9/11: Decade of Deception

9/11: Decade of Deception

2015, 9/11  -   155 Comments
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In the years since the tragic events of September 11, 2001, a growing number of skeptics have come forward to challenge the official story of what occurred on that horrific day. On the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks, these witnesses and researchers gathered for a four-day conference hosted by Ryerson University in Toronto. There, they collectively delivered their strongest evidence of conspiracy to an international panel of judges. 9/11: Decade of Deception documents the highlights of this milestone event.

The ultimate purpose of the conference was to produce a rallying cry among the masses for a new and objective investigation into the events of that day. The panel, which consisted of an esteemed group of academics, would submit to the government an official re-investigation request based upon what they believed were the most convincing findings presented in several categories including structural engineering, physics, chemistry and world history.

Richard Gage, the founder of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, runs a televised side-by-side demonstration of the World Trade Center collapse and a controlled demolition, and expands upon the inconsistencies that he believes spark doubts upon the accepted story of the towers' demise. Others contribute additional confirmation of this theory, citing the existence of specific explosive elements hidden within the debris. Survivors and family members of the fallen provide emotionally raw accounts of the events which led them on their own personal crusades for truth.

On-camera interview subjects challenge the automatic dismissal of "conspiracy" as a concept. They point to other incidents throughout history - including Watergate and the lone gunmen theory in the assassination of President Kennedy - as key examples of widely held conspiratorial views.

The events of September 11 have left great wounds all over the world that remain unhealed. It brought forth the troublesome war in Iraq, and a seismic shift in the arena of public policy - from the enactment of the Patriot Act to the increased prominence of invasive surveillance to the slow erosion of certain civil liberties. The need for answers and closure permeates each of the presentations and testimonials featured in 9/11: Decade of Deception, and it's an instinct that is shared by even the most hardened conspiracy deniers.

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Jason Hensley
9 months ago

Look up Ex CIA Susan Lindaeur videos the war in iraq

10 months ago

I don't know what they mean by the dead people. The dead are the ones inside the building and the rescue teams. I am still terrified of what is happening right now to the passengers of the 4 flights that disappeared, perhaps they were taken to secret locations for different kind of brainwashing, and docile experiments, or enslaved worse tortured....etc

Mark Dickenson
1 year ago

You're finally getting warm. This crap goes back to before JFK. It predates WWI. The same financial interests have manipulated everything, and the only time they were ever almost publicly called out was when an attempted coup in the USA failed. Google Smedley Butler.

Boston Power
2 years ago

9/11 =
Bush Admin Neo Cons
Larry Silverstein
Israeli "students" at WTC
Haliburton (Athena weapon)
Directed energy (Haliburton)
Bush family friends (the Bin Ladens)

Don't close your eyes in Israel. They needed the world to hate and fear Muslims and the U.S dual citizenship Neo Cons in the Bush admin need all the documents in building 7 gone. Larry Silverstein needed the 2 Billion in insurance.

911 was an inside job and the only fools who believe the "Official story" are people who live in America... Travel the world and ask the right questions and you will get the list I made at the top.

You believed the lie just like the Liberals keep believing the DNC..

2 years ago

Can anyone tell me where I can download this? It's likely to be supressed and removed soon

2 years ago

But the real question, why they have to bring down the buildings and make it too obvious of using demolition techniques?

3 years ago

The World Trade Center a complex of several buildings including 1,2, and 7WTC where opened in April of 1973 so they had 28 years to install all demolition needed to bring those buildings down. Any argument regarding not having a time frame needed to prepare these buildings with the demo needed for implosion is not valid.

3 years ago

The claim of a U.S. government conspiracy is silly. We all saw the planes crash into the buildings. There were effectively 500,000 pound missiles traveling at an estimated speed of 400-500 mph. Anyone who doubts that this isn't sufficient to bring down those buildings is foolish.

I have heard so many claims by the so-called Truthers that are simply wrong. One claimed that jet fuel burns at close to 500 degrees F and that this isn't hot enough to melt structural steel. The reality is that the temperatures inside the towers were likely in the 2000-3000 degree range. Further, it is not necessary to melt the structural steel. It begins to warp when exposed to temperatures of just 800 degrees.

The favorite explanation of the Truthers is that this was a controlled demolition. Popular Mechanics interviewed the head of a demo company and this gentleman stated that it would have taken his team roughly 6 months just to place the charges in one of the structures. And nobody noticed.

But what about Building No. 7??? Several floors of that structure were free burning for eight hours. The FDNY didn't even attempt to save the structure. They were a little busy. Of course it collapsed, just like any other similar structure would.

Martin Hoyle
3 years ago

This is a brilliant film, one of the best I’ve seen 👍

Atiq Ahmed
3 years ago

This is not the first time the United states of America government has did acts of mass murder on its own citizens an example was was a proposed false flag operation against the Cuban government that originated within the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) of the United States government in 1962. The proposals called for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) or other U.S. government operatives to commit acts of terrorism against American civilians and military targets, blaming them on the Cuban government, and using it to justify a war against Cuba a proved fact . So it doesn't surprise me America yet again is up to a greater game . 911 to create a false flag operation to create a war on Islam and to gain the oil from Iraq and minerals from Afghanistan typical for a capitalist country perfect sense and true

3 years ago

I'm missing the big picture here. How in heavens name can one stage what these ppl claim? Seriously, bombs planted 3 gigantic buildnings? without a whistleblower or someone leaking information? How can you fake a planecrash / plant a bomb in pentagon without getting spottet by anyone? How can you trust these ppl to really succeed with what they are planing? A tiny miss and the bomb wouldnt go off and it would be a scandal of epic proportion.

Nah, i'm sure CIA turned it to their interest like everone else, and the gov have things they prefer to not speak about thats not good to show in public concerning the events. But a conspiracy is simply not possible in this large format, way too risky, enough with one minor failure and the gig is up.

Bob Allen Peters
3 years ago

Israel has full control of America. Israel will take the American into war with Iran unless the people of America, along with the military, rise up and get rid of the Synagogue of Satan.

Bob Allen Peters
3 years ago

Mossad killed JFK after the protection for the President was stood down.

Israeli forces attacked the USS Liberty to be blamed on Egypt, the rescue mission was stood down by Lyndon Johnson (a Jew).

On 9/11 the Mossad attacked New York and the normal protections were stood down like the Air Force. and in Washington the missile defense on the Pentagon was switch off.


Carol Colby
3 years ago

The real truth of 9/11/01 will be coming out

3 years ago

How did building 7 fall? Building 7 wasn't even mentioned in the 9/11 report.

Mustafa Mohammed Mirah
4 years ago

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. ...We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. ...In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons...who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”

Patrick Smith
4 years ago

Adrian, way to kick it real.

Adrian Parker
5 years ago

There is more than enoug evidence. It is time to stop questioning professional engineers and pilots who obviously know their stuff. The REAL problem (closely behind U.S. Govt. perpetuating it/them to begin with) is the fact that the press just tows the line. Th e minute you folks stop having more 911 conferences (we all know it was staged etc.) and start to do what you really need to do ...the walls of deceit will quiclly start to crumble..that secret ingredient is very simple. Go after the nes sources they have had more than enough contrary evidence form 911 to kenndies to area 51. While not investigating them iof that wasn't enough they actively perpetuated bush's claim of WMD in Iraq ...THEREFORE AIDING AND ABETTING in th esenseless slaughter of thousands of U.S young men and women who didn't have to die....if thenews media didn't help tell the lie that is 911. while there ar some news stations that have run cursory surface 911 questions nobody except the alternatives like Jesse Ventura etc. actuall delved in and called all ofthe coverups what they are..Horrendous mass murders (911), withholding of technology and keeping us on fossil fuel to keep current finacial oil basedmarkets alive to speak of a few things (area 51 and technology they know now) and most recently the Jackie Onassis papers released by Trump confirming what we all knew along (along with 911 and area 51.)...thatJackie also thought/knew her huisband was assasinated by insiders. So ya see folks, none of these things were conspiracies but legitamite breaches of the law along with a 'keping us in the dar' purely to maintain current financial outputs ie use of fossil fuels still.

Bottom line. Quit reading supporting or buying anything from the mainstream news till they start doing their jobs. Be dismissive of them the same way they have of correct people trying to put light on 911 etc. but instead usurped and called a wacko by these news sources supposedly out for our best. Again, maybe on the local stories news weather who one the ball game just to keep the image up...but the real stuff...the life or death stuff...not a chance. How the media must pay, and deserves an ass kiicking from society they have failed us miserably.Don't hold your breath they won't. However there are already other alternate news sites on the web etc. The single biggest threat is not your govt. it's the news media as that is how they get their message across whether it is lying about 911....or the kennedys or not investigating area 51. ALONG with...perpetuating the stereoptypical image of people that question the above as conspiracy theorists. Take back your media folks and hold them accountable for thousands of deaths that could have been avoided had the press did their jobs and asked questions. Stand up! Make your fore fathers proud!

Luke Thomas
5 years ago

This is thought provoking stuff, but at best it is all speculative. I'm not sure what the true objective of the 9/11 truth movement is. What do they really expect to accomplish? Do they really think they are going to turn on CNN one night and see a headline "US government involved in 9/11, Bush Cheney Rumsfeld indicted" It's never going to happen. We can look at correlations and raise questions and theorize and postulate, but we will never ever know the 100% full truth. Most people cant handle the truth, so the government covers a lot of things up. The people who have enough faith in their government and their fellow citizens to think this will ever be brought to light are hopelessly naive. Just like JFK and RFK and MLK, things that happen that are major parts of our history will never be fully exposed even after 50 years. We may be able to get somewhat closer to truth than the official story, but it will never be confirmed or vindicated. So while it can be eye-opening for some and even informative you can only take the speculation so far before it becomes wasteful and even destructive. The bottom line is that there is no way we'll ever know for sure. At a certain point you just have to bless the dead, say your serenity prayer and move on because it just isnt a productive area of thought to dwell on for very long. It just cant possibly lead to anything. If they did that shit, theres nothing you can do about it period. At the end of the day it doesnt really change day to day life either way for most Americans unless you allow it to. And if you ever did learn the "truth" what would you do with it? not much. RIP to the victims God bless America and move on.

Donald McLellan
5 years ago

Correction: " CIA alleged import". Both CIA and FBI will never , ever admit they are wrong.
It is policy.

Donald McLellan
5 years ago

Don't believe in highly involved conspiracy by elements of US government? Has everyone forgotten the Contra scandal. CIA import of clas A drugs ( cocaine)into US to fund an illegal war to support a vicious fascist dictator who murdered hundreds of his own people. This nice little episode contributed to the crack epidemic.

5 years ago

Just because you are a 9/11 truther does not give you the right to be an ***hole. There are informed, educated and differing opinions out there.
Personally, I have trouble believing in any conspiracy with too many moving parts, i.e. people involved. Someone will blab. It is tough to keep a secret.

5 years ago

America was born out of disobedience, with shady characters, undermining the government. When Cheney comes out and says sh*t, we have lost 1 Trillion of your tax payers money - no clue where it went, with so many black ops. Your President has no chance of controlling your country. As individuals on the most part Americans are OK, as a people you are the scourge of the World. Remember America's boom started from the WWII, using your industrial infrastructure to produce planes, tanks, ships and arms. Such a lucrative industry won't die. SO you went to Korea, then Vietnam, Afghanistan & Iraq with all those countries in between. Did your politicians give a second thought of all the kids you sent to die for nothing, Now you think this same organisation would care about killing a tiny fraction of that on your home soil so they could line their pockets again. Anyone who doubts that doesn't realise how callous people can be striving more power and more money.

5 years ago

Hey all the geniuses that think that 9/11 was staged can any of you provide me with solid evidence of what happens to a 110 storey building does after being hit by a 747 passenger plane

5 years ago

The other fact about this so called 9/11 crap was the fact that just after the buildings came down the pipeline running from the Caspian sea to Pakistan went underway a few months later. Why? because the only person who controlled the borders to prevent construction was Saddam Hussein. Remember his arrest when they found him back in his old home town in a cellar? As soon as he was executed the construction began. Oh and by the way, the bush family is head of a global military armament dealership known as the Carlyle group. Guess who is also a part of the board members? A nephew to Osam Bin Laden. Osama made twenty billion off the venture when those buildings were destroyed.

It's all about the money, power, corruption, and wars. Both George, and Cheney are the most evil men in history. Plus something else most do not know about the bush family line. Their lineage began during the early part of the twelfth century starting at the insufferable king Edward the longshanks during the wars between England, and Scotland. To put it simply... anyone remember Braveheart with Mel Gibson? It was the cruel, evil king played by Patrick Mcgoohan. That is where the bush family line hails from. No wonder the entire bush family are psychotics. Another thing about the incident was that on the morning it happened, a C.I.A. operative visited Osama Bin Laden in a medical facility in Dubai, while at the same time bush had breakfast with a decorated officer or General from india who was supposedly marked by M.I.6. for wiring a hundred thousand dollars to the same person living in the US that rented the plane, which smashed into the first tower.

Lastly to tracy... metal such as 'I' beams cannot melt or snap from jet fuel which burns at nineteen hundred degrees. Each building is cored with beams that are three to five inches thick. It takes more than three thousand degrees to do that or even have them bend slightly, which is where Thermite comes into play. That is the only substance on earth that can cut beams of that thickness to make both buildings free fall as in a demolition display. Yet at the same time why did building seven also come down? No plane hit it, and no part of both buildings touched it. The reason... inside the basement or lower sub-sections of '7' were the backups to the world trade center's data servers. Without them there can be no records for the bush conglomerates when the buy, and selling trade to the pipeline took place between Osama, and his family along with their dealings with the Carlyle group.

Whatever you have listened to over the last fifteen years on the television is nothing more than window dressing to keep you a naïve, dumbed down bubble to the point of accepting to what ever the government says as true. The media is censored by key personnel within congress to make sure that what is being spewed back to the public is an extremely condensed... censored story in order for you to say... "Let's bomb that country. Or let's send our kids to war in order so that we the people can attain peace." What peace? Who's peace? Who are they fighting for? You? Me? The world?.... Oil maybe? Every single three letter organization that exists work only for the corrupt politicians, and nobody else.

The moment when the first nuclear bomb is dropped... do you really think that they will phone your house ahead of time, and tell you... 'Four days until we push the button... make sure you get to this location so we the government can take care of your family.' Do you really think they would actually do that? Do you think for one moment you are that important for them to push aside a high ranking senator in order to fit you in? No - chance - in - hell. All of our governments do not care for the public anymore. Not one will ever help your family, friends, relatives both distant or otherwise because as far as they are concerned... power is the only substance to provide for themselves even after the apocalypse, while most who survive on the surface will die eventually from toxic nuclear fallout.

Yet even then, it will take about five to ten years before anybody can venture back to the surface. Once they do however... it will take another five thousand years to till the lands for food. Now think about that when you watch the television on about the next war for so called peace.

5 years ago

I'm responding to Tracy, the Empire State building was hit by an airplane & you'll notice its still standing. Second, the firemen, rescue workers, some of whom had been at one time or another in the Armed forces suspected that the EXPLOSIVES USED had to be of ARMY ORDINANCE ISSUANCE . And most telling of all is STEEL could not be MELTED down by fires caused by plane fuel. I could continue but let me conclude by stating that interested professional scientists, some nobel prize winners from all over the world have concluded that the 911 story that the government was able to sell is a TOTAL FABRICATION. P.S. The person who purchased the World Trade Towers had been ORDERED by the state to REMOVE the asbestos it would have COST BILLIONS of dollars to do. His next move was to INSURE the towers AGAINST TERRORIST ATTACK FROM THE AIR and guess what when those BUILDINGS came down the individual MADE BILLIONS AND BILLIONS. Oh! one more thing George Bush's son sat on the board of the Insurance Company that INSURED the Towers? I hope this gives Tracy a little FOOD for THOUGHT.

5 years ago

I don't have a problem with explanations of the collapse of the Trade Towers. It was a result of bad building design, as has been proven. I do have a problem with the total lack of Air Defense by the US Air Force over the 2 most important US Cities, namely New York & Washington, DC. Why was there no Air Cover? We are told there was a large Military Exercise going on; that precluded any Air Cover over these 2 most important cities. I don't buy that story.
There was 2 years of FBI tracking of the 9/11 Attackers; including recording telephone & email contacts directly with Bin Laden. Then suddenly the surveillance was called off at the very last few days before the attack. Why? Several FBI Agents in Florida & Texas were ordered directly by high level FBI Officials to cease their intense surveillance. Something stinks here?

5 years ago

What does WEED have to do with this ? Or is that just an attempt at humor ? You might see through the bullshit of you did smoke some weed, or maybe not, some people react differently to it. But no matter , if you think governments and those with the power that control governments ( especially America ) and run the world's affairs aren't corrupt and don't act in ways most people can't fathom, then you are are just another blind pawn in their propaganda and control games. Take off the blinders and look at all of history as well as the present. Can you really not see it ? We may not be able to do anything about it but at least see all for what it really is my friend.

5 years ago

We will never know all of the facts and government's knowledge and participation or non-participation of 9/11. Just compare the incident to the JFK assassination. We still don't know nor will never know the facts and that was only 1 person who was killed, 54 years ago. As every year passes, the truth will become more elusive and speculated upon. Evil is a pretty powerful thing and what happened on 9/11 is hard for people to accept and comprehend, naturally. There are certainly many unanswered questions and information that the higher ups only know and we regulars will never know. So it's perfectly acceptable for us to be skeptical. We should be. We shouldn't blindly accept everything the government and controlled media feeds us. Both governments and media are deceptive and corrupt at times and they prevent certain truths from being exposed to the public masses. You'd have to be really naive to think the government hasn't lied to the people many times throughout history and is severely corrupt. So skepticism is a natural response to what we've been told about 9/11. Yes, I think certain aspects of 9/11 possibly could have been prevented and possibly our government had foreknowledge and may have allowed some of those to take place. Of course, I don't know this to be fact. Many aspects of those events definitely don't pass the smell test. But to say the government orchestrated every event and operation is pretty far-fetched if you really think about it. While always a minuscule possibility it's highly unlikely. If the government's reasoning to orchestrate 9/11 was just a pretext to go to war in the Middle East, I think they could have done so in a less horrifying, evil, unforgiving manner.

5 years ago

Tracey is right. I think the rest of you guys here have been smoking too much weed! Wankers!

5 years ago

When I said I know someone who died in the North Tower, they died on American Airlines Flight 11 that hit the tower. Just wanted to clear that up,for anyone who thinks those weren't real flights and real airplanes with real US citizens in them who died from them crashing into the tower. Just for those who actually think they took the passengers to a different location or whatever they presume. That part wasn't fake.

5 years ago

Trust me....our government is so corrupt and most people our brainwashed and can't accept the reality of what happens in plain sight. I agree 9/11 was known about and not prevented as a pretext to go to war as we have throughout history, especially the past 50 years. I just have one question about the planes hitting the towers. I haven't watched this documentary as I have seen numerous ones already. Is anyone denying that the planes were hijacked and all those people were killed ? Are people suggesting the US government planned and aided the terrorists to pull this off while at the same time planted explosives in the towers to bring them down once the planes hit them ? I'm just curious as to this part of the story. I would not doubt it but I certainly am not definitely certain about this. And I know of someone personally who was killed in the North Tower. So if anyone thinks those planes didn't have passengers or were flown by remote control, that part I would dispute and not agree with. I'm not addressing anyone in particular here on that suggestion, but some actually hypothesize that idea and that is taking it too far. But I definitely think the government knew what was going to happen and allowed it to happen.

Charlie Horton
5 years ago

Rich I believe that Tracy is brainwashed. Anyone who trusts George Bush is an idiot. He is the most dangerous man who ever lived. What is the only thing that can cut through steel rapidly. Thermite and Thermate burns even hotter than Thermite. The temperature of the fire never reached more than 600 degrees Celsius. This is evident by the black smoke that was pouring out of WTC. Tracey you need to watch Demolitions on DVD one which explains everything. An insurance scam. A chance to make millions by placing put options on American Airlines and the chance to destroy all the evidence of corporate fraud in the United States like Bernie Madoff, Enron and others is why 9/11 was perpetrated.

5 years ago

Jesus, who cares anymore. It happened and let's MOVE ON!!!

5 years ago

Everyone hates Tracey she is a wanker

5 years ago

I just wonder, if this had happened on Clinton's or Obama's watch, if this same documentary would have been made. I think this whole thing has more to do with politics than physics.

5 years ago

Hey Tracy(first reply)
What about building 7) which fell into its own footprint from paper fires and yet
several other buildings that were sheared in half and pulverized from towers 1&2 stayed up.
Nano thermite silly or are you a Fake News Maga tr*ll...Read,learn wake up.

5 years ago

I find it hard to believe people still believe the NIST scientific lie as to how the 3 WTCs came down . Ive looked into this for years and the best explanation actually comes from Dr Judy Wood. The reasons why it was done and those poor people sacrificed to have so many agendas met .From countries being invaded for military ,oil,poppy fields,to money made from put options ,Silversteen and his agenda, the sale of military arms worth billions , the dark state and all the evil men who spent time putting it all together and all subsiquent outcomes from it all need to be drawn and quartered because we have to remember it is still being felt today with millions more people dying from The War On Terror Campaign and turn on agenda 21 in all the United Nations Countries ,the amount of False Flags going up is absolutely mind boggling .

Kay Walker
6 years ago

Tracy, and Millions of AMERICANS that refuse to admit the heartbreaking truth. I say Americans because the rest of the world has accepted the sad murderous truth. That is why The Bush Administration believed they could pull it off. The knew they would never face earth bound justice, and that anyone who spoke too much about the explosions etc,,,,,,,,would be eliminated. ALL OF THEM!!!!

rob blakeman
6 years ago

What a world we live in. It doesn't matter what your opinion my be-the 'FACTS' prove the buildings were rigged to collapse. Why would all these experts risk their reputations in saying so if it wasn't true? A basic understanding of physics is all that's required.
Plus so many other parts in the 911 story do not add up.
That's not my opinion-it just is so!
My God people!

6 years ago

Some one above said every fact put forward by the open minded people looking for answers were debunked. In fact I've heard all of the opinions put forward by the people seeking the truth were debunked many, many times over. Now I try very hard to not jump to conclusions, I listen to both sides and then form my opinion. I try not to let my allegiance to one political party interfere with my decision. Sometimes this is not easy. I have followed the 9/11 tragedy very closely, although I am certainly not an expert in any way. So I do try to listen to people I believe are respected in their field. As well, l watch the abundant visual evidence presented to assist me in my conclusions. And then I listen for a response from the side that does not want to discuss the issues anymore. So what I'm left with is a pile of cards stacked 1000 high, each with a statement of fact or a question seeking answers of clarification from the "people in the know", of course this would be the government and their representatives. Now when I look over the cards that have apparently been answered and dealt with over and over by the smart people, I become perplexed, because I can never find where the answers were left for me to read so I could become smart like them. All I see is the people of the "in the know" group waving one hand dismissively thru the air and saying to the people who also want to know, these statements are not true they have been "debunked". So I yell in one last attempt to become enlightened like they are. Please tell me what is the answer? And the only point of fact they have is "It's a conspiracy theory"! That's it, that's all it is. And I feel redeemed because now I understand. Sometimes our brains cannot grasp things that just should not happen. but they do. And worse, apparently just glimpsing at the other side of the argument for a moment causes their brain to go into shutdown mode. Then there is only one true answer. And so now I can go back to my pile of cards and file them away forever, because my open minded search was a waste of time. The "people in the know" have explained that all of the science and heaps of other evidence that has been accumulated can only add up to one thing.... "a conspiracy theory". I finally understand, and you know what? If all of us just adapted and looked at the world this way, then every other world tragedy would come and go and we as individuals would have no stress. Hmmmm...

6 years ago

I love a good conspiracy theory and allow myself to get sucked into it. Sure, everything makes sense after watching the movie. However... reality check. How many people would it have taken to pull off such a complex event? It would have taken (possibly) hundreds of people in different parts of the country working together closely for months to plan, organize, coordinate and execute the attack. The logistics of it are staggering! (Think how many people it takes to organize a Saturday farmers market!!!) The risk factor of something going wrong and the perpetrators being exposed is ridiculously high. I doubt anyone would be that reckless or brazen to try. So ... yes, there is definitely more to the tragedy than official reports allow, but could it be done by your government without ONE whistleblower forward or one incriminating communique coming to light after more than a decade ... I think not.

6 years ago

@Tracy - yeah, because everyone knows that when you play Jenga and pull blocks from the middle of the top 1/3 of the tower, the bottom 2/3 collapses miraculously.

This video actually uses high-level, credible sources that actually prove the existence of thermite/thermate (which is not naturally forming) within every dust sample take from the rubble.

Since you didn't bother watching it, yet made a broad decision as to its value, you clearly fall into the category of the people who will fight to the death against experiencing any form of cognitive dissonance.

I suppose that's okay, because most people unable to think for themselves have your same problem.

6 years ago

Some one should be trying to find out what the pilots ID was made out of that enabled it to travel from one side of the building and land on opposite foot path unmarked.

6 years ago

I have to say that this user, Tracy, is so really in denial. Refuse to uses her head and finding an easy way out to just take what the government say about "plane hit the buildings" as it is. Excuse my english, not my native language. I am a civil & mechanical engineer for 25 years. The first time I saw the planes hit the building, it was clearly a CGI. I don't believe a bit of it, that there were any planes hit those buildings. There is no way those planes/jet fuel whatsoever can take down a building. Even a jet fuel cannot even take down a tree! Steel beams can withstand such extreme heat. No way it can be taken down. I am one of the engineers who requested to investigate the incident. I know there were 500~1000 more engineers who offered themselves to study the site but our requests was REJECTED by the US government. We're trying to help but they refuse? Yet, they said these are all Terrorist attacks by "Al-Qaeda", we wanted to help but was rejected?
Enough of this "Al-Qaeda" thing, it was all invented by the US government, the CIA and this has been confirmed by Robert Finlayson Cook (28 February 1946 – 6 August 2005), himself. This is all staged and a setup by the US government!

Juan Reynoso
6 years ago

This is the truth, it was a control demolition. Americans has the right to know the truth; here is my question; who is worse George W. Bush and his network of criminals that are part of this deception to invade Iraq and Afghanistan or the ones that know the truth and to this date fail to tell the American people the truth and like cowards remain silent.

6 years ago

All of the 9/11 conspiracy theories have been thoroughly debunked at least a thousand times over now! Free fall speed has been debunked! Bombs planted in the WTC towers has been debunked! The collapsed of WTC building 7 has been explained hundreds of times over! It was on fire for seven hours because fire fighters could not reach it! The WTC building were NOT the first steel framed buildings in the world to collapse through fire! Furthermore the FBI thoroughly investigated the 9/11 terrorist attacks using thousands of agents. In the run up to 9/11 Al Qaeda made repeated threats against America that it would carry out a devastating attack on that country. The 9/11 terrorist attacks did not happen in isolation. In the years running up to 9/11 Al Qaeda bombed US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania and bombed the USS Cole. And back in February 1993 Islamic terrorists bombed the World Trade Centre. After 9/11 Al Qaeda went on to bomb Madrid, Bali, Mumbai and London. Do some proper research before believing crackpot conspiracy theories.

6 years ago

I have a truck. It weighs 10,000 pounds it has 10 wheels the weight of the truck is distributed equally over 10 scale's. Each scale reads 1000 pounds and I start removing tires I get to the point to where there is only two tires left on the truck The two corner tires and I look at the scale and it reads 5000 pounds each. This is what no one realizes in the 911 towers. When the plane flew into the building it's separated the building into two pieces, the building above the plane and the building below the planes entry. When the plane hit the building it immediately removed several tires from the truck raising the forces dramatically on the remaining pillars. As the building burned more and more pillars were being removed increasing the total weight distribution of the remaining pillars to the point where they finally gave out. You have to understand that the building above the plane would only have to move a quarter of an inch down and it was doomed. there was nothing below it to stop the inertia that was just created. And just before that the explosions that were seen below can be explained by the crushing energy absorbed in the remaining pillars snapping and blowing apart the bolts or rivets that held the structure together. These bolts or rivets were around 1 inch in diameter and between eight to ten were used on vertical plates, that's 10 inches of steel that's being sheared and blown appart, yes that would create quite an explosion. I think the most amazing thing that no one has ever said or figured out is that these terrorist really messed up, it could've been a lot worse than what it was. If the planes would've entered at the 10th floor the buildings would've fallen immediately again it is the separation of the buildings, the building above, the building below,the integrity of the structure and gravity

6 years ago

Alfredo - Seems like you have missed some of the details in the documentary. Your first question on buildings falling asymmetrically after being hit by a plane, well truth is that it took quite some time for the building to fall down after being hit by a plane, and when it did fall, it did fall asymmetrically. Now here's the interesting thing - once the top part started falling over, it was consumed in what can only be described as a series of explosions and it just got turned to complete dust. Watch the part between 28 and 34 minutes.

Your second question on buildings on fire that fall asymmetrically, well that has not happened in the history of man building buildings and the only time it happened was on 9/11. The reason why it has not happened before or after 9/11 is because its contrary to physics. By discrediting the findings of the documentary you are discrediting physics and the laws of science.

Ben (UK)
6 years ago

Everybody is entitled to opinion and allowed to formulate their own theory regardless of how they got there, but ask this very question "how did I get here"? Fighting pre conceived ideas is difficult if it is in line with a set belief . How do you change a belief? exploration and open mindedness or is it conformity? You have a choice. Do your research, question its validity, how strong is the evidence...make it easy, does it make sense, is it logical, is there motive?is there an agenda?most of the time there is. facts speak for themselves but be mindful of what you consider a fact. my conclusion...Oil. (Anybody will do anything if it's important enough)