Zeitgeist: Moving Forward

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward

Ratings: 8.59/10 from 170 users.

Zeitgeist: Moving ForwardA feature length documentary work which will present a case for a needed transition out of the current socioeconomic monetary paradigm which governs the entire world society.

This subject matter will transcend the issues of cultural relativism and traditional ideology and move to relate the core, empirical life ground attributes of human and social survival, extrapolating those immutable natural laws into a new sustainable social paradigm called a Resource-Based Economy.

Following on from Zeitgeist: The Movie, Zeitgeist: Addendum, Zeitgeist Movement Activist and Orientation Guide, Moving Forward reinforces and clarifies the information presented in those films.

It is done so in a crystal clear fashion beginning with an examination of the conditioning that shapes our behavior, moving on to the failures of the monetary/market system, it's resultant socio-economic collapse and finally, the transition into a resource based economy for the betterment of humankind. (if we survive)

Questions that may have remained following addendum are addressed and i find it hard to believe that people could attempt to "debunk" the ideas presented in this film. That would be akin to attempting to debunk science itself.

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Rita Algierza
2 years ago

I be making mush with the mans about this film and tuning to wash and very nice to see. first off all the pictures are very nice and second off all i liking the sound. because is real you can tell it means something.

2 years ago

It was great until you came up with your solutions. I guess it's true, the source of all problems is solutions.

5 years ago

The Zeitgeist from Peter Joseph is an excellent work of deception. It's the father of all lies. As a gullible and weak youth I was drawn away from my Christian faith by this artful work of deception. Satan will draw out every trick in his book to deny Jesus Christ, as he is the father of lies and deception. I appeal to anyone who doubt's Christ to pray to him and ask him to reveal himself to you as our God communicates to his people.
Satan works by imparting nine truths and squeezes in a lie in between that. It will be deceptively done that you will not know the difference unless you rely on Christ who is the truth and the only way to life. And please do not share this work and spread the lies.

6 years ago

Thank you for the sensible critique. Me &amp my neighbor were just preparing to do a little research about this. We got a grab a book from our local library but I think I learned more from this post. I am very glad to see such excellent info being shared freely out there. kdfefdkeaedcedae

NicK Heap
7 years ago

The analysis of the complicated interrelated issues we face is very compelling. It's all presented eloquently, as is one solution "The resource based economy" which makes sense. I like the thought experiment about what would we do with new Earth if we were starting from scratch. What we need now is to find a way for people of goodwill, which is most of us, to get together and agree what would be a sensible way of organising things and how we are going to get there from where we are now. Change will happen. It will be uncomfortable, but it will be much less destructive with forethought and cooperation. According to Paul Hawken in "Blessed Unrest," there are hundreds of thousands of organisations across the world working to make it a better place. Perhaps a place to start on our journey to a better world is for people in these organisations to listen to each other and work together.

Black Scholar
9 years ago

Loved this film. They broke it down. I have to give it to the "Z" boys for trying. Personally, I think Planet Earth should get rid of humans. Why? You muthaF*&(*#S TAKE more than you need. And because of that you gotta go. Sorry.

9 years ago

This documentary was wrong, especially about the nature vs nurture argument. Do your own research, don't believe what u watch.

10 years ago

That's the spirit, lay it down to marxism and control when it's suggested that you (like me and everyone) will have to assume responsibility for the idiotic degradation of every single living system around us. While I failed to notice any mention of a global entity ruling the world, I do notice today that our governments fail us on a global scale as do we all on an individual scale. What would you suggest to address the plethora of issues that we already ignore if you regard the solutions presented in the film as a "marxist wet dream" ?

10 years ago

The marxist wet dream of one world order.What they don't tell you is who is going to control the distribution and data flow.

11 years ago

There is more that motivates people to compete and progress than money. The #1 motivation for progress is survival. Unfortunately, money equals survival in our society. If that weren't the case, perhaps we could focus more on our survival as a species in the long haul as opposed to just presently. I admire what is being said in these documentaries. However, I believe that the only thing that can possibly spark a revolution in our blissfully ignorant and lazy society is some globally catastrophic event. Like zombies. That's what I'm rooting for.

11 years ago

Full automation, no requirement of physical labor, only a few percent of people are actually needed to do all the work, automated cars, 3D Printer, no money at all - we just need to add the warp drive to this and we are in the star trek universe...
Funny world these people live in. Too bad reality is nothing like it.

One thing that really bugs me is this: how would you have innovation in such a global planned economy? Because it seems to me that what drives innovation (both in nature and in economy) is competition. One of the strongest points in favor of our current economic system is probably the fact that it is highly innovative. How would you have innovation and progress in a system that is devoid of competition? That's not a trivial problem. You cannot assume that people will be magically as productive and innovative in your planned economy as they are now.

Keith Armstong
11 years ago

Hemp ought to become a standard for building, paper, medicine, etc.

11 years ago

While the ideals of this film are great, it's simply a neo-tecno-socialistic system that's being promoted. It's akin to many esoteric and occult authors of times past who describe a utopian world society. This one is simply dictated by machines that work for us.

A lot would need to change if this is to become a reality. First, the financial system would have to begin channeling their efforts into producing the technology suited for such a civilization. While I will never say it's impossible, my contention is that it's highly improbable. The system is embedded so deep.

Essentially, the biggest problem would be that there would need to be substantial financial support to create a cashless society. Anyone see the issue there?

On the flip side, as machines begin to take over jobs, people are unemployed, and more people are falling into poverty. If you want this technological utopia, something or someone would have to come into power to influence the entire world to submit to a new "system." Good luck.

John Marus
11 years ago

I love to reality check US History every year after the 4th of July by watching this excellent series. Wake up people, and btw "Alturnative Electronics" anyone who doesn't advocate population control is reading the book of fairy tales. One planet, one organism - we either control our population or nature will.

11 years ago

Big eye opener! People need to wake up for sure!!!
It's obvious that modern day "money mechanics" has succeded by putting most beings on the negative path of "service to self". Firstly we should stop arguing amongst ourselves and produce productive opinion and conversation. Hopefully we can all become 'light warriors' and persue the positive path of "service to others"..
Spread the love and light...peace

Shekhar Borgaonkar
11 years ago

great documentary. A lot of work needs to be done. The problem statement part of the movie is very clear. However the solution part does not sufficiently deal with "who will bell the cat".
Looking forward to watch more such movies and if possible contribute.

11 years ago

I thought it was a really cool movie too until I found out it that they advocate population control. you do see how they hit you with fear at the end to sell you on the premise.

11 years ago

I am about to watch this documentary but thought i'd go through the comments first and I found it interesting to read so many peoples passionate arguments about what they believe the source of violence and wars is, whilst they themselves where becoming heated and intolerant.. this could well be the new league of conflict in the future lol.

Putting money aside (because its self evident beyond comprehension how redundant this system of greed, hierarchies and consumerism is) The problem is nothing but ourselves, we're quite often completely unable to accept others perspectives as we become too deeply rooted in our own beliefs which causes blind sightedness and anger. A saying I like that's in reference to this is, "rigidity causes fractures".. in other words (and this is just my interpretation) be humble and flexible in taking time to understand and accept yourself, your situation and especially your fellow man because this will untangle life in so many inconceivable ways. Only requirement is that you get over this little ego thing that we're all so prone to haha :)

11 years ago

this doc, is sickning of its truth. and that we all have fell for it for so long and some still do..
great eye opener loved it, recommended it to the whole world..

Dan Sandler
11 years ago

unbelievably great!!!

11 years ago

This movie lacks engineering insight. 3D printers printing buildings? While being powered by solar energy? Wind energy? theoretical tidal energy? A 3D printer took 3 DAYS to print parts for a robotic hand(the size of a human hand). 3 DAYS. You know how much energy it needed to power those machines? You know how much energy solar panels produce? Wind turbines? Do you know how much energy is required to even manufacture those parts for turbines and solar panels?!?!?! But of course, with the right intensive, people will fill the holes in this unrealistic plan and produce the technology to make these plans a reality... PLEASEEE. There are plenty of engineering jobs, and most of the work force is about to retire. The problem is that Americans do not have the math/science skills to join the engineering industry. There are programs to encourage pre-college students (particularity from low income schools)to study engineering, but even with the promise of $60k+ job and a comfortable, debt free life, they aren't willing to learn the material.

Once thing I noticed that was mentioned that is false. "the service industry operates with an equal rationale... the fact is there is no monetary benefit to resolving any problems which are currently being serviced. " Repairs is what drives engineering companies, an example being Hamilton-Sundstrand. The FACT IS those companies profit solely on repairs, and those profits may take the company up to 20 years to see (selling apu's causes them to lose money). Just wanted to point out one example of capitalism as described in "the Wealth of Nations", which explains companies can be kept in check as long as consumers are educated. The reason it takes so long for these components to break down is because no company rep is going to buy a crappy part for an airplane engine without being fired, so no aerospace company is going to dare design a crappy part. Also like to point out that materials are subject to fail when exposed to prolonged heat, stress and pressure. There is no magical working material that will last in your car engine forever without failing at some point. My point: design engineers are not all evil scheming bastards looking to destroy the earth and steal your money. (this argument in no way is meant to refer to the crap you can buy at ikea or low-price low-quality stores.)

Part 1 was very interesting (however one of the speakers went back a forth quite a bit) part 2, eh, part 3... cross between New World Order agenda, Brave New World with a dash of the Terminator. The system is beyond repair, so start fresh on a new planet? Only need 3% of the population? Need a centralized government controlling all resources? Not that i'm against communism. Theoretical socialism and communism works as long as long as the people are vigilant and involved in their communities. Same concepts applies to a successful democracy. People NEED to be vigilant if they don't want to be screwed over.

11 years ago

just go ahead and tell ur story
ur INTRO is quite depressing
urrrrggghhhhhh i can't stand it

Kevin Marchese
11 years ago

??????? Yes, 7 stars.
The only documentary worth watching; everything else is an aside.

11 years ago

It is missing method and need to control population to do this. (We aren't finding any new earth) One thing is certain, what we have now is doomed to failure as automation supplants the need for human labor and the population expands.

11 years ago

God what a sophomoric documentary.

11 years ago

This is one of the most myopic, ignorant opinions on free markets that I have heard in a while. These people are so hopelessly biased in there thinking that they refuse to let any new idea into their miniscule brains.

11 years ago

If you think this video explains a lot, you are a small minded m*ron.

11 years ago

Sorry wrong movie. My previous post was meant to go with the first Zeitgeist movie.

11 years ago

The movie gives many examples of why Jesus is not real. One being that he was born on December 25. Which is simply sun worship or part of the zodiac. The early organized church decided what day jesus was born most churches today do not suggest that Jesus was born on December 25. It is however the day we celebrate his birth. Maybe we should stop if it has created a block from people getting the oportunity to learn more about him. December 25 was however chosen by people more specifically the early catholic church for the reasons given in this movie so Christianity would allow for celebrations to occur on the same days as they had always had celebrations and rituals. This is a very simple an known truth even in many Christian circles and organizantions. Here it is changed or twisted by givening just the information that suits the author. So then I must ask how much more of this movie operates on the same mode of operation? This movie uses the same techniques as our very bad Christian leaders have done on the past. Truth is diffcult in this time when our culture media is full moral relativitism and extremism/fundementalism. But it can be found if you look.

11 years ago

Most unrealistic with it's hypothetical clean slate and has a hidden agenda for a one world order.

11 years ago

I think its rather conceded to say we made these advances because of a Christian society. Most of what your speaking of took place during the renaissance and that was a revival of greek ideas and the church even lost some power during that time to such things as the protestant movement. And when a discovery was made often times the catholic church tried to blot it out such as with Galileo. They put him under house arrest for the rest of his life. He he was lucky he was only spared because he had lots of high up friends. For your point about America only 1 of the founding fathers was actually christian and the rests were deists. The Constitution also is based more off the John Locke's ideas of life, liberty, and property than any biblical ones.

11 years ago

The only possible and experimented way to make progress is the Christian society, which made possible the great jumps in human history. After Studying the history of Italy, after the fall of the roman empire (476 DC),and even considering the mistakes during the path, we can affirm that it was the wisdom of Catholic Church that injected the knowledge to allow progress. Even the discovery of America had its root in Rome...
The current crisis is just a ethical and moral problem, the society is going down and nothing can stop this decline, even the best possible organization doesnt work without the right moral principles.
The roman empire itself felt because of its moral principles crisis.

11 years ago

This documentary is so well presented that it almost leaves no stone unturned as it explains how the money system fails humanity and the planet at every level. In reflecting upon the current state of world economic turmoil, if I compare it to a radioactive sinking ship, despite the fallout as the ship goes down, I think we should all be able to find some comfort in the sinking of such a ship, or system in this case. Rather than panicking and taking frantic action to keep the ship propped up, I think it's better to let it sink, deal with the fallout and then build a new ship. I would urge everyone, especially anyone who plays the game on Wall Street, to look at the picture as a whole and unplug from the game, rather than continue to finance it. Let the ship sink and the current captains who are at the helm, let them go down with it.

Reuben Borowski
11 years ago

Another point: Advanced technology is at a highpoint in all of human history. Are we any less violent? No. Are we any less ignorant of other human need No. Are we any more polictically cohesive and democratic? No. In fact less so! Is all this soley the fault of money ? No. Money has been around for as long as civilization, and much longer than John Locke's treatise. CIVILIZATION IS THE PROBLEM, with all its patriarchal systems of hierarchy and control. What then is the point of all this technology? Two words, socialization and control. Socialization of the populace to be orthodox consumers. Control of humanity and all of the natural world, the end of history, as it were. Just think about that next time you notice the security cameras that have sprouted up like weeds along American highways, on streetcorners, even in elementary schools! This is where expaning the technology grid will get us, more control. Why? Because complex technology CANNOT exist without a complex and extremelly controling bureacracy, or perhaps a technocracy with the EU. Case in point, modern day China, look at there engineering feats. Yet they have one of the worst human rights records in history. Germany in the 1940's was a veritable wellspring of innovation, they even developed and refined rocket technology during this time. Advanced technology cannot define or even be an integral part of a totally free and equal society, because it relies on social control for it's production and implementation.

Reuben Borowski
11 years ago

Although I appreciate the exacting critical analysis of this documentary, I do not see the practicality of it's final vision. A futuristic civilization of perfectly planned cities and infrastructure would take an enormous amount of resources and energy to construct. This energy would currently be fossil fuel energy, which will be declining in abundance more and more rapidly in the next decade. The technology required to build such elaborate infrastructure would easily take more than ten years to develop and implement! It would also take a system of governance which would control and define every aspect of people's lives, directing it all towards this effort before the hydrocarbon clock ran out. Plus, it would have to be constructed with the current system still running, which would only hasten the collapse. There is no way to instantly switch from the current system to a better one without many, many, people starving.

That is why the only way forward is backwards! In other words, everyone that is able, should be buying and developing permaculture farms in the countryside. Each farm would be easily capable of feeding more people than the current system with positive effects on the environment and community (this is the model of permaculture). There should also be dramatic efforts to create community gardens and grow food in suburban backyards using similar techniques. There one woman in Portland Oregon that grows 70 percent of her food in a tiny backyard! This should all be done quietly and quickly, to avoid bureaucratic, "red tape" from the government. Protest movements should be focused on demanding land and resources to establish sustainable permaculture to feed the population. Once this essential resource base is established, it will not make much difference if civilization collapses. In fact, permaculture farms would be able to provide a way of life outside the city/technological infrastructure. This would obviously severely threaten the monetary system at it's foundation. Then deconstruction of civilization could be undertaken in earnest. I say deconstruction only, because civilization has always relied on control and hierarchy from ancient Babylon and Hattusa, to today. There is no need for civilization or money. They are both and always have been two forms of human organization that are destructive to the human spirit of community, equality, and peace.

The bottom line is as follows. If people starve even for a short time, there won't be massive utopian like marches of sublime well groomed people. People, mostly young men, will grab their weapons and there be war and rioting. Look at what happened in Poland in the years before the Solidarity movement took off. There were food shortages and people could not fulfill their basic needs, plain and simple. Plus, these were people that had something to lose. The disparity in Poland will be nothing close to the poverty that full civilizational collapse will cause if the system persists. All wars, even at the early primate level are based on conflicts over resources. Namely, food and fresh water. Everything else, maglev trains, holograms, spiderweb cities, that's all window dressing. It's all a big waste of time and resources unless there is local sustainable food production capable of feeding most everyone. There must also be a system of values which promotes widespread sharing of those resources.

Read, "Sepp Holzer's Permaculture", and John Zerzan's "Against Civilization" this is all you need to know to carry forward.

11 years ago

The Zeitgeist Movement
I have been asked by one of my acquaintances to render my opinion on the Zeitgeist Movement and while I will not berate anyone who believes in the lofty ideals that this group claims to promote, I question their pragmatism in attaining these lofty goals. If I had a magic wand that could make these things happen in the bold and revolutionary manner that they project, I would be inclined to wave it right now. I am no fan of the status quo, but massive, radical universal changes in society seldom if ever results in positive results. I am bereft of even one example in history where a populist Utopian group, which is what the Zeitgeist Movement is, has ever delivered a net positive benefit once their theories are implemented. To the contrary history is rife with many horrific, shameful, and grotesque abominations from those who promised heaven on earth.

However, when you come down from the fuzzy emotional high of the Zeitgeist Movement Guide, the Where We Are Now, and the Where We Are Going videos you must soberly ask yourself, "What are the implications of this movements ethos?" Let’s take a look at just the first four…

1. Conserving all the world's resources as the common heritage of all of the Earth’s people.

How do we define a “resource”? How do we define “conservation”? Who will establish these definitions? What will be the manner in which conflicts will be resolved when someone disagrees with these very basic definitions? If I ask 10 people to define these things I will get 10 different answers. Ants do hive mentality exceptionally well! Humans do not…so well.

2. Transcending all of the artificial boundaries that separate people.

Again the ideal sounds wonderful, it is the implementation that gets messy. Which are “artificial” boundaries and which are “real” boundaries? Are the walls of your home a real boundary? One might say “No, you built that boundary.” While others might argue, “Yes, that wall is the boundary of your privacy to which you are entitled.”

3. Evolving from a monetary-based economy to a resource-based world economy.

This appears to conflict with #1, people spend and waste money like mad even in the most resource destitute nations on earth. Take a look at the Saudi family, the Sultan of Brunei, or the Cali cartel in South America. How do we “conserve” the “common heritage of all the Earth’s people” when those who have ready access to the resources decide they want to “over utilize” the resource while those who have little access to them. As an example, fresh water is not equally distributed around the planet. The Great Lakes are a vast wealth of fresh water, how do we ensure that people in sub-Saharan Africa are not cheated of their share?

4. Reclaiming and restoring the natural environment to the best of our ability.
First we must establish that humans are unnatural, otherwise anything that we do becomes by definition natural as well. I think termites are destructive and methodically wreck havoc on forests with machine like precision, but I would be hard pressed to convince anyone that they are unnatural. There is a vast and deep chasm between what constitutes ecologically responsible behavior and Neo-pagan Druidism.

It seems to me that any one of these first four ideals establish the grounds for global warfare more than anything resembling the placid idyllic future the Zeitgeist Movement envisions. I don’t mean to sound pessimistic about the future of mankind, because I am not. It is said that the wise learn from their mistakes; however I believe that those we revere as brilliant remembered best the lessons of history and chose not to repeat them.

I hear the Zeitgeist Movements’ visionary promises of efficiency, plenty, and equality. I see the Great Leap Forward and at a cost of 30 to 40 million lives.
I hear the Zeitgeist Movements’ call to promises of efficiency, plenty, and equality I see the killing fields of Khmer Rouge.
I hear them convincingly explain how they have finally figured out how we as a species can all work together in freedom, peace, and prosperity… after 4.3 million years but how many times have we heard that before? The Sumerian, Macedonia, Egyptians, Persians, Chinese all had, at least for a little while, civilizations that were unparalleled and seemed sure bets.

Even an illiterate nomadic boy from the steeps of central Asia devised a simple and highly effective plan for making us all one happy family and nearly succeeded. He mounted his horse in the east and as he rode west he (and 200,000 of his best friends) kill all the men and impregnate all the women.

While we can recognize today through the perfect clarity of hindsight that all these great civilizations built their citadels using the blood of the conquered for mortar, this was not always the case. There were those few noble champions who came to do God’s work. Charlemagne brought the sword and the promise of redemption through Our Lord Jesus Christ to all his vanquished.While many say Mohammad never flew into or out of Jerusalem via angels, the opposition say the Muslims took Jerusalem by the will of Allah, but one thing is certain Godfrey of Bouillon made them give it back. Godfrey being renowned for his piety then demonstrated Christian love and charity by butchering tens of thousands of defenseless Muslims who had committed the mortal sin of surrendering to him. Hey… it was what God wanted, right? No… all was the acts of man, and man alone.

Jerusalem and her inhabitants play the part of a political football with the score being kept in misery, privation, and death. After nearly 1100 years of overtime in this genocidal match the offensive play book is well known to us all. The Romans killed the Germans, the Germans killed the Jews, the Jews killed the Arabs, and the Arabs killed the hostages…and that’s the news. Goodnight. I do not see the Zeitgeist Movement bringing a resolution to this, even though their intentions may be as pure as the driven snow. One of our species long standing handicaps is that our GREATEST CAUSES lose sight of their affect. Whether this is the result of some endemic character flaw in us or ravenous egos gorging on their own success and fearing the return to obscurity, a more tacit form of neglect as we ride the wave of mob mentality, or maybe it is easier to be a monsters than to confront the suffering you have loosed upon those you only wanted to help.

As I have said before I am not accusing the Movements rank and file or even their leadership of planning such atrocities or of clandestinely plotting global hegemony. If such machinations do exist within their leadership, I sat let them have at a crack at it. Their eventual downfall may illustrate my point and hopefully stand as a warning to others that those who disregard the lessons of history do so at their own peril and on average several million other human beings who had the misfortune to be caught in the middle.
I have all he respect for their ideals, and their bravery for speaking out in a time when so many are apathetic the suffering of their fellow man. I understand their wanting to somehow fix these hapless, hopeless, and sometimes horrific creatures…we…Humanity. We are beyond doubt irrevocably broken at our core, but before they done the mask and surgical gloves to remove our afflictions… they should remember that far more important than the hope and promise of panacea is the duty to do no harm.

As for myself, I believe that there are other less radical more prudent paths to that bright future we all seek. My paths are not as glamorous as the photos depicting the Movements vision of an ultra-modern archeology society. However, I feel confident that by virtue of being less radical experimental, and theoretical pose a better chance of success and moreover pose less risk that in our tinkering we do not , as Peter Gabriel would say, shock the monkey. We are very fortune, in that we have the ability to change when our survival depends on it. We are cursed because we rarely recognize when extinction is looming at our door. We are fools because we jump like to absurd action when Chicken Little shouts, “The sky is falling!” We are noble because as we have strived to lived boldly together on this unique pretty blue sphere, we envision a better place for those who will come after us, and then we will lay our burdens down, we return to the ground from once we rose. Therefore, since my time is short my efforts will focused on tangible returns that produce positive outcomes in the earthly realm of small judiciously chosen battles and leave the grandiose, epic and in my humble opinion ultimately unworkable or potentially harmful Zeitgeist Movement. However I wish them the very best in their bid to create the visionary world of The Jetsons.

Zlatina Zlateva
11 years ago

Dear friends,

Do not believe blindly in what you see and hear in this movie!

Remember human nature never changes! Two steps forward, one step backward - this is the natural progress of life!

The movie is trying to suggest us that the monetary /market system has failed! The internal combustion engine is not a perfect system either...there is no Perpetuum mobile ..but! Do we have to stop driving automobiles for that reason ?
The monetary system is not perfect as the movie hints, but does it mean that we have to stop living our lives!

Whatever times you live in, you have to adapt!

And last but not least, do you believe that this is a non-profit organization!

Best wishes

11 years ago

the narrator is boring and all this stuff is obvious - he speaks to you like your an ***** lol
The first movie is the best I wish I hadn`t bothered with this drivel :/
How slow and boring is the narrators voice zzzzzzzzzzz

go disablakho
11 years ago

this movie really changed my life.

11 years ago

Started off well by outlining the human disposition and the problems with the current socio-economic paradigm, which nearly every political persuasion in my country-the UK- would probably agree with.

Then unfortunately it gives its own version of how to rectify things. This was unfortunate due to

- it's complete lack of understanding to how the world actually functions and what is actually possible
- the logistics of what it is proposing
- a complete misunderstanding (despite it's earlier references) of human nature and our fallibility and susceptibility to corruption
- the complete lunacy a 'world' economic and social system that would leave a minority with unprecedented power (and hence corruption and abuse)
- the ignorance of the failures of historical precedents that have attempted to create a similar utopia along similar argumentation about supply and demand (communism and it's catastrophic failure and deaths of 100's of million)
-the ignorance of the majority of the world who would not want to live in a completely globalized economy & would want to retain their own way of life and religion/spiritual identity etc.
- a misunderstanding of the 'human impact/teleology' on science and technology (what you choose to study, how you choose to study, how do you choose interpret your findings, how you choose to relate these findings to everyday life?). For example, Einstein and many other scientists contributions to the understanding of physical reality have lead to technology as varied as the computer chip & atomic bomb.

To be honest, this seems like a modern day communist manifesto in disguise. Its propositions are those one would expect of an autistic individual. I am disappointed because it started off with so much potential.

11 years ago

Great documentary! As ironic as it is.. the beginning needs to start with money. People need to make a stand and invest in the future. If you could get some rich people or enough medium contributors together we could build our first Utopian Resource Based society. We could create some surplus of items to export as a whole community, in order to import entertainment, money for citizens to travel, outside educational material and save to build the next Utopian society and so on and so forth. Money is the worst thing in this world and shouldn't cause as much pain and distress to humans as it does. I wish for a future where enjoyment and personal growth are the fundamentals of life.

11 years ago

people are greedy then end.

11 years ago

A great film and movement that is awakening millions. Very well composed and presented.

11 years ago

i loved the film and is just waiting for the revolution. if it comes. and if it come. i am all in for it. the world with al its money hungry people, is not worth much. i hope so much that i will see the beginning of a change in my life time. or maybe mankind have already stepped too far in the wrong direction. i hope not.

it has happened before. and yes ...
in the name of Christianity, many died.
and to build a new world. many will die.
for they will not relinquish their present materialistic life.

11 years ago

Well it doesn't really matter what u believe started the universe because u will always be left with the problem of what came before it. I just don't see a point to debate whether we have a spirit that pops out of our body and goes to a place we call heaven, hell, gets reincarnated or whatever other religions state (im not writing this as sarcasm). Although if heaven is meant to be a perfect place we in reality wouldn't be ourselves. Im not saying it isn't possible either, but i just see too many mistakes that a ''perfect' god wouldn't make (a ratio in things makes no difference to me we all don't look the same, act the same, grow up the same, and the human anatomy is actually not as good as u would expect from a "perfect" god that made humans in his image) and actually the bible contradicts itself in so many ways. U can say its just god giving us, free will, but that just sounds a little too convenient to me. About computer chips implanted in us if u actually watch the first zeitgeist it stats that this end (humans and robots possibly becoming one) is one that this movement would like to avoid. Now hopefully u watch the end part of the first zeitgeist movie as it states what our economy and society is heading towards. A global capitalist society. I know the format (in my comment) is crappy and a few things are unorganized but i think u can get what i am saying.

11 years ago

In my opinion the 3 banes on society 1. Money / 2. Religion/ 3. the schooling system. Schools are patriot makers, money or any form of currency in itself creates many different problems i feel no need to deal with further as this docu explains that nicely, and religion bring about loosing the desire to discover and just giving and saying all is the work of a higher being (more to it but many documentaries here explain it much better than me for the space i would write an example , The Blind Watchmaker,and others from Richard Dawkins . No offence intended to anyone.

11 years ago

genes from birth (unless u really want me to get much more in depth) the majority (not all) of them just make u predisposed (as opposed to forcing u to be) to different things and genes can change through a person's life and some of those gene can be passed on. The changes are called mutations, some can be good and beneficial for the species, while others can harm and sometimes make the species die out. Most (not all) mutation problems that occur can be straightened (not suggesting eugenics) through restructuring society, cities, and how all of that and we interact with the environment around us. And unlike what u said (fyi I'm pretty sure u didn't mean what i am saying here but just as an extra) pollutants and etc in the air can affect our genes.

11 years ago

Who said anyone is going to put a microchip in u lmao and the bible doesn't tell u that, ur just trying to interpret the bible to ur own stereotypes. Explain to me what communist is in ur oppinions. Why would a human need to rule what we call a government? Why do we need money? What caused u to believe in god or not to believe in god and fyi i don't believe in god and i sure don't believe in heaven) . When people die they decompose and that decomposition helps to form new life so i have no reason to believe in an afterlife. Do u think there is human nature? Do u think humans are evil and what is evil? What is an abundance of something and are u sure we have an extreme shortage of water, food, etc? Just a few that i wanted to write to actually get an intelligent answer from people who oppose this and ones who support this and i may put more questions here later.

11 years ago

When i watched this i watched it as a guy that has seen a lot of items about the Illuminati being the Antichrist , all 5 million members. With there whole New World Order. A new world, one with 1 government where technology has outgrown humanity, now this sounds nice so why does the bible tell everyone that it is better to have your head removed than it is to get the microchip? Does the radio frequency in the microchips all Humanity will be expected to receive really keep you sole from going to be with God? This guy makes it seem all so nice and right well I'm going to check out his movement. Is he a Communist??? What would this new government be called? and i know there going to be putting lots of people in these FRMA camps. I wonder who?

11 years ago

There just trying to put microchips in us!