conversation and have yet to formulate a complete response nor decided if I really want to. You seem to be very much on the side of free market capitalism and a fan of Marge. I was once. I`m not anymore.

    Definitely agreed on the whole Alex Jones, David Icke thing if we wish to have common ground. What do you have to say on the whole RCC influence on world politics matters; being as those two seem in some respects connected and refuse to acknowledge those CTs.

  118. Financing both sides is good for business, and that’s what it’s all about; business and profit.

    “In the once someone is indebeted to you don’t you kind of control them?” – In a loose, general way, maybe. But one can always borrow more money, put it to good use, invest, build industry, strengthen economy etc., etc. and make a profit therefore being in a position to pay off the debt. Do you feel you are controlled by the banks who lend you money? If there is a market there will always be people to capitalise upon that market. That includes the market for people who feel they need credit. If people are bad with money the money lender should not be blamed for their incompetence with money. The alternative is a “nanny state” which controls it’s population’s affairs down to the last detail in the interest of public welfare, and I’m sure nobody wants that (unless you are a hardcore socialist).

  119. @ Yavanna - It is naive to think that banks have a moral responsibility or ethical obligation to shorten the duration wars. They are neutral. It is a government's responsibility to administer wars, not financiers.

  120. The Federal Reserve System - are you referring to the fact that the central bank of America is now privatised? Or was privatised covertly? (BTW I'm from the UK.) I don't really see a major problem with a private central banking system. It was privatised for the same reason most government institutions are privatised: efficiency. In the 80s Margaret Thatcher privatised most government institutions in the UK such as the Royal Mail, British Rail etc., etc. these institutions were previously crippled by poor administration and bureaucracy. Privatising is a gamble, but usually it pays off. When there is a private party which has financial interests in an organisation, usually it is administered more effectively than a government controlled organisation. America is the home of privatisation and capitalism, it is seen as the most effective, "free" (as in unrestricted) way of running things. The NHS is still government-run, and that is one thing which I think should remain so. When it comes to health there should be no distinction between rich and poor. All are entitled to good healthcare. I feel sorry for poor Americans who can't afford proper healthcare through the Medicare/Medicaid systems. That is unjust.

    World Bank - are you referring to global debt? The debt of 3rd world countries? I believe these poor countries are, for the most part, the victims of corrupt, incompetent governments who fail to run their countries properly and neglect public welfare and their internal economies/industries. If the loaned money were put to good use it could have been very beneficial to them in the long run and could have helped them get on their own two feet. Throwing money at them will only help if the money is put to good use. You need money to make money. Clearing their debt will not help the situation if their government is incompetent and corrupt. Should the money not have been lent to them in the first place? It is not the bank's fault if the country is administered poorly.

    Economic Hitmen - Yeah, it's a sad fact that finance can and is used in some cases to control politically and direct the destinies of nations. America has a long history of using policies such as economic sanctions to control for political gain. I'm well aware of this. Have you read of the criticism the book received though? One should not ignore this criticism, just as one should not wholly dismiss the book's content out of hand:-

    "Some of the book's critics have questioned whether Perkins makes a significant contribution to the debate on global finance and the development of the Third World. For instance, columnist Mark Engler of In These Times, has written that "the actual content of Perkins' admissions proves distressingly thin."[4] According to the New York Times, "the book's popularity seems driven more by the mix of cloak-and-dagger atmospherics and Mr. Perkins's Damascene conversion" than by insight into "the larger issue of America's role in emerging economies."[5]
    Columnist Sebastian Mallaby of the Washington Post reacted sharply to Perkins' book[6]: "This man is a frothing conspiracy theorist, a vainglorious peddler of nonsense, and yet his book, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, is a runaway bestseller." Mallaby, who spent 13 years writing for the London Economist and wrote a critically well-received biography of World Bank chief James Wolfensohn[1], holds that Perkins' conception of international finance is "largely a dream" and that his "basic contentions are flat wrong."[6] For instance he points out that Indonesia reduced its infant mortality and illiteracy rates by two-thirds after economists persuaded its leaders to borrow money in 1970. He also disputes Perkins' claim that 51 of the top 100 world economies belong to companies. A value-added comparison done by the UN, he says, shows the number to be 29".

  121. To assume that financing wars on both sides does NOT lead to the perpetuation (or elongation) of wars for financial gain and not just that but to be a part in their instigation is very naive.

  122. Financing both sides is good for business, and that's what it's all about: business and profit.

    "In the once someone is indebeted to you don’t you kind of control them?" - In a loose, general way, maybe. But one can always borrow more money, put it to good use, invest, build industry, strengthen economy etc., etc. and make a profit therefore being in a position to pay off the debt. Do you feel you are controlled by the banks who lend you money? If there is a market there will always be people to capitalise upon that market. That includes the market for people who feel they need credit. If people are bad with money the money lender should not be blamed for their incompetence with money. The alternative is a "nanny state" which controls it's population's affairs down to the last detail in the interest of public welfare, and I'm sure nobody wants that (unless you are a hardcore socialist).

    I shall check out that link you gave and address your other questions.

  123. For more on Economic Hitmen google:

    John Perkins - Confessions of An Economic Hitman

  124. Edit: "financing both sides of the conflict without bias" - except, that is, for the Napoleonic War. Where Rothschild sided with the British. But that is not the same has having a hand in starting wars for financial gain.

  125. @IMA36 - I understand about orchestrating wars. But though financing both sides is good business, is it right? In the once someone is indebeted to you don't you kind of control them?

    Apart from that, what are your thoughts on the creation of the FED, The World Bank & IMF?
    And the connection with teh Economic Hitmen, I tried sending a link earlier, did you get it?

  126. Correction: My statement that "there’s a reason the Red Cross flag is the Swiss flag inverted" is misleading, ambiguous and a little irrelevant. I merely meant to point out the neutrality granted to Switzerland in relation to international banking and wars in relation to international banking and the financing of wars. The suggestion that Switzerland / the Red Cross organisation are directly related to the Rothschild dynasty is misleading and inaccurate.

  127. @Yamato_Kev - Now, Rothschild. Yes, the Rothschild dynasty has made a lot of money out of financing wars, financing both sides of the conflict without bias. There's a reason the Red Cross flag is the Swiss flag inverted. But to then go on to claim that Rothschild orchestrated the wars. Hmm. That's a taking the facts then adding falsities to them. Elaborating and building on the facts with speculative assumptions and lies. People see that international bankers are making money out of wars then assume that they must have a hand in their creation. That's an under-educated assumption.

  128. @Yamato_Kev -Do you really want to know my opinion on those subjects? They are complex topics! Well, I'll concentrate on one point: the destruction of the gold standard and the introduction of fiat money. Now, I don't pretend to be an economist or expert on the subject, far from it. But IMHO the gold standard in the 20th/21st century is unrealistic and would be constrictive. I think that the introduction of fiat money has allowed the world's economy to flourish, unrestricted by the gold standard. Yes, there are set-backs; economic ups and downs and that is one of the problems with credit. But to blame only the international bankers for that would be simplistic. Okay, banks made it easy, maybe too easy, for people to get credit, and spend way above their means. But surely some of the blame lies with the public, who spent more than they could afford by the abuse of credit granted them. Now, what I don't agree with is the top Bankers getting ridiculous bonuses when the governments/tax payers had to bail them out, now that is something that the people should get upset about.

    My point is it's never black/white good Vs evil. These topics are very complex. What a lot of conspiracy theorists do is take facts and current issues and distort them through the lens of the conspiracy theory. Often resulting in over-simplified good Vs evil explanations.

    I don't know anything about the topic of "Economic Hitmen".

  129. @Illuminati Misinformation Agent 666:

    So what's your take on things then?
    International bankers/ Money Trust
    Economic Hitmen
    Would really like to know your opinion.

  130. ... Oh and I forgot; sometimes it's green lizard aliens from another planet (snigger). David Icke - what a "douche bag". He's been reading too much Sci Fi by the likes of L Ron Hubbard!

  131. Conspiracy theories are nothing new. They've been around for a long, long time. The poor working man who senses there is a great injustice being committed against him; that he is being held-down and suppressed by the powers that be. And people will often capitalise on this feeling of being dealt an "unfair" hand in life. Hitler did, he blamed the Jews for all Germany's ills - he held up the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (a forgery created and used for propaganda purposes in pre-revolution Russia by the Royalist "Whites" against the Bolshevik "Reds, based on various earlier published political satires) as proof of Jewish conspiracy. And low and behold it's still being lapped up by people who feel there must be a hidden-order keeping them down today.

    The beauty of conspiracy theories is that they offer a nice, neat, ordered, unified explanation to things. They, over years, have been refined and improved upon. Their long history gives them added weight. They are often modified to suit the times, or the political views of the person preaching them. Sometimes it's the Jews, sometimes it's the Zionists, sometimes it's Satanists sometimes it's the Freemasons, sometimes it's the Communists, sometimes it's American Capitalism, sometimes (like today, in the 21st century) it's all of the above tied together in an extravagant and elaborate fashion.

  132. You know what I dislike most about all you "truthers"? It's that you think you know so much, that you have access to the "real deal", the super secret lowdown on what's really going on. And that all the rest of the people who dismiss your wild claims are living in blissful ignorance/denial. "Sheeple"! You arrogant egotists. No, you're not Neo.

  133. allisson - Alex Jones is a paranoid, right-wing conspiracy theorist / fantasist. Scholar! Don't make me laugh! I respect the views of real intellectuals with PhDs such as Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein, but Alex Jones and David Icke? Come on people, please. Alex Jones' "exposé" of Bohemian Grove was laughable. Objective? Jones does not know the meaning of the word. He makes subjective, speculative assumptions to corroborate his claims, saying that the Owl statue at Bohemian Grove is representative of Moloch is one example. Well, wow. There was me thinking that owls traditionally represent knowledge and wisdom, but that's just a front, to disguise it's real, true sinister meaning.

  134. Oh this was amazing!!!!! I think its now my favorite. Anyone know where i can purchase this?? Once again, wow!!!

  135. can anyone tell me a bit about alex jones? ive seen a few of his documentaries, but still know nothing about him. is he a scholar? religion? etc... anything would be helpful. god bless!!!!!

  136. "Truth seems to be a restricted currency."
    So true...

    I feel you on the liars and dis-info agents...and YES, too many agendas.
    How do you think these agendas and their planners can be exposed though. This stuff has been happening a lonmg time.

    But if you check the text books for the last 50years none mention anything...

    You almost feel there are pushing 2 conflicting agendas on humanity to make them apathetic.
    (sigh)...sorry about the rant.
    Peace. '1'

  137. I agree with you Yam_kev

    I think a lot of things are orchestrated - I am not anti - "conspiracy theory" just anti people who are proven liars who are quite probably part of the action against the real truth.

    Regarding 911 0 we will never know the truth, Truth seems to be a restricted currency. Yes In my heart I know it was a purpose driven event. It has had huge repercussions. Strange how only the repercussions only ever involve the USA though.

    Lots of meddlers. Far too many agendas. Confusion and misunderstand is obviously part of the "plan."

  138. @Yavanna.

    You make some good points.
    I just want to ask,
    As much as AJ may be a fraud what do you think of the whole Rothschild zionist thing, 1913 and the FED, Rockefeller, Morgan etc, Do you find documentaries like these false or factual and true?
    Just asking your opinion.
    My 2 censt is that once you realise almost every big event since 1880s has been controled by financial oligarchy megalomaniacs this NWO should not surprise anyone.

    PS: Do you think 911 was a false flag op?

  139. I have been tracking answers from Politics To Religion even The proof of extraterrestrial's or so called extra intelligence.. I studied since i was at the age of twelve. i believe all is link and we are dumbfounded in the truth. Money / Power rules the Nations it is in our Nature to be Greedy .. why? .. and Why is gold So important and valuable when the economy is piss poor.. People don't want to buy gold / jewelry when money is tight, Companies would cut back on Production with the use of gold, i may have found the answer to this and it may be llinked to our existence..

  140. but your are a goldfish and this really is a dream... are you not a Hindu?

  141. You cannot reply on "the info" if you cannot trust the source. Would you believe me if I told you I am a goldfish and all this is just a dream?

    Oh look there's the side of my tank!

  142. kooks not cooks lol

  143. The freakin media giants have manipulated language etc to con us into thinking that these whistle blowers of the NWO are truly cooks! But they are not!!! It is happening look around you!!! you god damned followers!!!

  144. wow i think everyone here is missing the point. you are all focused on the people..... look at the info.... the are problems with Jones, icke and Cooper!!! but doesn't mean they dont all speak the truth.... all i ask is to hear more then on side and form your own conclusion...
    A. Jones is to hi profile... accually micro-biologist have been murdered all around they world.....

  145. Hi Yavanna, no problem...we just have a very different view on Mr. Jones. I have heard him speak against violence many times, so that is not really correct. About the jesuit thing...he has talked about the Vatican and have been critical of the Pope's speeches. He says he is a protestant, and I believe him. His family tree has a long protestant history. I know he has his faults, and he has been known to be careless with facts some times, but I'm sure he's not some kind of disinfo agent, that wouldn't make sense at all. It's very easy to be critical, but he is only human, and he has done a lot of good. I have read anti-Alex Jones material on the web, and I'm not impressed.

  146. @ Yavanna
    I think you encompassed the way I feel about Alex Jones perfectly. While I must say that he does have some valid points concerning important matters, he seems to get caught up in sensationalism with things that have ZERO validity. It really makes me sad to see someone saying things that need to be said ruin their credibility with things that don't. As you also pointed out, he has a following of people that take his word as sermon and fail to look into matters on their own. I think it is as damaging to people as the true things he speaks against.

  147. Falcon

    I apologise for my aggressive stance on this issue. Please don't take that personally.

    In some respects I should thank Alex Jones for introducing me to a different way of thinking. It was from watching a few of his videos I branched out into what I believe to be more valid sources. I am still however a "fan" of "the Obama deception" at the least. He is also a crude indicator of the undercurrent of agendas.

    What initially turned me against him was an overwhelming feeling that he is a liar. It floods from his demeanour. I then came across his broadcast on the eve of Y2K in which he builds up into a frenzy and REPORTS "Russians have fired Nukes at the USA!" Remnants of this increasingly rare material can be found if you watch a video called "William Cooper exposes SCAREMONGER Jesuit-CIA Alex Jones" (6 parts)on YT. (Matheis channel)

    You may wish to consider that this is part of a conspiracy theory against AJ. (russian dolls anyone?) However this video is mainly a younger less experienced, less polished Jones digging a huge hole for himself. When you can place yourself in a neutral perspective to AJs videos and broadcasts it becomes easier and easier to see his agenda. This isn't just my belief; his agenda is to promote a violent revolution which can only play into the hands of those who would benefit from bringing about martial law. He is also a Jesuit trained puppet of the RCC. He never discusses the RCC and it's obvious connections to the NWO. The Sheens (as much as I love their stuff) are also Jesuits.

    "William Cooper Calling Alex Jones A Liar, The TRUTH" Is another YT video worth listening to.

    There is tons of stuff. I am only recommending those two to help you and maybe others following this discussion to find their own material and make their mind up.

    Why am I passionate about this? Because to me it's so obvious that AJ is a dangerous fraud. That so many people follow him as some sort of cult leader and defend him with a religious type of fervour! I will say again - if you are the type of person who enjoys or otherwise follows conspiracy theories you cannot possibly take anything at face value. Indeed consider please that if you are prepared to believe in the massive conspiracy theories take a few moments to also view the source and exercise some free thinking about the little theories. The "chance" that AJ is a plant is something very easy believe if on one hand you choose to believe the big CTs are valid.

    Again Falcon sorry for my harshness - I just get very irritable with regards to this subject and should have posted when less tired.

  148. Far out to believe ...but yet so true about the power of money to be the root of all evil..money is not evil but what you do with it can and well be the end result ..motive ,objectives ,to control. think about it let your consciences speak to your heart...

  149. Bah I was just about to go to bed.............

    Google "The truth about Alex Jones"

    Look into his relationship with Bill Cooper, David Icke (Oh may as well if your ambitious look into his other association inc RCC)

    I cannot be assed to do your research for you, and your nonsense name dropping of AJs friends is redundant.In fact it rather proves the connections rather than disproves them.

    All hail the CT cultist high priest AJ (PBUH)

    Seriously - take yr head out yr ass and research the red neck
    baboon yourself..

  150. Aaron Russo was a friend of Alex Jones. Edward Griffin is a friend of Alex Jones. All his passion and good work deserves something better than to be trashed by people calling him a disinfo agent.

  151. How can you be ABSOLUTELY sure about Jones I`m curious. And to say its really silly to suggest that if they were some dangerous impediment to the NWO; that they would be eliminated? I assume you are up on history and a certain president getting assassinated after making a certain speech? I'm also sure that if you believe that 911 was an inside job you would think the NWO capable of killing a couple of people as they had no qualms about killing 3,000 not withstanding the deaths from the ensuing wars? Not so sure its me being silly and naive here.

  152. I'm absolutely sure Mr. Jones is NOT a disinfo agent, and he has a done a lot of good, and continues to do so. Mr. Icke on the other hand has done a lot of harm with the whole reptile idiocy. To say that the fact they are alive is some kind of proof is really silly. It's pretty much out in the open now anyway, the banking families just count on people being to lazy or ignorant to be bothered. I don't believe in everything anyone is saying, even a good person can make mistakes.

  153. Just a re-hash of previous such videos, A couple of fresh recent clips added in from the climate conference.

    Regarding the discussion above, David Icke and Alex Jones are widely thought of as disinfo agents. If you are willing to believe all the stuff about the NWO / Illuminati and such you must also be prepared to consider such people are in place to sabotage. It's all very well saying "Wake Up!" and be open minded but also research the sources.

    Both are regarded and come across as lunatics and the benefit to the NWO is obvious. All these two ever do is report and make videos on stuff that is throw away. Things that are already known and have been researched by credible journalists. Hence a little credibility rubs off onto them whilst a big dollop of crazy is smeared onto the legitimacy of conspiracy theories. These two guys are now the public faces of conspiracies - ever stopped to wonder why? If they were truly dangerous to the NWO they would be snuffed out.

  154. Very good documentary, encapsulates a lot of stuff from various other programs in 2 and half hours, everyone with an open mind should watch this. WAKE UP!

  155. your right.
    kool aid is for more relevant than what i said.

    AND YES! I am closed to what they are saying!
    heres two reasons why:
    david icke claimed to be jesus.
    alex jones is the rush limbaugh of conspiracy, a fat loud mouth with no more validation than his mentally ill fan base crying out "the end is near"!

    having bill hicks and george carlin in this piece of trite sullies their good names.

  156. lol@comments

    And how does the Bill Hicks video segment give credit to Alex Jones and David Icke? Are you really that closed to hear what those two people are saying. Have you had your Kool-Aid lately?

  157. bill hicks would roll in his early grave if he knew his name was being used to enhance the credibility of scamsters like alex jones and david icke.

    shame on the creators of this fraudulent scare mongering.
    shame for using a talented man's name to validate your convoluted nonsense.

    i hear george carlins dead too, maybe you want to quote him out of context next.


  158. Illuminating!!!

  159. thanks vlatko not very often you get a personal response from web pages!!!!!!!!!!!!! ps my girlfrind said thanks too !!

  160. Then it means that these groups want to be on the scene and made people begin producing documentaries like Zeitgeist or this one...

    But the fact is, Satan will do its best to dominate the world and by enslaving people, make mankind loose the real and final examination... It won't able to as true believers exist on the world.

  161. vlatko have you got any documentaries on torture? my other half is doing an essay on IS TORTURE ACCEPABLE IN CERTAIN CASES feel free to email me many thanks peter s