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Nation of Exiles

2010, Politics  -   16 Comments
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A short documentary examining the civil unrest in Iran following Ahmadinejad's re-election in June 2009, and the role of social media in the Green Movement. Featuring Columbia Professor of Iranian History Hamid Dabashi and Poynter Institute's Ellyn Angelotti.

A characteristic of a strong and legitimate government - Islamic or not - is that it is capable of respecting all opinions, whether they support it or oppose it. This is necessary for any political system, in order to embrace all social classes and encourage them to participate in the affairs of their nation, and not dismiss and repulse them and, therefore, increase their numbers (the opponents) every day. I am afraid that because the regime is considered a religious government, such acts of its officials will lead to the loss of people's faith in their religion, and will hurt Islam.

The present circumstances and problems that have been created after the elections have astounded the people and made them pessimistic (about their government). They expect the officials, based on their moral and religious teachings, to be neutral and demonstrate their honesty by protecting people's rights, particularly about such an important issue (the elections). It is expected of the government to find an acceptable and reasonable response to people's demands, and by using the right approach eliminate people's pessimism and doubts.

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16 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Just Claudiu

    "Where's my vote ?" Hmm, so iranians like to express themselves in english at a rally with profound nationalistic character. Seems legit.

  2. Jai Hind

    All this uprising and anti-government protests are the results of foreign involvement in Iran mainly the NATO's interests into Iranian affairs.If Pres.Ahmadinajed wouldn't have been president,there for surely would've been a NATO intervention.About clothes,the 'burkha' is a respected apparel that mustn't see condemnation which is better than being half naked most of the time for the world to see one as inappropriate for their society because a traditional outfit is a trademark which the west sees as discrimination and thus condemns the 'burka'.The modern world isn't such that your dress code is becomes inappropriate.The meaning of 'modernization' means "the enhancement of ones cultures and traditions and religions".The upholding of these values is what makes a nation modern.You can see that there has not been an intervention because the humane values are strong and some people are just been misinformed about westernization.Take Iraq as an example,that was a closest ally of the west who gave the Iraqis freedom.Is this the type of freedom US has vowed to bring to Arabians?? Uptil now,it seems like it is exactly what these instigating leaders have instore for Arabians while these Arabians in US and other NATO countries look on with sadness unable to do anything.Finally,these NATO instigators has made themselves look like lying jokes and conniving lunatics and warmongering,blood thirsty christians.

    1. Deborah Macaoidh

      You are absolutely right about all of this, but there's one part you left out: Americans have a problem with "burkhas" and other similar clothing around here partly because sometimes women don't have a choice in the matter, and some of women and girls really are afraid or brainwashed. This is not how it's supposed to be. Christians don't fr*ak out as much about the clothes, but have other atrocities against women to answer for, as do secular Americans. Nobody really has any room to talk about this. Women are treated like trash over there. I know.

  3. Sieben Stern

    fight for your freedom from the government, but keep the religion and your shackles will still remain.

  4. slpsa

    The only thing that worries me about this Country, being a man who has worked inside Iran on several occasions, is the non stop talk about the 12th Imam coming from the Government. They proceed with their nuke program and talk non stop about the coming of the 12th Imam. This is no joke, and I take the talk very seriously. People inside Iran, the regular Joes, do as well. We would all be best served to investigate what that means and make your decisions on the stability of the people leading Iran when you inform yourself on the subject. It is as serious a talk as it gets. I know myself, I was taken aback when I read up on it. The Mahdi is no laughing matter. Desperate people do desperate things, add in crazy religious leaders to that equation, it scares me to think they mean what they say.

    1. Peter Wilson

      Good fear speculation! "Talk" of a coming prophet, a nuke program!!!(nuclear ENERGY according to any real evidence)Whew, serious serious "talk"!! Then there's the U.S. of A where we skip the "talk" and go straight to creating the greatest weapons arsenal including nukes, chemicals, cluster bombs, incendiaries...and we didn't just talk. Since WW 2, we've intervened and or invaded 35 sovereign countries in some cases killing millions of civilian men women and children based on rationales rather than morally-based reasons (self-defense from a real and present danger). We toppled Iran's sovereign government before and have never ceased to threaten them since the '79 revolution and even attacked and sunk several of their ships and a passenger airliner since. But all that is real and actual events. It's much more fun to speculate scaaary stuff based on "talk"

    2. Jack1952

      Everything you have said about the United States is true. However, this does not negate the very real danger when a nation like Iran becomes obsessed by religious fanaticism. There are those who believe that the Twelfth Imam will lead the fight against an army of Muslim heretics marking the end times. Many also believe that this will culminate in the ultimate destruction of Israel and that the remaining Jews and Christians will realize that this Imam was sent by Allah and will convert to Islam. These people are very serious about their beliefs and look forward to this end time of "great commotion". Ahmadinejad had expressed his longing for the appearance of the Twelfth Imam and all that goes with it

      Sometimes the greatest dangers are not the most obvious dangers. To hold up the United States as the one and only threat facing the world may be short sighted. Be careful of the thief sneaking in the back door. He may pose a greater danger than the one trying to barge in the front.

      There is nothing crazier than the apocalyptic visions of some fundamental Christians and these wacko Muslims. Both are equally dangerous. Anything could set either one of them off. Its bad enough that one of them may control nuclear weapons. Why double the danger by encouraging the other to pursue this option. Increasing the risk makes no sense to me.

    3. Peter Wilson

      Jesus said "be wise as snakes, innocent as doves". I'm with you, brother, but murdering innocent people can't bring about a better world. May we Americans who put spontaneity, freedom and peaceful interaction above personal gain by way of violation rise in our ranks and truly Defend the Innocent and Promote Peaceful Interaction. (By the way, I'm quoting the Jesus of the gospel of Thomas, not the church doctrines)

    4. Jack1952

      Too many religious fanatics in the States who think that God has chosen them to protect the world from itself. There is even a bunch that is trying to fan the flames of discord in the Middle East believing that this will bring on the Apocalypse and the second coming. The Bible says that Jesus will return in time to prevent the complete destruction of the world. Imagine that. Jesus coming to save the world from the Christians. Somehow it almost seems fitting.

  5. Far Spam

    These are pro western members of the Shah who want to seize power. They are not the majority of Iranians.
    Nothing to do with religions its just about money and power.
    These people will sell Iran to the highest bidder.
    Its an old story!

    1. Jack1952

      It would seem to be impossible for people to rise up against their government and still be anti-western. I have yet to understand why some people insist that this has to be true. It is not an either/or question.

      It is possible for the people of Iran to express dissatisfaction with their government because their government has demonstrated dis-satisfactory behaviour. I have expressed my misgivings about my own government and would like to see changes in how we elect our federal officials. That does not automatically mean that I support an insurrection and takeover by American agents. If I lived in Iran I would strongly support many of the issues that the protesters are raising. I would also insist that it be an Iranian solution and that Western interests stay out of it.

      The world doesn't just revolve around the West and its interests. That is a gross simplification of the issues facing human populations everywhere. A government that expresses anti-western sentiments is not necessarily a good or ethical government. That is an illogical assumption.

      I have yet to watch a documentary about any nation that has internal problems where certain individuals use that documentary as a platform to attack the west. They refuse to listen to what the people of that country are saying and refuse to believe that anyone could possibly protest for legitimate reasons that have nothing to do with the west.

  6. drinker69

    The UN should hire 100 of the best construction companies working in Dubai. Hire the teams of engineers and architects that built the palm islands off that coast. Use them to build a massive sand island (the size of Ireland will do), put all members of Islam on it. Watch it go to poo in months.

    1. Common_Tator

      That would not be big enough, there are more of them thaan you think. If you are talking about radicals, an island the size of Manhatten would be way too big.

    2. drinker69

      Too many either way for me. I've found them to be ignorant, rude, selfish, arrogant, violent and just plain garbage people. I wish none lived in the West. None.

    3. dmxi

      islam came 5oo years after christianity into existence & haven't fully endured their rise & fall yet,like christianity has.chronologically they are there where christians & it's splinter-groups were in the middle-
      ages.when time has come the muslim masses will demand full secularity & self-governing(which is partialy happening now,if it's not being incited from outside?) via the principles of democracy which,if
      they copy our version of 'demo-co-operatacy'(made that one up),will
      have a deja vu,as it's similarity to the existing iranian voting system
      (one concept masked by two choices!) is hypercritical!

    4. drinker69

      I am personally non-political. But if I feel I have to put myself into a political box or give myself a label like some of these pukes do I will come up with my own. I am a Democranist. It's an infusion of democracy and communism. One day I will be king.