Inside Islam: What a Billion Muslims Really Think

Inside Islam: What a Billion Muslims Really Think

2009, Society  -   436 Comments
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Inside Islam: What a Billion Muslims Really ThinkInside Islam: What a Billion Muslims Really Think explores the expertly gathered opinions of Muslims around the globe as revealed in the world’s first major opinion poll, conducted by Gallup, the preeminent polling organization.

Gallup researchers began by asking the questions on every American’s mind. Why is there so much anti-Americanism in the Muslim world? Who are the extremists and how do Muslims feel about them? What do Muslims like and dislike about the West? What do Muslim women really want?

Crucial policy decisions hang on these questions. They continue to generate passionate disagreements in the public square. Yet for all the heat and controversy, the actual views of the world’s Muslims have been conspicuously missing from this debate.

Now, we have the missing answers and statistics, gathered, parsed, and analyzed not by pundits but by professional researchers.

As part of this groundbreaking six-year project, Gallup conducted tens of thousands of interviews with residents in 35 predominantly Muslim nations, as well as smaller populations in Europe and the USA. The broad extent of the polling has delivered findings for the world's 1.4 billion Muslims with a plus or minus accuracy of 3%.

Focused on the issues of Gender Justice, Terrorism, and Democracy – Inside Islam presents this remarkable data deftly, showing how it challenges the popular notion that Muslims and the West are on a collision course. Like the research, the film highlights a shared relationship that is based on facts – not fear.

Directed by: Rob Gardner

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436 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Poeple, whether it be muslims or non muslims, their knowledge of life would not be perfect untill they read and understand Qur'an. Because what we get from outside need not be correct and perfect from the knowledge what we get from God (Allah) who created us. So many lead a life that is not actually required for them. So outcome would be terrible for himself and others. Due to lack of the knowledge he bcomes victim or make others victims in his life span and as a result we loss peace, vision etc. leading the lfe to world of misunderstanding. At last we cry for what we have done behind - but in vain - at the time of death.

  2. While i personally enjoy and entertain all aspects of Religious, Scientific and Philosophical Documentaries. I must submit this particular Documentary is extremely Biased, Favoring ISLAM. Again we hear of how Muslims are the victims. And how Islamic Terrorist Are a minority. Sharia is NOT compliant with Human Rights..A womans word is half that of a mans. Are Christians,Jews,Buddhist, Gay, Lesbians and Transgenders protected under Sharia? I have been reading Quran,,And Hadiths...and though there may be Muslims who do not practice...or Do not want to kill ,,it does Not Detract from the Fact that Quran and Mohammed command it. We live in The United States of America...we are free to research Quran and its prophet and call him out for what he is without fear of Death. If a christian such as KKK kills in name of Jesus,,he/She is NOT a true Christian..We follow Christs example. If a Muslim kills in name of ALLAH..he/ She follow Mohammed and Quran. Who Decides True ISlam...The foundation of Quran.

  3. Revelation 21:27 .
    But nothing unclean will ever enter it, nor anyone who does what is detestable or false, but only those who are written in the Lamb's book of life.( UNCLEAN/UNHOLY/PEOPLE WITHOUT REPENTANCE/PEOPLE WHO LOVE FALSEHOOD WILL NOT ENTER THE HOLY KINGDOM OF GOD)

    1. So the US govt. then will not enter the kingdom of God. I agree with that.

    Psalm 101:7
    No one who practices deceit shall dwell in my house; no one who utters lies shall continue before my eyes.
    1 John 4:20
    If anyone says, “I love God,” and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen cannot love God whom he has not seen.
    In hope of eternal life, which God, who never lies, promised before the ages began
    So that by two unchangeable things, in which it is impossible for God to lie, we who have fled for refuge might have strong encouragement to hold fast to the hope set before us.

    Proverbs 6:16-19
    There are six things that the Lord hates, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among brothers.

    1 John 3:15
    Everyone who hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him.

    1 John 4:20
    If anyone says, “I love God,” and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen cannot love God whom he has not seen.

  8. ISLAM IS OF SATAN and is an ideology of evil.

    1. How biased and naive your opinion is, sir. It is untrue as well. Have you read the Qu’ran? How about the Bible then?

  9. This documentary fails to illuminate the primary Muslim Holiday "The Eid al-Adha." The Eid celebrates the willingness of Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac as an act of obedience to Allah.

    Parental love is conditional in Islam. Children grow up with the subtle knowledge their parents could justifiably kill them at some juncture if instructed by Allah.

    Growing up with the Eid is how well educated, professional, young adult Islamic males (19 of them) could look small children, and babies in the eye on four planes, and take them to searing, fiery deaths on 911; this trade for Heaven and virgins.

    There is a distinct pattern of mass homicide integral to Islam only a fool could ignore. Even in this documentary on 911 Muslims state they knew it was Muslims.

    Through the Eid, from earliest childhood Muslims are deeply inured to the belief that murder is a venerable and honorable means to settle the score with problematic people and non-muslims (infidels) - and a guaranteed means to achieve heaven with Allah.

    1. The world doesn't like Americans because of our arrogance and ignorance. Just read some of the comments here.

  10. I thought we were going to hear from a billion Muslims? Instead we hear from a few Americans telling their opinion, and mostly about Anerica. Very disappointing.

  11. More bloody Taqiyya

  12. This is pure propaganda and more of the same deception and deceitful strategy laid out in Islamic texts as desperate close minded and one sided lie to justify acceptance of very backward ideology masked as religion as Trojan horse to western world.

  13. Respectfully, what we do know about the Taqiyya deceptive practices of the Muslim type, actually precludes any and all desire and intention, to remotely tolerate the bloody ideology that cannot be named. Lo demas, dear folk, is "boberias"
    Consequently, regardless of any splendid "struggle" or jihad fecal matter, dealt to the SIX BILLION KUFFAR, by the criminal humanoids that can't be named, we, the splendid SIX BILLION have already scheduled the bloody ideology, for permanent deletion, from the universe. The bloody ideology has been busted, and it WILL NEVER AGAIN, be trusted. That is the pulse reading of THE SIX BILLION KUFFAR, with pernicious hyperintolerance, for the abjectly criminal fecal matter of that particular brand, that cannot be named...
    Moving forward..!

  14. Don't get me wrong. My grandfather was a Muslim. My father even looks Muslim right but he's a Christian (I'm not religious though) since he was born because my grandmother was a Catholic Portuguese woman. Most Muslims never really read the Koran so they don't even know what the Koran says. There's no such thing as "there are some extremists". No. If you are Muslim and you read the Koran. You ARE an extremist. That bullshit cannot be spread. Muslims are extremists, period. Half of my family are Muslims and they didn't even read half the Koran (ridiculous to me).

  15. There are NOT 1.6 billion Muslims in the world. The Arabs use that number to intimidate the west. 800,000,000 muslims are illiterate and cannot even read the Koran. Even more cannot read Arabic and are not even Muslims by their own rules.

  16. I live in a neighborhood in the Northeastern United States. Muslims are growing in strength in an alarming rate, birth and immigration. The only other people keeping them at bay is the overwhelmingly high numbers of Coptic Christians in the same area, equally strong in high birth rates. If not for them the Muslim Horde would've taken over the city a decade ago.

  17. This documentary is another attempt by the Muslim world (and American liberals) to have Americans accept the Muslim beliefs. Nowhere in this documentary do you hear about the Violence that the Quran promotes and advises muslims to do against ALL NON MUSLIMS. To say that most Muslims are peaceful but still follow their religious beliefs is ridiculous. The Quaran teaches ALL Muslims to kill all non Muslims. Their hero Muhammed was a child molester, murderer and liar.

  18. 2 brief contextual disclaimers. I'm a US woman that's been to Saudi for business 12 times in 6 years, so my biases are based only on niches of society and only those 12 weeks. But, unlike a minority here of commentators that need get off their keister and stop allowing Fox, CNN, or CBS brainwash their world view. Also, acknowledge your filter! I've met only educated Saudi males and their spouses, people of all races that have "lived" there for decades, and young female professionals. But is firsthand, through my own bias, not someone else's. Second, I'm a spiritual, do right-undo-others type that makes up my own religion because I feel my faith and connection to any potential higher power/being/giver-of-hope is only mine. I don't judge who yours is, or who it is not, or if you're still searching. or if you don't care at all.

    I have had the opportunity to enjoy and hate experiences that take make my blinders off and in 4 regions in Saudi, Oman, Bahrain, and Indonesia.
    (I love the dialog here, but some of you are so rooted in a mindset of anger both sides, it saddens me. I have compassion for how terrible feels inside and ask simply: why do you intelligent people want to spread that? Your reaction and mindset are literally 2 of the only things you controls in life. Here are some things that blew me away:

    1. Many practicing, educated, non-radical muslims have 2 groups they cannot respect and broderline-dispise: Atheists (not surprising) and Buddhists (what!?). I asked many questions, but it seems to be based on the lack of believe in a god means they fear no retribution are truly not guided by clues. This learned, peaceful, genuinely funny, happy man respected Jews (not Zionists), Christians, even Iranian, with a warmth that was no fake. Buddhists are driven by a selfish desire to attain greater enlightenment. Wow. I thought part of greater enlightenment mean being less self -focused.

    2. when asked, the women I dealt - all from moderate families or a young female professionals, NOT royalty - how they feel about not having the right to drive? Gave me this what i can only think to call 'sista'-ly look I was clearly the dumb one. Labor is inexpensive here. I call my typical driver, he takes me to work, which is only 7 miles, but 35 minutes due to traffic, and I answer emails and call back people I missed the day before. Why would you WANT to drive??? The sense of freedom, the spur of the moment decision, right? All good points, but the general attitude was coming from a totally different mindset than I had assumed.

    3. Saudi women DO NOT hate wearing a burka or hijab and abaya in the more liberal areas not he coasts. Their beauty, their very identity, their facial reactions are entirely their own to share/give to only those they care to show in a more private setting of a restaurant, small shop, etc. And the hijabs? Think of any woman could have an average, everyday way to hide that the heat gives them a bad hair day. AND any woman can go to a salon, or sit in front of a mirror and turn a pretty, inexpensive scarf into a stunningly beautiful "not-hair"do.

    These are just small glimpses into how the Western world sees the everyday life of a muslim person with same basic goals we all have - better lives for our children, an opportunity to improve our role in the workplace be recognized, and holidays that focus on focusing our thoughts on being more giving to the less privileged, on how to be a better human through Allah's guidance, for recognizing our error and asking for forgiveness.

    Now balance all this with brutally unfair business tactics, lying is acceptable, trickery just means you're not smart enough, and absolute certainly that Saudi's are the chosen race and are better than any non-Saudi. AND the my biggest difficult - basing decisions on emotion, not logic, fairness, and balance. And lastly, Saudi Arabia is still a very YOUNG nation . . . very much still based in tribal cultures that makes each region so different than others.

    In closing, don't get me wrong. I do not love Saudi's and their moral code, as it has broken promises (to save face), outright lies, and support of one of the US's most monopolistic of companies is killing my small business and nearly bankrupting my family.

    Thus, please know that my sometimes rosy attempts to breakdown the stereotypes is not out of an unrealistic liberal love of all creatures, but just merely my observations.

    1. Lori1968
      Lady my name is Ali a Muslim living in the western world, I live my life by Sunnah-Mu-Akkad! And I am a Sunnah Muslim! Your knowledge is great and truthful! And we need people like you! Who Educates herself, to make proper decisions, without fear and hatred controlling her judgment! I can tell about my life, connecting with non believers in my birth country. But your beautiful story is so pure, that I doubt that I can make a contribution! So I will say only this, thank you so much, your words have meaning and maybe someday! Understanding and respect for each other!

  19. It is nice to see a piece that isn't always vilifying the Muslim population.That being said, I do believe that Muslims have strict and sometimes hateful beliefs because they are made to look up to Mohammed, who is supposed to be their perfect role model. Just pick up a book to read about Mohammed and his life. Not someone I would choose as a role model for society, thats for sure. But the Muslim population are taught the Koran and Hadith from the time they are taught to read, and they are also taught they must memorize it as well...If you read something over and over, and over and memorize it and are told by people you look up to that this is the way of your religion and you must follow the ways and rules of Mohammed and the Koran, Im quite sure that you would become brainwashed and come to see those thoughts and rules as the only way in life. Once this happens, and they become brainwashed, and Islamized, they don't really have much of a choice about religion and the Islamic ideology. What i don't understand is how we end up with what I see as 3 very different types of Muslims. One, the Muslims that read the Koran and Hadith and take every word as Mohammeds and Allahs law that must be followed in every way. And remember many peaceful things that were said at the beginning but were abrogated by later words that were then followed instead. For example, it may have said at the beginning to love your neighbours, but if later it said to kill all infidels, the last point would be adhered to and followed. So yes, there are those Muslims that will follow their Holy books to the letter and end up being terrorists.... Secondly, I believe there are those Muslims that also believe both the Koran and Hadith, but chose to worship in their own way and not cause anyone harm, while staying in their own little culture bubble. Lastly, I see a group of Muslims that only follow parts of the Koran and Hadith that they deem to be honourable and respectful to others in society. For example, they say their calls to prayer 5x a day, go to mosque, abstain from pork, celebrate Ramadan and Muslim holidays, stay away from dogs, may or may not chose to wear hijabs, work in everyday society, women are looked at as equals, they wear makeup and everyday western clothing, and take infidels for friends and neighbours. This last type is the Muslim type i believe that dominate society right now and makes society a better place because of their differences. Unfortunately, at the same time, the extreme radicals are going about their ways, bombing places and trying to cause as much violence and pain in western society as possible and this isn't fair to the moderates as they are lumped in with the radicals and people come to look at them with fear and hatred in their eyes. So there are many more moderates than there are radicals, but unfortunately it only takes a few radicals to destroy our society, break our laws and hurt others...So I really enjoyed seeing this documentary explain the way of the moderate muslims and how happy they are to be in our society and how they wish to integrate and all live together in a cultural melting pot. Just my thoughts.....

    1. So where do think the koran came from.why do you always go read read the part it says kill infedels and wo are infedels.did read the chapter that talks about the birth of jesus sura maryam.or abou the storry of the sleeper who lived in a cave for 300 year and 9

    2. Or have you read about how moses dealt with the pharoah or all the prophets GOD sent to this world are all written in the holy koran.the only think you guys jump to is kill indedels .first when GOD wa s revealing that verse was becase the muslims were under attackk from the qureish infedels of ARABIA at that time and prophet MOHAMED peace and blessings of ALLAH be upon him was restrained not to fight until there was no other solution as the infedals who were at that his own people were attickin and being genocidal towards the few handful muslim converts who accepted prophet mohamed p b u h (pece be upon him) as true messenger of GOD at that time 1500 hundred years ago so gave them the permissiion to fight back and strike the indedels so lasting peace could be achieved on earth. But unfirtunately it the same infedels who are atticking the muslims today in their own countries abd stealing there nutural resources and whe muslims fight back fir self defense they are termed with this wicked terminoly of calling them terrorists,extrimsts etc nonsense.

  20. I know there is more Han one version of the Quran and I don't know if I bought the correct one to give me the real exact true picture of the Muslims an their true beliefs . But out of respect an the desire for good will an knowledge I bought a Quran and read the entire whole document from cover to cover . What I found on every single page of it is hate an murder the unbelievers infidels or anyone who does not believe as I do . An nothing but hatred for women period .its completely disturbing to me . Yet as an American woman I have never disrespected nor made fun of my ones religion period .an never will . I respect all people . But I find is hard to respect my one even Christians who only have murder in their hearts . An by the way I am a committed christian a woman and a minister. But , because I am a christian I have also studied in all the depth that I can every other religion I can in the world includeing but not limited to Islam . I have done this because the bible says " I would not have you be ignorant brethren . " this is not he entire quote but you see the picture . I believe God does not want me to be ignorant about anything if I have any ability to be educated about what ever the issue or belief or person . An because as a minister an teacher of scripture I believe I am responsible for what I teach, responsible to teach truth an to bare the horrible responsibility if I teach wrongly . This makes the teacher more responsible that the student . An believe me because people have so many different views of life there are a lot of lies out there everywhere . But , right now I would give a clarion crystal clear Call to all Christians everywhere to remember this most important fact , no one , no one on earth or in heaven has ever been , is now , nor ever will be won to Jesus Christ or anyone else through hatred , through murder, through exclusion , divisiveness , abuse of ny kind twards women or twards anyone . The only way anyone is ver won to Christ is through truely living an showing Gods love . If we as Christians do any of these other things they are evil practices and we are then evil ! We live in a genuine SCAREY world an time . But if we want to see peace an see Gods love in this world , we must stand firm and be Gods peace an love in this world , my brothers an sisters it s time the call is here it is time to start teaching the world that is we truely want to be a Christ one belonging only to God we must carry out the order to make peace at any cost except the cost of denouncing our God an faith , an we must be the peace an love we want to see in this world by now this minuet beating our swards into plow shears an teaching others to do the same no matter what their faith Is or even if they have no faith at all. Anyone who is he's may laugh at me all you wish . But the truth is this , Gods love in an through us as a world people is th only power that will ever change anything for the better in this world . An to be that love we must live it out in our lives be active in giving it away to all an be willing to see God and our own selves in everyone we ever meet for only by those actions are we truely letting Christ live in an through us an by those actions only do we let God reign and have control in our lives . Thank you . Dixie hacker Hurley .

  21. I as a Muslim do not agree with killing people because we are suppose to show them the truth about their existence... Anyway Allah doesn't punish a people until the message has been shown to them and they've understood it and the message is there is no God but Allah... It's not the Muslims they u should fear but the One that Created us all and his punishment...

  22. Islamification of the whole world is their ultimate goal, and they wont stop until....end of

  23. This is the most Islamic "apologetic" video I have ever seen. What horseshit. What lies! Sharia law is anethma to the civilised world and to speak of it in the context of "what Muslims percieve it to be" is a PURE HORSHESHIT exercize. PERCEPTION IS NOT TRUTH. It takes FACTS to establish the truth. And the fact is, Sharia law is flawed from the get go. What does Sharia law have over the ten commandments morally? NOTHING. It condemns innocent people, mainly women, to servitude under men who are
    encouraged to mistreat their women with ease and as a reward for having many wives in this earthly life they will be REWARDED with72 VIRGINS in the next. Where is the equality here? The Christian concept of God may be "partrarchial" but at least Eve was born of Adam's rib, to be an equal partner in the game of life. Why do not each of the 72 virgins themselves get 72 male virgins to fool around with forever in eternity? Women like sex as much as men, don't they? I have a suspicion they enjoy sex even MORE than men, owing to how their growns of ectasy are so much louder than men. Where does the woman's sexual satisfaction come from? To wait in line behind 71 other virgins seems a depressing waste of time. And BTW, can there be depression and time wasted in Heaven? BULLSHIT PHILOSOPHY! And I hate to admit (I am culturally sensitive) but: BULLSHIT RELIGION!

  24. Read quran/hadith/sira and equip yourself with facts/truths about islam because muslims are deceivers, have to lie based to quran to promote islam, I mean lies..

  25. Just ban islam. No baby is born bad. People are taught either to love or hate. Religion makes us more different than alike. In fact we are more the same than different. Ban all hateful cults.

  26. How about this? We leave the middle east to do whatever they want on their end. The results? They don't need us to get rid of them. They will burn themselves to the ground.

  27. there is no allah - an illiterate paedophile made up story in the 7th century- islamist muslims have been a threat ever since- there is no allah and the imams in the mosques make money from the gullible muslim men promised sex with 4 teenage wives and even sex when dead in a non existent paradise- Saudi has conned everyone with a black rock - and of course if you are threatened with death if you deny allah and islam then you will remain a muslim because you get to live- carrot and stick fake religion. Ban sharia law, close all mosques- deport all imams as they are the enforcers of this exploitation gang of
    blackmailers and murderers. PC liberals who have let the islamic invasion build 2500 mosques in USA while Hussein Obama postured in the White House will be the first to die as islam does not tolerate liberal democracy or lesbian feminists or gay guys not breeding for a non existent allah. 3m muslims in America already and breeding like rabbits demanding sharia law from sea to shining sea- 300 mosques in Texas already!
    good luck with that y'all

  28. LOL this bs is hard to watch! I was waiting for this "Doc" to tell me Santa Claus is real.

    People, keep in mind these pollsters HAVE to say nice things about Islam because if you speak ill of Mohammed of even draw him, your gonna have big problem on you hands.

    Charlie Hebdo made a joke about Muslims and guess who came shooting up Paris.. but this isn't about religion right? Those terrorists aren't blowing up shit in the name of Islam right?

    I was a Muslim, my father was killed lawfully under Sharia for wanting to leave Islam.

    I love my Muslim family and friends but lets be honest here theres a serious problem

    1% of 1.5 BIllion is too many radicals but they don't mention why they're radical.

    10,000,000 Million Muslims want to Kill you for no reason but be nice because thats just the minority lolol my last penny says that number is only going up!

  29. What an utter bull shit. it is like saying you either adhere to our terms or else. good luck globalising Islam, as if that is what we need to complete the circle of destroying the last castles of enlightenment. When was a woman wearing the symbol of oppression lecturing us about freedom and security? Shouldn’t she be talking to her natives, o sure she will be beheaded for doing just that.

  30. You will never get open and honest answers about anything from anyone, if you do the interviewing or questionnaire face to face, it's that simple. People will always lie to show their best face. As a result, this smacks of nothing more than propaganda, and the continued perception that Muslims are being victimized by everyone else, when the truth of the matter is, they victimize their own people far worse.

    Even reading through these comments, Muslims are continuing to make excuses for the barbaric practices and killings by other Muslims. Oh, the Saudis aren't following the correct Shari Law, so that shouldn't matter. Sorry but it does. Afghanis and Pakistanis don't follow Islam the right way, and we shouldn't hold it against them ether. So and so doesn't really discriminate, they're just uneducated and poor. Seriously, and we should just open our doors to them and not discriminate?!

    What's worst of all, is when muslims blame FGM, child brides, stoning and other horrors on culture rather than their religion. These atrocities go in in Muslim dominant countries, where everyone supposedly practices this peaceful and loving religion of Islam, but yet can't be bothered to stop these barbaric practices, which have been going on for centuries or millennia. How can any country support these horrors, I mean seriously, who's in charge?

    Women are equal, we just don't educate them or let them go out. We cover them up and restrict their lives in order to protect them better. Seriously, protect them from who, your fellow Muslims? Then of course I keep hearing that Muslim men don't rape muslim women or girls, but should it happen, then she must have aroused him. It also can't be rape, because 4 honourable Muslim men didn't witness it, and the DNA evidence cannot be accepted as main evidence, until the rape itself can be proven. Wow, such enlightened people.

    Muslims are genuinely peaceful, as is Islam, but we love to watch violence, beheadings, stoning, hangings and anything else that we and our children can show up and support. Don't believe me, then go online and watch all the videos that have been secreted out. What's truly fascinating, is that the public squares are always packed with cheering Muslims.

    If you can't get your own religion right, follow your own Shari law properly, then what makes Muslims think that anyone will ever believe them. The truth is, if you want to know and predict the future behaviour of Muslims and their true intent, just look at their past and what they're doing around the world in Muslim dominant countries, or as guests and refugees in other countries.

    Want to know what they really feel, read what they say online using their real names, especially the men. Most are even proud to tell you what country they're from, and what they will do when given a chance. You want us to believe them, then go out and ask them to answer a poll or questionnaire anonymously, and to mail it in. Then we'll talk. This on the other hand was a colossal waste of my time.

  31. I don't buy it!

  32. We do not need this. We need the Muslims to stop and condemn the killings of innocent. Stop blaming someone else for your violence. History is full of it. The Quoran is full of it. I cannot trust someone who considers me (the infidel, the unbeliever) as an enemy, and who ought to be deceived and destroyed..

  33. Just a little more info for Muslims. As far as I experienced it, there is only one God and that is the same God for all, whatever you want to call Him. I do not have a special religion, but I have a very good relationship with my God (which is yours too), but He does not expect me to worship Him or sit in the middle of the street and pray to show people how religious I am. I meditate in the silence of my own home and do not bother anybody by doing so. My religion is life itself, how and who I am in life, what I do and think, my deeds, my compassion, how I treat nature and the animals who are all part of Life. I know who I am and I know who you are, and believe you me, when you die, there are not 75 virgins waiting for you, and everything you did bad to others, people, animals nature, you do it to "YOURSELF" and in your next reincarnation you reap what you seeded. It's called "Karma"

    And what was written in the Christian Bible where Jesus said: I did not come to bring you peace, but came to bring you the sword, you know why? To cut of your own "EGO". All people fight about ego's, their own. So you can try to conquer our countries, in the end it turns against yourselves and that will not be nice.

    I do not have a Religion, I watch all religions, and see how most of them turn into poison, but your religion is very violent, I must say. The human race is a very violent race anyway, we fight and kill, we destroy our earth, and very many rich people always want more and more, it is never enough. we have Monsanto and the absurd rich Pharmaceutical fabrics and others, and you do not have to believe me, I do not care, but verify this with your own God, in your prayers, ask one phrase, loud and clear and mean it. "GOD, PLEASE TELL ME WHAT I NEED TO KNOW"

    Think about it every day or before you go to sleep and slowly you will start to experience dreams, or things happen all of a sudden that you never expected. But you have to do it for yourself, there is not anybody who can do it for you.

    This is specially for the violent Muslims, I am not able to pass judgment on anybody, but I know what is coming. So it is really to reach out to stabilize this crazy world, that is all. Because there is nothing stronger then light and love and you are demonstrating totally the opposite and so have non Muslims done in the past, but there has to come a time, where everybody needs to be peace, otherwise there is no hope for this world and it will blow itself up or ends by other means.

    I hope somebody will read this and changes his/her thinking about everything. In the next ca. 20 years everything will change and it is up to you, in which way, what is your choice? It's all about choices. I wish you all a very good peaceful day and a good night.


  34. 7th century islam, mohammed, koran, sharia law, was written to take revenge on jews christians and non muslims - muslim men were recruited by promising them sex with very young girls. Imams in the mosques controlled muslims with sharia law comanding them to lie and defraud for non existent allah. THERE IS NO GOD NO ALLAH - gullible naive uneducated muslims were and are emotionallly blackmailed and controlled by a non existentent allah. A mosque is a symbol of victory over the infidel - so many are built quickly because the imam gets income from the muslims and sex from the women forced by sharia law. Islam do not add value - no inventions - creations - no farming - no buildings as they spend their time on their knees praying to the non existent allah.
    So they steal lie and defraud tax non muslims - the muslim men are total misogynists- muslim are treated unequally - and girls are forced into FGM - islam and muslims are predatory parasites - every other religious immigrant into USA has contributed something - muslims have done nothing but build a mosque and dmanded sharia law while taling welfare payments. Somalian muslim pirates chew khat and rape while drinking coffee.
    In the 21st century the PC human rights liberal democrats have been conned by imams spouting total fabrication and will be killed by muslims because islam does not tolerate non muslims. liberal democracy, feminism, homosexuality, freedom of thought or equality. Islam must be banned, mosques closed, sharia law banned and all imams deported as they are the root cause of islamic intolerance of non muslims.
    Islam is a totalitarian fascist dictatorship masquerading as a religion to get tax relief as a charity - all liars and fraudsters from square one.

  35. Good day mates I love a sunburnt country a land of sweeping planes rugged mountain rangers of drought and flooding rains
    No religious or religion will be a part of my life I have decided I treat all with the due respect commanded by there actions and there decisions I'm a good person and expect to be treated that way or you will be treated with the same respect you show me
    See it is simple humanity has good and bad being a good human costs nothing being religious should give you peace but religion is for the weak to be lead by the bad
    So join my religion be a good person command respect by being happy and respectful so throw another snag on the barbecue and as one man said have a good weekend
    Praise the Aussie

    1. Finally something that makes sense ;)

  36. Watching this for one of my classes on global crime and terrorism along with one about Mohamed from his birth to after his death. I was amazed by all I learned such as how Abraham and Isaac are held in high respect (Dome of the Rock being a great example) and how in around 650 A.D Muslim and Christian people would worship near the same place peacefully. I have learned why Muslim people worship toward Mecca and why it is seen as a holy place and how poetry was held in such high regard. It is a very interesting religion with an amazing history.

  37. A confused path of living life. All most all non-arabic muslims dont understand what Quran says. They are feeded knowledge by imams and mullas who are again tought by those Saudi superiors and have created the kind of Islamist population they wanted. Aggressive, intolerant.
    Those in Arab countries who understands Quran and tried to be intellactual to bring out the real meaning are all in Saudi jails.

  38. I dont know why i read comment by almost all muslims that those (muslims always) who are sucide bombers, terrorist groups are not muslims and tells rest of us the opposrs to read quran to know what is quran.
    Why do u want us non-muslims to read quran ? You, self acclaimed representatives are there for us see and what quaran is. Thats what quran says, muslim's "Akhlak" should speak about Islam. And that is exactly what the world is seeing. World is seeing that the terrorists who are killing fellow(shia) muslims and other (kaffers) non-muslims are muslims. The world is seeing no regret from other self declared good muslims condemning those acts of killing. However they will sure pray for the dead muslim terrorists.

  39. This seems to be a "narrowed view" production made by liberals and liberal muslims that projects their worldview onto the arab world, which they do not seem to understand. Here is some poll facts by

    Poll results on muslim population worldwide:
    - Death for leaving Islam 584 million!! (what is their opinion of me as an atheist??)
    - Death for adultery 748 million
    - Sharia should rule 1.1 billion!! (and NO it is not as nice as described in this video! And NO the woman does not enjoy same ruling as men - this is also very much in line with the Quran teachings)
    - Wife should obey husband 1,39 billion!! (this is also very much in line with the Quran that specificaly points out that the woman is inferior to men, e.g. 4:11, 2:228, 2:223 etc....the list is long.. both in Quran, Hadiths and Sira) )

    (The above fact are within a population of 1,62 billion muslims)

    I would sincerely hope that the information collected in the video would be true..but sadely Islam is not yet reformed and developed and the deep problems still subsides.

  40. Islam brings nothing but destruction and misery everywhere it settles. 5.5 billion other people in the world that Muslims meed to start recognizing that. Wake the f*** up Islam! You want respect? You give respect! You try to force your ideology with your sissy ass intimidation of the weak or defenseless and you will get a fast and deadly response. Your ideology is on a world stage and it shows ugly hatred, not a peaceful religion. You want to be respected stop being cowards. You want a fight don't hide and attack innocents like f******. Speak your mind on a public platform. You have a world stage and you hide in the shadows and terrorize the weak and helpless. If any of your ideology is really a peaceful Religion that show it. Fight like men for it! the more you attack and prey on the defenseless the more anger you seed. You Islam need to defuse this situation because we are fed-up giving understanding and getting cowardly attacks in return. It is your choice! Our hearts and minds are closing fast by YOUR own doing!

  41. please check out saudi Arabia exposed it is a documentary that will show you the truth of Islam. please dont take my word for it, this is the truth about Islam.

  42. Muslim/Islam is fixed in a victim mode. They have not entered the 21. century, as equal partakers - (like China , Japan, Brazil, Russia, India...and so on...) They are stuck in the century - dominating their women - and fleeing endless internal wars. They have to seriously consider a better path towards peace - for their children. ( that is if they love their children ????)

  43. Don't let these so called Muslim moderates fool you. A moderate Muslim agrees with punishments amputation, flogging, wife beating, crucifying people and all kinds of other cruel punishments which are outlawed in the declaration of human rights. Moderate Islam has an agenda to be the over lord of all other religions, just read the Quran to find out for yourself. NEVER trust these people, ever. It is not irrational to know the truth and to speak it, and I don't fear it. Call me an Islamophobe if you want!

  44. Fascism! Or a little worse, thats what it is.

  45. puzzling apologist for a violent ideology - it is politics and any religion can be used this way -
    some more than others - just follow the money. Listen to what is said - even more Watch &
    see what is really done.

  46. Interesting that they never quoted from the Koran, e.g., kill the infidel, if someone leaves the religion, kill him, etc. All religions are evil because they are based on myth, superstition, tribalism, and general BS. Fortunately, most Christians and Jews don't act on what their holy books dictate; the "good"(i.e., obedient) muslims do. I'm glad to see by the majority of the comments that this piece of propaganda did not produce the desired effect.

  47. Typical propaganda, ignorance kills, educate yourselves on the Quran. You can't compare Islamic terrorists to the KKK because there is nothing in the Bible that condones the actions of the KKK. However, the Islamic terrorists are just following the Quran word for word.

  48. The people responsible for this documentary are not real Muslims and do not read the Quran or follow it's teachings.

  49. i didn't even read it XD

  50. As a political scientist and historian by training with an emphasis in Islam, I found this movie nothing more than a mere soft hand propaganda piece. As anyone knows who is familiar with polling the author of the poll can pretty much control the out come of the poll. One fine example in the poll was the question on freedom of speech. Of course everyone is going to say the support freedom of speech, but of course not everyone has the same idea as to what freedom of speech consists of. Most would view that question from a personal perspective, in other words they think they should have freedom of speech. Under western ideals, blasphemy is considered protected under freedom of speech. I wonder what the answer would have been had the question "should blasphemy be protected as freedom of speech?" been asked. I also noticed the issue of religious tolerance was not touched on. Why wasn't the question "Should other religions always have the same rights and freedoms as Islam does in an Islamic nation?" asked?

    Another interesting statistic they presented was that less than 1% of muslims were "violent radicals" which would have been laughable if it was not so sad. As others have responded "do you really think someone is going to tell a pollster a true answer?" But the really sad part is there was no definition of what a "violent radical" was. I imagine few I would imagine most radicals or extremist see themselves as being more mainstream than they are seen as from the outside. The Hanbali School of Jurisprudence is spread throughout the Islamic world by the Saudi Royal Family by financing religious schools, mosques and Islamic Centers. It is very widespread and no longer just prevalent in the KSA . This school is the root of modern Jihadist philosophy and Salafism. There are few, if any, who adhere to this school of jurisprudence who do not support violent jihad in one way or other.

    It worries me to see many of the comments on other web sites extolling the virtues of this film and lack of questions about the young lady who spearheaded these polls. She is a muslim who obviously wants to combat "islamophobia" so obviously her questions are going to be framed to show Islam in its best possible light. Had she asked some hard, non-ambiguous questions I would have been more impressed.

  51. Hi. The problem with the video is that you guys do the same thing as what you accuse the Americans, and Westerner off which is ignorance. You just automatically assume that people don't like Muslims because of 9/11. The fact is there is many educated people around the world from many different cultures, who can read books, history, and have heard stories about Muslims passed down from generation to generation.

    Firstly I'd like to say that I think 9/11 is an inside job, and Muslims made a good scapegoat. Now I truly am AGAINST ALL religions because religion has proven to be only a tool which people use to control others. But what I think of Islam is that it is a truly cruel religion. It has been demonstrated and illustrated how bad Islam actually is when in control (Ottoman Era, Saracen Era). I guess these two are the most famous ones. I don't judge a religion when it is at the mercy of others, I judge it when it is at it's full power. Because it's at those times where it shows it's true face. Islam and Christianity murdered, enslaved, tortured other major religions during the times of war (Crusaders, Jihads, etc). They did it in the name of god, their ideas came from the bible, Qur'an which you will say are messages wrongly interpretative. This is the true face of religion. Genocide. Every religion hopes for a genocide of all other major religions, whether it is mass conversions through lies, terror, or murder. The ottomans did it, the Saracens did it, all sorts of crusaders did it.

    So I hate when "experts" say that the hate crime on Muslims are from recent times and that it is ignorant people. Instead of wasting mass amount of time collecting data which would only show the "good side" of Islam, you should invest your time and energy into the development of Islam, so that it can be reformed like the other religions. Once the Qu'ran stops being easily miss interpreted, we will all be able to live more peacefully.

  52. BS detector continually triggered.

  53. Religion... who would have thought that belief without evidence could lead to so many problems?

  54. Great documentary, unfortunately it'll fall on deaf ears as many comments here demonstrate. Fear and ignorance trumps truth.

  55. Politics separate people

  56. I liked everyone's comments, regardless if I agree with them. However, there were so many comments that I did stop reading in the middle.

    Some of the negative posts sounded, to me, like knee-jerk reactions instead of having evidence or thought behind their statements.

    I feel that to think correctly on any issue, particularly one in which people are vastly divided, a person must not blindly accept opinions
    ( or common stereotyped notions) as facts. We need to begin to look at the issue as a whole broad situation within which various small situations in various communities exist. We live in a global context whereby news and media can detail the crime of a small community in any part of the world to the rest of the world. The perspective needs to be maintained clearly and in what context a particular event occurs. Sometimes our media shows a terrorist act by a muslim overseas but neglects to publicize a brutal eco terrorist act in our own country which burns buildings and kills citizens, too. Terrorism is not just done by a particular religion. Over emphasizing a terrorist act as part of a muslim community to the large media news outlets can ascew the understanding about muslims in general to the people who are receiving this news.

    Bias, censorship, and control in our media outlets needs to be dealt with so that bews may be portrayed in its proper context instead of filled with misapprehensions and misrelayed information which increases the public's sensitivity to the issue or group.

    An equally important poll might be of americans and how many believe most terrorists are muslims or muslims are terrorists and poll them equally so asking have they ever met a muslim and was the muslim a nice person and contributor to their society or did the person threaten their life or culture in any way.

    I am pro american and a muslim. I do not see a conflict of interest between my religion and my country. I think a poll also ask americans if they think islam is anti american and why they think this. I bake apple pie, fry green tomatoes, make potstk salad like all southerners and survived a father in vietnam. I am no less an american just because I am a muslim.

    One of the challenges of the issue at hand is globalism. To view an issue not from the opinion or media stereotype.

    When I was a child, no one in my school befriended the african american students. When I asked people why, they said opinions from tv that never had to do with these particular children who were being harrassed socially. This is an example of misapprehension based on not knowing any afrikan americans personally and basing opinion only on the news. I am afraid same thing, bigotry, is happening to muslims and there is little real writers offering a balanced view in the media. People never met a muslim and media is creating negative opinions about muslims as a group and negating their positive contributions.

    In the Quran it says all believing people, Jews Christians and Muslims, will go to heaven. There is no rationale to a muslim killing a christian or jew. In fact the word muslim means believer and anyone since the time of creation who believed is a muslim. It is wrong to say muslims are only those people who believe in islam since prophet Muhammed pbuh. It is correct to say Jews Christians and Muslims are all called muslims, believers. It is wrong and prohibited to kill a believer or a nonbeliever. It is only permitted, islamically, to defend oneself if attacked. The instances in the Quran that speak of war are historical accounts and should be understood from within context. The message to fight at the battle of Badr was due to invasion by raiding tribal people who disliked the muslim believers as they went against the tribal religion and customs. The message in the Quran to fight them and kill them is not referring to any future time or call to is referring to that battle in which many muslims would otherwise not stand up and fight if the injunction had not come. Misuse of scripture is due to ignorance and lack of education. Unfortunately the majority of muslims cannot read the Quran and its historical accounts and tafsir. This is why there may be misinterpretation of scripture though the Quran is unchanged and in perfect form since its origination. There is no truth in calling a nonmuslim by any name, as heathen or infidel or other bad name. The quran is in arabic and never called anyone an infidel...that is an english translation and misapprehension of a meaning. There is no compulsion in religion...And we must all find interfaith networks as a best approach to overcoming an "us against them" mentality. Sharing islam is better done by doing charity and helping people than by sword and that is exactly what the Quran teaches, love peace and purification of soul. We are not just separate groups on this earth. The Quran teaches we all have a grand history shared. We are a world of people sharing common ancestry. And we need to build bridges, not burn inroads or connections.

    A poll like this is done not to propogandize. Rather, it is done to try to capture a greater reality missed by media sensationalists. That reality is important as it speaks of a greater world with alot of possibility we can all overcome misled biases and become more caring and understanding people based on reason and fact.

    No more knee jerk reactions, folks. Begin to see large realities. Not minor ones.

    The number of rapes in america is one of the highest percentages in the world. Rapes in muslim countries are very low in percentage. We cannot hate muslims just because a minor few poor acid on a woman's face in one part of pakistan. That is a cultural issue, not a muslim one. The act of throwing acid on a face is not muslim. It is due to an honor code that is wrong amongst some people in pakistan, it does not reflect pakistan as a whole nor does it reflect muslims at all. Throwing acid is also done by hindus in pakistan. It is an issue that has no affiliation with islam. But we do not hear it that way by the media. It is a rare occurence and not a usual one, too. But because we hear about it in the news all the way in america we then think it happens alot and portrays muslims oppression of women when it is not muslims but culture doing this and it is a rare event just like a criminal in our country doing something and they hear about it and they think all americans are like that when we are not.

    Keep perspective on all that you hear. Dont be eager to be a hate monger or biased person when you do not think correctly from a true perspective. Biases make matters worse than they are. And where any extremism does exist, we can better deal with it by maintaining perspectives that are decent and fairminded, not jumping any reasonable decent line of thinking. A terrorist may be acting in a region of the world that does not depict muslims as much as that culture and its issues there.

    Let's appreciate this poll. It looks legittimate with intention to open up the minds and hearts of all involved to have greater dialog and understanding. To demystify concepts and remove mistaken apprehensions and biases.

    80 percent of saudi women have degrees of higher education. That is more than women in the USA. Why do we continue to say that saudi women are oppressed? Couldnt it be american women are oppressed in some ways but that pride is stopping this important evaluation and stopping change for woman in usa who need greater education and opportunity? A high percentage of usa women are raped on college campus and many give up education due to this. We cannot demonize arabic women or muslim women as oppressed due to their system of values or culture when our own culture has alot to improve on and even more than they do, statistically our women are less educated and have greater male oppression stopping them. What i wish is that everyone talked facts instead of stereotypes.

    Just because a woman in saudi arabia is not allowed to drive does not mean she does not drive or get anywhere. For example, when she works, she gets to have a chaffeur drive her. In USA, people who have chauffers that drive them around are considered to be of the rich affluent or well to do. Now if women get this treatment un Saudi but men do not, then why is there a stigma on their not driving? In the west if a woman dont drive or is stopped from getting her license it is due to male oppression and she is not allowed to go anywhere. That is not the case in Saudi arabia. In fact, the women when they go somewhere, they have special drivers and are given rights to do shopping or college and never to have to worry about rape on camous because their college professor is a woman and their classes are with women. They can just focus on learning. Before we had co education in west, we had female colleges and tye women had ability just focus on their education. That is a good thing. Separated gender does not mean oppression. In afganistan, a cultural belief is to not educate women...but taht is cultural due their tribal laws practices and cultural is not due to islam. We need realize in other parts of world women muslims have great education and accomplishments. Women who come from pakistan for example to usa and i meet them in masjids are all scientists phds and high level career women. We need rethink our many assumptions and learn the world global reality in all its variants and stop lumping blame here and there. Be realistic and think over all the facts and not just as things are presented in media.

    After 9-11, for example, time magazine published a story on muslim influences in 9-11 and their front page had pictures of sikhs who also are a religion in which men where turbans. But it was a mistake. The editors of time magazine, a reknown reputable magazine, had to later apologize and retract since the editors knew not that they printed photos of sikhs and claimed them as responsible for 9-11. Our media is not perfect and we need never assume it is so educated to post facts rather than opinions. The use of the word oppression on muslim women who wear hijab is often heard but most muslim women claim hijab without being forced to wear it because it is a symbol of modesty and freedom from externalization.

    Ok so if i wear a niqab i am told i am an extremist whereas it is not the extremists who wear niqabs...modest muslim women do for the same reason women in italy and russia wear hijab in the church and same reason nuns wear living for nonvanity and purity. It is not oppression when a nun wears a hijab...equally not oppressive for a muslim woman. Why is it that some westerners consider a long dress oppressive? I could think we need have greater understanding oc each other. Many christians in west wear long dresses and scarves. Why some biased westerners then only say muslims are oppressed when they do it?

  57. The Catholic 'faith' was created by the Roman Empire to control and use the Christians in order to become the wealthiest and greatest empire in the world. Martin Luther blew the lid off of their evil schemes but not enough to destroy this false faith. In the midst of all of this, the Catholics had another problem. The Jews. Oh how to get rid of those damn, pesky Jews. So they created the Muslim 'faith'. They could kill Jews without having to be the bad guys or getting their hands dirty. It's a completely false 'faith'. Plus look at the Catholic's involvement in WWII, aiding the Nazis in the extermination of the Jews. The whole thing is a sick, twisted, demented plot for world power. Nothing more. Islam is as false as the current "pope". But you'll never be able to reach the Muslims. Their minds are far too closed. Please get the book A GOD WHO HATES by Wafa Sultan. You cannot defeat an enemy you do not understand. And Islam is the enemy and the Catholics need to be exposed as well.

  58. I'd like to see the white Americans supporting this, show their support by taking take a trip over to Iran, or Iraq, and walk around in the deep cities and suburbs without any sort of escort.

  59. It's very misleading.
    Firstly, the data. Lebanon and Turkey are not muslim countries. Lebanon has around half of its population of a christian religion. Christianity is the only thing that helped lebenon not fall into the dictatorship or extremism that is reaching countries nearby.
    Turkey is completely secular, although now with ardogan it's becoming a shit land.

    Secondly, this kinda of projection of the producers ideology and views on the inference from the data. The pew research center did a more thorough and recent study on the muslim world, with real data published. So go check that instead of a movie trying to promote its own message.

  60. Islam and the west (Judeo-Christianity) can never come together because they are polar opposities theologically. Mohammed and the Koran has declared Christianity "shirk," or idolatory and therefore haram, so true Muslims will always have an allah sanctioned reason to fight Christians and Jews.

    The only way there can be peace is to free musims from the yoke of islam. However, I concede that there are many Muslims who believe in peace, but it is not because of Islam. Their peace embrace is inspite of Islam. Thank God!

    The root problem problem of terrorism is Islamic THEOLOGY itself! The central theme of Islam is its boast of supremacy over all other religions and belief systems, especially its audacious claim to have been revealed to "correct the corruption" of Judaism and Christianity. The only corruption of Judeo-Christianity is Islam itself. Due to the fact that Islam as a religion and islamic theocracies are so dysfuctional is empirical evidence that Islam is a false religion with tenets and principles that do not and cannot work no matter how they are applied.

    No matter how you spin Islam, you cannot divorce Mohammed's final marching orders to fight and/or kill all non-believers until they submit or convert. The Koran is just as clear about this injuction. So, Isis and their ilk are following Islam as Mohammed intended not what Western Muslims would have us believe. Now, Muslim apologists often accuse critics of taking Islamic texts out of context, but that is not a possible thing to do since the Koran is believed to be an exact copy of the "mother book" in Islamic heaven. Therefore, the Koran's teachings apply to all eternity without temporal context.

    Western Muslims subscribe to the peaceful "revelations" of the Meccan period which have been abrogated by the violent martial revelations of the later Medinan period. The concept of aborgation nullifies the Meccan revelations of the same subject.

    According to theologian Dr. Muluk, This basically states that if you come across two verses that are contradictoryu to one another, then you have to follow the one that came later. That is the main reason, that those peaceful verses above were in effect being nullified by later Madani verses such as Sura 9 (At-Taubah), which was the last verse revelead before Muhammad's death:

    Quran 9:5
    And when the sacred months have passed, then kill the polytheists wherever you find them and capture them and besiege them and sit in wait for them at every place of ambush. But if they should repent, establish prayer, and give zakah, let them [go] on their way. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.

    Quran 9:29
    Fight those who do not believe in Allah or in the Last Day and who do not consider unlawful what Allah and His Messenger have made unlawful and who do not adopt the religion of truth from those who were given the Scripture - [fight] until they give the jizyah willingly while they are humbled.

    Quran 9:30
    And the Jews say: Ezra is the son of Allah; and the Christians say: The Messiah is the son of Allah; these are the words of their mouths; they imitate the saying of those who disbelieved before; may Allah destroy them; how they are turned away!"

    The Hadith are basically narrations about the life of Muhammad, transmitted from one teacher to the next until they were written down by the Hadith authors, such as Bukhari, Imam Muslim etc,.

    One of the most reliable sources, if not THE most reliable source is the Sunnah Al-Bukhari. So, let's see what Bukhari has to say about Muhammad's wars of "self-defense":

    Sahih Bukhari Volume 5 Book 59 Number 512

    "The Prophet offered the Fajr Prayer [Prayer of Fear] near Khaybar when it was still dark. He said, ‘Allahu-Akbar!' [Allah is Greatest] ' Then the inhabitants came out running on their roads. The Prophet had their men killed; their children and woman were taken as captives."

    Even in peacetime Muhammad - the perfect man and role model of all Muslims - seems to be a violent man:

    Sahih Bukhari Volume 1, Book 11, Number 617

    "Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah's Apostle said, "By Him in Whose Hand my soul is I was about to order for collecting fire-wood (fuel) and then order Someone to pronounce the Adhan for the prayer and then order someone to lead the prayer then I would go from behind and burn the houses of men who did not present themselves for the (compulsory congregational) prayer. By Him, in Whose Hands my soul is, if anyone of them had known that he would get a bone covered with good meat or two (small) pieces of meat present in between two ribs, he would have turned up for the 'Isha' prayer."

  61. I think it is funny how they compare Muslim extremists to Timothy McVeigh. Timothy McVeigh did not do what he did for religious purposes, so that is why the woman in the video didn't see him in the news in the same way Muslims were depicted. Muslim extremists attack in the name of Islam and that is why people associated them with Islam. McVeigh's attack, although heinous and just plain wrong, had nothing to do with Christianity.

    The woman in the documentary lost me there as she does not know about that which she speaks. She is asking people to see the "truth" of Islam while she, herself, does not even know the truth about things she included in her own argument and is connecting Christianity to McVeigh. She complains about people falsely connecting Islam to terrorism, yet she has just done that very thing about which she is upset. Islam IS connected to terrorism, McVeigh's attack had nothing to do with Christianity...and I have read his letter, in his own words, and interviews that prove their is no relation. This seems to be a common thread I am seeing more and more among Muslims...speaking falsehoods to present themselves as being in the right and to appear as victims. I was actually hoping I could find a reason to see Islam in a good light, but this woman is an uninformed liar and I do not respect what she has to say.

  62. You need to read the Quran to truly understand Islam and what their goal is not watch some propaganda video.

  63. To this is me and muhammed flaifil : Thank you. None of us agree on everything all the time. I'm sorry for the ignorance (and I am certainly ignorant as well) that breeds disrespect, I'm embarrassed for some of these people that have such closed minds and in-compassionate hearts. Namaste' - lets just Be and see each other for the spirit that lies in each of us. We each have basic needs, to be understood, to live and be loved. And accepted with compassion and kindness... My apologies for the mean spirited... Coexist...

  64. This video is pure bull. This lady called the kkk the oldest terror group in the world and that is a bunch of crap. Islam has been killing and terrorizing for over 1400 years based on their ideology. Thhe kkk's ideology is not in comparison with that of the bible but goes totally against what it says. Al qaeda does exactly what it's ideology teaches. That's a big difference. Muhammad got alot of his beliefs from the old testament and mixed in other religions with it.

  65. Its important not to attack or harass Muslims. A few questions muslims will need to ask themselves honestly.

    1. Was the founding father of your religion peaceful? Is he comparable to a non-violent personality we see today such a the Dalai lama?

    2. Are you a peaceful person or conditional peaceful person?

    3. When you compare Buddhism and Islam, the directions seems to be different. One is praying and having a dialogue and the other is no mind .. silence. The more extreme you become in Islam, the more violent you seem to become and the more extreme you become in Buddhism or Jainism, the more non-violent you become. Both the Palestinians and Tibetans are oppressed, but where are the Tibetan suicide bombers? This really needs to be answered, what inspires radical Islam to commit those atrocities.

    4. Does a non believe is Islam has equal rights in every way as a Muslim? You only see the manifestation of this when Islam is a majority somewhere. I live in Malaysia, I can tell you first that it is not. I know the mindset, I talk to people on the street. These polls are twisted. But people are nice .. Muslims are nice .. something could be wrong deeper. This documentary should address all the verses that are used to inspire hatred against non believers. Everyone whats to market their religion as perfect and blame people all the time but there is a pattern. People like hirsi ali are discussing this.

  66. look im 16yrs old. nd I wasn't taught that we as muslims are barbaric. I was tough to respect other religions and cultures. nd btw terry,nabi Muhammad (SAW){a muslim would know what that means} gave a message of love and forgiveness so don't make assumptions without knowing the facts

  67. Its pretty amazing that even a film designed to portray Muslims in the best possible light STILL shows exactly how barbaric their psychotic death cult, with its masked murdering bandit founder, really is.

  68. Looking at the graph appearing at 44:56 of the film discloses that, while majorities of Muslims in many countries reject terrorism, these majorities are not large. Attacks against civilians are declared to be War Crimes and are thus outlawed by the Geneva Conventions. One would expect ALL Muslims to reject such acts. Yet, we find, rather incredibly, that only 29% of Indonesian Muslims, 17% of Lebanese Muslims, 12% of Turkish Muslims, 29% of Pakistani Muslims, 43% if Iranian Muslims, 32% of American Muslims reject war crimes. It should be 100% opposition against war crimes. This result shows clearly that there is VAST support for terrorism within Islam; not the majority, but a HUGE minority. No wonder Muslims are perceived as terrorists and supporters of terrorism.

  69. What's all this about religion. Islam or Christianity. Just be good In life, respect others, help others, worship our superior we call God or Allah. That should be enough. Life is too short. Islamic extremists are just physicopathic murderers who don't give a shit about anyone. But it's good that most Muslims are not extremists, otherwise the whole world will be in shit. Education is the answer. Muslims should be educated to respect the other religions, and other nationalities, and to respect their women.

  70. go read about islam , dont allow politician people to affect your mind and make u believe what they want , allah (god) sent ADAM to earth to build it and obey him and worship him , after years people forgot about god and bad people used idols as way to make money from oblation that people give to the idols after convinsing them to believe that they are the gods and then GOD sent his first prophet NOAH then others as moses then essa and the last one was muhammed (pbuh), so islm is the final and the completer to the past religions and if u realy believe in god go read about islam in the library.

  71. Muslims are radical’s, their religion is violence, they think their religion is the only one with any meaning. If you don’t believe me just go over the last 10 years of newspaper headlines. Anyone who thinks they are helping migrants, needs to do a reality check.
    Pull youtube videos from the UK and tell me these are normal people. Keep them out of Canada.

  72. The conservatives will stop at nothing to ensure that we do not recognize their deliberate enragement of muslims as a divide and conqueror tactic. They have created another cold war, but this time it's at home among us. Once they have instilled fear in us they will offer to protect us, spy upon us, and enslave us like we have never imagined in our worse nightmares. Capitalism is over. Welcome to the nightmare of Global Fascism.

  73. I am a muslim , I love and respect all good people , let bad people say what they want because God in holy quran says : do not revile those whom they invoke instead of God , lest they revile God out of spite and in ignorance , thus have we made the actions of every community seem goodly to them , then to their lord shall they all return , and he will explain to them all that they have been doing . Non muslim friends dont forget that you can not expect to hard enemies of God and islam tell you truth about islam , if you want to search about islam you should ask your questions from your heart , if its still clean . Peace and love to all good people in every race language religion and country .

    1. assalamu alaykum my brother/sister in islam , i am a revert of several months to islam from christianity in scotland , and i am of youre mindset live and let live , your comments brought tears to my eyes , pretty much like the first time i heard adhan in turkey many years ago , may the peace and blessings of our prophet muhammad be upon you .

  74. Would you shake hands with someone who just wiped their ass with a handfull of sand? Mohommed says you must so stay away from those falafel vendors! The way to fix the open sewer of islam to make it glow in the and turn the sand. Surgical nuclear precision in portions of iraq, iran, syria and and a few other back alley sand dunes would be ...... fabulous! Nuke the f--king towelheads!

  75. ...and according to this documentary there are over 15 million MILITANT Muslims. Did anyone else laugh when they put that 1% next to the 57% of the time how Muslims are portrayed in the US media? Are we s*upid?

  76. While I agree with much of what is said here, I can't help but notice an obvious bias and agenda here.

  77. Another documentary telling us wonderful and peaceful Islam is but we all know the reality is different. Muslims throughout history have always threatened, driven out, and murdered people they considered "infidels".

    Agnostic, Atheists, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Jews, etc.. have all been the victims of Islamist violence. Islam is NOT a religion of peace, it is a religion of conquest whose aim is to impose their religion on every person on this planet by any means necessary.

    If the educated and well-spoken Muslims interviewed in this documentary want us to take them seriously, they need to be out in the street protesting against atrocities committed in the name of Islam. These so-called moderate Muslims are just a smokescreen.

  78. They want what they've been programmed to want by the violent soldiers who originally "converted" their ancestors. Oopsie. Now they're just locked into a form of mental slavery.

  79. Anti-West and Anti-state documentary for purposes of Neo-liberal agenda.
    "They want democracy."
    "We need to steer them."

  80. So they show us what 10 or a few more Muslims say about Islam, then tell us a billion Muslims think the same way?
    Do we have 's*upid' written on our foreheads?

    1. No, it's the majority. Listen to the documentary.

  81. What do I conclude from watching this video about what muslims think? 1. That muslims think everyone but themselves is to blame for their problems and that they see themselves as perennial victims. 2. That the results of this 'scientific research' are presented with a great deal of bias. It sounds more like propaganda than an objective analysis.

  82. I found this video proselytising of Islam and most misleading of the true ideology of Islam. It gives a very distorted Islamic Ideology.

    1. Yeah f--k facts, who likes them anyways :D

  83. I think most of you follow mere conjecture, you have no idea about Islam at all. The equaliser, how can you say that laid my foundation for anti muslim thought lol, there are fantastic muslims in the worls and there are shocking ones just latheists, christians and everyone else. USE YOUR LOGIC please. As for muslim killing christians, is does happen but they should not do this, just like bush blair and western leaders go and kill muslims and others in the name of God, the christian one i believe, (even tho I am a british man reverted to islam and believe we all follow the same God, man has divided). Come on people of the west, wake up to the lies we are fed please. There are muslims i agree whose hearts have hardened and some unrightly so, but for western people to point fingers please its disgraceful.

    1. Bush and Blair kill muslims in the name of the Christian god? Are you high or just profoundly mentally ill? When Muslims stop basing their theocracies on celebrating domestic violence, honor violence, homophobia, rape, torture, and bigotry then "The World" will stop "Judging Them" for venerating domestic violence, honor violence, homophobia, rape, torture, and bigotry. Why is that so hard to understand?

      NEVER judge a group based on their extremists, base your view on the average individual... When you look at the LAWS ON THE BOOKS of Islamic Theocracies, laws that believers take with them to Western Countries, you find human rights violation after human rights violation.

      These are what THE LAWS not only of the government but the cult. The Cult and the Government are one and the same.

      When barbaric acts stop taking place, the whole world will start to change their "Negative View" of the cult and governments as a whole.

      Stop blaming others for the laws contained in your own holy texts, on the books of the governments founded upon the holy texts, and are followed by a billion Muslims.

  84. I can truly understand and sympathize with the Muslim people regarding America's meddling and military aggression in the Middle East. I have also conducted my own studies into the Muslim religion and culture. My personal experience with Muslims has been mostly positive as I have witnessed those whom I have know to be generous and gracious people. But there are basic tenets of this religion and culture that can not be ignored and which are a threat to political, personal and religious freedoms as we know them in the West.

    The moral code and religious law of Islam is Sharia law.

    In the latter part of the 20th century the European Court of Human Rights determined that "sharia is incompatible with the fundamental principles of democracy."

    Muslim immigration to western countries has been the cause of numerous clashes between the natural born natives when Islamist fundamentalists have tried to impose their cultural beliefs in the countries where they have settled. Just as all westerners are not good or all bad, Islamists are not all good or all bad.. Google Muslims in Sweden to see what can happen when opposite cultural systems converge. Just one month ago Stockholm went up in flames because of rioting Muslims. It has been reported that rapes committed by Muslim males against non-Muslim women has also become a problem. One of the documentary commentators mentioned that India has a high Muslim population, and India also has one of the highest incidents of rape of any country in the world. Whether the perpetrators of the rapes in India, as in Sweden, are perpetrated by Muslims or not, I do not know.

    Giving little girls in marriage to older men is another Islamic cultural and religious tradition that westerners find difficult to justify as well.

    So, as much as I can respect and admire individual people of the Muslim faith for their good qualities of which they have many, just like anyone else, I personally feel that there are many reasons why people are apprehensive of Muslims that go far beyond acts of terrorism committed by the few. I don't know the answer to the problems of the world that arise out of our differences, but I do believe that respectfully discussing those differences is necessary if we are ever to accomplish any type of peaceful agreements. Unfortunately, there will always be those extremists on both sides who demand that it's their way or the highway.

    1. Ire °? applaude u in taking the time to do research on islam but unfortunately u havnt done enuf. Our shariah law is ª law written for us to abide to, its not violent or oppressing. You claim that it poses ª threat to the westernised world or to ª western country °? don't see how ? We do not force our religion onto ne one nor do we start ª war because of it, politicaly it poses ª threat to us and what our religion stands for, our prayers as well as our way of dressing was abolished. Muslims have been killed and mocked for centuries because people are afraid of what's different. Islam is misinturpreted and so many times taken out of context. You spoke bt googling an incident in Sweden where muslim men raped non muslim girls ? The media is there to brainwash you and the way u think.Truthfully I've sat on google the whole night and there's more website's critiscing islam and our quraan then websites that has the whole truth. In our religion it's ª sin for ª muslim man to gaze at ª muslim women and its called (zina).This is part of our law that we live by so °? dnt see how the raping occured. Our quraan teaches us that if we get smacked on the right cheek, we should turn our head so that the left cheek may get the same, this prevents anger and feuds. Muslim women are covered from head to toe so that no man may look at her with lust so that adultery is prevented, neither is she allowed to walk ª public place alone, she shud be accompanied by ª male whom she cannot marry. Our laws protect our women from harm and ur westenised country see it as oppression.Muslim women may marry when she is of age , and if its to ª older man or to any man, her father needs her consent and if she doesn't agree to it , there will be no wedding, so please do not make it seem as if muslim female's has no choice or no voice in our religion.Maybe u should think bt how terrorist are born, u cud be one tomorow had someone cum into ur home killed ur manfolk and raped ur mother before killing her ? What wud u have done ? Our islamic countries have been and is still being destroyed today, °? don't see how our shariah law may clash with the law of any westernised country if u may please enlighten me on ª few factors. Our law has been around for 1400 years y the sudden threat now ?

    2. As in any religion, Aasiyh, there will be people who take teachings to extremes, including in the western faiths. I have total sympathy for the people in Arab countries regarding what has been done to them by people of western descent. In conversations with others, I stand with those in Arab nations whose homes have been destroyed, whose women have been raped, and whose men have been killed in the name of "democracy". In my opinion, there is nothing democratic about what western nations have done to the Arab nations. I will repeat what I have said as well, that the Muslim people I had met and known as friends were most generous and gracious and personally I have nothing against anyone who is Muslim.

      Having said all of this, the Islamic world, based on Islamic teachings, does embrace practices that are objectionable to many in the western world. The practice of stoning for adultery, honor killings, marrying of young girls to older men, mandatory covering from head to toe of females, not allowing females to drive or to go out in public without a male escort, attitudes towards animals... these and so many more completely clash with western ways. Whatever the reason provided by the religious leaders, to women in the western world this is oppression, not protection, and women are punished when they don't follow these rules.

      The problems between the west and the Muslims arise when such very different cultures live side by side. Violent clashes have indeed occurred in Sweden and other countries between the natives of the country and Islamic immigrants. I don't believe everything I hear on the news, but there is no denying that these clashes have occurred because of cultural and religious differences.

      I've listened to talks given by Muslim leaders instructing Muslims to integrate into western society in order to exert Islamic influence in politics and into the native culture in general. I've heard them talk about bringing Sharia law to the western countries. There has been recent discussion about Sharia law in Canada which has also been experiencing a huge problem with the issue of child brides. Canada and other countries in the western world do not allow children to marry. Children do not yet have the maturity to make a decision about marriage and therefore cannot rationally consent.

      I've seen interviews with people in Sweden who have claimed to have been harassed by Muslims as they walk their dogs or at dog parks. For me this was not hard to believe because Mohammad condemns ownership of dogs. I've heard Muslim leaders talk on these issues and more including something very disturbing that has been referred to as "thighing". Having heard these things coming directly from Muslim leaders is verification that these things are not just "media rumors".

      Again I will reiterate that while I didn't write what I wrote to condemn all Muslims and personally don't have anything against anyone who is of the Muslim faith, I still see the clashes between the Islamic culture and the western culture as a threat. And also totally sympathize with what has been happening to people in the Arab countries as well.

      We all still have a long way to go in terms of respecting the rights of other people and other cultures. We have not yet come to that point where we (meaning all of us, Muslims and westerners alike) are respectful of cultures who don't act or believe in the same things. Until there is mutual respect, mixing the cultures together is like mixing two explosives.

    3. °? don't think you and °? would ever come to an agreement regarding this, all I'm trying to do is give you some insight further to what u are oblivious to. So I'm gona ask you ª question instead ? Why do the americans or any other westernised female feel it their duty to want to save muslim females ? We are not OPPRESSED we are PROTECTED, there's ª diffrence. Don't u realise that we know what is expected of us when it comes to Islam ? We dnt need saving , we need respect to let us be what we have chosen for us . If any muslim female had portrait the fact that they need this ultimate saving they have ª choice to be anything else they want to be. Islam is not ª prison that sentence muslim's to ª life they can not or would not want to live. We love our religion , we hate the fact that people will not respect us enough to let us be what we have chosen for us. Its like •??? coming into ur home and telling you how to discipline ur kids or giving u ª run down of how °? wanted u to be ª wife and ª mother when °? know nothing about u..I've never heard of honour killing's in ª westernised country because °? live in one where our second largest population is muslims..Here we free to be muslims , to pray as muslims and to dress as muslim's without any other culture trying to force us into westenisation, and in return we respect their culture so look around u, and ask urself y is that war only happens in a country where people are afraid of what's diffrent..°? will be honoured to share my religion and my culture u with u if u would like , but it would be ª road °? would take u as ª true muslim so that you may get the insight and understanding why we as muslims would die for our religion..and then maybe u would understand us. I'm gna end of in saying that °? understand from an outsider ur point of views including ur dislikes towrds our religion, °? would too if °? didn't understand it either

    4. I'm not oblivious Aaisiyah, and have already agreed with you on some of what you have said. I never said that I felt it was the duty of westerners to "save muslim women", did I? I expressed sympathy for Arabs whose countries have been invaded by westerners in the name of "democracy" when we all know that's a lie. I have often had conversations with people here in the west, asking them, how they would feel if their homes were destroyed and their family members were killed by foreign, please understand this.

      What I said is that westerners and Muslims are so different in their belief systems that living side by side (in the same country) is explosive... obviously because of such strong feelings on both sides. Muslims don't feel understood but at the same time they send mixed messages. One message is that they are a religion of peace and the other message is that if someone dares say anything against them or against Mohammad, they put their lives at risk, and may be beheaded or stoned or something else that is totally unacceptable in the western world. As incomprehensible as these things are to westerners, if this is the way for Arab peoples in their own country to enforce their religious doctrines, so be it. But when Islamists then want to bring these types of things and other religious traditions like child marriages and Sharia law into western countries, that's where the clashes are going to occur. These things are just too reprehensible to westerners, and that's not going to change.

      And if you want to know why people in the west have issues with Islam, it's often because when Muslims settle in western countries they begin to flaunt their religion and expect the Westerners to adapt, rather than the Muslims adapting to the Western customs. If I go to an Arab country and don't cover my head, and instead flaunt my western ways of dressing.. you don't think that would get me in trouble with the law?

      So, while I, and many other westerners can accept the fact that Muslims follow a different leader, can Muslims accept the fact that people in the west are entitled to their own set of beliefs which are far different than those of Muslims?

      I'm sure that there are many peaceful Muslims just as there are peaceful Westerners, who are respectful of each other. Unfortunately, it's the extremists on both sides who believe that their religion, or their way, is the only true way to live and then try to shove those down the throats of others. Islam has a history of that, as does Christianity. These two religions, as well as Judaism, have clashed for centuries. I think it would be wonderful if that would change and if people could live and let live without trying to change others. Unfortunately, that's not the world we live in. Peace be to you.

    5. Westernisation is ª word given to the century and times which may alter at ne given time age or decade .Its ª fashion trend that is not religiously based but is invented by the imagination of man and what he see's fit as to dressing ,manner of speaking and the idea of how life shud be. What does westernised really mean ? If you created ª trend where two difrnt colour socks shud be worn as ª form of normality shud this be abided by every person who had come into contact with the idea ? And how long wud this idea last ?

      °̩ totally agree your statement of religion shud not be forced down the throats of people, but never have °̩ seen ª muslim male going for ª prayer forcing bypass's to accompany him to ª mosque . Or ª female muslim knocking on the door of her neighbours with islamic wear in her hand forcing hijaab on "ur westernised women" ,

      My country had overcum apartheid, ª division of people with difrnt colour skin until one man made ª difrnce by creating ª unified nation that see's no colour or race . In our democratic country we have the right to freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of religion , free to be whatever we choose to be, in my country there is no religion superior to another , we all see each other as south african's even if ur chinese jewish white black coloured. We are not treated as terrorist because of the bombings in 911 . We stand together as one nation in our westernised country. We do not create hatred towards people because its told to us or shown to us constantly on tv, and even if we silently do as individuals we don't go advertising it but killing or destroying because as ª country we are remember the times of ª divided nation and we are thankful for where we are now. So by u saying muslim shud adapt to westenised country its like telling you to start wearing ª dress. °̩ can't comprehend with ur statement saying Islam was being flaunted expecting people to adapt . What do u have to adapt to ? Seeing females covered from head to toe ? Or males in long white dresses and beards ? Did u have to adapt ur lifestyle to that of ª muslim praying 5 times ª day in comfort of his home in ª silent manner ?
      Or the adapting to the muslim greeting from one person to another in ª public place ? Did ur pork serving resturants all become halaal or did muslim's destroy clubs to build mosques ? Did u have to change ur fashion and ur genre in music or did they start calling u muhammad instead of Peter ? °̩ think you took the word "adapt" totally out of context ..and u shud run to the closest dictationary or wikipedia to find out the definition of adapt.

      Unlike ur westernised traditions that has been changed time and time again , we as muslim's cannot change our beliefs or change our religion just to suit the next person as Islam has been practised for 1400 years . Not once did u portray urself as ª christian or ª god fearing individual but of ª man led by ª goverment . Our quraan forbids us to flaunt as u may say or its sinful for us as muslims to believe we are better then the next person. I don't understand u saying Islam has ª history of forcing our religion onto people, °̩ have never seen ª muslim army invade ª country in the name of Islam. Having to respect ª person even tho u disagree of their beliefs is humane, and that's the only thing that divides ur westernised country and Islam.

    6. Bill Here. Wow, now there is something everyone should listen to. This is a first to me. I think it is some Muslim Women that want more freedom and talk against what you are talking about that makes the West want to help. Maybe you don't know about all the Muslim women that do complain and want and ask for help. I believe that's why the West wants to help. We don't want to interfere with any culture or religion like many countries think that we do. We only try and change others when we hear many people there, asking for change and our help to change...

    7. "Sharia law is not violent or oppressing"??? Well, maybe for you Muslim men it isn't, but too many women have been STONED TO DEATH under Sharia law! How can you possibly say it isn't violent or oppressing? Why is it that you Muslim men can come to America and dress in shorts and t-shirts and sandles during the hot summer, but your women have to be covered head to toe in what must be a sweltering garment? Why is it that Muslim men can rape a young Muslim woman and then drag her before and all-male Muslim court and accuse her of adultery? She is then condemned to death by stoning and the men get off scott-free. To me, your religion is nothing more than a power-trip for men only. You don't even believe women have souls! I cannot condone your religion: it is anti-life, anti-women, anti-justice. You come to other countries just so you can take over and force your Muslim faith on the entire world - isn't that what the Quran teaches? To take over the world and convert it to Islam? Sorry - I want nothing to do with your religion and I don't see how it can be justified in the 21st century, since so many of its laws seem locked into the tribal past.

    8. Firstly early the shariah law was put into practise 1400 years ago, when there was no order and ruling against the unjust. There was ª time when daugthers was buried alive and alcoholism adultry raping theft was freely practised . Its been written in ur bible ,like the ten commandments the shariah law was put into place for us muslims to refrain from all the sin that had already occured. As the law abiding citizen's in this century every criminal will be trialed and is payable for his wrong doings. °̩ dnt dispute the fact that shariah law shud not be practise today as it is inhumane, and trying to push that law onto ª country shud not be allowed .
      But confusing our religious belief's and what our quraan teaches us with the shariah law is utter crap. If u had seen this so called muslim man raping ª women for her committing adultery and being set free please show me your proof , our religion does not permitt rape . So u concluding ur own justice by thumb sucking incidents out of ur ass will not really convince the crap u so eager to believe.

      Not everything revolves around religion , if ª man rapes be it christian , hindu or muslim he is accountable for his own criminal act , y haven't the rest of the world result to ª christian man who raped ª women to it being ª biblical right or dismiss it as ª christian act.

      Why is every muslim who commits ª crime turned into ª religious debate. As for our dressing the islamic wear for men it is stated in our quraan :

      Chapter 2

      The Qur’an and Hijab
      Islam has strongly emphasized the concept of decency and modesty in the interaction between members of the opposite sex. Dress code is part of that overall teaching. There are two verses in the Qur’an in which Almighty Allah talks about the issue of decency and hijab as defined earlier.
      The First Verse
      In Chapter 24 known as an-Nūr (the Light), in verse 30, Allah commands Prophet Muhammad as follows:
      قُلْ لِلْمُؤْمِنِيْنَ يَغُضُّوْا مِنْ أَبْصَارِهِمْ وَ يَحْفَظُوْا فُرُوْجَهُمْ, ذَلِكَ أَزْكَى لَهُمْ.
      “Say to the believing men that: they should cast down their glances and guard their private parts (by being chaste). This is better for them.”
      This is a command to Muslim men that they should not lustfully look at women (other than their own wives); and in order to prevent any possibility of temptation, they are required to cast their glances downwards.This is known as “hijab of the eyes”.

      Then in the next verse, Allah commands the Prophet to address the women:
      قُلْ لِلْمُؤْمِنَاتِ يَغْضُضْنَ مِنْ أَبْصَارِهِنَّ وَ يَحْفَظْنَ فُرُوْجَهُنَّ...
      “Say to the believing women that: they should cast down their glances and guard their private parts (by being chaste)…”
      This is a similar command as given to the men in the previous verse regarding “hijab of the eyes”.
      This hijab of eyes is similar to the teaching of Jesus where he says, “You have heard that it was said by them of old time, you shall not commit adultery. But I say unto you, That whosoever looks on a woman to lust after her has committed adultery with her already in his heart.”[2] So if you see a Muslim casting his/her eyes downwards when he/she is talking to a member of opposite sex, this should not be considered as rude or an indication of lack of confidence — he/she is just abiding by the Qur’anic as well as Biblical teaching.

      After “hijab of the eyes” came the order describing the dress code for women:
      وَ لاَ يُبْدِيْنَ زِيْنَتَهُنَّ إِلاَّ مَا ظَهَرَ مِنْهَا وَ لْيَضْرِبْنَ بِخُمُرِهِنَّ عَلىَ جُيُوْبِهِنَّ...
      “...and not display their beauty except what is apparent, and they should place their khumur over their bosoms...”
      There are two issues about this sentence.
      (1) What is the meaning of “khumur” used in this verse?
      Khumurخُمُرٌ is plural of khimarخِمَارٌ, the veil covering the head. See any Arabic dictionary like Lisanu ’l-‘Arab, Majma‘u ’l-Bahrayn or al-Munjid.
      Al-Munjid, which is the most popular dictionary in the Arab world, defines al-khimar as “something with which a woman conceals her head—ما تغطى به المرأة رأسها .” Fakhru ’d-Din al-Turayhi in Majma‘u ’l-Bahrayn (which is a dictionary of Qur’anic and hadith terms) defines al-khimar as “scarf, and it is known as such because the head is covered with it.”[3]
      So the word khimar, by definition, means a piece of cloth that covers the head.
      (2) Then what does the clause “placing the khumur over the bosoms” mean?
      According to the commentators of the Qur’an, the women of Medina in the pre-Islamic era used to put their khumur over the head with the two ends tucked behind and tied at the back of the neck, in the process exposing their ears and neck. By saying that, “place the khumur over the bosoms,” Almighty Allah ordered the women to let the two ends of their headgear extend onto their bosoms so that they conceal their ears, the neck, and the upper part of the bosom also.[4]
      This is confirmed by the way the Muslim women of the Prophet’s era understood this commandment of Almighty Allah. The Sunni sources quote Ummu ’l-mu’minin ‘A’isha, the Prophet’s wife, as follows: “I have not seen women better than those of al-Ansar (the inhabitants of Medina): when this verse was revealed, all of them got hold of their aprons, tore them apart, and used them to cover their heads...”[5]
      The meaning of khimar and the context in which the verse was revealed clearly talks about concealing the head and then using the loose ends of the scarf to conceal the neck and the bosom. It is absurd to believe that the Qur’an would use the word khimar (which, by definition, means a cloth that covers the head) only to conceal the bosom with the exclusion of the head! It would be like saying to put on your shirt only around the belly or the waist without covering the chest!
      Finally the verse goes on to give the list of the mahram – male family members in whose presence the hijabis not required, such as the husband, the father, the father-in-law, the son(s), and others.

      In Chapter 33 known as al-Ahzab, verse 59, Allah gives the following command to Prophet Muhammad:
      يَا أَيُّهَا النَّبِيُّ, قُلْ لأَزْوَاجِكَ وَ بَنَاتِكَ وَ نِسآءِ الْمُؤْمِنِيْنَ: يُدْنِيْنَ عَلَيْهِنَّ مِنْ جَلاَبِيْبِهِنَّ...
      “O Prophet! Say toyour wives, your daughters, and the women of the believers that: they should let down upon themselves their jalabib.”
      What is the meaning of “jalabib”?
      Jalabibجَلاَبِيْبٌis the plural of jilbabجِلْبَابٌ, which means a loose outer garment. See any Arabic dictionary like Lisanu ’l-‘Arab, Majma‘u ’l-Bahrayn or al-Munjid.
      Al-Munjid, for instance, defines jilbab as “the shirt or a wide dress—القميص أو الثوب الواسع.” While al-Turayhi, in Majma‘u ’l-Bahrayn, defines it as “a wide dress, wider than the scarf and shorter than a robe, that a woman puts upon her head and lets it down on her bosom...”[6]
      This means that the Islamic dress code for women does not only consist of a scarf that covers the head, the neck and the bosom; it also includes the overall dress that should be long and loose.
      So, for instance, the combination of a tight, short sweater with tight-fitting jeans with a scarf over the head does not fulfill the requirements of the Islamic dress code.
      The Quran says what means:
      {And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty; that they should not display their beauty and ornaments except what (must ordinarily) appear thereof; that they should draw veils over their bosoms and not display their beauty except to their husbands, their fathers, their husbands’ fathers, their sons...} (An-Nur 24:31).

      The meaning apparent to the Arabic reader is that in the presence of men who are not mahrams to a Muslim woman, she should wear a head cover that extends long enough to cover the bosom, not that only the bosom is covered. Another verse in Surat Al-Ahzab clarifies this further. The Quran says what means:
      {O Prophet! Tell thy wives and daughters, and the believing women that they should cast their outer garments over their persons [when abroad]; that is most convenient, that they should be known [as such] and not molested. And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful} (Al-Ahzab 33:59).

      The Arabic word used here to indicate the cover is the plural of jilbab. Ibn Taymiyyah stated in Majmu` Al-Fatawa 22:110-111: “The jilbab is a cover which is large enough to cover the woman’s head and the rest of her body hanging from the top of her head.”

      Further, the Quran instructs the Prophet’s Companions in words that mean:
      {And when you ask [the Prophet’s wives] for anything you want, ask them from behind a screen} (Al-Ahzab 33:53).

      The meaning of hijab in this verse is any object that conceals a woman such as a wall, a door, or clothes. The ruling of the verse, even though it was revealed concerning the wives of the Prophet (peace be upon him), generally encompasses all Muslim women. This is because the wisdom behind the ruling is specified in the remainder of the verse. It says what means:
      {that makes for greater purity for your hearts and theirs} (Al-Ahzab 33:53).

      This wisdom is general among all men and women. Therefore the generality of the wisdom also indicates the general application of the rule as apparent in surah 33, verse 59 above.

      Islam uplifted women, gave them equality, and expects them to maintain their status.

      The status of women in Islam is often the target of attacks in the secular media. The hijab or the Islamic dress is cited by many as an example of the “subjugation” of women under Islamic law. Yet, the truth is that 1400 years ago, Islam recognized women’s rights in a way that grants them the utmost protection and respect as well, a combination other systems fail to offer. Islam granted them freedom of expression, political participation, business and financial rights, and asked the rest of society to hold them in high esteem and offer them due respect as mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters.

      In the Quran, Allah Almighty first mentions lowering the gaze for men before lowering the gaze and wearing hijab for women. The Quran teaches us what means:

      {Say to the believing men that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty: that will make for greater purity for them: and Allah is well acquainted with all that they do} (An-Nur 24:30).

      The moment a man looks at a woman with any brazen or unashamed thought in mind, he should lower his gaze. The next verse of Surat An-Nur is the one commanding believing women to wear the hijab.

      Islam expects women to maintain their status by following Allah’s rules designed for their advantage. Hijab is one such rule.

      Six Criteria for Hijab

      According to the Quran and Sunnah, there are basically six criteria for observing hijab:

      1. It is obligatory for males to cover at least from the navel to the knees. For women, it is obligatory to cover the complete body except the face and the hands up to the wrist. If they wish to, they can cover even these parts of the body. Some scholars insist that the face and the hands are part of the obligatory extent of hijab, especially if temptation (fitna) is feared in times and places where Islamic rules are not prevalent or if security is scarce.

      All the remaining five criteria are the same for men and women:
      2. The clothes should be loose and should not reveal the figure.
      3. The clothes should not be transparent or see-through.
      4. The clothes should not be so glamorous as to attract attention.
      5. The clothes should not resemble those of the opposite sex.
      6. The clothes should not resemble those of the unbelievers, that is, clothes that identify or are symbols of the unbelievers’ religions.

      Hijab Includes Conduct

      Complete hijab, besides the six criteria of clothing, also includes the moral conduct, behavior, attitude, and intention of the individual. A person only fulfilling the criteria of hijab of the clothes is observing hijab in a limited sense. Hijab of the clothes should be accompanied by hijab of the eyes, the heart, the thought, and the intention. It also includes the way a person walks, talks, and behaves. Therefore, the hypocritical use of hijab is not a good example of Muslim conduct.

      Hijab Prevents Molestation

      The Quran says that hijab enables women to be recognized as modest women and this will also protect them from being molested. Suppose there is a hooligan who is waiting to tease a girl. Whom will he tease? A girl wearing hijab, or one wearing a mini skirt or shorts? Hijab does not degrade a woman but uplifts a woman and protects her modesty and chastity.

      Lifting the Veil Will Not Uplift Women

      Woman’s liberalization mostly disguises exploitation of her body, degradation of her soul, and deprivation of her honor. Non-Muslim societies claim to have uplifted women via allowing them to expose their bodies, but on the contrary, this has actually degraded them to mere tools in the hands of pleasure seekers and sex marketers, hidden behind the colorful screen of “art” and “culture.”

      Muslim women should be well aware of these facts. They should be aware that hijab protects them from evil glances and evil desires of those who are sick in the heart, as described in the Quran. Muslim women must adhere to Allah’s rules and not be persuaded or tempted by the media that opposes hijab or belittles its significance, as those who spread these ideas only desire evil for her. The Quran warns by saying what means:
      {But the wish of those who follow their lusts is that you should deviate away [from the right path], -far, far away} (An-Nisaa 4:27)

      So early while u and ur friends walk in public swaying ur heads from left to right waiting to see which man may look at ur spouse in her short micro mini with lustful eyes, or having to doubt ur wife as to which male she may have encounted staring at her ass with her head held high ,our muslim men may walk next to their wives with easiness knowing that she is not put on display for the world to see , to rate or to be disgraced..We as muslims have been protected from the evil of this world and the adulterous sin that has now become ª norm..

      While ur divorce rate is sky rocketing our quraan forbids it making it the biggest sin committed in Islam..when we take a vow to marriage taking an oat infront of god its not just another line from ª story book but having to believe that god is present on that occasion. Our quraan states when ª man marry's half of his faith is fulfilled , let him fear god the other half.

      So °̩ have quoted from my quraan and from that only u may decide if my religion permits voilent acts and if our women are oppressed.

      Islam is perfect , muslims are not.

    9. Bill Again, It's people like the scared gentleman commenting earlier that think someone can come from another country and somehow take over their small minds with their own religion that is just silly! Then they get other like minded (Small) to freak out too, and then you have a bunch of i*iots scared of a religion! With half a brain, you could just not go with what they are. What? you have no choice. You think a religion is a disease? You might catch it, Oh God!

      Some people shouldn't be around a keyboard! I think everybody forgot about radical Christians and the burning and stoning that they did. That shouldn't make all Christians bad. Why all Muslims have to bare what Radical Muslims do, is way beyond my brain, of course mine isn't tiny like some of these other people without eyes or common sense.

      People, please try and use your heads, at least a little bit!!!...

    10. Sura "9:5 When the sacred months are over kill the idolaters [ That's you and me Bill] wherever you find them. .... If they repent and take to prayer and render the alms levy [pay a ransom], allow them to go their way [As a "dhimmi" of course - look it up Bill] . God is forgiving and merciful."
      They believe this stuff and act on it in Islamic states where there is invariably no democracy and no human rights for non-muslims. There is no such thing as 'moderate Islam'. That's why terrorism is never officially condemned by Muslims (except as taqiyya). Candidly, I'm afraid of them and you should be too.

    11. Small mines vs small d[i]cks and thats why you kill your women because your women cant stop laughing at the little-matter in which you claim to be a man! Our minds are so small we have the comforts your sand pits only can dream about hence the reason you sorry a[s]s dip sh[i]ts come to America. Must take a lot of brains to keep a sand dune manicured!

    12. I'm curious dan, where and how did you gain your supposed extensive knowledge on penis size around the world? First hand knowledge? (or would Right hand be more accurate for you?)
      But then again, they are probably small d1cks compared to the one sitting on your shoulders.
      Yep, that's right, I just called you a d1ckhead. A Christian, white supremacist, 'USA is the greatest at everything', full of sh1t, idiotic d1ckhead, to be more accurate.
      Yeah, I read a few more of your posts ;) Taking time off from your Obama bashing to have a go at Muslims are you?

      You Christian white extremists are just as ridiculous and harmful to decency as are Muslim extremists. It'd be a nice change if the lot of you extremist twits picked a spot in the world and just fought each other there, and left the majority of the moderate people in this world out of your BS for a change. But neither one of your 'Books of BS' allows that now do they.
      You're both a pack of dangerous fools following absurd beliefs. You deserve each other, the rest of the world doesn't. Either one of you or your equally absurd preachings. Shame on both groups for the hurt and hate and lies you both spread.

    13. "Some people shouldn't be around a keyboard" ...this statement makes my heart sing with joy! *applause* *clapping* applause*

    14. Any "God" who would condone the kind of inhumanity towards women and girls as is condoned by Muslims even today is certainly not a God worth believing in lest you like so many before you become victims to an obviously insane and inhumane system in which half of humanity is abused and subjugated in the name of God on a daily basis. It is my belief that this so called prophet of God was a man with a lot of power who saw to it that women would be trapped for centuries in a role of sex slave and victim of men's cruelty and dominance by claiming that God spoke through him. How clever to use the name of God to instill fear and perpetrate lies that the masses were afraid not to believe lest God strike out against them. No just God protects the perpetrators of heinous crimes against women and girls while setting down precise punishments for the female victims who are ALWAYS asking for it by luring men to commit crimes against them, never mind that many of these victims are children. Any so called holy book that places places all the blame of man's evil ways on women is clearly the product of power hungry dysfunctional male minds and not of an all knowing all loving GOD. This was obviously a book that was written by men for men and passed off as the word of God in order to preserve male power over women throughout centuries by claiming it was God's word. It's time these lies were exposed.

    15. "Our quraan teaches us that if we get smacked on the right cheek, we should turn our head so that the left cheek may get the same"

      I've never come across this in my own reading of the quran. Which sura is it in?

    16. You make some excellent points. I particularly enjoyed your criticism of Western media. But, correct me if i'm wrong, I have learned that shar'iah law is just a more general term used to discuss a wide and various range of laws and practices that are interpreted differently depending on which school of fiqh or Islamic jurisprudence jurists favor (which is also dependent upon the region or country that a jurist resides)? I assume that you probably already know all of this but chose not to explain this to the (incredibly rude) people who commented previously.

    17. If only people could take the time to do more research and reading before taking a radical stance on anything. It's all tainted but the sheeps just follow the herd.

    18. So very true. It becomes quite clear after reading only a handful of comments about the film that the people who make ridiculous statements have obviously not even watched the film, and if they did the information the film provided was not understood nor comprehended. After scrolling through the various comments I know why I enjoy the ivory tower of academia. (*sigh* *mumbles about the failures of American K-12 public education**)

    19. I don't quite understand what you'd like me to explain, umm the school of fiqh ? Fiqh is a guidance of how a muslim should live his everyday life regarding correct way of praying , prayers that should be recited in numerous things you do example bathing, dressing,eating, sleeping which is taught in a Madressa to children. Where as Shariah Law is Sharia law is what Allah, to Whom all praise and glory is due, has ordained for Muslims. It includes belief, acts of worship (prayers, fasting, charity, etc), morals (truth, trustworthiness, kindness), and the etiquette of dealing with people, such as visiting the sick and how to greet one another. Sharia law includes all that Allah has ordained for us in all walks of life to ensure our success in this world and the Hereafter.

      As we ponder over sharia law, we discover that its sources are commandments from Allah delivered to Muhammad (pbuh). Similarly, we see that Allah also sent his sharia to the previous prophets (pbut). So, Moses (pbuh) came with sharia for his people, and Jesus (pbuh) also came with sharia, and similarly, Muhammad (pbuh) came with sharia. These sharia agree and complement each other in some ways, as they are all from Allah, and they also differ in other ways, according to the place and time of the revelation. Allah's law are all in agreement in the following:
      Beliefs: Every sharia testifies to only One creator and sustainer, and that is Allah.
      Morals: Every sharia emphasizes good morals. Every messenger instructed his people to have morals of truth, honesty, and trust, and all forbade falsehood, theft, and oppression. Therefore, every messenger (pbut) ordained good morals and forbid bad morals.
      Moses (pbuh) ordained the Ten Commandments to his people, and these are found in the Torah/Old Testament. Jesus (pbuh) also confirmed them when he said in the book of Matthew, 5:17:
      Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.
      The Ten Commandments include:
      You shall have no other gods before Me. This is equal to the belief in Islam that shirk (associating partners with Allah) is a great sin and against Allah's sharia.
      You shall not make for yourself any carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; you shall not bow down to them nor serve them. Muslims have a very similar belief regarding statues and other images.
      You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain. This means to not take a false oath by the name of Allah, and Muslims believe this as well.
      Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. Muslims do not go to the extreme of not working at all on our day of worship, but we are still ordered to stop what we are doing and worship Allah for Allah's sake alone.
      Honor your father and your mother. Muslims have a similar command, except the mother is owed much more honor than the father since she gives part of her life to bring her children into this world.
      You shall not murder. Indeed, Muslims have the exact same order as the Jews and Christians regarding this.
      You shall not commit adultery. Again, same order.
      You shall not steal. Ditto.
      You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. Ditto.
      You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that is your neighbor’s. And this also applies to the Muslim.
      Similar to these commandments given to Moses and Jesus (pbut), Allah gave us commandments in the Qur'an:
      Say, "Come, I will recite what your Lord has prohibited to you. [He commands] that you not associate anything with Him, and to parents, good treatment, and do not kill your children out of poverty; We will provide for you and them. And do not approach immoralities - what is apparent of them and what is concealed. And do not kill the soul which Allah has forbidden [to be killed] except by [legal] right. This has He instructed you that you may use reason." [Surah al-'An'aam, verse 151]
      and do not approach the orphan's property except in a way that is best until he reaches maturity. And give full measure and weight in justice. We do not charge any soul except [with that within] its capacity. And when you testify, be just, even if [it concerns] a near relative. And the covenant of Allah fulfill. This has He instructed you that you may remember. [Surah al-'An'aam, verse 152]
      and O you who have believed, do not consume one another's wealth unjustly but only [in lawful] business by mutual consent. And do not kill yourselves [or one another]. Indeed, Allah is to you ever Merciful. [Surah an-Nisa, verse 29]
       Allah also said, "this is My path, which is straight, so follow it; and do not follow [other] ways, for you will be separated from His way. This has He instructed you that you may become righteous."

      So, the divine laws, including sharia law, are based on the revealed books - the Torah, the Gospel, and the Qur'an. And in Islam, sharia law also comes from the hadiths, the sayings and actions of the prophet Muhammad (pbuh). These sharias differ in other ways, regarding how to pray, or how to deal with people, and the laws of inheritance. Islamic sharia confirms many previous rulings in some areas and differs in others. That is why Allah said:
      Allah has ordained for you of religion what He enjoined upon Noah and that which We have revealed to you, [O Muhammad], and what We enjoined upon Abraham and Moses and Jesus -   to establish the religion and not be divided therein.
      This verse points to the similarities of the sharias of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The next verse points to their differences:
      To each of you We prescribed a law and a method [a way of life].
      At-Tabari explained that this verse means, "To every nation we revealed the right way, and a clear way of life to follow." Similarly, ibn Abbas explained, "The ways of life are different. The Torah has a shariah, the Bible has a shariah, and the Qur'an has a shariah, and all of them are from Allah".

      Punishments (hudood) are only a very small part of sharia law. We need to remove these misunderstandings. First, there are four punishments in sharia law:
      Punishment for sex outside of marriage
      Punishment for false accusation (one who accuses a man or woman of having sex outside of marriage who is unable to produce four just, trustworthy witnesses to the physical act of penetration)
      Punishment for greater theft (rebellion)
      Punishment for theft.
       So, we have four punishments, and also retribution (an eye for an eye). There are ten verses in the Qur'an that announce these punishments and retribution. Two are from Surah al-Baqarah, four from Surah al-Maidah, four from Surah an-Noor. That's ten verses. Ten verses from a total 6236 verses mention these punishments. So, why do pundits and commentators leave 6226 verses and only discuss these ten verses? In fact, the whole of the Qur'an is sharia law, and this includes belief, worship, morals, and etiquette.

      The verses in the Qur'an that deal with punishments were not revealed in the beginning of the revelation, but towards the end of it, as Surah al-Maidah is among the last of the Surahs that was revealed. So, before Muhammad (pbuh) applied the punishments, he (pbuh) applied the rest of Islam! When charity has been established, meaning it is collected from the rich and given to the poor, there is no need to steal if he is already receiving support from the wealth of the Muslims.

      Let's look at this issue further. The punishment for stealing is to cut off the hand. But applying this punishment has a very strict set of conditions.

      First, we need to ensure all the teachings of Islam are in practice. For example, we cannot leave the practice of collecting the obligatory charity before applying the punishment for stealing. An example is found in Umar ibn al-Khattab. When he was the leader of the faithful, he inquired to one of his governors, "What do you do when a thief is brought to you?" The governor said, "I cut off his hand." Umar said, "Then, if a hungry person from your district comes to me, I should order the cutting of your hand! I did not appoint you to humiliate the people or to put them into poverty. I appointed you to remove their hunger, and to promote justice among them." From this hadith we understand that if a person steals out of hunger or desperation of poverty, it is not permissible to chop his hand off according to sharia.

      In fact, Umar withheld the punishment for stealing in a year of extreme hardship, when the people were facing a famine. For an entire year Umar ordered that no one be subjected to the usual punishment for stealing because the thief might be a needy person in dire straights. This is in line with Muhammad's (pbuh) order in sharia law: Remove the punishments in the case of doubt.

      Islam has ordered the ruler to feed the people, and to teach the ignorant in the matters of religion, and to take care of the orphan, and to tend to the sick, and to provide shelter for the homeless. Then, and only then, if a person steals not due to some need but due to mischief, the punishment of stealing will be applicable to him or her. But we should remember that in order to apply the punishment, the thief must have stolen a significant amount. The punishment of chopping off the hand is not applicable if someone stole an insignificant amount, such as $20 here in America. The person who stole must not have stake of ownership, so the punishment will not be given to the one who teals from his father's house, and punishment will not be given to a person who steals from the treasury of the Muslims. In such cases, a lesser punishment, such as time in prison, may be given. This is called Tadheer.

      Furthermore, punishment cannot be given to an ignorant person, one who does not know what is permissible and what is forbidden. In this regard, sharia law is more merciful than the law of the United States, because the argument that one is ignorant of the law is not a valid argument in America.

      The next condition, and this is a very important one, is that the punishment can only be determined and ordered by the ruler, and not by the people among themselves, and the ruler can only apply them after going through all the criteria. So honor killings, the practice of killing relatives, in particular girls, for possibly committing adultery, is not a killing of honor but an outright murder. Muslims absolutely cannot take matters into their own hands regarding these punishments. If they cannot resolve the situation among themselves, they must go to the local authority and argue their case there, and be willing to accept whatever punishment (if any) the ruler decides. So in America, because we have no authority on sharia who is in charge and can decide the punishment, there is no sharia punishment for any of these offenses. Instead we rely on the government of the United States to do with these cases as they see fit.

      Finally, we must answer the question that many people answer for themselves incorrectly. Can sharia law be applied to non-Muslims? The answer is "No." Non-Muslims, whether they are Jews or Christians or Hindus or Buddhists are not required to follow Islamic sharia law. Sharia law is only for Muslims. So these claims that Muslims are trying to slowly implement sharia, also known as creeping sharia, are absolutely false.

      Sharia also means to take care of orphans, to give charity, to help the needy, to take care of the sick, and to give shelter to the homeless. Similarly, sharia orders us to be kind and just to parents, neighbors, and non-Muslims.

      Sharia law is a whole, not a part. Only when the above conditions have been fulfilled is it then permissible to apply punishment to the Muslims who break the commandments, since they are the transgressors.
      I wish to make an important point that Islam is a religion of mercy, and Muhammad (pbuh) was a prophet of mercy. Muhammad (pbuh) told us a story of a woman who entered the hellfire because she locked up an unwanted cat without food or water, and it died of hunger. So, when Islam gives so much importance to the right of a mere animal, and forbids torturing them, does it make sense for Islam to be cruel to the best of creations - humans - whom Allah has honored?

    20. It was not muslims that rioted in Stockholm it was youths. Some came from families that descend from muslim majority countries (but as well all know that doesn't make u a muslim), but the common denominator is that the perps are criminal and young. We had riots in Södertälje which notorious for its Christian population (that have in fact driven out muslims from that city). And the perps in that city are VERY likely to be Christian (arab and Assyrian). You even had white swedish kids rioting. However it would be politcally incorrect to point these facts out.

      By the way there is no such thing as Sharia law. There are so many different Sharia LAWS half of which contradict each other. Different cultures have different laws for different peoples and races etc. It's really no possiblle generalise besides the fact that they all claim to be inspired by Allah/God via his messenger Muhammad.

  85. I found this laid my foundation of anti muslim thought stronger than ever - are you insane? From you data we have Millions of men and women out there who hate the west and want to kill me!! Thanks for that fantastic confirmation of what I already thought! Very scary - don't try and sell me Sharia as a positive thing when you all know it isn't! Joke!

    1. They're all trying to kill you? I guess that means the rest of us are safe then! Might as well hand you over and bring an end to the war on terror. On average, nine people die each year in the UK trying to put their socks on. 52 people died in the 7/7 bombings in London in 2005. By now, 81 people might have died in sock related accidents. I think it's time we declared war on hosiery ;)

    2. G'day dewflirt,

      We some of the deadliest animals in the world and we only average about four deaths a year from those, I didn't think socks could be that dangerous....:)

    3. Hey Jacks, they're savage little beasties, even more deadly than badgers. I'm curious to know how many people are felled by flip-flops in your neck of the woods, or by laminate flooring worldwide. Couldn't find an answer though, any idea? :)
      Edit, about 200k injuries in the UK alone due to flip-flops. Must be utter carnage where you are, the land of thongs and xxxx ;)

    4. Wow, I didn't know that dew. 9 a year from socks. Like you said, they are savage little beasties...especially the holy ones. ;)

    5. Hey Flirt, nah most of us Aussies take our first steps in thongs :)

      Good questions have no answers however if I find out you'll be the first I tell.

    6. Welcome to TDF, The Equaliser.

      I think you can sleep easy tonight, your further down their list than you think...;)

  86. Do gooders wake up! A Muslim is a Muslim ! Not rocket science, they openly admit to breeding their way into domination and will do so because of the corruption of governments unless stopped very soon! Don't give me bullshit about not all Muslims are bad! They ALL have the same ideology, domination by any means possible

  87. i think they picked out all the good stats and put into a video... where the stats on the other questions they asked

  88. there problems are our problems... so 9/11 was our fault

  89. Listening to this again, at around the 40th minute, it sounds like instead accepting personal responsibility for outrageous behaviors, we have a people that blame others for "why I want to blow up a hotel: you made me mad so I killed a bunch of my own people."

    Human beings can take any ideology, twist it and use it to justify all sorts of evil, even so-called "Christians" do this. Therefore, Islam seems to be just another ideology, hardly superior. So, please don't take a victim stance.

    Stepping back, I see the words of St. Paul still ringing true: "The love of money is the root of all sorts of evil." The Arabs selling oil love westerners' money, even if they hate westerners' "policies". Well, you can't serve two masters.

  90. I'd like for this very articulate Dalia Mogahed to have a debate with Wafa Sultan and Bat Ye'or.

  91. There are so many flaws in this video it's painful. Like acting surprised that iran was more in favour of the attack on iraq. Why is that a shock? What kind of people made this stupid film?

  92. Propaganda and lies.

  93. Docoman,
    The majority of vn are buddishts, but we still have murderers, rapist, all kind of criminals. However, we are definitely nowhere near the level of Muslims when it comes to violence.

    Back to the main topic, Americans stepped up to shoulder the heavy responsiblity in Vietnam war to save the world from Communisim, they still have their troops in Philippines, S.Korea, Japan to keep us safe. USA single-handedly destroyed Soviet Union. I don't get how all of the hard works and sacrifices to earn freedom for everyone earn Americans so many enemies. I recently volunteer one day a week at a local nursing home having a lot of veterans . I learnt they gave up best years of their lives to wars; they missed out on having fun, dating, n getting rich. They left parts of their bodies around the world for the good cause. they did not spread the wars, they did spread the freedom.

    i am a buddhist not a christian so i am not a natural born enemy of M. I have friends from Catholics to Lutherans to Sikhs, I am not even aware of our differences .I believe we all have one God to teach us to be kind to all kinds of beings, human or dogs or pigs to create good karma. BUt i think Muslims should be stopped from inflicting pains on other religions and among themselves. Totalitarianism like fascism, communism, or islam has to be weeded out before it results in darkness, oppression, and misery. ONce again, Americans don't deserve the "warmongers" title because of their presences in the Middle East. They are there to stop the extremists to ruin it for everyone, to protect the innocents, to spread the democracy, and to show the brainwashed people the light at the other end of the long dark Islam tunnel. Americans may not be perfect and make mistakes but it is very brave and selfless of them to stand up against Muslims.
    I never said Americans are angels on earth, they are just as good as human beings can possible be. Americans are the one of the best allies, protectors, or you can call it a big brother that every country can rely on for either protection or aid or both during the time of crisis and vulnerability.

    Btw, I am not a guy, I am a girl barely out of my teenage years and still in sophomore year in college. I may be young but not that stupid because my husband has always encouraged me to read a lot of books about the wars that US involved. I also manage As in all of my science classes. I am married to an Ameircan man from a military family. His granddads fought the WW2 in Western Europe, his dad and uncles fought the Korean and VN wars, and my husband has joined the force even before the Persian Gulf War. I have a chance to run in the same cirlce with veterans and active soldiers. My first- hand experience is they are great soldiers who always have other countries' best interests at heart. Sadly, they are misunderstood by the rest of the world, esp Muslims.

    1. Mail order bride are ya????? Your barely out of your teens so how dare you comment ''My first- hand experience is they are great soldiers who always have other countries' best interests at heart.'' You have no first hand knowledge on any military service and as such coming from an ex serviceman it's time you shut the f*ck up before you really upset this ex service member and he tells you a few home truth about you and your first hand knowledge.

    2. G'day ibuivq,
      I assumed you were a man, I called you a 'his', so my apologies for assuming.
      I'll keep it mostly to the 'main topic', which is actually religion, not politics, (the doco topic) apart from a little.
      On the point the VN war and who financed it, follow the money another step or two back, and you'll find that the USA was funding both sides, the same as the Iran Contra Affair. Living with Veterans as a family member is one thing, talking to non family Veterans is different.
      Back to religion. :) I'd agree that Buddhist's have been the most gentle of the main religions, but don't kid yourself that Christians are any less 'bloodthirsty' at times then Muslims can be. There are extremists on both sides. Look at history, and you'll find this to be true.

      You may not think as a Buddhist you are an enemy of any other religion, but it's a multi-player game, so whether you like it or not, words like 'infidel' and 'gentile' mean you are different, and according to their scriptures therefore 'a natural enemy'. You may not want to fight, that doesn't guarantee you won't be swept up in one.

      Religion is a divider of people, a manipulation tool that is used. One version doesn't know any more about 'God' then any other, it's a st*pid argument that has cost our species enough, but it's still ongoing. Have a non-biased look and you'll find pretty much all religion is as bad as each other.

    3. North america is for North Americans and no one else should be living here!

    4. What about visitors/tourists, or specialized workers like scientists or Uni lecturers, or students? My Australian sister was married to a Texan, 2 kids, what about her if he'd wanted to move back there?

      Other then those sorts of things I can agree with you.

    5. "North American" is a broad political/geographical designation for people whose ancestors came from all over the map. "One" group, in particular, beat everyone else to the field by a considerable margin, for that matter. If we can find one, maybe we should ask them what they think about that.

    6. dear its a law of nature nobody protect all with out and benefit america need oil for live long as they are highly consumption of oil theretofore they made imaginative image of Islam in world the CIA take best part in this deed they attack iraq iran afghanistan just the need oil its is a war of self defense from hunger of oil. Unfortunately many muslims countries are Poor they have opportunity to buy high command of the countries.I am strongly believe that you will ibuivq come to know at end of the judgement day.

    7. You are right about the oil and the western consumption of it. At the same time, there are extremely greedy forces in the Arab world feeding off of this western greed while at the same time starving the the majority of Arabs from their share of the riches. The truth of the matter, if we get right down to it, is that NO ONE owns the oil, as NO ONE owns the earth. We are all just visitors here, but instead of acting as guests we, humans, act more like rapists. This earth would be better off without any of us.

    8. Well said. I'm British. If it hadn't been for all the Americans that gave up their lives in 1944 we'd have had Nazi concentration camps in Britain. Thank God for the American stand on Islam today (all Islam is 'radical' as far as I can see), because our own useless government seem to have no idea what's going on under their noses.

  94. .Grumpy25608,
    " Muslims have a higher birth rate than other religions, and will take over the world by population

    Two generations ago, it seemed as if Islamic countries were destined for out-of-control population growth. People spoke of an “Islamic fertility rate” - - more than 5 children per family, on average - - and predicted minaret spires foresting the Earth.

    Today, it is readily apparent that Islam is not connected with population growth. Just look at Iran, the world’s only Islamic theocracy, where the average family had around 7 children in the 1980s - - and has 1.7 today, a lower rate than France or Britain. Or look at the United Arab Emirates, with 1.9 children per family. Or Turkey, ruled by an elected party of devout Muslims for a decade, which now has 2.15 children per family. Or Lebanon, where, despite Hezbollah’s rise, has only 1.86 children per family (so that its population will be shrinking).

    Around the world, the average Muslim family size has fallen from 4.3 children per family in 1995 to 2.9 in 2010, and is expected to fall below the population-growth rate, and converge with Western family sizes, by mid-century. This is a crucial sign that Muslim societies are undergoing a major modernizing, secularizing wave - - even if they elect Islamist parties while doing so"
    Long story short, Muslim had higher fertility rate in the in the second half of 20th century and still carry it on compared to other religions. The rate is slower now time but still outpace others in the past, now, and in near future.

    "In reality, the family sizes of Muslim immigrant groups are converging fast with those of average Westerners - - faster, it seems, than either Jewish or Catholic immigrants did in their time". Why do you compare yourself to people from the primitive past.

    "Muslims in France and Germany are now having only 2.2 children per family, barely above the national average. And while Pakistani immigrants in Britain have 3.5 children each, their British-born daughers have only 2.5. Across" ......still beat the natives.

    1. Investigate a bit more mate. ;)

      "In 2001, fewer than 2,000 babies were born in Britain to Polish mothers. This has now increased by at least eleven-fold to 23,000 last year, making Poland the top nationality for creating second-generation immigrants to the UK.
      Women from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Somalia, Germany, South Africa, Lithuania and China have the next highest number of babies."
      Basically 3.5 to 4 out of the top 10 birth-rates for immigrants in the UK are from Muslim countries, the top being the Poles. They might be beating the 'natives', but the Poles are beating them all, with the Christian immigrants not far behind the Muslims.

      As a Vietnamese born person, you talking about 'muslims killing their own' is a bit 'rich'. It wasn't that long ago your people were killing their own, does that mean you deserve a reputation of being 'bloodthirsty' too?

    2. REad what i sent Grumpy25068. Are you that ignorant of histoy? Does anyone in the world that is not stuck stupidity believe that our people starts that war. did Koreans started Korean wars? did Germans build the wall between themselves. There are about 2 millions people in the US, and a lot more around the world. Have we ever been viewed as a threat to their civilaztion or way of life as much as muslims.

    3. I said nothing about who started that war, I know very well the Gulf of Tonkin was a BS excuse to start that.
      Hmm, which is kind of weird after your statement, "I can not think of any nations on earth that is more humane, honest, and rightous than America."
      Make up your mind mate, are the US war mongers, one side that involved themselves in VN, or 'righteous and humane'?
      I was talking about your claim that anyone who kills their own is bloodthirsty. North v's South Vietnamese killed a lot of your own, so by your logic, your 'original nation' should also be called bloodthirsty.

      I was hoping you'd see the injustice of your claim about Muslims being bloodthirsty, as it's as silly as saying Vietnamese people are. Looks like I hoped in vain. :(

    4. Can you provide your source to where you statistic came from as I've read the complete document from where i got mine from and cannot find anything like what you have stated in your add on to my statement????

    5. The copy and paste does not work here. go to ciafactbook, or religionpopulation sites... you will see the fertility rate of muslims pop overall are higher than Christians in general.

    6. After reading your post it appears that your reply was a direct copy of one of my previous post with your own little add on in the last paragraph so please stop your BS.

  95. I personnal have no problem with any moderate religious person and I wish them no harm. May-by the muslims need to speak out against the extreme elements of their faith and let the rest of the world know that it is a small minority with in their faith that are the extremist. It looks to me that when a terrorist act is carried out the moderate muslims are to busy defending their religion rather than condeming the people responsable for these terrorist acts.

    My personal opinion is bring all the religious nutters together and hopefully they will all kill each other, so the rest of us peace loving people around the world can go on living in harmony with each other no matter their own beliefs are.

    I'm an athiest so my opinion on religion is that it is all BS, and the sooner poeple except the truth about evolution, the more chance that we the human race may live in harmony (I wont hold my breath though).

    1. You need to live in the UK and open your eyes! A Muslim is a Muslim, they openly admit they are breeding to take over us and our government are backing them

    2. Do you actually believe that ? Anybody can make such a claim. I have heard white nazis say the EXACT same thing.

      On practial lvl I simply cannot belive it. Why ? Because muslims are n tiours for notg getting along. Some Arabs (this incluse the Christian Arabs) consider kurds to be s*it and both groups consider the blacks to be apes. And yet these are people who are supposed to take over the UK ? Seriosuly mass-psychosis has gripped some of you folks.

  96. A Christian is killed every 5 minutes somewhere in the world by a Muslim. Christians are the most persecuted group in the world now. As of last year, 200 million Christians are persecuted. They are denied basic human rights only because of their beliefs.

    Enough with your BS "peaceful religion"

    1. WontTellYou
      really? how many christian countries are being bombed at the moment. how many aids stricken countries are being denied condoms because of christian bullying ? did you know there are actual witch hunts still going on today carried out by christians? how many LGBT couples are denied the same rights as you are because christians cannot keep their noses out of the bedrooms/relationships of consenting adults? should i go on? i am in no way defending any religion. but please as your big book of multiple choice claims "let he who is without sin, cast the first stone"

    2. There are no Christian countries... That's the difference. Separation of Church and state remember? I just wonder if the same will be applied to the Mosque.

      Now to talk about LGBT. Right there are discrimination against them in our countries. That's totally wrong. Even as a Christian, I agree. But that no way amounts to the treatment of LGBT's by Muslim countries (or communities in our countries).

      Now when did you hear that a "Christian countries" killed/stoned/hung a LGBT? Now, do a simple google search of the opposite and see how they are publicly tortured and then killed. (I warn you there are many videos and are very hard to watch).

      Christianity is a religion but Islam is not. Islam is a way of life and have rules and laws (including Sharia). Separation of Church and State was accepted by the Church. But in Islam, it is MANDATED that Sharia is implemented and is the only set of rules.

      Look at what's happening in England and France where they are pushing (and already have won) for sharia law to be implemented. There are already cases of honor killings in England where the man pleaded guilty but was not charged because Sharia law always it.

      In Sharia law, it calls for the killing (or force converting) of "non-believers" (all non-muslims, no matter if you believe or not) as well as the killing of anyone who simply insults their prophet. Also justifies the killing of LGBTs.

      As their population increases in the states, they will (already are) pushing for it's implantation and they will succeed because of the abuse of our "liberty and freedom of religion and speech". But the funny thing is that our liberties and freedoms contradict sharia law and so when it is implemented, we can no longer question it, oppose it and so on.

    3. WontTellYou
      could you provide a source for "A Christian is killed every 5 minutes somewhere in the world by a Muslim. " i tried to look it up but what i found stated only "Every 5 Minutes a Christian is Killed for His Faith" no mention of these deaths being the sole result of Muslims. you wouldn't be breaking the ninth commandment would you?

    4. Most of the killings are taking place in Islamic countries and some are taking place in "Christian countries" by mobs of muslims.

      My next comment will have links for you but I wanted to write this to you because it will take time for the one with links to be approved (if it is).

    5. WontTellYou
      so you admit you lied when you stated "A Christian is killed every 5 minutes somewhere in the world by a Muslim" do you? now you state (and even your links state the same) "Most of the killings are taking place in Islamic countries"

      your only justification for your faith seems to be. we are bad but they are worse. while i agree on many levels that in no way excuses the behavior of your fairy tale. i find it very telling that you address my specific points with nothing but deflections and refuse to own the evil that is done in the name of your religion.

      respond if you wish but you willful blindness coupled with you lying had led me to the conclusion that an open honest debate is not possible. so i will not be responding any further

    6. I didn't lie. I said "Most of the killings are taking place in Islamic countries and some are taking place in "Christian countries" by mobs of muslims." Where did I lie?

      And for the rest of your comment, it seems that you have a template you use in every argument where you disagree with someone and you just copy and paste it. At which point did we discuss the justification of my faith? and what evil is done in the name of my religion?

      "willful blindness coupled with you lying" where? You are the one justifying a religious genocide..

    7. Your statement is absalute crap mate, put your crack pipe down and your thought process and logical thinking may help you discover the truth about humanity,

      1. We are one of a very few animals that have sex for pleasure not just for reproduction.

      2. Some animals kill out of anger or territoriality, though you might call that suvival in a sense. I think only people kill for "fun".

      I think if there was a "GOD" he would be an athiest as they are the only ones that appear to show good will to all his fellow man.
      Religion is the first form of politics or controlling the masses in my opinion.

    8. How is my statement "*absolute crap" ?

    9. I served in Iraq, Afganistian and Somalia, not once did myself or my fellow soldiers seen any slaying of christian. We did come across mass graves in which the locals told us it was to ensure that the villagers didn't aid our military forces in any way. they used fear as a weapon against their own (muslims) so what I have seen as a soldier and the information on the net shows me your full of sh*t.

    10. This is not true and you know it. Far from it. Read the publication that claimed this.

  97. The Koran on Living In Peace With Non-Muslims

    "And KILL them (the unbelievers) wherever you find them, and drive them out from whence they drove you out, and persecution is severer than slaughter, and do not fight with them at the Sacred Mosque until they fight with you in it, but if they do fight you, then slay them; such is the recompense of the unbelievers." (Sura 2, verse 191).

    "Let not the believers take the unbelievers for friends rather than believers; and whoever does this, he shall have nothing of (the guardianship of) Allah, but you should guard yourselves against them, guarding carefully; and Allah makes you cautious of (retribution from) Himself; and to Allah is the eventual coming." (Sura 3, verse 28).

    "And whoever does not believe in Allah and His Apostle, then surely We have prepared burning fire
    for the unbelievers." (Sura 48, verse 13).

  98. The Koran on Interacting with Jews and Christians

    "O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people." (Sura 5, verse 51).

    "And the Jews say: Uzair is the son of Allah; and the Christians say: The Messiah is the son of Allah; these are the words of their mouths; they imitate the saying of those who disbelieved before; may Allah DESTROY them; how they are turned away!" (Sura 9, verse 30).

    "And the Jews will not be pleased with you, nor the Christians until you follow their religion. Say: Surely Allah's guidance, that is the (true) guidance. And if you follow their desires after the
    knowledge that has come to you, you shall have no guardian from Allah, nor any helper."
    (Sura 2, verse 120).

  99. muslims have problem with everything others do , in simple words they dont have any idea of sharing space with a human being rather they would first ask whether that human is a muslim or ready to convert

  100. You have the right to say whatever you think, but the fact is the number of Muslims grow, and that shows that people are figuring out the right path ( aka Islam ).
    If you're not convinced Just go get a Coran from a library, and read it, i'm 15 and i'm still learning things from my religion everyday, so i'm asking you just one thing, read the Coran, if you're convinced that's great, but if you aren't that's your right

    1. There are more Muslims in the world because Muslims have the highest fertility rate compared to other religions. Just google it.

    2. 1. Muslims have a higher birth rate than other religions, and will take over the world by population

      Two generations ago, it seemed as if Islamic countries were destined for out-of-control population growth. People spoke of an “Islamic fertility rate” - - more than 5 children per family, on average - - and predicted minaret spires foresting the Earth.

      Today, it is readily apparent that Islam is not connected with population growth. Just look at Iran, the world’s only Islamic theocracy, where the average family had around 7 children in the 1980s - - and has 1.7 today, a lower rate than France or Britain. Or look at the United Arab Emirates, with 1.9 children per family. Or Turkey, ruled by an elected party of devout Muslims for a decade, which now has 2.15 children per family. Or Lebanon, where, despite Hezbollah’s rise, has only 1.86 children per family (so that its population will be shrinking).

      Around the world, the average Muslim family size has fallen from 4.3 children per family in 1995 to 2.9 in 2010, and is expected to fall below the population-growth rate, and converge with Western family sizes, by mid-century. This is a crucial sign that Muslim societies are undergoing a major modernizing, secularizing wave - - even if they elect Islamist parties while doing so

      2. Immigrants from Muslim countries are going to swamp us

      People look at the huge families of many new Muslim immigrants and imagine them multiplying at exponential rates. But this is a bit of an illusion - -as are many of the figures suggesting that Muslim immigrants have fertility rates higher than in their homelands. This is because most new immigrants have most of their children in the years immediately after their arrival. The way we calculate Total Fertility Rate - - the measure of average family size - - is by taking the total number of births a woman has had and extrapolating it across her fertile life. As a result, immigrants appear to have more children than they really do.

      In reality, the family sizes of Muslim immigrant groups are converging fast with those of average Westerners - - faster, it seems, than either Jewish or Catholic immigrants did in their time. Muslims in France and Germany are now having only 2.2 children per family, barely above the national average. And while Pakistani immigrants in Britain have 3.5 children each, their British-born daughers have only 2.5. Across

      Thats what I found when taking your advise and googled it, so your statement is BS.

    3. You have no idea what your taking about and at 15 you should be out side playing with your other teenage friend rather than try to Bs adults about subjects you have no real understanding about yet, find your commitment to your religion quite admirable however a little research proved you wrong even without picking up your book of lies

  101. This documentary is joke and people who made it are either nicely paid or they don't live in reality ....... just go and live in disturbed area's of Phillipines or Somalia for 3 month ........ you'll come to know. In advance countries go to France and look at the situation you'll come to know things which are against ideas presented in this file.

    Please now don't tell me that US attacked to Afghanistan because of some silly reason and Iran is writing love letters to people of Iraq and Israelite ..... Statistics is already there against muslims alot of them .... this file didn't contested any one of them properly .....

    All this documentary is trying to prove is public and their perception around the world is "WRONG" .... and world should listen to a statistical survey !!

    1. You been to Somalia, France??? You know the real situation around the world or is it just according to American media you are speaking?
      Afghanistan, silly reason??? WTF are you talking about, you dont know a s*it, because you have not been in any of the devastating situations moste of the people have been in, in countries that have been invaded by America. I can give you 100 of them.
      " America is not invading, americans are just spreading democracy around the world". Start with your own country and make it democratic for everyone that is american citizen. Statistics...... what kind of statistics, the one controlled and given by US??
      I have worked for different help organizations for 13 years and I have seen alot of things that no one speaks of in media. I have met muslims, and you know what...... they are nice people, just trying to live a normal life. I have muslim friends to...... Scary, right??
      Everyone who gets their life ruined by someone will hate you in the end, no matter what religion they have or what country they come from. I dont think Vietnamese people love America and I dont think Japan will ever forget no matter the friendly communication between the countries.
      I am Swedish, and I dont like American way of being the world police state. I dont agree with the american political views on some of the countries around the world, but that does not mean that I hate americans. It is people like you that write "Statistics is already there against muslims alot of them", that make me sick. Just because of some s*upide people that use religion in the wrong purpose we have to hate them all? No, I'm not, because I can think by my self. I also think that we christians should look at our history and the way we have spread our religion around the world and still do in a "modern" way. Or, the way we formed our countries by occupying land of someone else. Made people live in reservations, like Indians in US and Sami people in Sweden. We are so democratic and understanding.

      We are not perfect and we will never change if we continue to blame everyone, for mistakes made of some of them/us.

    2. I am Vietnamese, and i am grateful for what Americans did to help us to stop the expansion of Communism ( without success). I immigrated to the US a few years ago, and i am still shocked by how civilized and kind most of the Americans are. Only stupid Vietnameses who live in darkness actually believe Americans invaded our countries, even the Vietnemese Communist rulers class does not hate America, they just pledge their alligance to China because China will help them to cling to power and corrupt more money while they still can. The same thing for South Koreans and Japaneses too, they love to be friends with Americans and completely embrace American pop culture. I can not think of any nations on earth that is more humane, honest, and rightous than America.

    3. Your blinded by stupidity if you believe that Americais a humane, honest and rightous country. 310million guns privately owned, approximately 32000 gun deaths a year, people from other nations being detained for years without charge(then the gov't have to make new laws to charge them) The President lying to the American people about Weapons of mass destruction being in Iraq, after the UN inspectors denied it, in fact they found now evidence at all during their extended search. Cross the boarder and ask any Canadian their opinion on the USA and you may be surprized by their response. Ask any allied soldiers that have served with any yank unit and I know the response will not be favourable(I've served with the yanks and let me tell you I would rather the enemy in front of me rather than a Yank behind me). If you believe your statement about any other nation Have you been to Australia, New Zealand, Canada or any of the Scandandian countries. If not how can you make that statement honestly.

  102. When any Muslim Arab or non-Arab lifts his hand up against a Jew or Christian in order to kill or maim him, that individual should be shot dead as you would a rabid dog.
    The days are ended when any Muslim can degrade, especially Jews in their midst at will, by pissing in their skullcaps, making them dismount their Ass or donkey while they pass by on their noble horses (Jews weren't allowed to own horses as that animal was too noble for a Jew) I was attacked by three Arabs of North-African descent in Paris, the reason for the attack was that they clearly identified me as being of Middle-Eastern Jewish appearance.
    However their attack backfired on them, I had accompanying me my trusted military trained massive Canine, weighing over 100kg and standing around 89c/m to the shoulders, they never saw what was coming, he knocked two of them down and I the third, I then laid heavily into them while my canine just looked on and growled if they made any sudden movements. They were hospitalized for over 3 months, what a pity they didn't die.

    1. hope that satisfied you, mr goldschmidt?
      wondering why they attacked you?
      let me tell you, it was not because you chant torah or the talmud but because you and your fellowmen are a blight to mother earth..... no one likes the jewish, you of all people, must realize that

  103. Do people just come to watch this video out of genuine curiosity ? Or to completely dehumanize a group of people? If one watches with an open mind, then perhaps you would not be so quick to judge. This is going out to those completely unnecessary and irrelevant comments. Do humanity a favor and read a book or two?

    1. A human being2 Well, my dnt know a f--k about Muslims.
      They are the wildest bunch of animals you would wish to see.

      You need to look on the web and see what they are doing in 49 countries around to world to dominate them. Burning churches, CRUCIFYING Christians, butchering, whipping and hanging homoexuals.
      Cant you see they are creeping ino te est with Sharia compliance now?
      You have a cheek to assume that YOU are the nly "human being that has a heart... you just have no idea.

    2. funny you say that...

      TBH seeing your 'opinion' even an ordinary person would question your intellect, no matter how ordinary this statement might seem to be, it is God's truth that generalising for the sake of it/ stereotyping is your first step to ignorance, considering that within this wild bunch of animals are people like malcolm x, abdul sattar eidhi et cetra and among the 'civil' world of yours are organisations like christian slaughtering shiv saina, muslim purging budh extremists of burma, anti black ku klux klan, xenophobic skinheads and other violent organised bodies....

      you have a lot of growing up to do, child

    3. CRUCIFYING Christians, butchering, whipping and hanging homoexuals. Do you have evidence ?, But we know what you have done in Iraq, Pakistan, Iran, and now in Syria.The role of Muslim is to safe humanity just like doctor who safe his patient and now I am thinking what is your role model. explain ?

    4. A simple Google search would provide some evidence of brutality against gays and Christians, though I too have never heard of a case of actual crucifixion. Also, it is stupid to accuse all Americans for what our government has done in Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. (We have not been militarily active in Iran or Syria so I'm not sure where you're getting your information) I don't support a war in Afghanistan and a minority of people in America do. Anyway, I don't actually care about this argument and I have nothing against nonviolent Muslims but your comment was stupid.

  104. US citizen just talk about 9/11.........attacks like 9/11 happen in Palestine,Iraq,Afghanistan like everyday..........why people just blindly oppose muslim and our religion.......what do u expect people of Iraq and Palestine to do.........sit at home and relax??.......their families are killed and for revenge they join terrorists to attack US........and that happened only 3 or 4 times........if some people attack US with a hope of freeing their nation they r called terrorists.......and if US army f**** all muslim countries it becomes official isnt'it??

  105. Muslims lie always, they want to desensitize us and makes us think they are victims so we can soften, like the English and lose our sovereignty little by little like UK

  106. This documentary says that the west has got stereotypes of muslims but what they say is that everyone from the west hates muslims. What the ****... that's far from the truth.

    BTW for the data to be of any relevance they should say how many people they interviewed.

    Just one more thing, how can you say there's only 1% of extremist arabs? Do you actually believe a terrorist will say that he's a terrorist? That would be stupid!!

    It is true that most muslims are normal people but i think this documentary is way too one-sided.

  107. john esposito has been apologizing for jihadis for years. he's a bought off profiteer for wealthy arabs.

  108. An extremely good film, very educational. There are too many people spreading hate without any understanding whatsoever about Islam or Muslim people. On my facebook friend list I have a mixture of all people.
    1% post uninformed links and posts about Islam. I have not seen a single post from a Muslim speaking against atheists, Christianity or Judaism.
    I am better informed since watching this film.

  109. I hate all religion equally, religion is such an antiquated idea. This isn't thousands of years ago where we didn't have answers, so we had to make up the answers. Fairy tales are for kids.

    Christians put down gay people, how are they any better then Muslims? They think killing doctors who perform abortions is okay, really? Why is it bad for doctors to perform abortions, yet it's okay for Christians to kill that doctor who performed an abortion? There is so much damn hypocrisy when it comes to religion (I only used these two religions as examples, again, I hate ALL RELIGION equally).

    Free your minds and learn how to think for yourself for a change, you will be better off than praying to invisible people in the sky.

    1. yeah but, there are actually invisible people in the sky.

    2. Well, then you haven''t really thought that out too good. Pol Pot. Mao Tse Tong. Adolf Hitler. All atheist EXTREMIST. You forgot that you were also an extremist, too. You only looked at "religion", as if your politics were not also a grand hallucination. The key is TOLERANCE, not EXTREMISM, as we are getting more of the same from you.

    3. Err... Hitler was Roman Catholic. But besides that, none of the atrocities they committed were 'done in the name of atheism' so no, they are not atheist extremists.
      And Jeremy saying he hates religion? that's hardly 'extremism' is it?
      There is plenty of hateful stuff within religion as he correctly points out, how is he to blame for finding it so repulsive? Why should we tolerate homophobia, misogyny, indoctrination of children, and the suspension of rational thought?

      So, ahem, I'm afraid you are the one whom has not thought out your reply too well.

      The god botherers are just plain lucky their gods aren't real, If they were they'd all be in a hell whole lot of trouble, as a bunch of blaspheming hypocrites.

    4. I hate all religion equally << you didn't have to write ANYTHING after that, your intellect was gauged by this statement only

  110. Absolutely incredible. Great work Gallup

  111. I thought this documentary would be as unbiased as possible. But after watching it, i really felt sad and diassapointed for the propaganda muslims are doing.
    I'm not Ameican, I'm Europian and the situation in my Country is way out of control the last decade because of the crimes commited every day by illegal immigrants of Pakistan, Afganistan, Egypt, etc -as well as Albania and Georgia-.
    It's really not safe for men or wimen to walk around at the centre of the Capital city even during the day. It is also not safe to live in your own house without its door and window locked, even at noon. These people don't value life at all. They can kill you for a euro, or just because of heatred.

    I was astonished to find out that (according to this research at least) so high a percentage of Saud Arabs, claim that wimen should work if they wanted to!!! How naive must one be to buy this? Unless you' ve never heard anything, read anything or watched anything about Saud Arabia before, you would be stupid to beleive that!

    In this doc, it is being asked whether West world respects Muslims. Well, I think West world respects musilms way more than muslims respect West. If a Europian invaded illegally Pakistan and stole, killed or raped, let's be honest... punishment would be severe.

    Telling lies to become more likeable in the U.S.A. won't do any good. You can't demand respect. You have to earn it.

    1. if a European invaded illegally to another country and stole, killed and raped? that will NEVER happen.. oh wait...

      btw, that was sarcasm. just in case it wasnt OBVIOUS.

    2. For your info my european friend....this survey was conducted by Gallup Poll...what more legitimacy do you need ??
      Yes people from muslim world are more prone to be more violenct...but you can't attribute that fact to their religion, blame it on their economy, the government and their social backwardness !!
      "These people don't value life at all" , yes that's true but only when those jerks are criminals....the problem you mentioned is in your neighborhood, there's no need to bring it on the should take some steps to motivate legislations that makes law enforcement officials more effective !!
      you also claim that saudis do not support women working....ok now have you ever been to the middle east....have you seen how life goes on over there.......don't you think they have normal 9am to 5pm life like we in the west do ??....yes women are treated inferior over there but that's the same case in china !! Muslim women's hijab is not a symbol of suppression but it has to do more with their religious identity their part of their culture.....
      Sad to say this but being an american we have never respected the middle east, since day one; it was all about oil and leaving the middle east devoid of democracy so that they wouldn't be smart enough to monopolize the world oil !!

      I hope i have been able to clear your illusion !!!!


    3. ''Clearing my illusion?''
      ''...the problem you mentioned is in your neigborhood'' (since when a country is a neighborhood?)
      ''There is no need to bring it on the internet''???

      Really can't understand the hostility just because you have a different opinion.

      I DO AGREE with you though in one point. It is true your Country has never respected the Middle East. (And that goes for EU as well.) On the contrary you 've always tried to control it for your own reasons. Recently you did that with Libya, you are messing right now with Syria, and what's next.... maybe Iran?
      By the way... do you have any idea of what happened in Kossovo? Or what exactly is the relation between US and UCK? If not I'm not the one with illusions.. study some history.

      BUT, US is geographicaly soooo far away from those countries. On the other hand South Europian Countries ARE NOT. So -at least for now- YOU don't pay the prize of your actions. WE do. And by ''WE'' I mean the people and not the governments.

      The more you don't respect Middle East, the more you create wars and try to control them, the more illegal immigrants WE will get. And yes, my American friend, that is a problem i do not consider ''of my neighborhood'', but a serious one of many countries around here.

      Meddling with Middle East, may cause EU problems, but what will happen when US ''creations'' turn against their own benefactors?

      P.S. In case you haven't noticed I refer ONLY to illegal immigrants from Middle East and Balkans and not legal ones. Don't get confused.


    4. What`s the problem with Albanians?!

    5. Let's not listen to six years of documented study because were ignorant ass holes...wait no that's just you and a couple other people commenting here. You generalize all Muslims? Seriously. They'll kill you for a Euro? You honest to the gods make me ashamed to be part of the same species as your bigoted self. Yes ashamed! That's how revoltingly idiotic and ignorant you are. And the reason so many Muslims go to live in the west is because it's a better place than where they were coming from. In America we have a pretty bad immigration problem. Hispanics cross the boarder illegally to come live in America. Why's that? Oh it's because they hate America. Wrong! It's because America is a better place than where they're coming from so obviously they respect it. God you are such a...Maybe it's just because I worship gods of wisdom and actually devote myself to learning the truth of the world that I find you sickening to the core. How about you get up and go educate yourself. Ignorance is no way to live. Also here's a statistic. Muslims make up nearly 23% of the human race. Meaning almost one out of every four people is a Muslims. Christians make up a larger percentage but so what. Two very large regions. The point is, you basically generalizing almost a quarter of the human race as terrible people when you don't even know them.

    6. apparently you don't realize that this survey was NOT conducted by a muslim organisation, nor was one involved, so believing that it was '' a propaganda muslims are doing " is reflecting how direly you were hoping this video would turn out to be another anti muslim documentary, which it wasn't and since your inappropriate standards of ''unbiased'' surveys are tilting a bit too much towards the 'screw muslims' side, you rant is somewhat understandable....

      now, immigrant influx from Pakistan, Afganistan, Egypt and other such countries has one huge reason, and that would be a general crisis and an unavailability of facilities and opportunities, however this was not the case before the NATO decided to either invade these countries or take over the political system.... had the NATO (which includes both US and Europe) minded its own business and not lusted after oil and mideast domination, you would never had to face these troubles that you face now....

      as for arabs, let me tell you, the kingdom of saudi arabia supports every women with a stipend ( not welfare ) on the condition that she does not take up an employment, however this is not a compulsion, some study must be done, my friend, before blathering away mindlessly....

      ''If a Europian invaded illegally Pakistan and stole, killed or raped''

      now if you look up this name raymond davis, you'd come accross a story of a man who stole a car, shot fatally two pakistani civilians and crashed his cars into several civilian vehicles and he was safely and soundly handed over to the government of USA, which supposedly prosecuted him and handed out the punishment... a lot of study friend,....

      and seriously, I cant respect a nation involved in the manslaughter of my own people, like you said, you must earn it, and not demand it, which is not possible as long as incidents like above occur....


    7. are you an angry muslim now?

    8. "not conducted by a muslim organisation".. Who funded it?

  112. Imagine NO religion.

  113. I'm sure you all care as much as myself about our relationships with the muslim world,and all the other peoples of this great place we call earth but there's only one way were going to solve any misunderstandings we have about each other. For the majority of us we think we have'nt much power as individuals.DEAD WRONG!YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR TOMORROW!And think what could happen if we all had that attitude.It starts with each and every one of us.For all you people that are religious,this is your time,Jesus would be saying the same thing.You've gotta get up off the railway tracks yourself
    cause no ones gonna do it for you.We all do!
    We must learn to treat each other with the respect and dignity we all
    deserve.Forget your preconceived notions about a persons race,color etc...,
    start talking to one another,get to know your neighbour,because fear breeds intolerance and hatred.
    So today,make the first move and talk to the person you've prejudged because of their religion,look funny,whatever and I'll guarantee you'll be pleasently surprised and maybe even make a new friend.It's the only way things will change,at least that's where my hope lies.Forget politicians,religious leaders's up to you!
    One person at a time,that's what it's going to take.

    1. Great advice!

  114. I am from Bradford in Yorkshire, now resident in rural France. After the riots in my town(several times) I became tired of not being to get to work because of howling mobs and burning cars, Ibecame tired of Asian kids spitting at me in the street, I had to take a taxi back from the pub because of gangs of young Pakistanis on the route home even though it was 15 minutes by foot.I am now an immigrant myself because of this change in demographics.Yet, I understand their anger, and hope when they turn my hometown into an Islamic State I will be allowed to return with their newfound understanding of Sharia law in place. I live in hope

    1. you stupid paraniod *****! i live in harehills leeds my school was more asians than whites, theres many friends and 100 times over im less worried to walk past a group of white or black lads at night than pakistanis. just cos your a parniod ***** doesnt mean you have to try force your worped opinions on others! *****!!

    2. i meant 100% less worried walking past asians

  115. And how would Muslims treat me as a gay person? Are they tolerant? I am curious.

    I also want to say that the guy who said that American values come from Christianity is 100% wrong.

  116. The English tried the iron fist approach here in N.Ireland. It was the biggest recruitment drive the IRA ever had. The west knows exactly what they are doing, its not their 1st time. So sad.

  117. Sherman, there are so many lies and untruths in your tirade below, it's impossible to correct them all. It appears you've been listening to the standard talking points of the "haters from Islam", but when you scratch below the surface, you'll realize that many of your conclusions are counter-intuitive when you use facts instead of propaganda and emotion to learn about history.

    US contributions to Israel amount to less than 3% of their GDP. Israel has been taking care of herself long before the US began helping and providing financial assistance (which is mostly spent here in the US). Those funds began as a part of the Camp David peace agreement with Egypt and continue to this day. Egypt, Jordan and the Palies get more money in total than Israel. Two points where you are demonstrably wrong.

    But your theory that Jew hatred in the Arab world is responsible for 99% of the anti-western is about as backwards as can be if you'd only take the time to read the translation of what Arab (Muslim) leaders say. You might want to go to the MERMI website and do a bit of research before you embarrass yourself publicly again.

  118. ....sorry my last post was Reply to: everlaid , 4 weeks ago

  119. you need a new brain, its polluted and incapable of sound analysis.

  120. Brilliant study! Thank you. In my opinion, this is an accurate account of Muslims mentalities. I have lived with Christians, Jews, Muslims and Buddhists and still I have friends from each of these religions, yet, I am an Agnostic myself and don’t follow any organized religion. I am Agnostic because I believe all these religions are constructed by man and man’s brain. In my opinion, our brain is not developed enough yet to find out how Man came to existence and how the whole cosmos started. So, we make stories! We have come a long way and physics, chemistry, and mathematics have answered many questions regarding the origins of this universe and the Man who is a tiny part of this universe. Yet, no science can completely explain the origin of this vast space and infinite elements in it. Don’t forget, sciences are possible through Man’s brain, meaning our sciences are discovered by the same underdeveloped brain of Man.

    Religions are all fascinating stories and all have been reinterpreted and misinterpreted by those lived after the religious figures like Mohammed, Jesus, Moses, Buddha etc. died. None of these figures wrote their teachings directly and since there was no printing industry or copy machine in those days, when holy books were rewritten, many alterations had been taken place. Some of these alterations were politically motivated while others were just misinterpretation of the original texts, which are in question themselves.

    Now, back to the subject of this documentary, indeed, we must not stereotype and generalize any particular attribute of any particular religion to all believers of that religion; in this case, Islam. This Gallup Poll has showed people share similar aspirations regardless of their religion. Democracy, altruism, friendship etc. are all universal regardless of people’s beliefs in any particular faith. Indeed, any anti-west sentiment seen in Muslim countries are all as a result of US and other western countries constant support of despots in those countries. People in any Muslim country want to have democracy but the dictator rulers backed by West don’t let them. The result is anger and frustration towards US and its allies. US creates hatred of west among Muslims by installing a puppet as a head of the state (e.g. Mubarak, Karzai) or backs the existing dictator who let US plunder the resources of these Muslim nations.
    Most important, Israel, which is an extended tentacle of US in the Middle East, has created lots of anger among Muslims. Israel by itself is nothing. It’s a small country with no industries or oil or any other sources of revenue. America, has made “Israel”. Israel is given lots of aid by US annually while her neighbor gets almost nothing from US. The world doesn’t have to pay back Israel for Holocaust till the end of the time. It seems Zionists expects the world to compensate for what Hitler did to them for ever. This is WRONG. It’s like Muslims to expect Christians to pay them back because of atrocities of Crusaders! No body owes Jews anything at this time. They have been long compensated. US and UK made a country Jews and ever since Jews have been aggressively expanding their lands and enjoying the generous aids and approvals of their masters.
    If today US stops backing Israel the way she is doing now, tomorrow, the number of anti-west mentality in the Muslim nations will be reduced to 1% or even less. This 1% remainder are the radicals and they don’t represent the 99% of population.

    Of course my criticism extends to Russia too, for example in the case of Syria or Libya. Dictators in these countries have been always backed by Russia but perhaps to counter US for installation of Israel in the region!

    Media always distorts the real face of the existing problems in the world and unfortunately, an average man in the street of US has no access to what’s truly happening in Muslim countries. The camera loves to go to a small group of people shouting anti-Western slogans in a Muslim country. Also, if there is a decent camera out there and wants to scrutinize the issues, the despots in these countries don’t let them to do so. However, what we see in the mainstream media is not the voice of all people (the majority).

    Last, people in western developed countries take freedom for granted. The reality is, in Muslim countries people aren’t comfortable to speak up on front of the camera since there is no freedom of speech in those countries. This makes it hard to hear the true mentality of people because they are afraid to talk, but once you give them assurance of their safety after interview, then you can hear the Truth.

    This is a Very interesting Poll and result. Thanks again to all those involved in conducting such a Poll as well as those who made this film and made it possible for us to watch.

  121. Does anyone know what the study was called?? I'm trying to find it through my University data base!! Please help!!

    Unless I've missed it.. all your comments are weightless unless you have read the finer points of the study conducted....


    1. the study is 2001 Gallup Pole on all Muslims about their opinions.

  122. It's up to you to do right or wrong. It doesn't matter where you're from or what god you worship.

  123. You say "I quoted you I did not mis state your orginal assertion."
    Yes, you quoted me correctly thus :"How does the fact that there was a colossal Kaboomy contradict the concept of a conscious creator? What is the connection? "
    But then you pretended, or erred, in stating that that question of mine required me to defend, in your words
    "... how the big bang leads one to think we are all in a conscously created universe? The balls in your court".
    At least this is how I understand the exchange.
    There's probably misunderstandings, we may agree if it could be untangled, but you cheat a bit by flinging abuse. I have my own opinion about your condition as well, (we all have one ), but I thought we may be able to focus on the point, which is, as you know, for me, the question to atheism:
    "how does BB contradict CC",
    and I understand that it can be a disturbing question, if "BB means no CC" seems axiomatic, a given, to you. But those are maybe the best questions.
    I've got nothing else to say to you about this probably. Maybe you're insulted by my 'Kolossal Kaboomy', I don't know. Anyway, you might be pleased to know that my current fly-by thru TDF is coming to a close soon! I'll bet you miss me when I'm gone. You'right about one thing. I am a clown.

  124. to the CC question I mean

  125. Religion the mother of all hate and loathing,the father of festering greed the birth of power over humans.Religions and the people who follow them disgust me, hanging torturing burning greed separatists elitist hate fueled monsters.I am not telling you anything educated people don't know already. To say religion is fine now it had a rocky start is like saying Hitler should have been left alone to do more harm.It is time to stamp this madness out Steven Hawkins had the best idea no religion in schools and also before religion should be taught some solid evidence would be required.On my final point i can fly but only i can witness it ooh and i can make it rain i watch everybody at the same time,never mind time i can stop time rewind time i can turn time upside down.I am god lol they are taking the PISSSSSSS what anoys me is billions of m*rons follow this cr*p.

    1. I understand you may have been traumatised by some crazed "religious" upbringing, but is that all you know about religions?? Do you think that they all, worldwide and ancient, including indigenous metaphors for the unknown, are just dumb plots to enslave the masses? It's more complex than that. Stamp it out with a military boot?

    2. Since you claim not to be religious, I wonder what is driving your obvious hatred and anger. You want to stamp out religion? If the religious resist is violence going to be the final solution? More religious wars! Great idea.

  126. as for the islamic faith, where to start.......

  127. Christopher hitchens views on the empowerment of women and social progress. When will the catholic church recognise condoms?

    1. It's probably hard to recognise a condom if you've never met one

  128. Jack1952: Yes i copy/pasted that verse but i've read the bible, all religions talk the same about the violent end of the non-believers, as to condoning violence in the real world, thats open to translations, i grew up as a muslim and i never been taught to harm people in the name of my religion because of their beliefs, but on the other hand i can see horrible things carried out by some other so called religious groups, im not denying or whitewashing that, in fact these practices are among the first reasons why i started to question the matter of religion.

    and to address another poster here: i honestly dont see the hijab or niqab as a tool of oppression, they are part of the culture of some countries, this is what these people wear there, i dont think the giraffe women or the Mursi women are oppressed because they have to wear an insane number of rings around their necks or put an insanely large disk literally inside their lips and ears, these things were imposed on them culturally.

    1. I'm sure that there are many Muslims who are peaceful and would never intentionally hurt anyone. However, one of the flags of Hamas features an automatic weapon held aloft. A very violent image. It would seem that not all Muslims are peaceful, This is not a criticism of the cause of Hamas, It is only an observation about one of their symbols.

      A woman is not oppressed if she wears the hijab due to a personal choice. Being forced to wear it against her will on fear of retribution is oppression. It is the very definition of oppression. That also goes for the Mursi and giraffe women.

  129. The Jews controlling everything -THE MEDIA CORPORATES BANKS- will never allow Muslims and Christians to unite- Oh! the vermin

  130. regrettably i only got threw 30 minutes of this doc. What a load of dribble. You cannot try and tell me women in the arab world have the same rights as women in the west. less of a religious thing and more cultural if you ask me, they treat there women how we treated ours 300 years ago. Iv been to watch cricket in pakistan, i swear women arent even allowed in the stadium!! the female presenter is a disgrace to her fellow lady muslims, i should forward you on to the late, great christopher hitchens...

    1. Yes "your women" have come a long way in 300 years.

      You would be lucky to have actually met your biological father or even raise your biological children...

    2. It's hard to see one's own faults. And to judge others rightly. You may have noticed most women in western societies carry and deal with a lot of stress related to being women. How intimately do you understand the causes? How do those of a different type of society feel, with less pressure in some ways, and more pressure in some ways? Do you know these feelings, the relative happiness and peace of each? One present result of this self-righteous judgment (whether it comes from a concern for muslim women, or from a racist attitude learnt from birth in Anglosphere), is dropping bombs on these women to bring them democracy. What we say here can inflame war in the world, I do believe. And maybe women are not allowed in the stadium. Muslim regard for western cultures is challenged by our degree of alcoholism and so on - some things look pretty nasty from the other side.

  131. Wearing the hijab is NOT always the woman's choice. Her parents, husband, siblings, class-mates, neighbours and friends would most likely shun her if she had the temerity to parade before the world with her head uncovered. They would do FAR worse in many islamic controlled countries.
    To say it empowers women is delusional.
    It only empowers if it is truly a free choice.
    It is also used by many muslim women in the west as a political statement of detachment from perceived social values.
    P.S. Why Oh WHY is allah not offended by muslim men flaunting themselves??
    P.P.S. This is a comment on one tiny element of this propaganda bullshit. My bloodpressure is bad enough without venting my feelings about this vilest of vile creations - religion.
    All of you idiots with the imaginary friend in your head are defective models; please return to the manufacturer for recycling.

    1. "P.S. Why Oh WHY is allah not offended by muslim men flaunting themselves??" You should check on that one!

  132. So I'm a bigot for wanting to get a different point of view from a " cultural Muslim"? hoping to change the way I look at Islam.
    I am not ignorant I am open new ideas.
    But no better argument has been made against the points I brought up. In fact no real arguments at all were made just a bunch of deceiving statements.
    Please explain how I have been proven wrong. I would like to hear this one.
    What is wrong with having a discussion to better educate one's self.
    I enjoy debating and hearing other sides of the story and have no problem admitting when I am wrong. But I do not think any valid points have been made in this case.
    None of my arguments are made out of anger or hate. I was just looking to get a different point of view to better educate myself.

  133. Funny thing about polls, they can be interpreted in many different ways. For example, based on the numbers presented in this doc, aprox 75% completely reject attacks on civilians but if you look at it another way, a shocking and disterbing 25% don't completely reject attacks on civilians. Based on the name of this doc, thats 2 hundred and fifty million think its ok to attack civilians at least some of the time. Its being presented as a positive stat but really?????? If you keep watching the doc you are later told that only 55% believe the 9/11 attacks were comletely unjustified. That mean 45% believe the attacks were at least somewhat justified. Another very disturbing figure again being presented in a positive way. I could go on.......

    1. its not in the stats its all in the questions!

      these are loaded questions.
      what if 45% believed that 911 was not committed by "Muslims".
      How would they answer justified or unjustified?

      I would not answer justified or unjustified but rather argue the premise of 911. Which by your interpretation puts me in the justified percentage!

      the stats mean nothing if the agenda is being set by the questions...

  134. And now in Egypt the men can have sex with dead chicks.....just keeps getting better and better.
    See what inbreeding leads to....too funny
    Islam is so great.
    I guess they killed all their women with honor killings

    1. haha what a **** you are. I aint even muslim so aint sticking up for them due to faith, just for being an intelligent, informed person. Your comment shows you know nothing about the idea of the religion or the basic principles, just the media perspective with a hugh slice of xenophobia and ignorance thrown in. I would love to destroy you in a proper debate

    2. You think it's amusing to say these things, you don't understand what you're doing; is there anyone you love, or loves you? Take care.

    3. Amusing no...the truth YES
      And please tell me what it is I need to understand?
      Is telling the truth or having a debate unacceptable in your world?

  135. I wish someone would do a poll of Americans on what we really think of the Iraq War, George Bush, religion, and capitalism. Then spread those statistics into the Muslim world. I think there are as many misconceptions of Americans in the Muslim community as there are misconceptions of Muslims in the American community. As this documentary pointed out "there is miscommunication on both sides".

  136. Haters gonna hate.

  137. 9/11 was an inside job!!!
    Usama bin Laden was an CIA agent by the name of tim osman and from a billionaire family that made their profit from oil togehter with the bush family..
    Most muslim terrorist groups get nutried and put into work by the so called enlightent ones.. They need an enemy to blaim things on and create fear amongs people so they eventually cling to the corrupt goverments and accept the NWO plan.. ORDO AB CHAO = Order through chaos..
    Dont belive me look these things up!

    Im NOT an muslim.. But its clear many of u guys are brainwashed by the controlled media!
    The funny thing is I agree with the powers that run the world on many of their points.. I just dont accept the way they are going about their bussines..
    That the means always justify the cause´.. Cause it will have repucations..

    And pls stop being so damn ignorant people most of yall dont know **** about the Esoteric message of the bible or the quran.. Yall just talk about the bull**** thats being fed to u! Take in the positive! Bless u all!!

    1. "Esoteric message of the bible or the quran." exactly.
      People who call themselves atheists, and in fact many who call themselves christians, are really just blank esoterically, whether they mistake their concept of molecules, or their concept of miracles, for Absolute reality. So it seems to me.

  138. Seriously guys, what brainwashing machines you got there, some comments are shocking, some are sad, some are plain ridiculous and reflect a lot of ignorance..

  139. I got about 30 seconds into this before I stopped it. I can tell that this is yet another pro muslim documentary that covers the truth up and makes islam out to be a whole heap nicer than it really is.

    Did they mention female genital mutilation?
    Did they mention 'temporary marriages'?
    Did they mention the fact that it is considered normal to marry a girl under the age of 10? (temporary marriages are ok as long as the father approves, too.)
    Do they mention how many churches they burn down every year?
    How many coptic orthodox christians they kill? (including children... who get burned alive in the churches they set on fire.)

    any religion that condones violence is not ok by me. ever.

    1. Did they mention female genital mutilation? = Culture Not Islam does not mention in the Quran

      Did they mention 'temporary marriages'? = This is not a documentary on Islamic History.

      "Temporary marriage was at the beginning of Islam. A man comes by a town where he has no acquaintances, so he marries for a fixed time depending on his stay in the town. NOBODY DOES THIS! Just like alcohol was allowed in Islam slowly it was forbidden.

      Did they mention the fact that it is considered normal to marry a girl under the age of 10? = Historically, the age at which a girl was considered ready to be married has been puberty. This was the case in Biblical times.

      Do they mention how many churches they burn down every year? = This has nothing to do with Islam as a religion this is sick individuals it is not instruction from God nor does it say it in the Quran (please show me where it says it)

      How many coptic orthodox christians they kill? (including children... who get burned alive in the churches they set on fire.) = Please tell me the facts and what country? and we can all report it again Islam does not tell us to burn churches or kill innocent people

      IT SAYS To KILL ONE PERSON is liken to kill the whole of human race. To SAVE ONE LIFE it is as if you have saved the whole humanity THIS IS ISLAM the religion NOT individuals who take Gods words as the way they want. ALSO even on times of war ISLAM forbids to kill women and children. THIS IS ISLAM.

    2. thank you, TDF has at least one non-closet xenophobe(apologies to the other i have yet to encounter)

    3. Female Genitial Mutilation is a cultural practice not Islamic. The vast majority of it occurs in AFRICA among AFRICAN (Christian, Animist and Muslim). Most muslims don't do this because it's not part of their CUTLURE or RELIGION. Attacks on Copts are always lied about, especially the maginitude of of it (Islam has controlled Egypt 1400 years if they wanted to eradicate Christians then they SUCK, because 20% of Egypt is still Christian). I could go on about your ignorance but you don't belive in facts so why bother.

      What I love about your response is that you stopped watching it because you cannot stand FACTS. Instead you wish to be able wail in your ignorance and prejucide. Islamic extremeists or whatever you call them act in indentical ways. They are completely unwilling to take in facts and instead choose to spew hatred at the US,Israel or even other muslims.

    4. Thoroughly agree..... we have to remember the good old "Taqiyya"...lying is obligatory according to the Qran if it can save face for Islam. This is exactly that.

    5. poor you....
      if you only knew...

    6. I'd ask you what do you believe taqqiya to be, but I'll get the same kiddy, lame, internet-injected crap like deceptive art to deceive nonmuslims in islam et cetra et cetra

  140. Im a U.S citizen and i can honestly say the U.S. citizens are so very ignorant and listen to every Tom, Joe and Harry. The media spits it and we go wow. People we must start traveling and socialize with other people and there state of minds to get a realistic view if we are to open our mouths. I was very ignorant on religion and the middle east, after enough money spent on traveling and just exploring, i see the truth! We as U.S. citizens have alot to learn on these topics.

  141. One God. No religion is the key.

  142. I find it amazing that no body has challenged my comment. It is the fifth comment from the bottom. I was looking forward to having a good debate on this topic. Could it be because I asked people to do their own research in to Islam and they knew what they would find? That it really is a religion of hate, barbarism and pain
    Or maybe that my argument is a lot closer to the truth than Muslims want to admit

    1. no challenge here. i agree 100%

  143. I think what these people are trying to do is really needed. I wish it had been longer. People in the US really need to understand what is going on over in the Middle East is not simply because there are Muslims there. You can tell just from the posts a lot of people have that attitude. Any Muslims I have ever met hated war and violence. There is a lot of propaganda out there.

  144. I wonder when the world will wake up and realize that religion is complete and utter BS and start focusing their energy on being forward thinking, intelligent, moral and ethical human beings. Religion - all religions are important to know about as cultural history but it's time to stop fantasizing and start to concentrate on discovering the real mysteries of the universe. It wearies me that there are so many people in the world who are still indoctrinating their children. "Religion is a personal thing" you might say but the fact of the matter is that it's not. It's controlling societies around the world.

    Open up your eyes and your mind - THINK logically, read Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens - see their debates online, please!

    1. 100% in agreement!!!!!!!!!!!! Religion Poisons Everything!!!

    2. Religion Poisons Everything ??? what you want to prove ?

      80% of Human Beings in this world are Religion follower and that'sy the world is still exit on the name of hope and Peace. Every Religion itself is not poison but we peoples make it through our egoism.

    3. "And when he leaned over and said to me 'all religion is poison', I knew what was coming." ~ The 14th Dalai Lama speaking of his meeting with Mao Tse Tung prior to the invasion of Tibet.

    4. Seriously, the only way I can enjoy richard dawkins is to close my mind down considerably, I dont mean insult to the gentleman, but he doesn't get out much. He seems to think there's nothing more to the phenomenon of religion in human history than a head trip. I read nearly half of the God Delusion. I could have gone on, but .. it's probably good therapy for people grown up in mindless church scene, I get that. But deep thinking it aint

    5. considering you are showing the size of your brain it makes perferct sense to me. If you think it is about deep thinkng you are explaining your whole little ego trip here.

    6. Well, what does he say? He contradicts childish ideas of God the puppetmaster micro-managing my daily punishments and rewards and so on. Easy targets.

  145. I think we're all forgetting that these systems of faith are just based on books and the opinions of people who got them second hand from other people. The people are the real source of "divine authority". I'm sorry to say this (or perchance I'm not hah!) but Allah is not the source of authority of the Koran, it is the people who believe in the message. The people have always been the true source of divine authority.

    For instance, if everyone suddenly agreed that the Koran had nothing of value to say, it would be plainly obvious to everybody that the Koran has no authority over their lives. You are perfectly at liberty to go ahead and believe in the Koran if that is what you find to be true but DON'T go believing something just because Imam so-and-so says its true. I could write my own account of a "divine" or otherwise mystical experience and I can tell you its true until judgment day but unless you agree to believe my account, I have no authority.

    These are just books and really we're just arguing over whose story contains the better main character despite the fact that they both grew up in the same illiterate and superstitious part of the middle east. I find it hard to believe that God (if there is really only one God) would only reveal himself in the Middle East to a group of misogynistic goat herders when the Eastern civilizations such as China and India were already ahead of the game. Seriously, by the time Jesus and Mohammed rolled onto the scene some pretty crazy stuff was going on just over the valleys and hills to the east.

    1. "I think we're all forgetting that these systems of faith are just based on books and the opinions of people who got them second hand from other people."
      Nope. The current world of Islam sprang from the person of one man. That's what you're forgetting. Quite remarkable, I would say, as a remotely observing Martian, worthy of a moment's thought, I would think.

    2. "The current world of Islam sprang from the person of one man."

      That may be the case, but seeing as neither one of us were alive to see that, it remains your opinion that one man started it all. I however, disagree with you, and find that it is merely books, old books written by groups of men, which started it all. I apply this skepticism to all forms of Religion, whether that be the idea of Jesus Christ having existed or Muhammed having meditated in a cave. As far as I can see, if they did exist, the true meaning of their message has long since been lost.

    3. Thank you. It IS my opinion, and that is yours, and neither of us was there. My skepticism is applicable to Science too. Data is data, no argument with data. It's easily seen and checkable by thousands of people firsthand. (for instance a spectroscope aimed at a point of sky gives such-and-such an output). Reasoning therefrom is not so clear-cut. The provenance of the Quran is fairly solid in my assessment as the product of a man about 1500 years ago, not because I want it to be so, but from reasoning. The high human value of those teachings I have seen living in persons alive today. I am not a muslim.

    4. I do not see how reasoning based off data isn't clear cut, perhaps I misread something. Granted, I have seen and met very likable people who follow the Quran BUT, I've also never seen someone following the Buddha carry out a suicide attack. I won't let a few bad apples spoil the whole harvest, but I must say that a "Religion of Peace", Islam is not. I don't glean any kind of high value of humans from any of the Abrahamic religions simply on the basis of their tenets; you're somehow defective (original sin or the like) and we're the only ones who can cure you.

      Speaking as one heavily influenced by Buddhism and the late great Alan Watts, I find that the religions of the Middle East are far more concerned with doctrine and conformity and less concerned with a humane, human experience of this world and of other people. If anything, I've come away with an inherently anti-human message in the Torah, the Bible and the Quran. To me, they're too rigid, too cold and worst of all, they are utterly without any humor. The god of the desert, whether we call it God, Allah or Yaweh, is completely without a sense of humor. I cannot possibly understand how or why humans would ever follow any book which does not have laughter and gayety as part of its founding principles.

    5. I myself feel more akin to the ways of Buddhism (and the cosmology of Hinduism) than the Abrahamic, and I agree about the humour!
      Well data is data, reasoning can have forks of possibility along its road, is what I meant.

    6. I had similar views to this until I actually delved deep into buddism and Islam and came to realise that Buddism has no substance. You don't even know if Buddha believed in God or not.

      God cannot possibly be in creation as Hinduism would have you believe because then he would take on some of creations finite attributes.

      God is One, God is eternal, He doesnt begot nor is He begotten and there is none like Him (Quran 114)

    7. I'm very happy to see you include the Bible. Christians are no different. There are extremists and war mongers on both sides.

  146. I JUST DONT UNDERSTAND!!!!.. why the fk do people fight over relgion, i am beside myself thinking 90% of people still believe in this crap.. most war is caused by relgion,, and mostly by islam and isreal.. get over it a human is a human,,

  147. taqiyya. Nothing but cheap propaganda. 20 people seated in an auditorium of 2000 people.

  148. Simply put, all the violence and war stem from 2 things, money and power. it is as simple as that. American foreign policy and the need to constantly provoke countries for political and financial gains is the true culprit of why our world is so divided. Let us not forget that Muslims are humans, they just have different set of beliefs, and if one claims that Islam preaches hatred and violence then you have to look at Judaism and Christianity and see that they are just as bad or worse. Stop only blaming religion on dividing people. Being different such as a different race or belief will obviously cause some sort of separation but it is politics and money that cause such intense fighting and hatred. Divide and conquer strategies by the American and Jewish Leaders are working well i guess

    1. Oh I see, so when one of these guys goes into some crowded building and blows himself and the building along with hundreds of perfectly innocent people to ashes and memory- well he just wanted a raise or a promotion, it had nothing to do with religion? Come on pal, give it a break. Of course christianity and judaism are just as bad, all religion is capable of inspiring other wise rational peaceful people to do irrational and war like things. Is it the only divider of peoples, the only thing that can inspire such violence or intolerance, no. But it is the predominate driver of such activity and to say otherwise it to refuse to accept the facts around you everyday.

    2. Maybe you have never been unable to feed your family. I don't doubt that there are some suicides related to religion, but most desperate acts have to do with desperation. Think about what would happen if someone blew up your entire family. That may cause you to strap a bomb to yourself. It's not solely caused by religion. No doubt religion causes a lot of problems, but I think you also need to take a look at the other factors involved.

    3. think about what would happen if a muslim blew up the church your family were in... cos it happens more often than you think.

      when was the last time you heard of a christian suicide bomber?

      just cos you have 'issues' doesn't justify killing people. go ahead and kill yourself just don't take anyone else down with you, thats what normal people do.

    4. Christians dont NEED suicide bombers, they have NATO

    5. What will u do when u r born in a country which is under control of US or England or france..........u would turn around and find tanks and military all over......parents dont let their kids go out due to fear of such violence........people never get chance to enjoy their life.......they r always under some pressure........US military have only killed civilians and some people who try to revenge are tagged as terrorists.........u know what just sitting on ur ass with computer wont help u know what people in muslim countries are dealing with.......

    6. I agree absolutely. There are examples in history where people would commit public suicides, without harming others, desperate acts committed in order to make their and plight of others around them known to the world - Jan Palach, a Czech student was one of such examples. Japanese Kamikaze were a different type though, there was an ideology and perceived patriotism that drove them to suicide missions - and they were not harming civilians but strictly military targets. But, to target innocent people to prove your point, however desperate you are, appears to be a purely religious, absolutely irrational, type of thinking, that has no regard of human life - seems that belief in the creator of life allows for disrespect of one. In addition to the islamic suicide bombers, the relatively recent example of a christian fanatic in Norway appears to prove the point.

    7. It may not matter what religion you're in, if you see enough of your kids or parents or wife or husband and friends and neighbours tortured and blown up and bombed and humiliated for NO reason that makes ANY sense and it keeps on going for years, you can lose your sanity, kaput, bye byes ,nobody home. I imagine. The Norway freelancer however (is he "Christian"?) obeys closely the rationale of the "Christian" world's military, (AmerAustUKgermanyFranceEtc) , that is, he sees the suffering of the innocent as a necessary by-product of his necessary defence of the Right Way of Society. He is very impressed by australian pmhoward also. The only dissimilarity is that he didn't travel abroad to "correct" another society, but did it to his own.

    8. Yes, it has nothing to do with religion, islam condemns suicide in any form, it even condemns smoking because it's away of harming oneself, why these people blow themselves? because their beloved ones were blown up by a missile, killed by a psycho soldier, or raped in a prison, it's purely about revenge and i know what i'm talking about, believe me...

    9. So why does one sect bomb the other's mosques?

    10. this is exaclty what i was talking about in my previous comment... well it's not a sect, it's Al-Qaeda. Islam is not Al-Qaeda. and you're talking about the imam hussain shrine bombing in karbala, a holy site for Shiit, why didnt the Sunni Saddam Hussein destroy the shrine during his rule if it was a question of sects? i'm from tunisia and here we have the 2nd oldest jewish holy site in the world, and lots of jews come here every year for pilgrimage and i never heard about a bombing,an attack or whatsoever, where did the bombings you're talking about occur? Iraq, afghanistan? why there is no bombings in tunisia, egypt, turkey, dubai, malaysia, singapore...??

    11. Ossama: Thank you for your sincere reply. Perhpas they just haven't gotten around to bombing those plases yet. You mentioned Egypt--they burn churches there, rather than bombings, but the difference is basically the same. They sure do a lot of bombing here in the Philippines. Bombers are cowards who target the innocent. It would be nice to hear a Muslim difinitively and unconditionally condemn that kind of action, but they are exceedingly few and far between. Will you be brave enough to be one of the first? Asked sincerely.

      Peacefully Yours,

      Charles B.

    12. Who do you mean by "they just haven't gotten around to bombing those plases yet." ? some jewish and christian holy sites are thousands of years old and have been part of the muslim world for many centuries now, christianity and judaism are middle eastern religions pal..and you talk about burning and bombing as a common practice! "they burn churches there"!! the incident in egypt wasnt for religious reasons really. Muslims are regular people who enjoy life, get married, have kids, enjoy football and cinema, drive luxury and muscle cars and so on, i get really shocked by some of the ideas other people have about muslims, as i said before you should learn how to make the difference between Al-Qaeda, well promoted in the western media, and the muslim culture still unknown to most of you, as another member here pointed out,you guys should start traveling and learning about other cultures.

    13. Who are the "good guys" to you? Christians? There are volumes written about the atrocities of Christians.

    14. "Bombers are cowards who target the innocent" Do you mean just the freelancers, or do you include the ones high in the air above with a comfy seat and buttons to push. and "It would be nice..Muslim...condemn..but few..." I don't believe you, do you honestly think Muslims saying THAT are "newsworthy" for your consumption?
      I recall last time I was here, you seemed Christian-oriented in a way that seemed somewhat respectable, but this...

    15. If an occupying power here wanted some chaos and disunity, there's an ancient technique, doesn't take long to have different groups in conflict. I'm sure you know how it would be done. And there's evidence, maybe not proof, that it was done.

    16. People blowing themselves in the name of religion do not do it cause they feel like hurting other people for fun, these are individuals and groups that feel victimized and vandalized. Do you not see what the american and other western leaders are doing to exploit people? These individuals who blow themselves up feel like they have no other power, they want to make their perceived enemies feel the suffering that their people feel, so they act inhumanely. They justify their actions through perversion of Religious texts. This is because of how powerful religion is to some people and how open to interpretation some passages may be. Its sad that you do not see the facts and believe everything that is put forth in front of you.

    17. Victimized? That's the apologists argument. Let's not forget that the mass murderers who committed the 9/11 attack were middle-class, college educated, well-traveled Saudis. They were radicalized with promises of waiting and willing virgins in their afterlife. These were architects and engineers, not bedouins or cave dwellers.

    18. Pardon me, Hasib, but the last article I read was about one Muslim sect bombing another, killing children and women, mostly. Tell, me what part do the western oppressors have in that? Asked sincerely.

    19. So if I feel victimized I get a free pass to victimize others? That's great. I know a few people that have wronged me. Since I am unable to wreak vengeance on them I'll just get someone else. Better keep clear of me while I walk through town. I have the need for revenge. Anyone will do.

    20. "But it is the predominate driver of such activity"
      People keep saying that. The British killed 11 million Congolese in 20 years or so turn of C20th...Stalin.. I know U.S. flies under the flag of Christianity, but how does that mix with greed and fear..
      I'm just not too sure about that one, it's often said, but it's not easy, did the Brits do that because they were christian, and nonchristians were 'nonhuman', or because they were descendants of a very aggressive genetic type originating from Scandinavia thru Germany and rome? Slave industry from west africa , cheap industrial kickstart to U.S. millions tortured, dead in transit, etc, ongoing aftershocks STILL!, is this religious? maybe.

  149. It all depends on what "it" is. In polling, more often than not, the question pre-determines the answer. Their job was to poll, not decontruct or project. Bottomline: great piece of propaganda, the velvet gauntlet.

  150. and again i agree about the buddhism part, but i have no spiritual sense, science and morality are enough to live in peace for me.

  151. You're not kidding anyone with this soft sell nonsense. This video is a gross misrepresentation of the truth. What are Muslims really like?......They are like anyone from a bronze age theocracy.....evil, violent and hateful.
    In Canada, where our multicultural society welcomes these miscreants, our free, open and easy society is being put to the test by Islam and they will use our own Laws against us to destroy all that is good in my Country.

    1. wow, they sent all the nasty Muslims your way. I have gotten to know quite a few lately, and every single one has been kind, warm and sharing. They consistently have a solid ethic for peaceful interaction, which is more than most Americans can even define. Any way, bad luck for you up there.

    2. go get help from a doctor, you sound sick

  152. Ithink the whole part on shriya law needed explaining and not generalizations. How exactly can shriya be used by women to gain more rights and freedoms? The lady used a lot of generalizations and she works for Gallop so has the actual statistics. She used phrases like many and most and the majority etc. Well a majority can be assumed to be 51%.

    74% of men in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia think women should have the same opportunities as men yet women can't drive there.

    Unfortunately for those who have actually travelled around the world and lived and worked in some of these countries this does moderately appear like propoganda.

  153. Islam is us and them. Not necessarliy us vs them but clearly us and them. Non Muslims cannot go into Makkah or Medina in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I have no idea what the problem is or why islam requires this intollerance but it clearly shows that it is not a welcoming or peaceful religion. It says this place is for us only. No tolerance. I see absoutely no value in that as a religion. I have been all over the world but I have never been to a place that has perimiters around cities that say X religion is not allowed here for fear of being fined and put in jail. So whatever this video states please undertand that in their holiest place on the planet within a 20 km radius....Non muslims are not allowed with signs printed on the highways with exits for you to get off the road going in.

    1. anyone can go Makkah or Medina, where did you hear none muslims can't go to them places?

    2. non muslims cannot go into Makkah or Medina. This is a fact. I have been working in the area for over a year. So I did not hear it anywhere I have witnessed it.

    3. I'm pretty sure non-muslims are not allowed in Makkah

  154. This is al part of "Gentle Jihad"!!! Embrace the Muslim Culture and Islam....allow the women to where the Niquab and any our "opinion poll propoganda"..... keep immigrating these people and it wont be long before 1.5 billion become 3 billion and eventually 7 billion!
    They will convert you or you will die. The essence of Islam is if you believe in Allah you are his chosen and if you do not you are an infidel that deserves death. This is black and white in the Koran!
    In this propaganda film they dont address the real questions that Renevonn asked!
    No surprise there. What about if the women try and escape the cloth bags they are forced to wear and are stoned to death! What about the 72 mention of that bullshit! It is time that we start to say that religions that hate iare no longer accepted!

    1. Let's see what about the 72 virgins? Do you actually know that in fact that is not listed in the Koran, but on a commentary called a hadith, in which there are many, that is not even close to being widely believed in the Muslim world as you would think. If you want to play the game of picking and choosing things from Islam that make it appear that all non-believers deserve death then I guess you'll have to be non accepting of Christianity too because the fundamentalist interpretation of the Holy Bible is full of the same intolerance. But, I'm sure your smart enough to know that the large part of the Christian world does not accept that kind of interpretation. There are those that do...Christianity is full of death wielding fanatics. So, are we going to go after them? Don't be a hypocrite.

    2. I would like all religions to go away and stop trying to say that they are the one true path to anywhere! Why does that make me a hypocrite???? I don't believe that one is any better than the other!

    3. Seems like you are starting another religion-i.e. no religion:)

      humans aren't perfect-so understanding of religions is also imperfect...what you could do is only to try to understand and obey

    4. You may not believe that one is any better than the other, but millions of us know that the Catholic-Christian faith is the true way to God.

    5. Precisely the reason I said this is all bull****. Read or listen to the argument against your position and you may see another point of view! I grew up catholic and know exactly how I was indoctrinated, then I read the argument against. I know you think you know but you don't know any more than anyone else. You have just been indoctrinated like all who thought they knew but now have seen religion for what it is. Sorry if that bothers you and your brothers and sisters in christ but it is my opinion and soon enough to be the opinion of millions and eventually billions. One day we will look back and see that it served a need at one time but no longer!

    6. You must be f--king JOKING!!! 64% of the koran is devoted (yes "Devoted") to bringing death and destruction on the Kufr (that is to non Muslims).
      You will even read that on one night ALONE the so called "Prophet" of Islam murdererd 90 Jewish maled by cutting their heads off with a sword... their wives were taked as "War Booty" and raped, then the children taked, and raped and abused, then many killed. This mohammed took Aishia at 6 for his wife, and raped her at 9, he was a War Lord, a thief, a liar ( and taught muslims to lie for is called Taqiyya. He taught them that non muslims must be taken prisoner and forced to pay a heavy tax (the Jizya).... this evil man even set a mans chest alight with fire until the man told him where his treasure was. the dark ages the catholic popes tortured and maimed for their religion, and to keep the scriptures away from the masses, but they evolved.......
      ISLAM today STILL believes that their "prophet" split the moon in two with his sword, Still believes that he flew to the moon on a winged horse, still belives that the messiah will come up out of a dirty well, and they still throw notes down is, they still HANG HOMOSEXUALS or THROW THEM OFF CLIFFS, they still hack off hands, feet and heads...they still whip people to the point of death, stone adulterers to death, and they ARE NOW IN THE UK TELLING US THAT THEY ARE GOING TO TAKE BUCKINGHAM PALACE AS A MOSQUE AND DEPOSE THE QUEEN.
      They have taken over Tower Hamlets and regard it as a muslim state, and at night have patrols keeping non muslims away from their (read "our") area!
      I think its you who needs to look at things again you half wit
      Now mate... I dont think all this s*it is nit picking do you?

  155. Well, I watched with an open mind but I can't help but feel that this is at least a little biased.

    For starters, I would like to know how they managed to figure out the "1%" deal about the militant population amongst muslims. Let's say there really are 1-billion muslims in the world, that means roughly 10-million (1% of 1-billion) are extremists militants. 10-million muslim militants is no small amount. I sense an overly positive spin on this one.

    Secondly, I'd like to know why the majority of Muslims don't protest the violent acts of the extremists yet everyone pours out into the streets when someone from outside commits an act of aggression. For something which goes by the name "Religion of Peace" they sure seem tolerant of violence so long as its committed by those within their own ranks.

    Third, why is it that Muslim-Jewish relations are not covered when I would peg that as something of importance in this increasingly-integrated world of ours. I would like to point out that the punishment for apostasy (leaving the Islamic faith) is not explicitly covered in the Koran, but suffice to say that thousands of ex-muslims have indeed been killed for leaving.

    Fourth, I'd like to know how exactly they (and by 'they' I mean the muslim world) account for the utter stagnation of the intellectual and scientific growth that once occurred in their region of the globe.

    Finally I'll close with this.
    I've seen people commit terrible acts of hatred and violence both in the name of Allah and Jesus (crusades, jihad, same stuff different name) but never have I heard of a religious war (or struggle, whichever) carried out in the name of Buddhism.
    Just food for thought.

  156. bottom line its all about religion - its all bad - there are no good religions. The people are not bad our religions make us bad - hold us back - pit us against each other and on and on - "Religions poison everything!!!"

    We do NOT get morals from Religions - Religions make us Immoral.

  157. To Mohawk nation
    1.)The so called Palestinians have very extensive military training available much of it funded by the United states.
    2.) Goldstein was a doctor with very minimal military training. As a doctor he treated many victimsof terrorist bombing including woman and children
    3) The Palestinians have an extensive educational system mostly funded by the United Nations. Their education system teaches disrespect for non Moslems and glorifies suicide bombers and war with Israel. Most Christians were forced to leave Palestinian controlled areas. This was not true when Israel controlled the area from 1949 to 1996.
    4) It was the Arab countries that confined so called Palestinians to live behind barbed wire in refugee camps not the Israelis. It is Arab countries that treat the so called Palestinians as second class citizens and put more restrictions on them than any Israeli restriction. The Arabs living in Israel are full Israeli citizens.
    In other words it is the arabs who put their fellow arabs in reservations,
    much like what happened to Native americans

    5) The so called Palestinians could have had a state any time from 1949 to 1967 when Jordanand Egypt occupied the area. They didn't even agitate for one.
    Incidentally Mohawk nation if you were to do any of your religious dances in a Moslem state you'd be arrested. That includes areas controlled by the so called Palestinians In Israel you'd be free to practice your faith.

  158. I don't understand why Muslims have to justify themselves to "Democratic" Europeans when we know from facts that:
    - Al Qaeda was created by them
    - Salafism and Wahabism was created by Saoudis who are their allies
    - The ones who suffered most from terrorism are Muslims
    - After training and arming extremists they used them as a pretext based on false attacks to wage war against innocent people who didn't now anything about Al Qaeda or Terrorism.
    - Al Qaeda is still working side by side with the USA, EU(We see it in Libya and Syria).

    Westerners MUST find answers themselves why are they so evil, why are they so Greedy and until when are they going to massacre every other nation that doesn't thing like them or in order to have access to resources.

    Will you be surprised if Africans start beheading Americans too?
    Because down there the people are fed up to just like Arabs.
    We all know GW Bush lied about Irak, what happened to him? Nothing, so where is your so-called democracy and justice?

    Are you also enjoying the Oil (Booty) brought back by your criminal sons who went to loot like in medieval time?

    Westerners can't leave with any other nation peacefully it has been proven throughout 2000 years history . How can they be surprised to have nothing else but enemies?

    PS: I'm African Christian and I understand perfectly the Arab's anger .

  159. all i know is that in a lot of these countries, there are al qaeda flags flying on government buildings. Interview muslims in england, and a large percentage would jihad/sharia the shizzlees out of the world if they could. watch some of those programs on this: there are lovely children pressing kalashnikov rounds on market shops, girls being blinded becaue they want to read, and PEOPLE ARE DYING IN EUROPE BECAUSE OF A CARTOON. It is a worrisome situation. I think it is a healthy human faculty to be able to detect and defend myself from crazy people, and this movie is IMHO, a PR stunt.

  160. So much conspiracy theory ! 'They, Them, leaders', such broad terms that can be slapped, willynilly, on anyone so you can point a finger and call them a heretic, racist, terrorist or whatever suits your fancy. Riots and bloodshed are not unheard of in the US and Canada, we burn our own stuff and kill our own people for some rather idiotic reasons too.
    As much as we might resist the idea, we all share a common ancestor, we all share a common biology, and with that biology, we all share the same basic drives and instincts. We are all human, let that be our basis for judgement and don't let politics, religion and money get in the way. When you generalize an entire population, you end up labeling them in regards to the most extreme members of that population and forget that the majority are simple, law abiding citizens with the same concerns as us and would sooner give you a nod and be on their way than do anything violent.

  161. I have a suggestion! How about everybody lose the superfluous coverings, identities etc etc- and I mean everybody. It was a good game while it lasted but it is now time to behave like the intelligent beasts we have become and start focusing on reality - oil is going to run out and there are people already starving all over the planet, (and have been for far too long).
    When it all comes completely unstuck globally, either through war, zero fossil fuels or that unpredictable yet nevertheless pending solar event we will all be wearing the same skin - whether we like it or not.
    If I am going to be zapped out by a solar flare or a nuclear warhead, I would prefer to spend my current time on earth not being bored sh**less by all of this futile religious/anti religious banter.
    If there truly is a creator, and there is that possibility (or not) - I believe there is no possible way humans have been created in that creator's image. Man's narcissistic nature alone is responsible for that 'irresistible' idea. x

  162. I didn't like some over simplification of things. For example, how on Earth did they determine 1% of Muslims are militants? They could not have possibly asked people: "so, currently, are you involved in violent struggle or Islamic terrorism?" I've heard the 1% number before, and I don't really think that was statistically proven or asked.

    And I felt they talked too much and didn't give us enough numbers. Isn't the whole point to focus on hard data and not political motives? You show us one result and then go on and on about the entire broad topic (gender, terrorism) and then come to the conclusion. But there are so many other numbers they could have shown us. It felt very politicized and wasn't about letting the data speak for itself.

  163. I guess each oppressed Palestinian would act as independantly as the Israeli terrorist Baruch Goldstein if EACH one was as well trained as our boy Baruch was. Good thing you destroyed their education system and continue to prevent food from getting to their community...keep 'em scavenging while you build on their'll eventually get rid of 'em. That's what they did to my people.

  164. So seventy percent of the men in Saudi Arabia believe that women should be allowed to do any job they are qualified for. I guess if women are not allowed a driver's licence it would follow that they are not qualified to drive a cab. Clever. No inconsistency there.

    1. I'm fairly sure there's more exciting jobs out there for women other than a cab drivers job. anyway, that sounds like a good enough reason for the US to go invade Saudi ... it would be a humanitarian invasion, a democracy spreading invasion don't you think Jack1952?

    2. So the Saudis are doing women a favor by not allowing them to drive or becoming cabbies. That's a novel approach to justify hypocrisy. I wonder if there are any other jobs that the Saudis feel that women should be allowed to do, ideologically, but are refused because in reality men are the boss and women must do as they are an equal and fair way, of course. Apparently, the Koran gives women equality as long as they do as they are told.

      Do not use American wrong doing as the benchmark. Too many people shrug off atrocities in other countries by pointing at the United States and claiming that as long as they are not doing what the Americans are doing no one has the right to criticize them. To deny anyone their basic human rights is wrong...whether its the Americans, the Saudis, the English or even you or I. It is not comparative or rated on some sort of atrocity scale, using the United States as the yardstick by which all things are measured. If a country does something wrong its actions stands on its own. It should answer for its misdeeds on its own without excuses.

      I never said anything about invading anyone. Don't put words in my mouth.

  165. Get Ron Paul in as President and East-West relations could improve because it's a lot of human, not religious issues that are the problem. That's a start and a very very very vital one.

  166. muslims, christians, dis one and dat one.....wank wank wank, all of you....the fact that you generate aggression demonstrates the fact that none of you are right

  167. I LOVE the "idea" of 72 "Virgins" but the rest of the "Muslim" belief system, I'll pass. I will also "pass" on Christianity. THEY have more blood on their hands then Muslims do. McVey was HYPNOTIZED and SET-UP by the FBI. Who was ALSO guilty for 93 towers bombing. God help us from "our" own government!

  168. I find it hard to believe people STILL don't KNOW THE TRUTH about 9/11? READ dammit! It was ALL fake. No "wmd's>' No "invasion" no "threat, no nothing! It isn't the Muslim's fault. It is OUR GANGLAND LEADERS that are to blame. I don't like to believe that, but if there's ONE single lie, like a 757 flying into the Pentagon, Paalleeezzzeee! "THEY" didn't "do it to us." The Federal Government" did it to us! It isn't the first time we've had "False-Flag attacks!" FDR KNEW the Japanese were coming, and LET IT HAPPEN! In Nam, the "bay of Tonkin" was ALSO A LIE! I'm not going to list all the LIES we've been "sold." It would require an entire book! The Muslims OUR government are MURDERING EVERY DAY, have dirt to eat and "we" just keep "allowing" our own government to GET AWAY WITH IT! Jesus, if you do exist, get your ass down here now!

    1. FDR let the Japanese attack. I have heard of women who allowed themselves to get raped too. Makes so sense.

      If FDR had acted to prevent the attack, I suppose you would be calling him a war monger. Just because the United States has been wrong at times in their history it does not mean that they are always in the wrong. Your bias is clouding your judgement. The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. They were in the wrong in this instance. If FDR feared that an attack was imminent, it doesn't make him responsible for the attack. It might just mean that he was acutely aware of the possibility.

      If you want to criticize the American government at least make sure you use circumstances that are real and clear cut. Interference in Chile, Vietnam, Iraq, and in Iran in the early fifties are good examples of dubious American action. Your FDR example is one that comes from convoluted logic and your obvious hatred of the American government.


  170. Without even seeing this video, I can answer your questions. They don't like being OCCUPIED! They don't like, us MURDERING THEIR CHILDREN AND WOMEN! They are probably LIED to, the SAME WAY WE ARE! George Bush and his joking about "WMD's" was not only RUDE, it was EVIL. "Thoise WMD'S gotta be somewhere. Not under here." Laugh, laugh, laugh. NOT FUNNY! And yet, everyone of the "haves and have mores" in the room, LAUGHED THEIR A**ES OFF! I'm ashamed to be an American. The Muslims, just like "Americans" don't realize, it isn't the "American people" it is the GANG that has taken over our government. I seriously doubt the Muslims want to hear that reason; but it is TRUE! THEY take CHILDREN and teach them things like "Ooo, Ahh, I wanna KILL somebody!" Can you just imagine that? Then these CHILDREN come back here, and put a badge on, and continue what our "Military Industrial Complex" has taught them! When you see some PIG throw a little old lady on the ground, and even TAZE her, you can bet your a** he is EX marine, or ex-Army; whatever! It's damn shameful!

  171. What a brilliant piece of propaganda.

  172. This was an excellent documentary. The Gallup Poll is the most respected polling organization in America, irrespective of what some hateful people on here have to say.... it's really sad - depressing actually - to read some comments on here. What a wonderful world we could all create if we would learn to respect each other, try to understand each other, and learn to love.

    To quote Dr. Martin Luther King, "the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of convenience or comfort, but where he stands in times of challenge and controversy."

    Have the strength to love whether you are Christian, Muslim, Jew, or atheist.

    1. then why did she use most, many, and majority in speaking and not give the actual statistics? I agree with you that gallup is good at what they do but these people did not give statistics in speaking at all times.

      And for those who are talkng about this 1%....she said "fraction of 1%" of muslims are the militants, but when you are talking about a billion is it still a big number which she could have mentioned also but obviously wouldn't because they were clearly not into showing any of the negative islam may actually represent.

    2. rljp: i completely understand your point, let me explain this from my point of view, these people are talking about what they have studied or what they know about shariaa law not what is practiced as shariaa law in their countries, yes shariaa law, whatever others tell you, grants the women the same rights as men, but what is practiced in what is today the gulf countries and especially saudi arabia is not shariaa law but the same practices that existed before islam, islam granted women their rights, banned slavery, condemned racism etc.. there is no 72 virgins, no heaven for exploding yourself in a public place, this is more of a political lie than islam. Islam could have not attracted 1.5 billion people if it has came with a message of violence, it doesn't make sense… Not to defend islam or anything, I'm no longer religious and i find it very hard to believe in a creator, but i respect all religions because i think the foundation is right, it's human nature that is flawed...

    3. so before islam women could not drive cars?

      I whole heartedly agree that muslims are good people but there are many contradictions and the whole thing about muslims only near their holiest of sites is a large billboard of their intollerance to anyone who is not muslim. And people do not know that and no major news network will challenge anyone on why that is. Why I do not know. I am athiest as well so neutral in the whole thing.

      But religion will plague our peace on earth as long as it exists. But as someoe rightly mentioned Budhists have no desire to control or convert anyone. If there is one religion I dig its budhism.

      Religion has been a source of violence in so many ways over history. When india was paritioned in 1947 it was Muslim vs Hindu vs Sikh in the region of pakistan. Then we have this ongoing Isreal vs Palestine situation. South Sudan. Etc etc etc. Yet we have no athiests willing to die for their non beliefs....well at least not yet.

    4. Before islam many used to get rid of women on birth! not to mention that there was no cars before islam.. what you stated after this i classify it as politics not religion, i agree that religion has been a source of violence but only after people distorted the message to use it for political goals.

    5. Islam is a religion but as such, has become political.....very political. Being an atheist, I think all religion has always been a form of insanity.....killing in support of an imaginary friend is just preposterous.

    6. Make war on them until idolatry is no more and Allah's religion reigns supreme - 8:39
      Sounds peaceful doesn't it? Should attract all peace loving people.

    7. This is a telling of events from the time of the prophet not a commandement, violence passages are very common among all monotheistic religions holy books, i've read far more worse in the bible and the talmud. I'm not defending a religion against another here.

      "Their children also shall be dashed to pieces before their eyes; their houses shall be spoiled, and their wives ravished." Isaiah 13:16

      Sounds peaceful isn't it? no it doesn't but i know it's actually a telling of events not a commandement, i don't copy/paste, i seek the truth i dont take it as it is from ill-intentioned individuals.

    8. We are not comparing religions. The Bible is rife with violence and I have listened to their apologists all my life. Both the Koran and the Bible condone violence in their name. It is not a contest to see which is the best at it.

      The verse you quoted (copy/paste?) and the verse I quoted are examples of violence accepted. Neither the Koran or the Bible condemn the actions that they speak of. They give the impression that the violence that is written about is a natural consequence of not following God and is to be expected. That people of religious ilk could interpret it as a call to arms and a justification for atrocity, is and has been demonstrated countless times in history. Religious people can also be quite adept at defending the areas of their religious books that may be unpalatable or controversial in another context.

      It is quite natural to feel compelled to defend the religion that you grew up with. I have done it myself in the past. I finally realized that I should defend the good in a religious text but not whitewash the things that I find uncomfortable. Fire and brimstone and burning in hell are too common an element in the religions of Abraham.

    9. Stop the spin, willful or not. The Koran is taken to be good for all time, so your saying this was only at the time of Mohamed is a lie. Quoting a Bible descriptive part is not to be equated to the prescriptive injunctions of the Koran to violence. Saying it's only the Hadith, is another ignorant or willful lie, and even if this were true, it wouldn't cut. Islam stands on two legs. The Hadith Sahih, as the violent ones are, is one of those legs, as all Muslims know.

  173. As this documentary shows more or less societies are different all over the world as religion and politics are more hurtful to a human than anything.

  174. Man, where to start with this doc? I'm going to start with Kevin Pollack of the Brookings Institute and his contention that the West needs to "guide" the Muslim world in the interests of both peoples. I wonder if he realizes his own arrogance, suggesting that it is isolationism to allow the large numbers of Muslims around the world to decide their own affairs without Western interference. Rather than admit that meddling in the politics and economies of distant nations is a fool's errand from the beginning, he takes the coward's argument that policy must simply be adjusted, never seeming to question the underlying legitimacy of the West's insistence on involving itself in foreign affairs in the first place. As a matter of fact, this entire documentary seems guilty of that very thing.

    It is not "isolationism" to not wish to involve one's country in some other nation's political struggles. The sad fact is that it has been the self-righteous attitude of the West and its ruling elite that has led to the backlash of hatred against them. It has been the reckless interventions on behalf of entrenched political and economic interests that have radicalized so many Muslims, justifiably in many cases. It has been the hollow declarations of the wonders of democracy even as they prop up dictatorial regimes and stamp out freedom movements across the Muslim world.

    The best intervention is no intervention at all. This is not isolationism, it's common human decency. For nations like the US, UK, and the other members of the EU and NATO to presume to involve themselves militarily in the affairs of foreign countries, killing civilians by the thousands while endlessly trumpeting the virtues of their so-called democracies, is a crime on a monumental scale that this documentary just seems to gloss over. I'm not saying that the West should turn away from the rest of the world, but it definitely needs to seriously rethink the arrogant and paternalistic tone of its words and actions in its dealings with the rest of humanity. This doc did not seem to acknowledge that fact, merely seeking to supplant the current brutal form of intervention with a more insidious and focus-grouped one. That would not be an improvement. Let the people of the Muslim world decide their own fates and stop meddling in their business. It is the only solution compatible with the freedom that the West claims to want for them.

  175. I stopped watching this white wash this about half way through.
    There is so much deception in this film it would take volumes to expose.
    I will mention only one, the point where I stopped. That is where the
    Arab speaker set up a false equivalence between the act of Baruch Goldstein
    and the Palestinian terrorists. Baruch Goldstein was a medical first responder.
    After years of treating men, women, and children who were causalities
    of Palestinian terrorist bombings, he snapped and committed the Hebron massacre. HE ACTED ALONE. He was not part of any organized group that deliberately killed innocent civilians. That is not the case with Palestinian terrorists. They are an organized group that recruits, trains, and carries out atrocities on innocent civilians.
    It is a deliberate strategy of murder, not the act of one individual. Terror and
    murder are part of the Palestinian strategy. There is no equivalence between the act of one man, Goldstein, to the calculated serial mass murders of the Palestinians.
    Government Racism and religious intolerance occurs in almost all Arab countries. But that is another story too long to tell here.

    1. I guess each oppressed Palestinian would act as independantly as the Israeli terrorist Baruch Goldstein if EACH one was as well trained as our boy Baruch was. Good thing you destroyed their education system and continue to prevent food from getting to their community...keep 'em scavenging while you build on their'll eventually get rid of 'em. That's what they did to my people.

  176. Tell you this little secret bond of the brotherhood no matter what colour worn or flag waved or creed exalted:

    They are Psychopaths: support, promote and create the conditions for and of psychopathy (insanity) to flourish
    They are warrior tribes - raiding and looting, raping and burning building and destroying Empires: they work tirelessly to create and profit from war
    They are Sodomites/Pederasts and are of their 'jealous god' - hater of woman, innocence, honesty and life; they rape and ritually murder millions daily but as they own all forms of media ...they are also Jews btw which seems to be an unholy mash of everything psychotic in the ruling elites/warrior tribes.
    They created and enforced the religions of today and that includes Judaism as founding 'father' to christianity and islam - the two sons. With that came the inevitable 'atheism' 'paganism' 'satanism' but it was all from aspects of their own religions. So get off your knees, people, and stop being 'preyed' upon.
    There are idiots today who literally pray in black and white, male and female, they are supporting those they claim to have seen and evolved away from. There are bigger idiots still watching TV, going to group ritual music fests and the like, all worshipping that one god, that one big dead eye in the sack of the anus.

  177. It's all simple: Albert Pike and his Three World Wars. Set up Atheists (marxists) to kill Christians, Zionists to kill Muslims and all fighting eachother over .... ? Military strategy 101: Demoralise the enemy target (everyone not sodomite/pederast psychopaths - terms interchangeable and one) by brainwashing them into slight variations of past, prophecy and religion and setting them off against eachother. Depopulation strategy.

  178. If I wanted to convert to Islam would I have to change my name? If this is the case I choose ummm Cat Stevens.

    1. Cat Stevens is now Yusuf Islam so I'm sure he wouldn't mind you having his old name he left behind.

  179. Saying a lie about islam and muslims, it just helps us muslims to bring humanity near the truth, and to see who is actualy lieing and manipulating with YOU .
    - What ever You say about islam It will never hurt us .. fanny thing is it !?
    - Wo love for you the best way of life, and you fight us for it !!

    Your killing muslim in their Countrys, and every day and night westerns Come To ISLAM .. why it's happening this ?

    There is no escape from islam, there is no life without islam, we want for all you to be a live, pls come and be a muslim, and feel what actualy LIFE is...
    ( sory my english it's no good )

    - what ever you say after my comment -its for you.. :d

    1. aaaaaghhhh! See what I mean, there's no talking or reasoning with them. by 'them' i mean any nuerotic OCD victim of religious programming. we are doomed. i escaped.

    2. Why are you muslims always trying to convert people? What makes your religion so much better than other religions?
      I invite you to become a Christian or Jew and see what modern life with out bloodshed is like.

      There is no escape from Christianity or Judaism, there is no life without Christianity or Judaism, we want for all you to be a live, pls come and be a Christian or Jew if you prefer, and feel what actually LIFE is...

    3. christians and jews start all kinds of wars in the name of their god. its just more of the same s*it. I invite all abrahamists to burn their so-called scriptures!

    4. Must be pretty dizzy sitting up there on your high pedastal. I mean, it's not like you didn't try to convert a Muslim into a Christian/Jew.

      Well I know someday, for a fact that there will be no more religion. Problem is, will that happen while humans still exist?

    5. I just merely turned his invitation around. I am not religious. I believe in science and proven facts. I believe a higher power is our own minds and what we make of them. But I will not stand for some Muslim always trying to convert people to their twisted version of a religion. If I chose to be religious it would not be Islam with all it's bloodshed, lies and deception.

    6. which religion would you choose?

    7. I think one day there will need to be a state of athiests and we all can sit back and watch the antics or the wars of the gods. The wars of the all loving and forgiving gods. Ohhh the sarcasm on the evening news in aithiest land.

    8. I don't think atheist state would be anymore peaceful than a religious state. I know atheists who call for the banishment of all religion. A banishment would almost guarantee violence as the religious have shown their willingness to die for their beliefs. There is no such thing as banishment without enforcement.

      I am atheist by the way. Violence is part of the human condition and religion is just one of the ways that this violence manifests itself.

    9. a quote from a good documentary "The God Delusion" ....There are Good People who do good and there are bad people that do bad but it takes religion to make good people do bad things.

      I disagree that violence is part of the human condition. Myths and fairy tales and books about them may manifest violence but humans had to work together to survive. When they needed more resourses etc then that need manifested into violence but without needs I do not see how violence is manifested. No need to be right about anything. Everything in the Universe is born then dies. As John Lennon said "Imagine"

    10. Jealousy, anger, revenge, patriotism, blood feuds, honor, sociopathy, just to name a few other reasons for violence. Violence is a part of the lives of many of the species of animals on this planet and is a necessary survival tactic. Humans are just better at it because our ability to reason. This ability has expanded our options to violence. We just don't realize that we are responding to a primal urge and prefer to think that outside forces are compelling us to do these acts. The sooner we understand, as a species, that violence comes from within us and our perceived reasons for violence is the way that it manifests itself.

      People do have to work together to survive. They also want to fight together under the assumption they must fight to survive. Also, religion can be a bonding agent, tightening the social order of a group and helps to encourage co-operation. It doesn't have to be all bad. It, unfortunately, all too often becomes a negative force.

    11. all those emotional feelings I doubt would lead athiestic people to conspire to make war or carry out terroist acts. Many people were wiped out by the financial crisis it did not cause anyone to go out and systematically kill bankers. What exactly would we have to fight for if there was no self righteous dogma to defend? Religion is a bonding agent. So much so that it warps peoples view of reality and suggests to them that their faith is worth dieing for. that words written in a book by ignorant unknowing peoples in the form of fairy tales thousands of years ago that is contradicted by scientific theory and fact and principle should somehow be defended to the death. Or kill those who have a different god from a book written by a different ignorant group of individiuals a thousand years ago.

      the orignal comments had to do with Athiests hanging out and observing from the sidelines. And for the most part that is exactly what it would be. If anyone wants to suggest the athiests will be what religious folks are you are way off base and talking from your emotions.

    12. The essence of religions can't be contradicted by science.

    13. At least this thread , when it speaks of religion, it goes wider than "christianity"; WhitemanAtheism vs WhitemanChurch Spiritual Anaemia is such a tedious theme online!

    14. your one line comments show you to be useless. And to say religion and its essence can't be contradicted without explanation shows you to be just that. Useless. Kind of like religion. Kind of about as useful as a condom to a Catholic. Science contradicts the essense of religion. That there is no creator. There was a big bang. If there is the essence of religion where did it come from? Science asks these questions and seeks answers.

    15. I am useless? Prove yourself useful then. How does the fact that there was a colossal Kaboomy contradict the concept of a conscious creator? What is the connection?

    16. seeings how my original reply is being moderated I will continue. You make a comment with no sound explanation then you ask me to explain myself? What a r*tarded game by someone who needs to get some basic needs met by inundating a message board with uselessness. You don't want to expalin how science cannot contradict the essense of religion? You can't explain that? Too complex for you becuase judging from your little self righteous ego trip here you seem to have it all cased. But here as i find you laughable. Science blows holes entirely through Genesis which would sort of hold the whole essense of religion and how it relates to humans now wouldn't it? Unless of course you are of the faction that believes it was all done in 6 days.

    17. Aside from self-righteous ego trips, which I may or may not be indulging in, I question the common assertion that colossal kaboomy contradicts conscious creation. It's this assertion that needs support. Current human science is your supreme authority, but to me it seems that its field of inquiry doesn't even include the origin of existence. And correctly so.

    18. "How does the fact that there was a colossal Kaboomy contradict the concept of a conscious creator? What is the connection?" This is where this all started just to bring you back.

      The universe is all about expansion and contraction. Gravity and mass accumulation and then expansion. Things are born and they die.

      Maybe we are sitting in a petri dish somewhere but to think that this is all consuously created is a stretch. You tell me how the big bang leads one to think we are all in a conscously created universe? The balls in your court.

      Anyone that comments on every single comment with their assertions and views is looking for something. You can't stop with giving us the intelligent views you possess you have to let it all hang out there and live up to the realization that sometimes it is best to keep ones mouth shut rather than open it and release any doubt as to one intelligence or motives.

    19. First let me say I appreciate your ongoing attempt at therapy at no charge; To the point: I did not even suggest that BB leads to the idea of a consciously created universe. I challenged the common assertion that BB precludes or indeed is in any way logically connected to CC.

    20. Genesis: I don't like to use Bible as reference point for Religion in general, because I think it has been messed with irreparably, and isn't typical of human religions, but even so, Genesis is a metaphor with some meaning. Maybe I'm out of touch and millions of people believe in it as a literal gas-filled god in sky doing rib-surgery. If that's what's at issue, I probably agree with atheists!

    21. so what you are basically saying is you are here to stir crap up with people. Useless dribble asking questions and then rephrasing them when you get an answer. You are useless.

    22. And my "inundating the message board" is just because I don't come here often, and when I do I have an intensive browse and response, because I think the God/Science "debate" is a serious one and worth the effort. Your psychoanalysis of me is too far outside the topic, as is mine of you.

    23. You think this debate is a serious one. You ask someone about the relevance of science and the esssense of creation and then when you get an answer you say ....ok well not that religion. You are about as serious as a circus clown.

    24. Yes yes, useless clown, do you need to do that really. I see you have a longer post down there.

    25. to give you my final thoughts. You pose a question I answer it with religion in mind then you say oh not that religion? You have nothng of substance or seriousness about you. Do I really need to do that? That is the question for you. Cheers

    26. You have much of substance and seriousness. I see your point but we were talking about the "essence of religion", which to my mind is some form of conscious creation. And I didnt realise till that point that you were talking exclusively western Catholic or something. I tried to clear up my meaning and you took it for trickiness. And then you mis-stated my original assertion, which I pointed out, and re-stated to you. You didn't acknowledge this error, and once again do not wish to reply to my challenge, which is, and was, and will be (how biblical):
      How Does The Concept of BB logically address/affect/contradict the concept of Conscious Creator? I do not see that it does. Logically.

    27. You don't see my point you keep on with bullsh!t and conflict. I quoted you I did not mis state your orginal assertion. You are a nutcase.

    28. Did Hitler invade Poland because he wanted the Poles to serve his god? Was it Napoleon's goal to unite Europe under one religion. Those wars were caused by the need for power and blind patriotism. It was inevitable that those involved would call on god since an overwhelming percentage of the world's population have a religious belief. Placing ones life in jeopardy and the natural fear that goes with it could induce even those who are not religious to think about a God. "There are no atheists in foxholes" does have an element of truth. I don't know how a truly atheist state would behave. However, after reading the rant by devlinwaugh in another post, I am not that certain all atheists are as peaceful as you seem to think they are.

      I am not defending religion. I am just saying that religion uses the potential for violence that resides in us all to their own advantage. In other words the potential for violence already exists. Religion can bring it to the surface and cause it to explode.

    29. Religion or not violence is part of life. Look at nature.

      I would say that in fact Religion tries to subdue violence through rules and agreements within a group that accept common beliefs.

      "though shall not kill"

      However if those beliefs are threatened I can see how violence can then be used to protect the "common good".

      Protecting the "common good" such as "Freedom, Democracy" seems to be killing a lot of people around the world today yet no one attributes this to any "Religion".

    30. yes patriotism is one manifestation or in hilters case blind dictatorial fascism. But the list of what is going to get an athiest going is pretty short. Its pretty good though when you can look back at history and all one can draw on for horrible actions from an athiestic group is Hitler. Though I know you can say the same for some of the USSR.

      But then we can look at the war of the bulkans, India's partition and many other conflicts to see that religion in comparison to athiesm is a far grander tool to cause destruction then athiests for the most part who may only use patrotism for land or family or country and resort to violence on a grand scale.

    31. At least you can acknowledge that religion in not the only reason for war. I have to agree that religion has caused a great deal of suffering. I just believe that the root problem lies deeper than what is at the surface. Some people feel the need to feel superior. They use money, power, religion, whatever necessary to feed that need.

    32. Just cause you believe does not make it so. There is a lot of history that would support religious or visions of the gods guiding people to do evil things than the reality that people who do not have any faith really don't do much. From the greeks to the Christains to the Muslims to the Mayans to the Aztecks to the former Yugoslavia. There will be bad deeds done regardless but it not a primal need of a human to kill another for the sake of much other than some psychotic illness manifested in violence. I am not saying that religous people are the only ones who do bad just that the proportion is totally one sided. Totally.

    33. One reason for the appearance that religion is the major source for violence is that the over whelming majority of the human race is and has been religious. I never said that it was a primal need but a primal urge. Chimpanzees have been proven to commit violent acts against one another. Many animals fight each other for mating rights, to protect territory, over food, and for their social standing in the hierarchy of a group. Early man did the same thing. This violence evolved into the type of misdeeds we see today. It did not come out of a vacuum. It came out of basic instincts but we have applied intellectual reasoning to give a more sophisticated appearance for our reason for violence.
      Religious violence is just a symptom of the disease not the disease itself.

      I know you don't like religion and I can hardly blame you. I am just afraid that you, like a lot of people, dwell only on the one reason for violence and overlook other reasons. I have had the same argument with individuals except they blame greed for all the wars. Others blame the industrial military complex. Some blame the Jews, others the Americans or even the white race. Each one claims to have solid evidence to back up their claims. If there are so many causes for wars then there must be an underlying reason for this abomination. That is what I am trying to get at..

    34. Hitler and napoleon were religious,you are mental.

    35. true

    36. They may have been religious but that was not what motivated them to make war. They wanted power and Hitler was half mad with nationalistic fanaticism. That was my point as mental as it and I might appear to you.

      It you want people to take your ideas seriously and respect your opinions, stop with the insults. It demeans you and leaves the impression that you have a childish personality. I'm sure you can behave in a more mature manner.

  180. Biased is the best word to describe this documentary. Considering the background off all the people interviewed you have to be naive or also have a biased perception not to think that the data of the surveys was not edited and/or presented in such a way to suite their agenda.

  181. Islam is like Christianity was a couple hundred years ago. Islam condones the killing of "unbelievers" and this alone shows it to be a religion to be feared. Most Muslims just want to live in peace but their religion gets the last word and this word is not Peace! The same goes for the Fundamentalist Christians in the USA! Religions may give hope to the hopeless but they are directly responsible for the hatred and animosity between cultures!

    1. Former muslim,atheist now but honestly i never been taught such a thing as "Islam condones the killing of unbelievers", i admit some cave people think so, but they are so few, but i completely understand the situation: your media, on purpose, wants you to think that they are the majority...

    2. But must surely agree that we cant let Islam do its thin in our lands because whan there are enough muslims (like 50% as the religion says) the "less peaceful" ones will step forward and make a takeover bid for the host country. We must stop Islam for this reason alone?

  182. Oh Christ. Islam.....

  183. How do we know all these 'Billion Muslims' are even religious? They were merely born in certain families in certain places. It suits religions to claim all in an area to be a certain faith - but it's wishful thinking - something religious types do a lot of. I love everybody - wherever they're from, but we don't need these outdated labels...

  184. First of all, go back and look at the people and entities who funded this poll and wrote the questions. That will tell anyone how these results turned out so well for islam. Nowhere are the issues of: 1) muslim racism, their hatred of Jews, desire for the destruction of Israel and murder of Jews as recommended in the Koran, 2) muslim desire for a world caliphate, 3) first WTC bombing in 1993, 4) enactment of Sharia law, 5) the Mumbai terror attacks targeting Westerners, Indians and Jews and 6) lack of mass muslim protesting of islamic fundamental extremism and preaching of hate in even moderate mosques touched on. No, I don't believe every muslim is a terrorist but I do believe most religious terrorists are muslims and that this program is a nice piece of pro-muslim propaganda.

  185. I think this is a repost (or I'm wrong and I saw it elsewhere) but it's a great doc and well worth seeing.

    Especially if you're one of those d-bags who hates on muslims without really knowing anything about them.

  186. Thank you for posting this doc Vlatko. I hope still many more like this one, offering a more comprehensive view of the Muslim world, compared to the dangerous stereotypes we are fed by the mainstream politics (and media), and promoting understanding instead of fear, will find their way here.

    Sadly, paranoia is the prevailing condition.

    1. you need to read a koran

  187. they all barbarians and their main goal is to control the world!! don't be a fool...

    1. Do not judge Islam as a religion based on the actions of some of them retarded, but to judge Islam, you must read about and what is the true Islam.

    2. Ive read it, my sister was raped by it....wake up you id**t..and its not a religion, its a POLITICAL THEOCRACY like The Nazi Party

    3. You are the definition of what is wrong with the world. Ignorance!!

    4. More Liberal whitewashing the truth...When will people wake up.
      These kind of documentary's are made to disarm the west.
      If you want to know what Muslims think of the infidels ( Jews, Christians, and the west) just look at the beheading in Afghanistan the school girls being poisoned by the Taliban and why not do some research and look at what their leaders are saying in Egypt and Iran.
      The funny thing is when these things happen you never see Muslim leaders condemning them. It's only when Israel or the west does something the Muslims riot and laughably kill each other. Like when the Qur'an s were burned in Afghanistan. They rioted and ended up killing something like 25 of their own people. I guess the couldn't find any Americans around and in there blood thirsty rage they started killing each other

      The MSM will never tell the truth you have to do your own research.
      Just look at how they have destroyed their country and now want to immigrate and destroy ours.
      Here is something to try..Try to find 5 good things that Muslim country's have contributed to the world besides death, destruction, hate and pain. Just look at what they are doing to Europe. They are destroying it slowly. They are taking over streets to pray in France.
      They are mass immigrating to Australia and immediately going on welfare. Getting free houses and living better than the people that are footing the bill. All the rapes in the UK from Muslim immigrants. But in the UK they call them Asians. More whitewashing
      All I ask is if you immigrate to a country respect it's laws. Do not expect it to change it's laws to accommodate you, which Muslims do.
      Thank god Canada has Harper which is tightening immigration. He sees what is happening to Europe because of the Muslim immigrants.

      Two years ago I never thought like this. I live in a building that is 75% Muslims so to be respectful I thought I would learn about Islam. The more research I did the more I started to see a pattern of death and destruction and extreme hate towards Israel. Why do they hate Israel so much. Israel Is a great country which makes amazing medical breakthroughs. In fact they have developed a Cancer vaccine. An injection that programs your cells to kill cancer cells When is the last time a Muslim country did anything for humanity in modern times. Then I thought well what about the Qur'an surely there must be good stuff in there. What a joke more death conquering and murder.

      All I ask is do the research and decide for your self. Take the good versus the bad and look at all aspects.

      I know what I am saying is not politically correct and people on here are going to freak out over my comment but if you do the research you will be surprised like I was.

      Stay away from the MSM and do more in depth research. Don't just take one websites point of view go to multiple websites on the same topic. You will get the big picture

    5. The Jews feel the same of non-Jews....

    6. only the people that are having a full time job being religius and study all day. most of the jews are not religius at al.l.. the opposite is the truth.

    7. Let me see, five things Muslims have contributed besides Death. 1. Math 2. Astronomy 3. Medicine 4. Art 5. Science 6. Paper 7. Textiles 8. Architecture, uh, shall I continue? Every civilization has its radicals. Even the Christians who've rivaled any genocidal records on Earth. In some places early Islam was almost welcomed after the invasive totalitarianism of the Christian Church in everyone's lives. For Christ's sakes, they were taking baths almost everyday while Europeans were wallowing in their own s*it. You know what? When people become displaced, they tend to gravitate to their own in any new community. Just like all the other ethnicities who's populations will grow in foreign lands. Now, what have the Muslims done for us lately? Not much - because we've deposed most of the democratically elected leaders, or thrown fire on the rest for oil, or exploited the Afghan mujahedin in our little pay back to Russia before we bailed and left them in their own s*it. Can you say, IRAN? (who might have influenced some new growth, but who can say now?) The Arab countries exploit the Palestinians for sure, but to say, 'poor Israel' is ludicrous. We tend to excuse them for a lot. And personally, Israel was a terrorist state, brought to fruition through Zionist terrorism. Nobody's hands are clean on that one my friend. Look up the USS Liberty and see how Israel, our "friends" murdered almost an entire shipload of American Naval observers. It's time we stop "he said, they said, he did, they did". the score card is immense and it's getting old. Like listening to children squabbling all the time about their own selfish wants and who took who's toy. Move on. I've met some really great, artistic, intelligent Muslims from Arabia as well as Bosnia. Are the Bosnians plotting to take over the world too?

    8. Just like christians not so long ago.
      Tha majority of people just want to live they´re lives.
      It is always the leaders fault that tiny differences grow totally out of proportion and turn into hate.

    9. Muhammed had nicnames for his weapons ... his message was not one of love, but defining who the enemy was and what was going to happen to all of the nonbelievers in the afterlife ... what a barren landscape this prophet left for his followers ....

    10. Hmmm. Sounds a little like the USA. And just about any other civilization that starts believing too much in their own propaganda.