At the Edge of the World
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At the Edge of the World

2008, Environment  -   45 Comments
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At the Edge of the World chronicles the controversial Sea Shepherd Antarctic Campaign against a Japanese whaling fleet. The international volunteer crew, under-trained and under-equipped, develop a combination of bizarre and brilliant tactics with which to stop the whalers.

But first they must find the Japanese ships, a far more difficult challenge than ever imagined - long-time activist Paul Watson and first-time captain Alex Cornelissen employ an array of strategies in the hopes of finding an elusive adversary in the vast expanse of the Ross Sea.

With one ship (the Farley Mowat) too slow to chase down the whaling fleet, with their second ship (the Robert Hunter) unsuited for Antarctic ice conditions and with no country supporting their efforts to enforce international law, the situation becomes increasingly desperate. Against all odds, however, a real-life pirate tale unfolds - a modern-day "David vs. Goliath" adventure.

Directed by: Patrick Gambuti Jr., Dan Stone

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45 Comments / User Reviews

  1. heimo

    japanies must stop killing to whale .GOD saying never killing to whale and dolphin ...I tired japaniese never think about animals cultre

  2. EMart

    Why do people care more about animals then humans? There are children who do not have clean water to drink, food to eat and are sexually abused, to name a few. Why not put your efforts to save them?

    1. ELM411

      Firstly, it's "Why do people care more about animals THAN humans." That's not me being a grammar natzi, that's just basic grammar, as in, what kids learn in 3rd grade. Secondly, it's not about caring more about animals than humans. It's about the threat. Humans are on the verge of over population while these animals are going extinct and they're going extinct fast. Secondly, BECAUSE OF humans and our pollution, the mercury levels of these creatures has become absurdly high. By fishing for them and then selling them to the public, we are in turn giving HUMANS mercury poison at a level so high it's causing Minimata Disease (not ironically named after a Japanese factory that started this disease in the 50's in the first place). DO YOUR RESEARCH and DON'T judge people who are trying to make YOUR WORLD a better place.

    2. EMart

      Your so right, please excuse my 3rd grade grammar. How many animals have gone extinct before humans or before the industrial revolution and major increase in negative effects to the environment? I wonder if it is a greater number THEN now? Make the world a better place by getting your priorities in order, mercury poisoning....FIRST, SECONDLY and THIRDLY,how about genocide,rape and torture, of innocent children??? "SAVE THE TUNA"....How about when the Japanese invaded Nanking and speared babies out of their dying mothers arms and THEN proceeded to rape their twelve year old daughters??? DO YOUR RESEARCH, you want to sit here and tell me about what the Japanese did in the 50's, how about 1937, Your right the world is way over populated, so why don't you do us all a favor, oh but wait your making the world a better place.

    3. ELM411

      Firstly, I'm positive you meant to say "You're so right" know....instead of "Your"...seriously child, did you go to elementary school? It is becoming more and more obvious that the educational system has failed you entirely. Secondly, my reference to Minamata Disease is still a current issue as people TODAY are continually being poisoned with mercury. It only happened to begin in the 50's....doesn't mean that's when it ended. As to your reference to the Nanking Massacre, yes, very good, it DID take place in the 1930's and therefore, unlike Minamata Disease, it is NOT a relevant issue....unless you are on a life journey to get the Japanese government to admit their full participation in said ordeal. Other than that, there's nothing anyone can do about it, thus making your attempt at a point, an axiomatic failure. Now please, go educate yourself, for the sake of humanity.

    4. edgedweller

      we are more animals than the animals

  3. Chris

    Seems like a bunch of amateurs running a big boat with no one having any real clue of what they are doing…they even lose their own Zodiac..

  4. Richard

    With all due respect I admire the Sea Shepard's goals and intent but this documentary has shown them be an unprepared, unqualified and under-trained group of well meaning people who proved incredibly ineffective and a terrible waste of resources and possibly lives. After over 40 days at sea only results are almost losing 2 crew, and putting a giant hole in their own ship.

    Surely their is a more effective way.

  5. biskits86913

    Okay, I'm probably going to get some hate for this but here goes....The over fishing of Tuna, Cod, Sardines, Haddock, Mackerel, Anchovies and flat fish is more damaging to the world than whaling. Maybe its wasted on me as I don't regard whales as any different to any other animal, but why should I? Don't say "because they are more intelligent" because its a bogus argument. Pigs are considered to be among the intelligent in the animal kingdom and they are tortured and imprisoned their whole life before being killed. The brutality of the kill is harsh but at least these are free animals that live a good live prior to being killed. To be perfectly honest, I don't think the people in this film are as passionate about animals as they are about whales. I doubt these guys care about all the insects that are becoming extinct, I bet they don't care about all the algae and plankton they are contaminating by pumping their ships waste into the sea 24 hours a day

    1. Dan Courtney

      You make some good points. Intelligence, however, is not a bogus argument. Instead of condemning the people that are protecting these sentient beings, we should be encouraging people to protect other sentient species such as pigs. Being a vegetarian seems to be a sound moral choice, and one that is good for the planet and ourselves.

    2. biskits86913

      Being a vegitarian is not any better for the planet. I live in the UK and all of the hunting that goes on here is done over vegetable patches to keep the price down. Deer, rabbits, crows, pigeons, hares, magpies etc are all shot and burned as no onr eats them and they destroy huge amounts of veg if left unchecked. In other words, many animals get killed in order to keep the price of veg affordable.

    3. biskits86913

      Although I do agree its good for our health and we could feed more people if we all ate veg but it doesnt save animals from being killed. Humans are part of nature and in nature competitors in the food chain have to fight for their food.

    4. Alv V

      That's right. It was exactly the kind of thing everyone was saying here in Norway during the 80's and 90's and everyone here was eating whale as a kind of patriotic duty just because organizations like Greenpeace and Sea Shepard cared more about moaning sea mammals then the people that lost their only livelihood when their boat was sunk by these terrorists, that talked about us in such a negative way and not respecting us to be a maritime nation with just as long traditions of whaling as Eskimos. But these days - when Paul Watson is not harassing us anymore - I don't see any whale for sale in the grocery stores anymore, even if we have been hunting a species that is not threatened, in small numbers, but instead tuna-fish that is sure to be going extinct in a few decades is being sold for such low prices that people are buying it to be used for dog-food.

    5. Tomislav R

      Just out of curiosity:

      If it were great apes instead of whales, would you mind?

    6. biskits86913

      No more than any other animal no.

    7. Tomislav R

      That includes men though.

    8. biskits86913

      No it doesnt. Humans are not great apes, we have a common ancestor with the great apes that is thought to have lived 7 million years ago, but we are not great apes. We are 98% genetically compatible with Bonobo apes but we are 94% compatible with pigs so no, you're wrong.

    9. Tomislav R

      I meant animals.

      But I'm not wrong either way.

      We are part of the family "hominidae" i.e. great apes, tribe "hominini", genus "homo".

      Although that's beside the point in any case.

    10. biskits86913

      Ah I see what you mean. Yes we are animals. Okay, if this was happening to people I would be outraged for sure. However, it isn't and whats happening to other animals is worse than whats happening to whales but as those animals are considered less cute/amazing/beautiful/intelligent than others, no one cares. The fact is whales play a small part in the ecosystem/food chain of the oceans. The smaller, more boring creatures that are killed on a much bigger scale (tuna, salmon etc) are waay more important to the natural balance of the oceans but I dont see anyone trying to save them. Probably because they're tasty.
      Yes, great apes and humans are in the same category but so are dolphins and whales yet there are substantial differences. I think (though check before believing) that all mammals on earth are over 90% compatible with each other meaning at most, we are only 8% more different to whales than Apes.

    11. Guest

      I see.

      The thing with whales is primarily emotional, i.e. somehow, the slaughter of a whale prompts stronger reactions than a tuna.

    12. Tomislav R

      I see.

      Fair enough.

    13. PicklesILIKE.

      Great observation.

  6. Christian Klinckwort Guerrero

    Longing for the day Seashepard stops Japanees whale hunting, wish I could be with you doing something usefull

  7. Glen Hale

    Jap scientist must be dumb if after all this time they are still researching.. and when you consider they are trying to find out why Whales are dying it's more hopeless.

    1. john

      dumb and angry at whales. if your porn get pixelated like theirs, u ll be dumb and angry too. to save the whales petition them to remove the god damn pixelation!

    2. Killar

      I suggest you don't use that word. It's not that hard to or time consuming to write out "Japanese"


    Free Willy

  9. stevenbhow

    Most of the whale and dolphin meat ends up in the garbage. Less then 10% of the Japanese population eats it. But every year in most grocery stores you can find whale bacon in the seafood section. Very sad and so destructive.

    Most of the politicians in Japan are afraid to oppose the whaling and dolphin hunts because some very violent Nationalist groups have taken up the cause and threaten anyone who openly criticizes it. They have been known to blow up people's houses in some cases.

  10. PaulGloor

    I would like to know what a research vessel needs a quota of 900 whales for ?
    Do they share the results of their "research" ? Why is nothing done or apparently even evaluated to reduce their numbers culled for "research" ?

  11. Imightberiding

    It's almost mind numbing to think that we still haven't learned after the decimation of the Buffalo/Bison during the 19th century that at the time seemed too numerous to count. Of course the Japanese had nothing to do with the slaughter of the magnificent beasts that roamed the great plains of North America. I would just think it was one of many examples of "man gone wild" along with countless other offenses against natural resources that are finite but we have an insatiable hunger that never seems to be satisfied until it is too late. Darwin awards anyone? I thought we were more evolved & smarter than this by now.

    @Paul MacLeod
    Yes this is a bit dated. If you read the title you may have noticed the date immediately below as 2008. Not that old but still well worth watching. Heck, it seems like just yesterday that I was on the Rainbow Warrior but in reality it was way back in 1983 long before it was lost to the sea. (Didn't intend the rhyme)

  12. batvette

    This is a fascinating documentary, though it speaks as much for the need for people to earn a living as much as anything. Why do the Japanese hunt whales? Is it because they are "evil"? Doubtful. To put food on the table for their families, they justify it. The people who man the Sea Shepherd's boats can do so for now, because someone feels passionate about the whales and is putting the food on their table.
    Many of us would pursue noble tasks such as this with minimal luxuries, to have the food on our tables assured for us.
    I'm afraid to say it's a fantasy to think it works that way.
    Every product we use has a cost to the environment, the computers we post from require metals that when mined pollute the environment, oil that requires wars or pollutes as well.
    It all has a cost, that was manageable when the population was below a certain number. As it soon reaches 7 billion, it is now too much. Man will suffer his own sorrows as the whales did, nature, or God (for some) will ultimately decide the method.
    The method may simply be starvation, or cancer from the pollutions. It may not be noticeable or it may be cataclysmic.
    Things take care of themselves despite man's best- or worst efforts.
    All in all I think it's a great thing they are doing but it needs to be put in a certain perspective. Hunting a species to extinction is wrong- but some people strongly protest whaling because they are intelligent mammals but have no difficulty consuming a cheeseburger. Killer whales have no problem consuming a seal- who are darn cute and cuddly, right? The plankton most whales feed on are some mother plankton's children too.
    Let me know when I reach silly- of course I have but that's the way these things end up.
    When the whale populations replenish, let's all meet at McWhaley's for a WillieBurger. I'm hungry.

  13. Malchik

    I get a laugh at how the Japanese can kill this many whales for 'scientific research' and think we're that stupid.

    Really, we know what you're doing.

  14. Paul MacLeod

    I think this is an old video of the Sea Shepherds campaigns in the Southern Ocean as one boat they renamed the Steve Irwin and the other, an icebraker boat they have, they renamed that the Bob Barker, as well as the wave braker catamaran vessels they enlist called the Adi Gill and the Bridget Bardo formerly called the Gojira! Watch the TV series (if you can find it) called Whale Wars that documents the Sea Shepherds campaigns against the Japanese whaling fleet. Though how the Japanese can continue to kill whales and call it science and get away with it, I'll never know?!

  15. Pete Leclair

    My Comment with the ever threat of animal species becoming more and more on the lists of close to danger or extinction is possible to the point where all that is being done will be for nothing and then the World wakes up when it is too late.A very sorrowful reality is that we as humans have always had the urge to seek new species and become proud of the accomplishments when the many new that are found are in great abundance.The irritating part is when the resourses become ever more hunted to the point where these docs come to lite and in reality it seems as though we act too late to protect and always say! "We wish we could have done more".The facts are clear here this is illegal yet no one except these band of Brothers who really try hard to make an example and show the world this is not rite only to jeopardise their LIVES,Careers,Freedoms and possibly die for there attempts to warn the world about what is happening and for this to go on may find themselves alone with no flags because their is nothing left for them to try and save.A realistic reality here is that no matter what consequences will become of this man keeps on and soon we are all out of beauty that this planet offers to see.We are animals as well.The real sad issue is that these beautiful animals are here for the same reason and that is to survive and have families.If they could talk i can imagine the words or warnings they have in store because they cannot talk does not give us the right to take them away because we are better or more intelligent.An excellent Doc and I have not seen the whole thing.There is no happy ending because the whole Doc truly is so sad,Now that the new passage is becoming less icy.What will these new shipping lanes hold and what new species will man find?

  16. MrTemp0

    Yer Yer poor whales but if the green tree huggers got their way with everything we would all be living like cavemen again.
    Some things they do are right but I do not want to go back when humans lived like cavemen do you ?

    1. Hodd

      That's quite an assumption, likely derived from right wing propaganda. Personally, I think they would agree that the fish you eat come from small local markets that are sustainable, or you catch the **** yourself!

    2. batvette

      You surely disagree with his point but that doesn't make him wrong or peddling "propaganda".
      Many environmental activists have a distinct anti-human philosophy, it goes hand in glove with the self loathing thing many on the left often take to the level of an art form.
      Those that openly display this diminish the message of responsibly co-existing with the environment which is something desired by most of the mainstream. They are not likely to want to die or starve so other species can thrive.
      Perhaps he could have composed that more eloquently but the point was there.

  17. David Ewer

    Excellent documentary! We should all support the intrepid volunteers as they risk their lives to stop Japanese whalers kill whales for restaurants back in Japan.

    Boycott Japanese products until they stop this evil practice!

  18. Lewis Sandler

    love this doc......should be required viewing in every high school science class...

  19. Tanzanos Eleytheros

    Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage

  20. Jeremy Hughes

    "Throw the stinky butter at them!" lmao

    Nuff said.

  21. TheDanishViking

    Great documentary! One of the best in a long time. These people have a lot of courage.