The Islamic State

The Islamic State

2014, Military and War  -   189 Comments
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The Islamic State (IS), formerly known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), permitted filmmaker and Vice News journalist Medyan Dairieh to have exclusive access to their operations for three weeks, allowing viewers insight into the horrifying inner world of jihadist militant extremists.

Devastating footage of executions and men lying beheaded in the street illustrates the severity of the threat of the Islamic State. Militants patrol the streets to ensure their religious standards are being upheld, and citizens are encouraged to report any transgressors, even if they are family members. One man is stopped and instructed to make his wife change the fabric of her veil, and although the tone is polite it is clear the requestor is telling, not asking. The influence of the enforcers is evident - prisoners who have dared disobey the IS laws are full of self-blame, accepting their punishments to be the will of Allah. Disobedience will not be tolerated by man or God.

Preaching centers serve as meeting grounds for fanatics young and old as they celebrate their faith by raising guns above their heads and sing songs of triumph over America and the European countries. As the borders between Syria and Iraq are crossed, IS fighters defend their growth, ever insistent that their actions are defended by the will of their God, even as women and children lay bloodied and dying before them.

Operating under Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, a self-proclaimed descendant of the Prophet, followers are taught to surrender everything to him, be it their money or their lives. Interviews with young boys attending a Mosque service demonstrate the fundamentalist mindset that is being ingrained in the local children, who are as eager as their adult counterparts to enact what they believe to be God's will through acts of violence and self-sacrifice.

It is the belief of the adults that their hardships bring them closer to their God and that the children are meant to be "the generation of the Caliphate" who will combat the Americans and their "infidel" allies. Those under fifteen are sent to Shariah camp to learn about their religion, while older teens are sent to military camp to train for combat; however, it is not uncommon for the younger children to already be practiced in handling arms and bracing for conflict.

The Islamic State is a stark, harrowing wake-up call to the realities of religious fundamentalism in the Middle East and the corruption of generations being raised to believe violence is the best defense of their beliefs.

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  1. so radical and classical story about Islam and terrorism - it reminds me about AL-Qaeda, profiled and patterned to be the tool for wars by superpower country just keep in mind 9/11 was an inside job - just search more about why 7 nations bought to ashes because of the petrodollar system. why it's only appeared in countries like Iraq , Lybia and Syria. poor people and uneducated fights for what the rich want to get under some sort of causes. when most countries tend to be more alt-right regime there is a need for fear and a role of terrorism - that's how you keep the complex relationship of corporate and the regime going on for decades.

  2. How can one people split in two, that created both islam and zionism, state that zionists created islam? Of course they did. You are the same tribe.

  3. First of all I would not dear to expose such a graphic documentary to my grandson until he becomes of age and legal to watch a doc on Islamic State and only than he will be old enough to understand and to be educated about the world of today.

    I like the fact based on Islamic State lores

    If you compare this to whats happening today in our communities people are taking the drug ICE which leads to even worse extreme situations. I watched 60 minutes on Channel 9 this was about 3 years ago where a single mother was asleep in her room and her baby was a asleep in the colt in another room. That night the house was getting robbed, the intruder was in the babys room, the baby started crying and the intruder stabbed the baby to death due to the fact that the intruder was on ICE. Everyday a person is getting killed either by drunk driving where in some cases this drunk driver has killed other innocent people. It's a never ending story here in Australia. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. People from young to old are getting kidnapped and than killed. Young children as young as 2 years old are opening front doors without parent supervision and this young child ends up drowned.

    However; terrorist attacks here in Australia may happen at least 1 per year for example the Sydney terrorist attack in the Cafe. It was sad but there have been even worse events compared to the Sydney for example I think the most saddest was when a mongruel dude decided to drive his car into the people along the streets of Melbourne killing a child age 5 or 6 years old. This was not linked to any terrorist Islamic State.

    Like some people may argue that the Islamic State are portraited as cold blooded murderers. While other people may disagree that Islamic State is a group who has their own believes, religion, values and culture. Would you class a group as such to been the Indigenous people of their country? If so than they have all rights to defend what they believe is rightfully theres. However this is a debatable question?. Therefore it makes it ok for a governement to produce a policy called "Freedom" according to the freedon of speech (FOS) this allows all humans to verbally express their views, the FOS is also interwine with peoples interpretation "it's a free world" lol.

    I am truely a documentary person which I have seen hundreds and hundreds of documentaries in my life time. I'm into most doc's from nature, outback, countries, and the list goes on. I get more education from watching docs than going to University it is so true.

    Therefore; I have been so curious about terrorist attacks, what drives these groups to such devastation and hatrage. This particular doc has opened my eyes and I've come to a realisation that there is always a deep meaning within these groups. They don't attack for the sake of attacking or because they just felt like it. In my view I think these groups are formed due to history and in this case it goes back to World War 1 in the early 1914's.
    It involved countries like Bristish, France, Russia, Turks, Syria, Libea, Eypgt, Iran, Iraq and than came the U.S.A. However; like most countries that was affected by WW1 the after math became peace between themselves. Is there truely peace amongst these countries particularly the middle East and West countries?. Yet in this stone age this war is still alive today amongst the Middle East and West. I thought it was such a clever plan from the Western countries such as British to come up with an idea for the Middle West and East counties to continue fighting with each other.

    Was that a wise thing? and obviously they didn't think about the future of innocent people in their own and other countries????. Since the discovery of Oil in Iran and Iraq in the 1916's the British government soon developed all these treaties binding other countries together expect for most of the Middle East and West countries. There was 1 thing the Bristish wanted was the control over the OIL and yet these OIL wells were first located in Iran and Iraq. Surely these Oil wells obviously belonged to the Abrabs do you agree or not? Oil is the most important vital organ that operates the world today and without it the world will stop functioning. So what? what has this got to do with Islamic State? Alot it was because of the invasion of Bristish governments who than seeked help from the USA Defence force to monitor and patrol the Oil wells in the Middle East and West countries. The Middle East and West was not going to just sit back and watch a British and USA nation take control of the Abrab resounces. In defence of the Middle East and West came the Islamic State Group and really they are freedom fighters fighting of what belongs to their pre assessors and their forebares.

    It's like where I come from as I too am indigenous of our country and it's taken more than 100 years to fight for what is rightfully belongs to our people in our country. The government has signed most of the land back to our people that was confiscated from the British early settlers. Due to history our forebears had no choice but to educate themselves and became a powerful voice followed by many of the young generations. It was the voice, protesting, and marching for miles and miles from the top of the North Island to the government parliment door steps. From this the government had no choice but to sign the land and resources back to the Maori people. The land and resources is such a rich product that we love and cherish our land so much.

    I hear you and right now your all thinking I am so crazy I'm not saying that I encourage the behaviour and cold blooded lores of Islamic State I believe it is so wrong and it does not have to happen like this.

    How I have overcome and understood Islamic State so too I do not view Muslims, Iranian, Iraqians, Turkish, Afganistan, Syria and other people who come from the middle east and west countries hatred upon them and thinking that they are all terrorist. If it wasn't for these documentaries I too will be like you full of hate on terrorist people and full of hate towards Muslims and all people who come from the Middle East and West because in my mind I too would be thinking that they are all the same.

    I hope you understand this as much as I have understood it all just by watching this doc.

    Thank you I am now at peace of mind. It's taken me most of the day to write this.

  4. 12:25 Sorry, no sympathy for you in the Islamic State.

  5. I'm terrified, frightened and depressed watching this, but more so by learning about how the western world plays "war games".

  6. ISIS is a completely tool for political issues of European Union,USA and Russia.Dont you comprehend this ?
    and that document. is propaganda of isis.IT IS NOT ISLAMIC STATE.THEY have NEVER ISLAMIC RULES.with isis and other terrorist groups such as YPG,YPJ,PKK,Iranian militarists,global powers try to redraw the borders of southeast Turkey.
    If they attempt to evaluate Isis in terms of religion,you make mistakes.

  7. Religion - nothing but a deadly con. Sick of it.

  8. These people are maniacs. Literal translation of word Islam in Arabic language is peace. These people do not represent Islam and they are as well enemies to us Muslims. Our wholly prophet only killed once in his life time and it happened in war during the time mulsims were attacked. The wholly Quraan verse is very clear translating to "Call to your God's side through only righteous wisdom and words. Also it is stated in the wholly that "if anyone kills a human is like killing all human kind and it is a sin that will never be forgiven by God Almighty Allah". Us True muslims we believe in peace and love to all humanity and that no one has the right to take anyone's life no matter what and by common sense and reality we can see that this ISIS was not a creation of muslim preaching rather it is a creation of someone who wants to destroy the image of Muslims. Just look at their weapons machinery and the majority f their victims and you can figure it out who brought them to existence.

  9. The best minds just want everyone to get along and respect the elders;
    the wise ones that deserve respect because they are good hearty people;
    who love life
    the earth in its natural "bio-diverse state" (including humans)
    pursuit of friendship
    love and self worth
    developed integrity
    don't behead people
    are open minded with non evil justifiable reason
    putting family first as everyone has a voice,
    they have learnt to live and let live
    they do to others as they would have others do too them.

    Yes Yes those best minds. The Types of minds that make great parents to raise more great minds.
    The types of minds that invent cool technology
    the types of minds that become great strategists
    the types of minds that end up taking the side of peace, and knowing how to achieve it.

  10. Only religious fanatics could create hell on earth. God is great?

  11. This video frightened. I cannot believe what I was watching..Is this religion? Or have insane people taken control and in power dominate over the sane. I don't want any soldiers from the USA to die trying to remove them. They are so far gone that in time they will destroy themselves from within. Once the children have been indoctrinated they will never be able to think about not killing anyone who isn't like them. I say let them isolate themselves..Yes become like North Korea. Just keep the insanity contained.

  12. And i will just like to add - This is really never about religion to some extent at-least- The leaders know they will garner more support when they tell their people the US only come to attack them because they are Muslims - We all know the US dont care whether you worship a goat or Allah - You got oil - they want it - you are not co-operating - they brand you all sort to justify an attack or topple your government. The extremist leaders are not dumb and archaic as people think they are, these are very smart probably western educated. Do you think iraq is in a better state after saddam, what of libya? What has this democracy benefited them? I have a friend from libya who says life under gaddafi was the best regardless of what the media reports - But now he is a refugee here in my country -Do you think he likes America for coming to his land and changing is status quo making him a destitute? Your guess is as good as mine.

  13. I dont get how you attack someone's land , remove their leader, kill their people, take over their resources so your own land can keep prospering , try to impose your own type of government on them and then sit back and think in your wildest dream that the orphans of those killed wont retaliate . This didn't start today we need to ask ourselves why is it justified for USA to attack any country at all on the bases of restoring Democracy - The people didn't yearn for this type of government they were doing just fine (dont believe everything you see on CNN its always one sided) But the west wants this oil so badly they will justify an attack and the very toothless UN sits back and nothing is done about it. I know alot of Americans are angry over these i can understand their pain but why not ask your government why they wont let these countries be - Even the so called democratically elected Mohammed Mosaddegh was removed because he decided to nationalize the oil industry in his country(IRAN) . Ya'll think this just started today? Open your eyes this is a fight that has been festering for years. The west will only brand a government a dictator when he stops playing to their tune. Just cause some people kill in the name of religion and others on the bases that they are restoring democracy. It is still murder - who will call USA to order definitely not the toothless UN - please ask yourselves why didn't the US intervene during the Rwanda Genocide? This is a no brainier they had nothing to gain - Rwanda offers no strategic advantage to the US, they had no oil or resources the US wanted so they waited, waited and waited and waited until about a million people died. We as people of the world need to stop believing a convenient lie and start examining the bitter and Inconvenient truth then we will truly understand that there is never smoke without fire. Examine my points b4 you start spewing insults on me. Peace out.

  14. Quite a bunch of delusional fools, I laughed out loud when that guy said they would plant the flag of IS on the White House.

  15. So, why doesn't the spineless UN get some intestinal fortitude and realise that those maggots should have no place to neither live nor hide. It won't be long before there are more of those vile scum than us. Their religion is such a load of rubbish. They are worse than Hitler and the Japanese were in w.w.2. Do we want a repeat performance. I don't. Do you?

    1. possibly because America just spent the last decade turning the entire area into a rubble strewn wasteland.

      for someone who quotes past atrocities you seem to have little interest in the history surrounding these "Maggots" who are all incredibly poor, living on land with no infastructure or education.

      i guess what i'm saying is you can't blow someone back to the stoneage and then expect him to act like a renaissance man.

  16. They are sick, pathetic, violent dogs. (Those kind of dogs get euthanized).

    1. was the last ten years of trying not enough?

  17. The god these thugs call on is a bad joke.

  18. the story always been the same uneducated poor peoples who have no idea what they fight for and individuals who preach the Kuran and twisting this religion and use it for commit murders and brainwash young and old alike .they don't even know they killing their own kind as long as they follow some power hungry i*iot who using mass control,just like many time in History the end is always the same unnecessary death .they tear each other to pieces rather united that is the reason they never suceed

    1. Sometimes, unfortunately for people like us, they succeed.

  19. Watched it all the way through! If this in-the-toilet VICE News flick is to be believed, 'IS' (the group formerly know as 'ISIS', if you hadn't heard that a thousand times already) will behead you if you sell beef fo more than $9!

    To see the 'chief press officer' for IS driving around with our man from VICE, wearing Ray-bans and blindly shooting at out of view targets over sand dunes is unconvincing!

    If IS's Sharia law in Raqqa means that some geezer with a fully automatic weapon can just pull up in his vehicle and tell you that the fabric of your wife's garment could be improved somehow, expect no-votes, and local enforcers can expect to get Samurai'd in their sleep!

    el-Baghdadi as 'Caliph' is a joke to sincere Muslims. A Caliphate? - Orwellian tosh!

  20. “Religion. It's given people hope in a world torn apart by religion.”
    ― Jon Stewart

  21. What I had noticed from all the documentaries about Arab conflicts is that there are no nations but tribes. The tribal world is more powerful than nationality, and the tribes are united by religion especially Muslims, they unite against the christian world.
    On one hand i understand them because many children and innocent people have died especially from US bombs, but for many times these was/is happening whit the help of there leaders: presidents, kings and tribal leaders.

  22. Some very worthwhile comments here.
    I haven't watched this because I'm sick of hearing about groups like ISIS every day, killing innocent people in faraway lands, who are just trying to live their lives-like all of us.
    So my comment shouldn't count.
    I have a feeling in my gut-no solid evidence to back up my fear, that one day some wild eyed home-grown group will commit atrocities door to door, house by house, against their perceived "enemies" here in Canada, in my neck of the woods. It's a "Coming soon to a neighborhood near you!" type of feeling.

    1. You should prob watch it! Don't be scared. -The more you know...

    2. I'm not scared Rampage.
      It'll just depress me (more) or make me angry (er).
      No thanks!

    3. Okay, I finally watched this.
      It was exactly what I expected.
      I feel really sick.

    4. You are not alone in your fear of the day-to-day nightmare I also do believe is coming our way. There are no answers and I don't count on the US war-mongers to protect us. It could be like "Red Dawn" combined with "The Road," or it could be like men and women coming together with one idea: to drag these insane men back to where they came from. As soft as we believe we've come in our cushy American lives, I also know that the blood in our veins flow from hundreds of years of conflict that we manage to overcome. Of course, we haven't had the threat of nuclear pi**ing contests, that's all from the patriarchal bulls*it we've all been attuned to quite well. Hell, I've been depressed. I've been baptized by fire facing my own immortality. So, I'll watch this doc knowing that I won't see or hear anything I haven't already. Yes, knowledge is power. So, let's watch the damn thing. Even Joan of Arc had to have had a chip on her shoulder, truth be known.......Stay strong, Sisteh..

    5. Thanks for the great reply:)

    6. As Leghorn Foghorn would say....."Ah say, ah say, it is indeed mah pleashuh. Say Sisteh, I watched it and I can say, "ah ain't askeered-a them! Seriously. I'm asking the same question over and over: WHY? Then, thinking and seeing through my feminist eyes, the answer comes. So what about gd Girmo? So, I then watched the Gitmo doc. Can''t recall the actual title (The State of Unbeing, I think) but it's one of the docs right here on "Top Documentaries." Then, I more than understood! Gitmo is worse than any death row anywhere in the US.The insanity of ISIS is no more or less insane than Gitmo. Gitmo is truly America's shame. ISIS finally got the attention of the US with the beheadings and torture, it really messes with an American's psyche .Waterboarding? No problem. Broken bones and horrible stress positions? No problem. . But when it comes to normal American citizen can abide. It's worse than the most nightmarish Stephen King novel. So, I refuse to be fear-mongered by either side. It's all the same old "War is Menstruation Envy." Because men don't bleed every month, there has to be some kind of weird build-up of toxins. For release, they have to go up to each other and knock the cold hell of someone,, woman or child. Yeah, I reckon lobotomy willl be the answer for any man having his period. You don't think men have some kind of testosterone malfunction where they want to do more than build and fix things? I know, I know, I'm 50 years ahead of my time...

    7. We all know how men have run this planet for years, but I see no excuse for Western women to support a bunch of determined fanatics, like ISIS. What educated woman would want to live under Sharia law?
      I finally watched the darned doc, in horror; it was just as I'd expected. Crazy men indoctrinating innocent little boys and turning them into intolerant raving mad men.
      Here's something I'll never understand; there's a Canadian woman who went off to marry a Jihadist. He was a Palestinian living in Sweden who went to Syria to kill infidels.
      Fortunately he died shortly after.
      A suicide bomber blew up his car, while he was in it wearing his own suicide belt. (get the picture?)
      Her name is Umm Haritha and she's active on social media from the city of Manbij. A city of 200,000 controlled by ISIS.
      She encourages other Western women to join in the cause and create Jihadist families.
      She describes Raqqa, "It looked so beautiful the sisters and I joked around and called it the New York City of Syria,"
      The ICSR estimates that around 2,800 Western men have gone to join the fight, and
      28 Western women have become Jihadist wives, and are active on sites like FB promoting their cause.

    8. I too share this woman's fears. Can't people see what has already happened? Muslims have quietly and (supposedly) peacefully infiltrated Europe and the Americas. No bloodshed, no conflict. Our governments let them in because we must have diversity and multi-culturalism (who ever heard "In diversity there is strength?"). In Britain even the kidnapping and rape of young children, threats on national TV to destroy Britain and institute Sharia Law, the killing and beheading of a young military man in broad daylight was not enough to make people do something about this. We have even let them join the US military where, in Fort Hood, a soldier started blasting away shouting "Allah Akbar". How insane is that? How many are lying in wait just waiting for the signal to pounce?

      I too think unless we take drastic action (don't depend on our leaders who THINK they would be safe but would be in for a surprise) the scenario of a door to door massacre could become a reality. It seems that after 9/11, the idea was if Muslims are appeased enough they won't hurt us again. This in spite of them many times proclaiming they will "use our own Constitution against us".

      And people wonder why I am against gun control. An unarmed citizenry would be nothing but sitting ducks. I think drastic measures need to be done, not just by the US and/or other nations, but all people who realize it would be not only humanitarian to save the lives of innocents everywhere, but also to save Western Civilization.

      One commentator had said that we need to withdraw all our people from Western lands out of the Middle East and close the embassies. These two recent beheadings could have been averted. But it is now too late. I have watched the gruesome videos of the killing of huge groups of people and many more need to see them. Maybe, at last, that will turn people away from their mindless sheeple attitude and make them realize we MUST regain the warrior spirit of our ancestors and finally put an end to this deadly cancer which is bent on taking the world back to the Bronze Age. Sorry for the rant.

    9. are you not sick to hear about the Israelis bombing innocent children and civilians,or other nations so called helping the situation and aiding dirty wars like the US ,or England etc..these just as sickening to me

    10. I certainly am. Not only do daily events like these all over the world (too numerous to mention) disgust and infuriate me; They break my heart.
      I can't even read my weekly Macleans magazines any more or listen to the news..

    11. No one wants to see / hear of innocent people being killed from war . But, bear in mind that the gutless, murderers being destroyed by Israel, are so spineless that they hide in hospitals, schools with their armoury of weapons. In the human world, it would be called HIDING BEHIND WOMEN'S SKIRTS. The killers hide among the innocent, the aged, the hospitalised, women and children, hoping that Israel won't fire upon them, thereby providing themselves with the SAFETY of the innocent. You cannot blame Israel for needing to protect their people from the murdering muslim faction. It is up to the killers to be MEN, not spineless wimps, stop seeking the protection of the innocent and get out and fight for their rubbish beliefs....alone.

    12. I'm not sick, but perhaps i have tears welling up somewhere because i still don't fully understand what brings people to this?
      Could i be the same?
      But maybe, my comment shouldn't count as well?

  23. The day when we have no borders
    The day when we have no religion
    The day we got equal wealth
    The day we got 0 lethal weapons
    That will be the day of ultimate peace, that will be the day racism ends.

    1. Yeah, and that is the day patriarchy will die. I'm sure of it.

    2. nice words but these words will be words only until 2 individual remains on this Earth because until one has more greed will remains ,until one believe different the other try to pursue the other,and until one believe can control the other one weapons will be used,but altogether you have the answer and we all have so we all know what has to be done so who will take the 1st step to achieve and make those words reality?

  24. Btw we who write these comments would probably be beheaded by Islamic state.. how disturbing is this.. so tired of religion.. so tired of islam... and so tired of people saying "this is not islam"
    Islam is **** without killings aswell..

    1. Well, sure it's disturbing. Just remember, beheading is all these cowards can think of to keep us fearful. Like the absurd Bush/Cheney Crime family with their color banners, ferchrissake. And we survived that nonsense.

    2. Religion has been the source of almost all (though not 100 percent of the conflicts) in the last 2000 years. Christianity was not much different in past decades; now Islam is the problem. It's time we outgrew belief in mythology, for its path is death and destruction.

    3. If laws are religious, it's probably because religion is so ingrained with culture. What i'm saying is, i don't hate them for being muslim, i just don't understand why they are so dense.
      Maybe a better phrase would be: forbid all ridiculous, insane laws? And where to draw the line?

  25. The only answer to such people is bombs.

    1. this is the smartest comet you come up with ?great lets just bomb each other what makes you believe you won't get one oh I' forget you believe some magical government will protect you.go back to your bed and dream some more but this time take your medications

    2. Terrorists are to be accorded no mercy at all.

    3. so basicly we MUST become them to fight them...nice.

    4. We must be righteous enough to kill those who terrorize. As for you, why don't you move over to Syria and live with ISIS for awhile. I'm sure they will show you some fine hospitality.

    5. oh, so it's all right for us to kill and maim because we're "Righteous" phew, you almost had me worried there, i thought you were going to throw some cliched nationalistic boll0cks at me for a second.

    6. Terrorists may be killed. It's alright.

    7. oh good...then maybe once the terrorists have gone we can get to work on the jews, the homosexuals the Gypsies and anyone else who doesn't agree exactly with your way of life? no doubt that will all be "righteous" as well.

    8. It is okay to kill terrorists, no matter what ethnicity they are. Usually they are Muslims.

    9. except of course for all the christians like the IRA and the people who blow up abortion clinics.

    10. Of course, you must prove that members of the IRA and those who blow up abortion clinics (very rare events) are Christians or have even made the claim. Muslim extremists, on the other hand, are openly Muslim. Those who blow people up indiscriminately (outside of a just war) are in the wrong.

    11. Tell you what, if you're brave enough to tell the IRA they aren't Christians then you go right on ahead, i'll make sure someone comes around to scrape whats left of you off the floor and the walls.

      Perhaps you should ask homosexuals about christian terrorists. Enough of them are murdered on a yearly basis by fanatics.

      i love the way that there is a justification for blowing people incredible coincidence that that justification refers solely to your own people...Jihadi's claim they are taking part in a just war, so by your logic they're doing everything right.

  26. Islamist with the Ray Ban sunglasses, I bet that in the night he drinks some beer and eat home made Big Mac.

    1. No, he has barbecued pork ribs.

  27. Bogus feel good documentary.
    If life was all roses then no one would be complaining.
    People are much different when their life is threatened and on camera they act completely different.
    No authority exists today to establish a legitimate caliphate.
    They have killed score of Christians and also sunni and shia Muslims which will land them in hell for sure upon judgment day.
    Another case of Muslims not understanding the message within the Quran correctly.
    1/3 of the Quran is a historical account of the time of Muhammad and his people and only applies to that time, not today's day and age.
    The problem is in their education and understanding of Islam.
    ISIS will be eradicated for they are not the Will of God to be an established caliphate.

    1. Good one, Xmen442002!

    2. Lol, bogus feel good...yes, some may look at it that way (although, not so lol)

  28. The war on terror is likely centered on religion. It is not about gun control but mind control. The Taliban made 911 possible by motivating the participants to sacrifice their lives with the promise of bliss in heaven, Their mission is to eliminate the enemy which they have been MENTALLY conditioned to see as wicked.

    It is completely false to predict a clash of civilizations rooted from differences of religion. Fact is those who share common beliefs engage in war, just like Protestants and Catholcs who believe in Christ, Or maybe the many Islamic groups wishing to eliminate each other.

    More bizarre is the truth that men have been known to ignore these religious differences and connive or unite against common enemies. This was the situation in World War 1 when Ottoman Turks and Christian Germany fought on the same side. What is more thought bending is that the unlikely partnership dates back much earlier with Ottoman Turks teaming up with Catholics to eliminate Orthodox Christians.

    Overly eager environmentalists want to be given the license to eliminate religion by the murder of the concept of God or atheism. But such moves betray the policies of an Evil Empire or socialism that got similar goals and totalitarian aspirations.

    Control was justified by socialists for the welfare of mankind, but today, totalitarian contol is presented as the only alternative to safeguard the environment.

    Why allow men to dictate what we ought to think? In an age where technology permits instantaneous communication, there is so much misinformation leading people to war and destruction. The solution is to foster Truth so we would not end up like the 911 terrorists whose brain had been whacked to volunteer for a glorious mission and merit a short cut to heaven,

  29. Get a s much oil out of the region as possible and then flatten in. Until they're wiped out, there'll never be peace.

    1. Yes and no religious people would complaint..
      Because "GOD" did the same thing.. flooded all to kill a few bad.

      To get rid of cancer cells.. you kill some good too..

      In other words..we are sorry for the innocents.. but we must get rid of it once in for all.

    2. Nah, just count on the sanity of using a bicycle.

    3. so all you wanna do is support your hunger for oil and than eradicate the whole area doesn't matter is few billion peoples live there just like you righteous and innocent,children and women you sounds like a real Humanitarian wait for a Medal

  30. Can we please just go..."free the sh*t out of them" so to speak.

    1. Because we don't know what the Bilderberg Group has planned for us that the president is privy to, that the rest of the country is not.

    2. Because that worked so well the first time around.

  31. This is pretty mental but took too long for the west to act..Countries like Syria need some sort of dictatorship as its clear they cant live a "Normal" live without one.
    Quite sad in this day and age but it true.

    1. it's not that they can't live like that, it's because they don't have the structure or identity.

      for the last 6000 years Syria has been a colony of an empire, it's been fought over constantly and changed hands at least eleven times. Each time it's been forced to change it's culture entirely. It's only been an independent nation since the 1930's after the fall of the Ottomans.

      we cut up an entire empire, redrew the borders however we fancied, shoehorned Israel in there too and then left them to's been on fire pretty much ever since.

      they haven't had a chance to develop a school system, or a national identity or any real kind of infastructure.

      it's sad to say it, but intervening can't help, all intervening does is postpone the inevitable. the middle east needs to fight it's civil wars in order to evolve socially, the same way England, France and the US and the Spanish did.

      it's brutal and depressing, but that's life i'm afraid. And we aren't going to see any major shift away from extremist Islam until it's been allowed to run it's course. All foreign intervention does is postpone the inevitable. we're getting in the way of normal social evolution, and by doing that we're just ensuring that nothing ever changes.

      we just have to let it fall flat on it's face like the Crusades did, and then let those left behind build something better out of the remains.

    2. Sorry, but that would work centuries ago. Not now. We have become a global society, with the means to travel and communicate on a worldwide basis. When these people talk about an Islamic State, they don't just mean the Middle East. They are talking about worldwide takeover. That's the big difference.

    3. ok firstly you can't just write off history like that! It is a direct factor behind what is happening here, and it also wasn't "Centuries" ago it was the 1930's!

      You do realise that just because we have internet connections and fast food, that doesn't automatically mean everyone on the planet has access to it all right?

      we just spent the last ten years razing anything remotely resembling infactructure in the region into dust. You can't pretend like these guys can go to school and get jobs if they want betrays a very severe lack of understanding of the situation they are in.

    4. Global connectivity isn't global society yet.

    5. I should have stressed the "travel" part. The worst thing is that Muslims have easily infiltrated every Westernized country on the globe that they have wished to. Their desire to integrate into those societies is low, but their desire to reap all the benefits is high. The fact politicians have allowed them to just waltz in and settle down, creating enclaves of their own, is the most disturbing fact of all.

  32. Eleven year olds with guns, gives me the warm fuzzies. Fagin is god.

  33. Much of this doc came across as a parody and that is what makes it so scary it isn't.

    1. Yea vice does that, and it's annoying. But, the real situation may be a parody of sorts, anyhow. ISIS was/is funded by US allies, and now the US is pouring more money into the war machine(right when our spending was starting to drop, coincidentally), to combat them. That should be a huge flag, but know one seems to think it's odd. We see in the past, both sides of conflicts being supported, by those in power...over and over they clean up the remains, and take the spoils...all the while making a lot of money, along with other benefits.

    2. *and/or we def see the funding of terrorists(aka "rebels")...happening over and over again.

    3. Hi Rodney, thanks for the replies. I left the states 14yrs ago as I could no longer stomach paying taxes to the Great Satan, which is largely controlled by Israel.The middle east is a quagmire largely because of British and American policy with the pushing of Israel. You may enjoy AIPAC What every American should know. on Youtube. Cheers Tim

    4. you don't even know how happy I'am to see your post the only intelligent one so far ,we need to be realistic what the Jews doing in the area and why is no peace how would be if they just grabbing land illegally and chase a whole Nation out of their houses but they playing the victims in the eyes of the World

    5. You know it's funded pretty much exclusively by evangelical Christians right?

  34. Well this is just the finishing years of religion as we speak.. this it he PEAK of how bad it can get....we are actually leaving "age of pisces"
    around 2,500year circle.. and the age of pisces was all about religion/group/worship to loose the EGO and to think beyond.
    But ofcourse some missuse and take religion literally some change it and some use it for war and power...
    This is it.. 40 years forward there will be less then 1% relgious people on this earth..and people from Arab countries will look back at these videos and just be in shock.

    Worst part was when they captured normal soldier protecting a border.. and the other guy saying he will chop his head off..
    to much. USA will finish them off.. i laugh at the people talking about taking over EUROPE.. you need a medical check.

  35. If Sharia Law wasn't a completely male-dominated doctrine, I wonder how that might affect recruitment? I think maybe many of these men who are turning to ISIS are doing so because they know if they are successful, it'll be a male paradise.... relatively speaking.

    1. Ho HO! and as many Muslim men and women that I know, none can tell me about what "paradise" would be for a woman. I mean, what? Will 72 virgin women have to clean up after one dude? See, it's just not the level playing field that any common patriarchal religion can support with a straight face....And maybe that's why women have rarely decided to be martyred as a suicide bomber. Gaaaa, can you imagine how miserable that female suicide bomber must be? Talk about being willing to gamble on the hereafter being better than life as you know it being preferable than the here and now.....Just how miserable does a woman have to be? Sheesh.

  36. US forces have been training the Iraqii military for going on 10 years. Its all been a game. A game with serious consequences. We have been told that Iraq was ready to govern and police itself. As soon as US forces departed the country, the Iraqii military dissolved into dust, exposed as a sham. US military forces knew damn well that this would happen. Lest we forget, we went into Iraq because we were told by our leaders that Iraq was part of 9/11. Lies. When you invade a country unnecessarily, killing mothers and fathers, grandparents and children, there will be consequences. It is our misguided foreign policy that has begat the current caliphate. Thank George Bush and Dick Cheney for all the lives ruined.

    1. Heretell more than 30 million.....

  37. if you wanna say your not part of the radical muslims, that's fine. I certainly understand but your still part of the religion movement. All religions are f--ked cause thy are man made and flawed. Im not even athiest. I believe there is a God. Im spiritual, not religious.

    1. I believe it is important to make a distinction between religion and the 'church' or institution "representing" such religion. Yes, they are both man made, yet are very diferent. In a VERY general and simplistic view, all 'main stream' religions revolve around peace, coexistence, mutual help and respect, and several beneficial behaviors for society.

      I find most of the corruption to be in the INSTITUTIONS, not in the PHILOSOPHY itself. An idea is very dificult to corrupt, unless you control the institution in which people trust in, the "Authority Figure" of that idea; which people eventually end up obeying and regurgitating repetitions without thought.

      The institution is flimsy, left to the decision of the few, for the benefit [of the natural human ego] of the few, and by obvious 'crowning' procedures subject to almost perpetuous continuous corruption. There is a reason why these institutions manipulate and 'dosify' the very information that composes the religion. Because not all practices in the filosophy are really alligned with the interests of the people in 'power' in these institutions.

    2. If the idea (philosophy) is corrupt, ambiguous and open to countless of interpretations to begin with, no matter what system you build around it and no matter what authority presides over it it is certainly doomed.

      Just ask yourself, why we never see zen-buddhists running around strapped with bombs and beheading innocent people.

    3. It was fairly tame when it happened...but it still happened.

      The Buddhist monks in Tibet were also notorious slave keepers...apparantly Zen is much easier to achieve when you've got Peons with chains around their necks to do all the heavy lifting.

    4. Your perceptions of that bit of history (note the word history) is actually a cheap communist propaganda aimed towards Tibet almost century ago and you're comparing that with what is happening TODAY in Iraq and Syria? No comment.

    5. no i'm not comparing anything, in fact i open with the line "it was very tame" hardly a comparison is it?

      I was correcting your notion that buddhism is somehow exempt from religious violence when it quite clearly isn't.

      the communists may have played up the slavery to justify an invasion, but they didn't make it up.

    6. TODAY not just Buddhism but almost every other religion is exempt from religious violence... except Islam. Remember we're talking strictly about religious violence where people in the name of their religious laws commit acts of unbelievable atrocities. Don't you now mention Israel, Ukraine, African tribes, etc. You know exactly what I'm talking about.

      And you're still deliberately mixing the words "today" and "history." I'm asking why don't we NOW see Buddhist running around strapped with bombs and beheading people, and you're telling me that a century ago some of them had slaves... and you base that on a communist propagandistic sources? Come on.

      Does that have anything to do with their idea/philosophy or not? Does that have anything to do with the fact that their doctrine doesn't promise many virgins and rivers of alcohol in the afterlife? Does that have anything to do with the non existence of the very concept of martyrdom? Does that have anything to do with the non existence of some kind of Sharia law in their philosophy?

    7. oh i see so we're ignoring history in order to more effectively single out and attack Islam...fair enough I didn't realize that.

      Oh and by the way, the idea of Muslims getting 72 Virgins never existed until after the creation of Israel and isn't actually anywhere in the Koran...funny coincidence that isn't it?

      The Koran itself plainly and expressly forbids suicide by any and you chide me for touting propaganda. I'm actually quite shocked to see that you haven't examined that and learned it for yourself. being someone whose such an "expert" on Muslim philosophy.

      History is important because it's the direct cause of all this Sh1t. to ignore it is just to invite it's repetition.

    8. I don't say to ignore the history, I just say that you should be able to make a clean distinction between "today" and "history". And that begs the question that you've NEVER managed to answer: Why don't we NOW see Buddhists running around strapped with bombs and beheading people... or Christians, or any other sect for that matter? Does that have something to do with their culture, religion, philosophy, or not?

      I see you've mentioned Israel already (I knew it)... not that I'm defending them but it's very funny. What's next? The Godwin's Law or Reductio ad Hitlerum?

    9. Yeah I mentioned Israel...Bigger fool me...Just once it would be nice to mention Israel in passing without being jumped on and accused of being a zionist or an anti-semite.

      Did you miss that whole bit where a Buddhist monk torched himself in full public view in protest? that wasn't very long ago...It's not the same vain as terrorism i know, but you can't say that they and they alone don't have violent tendancies or justification for martyring themselves in some way.

      Also you forget that not twenty years ago the IRA were blowing up public spaces in the UK. That was christians blowing stuff up.

      Oh and the whole last crusade in Baghdad was pretty much nothing but Christians throwing bombs...the only difference being Christians use drones and airplanes.

    10. Self-immolation is a form of protest without harming any other human beings in the process. Buddhists often do that in a state of meditation without any tremor. They also commit seppuku, harakiri, yubitsume, or they simply hang themselves in a forest. However they DO NOT harm any other human beings... ory any beings. Is this is enough to show you that you're comparing apples and oranges again, and again.

      IRA was/is a POLITICAL organization and they acted on political and ideological terms and motives, not religious ones. You now remind me of those religious people when they say that many people were killed by atheists during the WWII as if there was atheist flag, an atheists commandments and an atheist uniforms among Germans and Russians. You say the same about IRA. They were Christians so you think you proved something. Not at all... you're just comparing apples and oranges, again.

      It's the same with Christians throwing bombs on Baghdad. I say they were Americans with many different religious backgrounds and convictions unified under one ideology. I would also say that most of them were probably not religious at all.

      But what you have now is a bunch of people calling themselves ISLAMIC state and they enforce the Sharia Law (which is of course strictly religious doctrine) with brute force and they're killing en masse if people happen to stand on their way.

    11. Yeah perhaps i am grasping at straws a little bit where the buddhism is concerned, but I think don't think they have the moniker "violence free" no religeon does.

      The IRA were devoutly can try and deny that simple fact all you want but that doesn't change the fact that they blew up protestants, and gunned down protestants in the street for the simple crime of being protestants...and they were doing it in responce to protestants killing Catholics for being Catholics all te way back to the reformation.

      As for the Iraq war, it became a religious war the moment Bush invoked the crusades to justify may not like that but it's the truthg, and more importantly it's how Iraqi's saw it!

      As far as IS goes, would you care to name me one single state that didn't start it's existence in that way? I'll wait for you to go and figure out that there isn't a single one.

  38. is the truth upsetting

  39. They're sure doing a good job of making their God appear cruel and bloodthirsty. Keep it up boys.

    1. Their God is the same god as Christianity, its just they worship a different prophet other than Jesus.

    2. What are you even talking about? That doesn't even make sense. The Muslims worship Allah and recognize Jesus as a prophet. The Christians worship Jesus as the son of God. Please at least keep your comments somewhat accurate.

    3. And what are you on about? Mohammad was the Muslim prophet and course JC got into a lot trouble running around saying he was the actual son of the sky fairy. Poor JC, was an at-risk child, born of a teenage mother, illegitimate, and worst of all, homeless. Can't beat that in the pity contest, can ya?

    4. it's still all the same God.

      Allah means's a title like sir, it isn't a name like John or Bob.

    5. Christians, Muslims and Jews all share the same patriarch - Abraham! These are the three so-called 'Abrahamic' religions, though it's interesting to note that the Hindu patriach is 'Brahma' - a name so close to 'Abraham' that a link is hard to deny!

    6. Yeah, those patriarchs can't think of everything, now can they?

    7. And not one female prophet...... and the horse they rode in on.

  40. Very well done documentary, thanks. Notice there were no women shown or interviewed. Islam has always been terrible for women, and not much better for males, unless you're a fanatic. Will be interesting if/when radical weapon-worshiping Muslims come up against the N.Koreans. Maybe/hopefully they'll wipe each other out, as Sunnis and Shi-ites are busy doing now.

    1. Oh, please see, "The Stoning of Soroya." The extras couldn't understand why stoning a woman was a big deal.....they even kindly assisted in the proper method of digging the hole.!

  41. Clarification-Buddisn and the likes is not based in a belief system,but yet rather a system of seeking until you KNOW that you have found the peaseful sun rise.

    1. Exactly, Realization is the ultimate goal. Still my question is who is the muslim?

    2. The Muslim is our selves.just like the tree,or cat or fish in the lake,Sometimes hard to recognize because of our extreme difference in our social and economic climate.

    3. Do you mean our soul not the body, as in this world we are trying to identify with our body, once we realize who we are, Or i put it this way, Who Am I, the whole bodily concept vanishes and we are nothing but all the living things and I are the same. When this realisation appears in everyone, there won't be war or hatred among ourselves.

    4. my understanding is that all life is equal being from the same source,as it were.The only difftence being at different stages of development.Again,my understanding is that this realization will not come all at once to the masses.But can only be attained from time to time by individual effort,IF one is successful there will be not doubt or guessing or confusion as to what is occurring.Stay blessed and inquisitive.

    5. You are blessed. Yes, you are 100% true, it is not going to happen on the mass scale. Every individual's effort is at most important. Spiritual awakening is essential in every one's life rather than pursuing towards religion. To be honest i KNOW Who the Muslims are. From my question i realized that there are people in this world, who have true spiritual realization and awakening in their life. You are one of them.George Bush. Thanks

  42. I know they are against western power, but why they kill each other, like sunni against shia, shia against sunni? Are they not muslims, so who is the real muslim?

    1. Belfast-Whos the real Christian?

    2. thumbs-up,mate!

    3. I think it's mostly about the environment. These kids are indoctrinated into these ways, from very early on. The cartels commit similar atrocities on each other, and no religion is involved...other than the religion all man shares...the religion lf survival. The. US have been stirring up conflicts, all over the world, for over 100 years now. Divide and conquer. We or our allies, are funding or have funded, many of these extreme groups. Funny, we also sold a lot of guns to the cartels, via fast and furious. How we funded the contras, along with many other latin american interventions, is also indicative of what i speak of. The same thing we're doing in the middle east, essentially has been happening all over the world, just on smaller scales...or less frequently.

    4. yes that's true. When all these going to end? I don't see anything in this near future, especially in the name of Religion. Mutiny is the answer? Can it be?

    5. Musical chairs ......only using guns. HAHA

    6. They are all Muslims. The Sunni vs. Shia conflict goes back to the time just after the death of Mohammed. It is largely over a disagreement about how to choose successive leaders.

    7. HAHAHAHAHA do realize how you sound? Respectfullly, you are attempting to explain male logic...very amusing.

    8. same reasons Catholics kill protestants and visa versa...interpretation of the fine print.

  43. The sad thing is that ISIS probably got most of its funding from the Western alliances in support of overthrowing Assad.

    Huge blow-back when these same forces took it upon themselves to move into Iraq

  44. Abu Mosa - Islamic State Press Officer has been KILLED theses days!
    Font: liveleaks

  45. The EU has turned Ukraine into a fratricidal gladiatorial arena for its very own amusement and entertainment.Bord and bloated is it name,sadism is its game.How are they any different then Islam.

    1. Or protestantism, or catholicism, satanism, methodism, hinduism, All those hierarchal religions are bound to cause a conflict of testosterone......sigh.

    2. know the EU and Russia are two completly different entities right?

      The EU is a trading agreement...i think you're getting it confused with the UN.

  46. What happened to the infidel from VICE NEWS? Didn't he get crucified?

  47. I have to wince everytime I hear one of these people imply what they're doing is in the name of "God." To presume their means will somehow justify the end. They are no different than thousands of little Hitlers run amok on a terrified, confused citizenry..... and therefore must be routed to enable a more worldly influence to take hold. Fear and horrendous acts of terror are what these ultra-extremists have discovered will sway momentum in their favor. The civil world will have to fight this fire with more imposing fire, then prove they have better alternatives,

  48. Ban all religions.

    1. Better yet,Ban Crazy.Crazy has hi jacked religion.

    2. Crazy is excusable, religion isn't ;)

    3. This goes beyond religion, this is a branch of western extremism that started with colombus and the colonial period. There were plenty of secular people back in the day in the americas and they were beheading all kinds of natives from america to africa to asia for the flimsiest of reasons. Ban all extremist

  49. If there is anything funny about this at all, it's the "beautiful Virgins are calling, sign me up as a martyr" part. If it weren't so horrendous, I'd be laughing.

  50. What happens when the voice and presence of women becomes so suppressed that they are not seen or heard? Total TestosteroneFest!

  51. The frightening thing is that they may very well achieve their mission of taking over in Europe, the USA and perhaps even the whole world. Their religion teaches hatred towards "Infidels" and all non-Muslims are considered Infidels. An Infidel is like vermin to them and they preach this to their children at a very young age. In western cultures we too kill people who are considered our enemies and sometimes kill to stop the killing by others, but we don't automatically hate and kill people simply because of their beliefs. In fact, we open up our countries to people of all faiths and beliefs, thereby letting these who hate us simply because of our beliefs inside. And once they are inside, they wait and build up momentum. Once they have created strong networks they pounce and take over, which is why no one supposedly saw the takeover of Iraq coming via Syria. They took over Lebanon in the same way in 1975 and they will in fact do it in the US and in Europe too if people in our countries don't wake up and stop letting these people in, in the name of religious freedom! The cancer is already spreading in the west and they are feeling very empowered because of their achievements. To them, every victory is a sign that Allah is behind them which empowers and motivates them even more. This is serious! More serious than what most people in this country have been fearing in this country, which is martial law. At least with martial law you stand a chance. With these people when they start their car bombings, etc. in our country, we will be like deer in the headlights and will stand no chance.

    1. don't forget the 'goyim' & that jews & muslim are both
      descendants from abraham....talking of brothers killing/hating their own
      brethren,united by history-divided by faith!not to mention
      'cyrus'(600-530 bc),persian/iranian king whom freed the jews from
      slavery & is revered by them as a messiah !

    2. i don't even know where to start correcting this wall of nonsense.

      Firstly, Is doesn't give two sh1ts about the west...they certainly hate us, but recently conquered people tend to hate the imperial forces that have just torn their country apart.

      Secondly, did you talk to an actual Muslim before forming your opinions on what Islam teaches?
      don't get me wrong, i'm athieist, i think it's all boll0cks, but i'm curious to know where you discovered the intimate teachings of Islam.

      Thirdly, we don't automatically hate people because of their beliefs? are you sure about that? not eighty years ago there was this little thing called the holocaust, you might have heard of it...oh look you go on to do it yourself by insisting that we ban "those people" from coming over here.
      YOU hate people for their beliefs, you go on to do it literally the second after denouncing "Muslims" for being that way.
      entirely hypocritical!

      Fourthy, you seem very paranoid, you seem to have forgotten that we invented the police, and it's impossible to get onto a flight without having a cavity search many more precautions do you need?

      What you propose has a name, it's called isolationism. Do you know who else in the world is isolationist?
      North Korea...that's it. that's the regime you want to emulate.

      you're inviting facism as a precautionary you not see that that is EXACTLY what the 'terrorists' want?

      They don't Have to blow up any cars, because hysterics like you will do the job for them by restricting all the freedoms they dislike. irony is rarely sweet.

  52. These people feel closer to "Allah" when things are hard? How about we string them up by their toes, cut off their balls, stuff those in their mouths and set the on fire, thereby bringing them that much closer to Allah?

    1. You should work for the cartel in mexico, that's top level torture you describe there.

    2. Actually, it's no worse than what these psychopaths are doing to the people they are killing in Iraq who don't go along with their psychotic agenda.

    3. and you think mimicing that is the way to go?

      Why not just join them if you're going to act like them?

    4. you mean do something more horrible than nail people to crosses.

      How exactly does that make you a better person?

  53. 10 minutes in, one of the militants says "The family is the least important thing"...He lives for war and only goes home if it is important or if he gets sick. Make lots of children and then abandon your family and live to kill the children of other people simply because they don't believe in your God, in this case "Allah". Such sickness in the world in the name of "God" whether it be the western god or the eastern god. Buddhism is a godless religion which focuses on enlightenment, Atheism rejects the notion of god too. If you compare the godless "religions" with those who worship a god, the obvious difference is that those centered around a male deity called "God, Allah, Jehovah..." what you get is battle, bloodshed or at minimum support of battle and bloodshed "in the name of God". If you stand back and take a fresh look at the world, what you'll actually see is something called a reversal, which is very common in Satanic worship. Truth is turned upside down. Atheism is "bad" as it doesn't go along with the fundamental teachings of a male deity God. Instead people are brainwashed for centuries to believe things that are written in ancient books that have by death and bloodshed been forced upon humanity and continue to be, "in the name of God"... Take a close look at the personality of these male deity "Gods". The Christian God practically salivates over gold and other precious metals, tempts Adam and lies to him and offers as a companion to him one of the beasts he has created, all within Genesis chapter 2. In Chapter 4 he stirs up jealousy between Cain and Able after he frowns upon Cain's offering to him. Obviously Lord God prefers flesh and blood over harvested fruits and vegetables. As for the personality of "Allah", I think much was revealed about him in this video. Too bad that Buddhists and Atheists are not as motivated to bring people into their folds. The earth may actually be at peace if they did.

  54. Its funny in the beginning how the guy said they humiliated american forces in Iraq. Now that is funny and a bit too much of a try hard to get people upset. Im not in the least bit worried and actually welcome them to try and do anything over here. Our military would stomp them out quicker then a commercial break from some s*it reality show. Do they even have a jet or any kind of warship? AKs and humvees arent really gonna do much. It would be fun to watch. These guys spread all this hate and violence in the name of God. Talk about blasphemy and i hope they meet his judgement in the end of their worthless lives. Now excuse me but i have to gorge myself on some delicious food, watch some porn, do some drugs, call in sick for work, and whatever other indulgence i can get my hands on cause were just animals over here right?

    1. These as..oles could be easily wiped out. Problem is they will get sympathy from their world wide brethren. Then mayhem. But that would not be a bad idea. Put them down until the next time the ba...rds

    2. Even still if all their brethren came, which i think would be even better, there is little they would be able to do. Our sea and air alone would blast them into little tiny pieces for their Allah. They would be lucky to get halfway across the atlantic before they were blown to kingdom come. Sure, they can plow thru areas that have little resistance, with violence as a message so on the outside it looks like they are kinda strong but all they can do is sit there and yell at cameras about how much they are gonna kill us...blah blah blah. But if they actually did come here and try something, we would definitely make a message out of that Theres a reason no one has come here to f--k with us. (I believe 9/11 wasnt done by cavemen). We arent the most well liked country in the world but im sure some of our allies would lend a missle or two in the beating. Of the few things America has done right over the years, is that military. Very strong with excellent training, which is the sad part cause that comes from all the experience we have in war.

    3. Bragging about ones military prowess ususally ends in humiliation.Remember mission accomplished.

    4. Not bragging bro. Most countries would be able to wipe them off the planet. Isreal could with ease and India could stamp them out. Not bragging, just high probability.The u.s. does have a strong military and alot of that excellent training we have is from all the world experience of being in so many wars. No?

    5. I think that you have hit the nail on the head-Experience from so many wars. But its really a war time economy that has made the us so wealthy.But its now loosing popularity because before high tech weapons,thoudands world profit from making low tech weapons.And Now just two or three men are employeed to make one high tech weapon,for the same money and even more then what the thousands used to make.

    6. History has shown us that air power rarely wins a war but only strengthens the resolve of the enemy.Hiroshima was the only exception.But to go in that direction now in place and time,everyone will lose.

    7. "history has shown that air power rarely wins a war but only strengthens the enemy." That makes no sense at all. So when we bomb the shit out of them with our f22 raptors that helps them.

    8. it helps their revenge and resolve,they will all ways get more recrutes and supplys,perhaps even from the us.There are literally millions of muslems boys who can,t wait to start the fighting.

    9. not true, retaining air superiority over the English Channel stopped the Nazi's from being able to invade Britain and stalled their advance, leading to us being able to assault the beaches of Normandy.

    10. The methods they use to take over are gradual and evident by what they did in Lebanon. They migrate and multiply in democratic countries that welcome them. They become "good" citizens of the country with the same rights as any other citizen. Meanwhile, they set up "kids camps" and the more secretive Islamist training camps. There are reportedly 30 of them in the U.S. I first learned of these after watching a documentary produced by Islamists which spoke of these. So, don't let anyone tell you these don't exist. Once they determine that the time is right to strike, be assured that they will create mayhem through suicide bombings and other forms of attack. Fighting against those who believe that their death will result in martyrdom will present a challenge that most Americans will find difficult to overcome.

  55. And btw, the so called beheading of James Foley is a hoax. Research before posting non-articles.

    1. credible source,please....

    2. If it were a hoax, do you think it's the kind of thing, that "credible" sources, would air/be affiliated with? The credible sources, are the ones perpetuating the lies. It's hard to know who to trust, but i def know who i don't trust.

    3. asking for a credible source usually shuts-up nonsense....dead simple & straight!

    4. Define credible, most of the increasingly artificial world we live in, is tainted by money, or corrupted in some way. Even science, is becoming more and more corrupted, just like the media did.

    5. Really, if it were a hoax, do you think people you consider "credible", would be getting in line, to uncover it? They wouldn't be credible for long lol. We've caught them in the act before, bsn us into going to war. Sometimes they come clean, if it's something they've deemed inconsequential, at that point. Yea, there were no wmds, so do we get a refund, for all of our tax dollars? Not to mention lives lost and ruined. Of course, many conspiracies aren't falsifiable, that's why they're called conspiracies, cuz they're secretive. This doesn't mean they don't exist, as obviously we've been lied to a bunch. Sometimes we just have to look for patterns, and use intuition. It stinks of another ploy, to drag us back into war...again...and again...and again. Even if it is Foley, and he really was beheaded. It all stinks, horribly.

    6. That's why the first thing that is done, is to find a way to discredit the source of any conspiracy exposing, usually with irrelevant ad hominem attacks. So, the credible sources, can continue to blast bs...unhindered.

    7. tell that to his head....he would like to negate your comment with a 'left-to-right' nod would go down his neck the wrong way!

    8. ya id love to hear your source or you just lookin for attention?

    9. Even if it is him or if they did actually behead him, after the film "cuts"; it seems to be propaganda. The film is very odd, though. I've seen a lot of beheadings. I can't recall many, if any, seeing beheadings, where multiple cam angles are shot, the victim is mic'd up, and then of course how the film cuts, along with how it was edited and put together. Like who directed this thing, Clint Eastwood? lol One possible explanation for why it cuts out, right before they kill him(as usually the purpose of the clips, are to show the person being killed), is that western media won't play things that graphic, so they may have thought it would reach a wider audience, without the beheading. Although, they do show him, with his head off, at the end. Anyways, the whole ISIS situation stinks of conspiracy(they were funded by US allies, and now we're going in to fight them?), along with that beheading.

  56. Zionism created radical Islam. Educate urself.

    1. well,if this info is true via education then radical islam should be obsolete,going by your logic?radical islam is the answer to radical zionism,so much is true!

    2. Let us be clear in our thinking here.

      The muslim faith is a prosletitizing religion.

      It converts people to the muslim faith. Not by spreading a message with words but rather by guns. Believe in us or head cut off stuff.

      Normal muslims do not agree with this approach - but they do not disagree.

      What is the fate of a weak none muslim who refuses to become a muslim in the hands of a muslim. Alice in Wonderland _ "Chop off his head"

      In simple terms it is brainwashing and if you do not follow us "chop off your head". The only good none muslim is a dead none muslim!

    3. and radical muslim is not dead it is growing - that is what this documentary is saying you thick s...t!

    4. it is brainwashing, brainwashing, brainwashing from birth - gives no new child into this awful world a chance to think for itself - IMPOSITION at its very best - and it is very good

    5. i dont mean the brainwashing is good i mean it is done to perfection by the b...ards who do it. They are the mothers fathers etc who when themselves were babies and born were and are brainwashed dead and so brainwashed their children. That approach can only be described as "evil" - evil in one of its highest forms.

    6. any comments?????

    7. in search of a battle,aren't you???

    8. Excellent analogy DaveJay. You're very very close, to one of the deeper "secrets" of religion.
      Remember, "Hell" was created to keep continuity amongst the community. Pretty much to fear monger the facility of religious law/population control & eugenics.

      If you don't believe in heaven,
      then you can't go to hell.

      Keeping the story "going" (through generations) is crucial to the survival of the belief system, that is "brainwashing" or conditioning its population into complacency. Penile battles, skirmishes, and civil / domestic disputes, cement this ideology.

      The EXACT same mentality is found in the west (Canada/U.S. etc) and with all different religions. The indoctrination of antiquated ideals is intrinsic to the sanctity and more importantly the stability of whatever delusional ideal, is being projected.

      For example: If you watch FOX news every day, or "Hour of Power" every Sunday, you will naturally begin to develop an actual report with the hosts. But as well their agenda that, they project.

      All in all, insane people, that have learned to exploit others. Will endlessly lead their own "constituents" into war, in order to protect their own indoctrinated (brainwashed) beliefs. Its a multi-multi faceted problem. With mental disability, and disorder at the crux.

      Whether it be for financial, political, or religious reasons, the brainwashing techniques are universal. Keep your eyes open in everyday life, here in the west. Look for those in Your Own Community, who remind You of those filmed and featured in this; Outstanding Documentary.

      +1 VICE!

    9. I agree,trying to interpret or take literally the scribblings of ancient ancestry has proven to be quite hopeless,confusing and trivial.They (we)lived here and then where we (they) live in the hear and now.Because of technology and fast depleating resourses,creates a huge game change.Its only through reasoning and cooperation that will be able to extend the life cycle of our species.I personally am not very optimistic being that cave men have taken a nuclear exchange into the realm of possibility.

    10. I was brainwashed with the anthem of-my country right or wrong.And-,if your not with us your against us.I was able to see the real light with just a little reason,common sense and with out membership in mensa.

    11. It is growing because the true Islam that comes to power through the ballot box and led by highly skilled professionals who understand politics, economy and society is oppressed by the blessing of the Western powers. Instead, simple-minded, gangsters-like persons are falsely claiming to stand in the name of Islam!! Good luck western democracy!

    12. are you 'talking' to me?you can hate as much as you want & you can 'insult' as much as you want
      but you should learn to 'read' a comment right to understand which message it contains....which you clearly can-not.your insult just shows your own mindset!

    13. I think you are wrong. You need to get your information right. Please read history. The Middle East under the rule of Islam is where Christians, Jews and other minorities coexisted and thrived. In fact they contributed to the building of Islamic Civilsation from which the Western world based its own. Among non-Muslim minorities - mainly Jews and Christians - were administrator, translators, and scholars. There would not have been computers through which you and I communicate had it not for Muslim advanced mathematicians.
      Islam is a very proactive religion. I advice you to read the Muslim holy book "Quran" you will find that freedom of choice is a deeply rooted concept without which an individual's conversion to Islam is not acceptable. "There is no compulsion in religion" 2:256.
      Coming back to the so-called "Islamic State" this is exactly like Al Qaeda, created by the Western powers, whether directly or indirectly.

    14. Fanatisism created radical Islam mate - Islam by it very tenants is radical - all none muslims are infidels. Get your facts straight.

    15. Thats the truth!!

    16. The Jews have created this to have their New World Order

    17. What a crock of ****, just like your claim that the Foley murder was faked. Islamists love to blame the Jews for everything but as Arab intellectuals, a tiny minority to be sure, will strenuously point out, Arabs are their own worst enemies and create their own problems. But as introspection and self-criticism are antithetical to their culture, they can only seek enemies and cast blame outside themselves. Educate YOURself, which would include some spelling lessons by the way.

    18. In a way there is some Truth to this; if religion is manmade and the doctrines are lawyered to fit the occasion and for convenience of authorities, then religion can become a source of conflict and destruction. Following this EXAMPLE, every political kingpin can have its own brand of religion yet violating the commandments against using the name of God in vain, etc., Perhaps this is what is really happening today.

      The real problem is religions have removed God for convenience to pursue the wilful desires of its leaders rather than faithfully adhere to the Will of God.

      Fact is Israel was chosen to bear witness to the Truth. The workings of the divine Laws that Moses attempted to define specifically are seen in the life events of Israel. Its faithfulness as a nation provided great blessing and opportunity for its people; while its disobedience led to punishment and sufferings.

      The kingdom of Israel was short lived; it took only a generation - from David to his son Solomon - to reach an apex. However, a home for the ark of the covenant was fulfilled when Solomon dedicated the Temple. After that the nation suffered decline. The breakaway Kingdom of Judah overwhelmed the original Israel and had its own government and religion, which has become Judaism.

      Judaism offers human interpretation of the Divine Law even if it fundamentally led to disobedience of God's commands. The death of Jesus highlights the issue against religion since God's Laws were used by the religious to condemn an innocent and holy man carrying the message of God's Truth.

      IN World War 2, the NAZI also made a religion to fit the ascent of the Aryan Race, destined to replace the Jews as Master Race. It was a diversion of Christianity yet media controls and propaganda allowed it to prosper and used as a license to eliminate the weak and institute genocide. But in reality it was no different from the disobedience of Israel whose sons annihilated a whole tribe (rape of Dinah) who they tricked into circumcision before the massacre.