Is It Real?
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Is It Real?

2005, Mystery  -   42 Comments
Ratings: 4.62/10 from 13 users.

Is It Real?The program examines popular or persistent mysteries to determine whether the featured cryptozoological creature (cryptid) or supernatural phenomenon is real or not.

The show typically includes interviews with believers or proponents of the featured paranormal claims, and then with scientists and skeptics who attempt to find rational explanations for such phenomena using a scientific approach.

The common and uncommon phenomena: Bigfoot, UFOs, Bermuda Triangle and spontaneous human combustion. But are these legends bona fide or bogus?

NGC chases down more of the hard-to-find truths on an extraordinary journey to separate fact from fiction. It’s time to find the answer to the question, Is it Real?

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42 Comments / User Reviews

  1. JohnathonGalt

    Do not watch this if you wanted to learn about bigfoot, the bermuda triangle, or spontaneous-human combustion. This is all about alien-mating mythology.

    1. Gary

      If it's not available.. Why is it been up for 4 Days?

  2. Puma72

    xbow, you should also consider the alternative explanation to the apparent anthropomorphism that seems to be so pervasive. Xenogenesis theories point to the possibility that life on Earth actually originated outside of the planet and arrived here via various means. Admittedly unlikely, but one can't rule out the possibility. Also, is it not possible that this one, now ubiquitous alien race we've called the greys, could be responsible for seeding life on Earth and guiding its evolution, or at the very least, interferring with evolution enough for homo sapiens to emerge? Perhaps we are a sort of science fair experiment, a control group in a pitre dish? The reality is likely far more mundane than what I've listed above but that is no reason to stop asking questions. As humans, perhaps the greatest gift we have is the ability to imagine and to work with more than we are apparently given, and that is just awesome.

  3. groovy

    The comments in here are enough to build up a new documentary. Well done guys!!!

  4. Cheng Cheng Jiang

    Who else thinks the grey haired skeptic scientist seem extremely condescending and obnoxious? Granted the ancient astronauts have many flaws, but his mainstream views don't provide all the answers either. Why do all the mainstream scientists love to ridicule theories that are more revolutionary/strange? Why don't they remember that once upon a time it was sacrilege to say that the earth was an orb until they developed the right tools to measure? Why don't they realise that maybe we just don't have the right instruments to measure/understand things? WHY SO CLOSE MINDED?! ISN'T THE WHOLE POINT OF SCIENCE IS TO FIND OUT/EXPLAIN NEW/MYSTERIOUS THINGS?!

  5. ProudinUS


  6. L0LAW0NKA

    So many comments here.. and hardly any of them about the documentary.

  7. Xbow

    Why are aliens always anthropomorphic? Why can critters that evolved around another star system under completely different conditions than those on earth capable of breeding with humans? And why would they want to? Does anyone here get sexually aroused by chimps, monkys or gorillas ? I sure hope not!

    1. bud oracle

      Maybe chimps, some like horses. Check out Zoo on this doc channel

  8. tomregit

    If you wish to believe that the historical St. Nicholas is the same as our modern Santa I won't spoil your delusion. Now Willy, have you been a good little boy this year? The only thing you lack to make it as a smart arse is the smart part.

  9. Bethany Dean

    The voiceover for the French doctor investigating the validity of miracles in the 2nd episode sounds like House! 0_o

  10. MyReligionIs2DoGood

    'Insulting to the Mayans to be taught by Atlanteans.' LOL
    What is insulting in the idea that pretty much all early cultures might have had teachers from somewhere?
    'No sign whatsoever that they couldn't have done this themselves.' LOL again!
    I refrain from listing all the buildings and records which clearly show that they - and all other early cultures for that matter - couldn't do this with copper chisels, not knowing the wheel! WE TODAY can't build some of these!!!
    Of course there is always the option that they did it alone - but then they had some WAY more sophisticated tools and WAY more advanced science! Why don't we find any of these tools? Or did we...?
    However - this documentary series is obviously following an agenda, by focusing on a certain main-stream opinion of the usual suspect scientists disregarding the simple fact that these scientists can't explain the evidence either. 'We have no clue - but it wasn't how you say it was.'
    Very scientific... But if it would be only that - it's even worse. Many of them KNOW that something is wrong with the main stream theories - but willingly or unwillingly suppress, ignore, and neglect other ideas - which often explain things better.

    1. Willy/Will

      You are very true what you are saying and its not about a matter if technology that was being used but what kind and to what proportion. My own theory is our planet was occupied by a very intelligent race that spawned the globe, communicating with each other. They knew alot more than us and used these megalithic structures to tell us a message of great importance using the universal language of mathematics and geometry. Darwinism will say that its one Evolutionary parallel but to have say, 4 evolutionary parallels at the same time, seems highly unlikely.

      There is more and more different fields in Geology and others that are now growing a pair and arguing against the conventional, the Great Pyramid is a Tomb, built in 20 years. BS. The Great Pyramid holds the golden number 100 times over, Pie and also the f--king speed of light (maybe the latter being a coincidence) but the 2 former, even Architects have said, this does not happen by accident, if the Great Pyramid was only 5cm higher, nothing. This tells me they had knowledge of the Meter which means they knew the circumference of the Earth, knowing it was round and built all these structures along a straight line around the planet showing the Equator for magnetic North. Yet Egyptologists will tell you that's all coincidence. Now we know how Columbus felt!

      Revelations of The Pyramids and also the Pyramid Code are excellent documentaries on the subject. Sounds like you may already have seen them though:)

  11. MyReligionIs2DoGood

    It looks pretty much like Atlantis could actually have been a real city/kingdom. Look up Alti Plano.

  12. NAND Gate

    If you are so convinced Atlantis has no basis in historical fact, why do you keep up with research?

  13. Kateye70

    This is fun to watch, but really, if you read the description, you know it's all speculation. That's the stated intent of the series, after all.

    My personal pet peeve are people who think our ancestors were too stupid for achievements like the pyramids, etc. Doesn't say much for their descendants, does it? And I think there's some racism in that attitude ("how could people with brown/dark skin possibly know/make/achieve whatever?"--what a crock! No one is asking how Europeans could possibly have built, say the Parthenon or Chartre Cathedral.) So I get annoyed at some of the wild-eyed theorists.

    At C_and_N; The Minoans were real, there is clear archaeological evidence for them. And, umm, I visited the palace at Knossos in Crete. I can assure you it really does exist.

    I think people get confused between the Atlantis that Plato described, which *might* refer to the Minoans and the volcanic eruption that destroyed Santorini, and which was an event local to the Mediterranean cultures; and the Atlantis civilization dreamt by Edgar Cayce, the mystic, which seems to be the inspiration for those searching for it in places like the Caribbean.

    But again, in my view this is all entertainment. No need to get serious about it all. And if you come across something that sparks your further interest, so much the better!

    1. Muantanamo Mobile

      Sure enough..The "Bearded white gods" of course it couldn't be any other race...same old 'super white' race bull s***
      And i am white..

    2. MyReligionIs2DoGood

      Umm... this is not racism of any kind. The Mayans described their 'teacher from above' Quetzalcoatl as a light-skinned bearded man. No racism in that - just their own description.
      Btw if this is racistic - then it would be as racistic as to say it was all dark-skinned people - just other way round.
      Even IF all descriptions of gods/entities from the heavens from ancient times would have all the same color - what would this prove? Absolutely nothing but the fact that they most likely have this color!
      Why don't we just take superficial attributes as what they are - superficial attributes?
      Don't focus too much on the differences - but on the similarities. There are much more of those to find...

    3. 0322

      First off, I mean no offense, just clarification. You're misunderstanding the basic reasoning behind why these theorists believe what they believe. They come up with these theories because they agree with you. They believe our ancestors were MUCH MORE capable and advanced than mainstream science reports. They do not think our ancestors could not do it; they believe they did not do it the way many archeologists say they did. The great pyramid at Giza is only 3 minutes of a degree off true north; that's twice as accurate as modern mans best attempt. Several modern day engineers have stated that we can not build the pyramids today as good and as precise as they did. The same goes for macchu picchu and similar sites around the world. Now if they were able to do it with copper chisels and pure man power, why cant we with computers and cranes? Consider this: Recent archaeological studies from the University of Colorado point to around 75,000 years ago as the time period in which our brains evolved to the current size and structure they are today. Faraday discovered electromagnetic induction in 1831, einstein and tesla forever changed our world in the early 1900s. In the past 70 yrs we've gone from a 700 pound computer with the processing power of a calculator to building processors as small as dimes with parts as small as 12 silicon atoms. Every man and woman that came before us has been just as intelligent as us because they possessed the exact same brain. Do you really think it took us 75,000 years to get here? I don't, but I am kinda wild eyed.

    4. Willy/Will

      Agree mate, they knew a whole lot more than we give them credit for, every one of these megalithic structures are in an exact line right through the center of the Earth. Strangely, the line that would be the Equator for magnetic North. Experts say this used to be our Equators when the Planets axis was not tilted and we lived in an Equilibrium, with no seasons. Just all keeps getting stranger and stranger but also seems to all add up. Whatever forces knocked our Earth of its axis, the Ancients knew about and are warning us about through the language of Mathematics.

  14. His Forever

    I like it! Things like this have always interested me. I'm not sure I have 15 hours to finish it, but I will try. I didn't see anything unprofessional or stupid about it. Good video work, interesting questions, nice commentary; great! Buffers way too slowly, however.

    Thanks Vlatko!

    On-going updates: Is it real?

    Episode 1: Atlantis. Grade: 9+
    Verdict: I don't believe Atlantis was real. Maybe the Manoans.
    Note: The Mayans had a raingod named "Chuck"? You've got to be kidding! Handsome guy, though.

    Episode 2: Nostradamus Effect. Grade: 8
    Verdict: Nosradamus was not a true prophet. Surprise!
    Note: I thought it interesting that none of Nostradamus' predictions have ever been used to successfully predict a future event, but only to apply (vaguely) to events that have already happened. Hum.

    Episode 3: Life on Mars. Grade: 7.5
    Verdict: No life on Mars. 99.99% sure.
    Note: Meteorite 84001 (if indeed from Mars) is inconclusive at best. Life is envasive; even if there was a bacterial fossil (questionable), it may have been from earth after extensive contact here. We have to go to Mars and collect samples we bring back, to conclusively prove life exists there, or not.

    Episode 4: King Arthur. Grade: 8.
    Verdict: King Arthur was real.
    Note: I'm sure the story has been greatly exagerated, but most legends are based in fact in some way.

    Episode 5: Haunting. Grade: 7
    Verdict: Haunting is real by demonic entities, but I doubt "ghosts".
    Note: We don't understand everything about spiritual things, but there are too many experiences by too many people to discount all episodes of "hauntings" as having purely scientific explainable reasons apart from the supernatural or the spiritual.

    Episode 6: Ghost Ships. Grade: 7.5
    Verdict: I doubt "ghost ships" are really huanted.
    Note: 3 million ships lost at sea? Amazing! Interesting.

    Episode 7: UFO's -- Grade: 7
    Verdict: I don't believe in UFO's at all.
    Note: 1 million Americans would say they've been abducted, but few Mexicans where there are more UFO sitings. Gees! Even the Alians are racist! Stop probing all the poor Americans, will ya!

    Episode 8: The Bermuda Triangle: Grade - 8
    Verdict: Something strong has caused many vessels to disappear; We're not sure why. I believe we'll firgure it out eventually. Methane gas was not mentioned but I once heard that was also possible.
    Note: Statistically, the Bermuda Triangle is no more deadly than other portions of opean ocean during bad weather. An interesting episode.

    Episode 9: Jack the Ripper Grade: 10
    Verdict: I don't know! Both "suspects" were very convincing.
    Note: I suspect these cases will never be solved. The most interesting episode so far, but super violent with the reenactments. Grusome.

    1. Guest

      I too enjoyed somewhat the Atlantis part and the Nostradamus effect but then the haunted house ...and the like made me turn it off. I must say i was half watching while painting.

    2. His Forever

      Oh! You're a painter! Or do you mean like painting a wall? I've always admired "talented" people. Very right-brainy of you! Now you've peked my curiosity and I'll have to start the next episode before I watch American Idol tonight (we're delayed and not live here in the Philippines). Peace!

    3. Guest

      CnN...i am painting the inside of a house, the house i live in, a house i am caretaking in exchange for rent.
      I am also a artist painter/photographer/cook/traveller...i see all my actions in life as either an exercise or inspiration brought into physical form. No work is ever work.
      As for money i make just enough, i would say money is like a rolling carpet i walk on and i rarely get ahead of myself, even though sometimes i run.
      If you click on my name it will take you to myspace page, there are some exemple of what i do in low resolution.

    4. His Forever

      Ok. That sounds interesting, when I have time. I've got an online tutoral coming up, and then American Idol! Go Scotty! I can't even draw well. I can sing, but I can't play any instruments. I can teach and preach, however. Peace to you.

  15. FrequentViewer

    This was so mind numbingly bad. The entire show rests on contradicting and dismissing absolutely everything - almost to a point of an obvious agenda.

    One sided, bad science with scientists specifically picked for their one sided view, no real counter arguments or neutral observations and views.

    I thought I was watching a documentary on intelligent design with religious nutcases picked for scientist.

  16. NAND Gate

    Er - Tomregit. I havent AND WONT - be watching this doco, as stated.

    So I have no interest in what it says about Atlantis. OK?

    And the location of the proposed site of Atlantis that I refer to, if you bother to research, is a rather small area.

    Yes. What you said IS the "stupidest" thing I have read here.

    You make no sense whatsoever. Do some research on this please before trying to be intelligent. The city of Troy was also a legend taken from The Illiad, and has now been found and is an archeological fact.

    There is NEW research on Atlantis that has NOTHING to do with this daft documentary.

    Pull your head in.

    1. tomregit

      Er - Psinet. There is much positive evidence of Troy, but no credible evidence of Atlantis. Yes, I've seen the "research" into Atlantis, Spain. I guess you know that Noah's arc has been located as well. There is all kinds of crackpot archeology to believe if you so choose.

      Sorry, I don't know what "Pull your head in" means.

    2. NAND Gate

      lol - pull your head in means stop putting your head on the chopping block. There is plenty of credible research on Atlantis - much of it in the last 24months.

      Point 1: If you are so convinced Atlantis has no basis in historical fact, why do you keep up with research?

      Point 2: There was no positive evidence of Troy until it was found.

      Point 3: Your loose regard for the term "research" shows great disrespect for established academic organizations, such as the University of Hartford. No disrespect - but I suggest people listen to professors of archeology rather than you.

      It is documentaries like this one and naysayers like you that make it so difficult for credible research.

    3. tomregit

      So, Atlantis has been discovered for the umpteenth time. I am quite familiar with rabbi Richard Freund's work. He is closer Erich von Daniken than to a scholarly archaeologist. Be skeptical when research is unveiled on a television program rather than a peer reviewed scientific journal. Spanish archaeologists visiting the site you refer to are at odds with the good doctor's interpretation of the find. I suggest revisiting this discovery six months from now when the hoopla of the TV program has passed. Freund is a biblical archaeologist and he will be back in the holy land inventing other exciting new finds.

      Atlantis is a mythical place. It is used by Plato as a counterpoint to the ideal society, Athens. Plato scholar Dr. Julia Annas, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Arizona writes, "The industry of discovering Atlantis illustrates the dangers of reading Plato. The idea is that we should use the story to examine our ideas of government and power. We have missed the point if, instead of thinking of these issues, we go off exploring the seabed."

      There is no Santa, no Noah's arc, and Atlantis is a myth. Thanks for taking the time to explain what you meant by "pull your head in". I will do that and you can pull yours out of your, the sand.

    4. NAND Gate

      The best bit is where he refers to a philosopher in regards to archeology.

      I don't care whether Atlantis is found in Melbourne or Spain. What I don't do is pretend to know.

    5. tomregit

      Yes she is a philosopher, like Plato who is the source of the the Atlantis myth. She is well respected by her peers, unlike rabbi Freund. Done with you now. Please reply and you get the last word.

    6. NAND Gate

      mm yeah toss me aside like a used intellectual rag baby - love it.

      Pity - I was hoping to educate you more on a strange little twist - that it is you who is convinced you understand Atlantis - not me ;)

      And the even stranger twist that someone who is convinced Atlantis is just a story but who keeps up with research and watches the daftest possible documentaries on it.....

      Oh well nvm. Atlantis attracts all types it seems ;)

      My pleasure.

    7. Willy/Will

      Well, there was a Santa actually, his name was Saint Nicholas. He didn't live in Lapland and drive a Sleigh but he was a real character in Medieval times, so hes not a myth. Unlucky at trying to sound like a smart arse.

  17. Mario Silverio

    could have gone deeper on the scientific part but overall is quit good.

  18. someoneinurlife

    fantastic.. thanks vlatko.. ur site is literally a school

  19. jeronimo


  20. Guest

    this is one of the stupidest docs I've seen yet

    1. the84

      ironically, stupidest is not a word,.. i guess this makes you the "stupidest"

      however i'm sure you're right about this doc not being the pinnacle of human thought, can't say i've seen it..

    2. ZarathustraSpeaks

      i guess this makes you the "stupidest" (nana-nana-boo-boo)

      These are not "phenomena" and using a made up word like stupidest is appropriate for these "made up" fantasies. forpeople bored with their lives

    3. NAND Gate

      I havent watched it, and there appear to be better selections - but "fantasies" are in the mind of the fantasizer.

      The first topic of this doco seems to be Atlantis. A quick search of google will show you the very credible proposition that Atlantis may well have been real, and may well have been recently found, just north of Cadiz in Spain. They say that it has the multiringed characteristics that many associate with the legendary Atlantis. And they say that it was wiped out by a tsunami (it is now a giant swamp/mud flat). See my comment above.

    4. tomregit

      At 1:50-2:00 min.- "A continent the size of Asia and Libya combined"??? As Asia is about twenty-five times the size of Libya, this seems a very peculiar way to measure the size of a "lost" continent.

      Now, where is this place "just north of Cadiz" that hides the largest continent on earth? Pretty laughable don't you think?

      I have "credible evidence" that just a little south of Antarctica there lies an even older lost continent that is the size of Africa and Rhode Island combined. ;0)

      Isn't that the stupididierest thing ever!