Programming of Life

Programming of Life

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Programming of LifeIt is a good deceiving religion documentary film that avoids to mention religion, god, bible, etc. The authors spice up the video with science talk in order to attack evolution. They did this by not letting the public know their true intention.

Since at this moment science does not have all the answers to DNA, they insinuate that evolution is wrong and the answer should be some place else. They explain their science from their point of view and do not share the arguments for evolution.

They explain how perfect and wonderful life is and that it could not come by chance. They forgot to explain the imperfections and/or limitations of nature (cancer, shortcomings of the body, etc).

In short, this is a documentary film that promotes ID (Intelligent Design). I think it is good to see their reasoning wrapped up in a slick propaganda video.

From the authors: Programming of Life is a documentary created to engage our scientific community in order to encourage forward thinking.

It looks into scientific theories "scientifically". It examines the heavy weight theory of origins, the chemical and biological theory of evolution, and asks the extremely difficult questions in order to reveal undirected natural process for what it is – a hindrance to true science.

Information is an essential part of our lives. The code that's in every cell, every piece of DNA and all living things. Even though we've made many breakthrough discoveries in science there's still so much more to be discovered.

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over the edge
10 years ago


you have made some significant claims. can you back them up with actual demonstrable evidence? i will list the claims so far to remind you.

- " I believe the biblical account of creation because its the only one
that fits what we see in the Geological and Biological evidences."

-"there are no examples of "evolving", only speciation, which is contradictory to evolution."

-"speciation supports only Creation"

can you back these claims up?

10 years ago

If life as we know it are evolved over time, and the fossil record is 'proof' that we stem from the same thing, where are the TRANSITIONAL FOSSILS? I believe the biblical account of creation because its the only one that fits what we see in the Geological and Biological evidences.

Anam Paiseanta
10 years ago

Religious ( closed minded dogmatic acceptance of a gospel handed down by a chosen authority) belief is for the unintelligent even when your priests are scientists.

10 years ago

A note to the religious posters here, there and every where. Most people like myself who don't believe in god are happy to discuss and debate the beginnings of life with any body with a reasonable sounding argument. ID is fine, but it drags along religion, ID by itself is quite defensible taken in the right context. However once brought into the context of the bible it becomes ridiculous. Once you accept logical arguments into your beliefs you are going to have to accept that Jesus was not born from a virgin, he was not the son of god any more than any one else is and he definitely didn't come back from the dead.

10 years ago

Those who adhere to a purely naturalistic explanation for the existence
of life, are left struggling to find mechanisms to create such a
sophisticated information source...

LOLOLOLOL....Yeah cause they don't give up thinking and just say "It must be magic!"

10 years ago

Theosophey is a science.....right? So God bless everyone

Religious people are scary.
10 years ago

I am quite afraid of those truly religious, because in order for someone to believe in any one religion, something clearly has to be amiss in their brain. This was my view as a child, and it remains my view today.
There is no point in arguing with (most) religious people, as they simply cannot follow logic, due to some faulty mechanism in their brain.
No matter what evidence and logic you may bring to the table, it is of no importance, simply due to the fact that these two aspects of life is of no interest to them. I am of the belief that (most) religious people are mentally ill, and thus they do scare me. Just like someone with severe schizophrenia does.

How religious people dare demand respect for showing a remarkable lack of logic and critical thinking is beyond me. God is equal to Santa and the Easter Bunny. Get over it as a child or be ridiculed. Or do you believe in them, as well? Considering one can't prove they do not exist? Dragons, witches, wizards, magic, tooth fairy, boogeyman?
If you do not believe in all of the above mentioned, and much more, and you are religious, you're nothing but a hypocrite. A stupid one, at that.

10 years ago

Why do people hate God so much? Einstein believed in god. Nikola Tesla believed in God. It is not against God to understand science and live a life of knowledge. Many scientific discoveries have been made by Christians. Stop attacking valid scientific questions and theories just because it happens to fall within the creationist realm. There are NO FACTS about the origin of life. As soon as there is hard evidence, then we can throw the invalid theories out the window. But at this point, evolution and the big bang are just as much a theory as anything else.

10 years ago

I think that the only conspiracy here is the implication in the description that the evolution theory is the truth and must not be questioned..
"it's not up to us to just prove a given theory, it's up to the theory to prove itself against the laws of science. "
so true! As science evolves, more and more evidence is coming up which does not fit with the Darwinian evolution theory. These facts should not be ignored so that the theory fits, the theory should be changed so that it fits with the facts!
Why are people so desperately holding on to the evolution theory as the only explanation to origins of life? I'ts just a theory, and not a very likely theory either.
Unless we know something for sure, we should be free to speculate about it. And the truth is that no one really knows the origins of life, therefore all theories should be equally accepted. Not labeled as "conspiracy" because it doesn't fit with the mainstream theory...

10 years ago

Hey everyone, just one question. When we start cloning people, will the creator be called God or just MiniGod?

10 years ago

I got sucked into this from the discussion board for a Coursea,org class about Genetics. My radar was down, yea a few hints at the start that this might be an ID vid. They stick with the facts and then in the last ten minutes bring out the come to Jesus moment-sheep clothing, beware they are getting better.

10 years ago

“Biologists’ investigation of DNA has shown, by the almost unbelievable complexity of the arrangements which are needed to produce [life], that intelligence must have been involved.”
Richard N. Ostling, “Lifelong atheist changes mind about divine creator,”
“It has become inordinately difficult even to begin to think about constructing a naturalistic theory of the evolution of that first reproducing organism.”
Antony Flew, “Letter from Antony Flew on Darwinism and Theology,”
“I have been persuaded that it is simply out of the question that the first living matter evolved out of dead matter and then developed into an extraordinarily complicated creature.”
Stuart Wavell and Will Iredale, “Sorry, says atheist-in-chief, I do believe in God after all,”
A code system is always the result of a mental process… It should be emphasized that matter as such is unable to generate any code. All experiences indicate that a thinking being voluntarily exercising his own free will, cognition, and creativity, is required… There is no known natural law through which matter can give rise to information, neither is any physical process or material phenomenon known that can do this.
Werner Gitt, "In the Beginning Was Information"

10 years ago

This is a good documentary. It shows how much more we need to/can advance in the process of answering the question: How we came about? Then we'll probably have to answer the 'why' and so on. The quest for knowledge is never ending!! I might one day reach the conclusion that there is a Creator but that will be a conclusion at the end of the search not the beginning! The trouble with most of the people is that they want to give up on the search and agree to the fact that there is a third entity behind creation and that it's omnipotent and the only way you can reach/communicate with that entity is by abandoning all knowledge and going dumb!! And if you are a 'good' person you'll get the best of the lot!!
I don't really mind religions, they are just a rule book with one master to serve and please or face the wrath of. The trouble is that these servants want to increase their forces!!! I'm not one to join the rank and file!! Never was never will be! The maximum threat to that is that I'll not gain the knowledge I seek and end up searching. Fine by me!

10 years ago

I love how this video is filed under Conspiracy.
The summary is full of "they insinuate that evolution is wrong" (actually, they don't, you're the ones that say that),
and "It is a good deceiving religion documentary" (what exactly in the video did you find "deceiving"?)
also "They explain their science from their point of view" ("their" science ?... silly me, i tought science is neutral... this must be "religious" science then)
or "a slick propaganda video".
"The authors spice up the video with science talk in order to attack evolution. They did this by not letting the public know their true intention."
I guess this was no longer "science", merely "science talk" because, well, you're nothing but biased douches with no critical thinking skills.
"Attack evolution" ? Not really, it doesn't argue *against* evolution. "Attacks my own belief system" is what it should've said.
"not letting the public know their true intention" ??? Would the scientific reality of this video be less valid based on their "true intention" ?

And you have the nerve to call theists ignorant/arrogant ! Pah !

Kurt OConnor
10 years ago

Where did we come from. A spiritual being in a physical body? Since we are only being taught physically and not spiritually, no one is ever going to get far at all. The traffic light gives you information etc etc etc etc and a cell, so on and on.

10 years ago

Have you not seen how the camel was created in all its perfection?

10 years ago

This review kind of bias? WOW!

10 years ago

A completely rational and reasonable program, interseting and stimulating. I am disgusted by the bias of the synopsis above and am utterly baffled as to why this documentary is in the Conspiracy section. It appears Top Documentary Films has an agenda I was hitherto unaware of. How sad.

Laban Kossam
10 years ago

Hi robert,
Thanks for the perpetual insults.
I did read that comment from Kateye, and now read it again. Once again, it does little to deal with the facts being brought up in the film, and even less its main theory.
If you didn't like the presentation of the film, then I could be inclined to agree with you. It's not the type of presentation that engages my interest the most. I had to watch a few minutes before feeling engaged. But that said, if you have some real experience with information and data, the reasoning of the film makes a whole lot of sense. Kateyes comments did not respond to this in an adequate way.
Sure, if someone considers himself of superior intelligence to the rest of humanity, he/she might perhaps be beyond the stage of having a need for things to make sense in order to believe them. Unfortunately, I am not. Information from nonsense is nonsense. Information that develops itself without having powerful data processing tools is the same. Kateye points the following two main arguments against the film: 1) Information Science is not commonly applied to microbiology. 2) References are made both to evolution of more complex forms of DNA material, and of exogenesis - the creation of the simplest forms of DNA material from dead matter, and this is in her eye confusing. Yet the following facts remain: 1) microbiology IS showing that DNA is an enormous information system, being processed by principles highly similar to modern computer science. 2) Both the exogenesis AND the evolution towards higher levels of "program complexity" appear unfeasible with all currently known biological and physical processes.
If you want to convince me (and perhaps others) otherwise, then it would be far more helpful if you could point at known processes that have a realistic chance of producing such developments. And until then, please be a little bit more humble with regards to science - despite your atheist convictions and preconceptions. True, preconceptions are needed for any form of understanding. But they also make emotionally deeply engaged people blind.

10 years ago

'Information science' is a new concept because although information has been around forever, people are only really starting to get into studying it. Good on them- if they used their information ideas to prove evolution a heap of people would be cheering them on. But since they've got another idea (shock horror!) they're being ridiculed.

And surely if we evolved, and certain human traits are bred into us, then the universality of religion as part of the human condition must have evolved too. Darwin teaches us that things don't evolve unless they have a purpose, so religion must have an evolutionary purpose, otherwise it would have been bred out of us. So all those people who say it's the worst thing ever, well, we can thank our evolution for it.

10 years ago

I have to say that one thing that upsets me about us humans is that we discredit past civilizations. We always find a way to say that they were incapable of doing the things they did.

10 years ago

Quit watching after 5 mins. It's obvious the dude has not gotten a clue.

10 years ago

That was so dry and stupid. I stopped half-way through. Felt like a Religious doctrine cleverly disguised as a science documentary. A lot of the science scenes were ripped from other doc's. "I don't know, therefor; God."

Riccardo Mario Corato
11 years ago

It is a pity that the authors didn't declare themselves and show their evident religious point-of-view since the beginning.

It is a pity because the documentary is very well done and based on serious researches, even though I don't think religion needs to defend/protect itself from science but, if anything, from the wrong use of scientific discoveries in human society.

I would suggest the authors to keep going with their educational efforts but, next time, to be more open and "loyal" to the audience.

There is nothing bad or to be ashamed of in loving religion.

Here's something that could help progressing in the debate.

"...What can be more important than Science and Religion?
Science gives us the Knowledge, Religion gives us the Meaning..."

Quotation from a speech of Michal Heller
Catholic priest, Astrophysicist, Professor of Philosophy, Theologian
Winner of the 2008 Templeton Prize

In his recent book "The science and God" he genuinely tries to overcome old contrasts between religion and atheism - like denying the Evolution Theory or promoting the "ID - Intelligent Design" from one side and speculating about the ultimate "TOE - Theory Of Everything" from the other.

In essence, as well as we all know, it looks impossible to give a rational answer to an old philosophical question:
"Why there is something rather than nothing?"

Mysteries remain mysteries, including the cause of the universe, the consciousness of being conscious and the human love...

Science must keep going its own way, so religion.
With equal dignity and mutual respect.

11 years ago

I don't see why the written introduction to this video needs to come with a warning. Portraying the creators of the documentary as religious doesn't discredit them or their views. And it's a bit over the top to assume everyone watching it on this website is a militant atheist who can't handle any kind of alternative information, and, in a way, to belittle those who aren't.

Teddy Mcd
11 years ago I laugh with gentility - umm.... do you guys ever sleep or just post? Take care TD-crew.

11 years ago

Actually, instead of all the things I would like to say, I will ask this question: What is so NOT plausible about Intelligent Design? I am not saying it is God. I am saying, if you compare the theories out there, and they are all theories, what is so baffling about their being some intelligent design force? If one knows the true, deep complexities of the human body, the earth, the universe, and I mean the really deep workings, then causality would demand there is something that has purpose and intent behind what exist. And, please dont think that I am naive enough to think this hasnt been debated a billion times. Part of my point is that if we (HUMANS) are to be tolerant of others views, philosophies, perspectives, why wouldnt I entertain intelligent design?

11 years ago

No, he is accusatory and biased. It is his/her opinion that it is "veiled" the authors of the documentary show now signs of disguising their belief in "intelligent design". And, isnt intelligent design another plausible explanation just like any other explanation? Or, do you to believe there is only one explanation?

11 years ago

Whomever wrote the intro review of this documentary obviously has their own biases. Who is the author of the intro? Dont you realize you are just as biased as the authors of the documentary?

11 years ago

Don't you all have a better forum to perform your atheist circle jerk? Or do you want to try to cut to the chase about this documentary and it's statement that it's operationally impossible to get a cell from basic materials?

11 years ago

You all want a good laugh.

Aron Ra promo video with Ray Comfort

11 years ago

Over_the_Edge, Achem, Epicurus, Vatko, etc.
I believe I have found Aron Ra's e-mail address. It is Aronra @ Gmail [dot] com. In light of the upcoming debate with Ray Comfort, I have written him a hortatory e-mail which has not yet come back to me and so I assume that the address is correct. I provide this information in case some of you wish to do as I.

11 years ago

Listen people, there is a God. Do you not understand that somethings in the world cannot just evolve over time like darwin so claims that life as we know started on the back of a glacier or some ridiculous mess. Imagine all things from small matter to great from a plant cell to the human heart, or anythings eye. Why do you think the Bible tells us to recall these things over an over. God created us for the purpose of happiness and to be at one with the creation, but ever since Satan corrupted mankind we strived not any longer to learn, but accepted false teachings from the one called by many names i.e. father of all lies, the accuser, and the wicked one...

You say the there is not I.D. because of human short comings, but imagine if you can that our problems rest in our own hands. Humans have destroyed ourselves due to wickedness. The seven deadly sins tell a lot about mankind, the main being pride for it leads to all the others. The Bible saids that all nations use to sacrifice their children to the god baal, and commit all type of perverted sex with them(children) and each other. Even the jews started to do these things, so he exiled them over and for their wickedness. All these still happen the only thing that has changed is instead of golden god, we allow money to determine the doom of many, i.e. 3rd world countries. From the kidnapping of millions in turning them into child soldiers, and sex slaves, to the actual rape and molestation of millions more all throughout the world.

11 years ago

Sorry folks.

Disqus just "decided" to switch to their new format. Unbelievable. Their new version is available since the beginning of 2012 but I didn't want to use it because it SUCKS. Well the old version sucks too, but the new one is horrible. Sorry about that, they did this without my consent.

11 years ago

I think stating that "a cell forming spontaneously is operationally impossible" ruffled some feathers (however accurate it may be).. methinks it soured some grapes. Question evolutionary theories, and be marginalized. I'm glad I don't pour my cool aid from Vlatko's jug.

11 years ago

@Epicurus, Achem, Over the Edge, etc.
Have you read about the latest controversy regarding Dr. Pepper? Its Facebook page now shows an ape evolving into a man after drinking Dr. Pepper. As expected, this has drawn a lot of slack from a whole slew of ignorant religees. So I suggest that another image be added to the site, this time of Jesus rising from the dead with a can or bottle of Dr. Pepper in his hand.

11 years ago

So I believe in the Big Bang theory too, but it takes faith to believe that the Law of physics was able to come up with this little ball of matter and then to fling it out at a speed faster than light. Since light determines time, how did that affect time? esp since we know that as the objects speed up, time slows down-right. We also know that the basic hydrogen atom has a limited half life, which means something initiated it's formation-right? and it was there in that little microscopic ball of matter. We are limited to three dimensions and how do we know other Big Bangs are not happening in different dimensions that we humans are unable to detect? If not, how do you know? Maybe you have something we all need to know? I'm listening.......??

11 years ago

Well morality is good behaviour whereas immorality is bad behaviour. But what is behaviour? In the end it is electro chemical reactions in your brain causing you to react to a given situation and so, I believe, has as much bearing on evolution as predation or environmental pressure (natural selection).

11 years ago

By the way robertallen1 75000 years ago humanity was brought to the brink of extinction yet here WE are and not the cockroaches.

11 years ago

You may be right but if you had two civilizations that are the same except one commits murder I think you would be hard pressed to find anyone that would say the murderers are more evolved. Anyway in my opinion morality has as much to do with evolution as anything else because it still has an effect on the biological.

11 years ago

Evolution happens because of outside influences. Our evolution has come to a virtual standstill because we can control many of the outside influences, food, shelter, communication etc. I don't think there is a `pinnacle` of evolution, we can always do better. Anyway, we still murder each other so we are far from being a perfect evolutionary example.

11 years ago

The review of this is way to biased, I was turned off at first because it. But by the end of the video I thought it made some interesting points to think about.

This video reminds me of Roger Penrose's book "The Road To Reality" how mathematical truth exists separately from the physical and mental.

There are a lot of phenomenon in mathematical statements that we can't understand or wrap our minds around, but they surely exist. They are truths that we didn't invent that exist beyond human cognition, an underlying "intelligence" of the universe.

It's interesting to think about. Alot of people..even scientists...are turned off by complicated equations and numbers, but taking the time the understand there statements embedded in the universe can have profound effects.

11 years ago

lol i just noticed this is in the conspiracy section. Right on Vlatko.

Timothy Potter
11 years ago

Wow, this is the first doc. I've seen here that comes with an introduction telling us how to interpret the film before we've even opened it.

11 years ago


"The book should be read almost as though it were science fiction.....But it is not science fiction: it is science."

Is Dawkins trying to confuse people with statements like that?
How can something be "almost" science fiction?
Science is either fiction or fact.

In the words of robertallen1...... Dawkins has stated a non sequitur.....
a completely illogical statement.

11 years ago

wow, the review is sooo bad. So one sided.....Im very dissapointed

11 years ago

"we can survive through our genes"

Yes, but besides how, why did life create the ability to reproduce ?

Science says reproduction ensures the survival of the species.
To me, this just seems an inadequate explanation.
After all, life could originate and then simply perish.
Could there be a higher purpose of reproduction, that science has not yet determined?

11 years ago

I would like to know how they modeled the probabilities of a cell/life evolving by undirected natural processes to come up with 10^164/10^340, grabbing the original grain of sand is impossible but what do would all the other gazillion grains (probable outcomes) yield? consciusness as we 'dont know it?....o_O....thats my critical thinking for the day

11 years ago

@Robert and all those other smart cookies,
From now on, my role on TDF will be to sound as stupid as possible which will make me sound more honest in your opinion. I will no longer be rated by my failure at being smart but by my smart at being stupid.
I am French, 54, underuneducated but well travelled, curious, unashamed, sincere.
Not that this will change much what i write!

11 years ago

It may be justified to say that at the present time, "we" humans are at the pinacle of evolution. Not one construction is conceptualize by animals, not one word is uttered with sense by animals (unless taught by humans), not one result of science is writen down by animals, and in fact our entire reality is describe by what humans sense and live. If we could understand the mind of an animal perhaps we could see what pinacle they are reaching.
Humans are not at the pinacle of living healthily with the earth but that's a whole different story.