Age of Extremes

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Age of ExtremesAge of Extremes follows an array of British Muslims from different socio-cultural backgrounds and viewpoints, discussing the War on Terror, its implications for British Muslims and impact on community cohesion.

From the author: I made this documentary because I felt that the programmes broadcast by the mainstream media had not adequately or honestly addressed the issue of the root causes of what is called Islamic extremism.

Since the inception of the so-called War on Terror, I felt British Broadcasters had made no real attempt to investigate or educate their viewers about the phenomenon, instead they have sought to reinforce the same stereotypes that were peddled to the public by the New Labour Government.

In my opinion, what is different about this documentary is that we question the scale of the perceived threat and to what extent the British establishment sought to manipulate public opinion.

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  1. Dracu

    Poor quality and biased...a waste of time. This days everybody is a victim, or at least wants to be a victim to ease their moral conscious.

  2. James

    Bullsh*t, not all of it but a great deal of it.

  3. Waldo

    This doc scared the h3ll out of me. If its intent was to show muslims as a non threat, it failed. I want a secular society, these people by their own admission are aiming for a world dominated by Islam. Sure they said they would not use violenece to achieve it, but I don't care how they achieve it I do not want America falling prey to this nonsense. We have enough issues now with the christians, and there religion does not teach them that they must be consumed every second of the day in their speech, actions, and even dress to be seen as sincere. Still we have some that are that consumed by the christiam religion any way, and I swear everyone of them finds this site at some point. I ran into one last night on the doc about Venezuela. Would you believe the little twit had the nerve to tell me to shut up and watch the doc? I admit I did pick at him a little about his paranoid attitude, he was worried about chem trails and some other b.s. still you do not tell people to sh&t up and watch the documentary as if you are the only one allowed to post and all of those that disagree must just watch and read. Now I am rambling, back to the topic at hand.

    It is not normal for a bunch of young girls to get together and instead of talking about boys, hairstyles, or clothes talk about religion. I know they could talk about anything they want, I am not saying they are less intelligent or capable at all. I am saying they should naturally want to talk about these things or something similar while in their teen years. Instead this group sits around expressing opinions on their religion and how it is oppressed. Only one of them had any understanding of how non believers and those not raised around Islam feel. She was the extremely pretty one that sat by the door and said she did not like the burka as it hid her facial expressions. I am willing to bet at some point she will abandon this nonsense for a less restrictive and more normal life syle. She was just too level headed and understanding to be in Islam, in my opinion. She was a knock out as well, she had the prettiest skin I think I have ever seen. The other girls seemed to not like her much and at times got very short and abusive with her when she expressed her pro western ideas and understanding for why we do not get Islam. O.k. I am rambling again, I'll stop there as I keep geting off topic.

    While I do not subscribe to the muslim paranoi and ideas of them having a single organized push toward world domination, as some others on this site have expressed in the past. I do see the danger of such zealous belief. Sorry but I do not want muslims in my country or neighbothood after watching this doc.

  4. Crispy

    LOL @ Muslim Civilization being undermined by MTV. What a f@#$%^& joke.

  5. googoo

    lol , who gives a she it

  6. Mike

    I cant watch no more of this shite.Pro Taliban film makers trying to get everyone to side with their islamofacist propaganda then im not buying it. When islam wants to threaten to bend the will of the west by killing 1000s of innocent life and moderate peaceful muslims stand by and say nada about it, then im sorry to say they deserve to be treated as terrorists. Yes I know there's two sides to a coin but stop wingeing and moaning about being wronged and sort your islamic terrorists out otherwise we (the west) will. Along with CAIR and the very dangerous UAD, who probably funded the making of this film. British Islam are always crying about something, but they dont cry about their free english handouts. They all make me sick and thats the way I feel

  7. Sulaiman

    Christianity, Judaism, Islam, all three worship the same god, creator of the Universe. It's a pity to see all three people are locked in petty quarrels of difference of opinions rather than sitting together and resolving the issues among them. They should have mutual respect to each other because their God is same, it's their practices differ. It's a shame that religious high-authorities of these religions do not encourage cross-study. Maybe they are egoistic, if they're not they should have spoken about similarities, rather than differences. I don't know whether these people are power-hungry selfish egomaniacs or simply ignorant, there are people dying out there because of this. But I hope there will be a time when people will come together and push them to do what is right, to open their hearts and minds to all the righteous things, no matter from where they are, for in all three religions' books say "God is righteous and he loves righteous deeds".

  8. persarian

    i am iranian, and i am telling u, islam is an aggressive, primitive religion.

  9. oink

    I disagree Waldo, I think teenaged girls should sit around talking about the state of the world far more often. I'm not into religion but I am also not into imposing a secular state. I think solutions arise from discussion and hearing out those you disagree with as exemplified by the well-spoken, intelligent young women in the program.

    (I was one (teen + girl) not too long ago and I resent and always have resented the notion that I should be interested mostly in "boys, hairstyles, or clothes", In fact it was a mould that I felt I had to fit that made my life feel quite empty until i found i did not have to fill it)

  10. Infowarrior

    Sickest documentary i have ever seen , almost puked. I turned it off after 20 minutes. And no I'm not a main-stream media retard.

    This sh*t should be under Conspiracy.

    Stop play "i am the victim" card, i see you mohammed followers, and i do not watch main stream media :)

  11. Ryan

    I'm pretty sure most people came into this with their mind already against Islam, so it's not surprising that a doc trying to show the appeal of conservative Islam wouldn't play right.

    LOL Waldo, i think the world would be a better place if girls stopped talking about boys and phones and talked about the world more often. I think ALL young people would be better off if they at least discussed things intellectually, instead of what happened on Jersey Shore last night.

    Islamic terrorism AND Western heavy handedness to the problem have both damaged our world. But you seem to only take the side of the Westerners, probably because it's familiar and safe to you.

    All this doc wanted to do was show a side that isn't seen often this part of the world.

  12. John Miller

    So this is how Britain has evolved - young girls rabbiting on about their new ‘freedoms” under Islamic garb. Not all Muslims are terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslims. To hear ‘British” Muslims crowing about 9/11 and blaming the West for all the evils of the modern world shows the way UK immigration policy and its b@#$%^& offspring multiculturalism has demonstrably failed.

    I spent 30 years engaged in one of the greatest struggles of the 20th Century - the threat of communist expansion. I served so these witless bird-brains can witter on about the hijab and ignore jihad and bombings. It’s time to take out the trash. The UK is a Christian country, based on tolerance, not a battleground for islamofacism. How many bombs must kill British people before righteous anger is directed to sending these people back to countries where their religion is official and all others banned. Re-settle them in the Ogaden Desert.

  13. Jack

    Islam is just another batsh*t crazy oppressive religion, right up there with Judaism and Christianity.

    One life to live

    Start living it, not fearing it

  14. cougar

    I´m a woman and have asked about the veiling.
    1, having a really bad hairday
    2, covering the fact that a woman does not have any hair
    3, showing off; I´m worth more than u ... = "religion"

  15. riley

    my take is very similar to the last poster. i found most of these muslims to be very un-appealing.

    for what its worth, regarding treatment of palestinians, i am very sympathetic. but then, palestinians are for the most part fairly mainstream. roughly 25% christian and religiously tolerant, they are a people that are sadly set upon by the occupiers.

    also agree that the room of young woman yammering at each other was unpleasant to witness ("the boys coming out of the mosque make me shy, so i put a rag over my face - tee hee").

    the one young woman who seemed to have a bit of perspective & intelligence was very definitely reacted to with hostility by the others. the native-brit who'd converted was particulary obnoxious to her. religion? more like grievance-mongering.

    religion is bunk anyway. if a person is otherwise gracious and forthcoming, their religion is a non-issue. most of these people presented in the doc, on the other hand, i wouldnt want to spend time with, at all. as the other person said, many/most are all about the perpetual sense of grievance.

  16. Mad

    This was pretty good, shows things from a different point of view. Not too hot not too cold. Cant hate on people for their beliefs, but sure don't have to follow them or even agree with them for that matter. Islam is no more barbaric than Christianity if not less barbaric.

  17. Bo

    better yet, how come they cant just all realize how effin stupid it all is.

    Take off that damn dress and show some skin. Why would you want respect from a man that is suppressing you?

  18. Intbel

    Certainly a fairer view than the BBC and other mainstream propaganda.

    Mostly all religions have some followers who take an extreme, fundamental and aggressive stance. As do some folks who have no religion.

    Those who want a religion have the right to choose whatever religion suits them. If they want that right respected then they might usefully respect the right of others similarly.

  19. leo

    sorry but I have to say: b@##$%^&.

    They say West killing Muslims and how Israel, Europe and USA kill Muslims.

    But tell me this: How come Muslims kill Muslims. How come Kurdish people are being killed, tortured and denied their own land in Muslim countries. How come Berber people which are in majority in north Africa are being denied any rights by the Arabs there. there are many examples.

    Let us ask those questions?

  20. Jay W

    Why did Britain allow the enemies of Western Civilization to immigrate into its heartland is beyond me. I know freedom of religion is a big thing in the western psyche, but allowing freedom of religion to a group that does not allow freedom of religion just seems contradictory to me. In other words, will freedom of religion survive if these Muslims get numerous enough?

  21. Abby

    I am Italian by birth, well over '60, I can not forget the atrocity committed by the Italian (fascist) and the German (Nazi) they are far greater than what Islam is doing now. I believe that none of the one God religion are bad, the problem is with the teachers, the poor knowledge of the Qua-ran by the large majority of Muslims as they read in a language that they do not understand, this is the reality, above all they should also ready and respect the Old and New Testament. What we must not forget that we are at war with Iraq and Afghanistan, and it is only right for them to invade our country as we invade their. The problem is not Islam, it is the greed and ignorance that we should try to overcome.

  22. oink

    mmm, enemies of civilization is a pretty harsh term i think. but i would like to extend that definition to anyone of any religion or state who proliferates war and/or suffering for profit or gain.

  23. Jenni

    Its so sad to read some of these comments. Why dont people do some research then you may realise that 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are fake, there is no enemy, except the elite of the world!

  24. Sulaiman

    There are some things we need to understand. First of all, don't straightaway believe in conspiracy stories, it maybe true or maybe not. Try to think in both ways, see the both sides of the coin and analyze, this will give you a better picture. Yes, there are some elite groups which pulls the strings, they know how people think. There are rapists, murders, terrorists, in many countries including Christian, Islamic and even Israel. It is very easy to create enemies out of nowhere, by zooming in. Today it is Muslims, tomorrow it will be anybody. Majority of the people can easily be manipulated by emotional issues. One typical example is most Americans now think that Iraq war isn't necessary, but when they gathered support for it showcasing 9-11 it is simply, if you support the war you are a patriot, if you don't you are against USA. This was their marketing strategy. There is a huge danger behind this, I hope people will realize this soon. Majority of the Muslims are not murderers neither does the Americans. It's the political propaganda, for selfish gains. And I can see many of the comments here are just an example for how well the propaganda has worked, if you want to be powerful, find some weak enemy and make him a common enemy and hit him hard, so that you can gain power & money. Cheers to those who understood and agree with my point, I would be happy at least a few know the truth and can see the truth. It is in the Bible that if you kill a innocent person, you can't be a Christian. It is in the Quran that if you kill a innocent person you can't be a Muslim. Real Christians and Muslims know that. But rest all these news coverages... ha ha ha... if you're crazy enough to believe what they show is the only truth and not selective truth... I can't help it. Have a nice day.

  25. Pyrrhus

    @ Sulaiman
    FACT #1
    100 people have been killed by Islamic fundamentalists because of a cartoon.

    FACT #2
    In Denmark a man was beheaded because he made fun of Islam.

    FACT #3
    In Amsterdam, a young journalist was shot 8 times and then beheaded because of a cartoon.

    FACT #4
    The word "playstation" was said once in the context of a list of several technological advancements.

    FACT #5
    The placards were ALL germane to the subject matter. Pictures of 'sunsets' would be out of place. ALL of the signs were real and not difficult to document. ALL of them appear frequently during protest by Islamic fundamentalists who HATE free speech.

    FACT #6
    The "ignorant the author" you refer to is a respected physicist and teacher and man who LOVES free speech.

    FACT #7
    If you have problems with facts, or if you think beheadings of Europeans in their own countries is no big deal, the antipsychotic medications Seroquel (quetiapine) and Abilify (aripiprazole) have both proven effective in many cases. These medications can be referenced at Wikipedia under their respective generic identifiers.

  26. Jay W

    Gotta love how these "Muslims" are all claiming that 9/11, the London, and Madrid Bombings are all somehow a western "inside job" conjured up in the halls of power for the specific purposes of persecuting Muslims. Pu-lease ... You think wayyyyyyyy too highly of yourself ...

    Not everyone goes to bed obsessing about the Muslims the way Muslims (at least in the west) obsess about the secular west, until one day Muslims started blowing stuff up and then making up ridiculous conspiracy theories to cover their own behind. So continue to bury your head in the sand and think all the big bad infidels are trying to get you, and we will continue to think of you as the enemies of western civilization, which you are.

  27. Kit

    I see all this Fox news propaganda has worked on a lot ( not all, thankfully)of the posters in this forum.

    I feel ashamed of Westerners who are so ignorant of the fact that we demonize and scapegoat these people and are unwilling to open their minds for the entirety of this film and learn to think for themselves,instead of repeating all the vitriol and propaganda of a fear-fueled sensationalist culture.

  28. Jay W


    Can you please be a little more specific than making blanket accusations about "Fox news propaganda"? Thank you. FYI, I cannot stand Fox News because it is almost as biased as this "documentary".

  29. Sulaiman

    FACT #1
    100 people have been killed by Islamic fundamentalists because of a cartoon. --> yup, persecute those criminals but blaming all Muslims is baseless.
    FACT #2
    In Denmark a man was beheaded because he made fun of Islam. --> There are thousands tortured and killed in Afghanistan, Iraq and in Middle-East even before 9-11 including women and children and the old aged.
    FACT #3
    In Amsterdam, a young journalist was shot 8 times and then beheaded because of a cartoon. --> If someone makes fun of someone's dear, like your mom or dad, will you be happy about it? And if I tease a little more, will you be smiling at me?
    FACT #4
    The word “playstation” was said once in the context of a list of several technological advancements. --> Yeah, sure you're right, but this is more a kind of social issue, not a medical or electronic issue. Come on, comparing inventions and human behavior is ridiculous.
    FACT #5
    The placards were ALL germane to the subject matter. Pictures of ‘sunsets’ would be out of place. ALL of the signs were real and not difficult to document. ALL of them appear frequently during protest by Islamic fundamentalists who HATE free speech. --> When, where, why? Information should be there with those pictures, anybody can document out of context pictures.
    FACT #6
    The “ignorant the author” you refer to is a respected physicist and teacher and man who LOVES free speech. --> I cannot stand somebody who propagates violence against anybody, just because he loves free speech. A teacher, a Physicist, I'm a teacher myself for the past 10 years, a Physicist, he had shown himself clearly that he doesn't know much about human behaviorisms, what to do with physics here. what do you want me to call this guy, uh? Genius or ignorant?
    FACT #7
    If you have problems with facts, or if you think beheadings of Europeans in their own countries is no big deal, the antipsychotic medications Seroquel (quetiapine) and Abilify (aripiprazole) have both proven effective in many cases. These medications can be referenced at Wikipedia under their respective generic identifiers. --> No, no, you got me wrong. I'm an Atheist, I have always been a supporter of free speech but with responsibility. I will never say crimes and atrocities are to be let go. I say punish them with a iron hand. But you guys should know that terrorists are getting behind the shield of human flesh by using religion. And they know how people will react, they want exactly the same reaction how you and many others are reacting. This is what I want to tell you. Because my friend, they want Muslims to be targeted, they are not stupid. They want support and power. Once people start to target them, then they will have no other way to go to save their life but to support terrorists, this is what they want to gain power. We should know it, and these politicians, in the past they said Osama Bin Laden is a hero, today it is a different thing, tomorrow who knows they may even say he is of no significance as a threat for convenience. Please don't fall prey for political propagandas my friend. Once again, I will never support terrorism, murderers or rapists no matter who they are. All I want to stop is the victimization of the innocent on both the Arabic and the Western sides. I'm happy we had this conversation. I don't want to make you angry. Cheers. Have a nice day.

  30. Jay W

    "oink #29

    mmm, enemies of civilization is a pretty harsh term i think. but i would like to extend that definition to anyone of any religion or state who proliferates war and/or suffering for profit or gain."

    I did not call them "enemies of civilization," but "enemies of Western Civilization." There is a huge difference between them. But I guess either you read what you wanted to read, or you were purposefully trying to distort what I had just written.

  31. jack1952

    @ Sulaiman

    If you make fun of someone I hold dear, I still do not kill you or publicly advocate your death. To kill someone over an insult is unacceptable and indefensible.

    The situation in Palestine is troublesome and it is understandable for anyone to question the actions of the Israeli government. To make this a Muslim issue deflects from the issues and polarizes world opinion. It is a humanitarian issue and should be treated as such.

    Why are Muslims so vocal when they feel that they have been wronged but say very little when fellow Muslims commit atrocities (Sudan)? Is a cartoon that terrible when compared to the situation in Dar-fur ?

  32. Waldo

    @ Jenni and all the others that defend Muslims

    Not all of us are against them because we think they will or have blown things up. I for instance am against any vehemently religious peoples coming to my mostly secular society and "goding" everything up. I have issues with the fundementalist christian or orthodox Jew just as I have issue with the Muslims. I want a secular society, and that means no extremists like Muslims, orthodox Jews, or fundamentalist Christians. The last thing I want to see is sharia law enacted or a street full of women wearing burkas.

    Do I think they would be violent, no more than other religions are violent. But think about that, all religions are violent and most are exclusionary as well. We need a secular inclusive society where all peoples are equal and free, to the extent that their freedoms never encroach on anothers. Thats the thing with religion, it invariably encroaches on the rights of others. Why, because each person or believer feels they have a personal mandate from their god to "spread his gospel" at all costs and by whatever means necessary.

    In the past I have defended Muslims to christians and hate filled fox news junkies, and I will continue to do this. They are no better or worse than those they are attempting to attack. But, after watching this documentary, I don't want Muslims around me any more than Christians or Jews. They have the same misconception that they have the right or permission of a higher power to encroach on my rights in order to spread what they call their truth. They are consumed with religion, it rules their life and they want it to rule the lives of everyone. NEVER!! I will die before I live in a society dedicated to any religion, Islam included. I hate they have been victimized and setup to be the bad guys, but I have my life and my world to think of first.

  33. Jay W


    Hmm, I think I was not very clear in my last response to you, so I will clarify what I meant more.

    What I meant was that can you please give me some specific examples of "Fox News Propaganda" vitriol being "repeated" here? Thank you. And FYI, I cannot stand Fox News because it is almost as biased as this “documentary".

    Jay W

  34. Sulaiman

    @jack1952, Yeah, it is terrible. It should be stopped. It is because these extremists are showing again and again what happens in Afghanistan, Iraq and create a fear that Muslims are being targeted just for their religion, they say that Westerners hate Islam, that's why they target Muslims. It's not true to the complete of course. But they can prove some are, but we can't the whole civilization for a handful of people in both sides. There is nothing to worry, these medias are creating the trouble. No one wants to hit anybody just for a fact that he/she dislikes some other's religion. We should all know this. But when we create a climate of tension by using harsh words or action, then comes problem. We should continue to discuss this with patience and root out the real cause for this. I know that Islam has never used violence for it's growth, it has always been a religion of peace, I can even prove this to anybody, so do Christianity or Judaism. So, don't worry, people are sorting things out, we are learning. Human civilization, has always said it's in the peak of civilization even thousands of years before, we are in a process of development, it will have some bitter experiences and some nice ones. Cheers. Have a nice day.

  35. indian


    pls answer this....hw many of you have actually read the qur'an???some are saying that it is not written in a language that they can't understand. the fact is qur'an is written in pure arabic. if you can learn english, is there a problem in learning arabic? it is not very difficult these days 2 get a translatn of qur'an...nw pls don't find some sentences from here and there in the qur'an and paste it it properly with an open mind

    nd 2 dose who claim 2 b muslims...don't mug up evrythng dat ur mullah says...try 2 study qur'an and hadith well...try 2 study gospels and torah...

    d same thng i will say 2 my christian frnds...take some time 2 learn the bible...don't mug up evrythng dat ur priests' d mean time learn abt othr religions, especially all kinds of documentaries


    nd if you can pls come 2 d state of kerala in india and see how people here whether hindus, muslims or christians live in harmony here...

    2 all my brothers in the arab world...don't kill each other...don't kill d d oppressed...nd living in a society who claims 2 b muslims will never make u a muslim

  36. indian

    and at last, be humble

  37. Jay W


    I love your ghetto keyboard, man, lol(z) ;p :)) !!!

  38. jack1952

    @ Indian

    I love how you humbly tell us what to do and what not to do.

    Why cant I read the Quran in English? Is Arabic the official language in Paradise?

  39. Samson

    All the angry "Anglo" biased comments, this must be good.

  40. indian

    in a way i am securing my future in heaven

    bcoz at dat time, people in arabia knew arabic nly...why do u thnk dat d gospels wr revealed in aramic nd torah in hebrew???

  41. jack1952

    @ Samson

    Sorry. I was concerned that Islam might be Arab biased.

  42. jack1952

    @ Indian

    We should do the right thing because it is the right thing to do; not to avoid retribution or to secure a reward. Don't be to sure of your place in heaven. That is God's decision and only God knows who is worthy.

  43. ha pakal

    i am with anything that is against these illegal and immoral wars. The facts that the fascists did worse, or that people are to foolish or too oblivious about the very likely possibility that 9/11 & 7/7 were both inside jobs.

    Go to and, do some research then talk to me about 9/11 - there are one or two good sites on 7/7. The world we live in is sort of illusion of manufactured consent and dissent. Both sides are played against the middle and most 'causes' and 'political ideologies,' and entertainment, all serve the purpose: to keep people distracted while we are herded into these two or three camps.. our treasuries are getting raped by wall st bankers and the politicians they own and our children, remanded to perpetual servitude of paying for OUR abuses. ha pakal

  44. ha pakal

    Now I am going to tell you what I believe is wrong with religion. It teaches one to be satisfied with not knowing. It presumes the word of man is the word of God. If full of much outdated morality. Contains so many contradictions a man could justify just about any act with a bible or a Koran in hand. In one place in the Koran, Christians & Jews are described as brethren, and in another as pigs or apes or some nonsense. Religions divide people into 'in groups' and out groups.'
    All of these things are very bad and give way to moronic statements like: "it's true because it's in the Good Book."

    That said, the mystical experience is a real thing to many people. It is directly tied to exploring the inner self; the mystery of our being. And is no less real today than it's ever been. But the hallmark of the mystic is such that even tho' s/he may operate with one, or or another, tradition, they are usually not bound by tradition. And I think that is a good measure for determining overall social value, because if there is a God, the one thing we can say with certainty, is that we are all part of it's creation. You notice how science does not discriminate. How a vaccine works on any person, no matter their religion.

    If find all religion insulting. Especially radical Judaism, Christian fundamentalism, Islam/Sharia, and now even moderate religion is unacceptable to me. Because it gives to these extremists. All are outdated, immoral, and self-righteous. They are dangerous because they believe in an afterlife, and because they delude themselves into thinking that they are doing God's will. (i.e GW Bush).

    ALL religions spring from the birth of humanity. From ancient times.. long before science, and should be relegated to the dustbin of history, at least in terms of anything more than an academic interest.

    I say to all religions; how dare you "speak" for God! Remember, our (very recent) brains are a subsequent part of this process.. how can it even hope to grasp the cause of things?

  45. jack1952

    @ Sulaiman

    Not to doubt your sincerity in the belief that Islam is a peaceful religion, for other Muslims it is a religion of struggle and strife. To die a martyr will bring the ultimate reward and martyrdom cannot be accomplished unless there is a threat to Islam. Any conflict with a non Muslim must be about this threat to ensure martyrdom. Even thought the Quran says peace is better, peace cannot bring about the circumstances for these individuals to give up their lives in sacrifice. As the Quran may encourage you to live a life of peace, others are encouraged to defend Islam against threats either real or perceived. Like all religious scripture, or any idea, it is open to interpretation by each individual. What is unfortunate about religious faith that it always demands obedience to the whole and will not allow for free thinking. That enables the most vocal and violent followers to impose their views on others who wish sincerely for a peaceful life.

  46. Sulaiman

    According to Islam, being a Muslim means to struggle, but this struggle is within a person's mind and the outside world against injustice. Islam teaches Muslims to spread peace, to spread free thinking, the last revelation of Islam is "don't oppress and don't be oppressed", and in Islam it the duty of each and every Muslim to get educated and to educate others even if he is a non-Muslim. It has always encouraged free thinking, but there are people who call themselves Muslims and oppose free thinking. That is not Islam, they don't come out for open debate because they know if they sit across the table before a real Islamic scholar, their false proclamations will be exposed. According to me, if you take out religion out of a human's life, it is very stuff to contemplate that the person will be a good social being, since there is no psychological belief of a God who is all seeing to punish him. I hope you would have understood what I mentioned. :)

  47. Fredrik

    this is not a documentary about extremes.
    its a documentary about misunderstood muslims.

    hard to take anything seriously when ppl are shouting on the street
    and kids with burka discuss their happiness of not see daylight
    and activists in-the-name-of-being-activist shows their random propaganda.

    way to singel-minded for being interesting. sorry..

  48. Sulaiman

    You are right, being a Muslim means submitting to the will of God. It also says that you have to struggle against your own temptations towards sin and God have commanded it. I agree that we have to be accurate and balanced when we want to educate others, but I don't think that I have provided an incorrect information, FYI: Quran 22:78, says "Strive for the cause of God" and 22:60 "It is decreed that if one avenges an injustice that was inflicted upon him, equitably, then he is persecuted because of this, GOD will surely support him. GOD is Pardoner, Forgiving.". Brother, I don't like pointing fingers upon each other. You are right Quran literally says being a Muslim means submitting to the will of God, but I think I am right too contextually from those two verses above. :) Cheers. Have a nice day.

  49. jack1952

    @ Sulaiman

    "this struggle is within a person's mind and the outside world against injustice". One does not achieve martyrdom struggling within his own mind. The willing sacrifice of one's own life in the struggle against the outside world is the only way to find that eternal reward that is promised to the martyr. This is what validates the rage of the angry young Muslims. Man is a social creature. As such we are driven to seek the company of others. It is only natural that we will associate with those who we have similar ideals. An angry Muslim will find himself in the company of other angry Muslims and it may not be intentional. They will then exhort themselves and each other to martyrdom using the quotes from the Quran that will suit their cause and ignore the quotes that discourages that behavior. A person will find what he/she wants to find when they begin to seek answers. A peaceful Muslim will find solace in God, family, friends and work. An angry Muslim does not. He will even accuse you of not being a good Muslim because in his mind you will not make the ultimate sacrifice. This is a reason why these Muslims only express rage against injustice on fellow Muslims but are silent about injustice against non Muslims. Infidels are insignificant to them and are only deserving of the eternal fire. I'm sure you have met this type of Muslim and he reads from the same Book you do.

  50. Sulaiman

    Wow Jack you are right. I'm very happy about the fact that you are exactly right about religious extremists. By the by, I do not read Quran, I'm an atheist who fears the adverse effects of atheism in society. :)

  51. jack1952

    @ sulaiman

    I am also an atheist, but I have reservations about the attitudes of some atheists. They can be very intolerant and insulting and some even call for a ban on all religions. This is unenforcible and can only end in violence.
    I am reading the Quran and I find it a very disturbing book. From what I have read, this book is obsessed with heaven and hell and the struggle against those who disagree with Islam. I get the impression that Muslim peace will come when everyone on earth is a Muslim and there is no more opposition to Islam.

  52. jack1952

    @ Sulaiman

    I assumed by your name and your statement that Islam was a peaceful religion that you were a Muslim. I sincerely apologize.

  53. Mo

    by jack1952

    "I am also an atheist"

    "Don’t be to sure of your place in heaven. That is God’s decision and only God knows who is worthy."

    "I am reading the Quran and I find it a very disturbing book."

    "By the by, I do not read Quran"

  54. jack1952

    @ Mo

    I did not write "By the by, I do not read the Quran". That was written by Sulaiman in an earlier post.

    In the "place in heaven" comment, I was using a religious argument against some one who already thought his place in paradise was secured. I was letting him know that he shouldn't be so sure. Jesus was once asked who was worthy of the kingdom of heaven and he replied no one. That came from their book not mine. Just because I've heard of Santa Claus and I know the story of Rudolph doesn't necessarily mean I believe it to be true.

  55. ProudinUS

    Can anybody tell in round figures since Christ's time(OOOO) how many people have died in the name of religion? Not just Islam but Christianity,jewish,paganism..ext. And in withch part of the world has done the most killing?

  56. Aftab

    I am a muslim, My relegion don't ask me to fight agaisnt non mulims. Islam teach us to remain with peace and love and take care of your sroudings, your neighbours even they are not muslim. Anyhow it tells us if there is cruelity even from any muslim side we have to fight against him. Islam is totaly a peacefull relegion. Islam tells us if we kill a human without any proper reason we are guilty of killing the all humanity.
    Also it is a misconception that if we are muslim we have secured our place in heaven no no, we have to become a true muslim and true muslim is impossible if you are not a peacefull human.

  57. mustbefree

    Humans are the only living creature on the earth that believes in God, and
    humans are the only living creature on earth that acts like there is no God!!!

  58. ranii02

    you are JUST as delusional as the most religious people in the world. what you provide one link and assume that its enough for a counterargument that Islam isn't peace and love. ill assume that you haven't read into much, except you as are dumb as mainstream society and just accept everything at face value. no one is asking you to empathize, but how bout thinking outside YOUR box for once.

    wow, usually the atheist commentors on TDF are more intelligible and not as naive. guess i was wrong..

  59. Glen Hale

    Religion, all that is, the worlds oldest franchise good for the big bank who fund both side.
    USA has the Federal Reserve Bank which is NOT run by the feds but big banks.
    We are all cannon fodder.

  60. Morten Andreassen

    really? thanks for the info about being a true muslim:)
    I spent a bit of time in my (anguished) youth being forced to hang with christian fanatics, and over at that place it was pretty much form and not content that reigned...luckily, self irony wasn't completely absent, just almost totally, i remember one religious guy suggesting leaving money lying around on the ground so that when stubborn people, the ones in our town who refused to be saved, bent over to pick it up, then that religious guy could run over, place the bibel over them, and then claim ( with no actual reasoning being present - it's not like we have a picture of Jesus on any of our money in Norway, so wtf?) they were bowing to the bibel...Rural Norway is waaaay conservative -_-

  61. Oscar Turner

    islam is a primitive religen!! eg when a koran is threatened to be burned they start getting sooo angry that they r willing to kill them selfs!! that is primitive!! plus the hijbab is culture, in the bible it says that women should cover there head, that is because in that culture if your hair is not cover then u would be considered a slag in the modern culture christens dont where them because if you can see there hair then they r not thought of as a slag!

  62. altay

    there is not one islam, there are many of them.. muslim people understand and live their islam according to their culture and mentality.. multiple ways in islam are self evident facts, and there will be new ones, because every muslim living now, or in future has a say on his/her belief.. friendship and regards from istanbul.. :)

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